Saudi Arabia Court Gives Death Penalty to Man Who Renounced His Muslim Faith

Richard Spencer, Telegraph, February 24, 2015

A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a man to death for apostasy after he filmed himself tearing up a copy of the Koran, a new test case for the country’s human rights record just as its most powerful rising prince was visiting Downing Street.

Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the country’s security supremo who was recently made deputy Crown Prince–the presumed heir-but-one to the throne–was due to have dinner with Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, on Tuesday night.

He will meet Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, on Wednesday and then the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, on Thursday–a sign of how important Saudi Arabia is held to be across a range of key political issues, from the fight against Islamic State to home-grown radicalisation.

Human rights groups were already calling on the government to raise their concerns with the prince, including the case of the blogger Raif Badawi who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes for criticising the country’s religious establishment.

On Tuesday morning, Saudi newspapers reported that the death sentence had been handed down in the town of Hafr al-Batin to a man who had “denounced his faith”.

He was not named but was said to have uploaded a video of himself tearing up a copy of the Koran and hitting it with his shoe.

“In the video he cursed God, Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and his daughter Fatimah and ripped a copy of the Holy Qur’an and hit it with a shoe,” the Saudi Gazette quoted an official as saying. “The death sentence was issued after his apostasy was proved.”

The death penalty is the standard penalty for apostasy in the Muslim world, though it is rarely carried out, even in Saudi Arabia which still carries out regular executions.

The man in this case has the right to appeal, and can also avoid the penalty by repenting.

However, the timing is embarrassing, on the eve of Prince Mohammed’s visit to London and shortly after a visit to the country by the Prince of Wales, who met the new King Salman as well as Crown Prince Muqrin and Prince Mohammed.

The Prince of Wales raised the Badawi case with the king, an intervention which may have had some effect. Mr Badawi received the first 50 of his lashes last month, to worldwide outcry, but has yet to receive any more, with Saudi officials hinting it had been put on permanent hold.

However, human rights groups still fear that Prince Mohammed’s rise to power–he is now likely to be the first of his generation to become king–will herald a hardening of Saudi Arabia’s position on internal reform.

As interior minister he has overseen a widespread crackdown not only on jihadis–which has been welcomed by the West–but also on liberal activists and campaigners for political and women’s rights reforms.

Amnesty International accused the government of “wearing a muzzle” when it came to dealing with Saudi Arabia.

“With the deputy crown prince’s visit UK officials should try to exert some real pressure on him over Saudi Arabia’s disgraceful human rights record,” said Allan Hogarth, its head of policy and government affairs.

“Under the new ruler King Salman, public executions have continued apace, while the free speech activist Raif Badawi remains in jail and is still at risk of being flogged.”

A Downing Street spokesman said: “We have consistently raised concerns that we have and will continue to do so at every level because no issues are off the table.”

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  • Chip Carver

    I’m more concerned with these kooks going after (White) Americans and (White) Europeans in the US and in Europe whom they consider infidels. I don’t care what they do to each other on their own turf.

    • Zimriel

      Anything that weakens their self-regard will work for the rest of us.

      I know it’s probably not wise even to bring up “Culture of Critique” in here but… leaving aside the SPECIFIC enemies that book identifies, in GENERAL it works well at showing the blueprint for how our enemies found our weak-points. Why not learn from it and turn it to our side?

      • Good point.

      • Sparky

        Because it gets the conclusions wrong. It is accurate up to a point then the feeble minded extrapolate into unrealistic, as well as unprovable, fantasies and conspiracy theories. People who believe in flying saucers, bigfoot, and those who followed Jim Jones to the Koolaid party are the type that latch onto what has now become a cult. Hate to see these types showing up here and lecturing the rest of us with their supposed “hidden knowledge” like we haven’t heard it two decades ago.

        • Cecil Broomsted

          Three in my case. I have studied this topic quite thoroughly and have concluded that our own fellows are indeed our worst enemies. No use in denying it or casting an undue portion of blame on others though that is the easy thing to do.

          • Zimriel

            I hope so.

            TCoC was written a long time ago, before Moldbug’s rival Puritan-Question hypothesis (which I’ve long suspected is stronger, given that it’s at the bedrock of this nation). At the least KM needs to address that.

          • Strike_Team

            Culture of Critique is valid. Generally those that deride it are those from the CofC in the first place, along with not a few very misdirected Christians. They work very hard spread disinformation while making it look as if they are being genuine or not trying to misdirect attention or blame. Back to the book, there are no wild conspiracy theories, those claims are put out there to steer people away from reading it. The info regarding the “work” behind traitorous Immigration Act of 1965 is top notch.

