Radio 2 Is Too White, Say BBC Diversity Chiefs

Sam Creighton, Daily Mail, March 19, 2015

The BBC’s music radio services have been branded too white by the Corporation’s watchdog.

A review of the six stations by the BBC Trust has raised concerns that they are failing ethnic minority audiences.

Radio 2 was highlighted as having particular difficulties in attracting non-white listeners and the Trust has demanded the station urgently improve and report on progress in six months.

The comments echo criticisms made in 2001 by then director-general Greg Dyke, who said the BBC was ‘hideously white’ and had race relations as poor as the Metropolitan Police.

While yesterday’s report accepts that the BBC has improved over recent years, it states that, ‘like BBC television, BBC radio serves BAME audiences less well than it does white listeners.’

BAME stands for black, Asian and minority ethnic.

It pointed to statistics that show only 34 percent of BAME adults tune in to one of the six music radio stations–Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3, 6 Music and Asian Network–each week. This compares to 49 percent of all adults regardless of ethnicity.

Although the BAME figure is up from 29 percent five years ago, the Trust said the BBC must still improve further.

It is a problem also faced by BBC television, with the latest figures revealing it reached 74 percent of BAME adults each week, compared with 86 percent of all adults.

Radio 2 has a target audience of the over 35s but even in among this group, it failed to attract ethnic minority listeners. It reaches an average of only 12 percent each week, compared to 35 percent for all adults.

The Trust said: ‘As Radio 2 has a remit to serve a broad audience over the age of 35, it should address this disparity.’

In the Trust’s previous review of music radio, Radio 1 was flagged up as of particular concern, reaching only 17 percent of BAME people aged between 15 and 24.

This time, the youth-oriented station has been praised for its progress, with the figure rising to 23 percent.

However, this is still far lower than the 40 percent reach it has among young people nationwide regardless of ethnicity.

This is not the first time in recent months that the BBC has been accused of failing ethnic minority au-diences. In a speech in December last year, the Corporation’s head of news James Harding said his de-partment better serves ‘rich, old, white people’ than those from poorer backgrounds and ethnic minorities.

Yesterday’s review announced that Radio 1 was cutting back on its number of live recordings and its coverage of music festivals as part of a cost cutting drive.

Also revealing that there will be ‘a small reduction’ in drama on Radio 3, it praised the stations for being ‘distinctive’ and said they played a ‘wider range’ of music than their commercial rivals. BBC Trustee Nick Prettejohn, who jointly led the review, said it made for ‘positive reading’.

A BBC spokesman said: ‘We aim to appeal to listeners from all backgrounds by offering a broad range of high-quality services and programming.

‘Whilst listening to our music radio stations amongst BAME audiences has grown in recent years, we will continue work hard to make sure our stations represent and reach all audiences.’

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  • Frank_DeScushin

    “BBC radio serves BAME audiences less well than it does white listeners. BAME stands for black, Asian and minority ethnic.”

    Considering that Great Britain is overwhelmingly white and Brits (actual white Brits) created the BBC, it makes perfect sense to a sane person that the BBC would cater to white interests. Unfortunately, the people at the BBC aren’t sane.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Let’s make a deal: only white broadcasters will be allowed on the kind of radios invented by Marconi and Tesla while only nonwhites can appear on any kind of radios they invent someday.

    • italian guy

      I know that your comment point out the obvious, but this is something many people don’t understand, every ethnic group has its own interests, the fact that Europeans are forced to cater to others is really frustrating and doesn’t make any sense in the first place.

      Another thing, first the elites force a White country to open its borders, then they try to reassure the population “it’s just a few people” they say, then the non-whites grow in numbers and suddenly they deserve to be represented! we are a multi-ethnic society now! then comes racial quotas and affirmative action… yeah nothing suspicious at all am I right? they are just fighting bigotry!

      anti-racism is truly anti-White.

      • Reminds of an old poster about the “melting pot”. The original was not in very good condition, so I remade it many years ago. I cannot claim credit for the idea, I don’t know who thought of it, but here is my version:

        • italian guy

          Tragically accurate.

  • This surely just means that BMEs are inherently racist and intolerant of white culture. There is nothing stopping them tuning in. But the BBC sees too much “white” as a problem. A serious problem.

    But despite the listeners tending to be white, it is by no means a “white” radio station! In fact, it is quite the opposite. This is why it never has any pro-white book reviews, debates, output of any kind.

