The United States Is Getting More Tolerant of Everyone (Except Racists)

Kay Steiger, Think Progress, March 16, 2015

Researchers out of San Diego State University found that the United States is becoming more tolerant than ever of communists, atheists, LGBT people and more. The only groups for which Americans didn’t become more tolerant were of people who believed black people were “genetically inferior.”

Researchers concluded that, “Americans have become increasingly tolerant of controversial beliefs and lifestyles (i.e., marginalized outgroups). They are more likely to believe that homosexuals, Communists, militarists, and the anti-religious have the right to give speeches, teach at a college, and have a book in a local library. Smaller increases appeared in tolerance for a person who claims that Blacks are genetically inferior (commonly labeled a racist).”

The study, to be published this month in the journal Social Forces, found that American adults surveyed this decade were far more tolerant of minority groups or voices than adults surveyed in the 1970s. Researchers Jean M. Twenge, Nathan T. Carter, and W. Keith Campbell used the General Social Survey, which surveys a nationally representative sample of adults on a variety of attitudes and ideas, and defined tolerance as “agreeing that controversial outgroups should be allowed public expression.” This meant that Americans were more likely to believe that “Communists, homosexuals, the anti-religious, militarists, and those believing Blacks are genetically inferior should be allowed to give a public speech, teach at a college, or have a book in a local library.”


By far the biggest progression occurred in tolerance of LGBT people. The number of people who were tolerant of a gay man teaching at a college was around 52 percent in 1972–1974 compared with 85 percent in 2010–2012. Tolerance for racists, on the other hand, barely budged.




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  • Lion’s Mane

    I think that everyone should have the right to express political and other opinions, without fear of punishment or severe social ostracism. It’s when the presentation of an opinion is FORCED on people, using psychological indoctrination tactics, that I find this a problem. Express your opinion, whatever it is, but don’t shove it down people’s throats.

    • OldBoris

      That’s the thing. Everywhere you go, in the media and in education, you’ll find mandatory bullshit about everyone being born equal. Not because it’s true, because it’s verifiably not true (reseach done over the course of several generations has shown that intelligence is at the very least one-third nature), but because it fits the ideology and the discourse which is currently dominant in the western world. You’ll also find increasing normalization of extreme sexual behaviour and encouragement aimed at women to be degenerate whores.

      At least racists aren’t pushing their views on everyone else.

    • Ohmy!

      Good point!

    • Spikeygrrl

      And how, pray tell, does one mandate “severe social ostracism” without becoming what you’re currently deploring: forcing people into speech and action which are antithetical to their authentic beliefs?

      “Sorry, Mrs. Smith, you can’t weed your garden today. There’s a Shame-In at Mrs. Miller’s after lunch and you know you’re lagging this month’s quota…”

      Reccomended Reading: The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood

    • Jacobite2

      Social ostracism is the main method by which any society enforces its norms. I’d say that the chart demonstrates the gradual breakdown of American society. Maybe ‘dis-integration’ would be a better word. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t work, which is why the American people aren’t reproducing themselves.

  • Susannah

    This makes total sense considering that every traditionally controversial or non-mainstream belief or practice (with a few exceptions) has been celebrated and aggressively promoted by the media and often the government, while “racist” beliefs, at least amongst Whites, are basically regarded as tantamount to murder, if not worse.

    • ElComadreja

      The brainwashing has been very successful.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Whites with dignity need to separate ourselves from degenerates.

  • Fed Up

    Is it really “tolerance” or simply BRAINWASHING from our liberal lunatic fringe?

    • Jason Lewis

      Isnt saying be tolerant imply that the thing you’re being tolerant to is abnormal or wrong?

      • Spikeygrrl

        Spot on. You don’t need to “tolerate” things that you enjoy and/or approve of.

      • Whiteplight

        I agree. This is really the wrong word, but we live in a time where illiteracy and expediency for sound bites is overwhelming proper English and grammar.

  • connorhus

    Come out past the city limits of all those liberal enclaves and see how the data on your study changes. The problem with these studies is they always go to the same pool for their data.

  • LHathaway

    America more tolerant Could have fooled me.

    • John Smith

      More brainwashed.

  • Truthseeker

    So those who observe facts about group differences aren’t tolerated, but those who believe in an atrocious ideology like Communism are. What a sad statement about our priorities.

  • JohnEngelman

    The only groups for which Americans didn’t become more tolerant were of people who believed black people were “genetically inferior.”

    – Kay Steiger, Think Progress, March 16, 2015

    When I looked at the chart I saw that tolerance for “racists” was fairly constant since 1972, and consistently between 50 percent and 60 percent.