            Some of our own are our worst enemies. These include those misdirected Christians but even worse, the politicians who have been bought off, threatened or blackmailed into following orders from people who wish to destroy the West.

    • ssohara

      I care about the rights of the individual. That means I think every individual person should be free to follow their own conscience and so Islam is a travesty.

      I don’t understand why Europe and America gives Islam a pass – no one seems to remember that Charles Martel turned back the Muslim hordes when they were getting close to Paris, that Muslims conquered Spain (El Andalus) and were turned back by Ferdinand and Isabella, that they made it to the gates of Vienna, that they were the reason Thomas Jefferson sent us to the shores of Tripoli… I do not understand why anyone in a supposedly free nation tolerates shari’ia law – the way it is practiced in neighborhoods in Europe and even in a few places in America.

      Our President keeps apologizing for Muslims, but even some Muslims stand up to them. So does that make our President a coward? I think a brave person stands up for right and wrong regardless of who is committing the crime. If I saw a woman being raped on my street, I would take action regardless of the race of the perpetrator or the victim because rape is wrong. Islam rapes the consciences of people because it takes away their free will. Islam means “submission”, blind submission – but that is not something free people should do.

  • superlloyd

    The religion of peace agin shows its tolerance and forbearance.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    The ruling of the Saudi Arabian court has nothing to do with Islam. We must understand the rage, the violation of reverting to anti-Islamic bigotry which threatens the very fabric of religious freedom in Saudi Arabia.

    • evilsandmich

      Cute, but in a way you’re right since Saudi Arabia is a single-party cult state and to criticize the religion is to criticize the state; apostasy=treason.

  • TomIron361

    What’s the big deal? He probably knew the law. Well, its ts for him.

    • Bill Moore

      Hello TomIron361,

      I tend to agree with you. Each country has the right to make their own rules.

      Bill Moore

      • Yeah? But what would happen if we actually had a patriotic government in the US or anywhere in Europe and they actually targeted Muslims because of terrorism? (Yeah, if only, if only.) Hey, the Saudis and the other A-Rabs would have a fit! So, I am sick and tired of that old argument: “It is THEIR country; we don’t have a right to interfere, blah blah blah….” Islam has been “interfering” with the west for thirteen centuries! They “interfered” with us on 9/11 as well. I am sorry, I mean no disrespect, but your line of reasoning shows that even you, a loyal poster on this website, have been infected with some of the leftist brainwashing. No offense intended.

      • H. Leonskoi

        I guess that you aren’t a believer in God-given rights or natural rights. Whatever the country decides. A country has rights? A majority vote cannot legitimately take an individuals God-given, or natural rights away from him. I don’t think that you and Thomas Jefferson would have been good friends. If you are a Christian or anything else I ask: How can you choose redemption or the correct path if you are not allowed? How can you ever choose right if you are not allowed?

  • NoMosqueHere

    I wonder why our Barack “Bonehead” Hussein was never charged with apostasy after he supposedly converted from Islam to Christianity under the direction of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Do the muslims know something the rest of us don’t?

    • Of course. They don’t want to do anything against our “Manchurian” president.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I wish I had a Koran I could beat with my shoe.

    • Zimriel

      My Qur’an-translation comes from the Shi’a. Their commentary is so hilariously sectarian that I can’t bring myself to deliver any more abuse on the text than they already did. Seriously, it’s like Nabokov’s “Pale Fire” in there.

      (“Lolita”, too, but that’s more in the original Arabic.)

    • I read a Koran in federal prison, and left crumbs of fried pork rinds (chicharones) inside it.

    • Peter Lamoureux

      I’d feed it to pigs!

  • MekongDelta69

    Just more mooz-lim ‘family values’ from The Religion of Pieces.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Is there another religion as fixated as Islam on mutilating or dismembering human beings?

      • Sick of it

        Only if drug cartels have their own religion.

        • H. Leonskoi

          They both have the same religion. They are Satanists.

  • Mr. L

    “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

    “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance”

    “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

    -President Obama

  • IstvanIN

    Saudi Arabia doesn’t claim to be a liberal democracy with freedom of speech, unlike the UK which simply lies.

  • libertarian1234

    “Saudi Arabia Court Gives Death Penalty to Man Who Renounced His Muslim Faith,”

    The religion of love and peace strikes again.