    On the one hand, whites are tuning into the lullaby of their brainwashing and dispossession. On the other, BMEs get their own stations and their issues pushed into all the stations. It is a lose-lose situation.

    What is “ours” is theirs. What is theirs is theirs. That’s the way it is.

    • I am always astonished at the extreme obsession that liberals have with “victimised” foreign minorities, and I do not feel so flattered they think of East Asians living in the West as somehow being a “victimised” minority as well. East Asians aren’t a “victimised” minority at all. We can stand on our own feet, and it is all the low-IQ peoples that need constant handouts from Whites. Furthermore, my problem with Asian and White liberals who are causing this mess is not their race nor their average IQ score. My problem with them is their ideology.

      • Lion’s Mane

        I’m not so certain that Liberals honestly do think of East Asians as a victimized minority — certainly not categorically. I rather think that it’s more about diminishing the status of the native White British. ‘Liberalism’ today has turned into a policy of punishment of those Whites who, centuries ago, were involved in colonialism. It’s really a matter of revenge.

        • I am aware of the anti-White agenda that liberals have, but the ones I have spoken to ostensibly seem to think of East Asians as included in the long list of ‘victmised groups’.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Much of the liberal motivation here is plausible deniability. Having been a liberal once myself, I can say that I don’t think most of us ever thought East Asians needed much help standing on their own feet. They prove the opposite is true every day.

            But if you don’t make a show of having “anti-racism” be about all non-white colors of the rainbow, you run the risk of implicitly admitting that it’s not needed for anyone but NAMs, which undermines the “white racism” narrative.

            Note I’m not necessarily suggesting that white liberals consciously know this. The internal criticism is more about how focusing too much on NAMs is patronizing and therefore racist.

        • John Smith

          Even if that happened, I can see whites and Asians mixing to the exclusion of negroes and pushing them toward extinction since they have nothing to offer either of the other two main races.

      • Well, remember, the very definition of diversity is a moving goalpost. E Asians are either diverse or not diverse depending on the goals of the goalpost movers. E Asian SV employees are not diverse, E Asian population demographic statistics are diverse.

        • Multiculturalism is also becoming an issue in East Asia. Countries like Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea still aren’t practising active multiculturalism (i.e., their governments haven’t made it official yet), but they are practising passive multiculturalism (i.e., foreigners are already there and the media and academia are pushing for multiculturalism). I have recently read some papers by multiculturalist East Asian professors. Quite shocking stuff. I think it won’t be long before one of the East Asian countries is going to make it official.

          • Lion’s Mane

            I am sorry to hear this. I had hoped that East Asia would be unconquerable in this respect.

          • I too had hoped that this would never transpire.

            I had hoped that those countries would have looked at what is happening to Europe and Europeans and been wise enough not to head the same direction.

            I had seen that there was an “increased diversity” in some of the places, including many Africans, which were not very popular with the locals.

            I had also seen that there were pockets of different peoples scattered there and there, which for the Europeans may well be quite similar, but which for the Asians are quite distinct and jarring.

            I was only saying the other week that no nation, no people, are immune to the process being rolled out.

            The populations of these nations are huge, so it would be hoped that any ingress would quickly be overcome – but like termites, once they are in the structure of a home, it can do nothing but eat away at the structure until it crashes down.

            It wouldn’t surprise me if a certain tribe with last names such as Epstein, Goldberg, etc were pressurising and pulling the strings of this behind the scenes. However, I have no proof of this, just a cynical hunch.

          • regbs

            No proof except the disproportions of Jews composing the organizations and voices imposing this. I used to wonder what Europeans would think of the browning of America. Now I know that Europe’s actuality beating us to the punch. Whites will endure as the Russian and Ukrainian Christians murdered by the millions by Jewish Bolsheviks.

          • Vital is to understand that no civilised people is absolutely immune to what a certain desert tribe is very good at doing. Whites seemed immune a little more than a century ago, but were they really?

          • regbs

            The biggest advocates of multiculturalism are Jews, who are also its inventors. They demand, champion, and impose it on the West. Curiously, Israel is a Jewish state. Name a Christian white state that Jews would accept.

  • I guess there’s only one thing “Radio 2” can do. Reformat. Play 24/7 music that has lyrics suggestive of the artists’ ability to have lots of sex, their bragging about their disappointingly mediocre genitals, their boasting about all their drug money, 99% of which they owe to higher level traffickers and suppliers, all their guns, in a country with extremely tight firearms laws no less, how they’re incessantly and thoroughly “real,” how hard their lives were growing up in council estates (public housing), and lots of McDonalds bags and wrappers.