    The problem here is that the term “racist” is used too broadly in the United States. It can be used for a person who hates members of a certain race because they are members of that race, regardless of individual characteristics.

    It can also be used for race realists. Although I believe in race realism, I have liked members of each of the races.

    For this study to be meaningful it would need to define what it means by “racist.”

    • Jason Lewis

      A racist is a white male especially a white male who disagrees with your opinion.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Don’t forget racial realist/”racist” White women! You’d miss us if we were gone. 😉

    • Weisheit77

      It probably means anyone who doesn’t believe in the Social Theory of Race, i.e. race is a social construct.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Hence the uselessness of such a study. Since “racism” can mean whatever you want it to be, up to and including benign, differing perceptions of cultural expressions, such a study doesn’t warrant any merit.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am called a racist when I mention facts about different racial IQ averages, and differing rates of crime and illegitimacy. Presumably a non racist is one who lies about these important racial differences.

  • Chip Carver

    Take anything from the media and academia with a grain of salt. Always look at who’s really in charge, who’s holding the purse strings, who the gatekeepers are.

  • I hope that pedophiles, animal lovers (zoophiles), and polyamorists (the group sex and marriage people) are included in the next survey of this type. Now that all manner of degeneracy is not just tolerated, but CELEBRATED by the mainstream media, Hollywood, TV, and now the Christian churches, these are the next groups “born that way” who we will be forced to accept and eventually celebrate.

    The USA is now a clusterfreak of freaks. The goal is obvious–the utter and complete elimination of the traditional family, which will allow the Communist/Marxist tyranny that we’ve only gotten a small taste of so far to flourish.

    • RebelliousTreecko

      And what of incestious people? Don’t close-relative couples deserve rights and inclusion in society just like everyone else?

      • Jason Lewis

        There’s already court cases started. One father/son marriage I think in New York. Kinda a good way to avoid estate taxes.

        • IstvanIN

          I believe it was a niece/uncle marriage.

        • Alexandra1973

          You’re kidding….


      • Earl P. Holt III

        They already have them because they are nigros.

        In my old neighborhood in South St. Louis, I saw five albino nigro residents. The likelihood of albinism occurring through incest is several million times greater than its chances of occurring through “random matings” or what geneticists call “panmixis.”

        • I’ve been thinking for awhile that there’s a lot more accidental or not-so-accidental incest going on in various Bell Curve cities than anyone cares to admit.

          Shaniqua has 10 kids by 8 men, she’s not sure of the paternity of some of her kids. Aquanetta has 7 kids by 6 men, ditto. Shaniqua and Aquanetta have the same father but different mothers, but neither one know they’re half sisters. Add to that the propensity of blacks to hang around their neighborhoods and not stray very far.
          Well, it’s easy to see how ghetto guy and ghetto gal get together. They could easily be first cousins and not even know it, and not have any way of knowing it short of genetic testing. A son of Shaniquq hooking up with a daughter of Aquanetta would be an example.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Albinism is a fairly good “barometer” of the extent of incest transpiring within a given “demographic.” On “The Right at Night,” the nigros used to accuse of us “molesting our daughters,” but the fact of the matter is that it occurs far more in the nigro community, as evidenced by the dramatically greater incidence of albinism. (I, personally, have never seen a Caucasian albino “in the flesh”…)

          • That was a great show, the best on radio. (Especially since I was a guest co-host a few times, but I’m not a narcissist. No way.)

            I have found that when people accuse you of something incessantly and you’re not doing it, it’s something they’re doing themselves. Projection.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            I still tell people there were nights we outdrew KMOX in the Arbitron Ratings…

          • ElComadreja

            Johnny Winter? He’s the only one I’ve ever seen “in the flesh”.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            He occurred to me, but I’ve never seen him live.

        • ElComadreja

          Yes. Despite the “inbred hillbilly” slur that always gets thrown at us, blacks engage in incest much more frequently than any other group.

  • I don’t believe these polls whatsoever. It’s a modern Tokyo Rose effort. Every white I know is a realist, many openly so. The comment sections around the internet make mockery of this blatant lie.

    You are not alone.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      That’s why you see so many comments sections shut down.

      • JSS

        Speaking of comments it’s sort of humorous that even some liberal sites are more “tolerant” of dissenting opinions in terms of moderation then amren when it comes to addressing a certain anti white group.

      • Instantly, if not sooner. The Emperor really doesn’t have any clothes on, and many people are piping right up and saying “That dude isn’t just naked, but he’s got halitosis, stretch marks, a harelip, ingrown toenails, boils, a club foot and a tiny schlong.”

        God bless the internet for that!

