St. Louis Police Try to Remind World Who These Young People Are By Releasing Video and Pictures of Ferguson Looters

Nick Chiles, Atlanta Black Star, January 22, 2015

Over the last two months, protests against the police killing of Black men have become a global phenomenon–powerful yet peaceful demonstrations of the global community’s outrage over the seeming devaluation of Black life. But the St. Louis County Police Department is trying to fight back with images of its own, releasing another video yesterday showing more than 180 people looting a grocery story in Ferguson after the grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson.

It’s a dramatic illustration of law enforcement attempting to subvert the emerging narrative of Black youth energized and engaged, flooding the streets of this country in demonstrative displays of their anger. The multiracial “die-ins” and marches across the country had largely erased from the public’s mind the images of riots and lawlessness that were sparked by the grand jury’s decision on Nov. 24.

But from the St. Louis police we get a reminder: They’re not politicized young people fiercely exercising their first amendment rights; they’re just criminals and thugs stealing stuff.

The video of the looters, in addition to nearly 200 images of their faces, was big news on Fox News and the Sean Hannity Show, where he interviewed the store owner.


St. Louis County Police have released other surveillance videos in recent weeks but still haven’t made any arrests–though they claim to have positively identified six suspects from video of a gas station and a liquor store being looted.

The video released yesterday shows a huge crowd of people flooding in and out of the Dellwood Market on Chambers Road. The police also released nearly 200 pictures of looters, with arrows helpfully pointed to any faces that are visible.

Shawn McGuire, a spokesman for the St. Louis County Police Department, told USA Today the suspects identified in the video are wanted for questioning and will be taken into custody if they come into contact with police.

So it’s not enough of a priority for the police to go looking for them–they’ll be arrested if police happen to stumble across them–which is further evidence that the videos are serving a larger purpose of propagating the department’s narrative of the criminality of these Black youth.

“We really want to take the time for the public to look at each video each week,” McGuire said. “We are giving every business an opportunity for the public to help them and to help us.”



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  • Easyrhino

    It would have been cheaper if Soros simply paid his friends in Ferguson 10K each to not riot.

    • Oil Can Harry

      You’re assuming Soros didn’t want a riot to happen.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        They’ve never been shy about bankrolling their favorite pets. Born and bred to systematically destroy white society.

        • pwnful truth

          Biological warfare against the US, chrrie

      • Bryce Armstrong

        Destruction is how George make his money.


          Soros is part of “the tribe”

        • Lygeia

          Soros admitted he ratted out his fellow Jews to the Nazis as a 15-year old boy.

          • Bryce Armstrong

            I’m speachless…

          • Robert Smith

            I would not believe a word from his mouth.

          • meanqueen

            You can believe that one.

    • Tony Murphy

      Whoa there! The whole point of the Soros payments was so that they WOULD riot.

    • For $10k, I wouldn’t riot, either. I’d sock that away in a mutual fund with dividends automatically reinvested. Ooops: talking like a middle-aged white guy again. I’ll have to cut that $#!& out.

      • Ace

        Soon you’ll be paying a “fee” and a tax for the privilege of owning that $10K. That “save money for the future” idea is so passe.

  • MekongDelta69

    “But from the St. Louis police we get a reminder: They’re not politicized young people fiercely exercising their first amendment rights; they’re just criminals and thugs stealing stuff.”

    You are correct.
    Too bad, Atlanta Black Star.

    (Btw, what did the Atlanta White Star have to say about this?)

    • Nancy

      I went over to the original article to read the comments. There weren’t many, and I was happy to see some RR opinions there. I saw one idiot commenter who was lecturing everyone on how, basically, the burned-out stores had it coming for not “doing enough for the community”. I completely went off on him.

      • MekongDelta69

        I saw it. Too bad they’re too scared to use Disqus.

        I love the way ‘Bwire Vincent’ rationalizes and excuses every possible black bad behavior.


        A good black/Jew is a _____ one.

