Tempted by Detroit’s $500 Properties? 5 Things to Know

Beth J. Harpaz, MSN, March 12, 2015

Sixty-two thousand properties have faced foreclosure in Detroit this year over unpaid taxes. About half will likely be auctioned for $500 apiece this fall.

Buying homes or vacant lots for $500 might sound inviting, even in a city as troubled as Detroit. After all, look at New York: Decades of crime and decay gave way to a real estate boom that has gentrified even outlying working-class neighborhoods. Properties that sold for thousands in the bad old days are now worth millions.


Here are five things to consider before buying property in Detroit.

The house may be occupied

Are you prepared to evict former owners, longtime tenants or even squatters? Loveland Technologies, a mapping company that has surveyed every property in Detroit, estimates that half the properties facing foreclosure are occupied, housing about 100,000 Detroiters.

Critics question the morality of buying occupied homes and fear the program may increase Detroit’s homeless population. They say many owners stopped paying taxes because they weren’t getting city services in return. Others say those who failed to pay taxes contributed to Detroit’s troubles.


The most expensive $500 you’ll ever spend

Demolishing dilapidated properties and building from the ground up can be cheaper than rehabbing. But some buyers choose renovation to save historic architectural details found in much of Detroit’s early 20th century housing stock: turrets, gingerbread trim, pillars and antique woodwork amid broken windows and sagging rooftops.


But beware of hidden costs and scams. Properties may come with liens, water bills and back taxes totaling thousands of dollars, in addition to renovation costs. It’s also not unusual to hear of homes sold to buyers in other states and countries, with purchase prices rising with every flip.

Absentee landlords not welcome

If you buy a home through the Detroit Land Bank, you have six months to bring it up to code–nine months for historic properties. The policy discourages speculators from buying and leaving property unattended. {snip}

Looting and vandalism are also major problems. Homes under renovation risk having fixtures ripped out and tools stolen if the property is not lived in and secured. {snip}


City services have improved, but . . .

Garbage pickup, snow removal, water service, and police and fire department responses have improved in the last 18 months, but may still be less reliable than what you’d expect elsewhere.

Foreclosure sales are controversial

Are you willing to wade into controversy?

Supporters say foreclosure sales help the city recover by forcing homeowners to pay up or move on. Auction buyers then decide what’s salvageable.


But critics say foreclosures may increase blight. Repossessed properties often don’t sell at auction and they deteriorate faster once occupants leave.


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  • They forgot something:

    6. Black crime (it’s Detroit, after all).

    • JustJeff

      7. Arm yourself to the teeth.

      • APaige

        But if a belligerent, drunk, Black woman is pounding on your door in the middle of the night after crashing her car you can’t protect yourself.

        • Speedy Steve

          That happened in Inkster, which is not the city of Detroit. Even the Africans are fleeing the negro undertow as they shuffle off to Southfield. The good news is that Arabs are keeping them out of Dearbornistan.

          • Alexandra1973

            Inkster is more or less a black suburb. When I was in high school in the late 80s, I noticed that just about all of Inkster’s band was black.

            I was born in Southfield myself. Becoming a no-go zone as far as I can tell.

          • Adam Schilling

            That’s dearbon bro, not Inkster.

          • Bossman

            Arabs and Hispanics appear to be able to deal with Blacks better than Whites. That is just an opinion.

        • Don’t shoot through the door. Don’t even open the door. We never open the door even here unless we are expecting someone.

        • slobotnavich

          Sure you can. Just answer the door with a large snake in your hands. “Aaaaaaahhhhh! Feet, do yo’ stuff!”

      • Beloved Comrade

        When the police chief of Detroit suggests residents arm themselves, you’d better listen up.

        http //www breitbart com/big-government/2014/07/16/detroit-police-chief-armed-citizens-making-detroit-criminals-think-twice/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

        • JustJeff

          The Dear Reader has spoken!

    • connorhus

      I can’t believe they “nuked” our “Aliens” references thread. We were having more fun than a grunt in space.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Nuke the site from orbit.

  • bv

    Why give aid to these barbarians? Let the place smolder they made this mess!
    I don’t want to contribute any funds to improve their welfare, I want to as far away from these savages as humanly possible.

