Police Scenarios Prove Eye-Opening for Civil Rights Leaders

Perry Chiaramonte, Fox News, February 12, 2015

It was a split-second decision.

A distressed man with a baby in tow was pacing back and forth in a manic state and shouting incoherently. The responding police officer calmly addressed the man in an attempt to calm him down and defuse the situation, but the man suddenly pulled an object from his side and lunged toward the officer. Instinctively, the officer raised his Taser and squeezed the trigger. It turned out the man was armed with a knife, but the “officer,” who was actually the firebrand African-American activist known as Quanell X, acknowledged he would have fired whether the assailant had a knife, a spoon or an empty hand.

“I didn’t even see it,” said the leader of the Houston area Black Panther Party, who was taking part in a training scenario in an attempt to understand what police officers go through during high-pressure situations. “It could have been anything in his hand, and I still would have used force to stop him.

“It all happened so fast,” he added. “You don’t know what they could have in their hand.”

Quanell, a former Nation of Islam member, is one of at least two black activists to take the police training tests. Both he and Arizona activist the Rev. Jarrett Maupin came away from the experience with a newfound understanding of the pressure on police officers, not to mention a new message for black youth who come in contact with law enforcement officers.

“I walked away with a few things,” Quanell said “Many of these officers do not have adequate training and they should not be patrolling by themselves. Having backup would stop them from being skittish and firing their weapon.

“Also, we have to teach our community that, even if you disagree with the officer, do not try to litigate with them on the spot,” he added. “Live to see another day. Don’t let our pride get in the way. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up.”

Quanell, who has been critical of police in Texas, as well as in Ferguson, Mo., where the shooting of an unarmed black man by a police officer last August touched off rioting around the nation, took the test with the police department in the Houston suburb of Missouri City. In four scenarios, he had to instantly decide whether to use a [paintball] gun, a Taser or hold his fire.

In another scenario, Quannel fired at a man during a routine traffic stop in which the suspect moved toward him, ignored an order to halt and reached behind his back

“I actually fired six times,” Quanell recalled. “I always questioned why officers fired so many shots in these situations. After going through the training, I think it’s very hard for an officer to know how many shots they fired when they are in the moment.”


Maupin said stressful situations still don’t justify excessive force by police. But obeying cops is “a matter of survival,” he said.

“I walked away with a renewed sense of compliance in any situation,” he said. “There’s no shame in it.

“I encourage all civil right leaders to take this training,” he added. “I know there’s truth to the other side.”



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  • Drifter745

    “I walked away with a few things,” Quanell said “Many of these officers do not have adequate training and they should not be patrolling by themselves. Having backup would stop them from being skittish and firing their weapon.

    Translation: I dont care what the training revealed, it’s still the officers’ fault.

    • Sick of it

      If their black brothers would stop committing so many crimes all over the place, the cops would most likely have adequate backup.

      • archer

        As I’ve posted before many blacks are in the “system”, When a cop confronts them for one reason or another they may have outstanding warrants, may be on probation or carrying a weapon of some type that’s illegal. They are then more likely to resist arrest and that’s when the real trouble starts. Resisting arrest no matter what color you are is a short cut to disaster.

        • They don’t act like white people. I am 3/16 injun, but I pass for white. The rest is Celtic (Scottish, Irish and Welsh – collect the whole set) and a little German: just enough to make me like being organized, while really bad at it. I act like a white guy most of the time. This saves everyone – especially me – a lot of trouble.

          I’ve been arrested a few times, but the worst that is going to happen in that event is that one is going to jail. I’ve been to jail, and federal prison, but it is heaps better than getting shot. I’ve been shot too, though not by the police. It broke my arm. I thus have some basis for comparison. I have never offered any resistance at all, so I have never been tased or pepper-sprayed.

          One isn’t there to quarrel with them. You’re there to answer their questions and with a little luck go home afterward.

          My FBI file says happy, fun things like “firearms expert, explosives expert, chemist, ex-mercenary”, and I’m on the Terrorist Watch List. They look that up on the computers in their patrol cars and then almost always draw their guns on me.

          When dealing with the police, I’m trying not to get shot. Blacks ought to think about that sort of thing.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          In point of fact, 50% of all black males between 18 and 50 are either in prison, on probation, or on parole.

          “Dems is sho’ ’nuff sum law-violatin’ fokeses…”

    • daddio

      Yeah, I caught that too. He learned a lesson, but he learned the wrong one. Idiot.

  • I once did this sort of simulator. Let me put it to you this way: I came out of it pretty different than I did going into it.

    Being a cop is hard.

    • Sick of it

      The real deal is much worse than a simulation. Blacks spit on you virtually every day and you KNOW how many diseases they carry. Some of them bite police officers.