      • toldev

        I have read various forms on this topic and have read many similar comments. What is striking is not the comments themselves, but who is writing them. A hood rat can be expected to think like that. But many of the comments of that tone are written by the talented 10% or “good blacks”.

    • propagandaoftruth

      “It’s a dramatic illustration of law enforcement attempting to subvert the emerging narrative of Black youth energized and engaged, flooding the streets of this country in demonstrative displays of their anger.”

      I like the demonstrative displays of hoody rats flooding through broken doors and windows and pouring out into the streets with booze, cigs, blounts, candy, and meat products.

      The revolution may not be televised, but it is caught on security cameras.

      • Ace

        Nothing says “I’m a part of this great country” like an arm full of Colt 45 brewskis.

  • haroldcrews

    If the rioters and looters were comprised of people from every race (which was the common response by SJW) why would publicizing video and images of the rioters unfairly stereotype blacks?

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Negroes don’t “do” logic. Gnome sane?

      • Katherine McChesney

        I just returned from my local drug store. I was pleasingly surprised that the black girl who waited on me wore a #AllLivesMatter pin. Seems she’s got more logic and common sense than the white liberals.

  • So it’s not enough of a priority for the police to go looking for them–they’ll be arrested if police happen to stumble across them–which is further evidence that the videos are serving a larger purpose of propagating the department’s narrative of the criminality of these Black youth.

    Yeah, dummy, that’s what cops generally do. They arrest people on suspicion of having committed a crime, or in some cases write them a ticket.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Crime scene videos be racist.

      • Reynardine

        This racist aggression wouldn’t have happened if whitey didn’t invent the soul-stealing camera.

        Gawd, everything whitey does is just awful.

        • LexiconD1

          Except when it comes to the beginning of the month and the EBT card gets loaded again.

          • Reynardine

            I am surprised Black History Month doesn’t celebrate the inventor of the EBT, even if he’s white.

            He’s got to be one of their greatest heroes.

          • The inventor of the EBT card is, in the minds of many blacks, the great white money god who came from the heavens to spread cheer and good will to the poor, lowly savages.

            Each month this money god visits America’s inner-cities to dispense gifts to the ghetto-dwellers so they can purchase that which they cherish most – namely, malt liquor, weed, Newport menthols, chicken wings, fried chicken, watermelon, and assorted narcotics – the staple of most ‘African-Americans.’

          • Nancy

            I heard it came from “Obama’s stash”. He gots a stash, you know.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Well, it would have been much cheaper if every white person in America would have sent a carton of Newports and a liter of Vodka to each and every negro rather than them looting the stores and burning the town. ****sigh***welfare wasn’t quick enough on the uptake to avoid this riot.

        • Reynardine

          No danegeld for the danes.

          “Dem Newports betta be menthols, or we be rioting again.”

          • Yancy Derringer

            All Newports are menthol.

          • Reynardine

            I didn’t know that. Consider me enlightened, oh great Yancy of the Negro Knowledge.

            Apparently, they’re the most popular brand among blacks, too. I always assumed that was Kool.

          • WoodyBBad

            Even His Highness, King Barak smokes Newports when he cheats on quitting.

          • Katherine McChesney

            All Kool’s are menthol, too.

          • Basketeddie


          • toldev

            No, Newport does make a non-menthol cigarette now. They are known as Newport reds to most people why buy cigarettes. They do not sell very well. Newport cigarettes even has them marked down about $2.00 less per pack than menthol Newports. Blacks do not buy them because they do not contain menthol. I think white smokers avoid them because they are associated with blacks.

          • DiversityIsDeath

            Negroes are big fans of Kools and Newports, aren’t they? Wonder why? “Menfol cigs! Dey gives yo mouf dat clean minty feeling, wit fresh breff too! So you doan have to waste time and effort brushin yo teef.”

          • TCA

            They still make Kools?
            Haven’t seen a pack of Kools since I was in the Navy (early 80’s)

          • Lygeia

            It’s actually not menthol. It’s fiberglass.

            The fiberglass creates microscopic tears in your lungs when you smoke these cigarettes.