    • Dr. X

      Last year somebody did a photo essay on the Internet comparing Detroit and Hiroshima…. Hiroshima is now a glittering jewel of a city, and Detroit looks like Hiroshima did back in 1945.

      • Hiroshima recovered because they didn’t have blacks living there. Those folks got the city bus system going again within two weeks after the atom bombing.

        • bubo

          I know the Japanese had some rough years after the war, but they have remained almost completely homogeneous, in control of their immigration policy and have stayed out of incredibly destructive, expensive wars and absurd nation building we’ve been doing for six decades.

          They’ve certainly won the peace.

          • Beloved Comrade

            The Japanese are now under increasing pressure to “take their share” of Somali, Sudanese, Congolese, etc.

            “Cabinet Population Estimate: If Japan Takes In 200,000 Immigrants Per Year Population Of 100,000,000 Can Be Maintained”

            Japan Times:”Japan may boost immigrant numbers”
            While stressing that no decision has been made, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga on Friday did not deny a media report that the administration is considering increasing the number of immigrants to boost Japan’s potential for long-term economic growth.

            There is also a move to destroy Japanese nationalism, just as there was and is an ongoing program to destroy American nationalism:
            “In Japan, the Holocaust provides a lesson in dangers of nationalism”

            http //www jta org/2015/02/10/news-opinion/world/in-japan-the-holocaust-provides-a-lesson-in-dangers-of-nationalism

          • Their share is zero, as is that of every other developed society.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Not for long. They are being softened up, as we were, to look at nationalism as “evil” and that they must pay, just as us, for past sins, and Japan has plenty of them that will be dredged up. They are being told, just as we were, that their birth rate is crashing and they need an infusion of 3rd world immigrants to boost their dying population and save their economy. Who will save social security? Who will take care of an aging population? Sound familiar? The same lies are being used against the Japanese.
            There are already politicians in Japan, just as there were in the US around 1965 and now, calling for more immigrants.

            I hope they can fight it with everything they’ve got. The Japanese people need to strengthen their nationalism to counter this and target any politician that advocates for open border. A Chinese commenter said this is starting up in China too.

          • InAFreeCountry

            The Japanese have no motivation to import someone else’s problems.

          • Beloved Comrade

            The American people don’t either and look what has happened to us.

            Forces far more powerful than the Japanese population are at work here to open Japan’s borders to the 3rd world. Some of their politicians are just as traitorous, or bought off or blackmailed as much as ours.

        • Seniorsquadldr

          Negros are more destructive than the atom bomb. They just work slower.

  • DLRisVH

    The american african has been a costly investment resulting in a negative return.

    • APaige

      There has to be a economist or mathematician that has a formula that can explain the relationship between Blacks and horrible high social costs. N=hell, or something.

      • bilderbuster

        The Bell Curve.

      • Seniorsquadldr

        Guilty whites allow it. Negros should be neutered at birth. The negro problem would be solved, peacefully.

    • TruthBeTold

      Last year, I sent AR this buzzfeed article that they didn’t run. Google it:

      Why I Bought A House In Detroit For $500

      There a some interesting pictures and insights which correspond perfectly with this article.

      • bilderbuster

        I couldn’t live in one no matter how nice it was fixed up. Knowing that for decades the property was occupied by crack whores, junkies, killers and thieves. Just the thought of the depraved things that happened there and the savages who lived there would totally creep me out.
        The vibes would be better in an Amityville Horror style haunted house than living in a Detroit Diversity Spook House.

        • texasoysterman

          “Spook House” 🙂

        • Tim

          I`ve seen all of that and more. A Drunk woman on foot struck by a locomotive. A man dressed only in his socks knocking on doors for help with an ice pick in his back… Funny what you can get used to. I had put my new property back up for sale, then saw a news story about a woman with a ranch. She carefully but casually held twenty migrants at gunpoint with two dogs for back-up. She didn`t run. She just adapted to circumstances…In her case it had been hers for years. In my case I was one of the $500.00 dollar guys.

        • Beloved Comrade

          I wouldn’t care about that, what I’d worry about more is that those crack whores, junkies, killers and thieves still live a few blocks away.