  • We insisted that South Africa allow black majority rule. Why not insist that all Muslim nations-especially Saudi Arabia-allow religious freedom, especially to Christians? That would be a real change in policy. I understood why we didn’t do it during the Cold War: We were in a superpower confrontation and needed all the allies we could get. But that time is over and we and the other Western nations should finally press our advantage and insist on human rights for all, not just for politically correct causes.

    • IstvanIN

      Western government only undermine western governments.

      • bv

        That’s the name if their game. I recently found out the the Saudis finance the retirement packages for congressmen on both sides. The Gulf Arabs really have their tentacles wrapped around them don’t they?

    • Michael Whalen

      Or, a slight variation on your excellent idea: For every single mosque opened in the United States (like that massive one in Fairfax, Virginia), we should insist, forcibly, on a Christian church being opened in Saudi Arabia.

    • Peter Lamoureux

      It’s Ironic that the nations taking a real stance against Islam are Russia and China. The U.S. under the leadership of President Obama is actively inviting into our borders that which has openly stated their goal is to destroy us. If you invite a scorpion into your bed, don’t be surprised when it stings you, no matter how nice your are to it.

  • LHathaway

    Does he have the equivalent of a lawyer? Why isn’t his lawyer pleading insanity.

  • Lygeia

    Ah, yes. The religion of peace.

    Killing people in gruesome ways over stupid stuff since 750A.D.

  • Jason Lewis

    Who would tear up a Koran on video in Saudi Arabia?

  • MBlanc46

    I want nothing to do with Islam. I think that Muhammad was a fraud. But as long as they stay out of my country, I don’t care what they do. They want to execute people for apostasy? That’s their business. I have no place sticking my nose into it.

    • jayvbellis

      Hey clueless – Muslims ain’t staying out of our countries. There are over 8 millions these filthy ragheads in France! Pakistani Mudslimes are gang raping poor English girls in Yorkshire England!

  • WR_the_realist

    Don’t forget — Saudi Arabia is our great “ally”. I don’t believe Assad’s government ever gave a man the death penalty for ceasing to be a Muslim. But he’s the bad guy we must get rid of, so ISIS can take over.

    • bv

      I’m with Bashir because he is a minority and sticks up for non Muslims. He also has normal Sunnis on his side, his wife being one.

    • jayvbellis

      Assad’s government is the best we can ever hope for in the Arag, Islamic world. Plus he is very a White dresses very well. He looks like the Shah of Iran.

      Oh how I miss the Shah of Iran.

      I still remember my heated arguments with a liberal, bi sexual high school classmate who insisted the Iranian Islamic revolution was positive and caused by American support for the oppressive Shah of Iran. Western liberal idiots always want to support mass people’s revolutions think mobs of dark, hairy Muslim men’s rioting and trying to rape White Western news reporters is on the same side as the French a revolution for Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood….

      Muslim Brotherhood! I was always for military rule in such situations, Napolean firing on the Parisian mobs, even PRC Chinese military firing on students in Tianemon Square.

      Remember that awesome video of one Chinese student getting right in the front of a tank? Chinese students had American Statue of Liberty, Godess of Democracy? I always root for the authoritarians wih the ba&$&& to run over students with tanks.

      I would love to buy a beer for the Israeli guy that ran Rachiel Corrie over with a bulldozer ! Liberal, Leftist college students are always in the wrong.

  • Muhry

    Journalist: Mr. President, ISIS has just sentenced a man to die because he renounced Islam. What are your thoughts on this development?

    Obama: These random individuals are not practitioners of the Islamic faith, they are extremists. The way to combat extremism is through economic opportunity. These people have suffered discrimination and their path to prosperity must be facilitated through government aid. Islam is about love and peace.

    Journalist: My apologies Mr. President, it’s not ISIS that has passed the death sentence but
    rather Saudi Arabia, a wealthy state that is one of our biggest partners in the Middle East.

    Government flunky: The press conference is over we’ve gotten word that the President is needed in an emergency golf game. Thank you for your time.

  • H. Leonskoi

    The liars and their idiotic apologists among the communists in the West deny that they kill Muslims who covert to a real religion. Here it is. Islam is evil. Muslims are evil.

  • H. Leonskoi

    Every time I hear news from the Muslim Satanists I am thankful for Charles Martel and Pelayo for kicking wogass.

  • Peter Lamoureux

    Eat more pork!

  • Robert Smith

    They are doing something right. They don’t have a negro problem and Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be their next president.

  • anon ymous

    Islam kinda reminds me of a Roach Motel.

  • jayvbellis

    This is just a diversion. Everything is about free market economics, less government, lower taxes.