            Then, when you breathe in, the air hits your lungs, which are bleeding from the microscopic tears, and feels just like menthol.

          • justa nothernigger

            not anymore

        • If someone gave me a 1.75 L bottle of bottom-shelf vodka, I would promise not to riot for at least a week, though the painting on some of the new fishing lures here might turn out a bit sloppy.

    • Young Werther

      Why should the cops go looking for them? They have better things to do, and much more important things to do…and *miles to go before* they sleep.

  • Luca

    Videos should be excluded as evidence as they have a disparate impact on blacks.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    This reminds me of when that black female Brandeis student threatened a libel suit when media outlets shared her own words. Apparently, whites can’t even share blacks’ own words to show they’re anti-white or blacks’ own actions on video to show they’re criminal. No negative truth about blacks, no matter how well documented, can be shared or ‘dat be racist’.

    • Young Werther

      Whites can do whatever they want to do. If they WON’T stand up then let them fall. Let them be slaughtered by the forces that have been planning it for over a hundred years and now with direct and open assistance from the present *administration* .

    • Yancy Derringer

      The Atlanta Black Star’s readership is an agreeable audience.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Is there a video anywhere in existence of a group of feral whites looting (or Asians)? Not that I think it couldn’t happen, but it would be so odd to witness.

    Meanwhile, every person cast as the burglar in home security commercials is white…

    • Reynardine

      South Park, as wrong as they can be, actually pointed that out that the burglar in home security commercials is inevitably white.

      Some people see it, but they just can’t (or don’t want to) connect all the dots.

      • Douglas Quaid

        Right, it’s always a white guy in those commercials, while a black family is depicted resting in the ease of knowing that their home is protected from such savage people.

        Also, if there is a commercial where someone is made the heel of a joke, or is acting like a complete moron, it is always a white male, while women and/or some civilized minorities look at him with paternalistic pity.

        • Jade1

          It is not just the commercials but in the TV shows too. Most of the perps are white. If they do show a black perp they either justify his crime or portray him as a sympathetic character.

        • With an ad like that, the company is telling me that I do not need their products or services.

    • WoodyBBad

      It would be odd to see a video of whites looting, it would be easier to prosecute as we don’t all look alike.

  • Young Werther

    By the time the present *administration* gets through with Ferguson it won’t recognize itself. Whites know the tricks up the sleeve of all the Holders in the world. If the White Race of that community doesn’t check itself quickly…they had better run and hide again.

  • Tarczan

    These are the darkies I came to know and love from my years as a landlord in East Cleveland. They will work very hard to steal stuff worth almost nothing, and cause huge damage doing it.

    • Spaniard in LA

      My sister owns several apartments in the bad side of town. Last month her ex tenants came back to the apartment several days after moving out and stoled the toilet. They also took the smoke alarms and the light cover including the bulbs. As a result they caused a short somewhere in the wiring and now it’s gonna cost her.

      • WoodyBBad

        That’s common. I mean that in the southern sense, as in that’s base behavior.

    • Sid Ishus

      Crawl around under a house using their hands to rip out the copper… Then leave half of it on the ground. They make $15, costs $1100 to repair.

      Break and enter to steal the water heater, don’t use tools or the shut off valve so they flood the house. They get $10, costs $600 to repair.

      Started chaining down the a/c…. They start ripping the line sets out. They get $20, costs $500 to repair.

      Latest is stealing the screen doors off the front of the house.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        Yes, negroes are appallingly selfish, totally unconcerned for anyone else. As has been documented, a negro will commit murder for a quarter.

      • Lygeia

        I read somewhere, probably here, that the Veterans Administration (VA) used to require restrictive covenants when they provided mortgage assistance to veterans because it was considered utterly imprudent financially not to do so. My how times have changed.

      • Albert

        This makes very little sense. They would rather go through all that work just to make a few bucks- and at the risk of incarceration- as opposed to getting a job with steady pay?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Let me know when a report is released about how many Ferguson looters were arrested, tried and convicted.