          You move in and they’ll look at your fixed-up house like a piggy bank ready to crack open. They’ll crack open your head too and that of your children and be glad of it. That’s the fun part for them.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Imagine if Abe Lincoln had followed his instincts and his rhetoric and
      repatriated those 400,000 to Liberia. There would be no national debt.
      Millions more European-Americans would be alive today….

      Now all future Americans have to look forward to is this.

      • Beloved Comrade

        He was assassinated before he could carry out his plan, a plan he was deadly serious about and spoke of openly and often. He’s been attacked by blacks when he was 19 years old and knew of their savagery.

        • RaySist27

          I curse JWB to this day for what he did. An extremely misguided punk, a large portion our problems can be blamed on that single individual. I also believe Lincoln would have gone through with his plan to relocate blacks. It’s too bad he didn’t get the chance to do it.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Is there a definitive book on the REAL Lincoln? A book that would speak truthfully of such encounters? If not, maybe the book title should read: “A greater emancipator than we first thought”.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Yes. It’s called “The Real Lincoln”:

            amazon com/Real-Lincoln-Abraham-Agenda-Unnecessary/dp/0761526463/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427987199&sr=1-1&keywords=the+real+lincoln

      • InAFreeCountry

        “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing
        about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black
        races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or
        jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to
        intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that
        there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I
        believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of
        social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live,
        while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and
        inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the
        superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I
        do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior
        position the negro should be denied everything.” -Lincoln

    • Beloved Comrade

      Yes, and consider that only 2% of the population ever owned slaves.

      • ElComadreja

        You’d think it was 100% and went on until the 1960’s to hear blacks and liberals tell it. They also don’t like to talk about black slave owners and Irish slaves.

  • JackKrak

    If this were happening in an all-white, Republican controlled city (I know, but just imagine…), the usual suspects would be in front of every television camera telling us about how conservative policies had obviously failed and wondering just what kind of people would ruin their own neighborhoods like that.

    • Beloved Comrade

      They say that about Detroit now.

      When have facts or the truth ever matter to the usual suspects? They’re the very ones that kept the “hands up don’t shoot” meme going far after it had been exposed as false. They do it because they know they can get away with it.

      • InAFreeCountry

        The Big Lie still resonates with those that prefer it to the truth.

        • Beloved Comrade

          Not only do they prefer lies to the truth, they demand it.

          Telling the truth in some countries now is considered hate speech and comes with punitive fines and jail time. The U.S. isn’t too far behind.

  • There is no dwelling in Detroit that I would inhabit.

    • connorhus

      might be fun to buy one through an untraceable shell company and set traps.

      • Jim Davis

        Turn it into a book store or employment agency. No one with bother it.

        • John Smith

          Work shoe store.

          • They had quite a fetish for work boots for some years. I believe they liked the “Trailblazers” brand. Not that they did any work in them.

          • John Smith

            Timberlands too.

          • You’re probably right. I remember it began with a “T”. I wear combat boots that are old enough to vote, and which have been resoled twice.

          • dukem1


        • InAFreeCountry

          They’d burn down the book store. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

      • Speedy Steve

        Nail up “Now Hiring” signs. And play banjo music.

      • bilderbuster

        Bait House.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        Baited with fried chicken and watermelon.

        • Speedy Steve

          Malt liquor, muscatel, and grape soda. BBQ potato chips, too.

          • InAFreeCountry

            Newports and Kools.

          • dukem1

            Now now…don’t be dissin’ menthols.

  • Let the Hindu, Muzzie, and gook investors buy these properties and then let the shooting begin when they try to throw out the inhabitants. I’ll sit back with a cold one and watch.

  • What sense is there in buying such homes when, after they’ve been renovated and fixed (after spending exorbitant amounts of money too!), the same people (blacks) still populate the area? You could be gone for a weekend only to discover that a bunch of hood-rats moved in, squatted, and now it will practically take an act of congress to get them out!

    Even if the house or street are nice, the minute you travel to the local grocery store (if there’s one?), you’ll be taking your own life into your hands by just driving down the street. The chances that you’ll get robbed or car-jacked are extremely likely.

  • Marilyn

    Having driven through the neighborhoods I would never buy a house there..most homes are occupied by the homeless (as mentioned) but also drug deals take place in most of those homes. I think I mentioned before the population isn’t that huge because most people are moving to the sec 8 housing and hud homes in the suburbs.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      If they are occupying a home….are they really homeless?

