Ban Racists from Social Media, Anti-Semitism Report Says

BBC News, February 9, 2015

Social media users who spread racial hatred should be banned from sites such as Twitter and Facebook, MPs say.

The All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into anti-Semitism wants prosecutors to examine whether prevention orders like those used to restrict sex offenders’ internet access could be used.

The cross-party group also highlighted the use of anti-Semitic terms online.

Last week, a Community Security Trust report said UK anti-Semitic incidents more than doubled to 1,168 in 2014.

The trust–which monitors anti-Semitism in Britain–says this was its highest figure recorded since it began work in 1984.

‘Hate crimes’

The Parliamentary inquiry was set up following a rise in incidents in July and August last year during fighting between Gaza and Israel.

Although the primary focus of the inquiry was anti-Semitism, one recommendation it made was that those who carry out any kind of hate crime should be prevented from using social media.

Hate crimes are defined in England and Wales as offences carried against someone because of their disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation and can include harassment.

The MPs said social media platforms had “increasingly been used for the spread of anti-Semitism”.

Their report said the terms “Hitler” and “Holocaust” were among the top 35 phrases relating to Jews during the conflict.

The hashtags “Hitler” and “genocide” featured with “high frequency”, it added. The “Hitler Was Right” hashtag trended worldwide in July 2014.

The report said: “There is an allowance in the law for banning or blocking individuals from certain aspects of internet communication in relation to sexual offences.

“Informal feedback we have received from policy experts indicates that this is a potential area of exploration for prosecutors in relation to hate crime.

“If it can be proven in a detailed way that someone has made a considered and determined view to exploit various online networks to harm and perpetrate hate crimes against others then the accepted principles, rules and restrictions that are relevant to sex offences must surely apply.”

The report also said there was an “unacceptable rise in anti-Semitic incidents” in July and August last year.

It added: “It is for non-Jews to speak out and lead the fight against anti-Semitism with strong action.”

It also called for:

  • A government fund to be set up to cover the costs of security at synagogues
  • Fresh research on identifying and explaining anti-Semitic language
  • Guidance for teachers on how to handle the Middle East conflict in the classroom

The report also comes weeks after four people were killed at a Jewish supermarket in Paris.

‘Zero-tolerance approach’

Prime Minister David Cameron called the report “hugely important”, adding that tackling anti-Semitism went “right to the heart of what we stand for as a country”.

Community Secretary Eric Pickles added: “We remain staunchly committed to tackling anti-Semitism wherever it occurs and will continue to take a zero-tolerance approach.”

And Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis welcomed the timing of the report, which he said came when the “threat against the Jewish community is real and anxiety remains high following recent events”.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said the force had taken steps to provide “additional reassurance” to Jewish communities in recent weeks.

The best way of helping police was to report hate crime, but a wider response was also needed, he said.

“We need society to become as vocally intolerant of faith-hatred as it is of other forms of discrimination, and a clearer understanding of where freedom of speech oversteps the mark.”

Meanwhile, a Populus poll accompanying the report also suggested a third of Britons–37%–believed the problem of anti-Semitism had got worse in the last decade.

In comparison, 16% thought it had got better.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where one means anti-Semitism is not a problem at all and 10 means it is a serious issue, participants rated it at 4.66.

That figure was largely unchanged from when a similar survey was carried out in 2005.

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  • dd121

    It’s okay to be racist against whites, but we’re forbidden from pointing out the obvious about them?

    • Sick of it

      “Prime Minister David Cameron called the report “hugely important”,
      adding that tackling anti-Semitism went “right to the heart of what we
      stand for as a country”.”

      Looks like England is not for the English.

      • dd121

        The leadership of the Western nations just seem to have gone mad.

        • Pat Kittle

          They’re thoroughly shysterized.

      • Luca

        Right. So does this mean they will crack down on their Muslim pets who spew hatred and destruction of Jews and Israel?

        • Raydonn

          It is by no means just Muslims……….this has been cycling throughout recorded history………..”But its not our fault™”

        • Sick of it

          That’s about as likely as NASSA sending a man to the moon.

      • Anna Tree

        Yes, he didn’t call the report tackling the pimping of 10 years old White British girls “hugely important”, no such report.

        On the contrary, wouldn’t be surprised that the cover up of Rotherham, Halifax etc goes high in the policial and political hierarchy.

    • Albert

      Blacks love using twitter and texting to alert others to anti-white wildings and riots. Not only do they text about harming whites and killing cops, they produce rap songs about it too. But yeah, it’s ok if the target group is white : |

      • dd121

        The leftists never complain about it either.

    • Alucard_the_last

      Of course. Their goal is to be just like America where anti-white racism is in vogue and anti-white hate crimes are ignored by the government and media.

  • They forgot to advocate that they should be executed in the Tower of London.

  • Chip Carver

    Anti-semitism is a vague term that can be used to stifle anything that the “aggrieved” parties don’t want discussed. In other words, censoring or banning such talk can stop the discussion of legitimate topics and concerns. In the end, this type of thinking leads to all groups except Whites being immune from criticism, which is basically the case (and intent) today (especially in the US and Britain), even if it hasn’t been stated formally as law – although questioning certain historical incidents is illegal in some countries in Europe, these laws emanating from the same source. I guess at some point Jews will have to step front and center and state whether or not they are White or are they Jews? And from there we can start to ponder whether or not anti-Christian remarks or anti-White remarks should be banned or outlawed. But this won’t happen, will it?

    All of this bunk spewed about blocking racist speech or censoring certain remarks isn’t so much aimed at stopping racism as it is designed in the end to block the truth about so many things that are wrong in the West today. It’s just another sign that Europe is tilting rightward and will eventually heal itself, the desperation of the other side is palpable, and you can bet the masks will come off in the not too distant future.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      The problem here is that the left wing that used to court Jews so closely is turning anti-semitic due to the horrible abuses towards Palestinians in Israel and the obviously racist policies of the state of Israel. The left are finally waking up to the reality that many of these zionists are not looking for a multiracial kumbaya world, but rather only looking out for what they perceive benefits Jews.