      • daddio

        My son arrested one a few months ago, who promptly informed him “I got da scabies”. He had to fumigate his patrol car…

        • Earl P. Holt III

          “Da scabies” is sho’ ’nuff better dan “da clap”…

      • Blacks (and crazy whites) also throw human waste onto jail deputies.

    • SentryattheGate

      I’ve known some cops and heard some of their scary experiences. I imagine a fair percentage of them have PTSD, because they never know when they’ll have to fight for their life (IF they even get the chance to fight)!

      • Sick of it

        Even black women attack cops with objects which could be considered a deadly weapon. No internal limiter.

    • BloodofAlbion75

      “Being a cop is hard.”

      That is why Rand Paul and his fellow loonytarians should participate in this training program,as well.Maybe then their newly found–and much-needed–sense of perspective will make them think twice before they shoot their mouths off with another one of their ignorant,anti-cop diatribes.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        He’s just sucking-up to the “demographics” that sane Republicans realize are hopelessly in the other camp…

  • MekongDelta69

    Quanell XYZ would have been fine with lighting up somebody who attacked him.

    Quanell XYZ is not fine when White cops do the same thing.

    Quanell XYZ is a White-hating black goon – and always has been.

    • phillyguy

      we should all chip in and buy Quanell air fare and a hut in South Africa, that should rid us of another anti white negro.

      • John Smith

        I thought it was funny when the white people in Joe Horn’s neighborhood chased he and his black agitators out of the neighborhood as fast as they could run.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Better we should send him HALF-WAY back…

  • Not only are officers required to make split-second life and death decisions, but the slightest mistake can bring him or her into a world of hurt with the department itself (especially if there’s even a minor violation of policy), including that of the DA’s Office (they’re known to look for cops to prosecute in order to show how ‘fair’ they are), and citizens looking to financially bleed the city and the officer’s personal bank account (yes, cops do get personally sued).

    No wonder many cops keep a low profile on the streets, especially the older ones who know how quickly and easily an officer can ruin his career. While there are many people who support and respect cops, there’s an even greater number who despise them to the core. Granted, some of it has been self-induced by the actions of badge-heavy officers, but the vast majority of them are not like that at all.

    Until you’ve been on streets and chasing down armed hood-rats as I have at different times in my career as a cop (now retired), you don’t really know. You constantly expose yourself to be injured or killed and, after a while, you don’t trust the people whom you come into contact with and are always expecting the worst from them.

    One reason, in fact, why many cops survive such dangerous armed encounters (in addition to their constant training) is that they’re often encountering bad guys and thus they pick up on clues and furtive movements that most people would completely miss.

    What frequently looks like an over-reaction from a cop is simply him or her quickly spotting danger signs and reacting appropriately before they find themselves laying dead on the street.

    • archer

      One of my younger brothers was a cop for 20 yrs., never wanted to be one myself, especially now, society is breaking down rapidly for a lot of reasons, and we are running out of room to house real hard core felons.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        What I have seen generally is I report crime after crime, with piles of evidence to police officers, serious crimes and they always ignore it. They won’t even file a report. By contrast, they spend their day writing speeding tickets or trying to catch people with a joint. The vast majority of arrests are all for drug possession. Meanwhile grand theft auto, murder, assault, vandalism etc. is all ignored.

        I always respected cops and authority but after dealing with this time and time again I started to understand the mentality of the streets. When I asked my criminal aunt why she hates cops so much she said “when has a cop ever pulled you over and said ‘hey here’s $5 I know you could use the help’. They never want to help you or do anything good for you. Every time you see them you know it’s bad news. At best they leave you alone. At worse you get arrested or get a ticket. It’s never good news'” And that’s what I experienced. If someone is chasing me and trying to kill me and I run to a cop for help, he’ll just ignore it. They seem to care less about the welfare or well being of other people. And the department is always focused on quotas for tickets and catching someone with a couple bags of weed so they can seize his house and car and drive around in his nice car. Turns out these “drug dealers” are people selling a couple bags to pay the rent because they only make minimal wage.

        I’m sure there are plenty of honest cops, but all the ones I have ever dealt with are corrupt. A lot of them are involved in drug dealing or other criminal activity as well.

        I never had a problem with cops being a hard — though. I hear all these stories cops are beating people up and going crazy on people. They always seem polite and pretty easy going about things. The only problem I have seen is repeatedly they seem to have no will or desire to catch criminals. Most of them seem concerned about getting a paycheck and their “career”.

        So now when my property is vandalized or someone threatens me or harassing me, I don’t go to the police. It’s every man for himseslf, because the police will never help. I’m to the point where I don’t want to cooperate with police. I’m always helping them with investigations or catching people and I start to question why. If they are going after somebody it must be because they want to seize his car or something or because he fired at a cop. They never have any concern about people trying to kill me, rob me, vandalize property etc.

