Posted on December 17, 2014

Police Pepper Spray Crowd at Franklin Park Mall

Anastasia Ellis, ABC 13 Toledo, December 17, 2014

Pre-sale fervor over coveted athletic shoes has some crying “foul,” after a scuffle with police outside of the Franklin Park Mall.

Dozens lined up at the JCPenney entrance for a chance to get a ticket to buy $200 “Jordan 11” sneakers.

Those tickets would allow shoppers to return to Finish Line this Saturday so they could buy the limited-edition shoes.

Those in the crowd tell 13abc: 300-400 people lined up overnight, but the store had 100-150 tickets.

Around 6 a.m., according to shoppers, those with Finish Line announced a delay in the opening of the store, prompting outcries from the crowd.

Some in the group then allegedly became belligerent, prompting officers to fire pepper spray.