      So now you have the Zionists fighting a war on two fronts. Many right wingers don’t like them because they have supported all these left wing policies and anti-white initiatives. The left wingers don’t like them because of their human rights abuses and incredibly racist policies. Many muslims have been so enraged they will kill a Jew whenever given the chance. So they are looking at clamping down on free speech and other things to maintain control.

      In reality moderate Jews need to make more of a stand against the extremists and distance themselves from these agitators. It’s mostly a handful of multi-zillionaires that have their hand in everything that seem to promote all this ridiculousness.

      • Anna Tree

        What “horrible abuses towards Palestinians? You mean when they protect themselves from muslim terrorists the way we wish our governments would protect us from muslim terrorists?

        What “obviously racist policies of the state of Israel”? Do you mean when they want only Jews in Israel the way we wish our governments would want only Whites in our white countries?

        I don’t think the left was courting the Jews, they were courting the money of the anti-white leftist Jews.

        I think Indeed Jewish leaders and Jewish elites act in their group self
        interest, and as bad and seemingly contradictory and completely
        suicidal, they also work for the interest of the non-whites while
        forbidding and denouncing Whites who want to act for their own self

        That said I think Israel is a multiracialist country because Jews are multiracial (they are indeed discriminatory about religion). Similarly European Christians have also become multiracialist and worse, they don’t even discriminate about religion like the Jews do.

        From a race realist point of view I think Israel is doomed. Yes it
        protects its borders from mass-immigration but although there is (still)
        a majority of white Jews, the whole population is multiracial and
        multi-ethnic and quite a melting pot (I call those pressure cooker
        though.) If the white Jews ever wake up and stop miscegenating (after
        all they are there as many leftists as here) it will be too late I think
        because Israelis are a few millions and so the mixing was/is very fast.

        To stay an outpost of Western civilization, you need whites, i.e. a big,
        proud and strong majority of whites. Israel is metamorphosing as much
        as our Western countries. Remember all is in the numbers, 50% or so of
        whites is not enough, sometimes 10% of non-white is enough to trigger
        third world aspects.

        The European Jewish IQs will decrease to an average of 100 and dwindling
        in one or two generations due to miscegenation with non-European Jews,
        and so the average Israeli IQ will also sink and the Nobel prizes
        decrease. I am not sure how much of a first world society Israel will
        end up being, unless the Whites become racially aware and maybe then Ashakanaz become racially aware too.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          I don’t think we have to worry about Jews mixing with others given that would contradict their whole ideology. You are aware that Ultra orthodox typically marry other ultra orthodox, yids marry yids etc. Despite some degree of one genetically related group marrying with the other, it’s not that common. As well you might be aware of the fact that being Jewish is all about identifying Jewish and breeding with other Jews. And being Jewish is defined primarily by ancestry. As well there are even more specific groups of Jews defined by ancestry i.e. cohens, levites etc. I guess all these Jews marrying their second cousins might dilute the race a bit in Israel. Interesting because in Israel its also illegal to marry Jew and non-Jew.

          • Anna Tree

            You didn’t answer/refute my claims… I answer you other post below but if you just claim things without support, it is hard to debate with you.

            Again: What “horrible abuses towards Palestinians? You mean when they protect themselves from muslim terrorists the way we wish our
            governments would protect us from muslim terrorists?
            What “obviously racist policies of the state of Israel”? Do you mean when they want only Jews in Israel the way we wish our governments would want only Whites in our white countries?
            Israelis mix. They mix with Jews of other races but also with non-jewish Arabs and blacks. They fell for diversity and Israel will loose its status, if it survives at all, in the next decade or two.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I don’t want to debate every point with you. But whoever is strongest has a greater responsibility. Israel is stronger in the conflict. Its ok to have a Jewish state. It rubs me a little bit wrong when a lot of people who support Israel for Jews are against a nation for whites or any specific white subgroup. And you can have an ethnic nation and defend it against terrorism without being pricks about it. I’m not a kind of person that wants to return America to slavery. I just think white people should in the least be treated equally and fairly and not discriminated against in their own country and should have a right to exist as a distinct people without being attacked as “racist” when they show this desire. So I would support sort of the liberal moderate view of Israel for whites. Not this extremist, supremacist, goyim are only meant to serve Jews type of Zionism. The thing is even about 50% of Jews agree with me, but they are not the ones really dictating most of the policy in Israel.

          • Anna Tree

            I wish 50% of the Jews agree with us.
            I wish 50% of the Whites agree with us!

            It will come.

            It rubs me A LOT when the supporters of Israel don’t support the rights of White people for their own countries. And indeed we shouldn’t be discriminated in our own white countries and it is not racist to want to remain a distinct people and to have our own countries and to be against miscegenation.

            I am not sure if Israel is the stronger. Stronger than the Palestinians but not stronger than the Arabs or the Muslims. Exactly because they are less united than before and less willing to kill in self defence, Israel may not survived.
            This could happen to us too. We may not be the stronger anymore, but if we were, I sure hope we would think about ourselves first before feeling responsibility to our enemies.

            But we are… and this is why we are losing: we are afraid of killing our enemies and they kill our kids in return.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I don’t see other races as my enemy. We just need law and order and rational leadership (rational laws for that matter), an educated populace, a healthy sense of identity etc. My enemy is stupidity if anything.

          • Anna Tree

            Agree with every words.
            (I was talking about those who kill us like in Iraq/Afghanistan etc during wars or in St. Louis/New York etc during knock outs and other hate crimes, real, against Whites)

            Thanks for the chat (will just finish the other post to you below)
            Good night!

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Well criminals can play the knock out game and target white people or anybody else and do whatever they want and there will be really lax law enforcement. After they start doing it to rich kids then something has to be done. That’s what happened in Cincinnati. If you are white and not rich you are supposed to be a human punching bag. And if you stand up against the assaults, rape, theft, denying your rights etc. then you’ll be called racist. First day a rich kid gets mugged or punched in the face though it becomes a city wide emergency.

  • MartelsGhost

    How can Jews not understand that all the laws they keep trying to get enacted only end up benefitting those who hate and attack Jews the most?

    I thought they were supposed to be “more intelligent” than most or some such other lie……………………

    • je suis paganisme

      I have researced the supposed superior Ashkenazi IQ and am not convinced of it for several reasons.

