Brandeis Student Journalist: ‘Selective Outrage’ on Campus

Susan Berry, Breitbart, January 11, 2015

A Brandeis student who reported on the anti-police tirade of one of the school’s student leaders says the ensuing attacks he has endured have led him to the conclusion that the university’s actions have invited a culture of “selective outrage,” in which the expressed prejudices of the left are protected, while opposing views are portrayed as hate speech and quashed through intimidation.

On December 20, Daniel Mael, a Brandeis University senior and a contributor to the conservative Truth Revolt and the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, reported on a tweet sent out by student leader Khadijah Lynch, a Brandeis junior and an undergraduate department representative in the African and Afro-American Studies Department.

Though Lynch’s Twitter account is now “protected,” on the day New York City police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were murdered, she reportedly tweeted out, “I have no sympathy for the NYPD officers who were murdered today . . . LMAO, all I just really don’t have sympathy for the cops who were shot. I hate this racist, f***ing country.”

In a piece published in Time on Thursday, where Mael wrote about the response to his report, he said, “As a student journalist who frequently writes about the culture wars on campus, I knew her comments were newsworthy.”

“Here was a student leader at a well-known American university publicly condoning cold-blooded murder,” he added. “So I wrote a short blog post highlighting Lynch’s public comments. These pieces usually generate a local response, but this post went viral.”


Since his report, Mael states he himself has been the recipient of threats as well as demands from fellow Brandeis student Michael Piccione that the school’s administrators punish him for reporting on student leader Lynch’s tweet.

As reported in Campus Reform, Piccione, whom Mael does not know personally, distributed on December 22 a mass email to Brandeis students, titled “Holding Daniel Mael accountable,” in which Piccione accused Mael of provoking hate, placing student safety in jeopardy, and violating the school’s policies.

“[Mael] must be aware of the impact that publishing such articles could have on other people’s safety, and it is important that he be held accountable for his actions,” Piccione reportedly said in his email to Brandeis students.

On the same day, a petition written by Shane Scott appeared in which Scott wrote that Lynch “spoke her mind on issues regarding the execution of two Brooklyn police officers,” and referred to the reaction to Mael’s reporting of Lynch’s tweet as “public vilification that ensued due to the misguided, diluted and unscrupulous representation of her character” by Mael.

The petition continues:

The deliberate targeting and misrepresentation of Khadijah’s thoughts as well as the misuse of her personal photos have catalyzed a series of hate speech that puts her life and safety in danger. This is Libel. This is Defamation of Character. This is Cyber bullying. This should not be condoned. It is clear, that the intentions of the author were not to spurt a healthy conversation welcoming all sides, but rather to publicly defame Khadijah.

Following the launch of this petition, another titled “Ensure Daniel Mael’s Safety and Free Speech Rights” was initiated as well.

Two days after the petition against him was published, Jamele Adams, Brandeis Dean of Students, notified Mael that the school was issuing a “no contact order” against him in which he was ordered not to have any contact with Piccione. The same order was reportedly issued to Piccione.

“That contact ban has since been lifted,” Mael wrote in Time, but added his concern, “I could potentially face trouble in Brandeis’s student judicial system, as ‘[a]ny alleged violation(s) of these conditions should be reported to the Dean of Students Office.’”

Mael also reported that the Brandeis Asian-American Student Association stood “in solidarity with” Lynch. He stated as well that when he met with Brandeis public safety officials to discuss the threats made against him, “I was told that I should consider changing my dorm room, and that it is a reasonable expectation that my car would be vandalized. They also recommended that I purchase mace at the local Walmart.”



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  • MekongDelta69

    Welcome to every college campus… brainwashing and indoctrination center in America, Daniel Mael.

    It’s been this way for 50 years

    • See The Future

      Ever since blacks and foreigners have been allowed into institutions of higher learning it has been a steady decline.

      Further most universities have hired foreigners, women and/or affirmative action persons.

      Abusing our bright white children at public expense.

      • MooTieFighter

        exactly, go review the med school stats that was recently reviewed on AMREN. we are bending over for ungrateful people at our on demise and loss of safety.

      • Awaken The Heroes of Old

        Ever since blacks and foreigners have been allowed into institutions of higher learning it has been a steady decline.