      • Marilyn

        Right! Good point

      • InAFreeCountry

        Dey just ain’t paying rent.

  • George Moriarty

    There is still a guy running round Sydney trying to sell these properties to would be investors, he shows them a business plan that is supposedly a licence to print money! He shows pictures of grand old mansions for $40k. Note a modest bungalow here will set you back at least a million.
    But the other side of this debate is wouldn’t it be wonderful if these cheap properties could be the basis of urban renewal for that once grand city.
    Things must be pretty bad in Detroit, you will still pay quite big money for nice properties in former white suburbs of South Africa. many come with 4 meter high electric fences, I wonder why?

      • George Moriarty

        That is a very chilling story, a dire warning to all would be property investors in Detroit. Unfortunately the picture of the murderer did not display. Can we make an educated guess to his race & colour?
        Note, Property & rent disputes here in Oz can get very nasty but seldom end up with a payback shooting and murder.

        • texasoysterman

          What’s even more chilling is he showed up with a gun instead of the cash to pay the back rent his daughter owed. This dumba** shared a $46 million lottery. Three months before. But because TNB, he probably burned through it in about two weeks.

    • When I was in Randwick (a Sydney suburb near Coogee Beach) rents were sky-high. I paid A$350 a month for a one-room efficiency apartment. Water from the shower ran down a drain in the center of the bathroom floor. The building had a coin-op washing machine, but no drier. My clothes got wet in the rain while I was in the lab during the days, so I rigged a clothesline in the bathroom. The kitchenette didn’t have a stove, but I borrowed a microwave oven from a friend and a hot plate from the lab.

      I had a mortgage back here in Colorado at the time. The blessing was that I was being paid in US dollars by an American company, so when the Australian dollar declined from 82 cents to 62 cents, I received an invisible raise.

      • dukem1

        Kudos for your shout-out to the terrifying creepy-crawlies in OZ.

    • dukem1

      Real Estate = location, location, location.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    *Properties may come with liens, water bills and back taxes totaling thousands of dollars

    *Garbage pickup, snow removal, water service, and police and fire department responses …may still be less reliable than what you’d expect elsewhere.

    *Looting and vandalism are also major problems.

    Theoretically, new property owners will pay taxes, the revenue will support city services, and property values will recover.

    Sure, the RATS that run the city want White taxpayers to settle there – to pay for city services…and unfunded pensions.

    Is the quality of life worth it in Detroit?

    As long as there is still a large criminal element in Detroit, aspiring rappers and entrenched Section 8 housing, property values in Detroit will never recover.

    “I’ve never been concerned,” Young boasted, “about upsetting white people. I’d rather not, but I’m not going to back away from something I know is right just to please whites.” “We refuse in Detroit,” he told another reporter, “to kiss their behinds.”

    Here is the legacy YOU created and left behind, Mr.Young, Detroit, before and after you and your people chased out the White population.

    • Speedy Steve

      I know people in Macomb County — one of the most prosperous counties in the USA. When they give directions they never tell people to take the interstates through Detroit. It’s always I-275 around.

      • Alexandra1973

        I started doing that. I gave up taking I-75 through Detroit years ago. My mother lives in the 8 Mile/Woodward area, but I’m willing to take I-275 to I-696 and come south on Woodward when coming up from Ohio. Sure, you get the airport traffic…but that’s a minor annoyance.

      • Beloved Comrade

        There was a map app at one point that would direct you around and away from ghetto thug areas. Don’t know if it’s still available because there was such an outcry from the usual suspects.
        An app like that is a life saver for unsuspecting tourists who don’t know a particular area and may find themselves around or near MLK blvd. In that case, as Chris Rock says, RUN.

  • Jim Davis

    They say many owners stopped paying taxes because they weren’t getting city services in return.

    Considering who “manages” Detroit I can believe that. But I also can believe these owners still wouldn’t be paying taxes even if they were getting first rate services.

    • Weren’t a bunch of them refusing to pay their water bills until recently? Tapwater is either potable or it isn’t, and sewage is either treated or it isn’t. There aren’t varying degrees of city water service.