    • Young Werther

      Screw them…the White Race has better things to do than scurry behind looking for those scrappings of the earth. The White Race has to think of and take care of only itself now. THE THRILL IS GONE.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Then we had better separate ourselves from non-Whites and secure a White-only homeland for ourselves and future generations of Whites – and guard it with military ordnance.

        Otherwise there will be no White race:

        What happens when Whites are outnumbered by non-Whites?

        From Zim, this week:

        On Wednesday, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe told White farmers that they must get off the land, because his nation is not a place for White landowners, according to AllAfrica.

        Who is coming to their aid? Where’s the outrage from the Western Press? The UN? The United States?

        That’s because it’s Whites being displaced. And, it will happen here after we become a hated minority.

        • Young Werther

          Whites are already a hated minority.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            I live in California.

            Enough said.

        • Irishgirl

          Another example of their shortsightedness. They seize the land and then the realization hits: “Holy hell, we don’t know how to farm.”

          • Sick of it

            Then the blacks starve…and blame it all on the evil white man, so we send them shipments of food. The modern black economy.

        • Lygeia

          The only way to do this is to make as much money as possible. There has been a bit of talk recently about when Oregon became a state in 1859, it’s constitution did not allow blacks to live, work, or own land in Oregon. Anyone been to Portland lately? If you build it, they will come.

  • dd121

    The true nature of blacks is not part of the liberal neighbors.

  • Preparation HBomb

    So the bottom line is, if you’re black, you’re supposed to be above the law in every respect. I really beg to differ with that. I think it’s high time to start getting rid of this low-life nonsense. And since there are a lot of prominent low-lifes, it’d be best to start with them.

  • While they have now released the video, there are large groups of blacks reminding their ‘brothas’ and ‘sistas’ that ‘Snitches Get Stitches.’

  • LHathaway

    Give them a break. At least they didn’t kill anyone that week.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      Its only Friday, give it time.

  • TruthBeTold

    powerful yet peaceful demonstrations

    I don’t see the objection to posting pictures of peaceful demonstrations (unless they aren’t).

    • Magician

      I have rarely, if ever, seen a demonstration that is not annoying in my life

  • baldowl

    The upshot here is, black people being held accountable for their actions is…racist?

  • libertarian1234

    “……which is further evidence that the videos are serving a larger purpose of propagating the department’s narrative of the criminality of these Black youth.”

    And, even if that’s true, is there something wrong with reminding everybody that these people are NOT protestors but criminals taking advantage of a situation to steal, rob and assault?

    After all it was their lying premise that police go looking for blacks to harass and arrest. This black dork is complaining that the police are reiterating a fact which is part of this entire matter, showing that arresting black perps was justified, because they committed crimes.

    Black thinking is nonsensical just like everything else about them. Some of them can learn to string together a few phrases and clichés, but VERY few of them can think in logical terms. Or in abstract terms.

  • Dwight

    A bigger crock I have rarely seen. The devaluing of black lives?! Try reading ‘White Girl Bleed Alot.” It’s white lives that have been devalued at the hands of blacks and not just through crime but also affirmative action.

  • Robert Smith

    They are being judged on “the content of their character.” And, it ain’t looking good.

  • IstvanIN

    Thank goodness they don’t put most wanted pictures in Post Offices anymore!

  • E. Newton

    This video was edited, possibly it was changed entirely to add all these African-americans in as some kind of cartoon characters or something similar. All the African-americans I know are peaceful individuals, hired at work so that we have true diversity. They are such honest people, law abiding to a fault. And peaceful, did I say that already. The half dozen shootings and stabbing at my work place over the last few months have really been an anomaly. I always say, if you are looking for reliable intelligent people to work with, an African-american is your best choice. I’ll be running for office soon, so I wanted to get that out on the record.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Make sure you get some pictures of you kissing some black babies.

  • Douglas Quaid

    What’s pathetic to me is that when whites point this stuff out it is raycis. However, blacks celebrate this sort of behaviour, World Star Hip Hop is made up of blacks celebrating their vile behavior. I saw a video yesterday that a black acqaintance showed me at work, it was this gigantic black woman, butt naked, yelling incoherently (isn’t it always?), and tearing a convenience store apart. He thought it was pretty cool, you’d think he’d be ashamed to show that stuff off.