      • MartelsGhost

        Yes and I have my doubts about all the hoopla surrounding supposed “Chinese IQ superiority” as well…………………

        • Sick of it

          Higher AVERAGE IQs (the average IQ is disturbingly low) taken from the study of small subsets of a population are all well and good, but who invented virtually everything in use today?

          • MartelsGhost

            Team Caucasian! That’s who! Goooooooooooo Whites!

          • To invent things, one has to be a non-conformist, oppose the offical creed and party line. It is supposed that Asians are too conformist to use their intelligence to invent revolutionary theories. Rushton suggested this but it seems did not get around to PROVE it.

            Jews, on the other hand, have a huge percentage in STEM Nobel prizes, construcion of nuclear bombs, missiles and more.

          • Strike_Team

            The Nobel Prizes have become so politicized the past 25 years or so that it’s hard to determine how deserved they are sometimes. Some judges have actually quit because of the political pressure from certain groups who wish to claim this percentage is ours, that percentage is ours, with the Japanese finally deciding to try and play the same game as well.

        • libertarian1234

          I have some real doubts about a claim like that myself.

          Lynn and others credit China with an average of 100, the same as the US.

          Certain urban areas around and in China are reporting an average I.Q. a bit higher, but they’re comprised of a lot of professional people like some areas in the US and do not represent the nation as a whole.

          • MartelsGhost

            I remember an article that stated the Chinese were blatantly cherry picking students and in some case openly altering scores in order to present an image of uniform high IQ’s.

          • Bantu_Education

            E.Asians possibly have a slightly higher AVERAGE IQ, but they almost certainly have a much steeper bell-curve and therefore a much narrower range. Women are the same and this is why genius level IQ is much rarer in women and E.Asians. If you think about it, E.Asians of both sexes are much more “feminine” in nature. I’m just applying the Occam’s Razor test.

          • Strike_Team

            True. Some of Lynn’s work credits Germans, Poles and others with average IQs of 106, which is close to what he claims is the average IQ for the Ashkenazi (a fraction over 108). The structure is different though.

          • Bantu_Education

            I think the consensus for Ashkenazi’s (gee, I never noticed before the nazi bit) is higher than that, usually put at 112-115.

        • je suis paganisme

          At my children’s high school, the Chinese over-excelled . . . in everything except certain sports, like football and basketball. But in academics, music, art, dance, etc. they were supreme, with few exceptions.

          This puzzled me at first, but then I realized that these admirable Chinese youth were the cream of the crop (as far as China goes) and that their parents were pushing them incredibly hard. They are hell-bent to prove their excellence.

          (No doubt, though, that later generations will lose that fire, as they become Americanized.)

          This was confirmed when a Chinese girl told my son that her mother would wake her up at 2:00 AM or various times and make her practice the piano for one hour.

          This was also the way of the Jews at one time. They had something to prove, and they had an admirable family and group cohesion and support.

          In-group cohesion can be formidable. This cohesion can also be ideological in-group, as the case of B. Hussein Obama getting the Nobel Prize (without doing a damn thing) demonstrates.

          And if your in-group largely controls the media . . . . the land and its fatness are yours, for you and your posterity, and you shall inhabit the choicest parts thereof!

          • jayvbellis

            Yeah, but Chinese did best when they were in Hong Kong a British ruled colony for 100 years.

            But the Chinese and Jews went heavily for Communism at one time or other. Was that so smart?

          • MartelsGhost

            I am more than willing to admit there are exceptional cases of high intelligence but it’s the overall average being higher that I doubt.

            Thank you for your explanation and for sharing your personal history. Group dynamics do certainly play a large part. There in might be the ray of hope seeing as how recently ALL Whites have become lumped together when we used to be separated by minor tribal differences. e.g: French vs. English, English vs. Irish, German vs. Norwegian etc. etc. Now we’re all just White people.

            Heck, I saw a picture of a Jordanian officer recently and he certainly looked very Caucasian to me…………………………

            White Unite. If we have accomplished so much as individuals, just think of what we can do as a cohesive group………………..

          • je suis paganisme

            I thought the same thing about the Jordanian—this guy is White!

          • MartelsGhost

            I have a few blue/green eyed Iranian friends who consider themselves Persian and they could qualify as well.

            If anything I am stuck in a philosophical quandary about how much I should thank the rabid frothing leftists for helping to spread the “White” identity and mindset so far and wide. The last six years has allowed all the enemies and allies to become so easily identified.

            While I am of proud Anglo stock that can be traced purely back to as far back as ancient Scythia, I have become much more willing to put aside tribal allegiances in order to include others based on simply whether or not they are visually and mentally White. For example I see most Spaniards as White but mexicans as black. I see Chinese as White but filipinos as black. I see modern Israelis as White but most arabs as black. I see all Russians and traditional Germans and traditional French people as White but not turkish, indians ( dots or feathers ) or cubans. The list goes on and on and has led to more than one argument with my colleagues here on Amren.

            I guess the real issue started when my wife and I participated in a DNA test. Much to my and her surprise we found out she had a Sephardic marker. She is much more virulently White Nationalist than I am and so a moral problem began. Seeing as how we already had children, whom I love more than anything, and those kids share her genetic material, how can I exclude my own flesh and blood from the White side? They are both blue eyed, one blonde, one red and look nothing like the “stereotypical” jew. I keep joking with my wife that she has to leave any pennies on the ground when we attend meetings lest she give away her “true” nature……………………

      • bilderbuster

        Can anyone name a great Jewish civilization?

        • Joe blow

          I don’t know. Wall Street?

        • MrC


        • 李冠毅


        • Jonathan Vere

          Jews bicker too much among themselves to be able to create a great civilization, but they have made great contributions to Western civilization. I am Jewish and it pains me to see so many Jews undermining the very civilization in which they have flourished best.

          • jayvbellis

            We write about this subject at Occidental Dissent, try to take a firm but fair view.

            My main beef with the tribe in the USA is that the tribe tends to be overwhelmingly bad on immigration to the USA, the West.

            You take a creature Tamar Jacoby (makes Elena Kagin look pretty). And she goes from extreme Leftist New School of Social Research to Libertarian writer for the Wall Street Journal , supposedly a big change. Not!

            She pushes open borders immigration to the USA under both Liberal Leftism New School and Libertarian Wall Street Joirnal.