        Correction. “Ever since the tribe gained control of our institutions of higher learning and began flooding them with blacks and foreigners….”

      • Tim

        On my last day of college at age 48, I got jazzed up and did a walk-about on campus thru the office and administration areas. Black women and Indian men literally came out of their offices and stood in the hallways wondering what a middle aged White guy was doing sauntering thru their turf. I stared back at them as hard as they did me. We both had “What the hell is he/she DOING here?!?” look on our faces…

        • See The Future

          I am equally ashamed of the university I graduated from many years ago before all of this insanity.

      • saxonsun

        Women are not and never have been less than men. I have no doubt that you re a het male. After all, what other group belittles women as inferior yet must have sex with them?…! Incredible.

        • Julius Caesar

          Why on Earth are YOU generalizing and belittling heterosexual men?

        • See The Future

          Yes I am a heterosexual male and proud. A family man too with a wife that I love dearly. But we have both seen the result of feminism, divorce, abortion, women in police, fire and military, and all the places they do not belong. Men and women are not equal and have different strengths and weaknesses. Men and women in marriage have traditionally worked together for the benefit of their families and society. What we see today is liberal Marxist rot and decay invading all great institutions of what was once a great America. Hopefully white women will wake up one day and understand their very survival will depend on going back to their men to fight the enemy and traitors in their midst.

          • World_War_Me

            I can tell you I’ve woken up to it. I understand with 100% clarity that when the SHTF and the U.S. completely disintegrates into a third-world country with third-world people and third-world values, the women (particularly the White women) of this country could be in serious trouble.

            Feminist and SJWs have a safe, comfy, first-world civilized environment where they have the luxury of being arrogant, anti-White, anti-heterosexual male radicals. Under Mexican and/or Islamic values and rules, they’ll begin to understand — too late — what REAL Patriarchy looks like. While they’re sitting locked in a house covered in a burka, or when they’re being moved around like livestock in a sex slave market, they’ll think back and cringe at their privileged, naive days of whining on Tumblr.

            This whole scenario reminds me of the Walking Dead meme with Daryl holding his crossbow looking all rugged. It says, “”Everybody makes fun of the redneck until the zombie apocalypse.” This is how SJWs, liberals, feminists, etc. will start looking at White heterosexual men once SHTF.

    • MBlanc46

      My higher education goes back fifty years and it wasn’t nearly as bad then as it is now. They’re weren’t speech codes and they didn’t have student courts. There was no diversity officer. Institutions of higher learning sure weren’t hotbeds of race realism, I could criticize the chaplain’s excursion to Selma and only be considered benighted.

      • There was a proposed speech code at UC Santa Cruz when I was there in the late 1980’s, which I refused to sign. After graduating and breaking up with my girlfriend there, I moved back to Colorado. I only really became a racist during my undergrad years in California; it often has that effect on people.

        Did I emerge hating Orientals? No, of course not. In high school chemistry, my lab partner was a nice HK Chinese gal, Cynthia Ko. She tried to cheer me up when I was miserable after Diane McConkey cut it off with me, but it didn’t work. Cynthia wasn’t breathtakingly pretty to my eyes, but she was a brilliant chemist, who later went to college at MIT. I haven’t worked in chemistry in almost 15 years, but I would work with her again in a New York second. I was once the best in the world in my field, though some guys from Mitsubishi were close. I hope Cynthia has done better then I. A good lab partner can not easily be replaced. Did I love her? Of course; how could I not? She was my lab partner, though, so I always thought of her as like a sister, but a little bit better than that.

        To the extent that education should involve obvious “others”, this should be accidental, and never politicized.

  • DennisDale

    the misguided, diluted and unscrupulous representation of her character” by Mael.

    I was scratching my head over “diluted” when I realized: this student at an elite college meant “deluded”.

    • Yancy Derringer

      Me too. The quotation from his petition made it clear he’s no wordsmith: all the caps and “spurt a healthy conversation”?

      • DennisDale

        His spurt was diluted.

        • World_War_Me


    • propagandaoftruth

      “[Mael] must be aware of the impact that publishing such articles could have on other people’s safety, and it is important that he be held accountable for his actions,” Piccione reportedly said in his email to Brandeis students.