    • propagandaoftruth

      “BBC was ‘hideously white’ ”

      RED, not White. Hideously so. The Bolshevik Brainwashing Committee has spoken.

  • Lion’s Mane

    Again, that most wicked and pernicious phrase, ‘hideously white.’ No matter how you slice it, it contains at its core the supremely ‘racist’ thought that ‘Whites are hideous people.’ Their goal is to do away with Whites, or else enslave them. The anti-White hatred is truly palpable.

    • George Moriarty

      “hideously white” One can only wonder who could come up with such a term?
      My guess is the instigator of this term has a hideously well paid secure government job, he lives in a hideously expensive hideously white London suburb (not the Notting Hills or Brixtons where they have race riots), he wears a hideously expensive suit and drives a hideously expensive car that incidentally was neither made in Africa nor the West Indies. He also sounds mildly effeminate and neurotic.
      Perhaps he needs a mid-life career change, perhaps he can establish a commercial station to broadcast Rap or Hindustani music to the BAME, a station that needs to pay its way, now that would be a hideously difficult task.
      Get real England! The Taxpayer national broadcaster should be there to reflect real British values, it’s what the people want. Establish an ethnic broadcasting service by all means like we have in Oz but you will find the Audience is very very small.

      • LHathaway

        ” The Taxpayer national broadcaster should be there to reflect real British values, it’s what the people want”.

        What the British value most of all is diversity. While the majority of Whites are likely on your side, no call to the past – a past itself unfriendly to White racial activism – can save you. It’s time to become proactive and work on something new. .

  • Lion’s Mane

    And ‘Liberals’ claim that Nazis were ‘racist’? How are ‘Liberals’ less so?

    • John Smith

      They believe they’re “right.”

      • propagandaoftruth

        I call them “goodists” who believe in “goodism”. They are for everything good, against all bad, so if you oppose them, what does that make you?

        Of course Nazis and commies and ISIS are all like that too. For everything good, against all bad. Not amenable to debate. Into the mass murder/genocide thing.

        This is one reason I’ve become comfortable with my “badism”.

  • Lion’s Mane

    What could possibly be ‘wrong’ with different ethnicities having cultural and entertainment preferences of their own?

  • guest

    The Black BBC sometimes radio announcer broke into BBC (figure of speech ) a few years ago, with his grotesquely deep Jamaican bass voice. I hope someone somewhere tape recorded his utterances in a fashion that might yet make them accessible. At first he made enough pronunciation and pacing errors to suggest clearly he lacked the “g” to bat the ball at BBC.

    • John Smith


  • JackKrak

    Nothing is ever too black.

    • IstvanIN

      At least according to our “betters”.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Africa is tooo black. Ghettos are too black

  • superlloyd

    What utter nonsense! It’s time the BBC’ licence fee was revoked. The British people are mandatorily funding all this far left, white hating whinging and scapegoating.

  • LHathaway

    There are two separate television stations in Korean, for Koreans, in NYC alone. Will that pave the way for a station dedicated to Whites, in NYC, where Whites are a minority, or anyplace in this nation? Will it ease the calls for diversity made by management at the other TV stations in NYC? Not a chance. Diversity is a one way street where whites are evil, people of color are all good, and anyone who might object in any way and to any degree will be labeled a Nazi. No Whites at all is 100% diversity and they celebrate this promising to do more, both there and elsewhere.

    • regbs

      You’re right. The model is white farmers murdered in Rhodesia. See the calls for protection of minorities from Jewish media? No. Jewish Bolsheviks’ mass murder of white Christians in Russia and the Ukraine is what to expect.

  • For a nation to exist there must be a common culture that binds the people together. With no common culture there may be a country (in name at least), but no nation. Without a nation, the power elites can more easily create a one world government tyranny that enriches them and impoverishes the white middle and working class. The BBC is playing an important role in promoting the balkanization of Britain. The overall plan is much bigger than just seeing to it that BBC radio tries to gain more nonwhite listeners. That’s the lie. The truth is much deeper.

  • David Ashton

    Lowest common denominator.

  • David Ashton

    Not forgetting LGBTIQ, OAP, LOL, RAF, DDT, XYZ…

  • Orion_Blue

    There are two radio stations on the BBC that cater to minorities – BBC Radio 1Xtra (sic) and the Asian Network.