            Needless to say she’s a big supporter of Israel as a Jewish ethno state.

          • De Doc

            You know the old Yiddish saying: Two Jews, Three Opinions.

      • DJRicin

        Out of curiosity, what makes you doubt it? Say what you want about the Ashkenazim but we (yes, myself included) test in the 110+ range in every country, and are HIGHLY disproportionately represented among chess grandmasters, which I consider a pretty objective test of intelligence.

        • je suis paganisme

          WHY would anyone consider the game of chess a test of intelligence?

        • jayvbellis

          I would tend to agree. But high IQ doesn’t automatically translate in to positive, good behavior.

          Karl Marx, Trotsky, the Rosenbergs spies, The OJ Simpson Legal Defenseteam, Roman Polansky all had high IQs, they were intelligent. From our perspective, they did bad things.

          • Strike_Team

            According to Dr. Richard Lynn (one of the biggest names in IQ research), the Ashkenazi IQ “average” is actually at a fraction above 108, not the 110 + that is so often quoted – at one point he himself was saying it was about 110 until he was able to garner more data. He stated that the claim of an average of 110+ came from a small sample of students at a school for the gifted, and 110 is not gifted. He also noted is was very hard to find any solid research done on large groups of Jewish people when it came to IQ. Ashkenazi jews have a higher (on average) verbal IQ than other Caucasians but have lower (on average) visuospatial IQ than other Caucasians. Jewish success isn’t only based on IQ, it’s based on a very cohesive, supportive culture that makes sure individuals maximize their abilities for the good of the overall group. Something which whites should emulate while ignoring those who would seek to halt this behavior.

          • je suis paganisme

            Yes! Let us learn from them!

            In that way, if we emulate their cohesiveness and in-group support for each other, then they truly will have been “a light for the Gentiles.”

      • Luca

        IQ is not everything. Einstein was considered a genius, yet he continued smoking against his doctor’s orders, married his cousin, couldn’t recall where he lived and did many nonsensical things. He frequently changed his mind on matters of politics, war and economics. He advocated a one-world government, (something that could only work through the use of tyrannical force) and was opposed to the state of Israel yet considered becoming its president.

        IQ does not substitute for common sense, hard work, decency and morality. Without these qualities a high IQ simply means you can score well on tests.

        Howard Hughes had a high IQ and was nutty as a fruitcake.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      It’s called arrogance. It makes intelligent people due stupid things.

      • MartelsGhost

        And here I thought Pride was a sin and all that……………….

  • MekongDelta69

    “Hate crimes are defined in England and Wales as offences carried against someone because of their disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation and can include harassment.”

    UNLESS, you are a straight, White, male (and non-feminazi female), legal citizen of the U.K.

    Then – Have at it. They don’t care.

    • Lawrence Murray

      You can rape too in Rotherham.

    • Sick of it

      They can bash Christianity all day long. In fact, the authorities in England can arrest a man for preaching the Word of God in the street…if it offends someone.

    • of course. Hating and attacking the historical opressor is a revolutionary act of liberation. /sarcasm end

    • rightrightright

      Plus, UNLESS you are a little English girl.

  • Lawrence Murray

    “The heart of what we stand for as a country.” From the country that founded Israel of course.

  • IstvanIN

    The solution to every problem, according to our Western leaders, is to limit freedom of speech. I can see a future where people in China have more freedom of expression.

    • Sick of it

      For the simple fact that they are Chinese. In the Western world, governments go to extreme measures to keep the peace amongst a slew of ethnic groups.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Isn’t this what you fought Hitler and Stalin for?
    Nevermind, you’re a lost cause, as old and tired as your queen.

    • JSS

      When did the Brits ever fight against Stalin? And when was it ever claimed that the Brits fought Hitler because they wanted freedom of speech?

      • Sick of it

        I have yet to receive any real response as to why we were so close to “Uncle Joe Stalin” but determined to kill the Germans at any cost. As to why we allowed the Soviet Union to take Eastern Europe without a fight. You and I know, but many others will probably never figure it out.

        • JSS

          Seeing such ignorant posts up voted on a supposedly pro White site is amazing. What he should have typed is “isn’t this why you fought alongside Stalin against Hitler”? And the answer would be yes. They fought alongside Stalin against Hitler so the chosenites could receive extra protection and consideration while their daughters are drugged and gang raped by Muslims.

    • Ograf

      We didn’t fight Stalin.

  • Dave West

    If you really want to get on the good side of the British political elites you should post messages like “behead those who insult islam” and “shari’ah law in the UK.”

  • Truthseeker

    I care as much about “Anti-Semitism” as I do about “racism.” It’s just a weaponized concept meant to silence Whites. Guess what? There’s a very simple solution: Ending diversity. Let people have their own countries instead of having to kowtow to minority groups who throw constant tantrums.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      A country can have multiculturalism. A country can have freedom of speech. A country cannot have multiculturalism and freedom of speech.

      • libertarian1234

        That says it in a nutshell.

    • bilderbuster

      The Semites have their own nation but that isn’t enough. They must lord over us and tell us what we are allowed to say and what’s acceptable to believe.

      • Sick of it

        Precisely. If any group of people, it doesn’t matter which, has their own perfectly good country, but moves into nations around the globe, pushes into politics and whatnot, one must wonder if such a group is seeking world domination (have not people said as much re: the British Empire?). I personally have no desire to go to a foreign country and startup my own ethnic neighborhood over there. Or to meddle in foreign politics if I can help it.

        • Bantu_Education

          But Muslims don’t have any “perfectly good countries”. They have filthy fly-blown failed states and a handful of sand-pit emirates awash with oil and more money than they know what to do with. Qatar just bought a late 19th century painting for $350 million.

          • Sick of it

            Muslims and Jews are both trying to conquer the world. Much more so than the Chinese or the Russians.

  • haroldcrews

    Perhaps they have forgotten but the UN has declared that Zionism is a form of “racism”. Although it was repealed in 1991 many people continue to consider Zionism as a type of Jewish supremacy.

    • Jonathan Vere

      I didn’t know we were suddenly giving such credence to the U.N. Votes such as these are heavily weighted by a preponderance of third-world countries and are not worthy of being taken seriously. Also, I don’t see where the desire for a distinct and historic group to have its own country is necessarily supremacy.