        • Earl P. Holt III

          TOUCHE` !

      • ElComadreja

        I don’t recall the last time my local rag hasn’t disabled comments for any story involving any of the left’s pet groups.

    • sl

      They say they’re not racist, but they don’t want to live around blacks, go to black schools or hang out with them.

  • LHathaway

    They’re not tolerant of Whites. They’re not tolerant, really of any behavior, mannerism, dress or expression outside of the norm.

    • JSS

      You’re correct that the powers that be disdain Whites but Id say “normalcy” in regards to Whites is not tolerated at all. If anything the kosher Frankfurt school derived ideologies of today label normalcy as a pathology. If you aren’t an SJW of some sort you are guilty of maintaing the White supremacist patriarchal power structure. If to many White families are just normal and not overtly liberal then a shoah or nazi theocracy is right around the corner. Typical behavior is “micro aggressive”. Not supporting gay pride parades and letting trannies use the restroom of their liking is oppression etc. It appears to me normalcy is under attack now days.

      • LHathaway

        Do anything that is only slightly different and see just how tolerant the forces of ‘tolerance’, white or black, really are. There ‘intolerance’ is not limited to what you support or believe but to what you do. There could be some truth here that the more educated may perhaps be slightly more tolerant, for real. As for real tolerance, I would hazard a guess that it has declined significantly.

        • JSS

          I think we are generally in agreement, other then what constitutes different. In regards to today I think different is what is being pushed on Whites by our overlords. Whites just acting normal is openly considered a problem. If Whites want to live quiet normal lives and have White kids then that is considered non progressive. Whites being a majority is normal to me. Today that is considered a problem. Whites advocating in their own interest, which is normal to me is heresy. So I guess it depends on what you consider normal or different.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    I’ll never be more tolerant of criminal predators and there isn’t a damn thing the liberals can do about it.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    If lefties knew what tolerance really meant, they’d be a bit more reluctant to use that word.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “…or have a book in a local library.”

    Minorities don’t care about books.

    Minorities use libraries for restroom facilities, free semi-supervised babysitting, internet and as a taxpayer-funded Blockbuster Video.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Finding sex partners too. Black males think it’s a pick-up joint–either by using the computers (Facebook) to contact women or directly hitting on the female patrons and employees.

    • Tim

      I bathroom up and sometimes and used to check out videos myself…I like my internet like I like my BBQ though. At home…

  • Hammerheart


    Everyone is fine here except YT.

  • superlloyd

    Cultural marxism is working. With the amount of money and unfettered access it has in all societal institutions, this is hardly a surprise.

  • Reynardine

    I am honestly surprised that anti-religion (not areligion) has made such leaps and bounds, but anti-barbarianism (racism) is still taboo.

  • libertarian1234

    “The United States Is Getting More Tolerant of Everyone (Except Racists),”

    As usual they’re a bit off the mark here.

    People are NOT getting more tolerant of kooks, oddballs and misfits, they’re getting to a point where they can see it does no good to complain about anything, so they just quietly ignore the situation in order to cope. But that doesn’t mean they are accepting of it. They’re just waiting to see how things turn out. People seem to sense that the air is heavy with negative omens and doom and gloom, as never before in our lifetime.

    And many others are waiting and watching, because they know a series of negative factors are converging at one time, and they will likely explode into fighting in the streets.

    The lefty dregs think lack of in-your-face opposition means they have won hearts and minds, but that isn’t the case at all. It’s only a temporary situation.

    Like the Balkans, Yugoslavia, etc., as soon as the bayonets were removed from their throats it was back to the old animosities.

    And that will be the case here as well. Only this time with a heated vengeance.

  • Marilyn

    Not all black people are tolerant of white people

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      As I’ve none for blacks.

    • bv

      Ya think?

      • Marilyn

        I wish lol

  • WR_the_realist

    I have no tolerance for Communists. And plenty of tolerance for “racists” like Jared Taylor and all the benighted speakers at the Amren conferences. I have also have no tolerance for white hating progressives, since they hate me.

    • Spikeygrrl

      What exactly do you think is benighted about the Conference speakers?!
      And would you like some fries with that cognitive dissonance?

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Benighted is one of those commonly misused words like restive that is so misused that unless you pick up a dictionary, you might get the opposite meaning. I thought for years that it meant noble (be knighted) and restive was a synonym for restful. I picked up a lot of vocabulary from reading and context, not from dictionaries.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Kudos for READING!!! So few of us do, which makes us rhetorically easy pickings for Leftists. My own rule of thumb is always, at any given time, to be in the middle of reading one fiction book and one nonfiction book. I’m particularly partial to philosophy, political economy, and fiction which explores those same areas of inquiry.