        • When I was fresh out of federal prison I was pulled over for driving 43 mph in a 40 zone. I had simply picked up a little speed going downhill, driving home from work. He was polite, but asked me why my car was registered in Boulder, rather than in Colorado Springs. I explained that my mother had my car while I was locked up for three years, and she had naturally re-registered it there. I didn’t get a ticket, but I loathe dealing with them.

      • My ex-father’s old girlfriend, Kitty Blodgett married a cop. He was killed by some perps. It’s pretty easy to get yourself karked in that line of work.

  • dd121

    The lesson is that negro leaders should be using their efforts, not to condemn white cops, rather educate blacks how to act around law enforcement.

    • daddio

      How about white society in general? Then these encounters would not occur.

  • libertarian1234

    Whether cops continue justifiably shooting blacks or not isn’t going to matter one iota in the black body count at the end of the year. They’re still killing each other at record rates, and it will undoubtedly get worse.

    Plus as concealed carried permits within the white population increases that will also add to the black body count.

    So the news isn’t all bad.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Put Sharpton through this course. Televise it.

    • Sick of it

      I’d pay real money to see Sharpton tased. Not enough to cover his IRS bill though.

  • Larry Klein

    I don’t doubt cops are triggrer happy. But Q-X is right about one thing, many blacks can be stubborn arses. Instead of just going along with the program like the rest of us, they choose to take it personal, as the ultimate “disrespect” if the cop takes the wrong tone with them. So then the cops do their little muscle flex thing and the situation gets out of hand fast.

    • Speedy Steve

      You cannot say trigger. It’s both offensive and bigoted. Say tre-gro instead.

  • Speedy Steve

    Quanell X-crement: using taxpayer $$ to train mohammedan cops to rough up YT in the not too distant future.

    • Sick of it

      Doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do?

  • Puggg

    Everyone is finding out that it’s not so easy, is it?

    • Glad you’re back!

      • Puggg

        Knowing both your history and my profession, I am a little bit taken aback that you are glad I’m back. Even though I’m not back for long.

  • TCA

    Something about this doesnt smell right.
    Black Panthers publicly admitting that they were wrong, and that they’re gonna go back to the hood and tell their crew that White cops aren’t so bad after all, that maybe Wilson, Zimmerman, and the NYPD were justified?
    I think the intended effect is to disarm Whites, not Negroes. We are the intended targets, and are meant to conclude that Negroes aren’t so bad after all since they can admit they’re wrong.
    “See, White man? Look how reasonable we are. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for doubting our sincerity?”

  • slobotnavich

    While the physical dangers of police work are wildly exaggerated the psychological dangers of police work, especially in the inner cities, is hugely unappreciated. Imagine (if you could) the pressures of dealing with the sheer horrors of inner-city family squabbles, murders, crack-dens, perpetual drunks, and sheer squalor have serious consequences. This was all well and artfully described in Joseph Wambaugh’s series of once-best selling cop novels.


    Oh please, I can’t stand even reading that name! This dirtbag is a hard core race hustler. His racial hatred for White people doesn’t just flow through his crack residue caked veins. His racial hatred for White people also flows straight through his bank account. He literally makes “a living” off of hating White people. I guarantee, he’ll be back to his good old “Kill Whitey” /slash/ “What Do We Want? Dead Cops! When Do We Want’em? Now!” self in no time.

    After all, this is the same guy who went to a church to express his anger after learning that a 12 year old Hispanic girl was gang raped by 30+ men and boys. He wasn’t angry at what happened to this poor child. He was angry that the only people arrested for it were the black guys that actually did it. He was incensed, right along with the rest of the black racist in that church. < Mainly the evil child raping filth's own family. ) That the cops didn't "fine at leese one whythe boi ta a-ress ouwt-heeea". Never mind that no "whyte boi" had anything to do with it, and never mind the fact that the victim never claimed a "whyte boi" was even present, let alone involved.

    Oh and never mind that the evil child raping Demons, 30+ of them, all black, actually FILMED themselves committing the horrifying gang rape of this 12 year old child. Yeah, they did it on camera, and not a single face on that tape was White, because not a single White person was involved. That didn't stop him from being the race hustling scumbag that he is, so don't think for a moment that this will.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    He is Al Sharpton ‘ s replacement in training.

  • MartelsGhost

    Did the fake name tag say Officer X or did they refer to it by it’s actual name as Officer Evans?

    Even in its’ after action statements it still seemed to place blame on the officers for being “skittish”……………………

  • Paleoconn

    I read something recently that thereis more hesitation among cops to shoot blacks than to shoot Whites. Also, often cops who are shaken up after having shot a suspect are greatly relieved to learn it was a White whom they shot. Dodged the Al Sharpton bullet.