      • Pat Kittle

        Gee, you remind us of somebody.

        Hmm, let’s see… Oh yeah, Google [ Israel Internet troll ].

  • Bantu_Education

    This is a red herring which very little or nothing to do with “anti-semitism” – it is a blatantly obvious trial balloon and a ploy by the BBC (British Bolshevik Comrades) to censor “Islamophobia” and all race realist internet discussions such as we have here on Amren. I am willing to bet a large sum of money that it is Muslims and Blacks – the same people who incidentally are the most virulently “anti-semitic” – who have the most to gain from any such ban and it is they who are pushing this anti “hate-speech” agenda.

    • DaveMed

      I suspect that you are correct. The group that stands to gain the most from a ratcheting-up of “tolerance” is Muslims.

    • JSS

      If you bother skimming the inquiry it is all about combating anti semitism and covers anti semitic activities in Europe in general. If you look up who put the inquiry together it is a mix of Jews and typical British traitors in parliament. If you are implying that this a clever ploy with heavy input from blacks and muslims you are incorrect. It is the usual suspects, good goys and jews are behind this.

      Personally I take this is as business as usual from our overlords. While the report is about anti semitism it is targeted at Whites. Notice they mention Hitler and all the typical Nazi stuff. They aren’t concerned with non White anti semitism. Unlike amren there are in fact many other WN outlets where the JQ is openly discussed and our overlords may be genuinely concerned about that and here we see them taking steps to mitigate it. Of course it can always be expanded to persecute Whites who criticize Islam and other diversity as well.

      The inquiry also addresses things like extra physical security for jews as well, while muslims are still gang raping White British girls. So yes, this is another case where the judeophiles here can assure us that this inquiry is a liberal plot meant to protect Muslims or whatever.

      • Bantu_Education

        I agree with your points – especially the bit about not being concerned with non-white anti-semitism despite that being far more virulent than anything coming from the white right. As I (and DaveMed) above said, it is Muslims who have the most to gain from this because they will use it as an excuse to ban “islamophobia” of every stripe, including justifiable criticism of barbaric 7th century Islamic practices. This move is an unholy alliance between Jews seeking to root out “white working class fascists” like the EDL and the “typical British traitors in parliament” appeasing their fast-growing Muslim electorate.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    Wasn’t there recently some hootering and hollering about freedom of speech? Something in France, maybe? Ah, never mind.

  • B.A_2014

    “It is for non-Jews to speak out and lead the fight against anti-Semitism with strong action.”


  • TomIron361

    All this “banning” will lead nowhere. They tried that for seventy years in a sea of blood in the Soviet Union and in the end, the commies went down anyway.

    • bilderbuster

      One of the first laws the Jewish Bolsheviks who led the revolution passed was a law that made Anti-Semitism punishable by death.

      • jayvbellis

        How long did this law last in the USSR?

  • Speedy Steve

    Go ahead and ban me, you disgusting limey nonces, I’ll still have chimpmania and chimpout[dot]com!

    • Don’t forget Ambrose Kane dot com.

      • Speedy Steve

        Thank you. I’ll look into it. Judicial Inc dot biz and irateirishman are both gone.

        • Bantu_Education

          Irish Savant is very funny and gets shedloads of comments.

      • Speedy Steve

        Great stuff! I’ll be visiting more often. Thank you.

  • 0bama has plans to “regulate” the Web, and this article hits many of the talking points.

  • baldowl

    Yes, Very good, very good. Forbid the dissenters from letting off steam on the internet. Very good, very good.

  • JohnEngelman

    My objection to this kind of thing is that it might be used to suppress scientific research into the genetic reasons for racial differences, and reporting the results of that research. The races I admire have no reason to fear such research. They have no reason to fear the reporting of that research.

    There are already too many taboos against discussing the truths of race realism. Truth emerges from the competition of facts and opinions.

    • Speedy Steve

      0bama has wrought the triumphal return of Lysenkoism.

  • Funny, why is it always Jews who want Gentiles to get on board with them to oppose anti-Semitism, yet I have NEVER heard of Jews who join white Gentiles to oppose anti-white rhetoric? Seems like this is a one way road.

    The Jews, in other words, are overly-preoccupied with fighting against anti-Semitism, yet they don’t seem to give a whit about the anti-white propaganda that permeates all of current western civilization. Hmm, now why would that be?

    • Ron Cheaters

      They’re only too happy to take your money..

      “Our Mission
      The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews® of Canada is a registered Canadian non-profit. Our charitable registration number is 86941 1587 RR0001.
      Our mission is to foster better relations and understanding between Christians and Jews; encourage greater cooperation between both communities on issues of shared biblical concern; and support Israel and Jews in crises or need.

      I came across this at my church and groaned, Its a give-take. We give, they take.

    • jayvbellis

      We have so e solid Jewish supporters who come to Amren conferences. And remember m New York City Jews voted in Guliani over David Dinkins” the Crown Heights pogrom against Orthodox Jews was the last straw.

      If it gets bad enough, Jews will turn pro White.

      • Pat Kittle

        But who’s making it “bad enough”?

        If it’s “bad enough” they’ll move to Israel — that’s the grand plan behind the open-borders treason — move the diaspora to the “Jewish [only] State,” leaving the goyim to suffer the consequences of their treachery.

        No, of course not all Jews think like this — but the ones calling the shots do.

    • jayvbellis

      I noted with sadness and anger that the Weinstein Brothers produced the anti White porn movie “D’Jango Unchained” and opened this terrible movie on Christmas Day. I spoke with managers of local movie theaters and asked if they would open movies inciting Blacks to hate and kill Jews and open such a terrible, hateful movie on a Jewish high holiday.

    • brior

      Why would they, the chosen have created a significant portion of the daily anti -Christian/white/american/ attitudes in our country. Haven’t heard to many of them deny it. Or when they respond to you it’s about another topic, then start with the name calling.

