Pamphlet Provides Islamic State Guidelines for Sex Slaves

Katharine Lackey, USA Today, December 13, 2014


The Middle East Media Research Institute says the Research and Fatwa Department of the Islamic State released the document titled “Questions and Answers on Taking Captives and Slaves,” which it claims was printed by the militant group’s publishing house.

The pamphlet–which MEMRI says was posted on a pro-Islamic State Twitter account–answers more than 20 questions and states, among other things, that it is OK to have sex with non-Muslim slaves, including adolescents, and that it is also acceptable to beat and trade them.

USA TODAY could not independently verify that the document was written by the Islamic State or its members, nor that it was printed by the group’s publishing house. However, its contents have been widely shared by news organizations. {snip}


On the question of whether it is allowable to have sex with a slave who has not reached puberty, the document states: “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse.”

The document also says it is OK to buy, sell or trade a female captive because they are “merely property, which can be disposed of.” However, the pamphlet says a woman can’t be sold if she becomes pregnant by her owner.

It also says it is permissible to beat a slave so long as it’s a form of disciplinary beating. However, it is forbidden to hit the face.

In some of its answers, the document cites the Koran to back up its claims. In answering whether it’s OK to have sex with a captive, the pamphlet states, “It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with the female captive. Allah the almighty said: ‘(Successful are the believers) who guard their chastity, except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are free from blame (Koran 23:5-6).'”


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  • AmericanCitizen

    Good thing Obama and his socialist cronies are hard at work trying to stop the GOP “war on women” because some birth control methods are not compatible with some religious beliefs.

    The ISIS “war on women”? If Obama read a newspaper that had a story about it, he’d be sure to use a very stern tone when reprimanding ISIS in public about it.

  • I think it is OK to dismember Muslim males who commit rape, which makes us even.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      When do we start Michael ?

      (the Australian story was huge here and it really left a very, very sour taste in my mouth)

      • See The Future

        Civilization cannot function as intended when over-run with savages that openly march and commit to destroy us. To allow these protest marches by muslims and blacks threatening death is insanity.

    • See The Future

      I would recommend a nice sharp guillotine.

      Guaranteed results.

      • I think the other head should come off first, but do not know how far to push the moderator.

        • See The Future

          I agree…..and likely to be a high rate of mortality without antibiotics.
          But so long as they live they are dangerous. Wounded and humiliated even more so. The threat must be eliminated absolutely.

        • Reynardine

          Two four-wheelers. Two chains, one on each head. Hook it all up and drive in opposite directions.

      • Sick of it

        What’s wrong with an axe? It’s traditional for Northern Europeans.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        I have some great ideas involving a flatbed and some nylon ratchet straps.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Since all men are potential rapists in left wing logic, should we carry that to it’s logical end with muslims?

      • Reynardine

        All men are rapists. Women are completely equal to men. Therefore all women are rapists.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Islam enables banditry, slavery, rape, conquest, extortion. It’s a field manual for institutional human depravity.

    • Paleoconn

      I think the British men in Rotherham were dismembered long ago for them to let the Muslims there do what they did to their girls for so long.

  • Anna Tree

    Here is the support from the islamic scriptures themselves:

    allah in the koran itself allows pedophily:

    1. koranic verse 65:4 says that the IDDAT (waiting period to be sure there is no
    pregnancy before remarying) for pre-pubescent girls is 3 months.

    2. koranic verse 33:49 says that if you have not had sex with your wife then there is no iddat.

    Therefore, in order for the Iddat to be observed for pre-pubescent
    wives, the koran estimates that husbands have sex with their child-wife.

    Read sahih Muslim book 8 chapter 10 and 9:


    Book 008, Number 3303 for example

    Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Messenger (may
    peace be upon him) as having said: A woman without a husband (or
    divorced or a widow) must not be married until she is consulted, and a
    virgin must not be married until her permission is sought. They asked
    the Prophet of Allah (may peace be upon him): How her (virgin’s) consent
    can be solicited? He (the Holy Prophet) said: That she keeps silence.


    Book 008, Number 3309 for example:

    ‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah’s Messenger (may
    peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was
    admitted to his house at the age of nine. She further said: We went to
    Medina and I had an attack of fever for a month, and my hair had come
    down to the earlobes. Umm Ruman (my mother) came to me and I was at that
    time on a swing along with my playmates. She called me loudly and I
    went to her and I did not know what she had wanted of me. She took hold
    of my hand and took me to the door, and I was saying: Ha, ha (as if I
    was gasping), until the agitation of my heart was over. She took me to a
    house, where had gathered the women of the Ansar. They all blessed me
    and wished me good luck and said: May you have share in good. She (my
    mother) entrusted me to them. They washed my head and embellished me and
    nothing frightened me. Allah’s Messenger (, may peace be upon him) came
    there in the morning, and I was entrusted to him.

    • OyVey00

      The koran verses are widely known, but what most people don’t know is that the Talmud allows Jews to have sex with 3 year old girls and 7 year old boys. Religious Jews are as dangerous as Muslims.

      • me

        Shhhh! You’re not supposed to ‘notice’.