      • Blackfish

        Yes. They stopped paying their water bills because they realized that nothing happened if they didn’t. When the city of Detroit threatened to turn off the spigots, there was an outcry from the usual suspects. As I recall, the UN even got involved, declaring free water “a human right”!

        • Water is always “free”, but the operative question is how clean one wants the stuff. Keeping it sanitary costs money. Does anyone at the UN know what it costs to keep up city water mains? I don’t.

  • LHathaway

    You could buy a home that has been abandoned for 10 years, that seemingly hasn’t had the yard mowed in 10 years of been painted in 30 years. 10 years abandoned. Within a month of buying such a home you will get a notice that the appearance must be held to city standards or the city will do this for you (at your expense) and also fine you for the property not being properly maintained. This could be a home that was vacant for 10 years while owned by the VA. I only bring this up because of the recent story out of Ferguson that the police force there seems to mostly exist to raise revenue for the city by ticketing it’s taxpayers.

    • Tim

      See my post above about removing the squatters. You just wrote the second haf of that story…

    • newscomments70

      Most homes abandonded for a year or more are tear-downs. Mold, mildew, termites and other pests will rapidly grow and infest. Roofs collapse in the snow belt.

      • LHathaway

        The greatest danger is kids. Children seem to have a sixth sense about these things. They seem to just somehow know when a home has been abandoned and no one lives there.

        • newscomments70

          I can imagine that squatters and “teens” are a major problem in “diverse” cities. I believe that nature is even more destructive to these homes. My great aunt’s house was uninhabited for two years. There were no “youths” or squatters to worry about, but the owners let the house become overgrown with mildew. With that and other problems, a decent house was rendered uninhabitable.

        • Even we had a panhandler in his mid-20’s at the entrance to my lilly-white neighborhood on Friday. That’s trespassing as well as begging too close to a road (IIRC, the limit here is 25 feet). He went off on one of the elderly neighbor ladies who asked him whether he lived here, so I escorted him off the property and ordered him to never return. I don’t make requests when I am in the right; I issue orders which are to be carried out instantly and without question.

          There’s no homeless shelter anywhere north of downtown here in Colorado Springs, so he either took the city bus and then walked half a mile, or else was driven by someone else. Lots of people here are elderly and retired, or are young families with small children. I told him that if he ever turned up here again, I’d kill him on sight, and that he’d never see it coming. I even made him repeat my own words, just to be sure he really understood. I have a wife who’s a bit on the small side as well as a young daughter, so that nonsense isn’t allowed here.

          Using other people’s private property to case people’s homes and vehicles, stalk and harass children, women and the elderly, and panhandle is not “freedom of expression”.

          I’ll bet anything he never comes back.

          • Race War Provisions

            Not unless he wants his teeth gapped

  • Uncle Wardle

    Ha! I wouldn’t take $500 or $5000 for anything near that wretched area.

  • An issue Beth Harpaz didn’t address was that Detroit is majority-black and black-run. Those greedy thieves will always try to vote themselves more of YT’s money.

  • Alexandra1973

    All the money you save buying a house…it’d cost that much and more to fix them up.

    I lived in Detroit from the age of 3 months to 3 years. I do remember, vaguely, seeing the houses with turrets on them. They’re likely destroyed, almost 40 years later.

  • John Smith

    #6 – You will be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of negroes.

    • Deacon Blue

      Oh yeah…that too. That should be the first point!

    • Light from the East

      It’s like a $500 long term stay in a shithole.

    • If I wanted to live in that sort of environment, I would get myself sent back to prison and save the $500.

      • John Smith

        Prison would probably be safer.

  • WR_the_realist

    The real question is: How much would the city of Detroit pay me to accept ownership of property in that hellhole? It would have to be a mighty high number.

  • Preparation HBomb

    I think, overall, it’d be kinder and more sensible to bomb out the entire city and start over.