      Action to be held accountable for? Telling the TRUTH!

    • gemjunior

      My God. I didn’t understand that either. Frightening.

  • See The Future

    Khadijah Lynch is a person of color

  • Easyrhino

    The selective outrage by universities is in perfect lock-step with that of the MSM. Coincidence?

  • Luca

    Being guilty of telling the truth should not be viewed as a crime. But then, that would only apply in a normal world, not in a liberal utopia.

  • Mack0

    That beast Lynch screams I hate this F%&*ing country but it is only in a country like the United States that someone of such low intelligence like Lynch would be allowed within a thousand miles of an institution of higher learning. She should wake up everyday-probably around noon-thanking her lucky stars she lives in the United States.

    • Who Me?

      Lil Miss Khadijah needs to be awakened at daybreak, handed a bowl of porridge and her hoe and sent to the fields to work all day. She’d (hopefully) be too tired at the end of the day to write nonsense like how she’s happy that police officers are dead and she hates this #$%&ing country.

    • gemjunior

      If natural events had taken their course, she would be squatting outside a dusty mud hut, pounding a bowlful of grain with a stick. Then she and her brood of children would eat out of that one vessel, all sticking their fingers into the bowl at the same time, eating without utensils (tools). The intervening events are what has misplaced this evolutionary misfit into an American “university” (which was once a place that we aspired to…)

  • John

    Forget WalMart and the mace route. If I were this guy I’d be heading to the local gun shop for an extra weapon. Courthouse for a carry permit if I (he) didn’t already have one. I have a feeling this kid just tanked his GPA I’m sorry to say. With his old fashioned sense of right and wrong, he’s in the wrong institution of higher learning. Read up on Brandeis’ history. You’ll figure it out.

  • MooTieFighter

    ” she reportedly tweeted out, “I have no sympathy for the NYPD officers who were murdered today . . . LMAO, all I just really don’t have sympathy for the cops who were shot. I hate this racist, f***ing country.”” …………….Well leave. Try your hand in any other country and see how you do in “African studies”. You are a sham that has been handed a good life and hate those that have made it possible. You and your kind sicken me. You are glad to see people dead that have probably already worked harder than you would in 4 lifetimes.

    • Lygeia

      I’m still trying to understand the Ebonic grammatical structure of “all I just really don’t have sympathy for the cops who were shot.”

      • antiquesunlight

        And, “I hate this racist, f***ing country.” Is “f***ing country” a person, or what? Clearly, she earned her way in with lots of hard work and natural smarts.

  • pcmustgo

    Geez, it was bad enough when I went to school in the late 90’s. Sounds like an absolute nightmare now with all this Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter/Ferguson sh– happening. Just that much worse. Luckily I went to a big university where the kids were too busy partying to get that into “PC”… liberals for sure, but not of this variety. Also, we didn’t have social media back then so not everyone knew your views. You slip up once on facebook now and the lynch mob gets you.

  • antiquesunlight

    “Mael also reported that the Brandeis Asian-American Student Association stood ‘in solidarity with’ Lynch.”

    Of course they did.

    • Yancy Derringer

      Was the Brandeis White Student Association asked for a statement? Sarc; such a group would be banned.

  • bubo

    Brandeis Asian-American Student Association stood “in solidarity with” Lynch.

    I’m sure the widow of Offcier Liu appreciates the sentiment.

  • dd121

    News flash, leftists are the biggest bullies on the planet.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Passive aggressive fembullies. Especially the men.

    • My old childhood bully was a leftist. He wasn’t stupid, either, as he graduated suma in mechanical engineering at CU Boulder, but always a commie, he later went to Kenya for the Peace Corps. He died late last August in a hospice after a bicycle accident. Apparently he went off his bicycle in Washington state and smashed his head. I can’t say I’m sorry, though if Martin had come here to apologize, I’d have shaken his hand and asked him whether he wanted to go fishing.

      God, how he once hated me! He calmed down quite a bit after Derek Fulmar beat the daylights out of him in junior high school. I was too dangerous to touch by then, as I always used some sort of weapon, usually three feet of heavy chain. I got some adults with that chain when they wanted to interfere.