    BBC Radio 1 is for the younger set (15-24 age range) and that is heavily dominated by what is euphemistically referred to as ‘urban’ music styles. BBC Radio 2 is for an older set, generally playing what might be termed ‘golden oldies’, usually meaning 80’s tripe. BBC Radio 3 is classically-oriented, though with an increased emphasis on ‘world music’, as that is as equal or even ‘equallerer’ to European classical music! BBC Radio 4 is talk radio, with current affairs, documentaries and some drama, but this too, is dosed up with lip-service to the diversity orthodoxies.

    Other, local stations, are probably not worth bothering with too much.

    On a final note, the BBC is funded through a license fee, rather than a subscription, therefore it is at least theoretically possible to watch or listen to the BBC services for extended periods of time without ever actually paying for the privilege of doing so.

  • IKUredux

    We will only consider our efforts to be successful, when EVERYBODY listens to nothing but the moslem call to prayer.

    • regbs

      No. Success will be all goyim living like Palestinians in neighborhoods being shelled with artillery and bulldozed for daring to live for generations in what was Jewish land all along.

      • IKUredux

        OK. I confess, I don’t keep track of the comments made to me in a timely manner. However, and generally, when I am this far behind on comments, I usually ignore them. But, this one truly pisses me off. Screw you regbs, You say that? Well, what about you Jews living in Europe? Europe was NEVER Jewish land. So, what about that? We so called Goyim had our own lands longer than you jews.Oh, and by the way, since you scum suckers seemed to have migrated everywhere, why did most of you choose to migrate to White Europe? Why? WHY? Was it because you thought White people were more compatible to live among? Was it because White Europeans had more money for you to steal? Was it because White Christian women were more attractive? WHY?????

        • Augustus3709

          The merchant sets up shop where there is money to be made.

        • regbs

          Actually, my comment was sarcastic and ridiculing Jewish supremacists’ narrative. If you thought I was serious, I actually agree with most of your response.

  • John Smith

    And they also believe Australian soaps are “too racist.”


    How dare Aussies prefer seeing white people and not like pigmented foreigners?

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      or australoids.

  • InAFreeCountry

    I don’t complain about some Jimi Hendrix or even Otis Redding on my classic rock station. But I damn sure don’t want to hear (c)rap or (s)hit-hop on it. Besides, shouldn’t people living in England assimilate to its culture and music?

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Jimi Hendrix was not classy like Nat King Cole. If he had lived he would have been just as bad as these trash negroid rappers we have now.

      • bv


  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    My fellow British colleague thinks it is wonderful that London is now a Multiculti city. When I asked him about his son dating, he did not seem to like that girl. I found out that she looks non white. I guess he does not want DIE-versity in his family, but wants it for everyone else.

    • bv

      What’s his “religious” affiliation, you know the one that’s also a nationality

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        Nope he is not one of the tribesmen.

        • bv


  • Light from the East

    BBC is a joke now. If you are a car enthusiastic you know a famous Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson, was suspended due to political correctness. BBC is even willing to halt on a successful program like Top Gear to cater to “the need of diversity”. What a piece of rubbish.

    • IstvanIN

      Clarkson assaulted the producer. None the less he is a jerk.

  • Singingbird1

    BBC = British Bolshevik Corporation

  • 李冠毅

    One thing they haven’t taken into account: maybe the minority groups are overwhelmingly of younger generations? In my city at least, people of my age (including myself) rarely listen to radio. Whenever we want to listen to some music, we go online instead.

  • newscomments70

    When I was a child, BBC imports included “Are you Being Served”, “Monty Python”, “Masterpiece Theatre”, and similar. Those were clever shows, and often a cut above the low brow US media. The last time I switched on BBC America, I saw a blond white woman slobbering all over a black man. That was all I needed to see, I switched it off.

    • regbs

      “low brow US media”
      Your ethnophobic xenocentrism is what supports this white Christian extermination.

      • newscomments70

        If you’ve read my other comments, you will see that your statement is complete BS. US media is mostly liberal media.

  • regbs

    The most just solution would be to fire every white person working at the BBC. It would be a win win. White Marxists could live out the justice they seek to impose on other whites and make their scam machine the right kind of ethnic.

  • Sun

    I hope every Liberal white trash looses their job under the “too white” notion. I want these sub-humans to be devoured by the very people they think they’re defending. You want to destroy your own group. You go first, traitor.

    Revolutions devour their children.