  • Tim

    I just removed my third squatter with verbal and physical violence in a little over a year… In this guys case I came around the back of my building after twenty minutes to find him moving in. While I was there!! He didn`t pick up on the social cues of a pickup truck, step ladder, paint cans or my stereo blaring. The only way he agreed to leave is that I picked up his cold beverage before he could. I told him to git so he said he needed his belongings. I missed his bedroll and bike some how sitting right in front of me. As a parting shot, he mocked and/or threatened me by saying, “You`re in a bad neighbor hood…” The next morning at 7am when I found him back AND inside, I marched him with a gun to his head into the middle of a busy intersection remembering Chairman Mao`s edict of “Punish One, teach a thousand…” Nobody on the bus, in a taxi or the Water Board and Tree Service trucks did or said a thing. I wanted to tell him while I was shouting and spewing salivva on his neck that “He was in a bad neighborhood…” I`m headed down there right now to see if he got the message this time. These people are so mentally off skewed they need mental or criminal confinement…

    • LHathaway

      I hope you’re not Australian . . . I say that after reading the story about the australian landlord. .

      • Tim

        No, i`m in my own town, just on the other side of it. The numbers are 95% Chicano, 3% Motel Pimp Daddy and 2% White…for that part of it…

        • LHathaway

          What’s a motel pimp daddy, a black man? I have no idea what it is. Wait. . a motel pimp daddy is an Indian. One whose whole family (and no one else) works for the hotel? They probably get a tax break hiring them as a ‘diversity’ hire.

          • Tim

            You were right the first time….

    • That Vietnamese was a colonel named Loan. After Saigon fell in 1975 he moved to the eastern US and ran a pizzeria. At one point, one of his customers recognized him, as Loan discovered graffiti in the men’s room saying “We know who you are”. He eventually died of old age.

      • To do Col. Loan full justice, I’ll leave this brief quote here; “For Loan, the shooting is an act of justice: The Viet Cong lieutenant had just murdered a South Vietnamese colonel, his wife and their six children.”

        It was more than just “notables” it was women and children, and they were slaughtered in horrible ways, throats cut, raped, riddled with bullets and left to die slow.

        Col. Loan was exactly the kind of man we need (except we need ours to be white) a man of conviction, and action. This scum, freshly captured and running hus mouth, taunting everyone around him needed killing, so Col. Loan killed him.

        No speeches, no tantrums, no long winded justification or interviews with the press, he simply walked up, put the barrel to his head, pulled the trigger, and walked away. Till we have more people willing and able to do exactly the same, we will not find our positions at all improved.

  • MooTieFighter

    In summary: Don’t even think about tackling property in these black populaces. It will cost you dearly. You would only be criticized, even if you were trying to help them.

  • I’m a little confused about one issue Harpaz mentioned, and that is how a foreclosed property could possibly come with outstanding water bills. Utility services are provided in an individual’s name, so I suspect unpaid bills would follow the former owner, and not remain with the property. Since I have never let utility bills go unpaid (those are auto-debited from my checking account, saving me a fair bit of money on postage stamps each year) I don’t know for certain.

    • Konstantinos Fasouletos

      See the pattern in this article?
      Force and making “others” feel uncomfortable keep an area homogenous, just like Japan or Eskimo communities. Biological systems all around us are great teachers and examples.
      You NEVER make an enemy feel at home, whethere socialy or financially…period. You also dont employ your enemy and dont do business with Whites that hire non-Whites. If i go to a Greek restaurant (Greek myself), i better see Greeks or other Whites working there or i walk out.
      Everyone is aware what the problem is by now, unless they are retarded. What Whites need to do is copy what alllll the other races are doing, which is mob rule/attack. That is what is missing.

      • When we go out for ethnic food, we do the same, but we also expect to see plenty of customers from the appropriate ethnic group. That way, we know the food is good.

      • JohnnySmoggins

        A friend is a businessman and he told me the following which is apparently well known amongst businessmen; Jews will sell to anyone but only buy from each other. Whites need to adopt a similar attitude.

        • InAFreeCountry

          I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that transaction. Do Jews jew Jews?

          • Yes. That can actually be quite entertaining. My old gun show partner was Jewish, and I am a rapacious Celt. We didn’t do anything to each other. We had an understanding.

          • InAFreeCountry

            I know that wire was invented by two Scots fighting over a penny, I guess that would also work with replacing one or both with one of the tribe.