          “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
          — George Santayana

  • Sloppo

    So … racism is over. I guess that means hundreds of thousands of white people must be moving back into Detroit now. What? They’re not?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “The United States Is Getting More Tolerant of Everyone (Except Racists)”… and since white people are deemed de facto racists in new America, the United States is getting more tolerant of everyone (except white people.)

    • USofAntiWhite

      The short and simple way to put it is that The US is steadily becoming more and more anti-White.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Give the man a cigar.

    • bv

      That’s how I read it.

  • phillyguy

    since it started with research from San Diego State I skipped and went to the next article

  • Alden

    Communists took over the colleges 80 years ago. Even the 5th grade American history classes go on and on about the evil Senator Mcarthy and how all the American communists were only civil rights activists.

    • LHathaway

      Racism was not defeated during the second world war. Fascism was not finally defeated with McCarthy. This is when they began.

  • People are just following what the Leftists in charge tell them to follow, or at least that is how they are answering the questions.

    • Susan

      I agree. I believe that a large % of Americans have bought into the brainwashing that the media spew each day. Plus, it seems that everyone believes all the dystopian, dysgenic PC nonsense that we’ve been bombarded with for 50 years.

  • JP Rushton

    ” Smaller increases appeared in tolerance for a person who claims that
    Blacks are genetically inferior (commonly labeled a racist).” ”

    That’s an incredibly loaded statement.

    Genetically inferior in what way exactly? All races have their average strengths and weaknesses.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Absolutely. Whites take the cake in courage, creativity, and the burning urge to “find out what’s over the next hill.” Blacks can run really fast. There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m in no mood to excavate it right now.

      • Light from the East

        Chinese know that joke.

        • Spikeygrrl

          More like: Chinese know that [Communist] YOKE. They’re only playing at capitalism to lure us credulous Westerners into…well, think about it: who now holds the lion’s share of America’s national debt?

          You’ll never go too far wrong in geopolitics if you simply FOLLOW THE MONEY.

          • They’re really good at capitalism as well. Taiwan comes quickly to mind. The business class in most of southeast Asia is Chinese, and the Malays (Malaise) hate them for it.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      They are genetically inferior in every way that matters in an advanced society.

  • USofAntiWhite

    This study is just more Orwellian garbage intended to mislead. First of all, the idea of talking about race means totally different things to Black and White people. Blacks think it means more lying and pretending they are victims and White people either think it means time to say something PC or time to tell the truth; that Africans are not compatible with first-world life. Also, the test makes it clear the only candidates for the label of racism are White people. If this definition of racism were applied to Brown people, 100% of Latinos would have to be added to the racism percentage. Really if anything, reading between the lines this flawed study suggests that tolerant values and beliefs are less common in non-White circles and that with an ever increasing number of non-Whites arriving and breeding in The US, more intolerance can only be expected.

  • Reverend Bacon

    Still needs more. Many of us believe that blacks are genetically different, but not necessarily inferior, because that’s ill-defined. If we’re talking about basketball prowess, most of us here believe that blacks are, on average, genetically advantaged. If we’re talking about solving second-order differential equations, most of us believe that they are, again on average, genetically disadvantaged. So I would argue that doesn’t mean superiority or inferiority, and it doesn’t allow for the fact that the right tail of one group would be ahead of the left tail of the other group. My guess is that, in their eyes, that still makes me a racist.

  • Light from the East

    “The only groups for which Americans didn’t become more tolerant were of people who believed black people were “genetically inferior.”

    Well, it’s a clear line between belief and fact. Race realism is about things that can be proven anytime, anywhere.

  • Charlie Appleton

    It’s from Think Progress, one of many Cultural Marxist mouthpieces. What did you expect?

  • Alexandra1973

    I just simply acknowledge that there are differences and leave it at that.

  • bv

    They can’t believe whites stick up for their pathologies.

  • Whiteplight

    Be wary of hard line separation of these or any classification. I think that plenty of atheists for example are also race realists, whether they know it or not. Many of them, like me, are simply realists who apply common sense (and overwhelming evidence) to everything. I sincerely believe that many people who mouth “equality” are doing it to keep jobs, get along, etc. I know of too many cases personally, not to think otherwise. When the time comes, we’ll find out how many people have been merely keeping quiet. I think it’s a huge amount with more and more gaining the view all the time.

  • ElComadreja

    They demonstrably are, at least in terms of intellect.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    Wow. I’m just happy they defined the term correctly. A racist is in fact a person who believes in racial inferiority (or superiority), not someone who hates, doesn’t care for, or ascertains patterns based on race.