  • libertarian1234

    If haters are banned from social media, then what are the lefties and blacks going to do?
    I mean, since both groups NEVER respond to claims against them with anything other than brainless insults, because that’s all they can do, they comprise the greatest numbers of haters on social media.
    And, although it is clear that anti-Jewish rhetoric and actions are almost EXCLUSIVELY coming from the Muslim sector, isn’t it strange that these weenies can’t bring themselves to even use the word Islam or Muslim in this story? The closest they come to that is in referring to the actions in Gaza, involving the Israelis. Then one more wherein it advised teachers on how to explain the situation in the Middle East. Other than those two references there was a VERY obvious attempt to avoid telling the truth in a clear, candid manner or to say the words Islam or Muslim.
    They’re trying to walk a fine line between two groups in their multicultural paradise, because one of them has considerable wealth and the other will kill people at anything they perceive as an insult which is almost anything, including reporting on their killings and the other horrors they engage in.
    Such are the problems in trying to hold together their multicultural utopia. It requires lots of double speak and vague language and implications the reader has to figure out for himself, because if there is one thing they won’t do is tell the truth.
    I’m wondering if these same weenies feel like idiots when they utter their worn, Orwellian cliché about diversity being their strength. I’m betting they’ve lied so much it just comes naturally now.
    And, one more thing. I hate to pile on, but calling hate from the Islamic sector anti-Semitism is a bit off, because the Muslims are Arabs and they’re Semitic as well. Do the vast majority who are anti-Semitic hate themselves?

    • Speedy Steve

      I guess the haters will call YT ignorant in absentia.

  • LHathaway

    “–37%–believed the problem of anti-Semitism had got worse in the last decade. In comparison, 16% thought it had got better”.

    Makes you wonder what they thought by ‘getting better’?

    Anti-semitism must be stopped but it’s full-speed ahead on the idea whites (not jews) are responsible for all evil in history, and for it’s continuation in the present.

  • I think members of the British parliament should be permanently banned from entering the United States for any reason. Their advocacy of a police state offends my delicate sensibilities, and I would feel traumatized by their presence here.

  • WR_the_realist

    Will the advocates of white privilege theory be banned as haters?

    Methinks not.

  • Do the antisemites who so concern the British MPs look anything like this? The simple answer to me would be a ban on their importation. We know what they look like and which countries they come from, so this should not be very difficult.

    • Ebonics really is universal.

      • Kenner

        It’s the new Esperanto.

    • Pat Kittle

      Unfortunately it’s the “Juice” who are mostly responsible for open borders in Western countries.

      Do a search for…
      — [ “Barbara Spectre, Swedish Zionist” ]
      …if if want an example.

      After that you may enjoy what you find using these keywords: [ “Anti-Racist Hitler” ].

  • bilderbuster

    Jewish behavior causes Anti-Semitism.

    • Joe blow

      You nailed it. Same with black behavior–except at a much lower, more violent cognitive level.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    More government money given to synagogues and more policies making it impossible to criticize Jews. Instead of trying to do the right thing they abuse middle eastern people, don’t keep their agreements, then make it illegal to discuss it or criticize about it at home, then want the British tax payers to pick up the tab for extra security protecting them from retaliation from the victims of their wars for territory. Got it.

    I don’t have anything against Jews, but this extremely one sided exercise of power does seem alarming.

    • Anna Tree

      It is obvious that too many Jews are pro-diversity and indeed there would be an infinite list of Jews and actions by Jews to prove this and the anti-white consequences. I also agree that those laws granting anybody special privileges are disgusting.

      But I can’t understand you repeating that they are killing innocents and seizing territory. Are palestinians bombing pizzerias and beheading 3 months babies innocents? And I know not all palestinians do that, but all palestinians support that and support the koran that is asking to kill non-muslims, and that’s not only Jews. And isn’t seizing territories following being attacked by neighbors in wars, something acceptable, beside the fact we are talking about territories smaller than New Jersey anyway. If really Israel was about seizing territories, they would have annex Jordan and Lebanon and never returned the Sinai Peninsula.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Well they started by taking Israel with no appologies. They bulldoze people’s homes and if the people refuse to leave the home, just bulldoze it with them in it and kill them. One white American protestor came to protest this. The Israeli bulldozed over her, killing her, then backed up and ran over her again to make sure she was dead. When her family sued the person they lost in Israeli court. The judgement said she shouldn’t have been there and that gives the Israeli a right to kill her. Could have something to do with traditional Jewish law that says when a goy takes a Jew to court the Jew always wins (it’s the Talmud). Then there’s all the agreements Israel makes and breaks them the next day over some lame excuse. Israel has no interest in peace, but rather does everything it can to keep conflict going so it can show footage of the “terrorist” on TV and also take more land, build bigger walls etc.

        Do I think Arabs are generally reasonable people? No. Is this an excuse to abuse them? Not really. It’s not like they come in and give someone a pile of money and take their home and say “I’m really sorry we had to do this”. Instead they shout “A Jewish finger nail is more valuable than a goy’s life! Get out, we own your house now”. And if a 12 year old Palestinian throws a pebble at an Israeli soldier, Isreal bombs a school or business and kills hundreds in retaliation.

        I talked to one Israeli who told me what it is like in Israel. They force you to join the army. They gave him a gun and told him shoot anything that moves- armed, unarmed, child, woman, doesn’t matter. Shoot and ask questions later. He said he was really scared.

        It’s not even what they do so much as in how they do it. It’s not necessary to be so abusive and have such a supremacist mentality.

        Oh and here’s a good one. An Israeli moderate got elected a while back and said “hey let’s not do these things” another Israeli Jew walked up to him and shot him and killed him in the name of Israel.

        These aren’t normal Jews running the show. It’s the Jewish equivalent of Nazis. They are really at the extreme end of human behavior and largely getting away with it. And of course all the lies and head games to cover it up.

        I mean sure let’s have Israel but do we need to drop bombs on schools? Go ahead and look up what happened to Yitzhak Rabin.

        As well a lot of normal Jews don’t want to move to Israel because of the crazies and all the terrorism. So they populate the country with bottom social strata by giving them free houses and land, welfare etc. Some of these “Jews” are actually just slavs who said they were Jewish to get out of the Soviet Union. They are largely intermarrying into the gene pool though. Israel seemed to enjoy the infusion of blondes I guess.

        What else? Oh yeah all the Ultra Orthodox that live on welfare, well a lot of them follow around Jewish girls and spit on them calling them hookers because their knee is showing or something.