      • newscomments70

        Where I live, I have NEVER been to a restaurant where there are only whites employed. Half of the staff or more will be Mexican. I simply couldn’t go out, if I adhered to that rule. Curiously, I never see blacks working at local restaurants. One rule I do have is that I never go to a restaurant where i can’t watch them cook. The kitchen should be out in the open.

        I used to go to a restaurant in LA and I knew the El Salvadorian Maitre D. This guy liked to gossip. He told me that the Mexicans working there liked to talk trash about others in Spanish, and that they were extremely anti-American. I stopped going there when I heard that.

        • InAFreeCountry

          I have heard of Guatemalan parents not letting their children play with the Mexican kids. Other Spanish countries don’t think much of Mexicans, that is why they get all fired up if we call them a Mexican when they’re not.

          • newscomments70

            I’ve met nice enough people from both countries, but collectively they are destructive, and the situation is a mess. Our politicians let them invade and occupy most of the Southwest.

    • Who Me?

      It’s easier to keep going after whoever is in possession of the property, as people can move, and property can’t. It’s a case of “We don’t care who you are, or who used the service, if you want utilities pay off the outstanding bill or you don’t get it.”

      • I suspect that if a water bill lien is placed on a property which is later foreclosed, the bank would be responsible for paying that lien before the property can be sold to an individual buyer. A lien against the new owner of a property for a bill he did not incur would probably be felony “slander of title”.

  • AmericanCitizen

    The Koch brothers should buy every property and then set them on fire.

    • Alexandra1973

      Or they should save their money and just let ’em loose on Devil’s Night.

  • USofAntiWhite

    No nation with cities like Detroit, with hordes of primitives in them has any business calling itself a first-world country. The impressive and highly industrious Detroit of the past is gone and the third-world Detroit of today is America’s future.

  • slobotnavich

    Yet one more sterling example of black productivity, energy, boundless work-ethic, and keen intelligence at work

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Detroit like Ferguson should be nuked after all the good productive whites are removed. The lib whites that love these negroes can stay with them when the nukes fall.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    A good example of how stupid white people feeling pity allow negroes to rule and then instead of being grateful, they just ruin everything.

  • InAFreeCountry

    You can make money on Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues in Monopoly. I don’t see that here.

  • Uncle Wardle

    Tempted by the chance of owning a piece of hell? And paying — paying real money for that?? What’s the point?

  • Bossman

    The “Bantu” is somewhat of a sub-normal troublemaker for a civilized society but nowhere near as potentially dangerous as the hordes of East Asia for white identity in North America.

  • ghettovalley

    I truly feel horrible for the white residents of Detroit. I know what it’s like to watch your once white and safe neighborhood quickly turn into a cesspool of black criminality. I moved to my current apartment building four years ago. At that time everyone in this building was white, aside from a younger white guy and his Asian wife and their kids. They caused no problems, they were very nice people and kept to themselves. About eighteen months ago a new landlord purchased this building. He is an older, extremely wealthy white liberal, and he is out of touch with reality. Every single tenant that he has moved in within the past year has been black. This place used to be quiet, safe, and a great place to live. Now there are fights in the hallways, screaming arguments in the parking lot, rap music booming at all hours of the night, garbage strewn around (some of them will pile up garbage bags outside of their door for days even weeks before they take them a short distance to the dumpsters, it’s disgusting), never-ending drug traffic, and blacks who don’t even live here just idly hanging out, drinking openly and harassing every woman that walks by. My newest neighbor is known for selling drugs and committing armed home invasion robberies. He is the third black guy this disgusting white woman on my floor has had living with her in just five or six months. There are four black men and three women and at least one baby (they leave dirty diapers literally just lying in the hallway for days) also crammed into a two bedroom apartment right up the hall as well. They are all very sketchy looking. I worry constantly that they will try to kick in my door and force me to defend myself with one of the numerous firearms that I now feel I must keep loaded and within reach at all times. It’s honestly the last thing in the world that I want to happen. I saved money for months to move here several years ago to get away from the same crap, but it seems harder and harder to escape it anymore. I suppose it’s time to save for another move, but how long until the black undertow reaches us there as well? Can we ever really get away?

  • Magician

    Around the non-white world, people think Detroit looks like this

  • mikefromwichita

    Just my imagination, but picture 5000 immigrant Boer families being settled in a compact area as a new and independent of Detroit municipality.