      I think Martin was mistaken in his his vicious bullying; this only served to convince me I was right. He’s gone now, but he was so righteous about it all. I didn’t want any trouble. Yes, I’m right-wing, far more so than either of my parents, so I obviously wasn’t raised this way. On the other hand, what made me thus? The only leftist I ever loved was my high school girlfriend, and Diane was either the smartest pretty girl or the prettiest smart girl in the school, so she got a free pass. I wasn’t full of political hatred at the time. It really only flowered in college.

      I will now never know why that liberal bully hated me so much.

      • dd121

        I think I know the reason. They regard their leftist views as the moral high ground. They can’t just agree to disagree. If they can’t convince you, they hate you to the depths of their soul because they think you’re morally degraded. That has been true of every true blue leftist I’ve known.

  • Caucasoid88

    “I hate this f*cking racist country.” – Lady Lynch

    Then move to Africa, where it’s not racist at all.

    • Zimriel

      For whites, it will depend on where in Africa. South Africa and North Africa – and Islamic Africa – you’ll face hatred of whites. Elsewhere in Africa (I’m thinking Congo here) it seems you’ll be treated either as a god or as a mark for cash, often both.

      “Racism” in most of Africa appears to be intra-black for the most part: Hutu and Tutsi, Zulu and Xhosa. Whites are considered beyond all that.

    • model1911

      I would contribute $100.00 towards a one way flight.

  • Zimriel

    Mael is very brave.

    And shame on the Asian student union for not supporting the cops in this instance. They’re not even thinking of their fellow Asians, like the one Michael Brown robbed and beat.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Saw a movie last night in which Danes disparaged Swedes.

  • Yancy Derringer

    They’re such pathetic little lemmings. Absent any overt racism on campus to protest, they manufacture it, just like it’s done in “the real world.” How shallow they are, how gullible.

  • Magician

    Don’t forget having to pay $200K

  • Magician


  • antiquesunlight

    A bit off topic, but I would like to report that today my Physics II professor, in reference to Maxwell and others, said in class, “Yes, they were all old white European men. That’s how it was back then.” There was a general chuckle among students (unnoticed glare from me) and two hispanic girls behind me seemed particularly amused. Later, I overheard him say that he’s married to a Nicaraguan.

    • Mary

      Well, if it were not for those reviled “old white European men”, we’d all be living like it was “back then.” WAY “back then.” Arrogant, moronic ingrates.

    • Anna Tree

      As if it is not still old white men. It’s the case because they are just the best, having had the best teachers (also old white men.)
      Without old white men there wouldn’t be physics as we know, and there will not be. Playing is not enough; a student needs learning and shoulders to climb on to reach higher places.

  • Pelayo

    If the university administration uses any discipline against him I would suggest he lawyers up and makes the bastards bleed cash defending their actions. This is how these people’s intimidation tactics need to be dealt with.

  • Lkoehn

    African and Afro American studies says it all. A person who is obviously ashamed of her color and gender and is trying to overcompensate by talking like a fool to impress the fools she surrounds herself with. Pity because she is probably going to school on borrowed money and taking subjects that very few consider relevant and will be unable to find a job when she graduates so she will default on her loans and the tax payer will take another one in the cheeks for trying educate people too ignorant to take advantage of the opportunity they had.

  • 4teepee

    The seeds of affirmative action.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    I hate to be that person, but that’s not true. Ask any linguistic anthropologist – Ebonics DOES have a grammatical structure. The human brain is SO wired for grammar that we create it automatically.

    Thing is, it’s a totally different grammatical structure from standard English. Which is why we whites find it incomprehensible.

    Why does it have its own grammatical structure? Because Ebonics/AAVE is half-way to a separate language.

  • Anna Tree

    A child asks his mother, “Mama what’s Socialism and what is Racism?”

    “Well son, Socialism is when white folks work every day so we can get
    all our benefits, you knows like free cell phones for each family
    member, rent subsidy, food stamps, EMC, free healthcare, utility
    subsidy, free computers and internet connection, free food, free
    clothing, free gifts at Christmas, and on and on, you knows? That’s

    “But mama, don’t white people get mad about that?”

    “Sure they do son, that’s called Racism!”

  • ….