        Israel is not some high I.Q. mecca composed of sleek lawyers and bankers that you may see in New York. I mean yes there is an elite faction, but it’s full of crazies who aren’t much more civilized than the Palestinians.

        • Anna Tree

          It seems I am on the other side of the coin, having been an islamocritic for many years, I learned about Israel quite differently than you, but I am ready to change my mind.
          Please bring support to your claims:

          1) Israeli buldoze people’s home with people in it and kill them.
          2) Israeli bulldozed over that American, killing her, then backed up and ran over her again to make sure she was dead.
          3) The judgement said she shouldn’t have been there and that gives the Israeli a right to kill her.
          4) Jews always win in Israeli courts
          5) Israelis breaks agreement over lame excuses.
          6) Israel take more lands, build bigger walls.
          7) Abuse against Arabs
          8) Palestinians throw pebbles
          9) Palestinians throw pebbles and so Israel bombs school and kill hundreds
          10) Israelis are given weapons and told to kill kids, women etc no questions asked.

          The following are some of my thoughts regarding those points above:

          1) Never heard about people staying in those homes and being killed. Besides, you do know those homes they bulldoze are terrorists’ homes? Wouldn’t you want even worse
          to happen to terrorists like those who blew up the Elementary Russian
          school in Beslan?)
          2) This girl who was killed, what was she doing in the middle of a war between Jews and Muslims? It is the same kind of girls who goes to Detroit or South Africa to cry for the blacks there and get raped or murdered.
          5) Lame excuses? 3 months old babies beheaded? Hundreds of kids maimed or murdered while dancing in discotheques or eating pizzas? Children stoned to death? Teenagers shot short range while hikking?
          6) Again seizing territories following being attacked by neighbors in
          wars, is international law I think and acceptable. Also what do you mean they take lands, after so many wars, what lands did they take? Israel is still half of New Jersey. And isn’t seizing territories following being attacked by neighbors in
          wars, something acceptable, beside the fact we are talking about
          occupied territories smaller than a quarter of New Jersey. If really Israel was
          about seizing territories, they would have annex Jordan and Lebanon and
          never returned the Sinai Peninsula. But obviously are not there, it’s now Egypt, Hamas and Habbas and I wouldn’t want them as neighbors, would you?
          7) The Israeli Arabs are the most educated, the richest per person, the most free Arabs in the Middle East, including freedom of religion. They are represented in the Parliament etc etc What abuses?
          8) Their pebbles are big enough to kill people… Do you think they throw pebbles when they want to kill adulters too I presume.
          9) The wars never started because palestinians throw stones. The wars were started because they send thousands of rockets every day for years until Israel retaliate. For that Israel is as sissy as our governments.
          10) You believe that Israeli but it seems not others, how do you know who tells the truth? With a million of Israelis in the army, if they were really shooting at kids, women etc all the time, no questions asked, there should be dozens/hundreds of Palestinians killed every day, but there are none. Also if you say it is because the media doesn’t report, then let’s say there are so many killed every day then the Palestinian population would not have grow from 160 000 Arabs in Israel in 1949 to more than 1 215 000 today. Your claim just doesn’t compute.
          On the contrary, they were 140 000 jews in Algeria in 1949 today less than 100.They were 150 000 jews in Irak in 1949 today 100.

          They were 38 000 jews in Libya in 1949 today NONE. etc Who is slaughtering or throwing inhabitants? The Christians in those lands are also murdered and threw out. And Muslims murder Christians and Jews also in our Western countries. And Hindus, Buddhists, animists, atheists etc etc More than 25000 lethal terrorist attacks since 9.11, I don’t mind you dislike the Jews, but that you like/defend the Muslims because you dislike the Jews is incomprehensible to me. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend…

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Go to a Satmar Jew website. They are anti-Zionist. I am not strongly in favor of Israel or Zionism or strongly against. I just recognize that Zionists are not completely innocent in the conflict and aren’t the poor victims they are made out to be.

          • Anna Tree

            So you don’t have any support to those 10 claims you made? I hope you will stop saying them then. There are enough bad stuff on rich leftist prodiversity traitorous Jews like Soros or Wise, there is no need to invent bad stuff on Israel. The enemy is those anti-white Jews.

            Of course there are anti-Zionist Jews. There are also anti-patriotic Americans, French, Germans etc The thing is it is easy for me to prefer Israel over any Muslim countries, and not only because for me European Jews are whites but because I have read the islamic scriptures and islam is a real threat to our white countries.

            That said, after 60 years of war, I can agree with you that it is not possible for nobody to be 100% innocent.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            That’s good that you consider Jews to be white and one of your own. I have looked in to attending synagogues or networking with Jews, joining Jewish organizations. They are gung ho until I tell them I’m not Jewish. Also a lot of them want to know about ancestry and if you meet their racial requirements to be a Jew. They don’t consider Jews and whites to be of the same tribe and could care less what happens to whites. By they I mean most synagogues, Jewish Federation, Zionist groups etc.

            And the main reason I want to be Jewish or network with them is so I can get some of my civil rights back. When I’m denied education, physically asualted because of my race etc. etc. I could call up the FBI or local police and say “an act of anti-semitism just happened” and they would care. when I tell them a white male has been discriminated against they just ignore me. And the people running that show are not always, but a lot of times Jewish. On top of this I have Jewish ancestry, but that isn’t enough to save you. You must meet their racial purity laws and self identify as a Jew. I’m not saying a normal Jew is like this, I mean the main organizations and such.

            I can go around and consider myself mexican and consider them “my people” and I’m sure a lot of liberal whites do this, but nobody else considers me one of them. I mean the mexicans won’t see me as one of them. So it’s a bit self defeating to feel this huge loyalty to someone who isn’t loyal to you. It’s kind of like thinking someone is your girlfriend when she isn’t dating you.

          • Anna Tree

            I don’t consider Jews to be white, I consider European Jews, that is white Jews, to be white.
            And even if I consider those whites, they are not my own. To be my own they need to be pro-white Whites.
            For me race is above ideology. But in these times of white genocide, anti-white are traitors.

            I don’t care what their religion or their belief say. I don’t believe in their beliefs: for me someone is white if his DNA is white, i.e. European.