    Minor differences in culture will go away once the entire world hears the gospel truth of Ron Paul and Rand Paul and moves to the United States to work, maximize their personal utility. Saudi Muslims are natural Conservatives as are all Muslims, like the Pakistani gangs sexually grooming poor English girls in Yorkshire England.

    Muslims really don’t hate us. All public opinion polls in Pakistan and Algeria show that large majorities of young Muslim men want to move to the United States and other Western countries like England, Australia and ….

    Yorkshire England!

  • Light from the East

    Europe now enjoys the blooming result of Muslim immigration. If this kind of death penalty is what they want, then here comes the loss of a great human civilization. Watch out! Sweden, you are likely the next!

  • evilsandmich

    We may disagree over Islam, but most would agree that Gulf State oil money is a huge part of the problem since their cash drives world Islam towards it’s most barbaric form.

    • 李冠毅

      I think the problem is due to poor education. Terrorists of all sects exist (the IRA, Europe’s most infamous terrorist group, is staunchly Catholic), and one common trait they all seem to share is poor education, and as a result, misguided beliefs.

      Take a look at this article by a moderate Muslim. I may not agree with all his points, but he does shatter the assumption that all Muslims are closet terrorists.

      • The Provisional IRA is also Marxist-Socialist, so there’s a bunch of weird stuff all mixed together in that pot.

      • evilsandmich

        This gets back to a fundamental point. My wife will say so-and-so black person is nice, to which I’ll say they most certainly voted for Obama which means that they have no issue with his anti-white policies and in fact they have no issue with policies that stick it to non-blacks (usually whites and Asians) as much as possible which then means that I don’t care how nice they are as they most certainly have it in for you; just that they’d rather someone else do the dirty work. So it goes with Muslims of whom there are many, many more than Irish Catholics (which the dynamic of that conflict is completely different than sharia fanaticism). Polling holds this up as large pluralities if not outright majorities consistently sympathize with violence against heritics.

        • 李冠毅

          I think you’re too harsh on the Muslims. Many of them are violent bigots, but they’re probably just ignorant and misguided. Yours truly is such an example (though I’m not Muslim); I used to believe Blacks are ill treated and badly wanting to succeed in life. That was because I never actually meet a Black person in real life, I only knew what my education and mainstream media told me. After coming to AmRen, my views changed; I realized the image of Blacks constantly pumped out by Hollywood and schoolbooks are inaccurate, to say the least. Now, if I am (for example) ever to emigrate to the West, and wind up having to pick a side, I would go with Whites, even though that will probably be the losing side, I will probably be ostracized and I may even see my life come crashing down (I hope I have to courage to keep that promise. Too many people turn tail and flee when put under pressure). This is because I now know Whites are the ones who are actually oppressed. Our views and beliefs are not shaped by our genes, but our environment. So if they are properly informed, don’t you think most people would turn over to your side?

          • evilsandmich

            There was a bit of noise recently when the president of Egypt hinted that Islam is in need of reformation, something which would be of help. Something I also hinted at was that after a certain point it gets difficult to separate the religious aspect of the violence. It’s been my contention that Afghans, given their geographical location, would be kooks no matter what, Islam or no. As well, how much Islamic terrorism is driven by backwater Arab culture rather than Islam? But how much does the ideology of Islam reinforce the cultural failures that bring about their horrible behavior? Either way it wouldn’t seem to matter; if people who practice Islam generally want to kill us but the case can be made that Islam isn’t the problem, it doesn’t remove the main issue that they still want to kill us; but I’m rambling, bù hâo yìsī.

            BTW, whites/Asians only lose when we allow ourselves to. I’ve stated elsewhere here that many whites bear resentments towards East Asians, something I act against when I see it since the alternative is throwing our lot in with the blacks and browns; a monumentaly stupid idea.

  • ssohara

    What really makes me angry is that our President refuses to condemn the evil done in the name of Islam. The US is a majority Christian country yet we have synagogues, temples, mosques, etc., allowed here and when a Christian converts to another religion, no problems. Why are people being killed in Islamic-majority countries for doing what their conscience dictates? Islam seems to me like the hotel California – you can get in but you can’t get out.

  • NoMoLies

    Damn, I’m glad I’m not in Saudi Arabia. I’m standing here on top of my bacon-wrapped copy of the Quran swimming in excrement with a photo of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef floating away in my urine stream. Inside my Quran I have parchment paper on which is written in a mixture of blood, bacon fat, and demon scat the condemnation of Islam, the false prophet Mooo’hamed and the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naye. I could be in a lot of trouble if I didn’t live in a country where I am free to believe in the true one God and enjoy a true religion of peace and tolerance.