  • pwnful truth

    It will be nearly impossible to convict anyone off that video. “We all look alike” is a defense which stands up in court

    • Robert Smith

      Oh sure, I just look at it as a PSA. If we could show the true extent of black crime on our TV networks and discuss it freely, black crime would be a thing of the past in short order.

  • I think this video is racist. It is just trying to make blacks look bad. I mean there is nothing worse than actually showing blacks on video doing what they actually do. Intolerable.

  • Lygeia

    The truth isn’t racist.

  • bilejones

    I do hope that some of these undocumented shoppers move into Nick Chiles’ neighborhood.

    • Chiles has an interesting set of priorities, in which looting and arson is not the problem, but identifying looters and arsonists apparently is.

      • Robert Smith

        They sure don’t seem to mind having that element reside with them. In white areas that element is not tolerated. Looting is a shoot to kill offense. Apparently, in black areas, looters are to be treated as endangered animals.

  • capt_quelch

    While this is certainly one of the most immature, irresponsible articles I have read in the aftermath of the goings-on in Missouri, consider the source; “The Atlanta BlackStar”. This article being from this publication obviously immediately loses any credibility that it may have hoped for.

  • WR_the_realist

    But from the St. Louis police we get a reminder: They’re not politicized
    young people fiercely exercising their first amendment rights; they’re
    just criminals and thugs stealing stuff.

    They are just criminals and thugs stealing stuff.

  • mikefromwichita

    ID them, arrest them, pile on the Charges including RICO, use the threat of 10 20 30 years in prison to get to the terrorist conspiracy leaders behind this. Hope they violently resist arrest and that the police act accordingly.

  • slobotnavich

    What’s become a ¨dirty little secret¨ is that if black crime is backed out of US crime (and particularly violent crime) stats the US is one of the most crime-free nations in the world. Admittedly, Hispanics are now contributing increasingly to crime rates, but they still have a long way to go to close the lead held by blacks. This all really began in earnest with LBJs Great Society Program of 1965, which actually far exceeded the goal of equality before the law and created a de-facto reality of black privilege and special consideration in hiring, job performance requirements, and expectations of social performance and behavior. We’re paying a stiff price for traditional Democrat vote-buying and electoral theft.

  • John Smith

    Evidence is racist.

  • Blacks don’t care about these deaths (Travon, Brown, etc)–to them it’s just another excuse for free stuff when incidents such as Ferguson occur. Looting and vandalizing and dreaming of ghetto lottery winnings (suing everyone in sight) are all that’s on their minds. Liberals are too dumb to recognize it.

  • guest

    No “discrimination” ever practiced by American Whites against Blacks even approximates the atavistic intensity with which indigenous African groupings adjacent to the pygmies have rejected association of any kind with them and have explicitly treated them as “sub-human” mentally and emotionally. At the time of the research (under cover of “photo safaris”?), social and political policy was ripening toward the eviction of the Twa pygmies from their natural habitat in the rain forest (alongside mountain gorillas ) into villages and towns. Emerging information is consistent with, but not yet especially indicative of, the possibility of covert efforts having taken place under the auspices of, or with the active support of, the American national security system. If so, it would be interesting drama for inner sanctums of our national security system to deal with racial realism in Africa while shrinking from any sense of obligation within the U.S. ? The senior researcher in the fatal 1987 “safari” was a preeminent expert in the use of behavior modification to shape mentally retarded behaviors so as to eliminate behaviors that otherwise would be intrusive violations of normal social standards–e.g, to eliminate mouth drooling; inappropriate giggling, slouching, poor eye contact, poor standards of dress and grooming, etc. In undeveloped societies, such behavior shaping can make it possible for mentally retarded persons to attain a distanced and marginal social status as messengers, unskilled laborers, etc. as distinct from being totally rejected and banished. Relevant? Very possibly.