            Your second paragraph… I am not sure that those who make the rules, those rich leftist prodiversity Jews, care about Jews. I am sure that the rich leftists prodiversity non-Jews don’t care at all about Jews. Jews are an underdog, but there are many underdogs more important than them. Like the white women, one day, they will wake up, the fools.

            If I may, if you really want to get you civil rights back, the best is what you do now: fight for your rights, fight for a white country.

            But check this anyway:
            amren com/features/2014/12/racial-indoctrination/#comment-1772059522

            So no, don’t go to the Jews or the Hispanics or the black. You are White.

            Better no civil rights and White.
            It won’t be long, we will get our white countries. WE MUST.
            The truth is on our side, and we will fight for it, like our ancestors fought for it.

  • Joe blow

    The endless suffering of the eternal victims…

  • MBlanc46

    I’d say “Thank goodness we still have freedom of speech in the US,” if we still had freedom of speech in the US.

    • Do you remember the old saying “It’s a free country”? We never hear that anymore, do we? Not very funny, that.

      • IstvanIN

        It still is a free country, the government is giving it away free to every Mohamed, Jose and Wang that wants it.

      • MBlanc46

        I surely do. I also remember “Free, white, and 21”. That’s certainly one that you don’t hear anymore.

      • Xerxes22

        You don’t hear about Voltaire and what he wrote about free speech either. He’s obsolete and irrelevant. Voltaire is just another dead White male on most college campuses.

  • DJRicin

    I am Jewish and think this is a terrible, no good, very dumb idea. How can the same leaders who say “Je Suis Charlie” turn around and pull this kind of stunt? The fact of the matter is that when you try to ban a certain type of speech, you only further inflame the people who hold those views.

    Incredibly frustrating how certain groups become protected groups by the government, while persecution against whites is not only allowed but encouraged. Besides, if you really care about protecting English Jews, consider stopping the importation of Muslim immigrants who attack them in massive numbers and beat Jews and whites alike in the streets.

    • jayvbellis

      Well said. I suggest doing activism focusing on Jews, Jewish groups who push the hates peach, thought crimes laws targeting Whites. Ezra Levant in Canada has done a very good job opposing hate speech, thought crimes laws.

    • Anna Tree

      I second Jayvbellis.

      I wish Jews would ask their leaders to stop promoting mass immigration to the white
      countries. I fear many whites race realists see every Jews as having the same opinion as Mark Zuckerberg. I think this opinion is incorrect but it is hard to blame them.

      Whites are suffering because of those traitorous famous Jews of Hollywood, the media, the big money. But as you wrote, jews will suffer too, the fools.

  • KenelmDigby

    Virtually all the antisemitic attacks in modern Britain, both verbal a d physical are being perpetrated Muslims.
    In fact I will wager that not a single UK White has participated in a physical antisemitic attack in the past year.
    The UK government and media take great pains to hide and conceal this fact.

    • jayvbellis

      Yes, this is true. But when has the truth ever mattered to the ADL or cultural Marxists?

      They just ignore individual attacks, threats, insults by Muslims against Jews and against other White British people and then say:

      “There is a climate of hate” and then blame White racists for changing the climate.

      It’s the same here in the USA with “climate change” – Conservative Whites supposedly have secret powers to change the climate.

  • UncleSham

    In America, many White Christians believe that an offence against the Jews is an offence against God.There seems to be a secular version of this in Europe.

  • KenelmDigby

    It’s pure Orwellianism.
    From ‘Animal Farm’ the statement that some favored groups are ‘more equal than others’ is being made by the UK government.
    From ‘1984’ we are getting newspeak and the declaration of a Big Brother society in which monitoring of speech is the norm, and thought crimes are punished.

  • Pat Kittle

    Anti-gentilism is a FAR bigger problem — and it’s virtually ignored.

    Perhaps the ADL shysters could take a peek at that.

    Next time they’re in front of a mirror.

  • Alexandra1973

    I’m “racist” but I’m no anti-Semite.

    For one thing, I recognize that Jews do not run it all.

    • Pat Kittle

      As Jewish Joel Stein of the Jewish L.A.Times put it:

      “…I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”
      — “Who runs Hollywood? C’mon” (Joel Stein, L.A. Times)

  • Alucard_the_last

    The ‘anti-semites’ that will be banned will only be the non-muslims. I have a hard time believing that they will say or do anything against the radical muslims.

  • brior

    Like a hate crime it will only apply to whites with a certain political preference.

  • jaye ellis

    Hey English….

    Have you apologized to the Germans yet?
    Have you told them how really sorry you are?
    Have you told them that you really, really wish England had lost both World War I and World War II.
    Don’t you wish the Germans had invaded England FROM Normandy Beach? After all Anglo Saxons and Normans were other German tribes that invaded England and really make the English English.
    Don’t you wish Germans tanks still patrolled London England and local patriots complained about English girls fraternizing with the enemy.
    Don’t you wish all White English soccer teams took out their frustrations by challenging occupying German troops to the English national game of football/soccer and England actually would defeat the Germans in soccer, something they haven’t done since 1966!

    Hey English – have you apologized to the Germans yet?
    Have you told them how really, really sorry you are?

    Don’t you wish German jack boots stomped all around Yorkshire England so you could even lick their boots in appreciation that there were NONE, zero rapes of poor English girls by Pakistani Muslim men?

    And hate crimes laws/thought crime laws – not a chance, occupying Germans will even let the English swear at the GD Krauts, but most English wouldn’t be swearing at the Germans, instead they would be inviting the German lads home to meet their English daughters.

    Don’t we all wish….

  • Reynardine

    “Oh and by the way, we get to define what racism is.”

  • H. Leonskoi

    I am not a racist I am just opposed to those dedicated to the destruction of my people, TDDMP.

  • Fr. John+

    OK, Britain- Can we ban all Tal-mud- icks, who call all not their ingroup, nothing more than animals? No? Why? Oh, that’s why…. And another public stance is shown to be utter rot, empty posturing, and a moral vacuum, bereft of all legitimacy.

  • 李冠毅

    Okay, maybe Israel is a somewhat backwards country, but that is probably due to its relatively small Ashkenazi Jewish (as opposed to Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews) population.