      • Anna Tree

        I read the koran and sahih ahadith, notably to check if those verses were correct, on paper and islamic websites. They are real and so many sites talk and endorse them.

        Moreover, many Muslims are actually applying those verses, for example with those Yazidis but also with Copts, and English girls and I fear more. Besides the thousands of muslim child brides, even in more modern and secular countries like Turkey.

        Now there are evil and criminal individuals in all races and religions, the reason why I fight islam is that islam allows and sometimes orders those horrible individuals to do what they do, moreover to our children, with the blessings of their god and the behavior of their prophet. So it’s not only the sick perverts but also those who want to be good muslims and imitate mohamed, and that as long as islam exists.

        I tried in the past to check those verses from the talmud without success. Maybe you can help, give me the verses and the Jewish sites that show and endorse them. And if you have any articles about judges and rabbis marrying little girls to grown ups. Or articles saying that it is an accepted practice in Israel like it is in Saudia. Rapes of boys are not really prosecuted in Pakistan for example, are they not prosecuted in Israel? Then I will fight on this Jews and Judaism as I fight Muslims and islam. Right now I only fight circumcision pushed on us and the anti-white Jews.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Yeah these guys will hate Jews regardless of the level of information you present.

          They have some kind of irrational Jewish focus.

          Sure, there are anti White Liberal Jews that are a big problem (Tim Wise, George Soros).

          However, there are conservative Jews like Michael Savage and Mark Levin.

          I am definitely not sold on this Jew conspiracy nonsense.

          I think a lot of it stems from the fact that many White nationalists are losers in real life. It makes them feel better to blame someone for all their ills instead of looking objectively in the mirror.

          I don’t think this will ever change.

          • Anna Tree

            I agree with all what you wrote except what you said about many White nationalists being losers (I will delete the reference if you wrote it too quickly on the spurt of the moment, no pressure if you didn’t and it is your opinion, you have the right to your opinion.)

            Everybody, especially in hardship and pain, has the instinct or need to blame someone else indeed.
            I hope it could change but I am not sure: I think that their anti-Jew position is not triggered by their white nationalism, it exists by itself. For some I presume even before they were white racialist. But it is insane when they prefer or equate islam and muslims over a pro-white White with some Jewish ancestry.

            I am a white nationalist too, but I am because I am a white racialist: so for me a pro-white white Jew is a pro-white White. That is, DNA decides, not ideology.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            The reason I think they are “losers” is because they want to focus on the “Jew” due to jealousy. Its basically pathological and counterproductive.

            Your take on the Jewish question is much closer to reality than the ones who incessantly focus on the “Jew”.

            Why do you think they are so focused on the “Jew”, to the exclusion of everything else?

            Typical anti Jew White Nationalist rhetoric includes:

            1) Feminism is only due to Jews despite contrary evidence that plenty of non Jewish women support this philosophy as well. Even on Storefront, the majority of women hold the same views as Betty Friedan despite being anti-Jewish.

            2) Low White Birth Rate is due to the Jews “corruption of women” but not their focus on career and “good times” over having children and a family

            3) All economic problems are due to Jews despite White non Jewish billionaires behaving IDENTICALLY to Jewish billionaires.

            Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Walmart, etc are no different in politics than George Soros.

            Hell, Sheldon Adelson is more conserative and pro-White than most non Jewish billionaires.

            4) Islamics are fine but Jews are terrible. The David Duke philosophy is that we can get along with Muslims, despite them multiplying and taking over Europe, but we can’t with the Jews.

            5) All immigration is the “Jews fault” despite the Catholic Church, mainline Protestant churches, etc taking an open borders approach as well.

            Why are they so focused on Jews? What is the psychological mechanism for this?

            I can only explain it as being a “loser” who can’t look at the situation honestly and wants a “scapegoat” to make themselves feel better. Its harder to look at internal White weakness.

          • Anna Tree

            Yes I think it is a weakness because if we are targeting the wrong reason for what is going on, then the danger may come again in a few generations, even in our future white country.

            I think liberal leftism, pathological altruism and projection are a common denominator for anti-white whites while many of them are also ultra rich, greedy and/or intellectuals. And many Jews fall in those categories…
            Beside the fact that it seems to me those liberal Jews are as jewish as Obama is Christian…

            I agree with those who blame in general women and Jews, but I always comment that it is not all women and not all Jews. There is a difference though: white countries can do without the white Jews, but they can’t do without the white women… Still I think the same way that white racialist women shouldn’t be blamed, white racialist jews shouldn’t too.

            First, we are not enough to be so divided. And second, a white is a white and a pro-white white Jew is a pro-white White. The individual shouldn’t be blamed for the sins of their group, only if he/she follows an anti-white ideology (like liberal leftism, feminism etc) Some Jews are posting here, some are blogging, they are fighting the diversity crowd as much as we do.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Yes but that doesn’t explain the psychological need to blame the “Jew” for all of the White problems, when clearly most of the White problems are internal.

            Also, blaming the average American woman isn’t a problem for me.

            Even White nationalist women who act like Betty Freidan isn’t better.

            There are tons of women that hate gender roles, want to have sex with tons of low life males in their 20s, etc even among “White nationalist women”.

            If women behave this way, they need to be called out. However, White Knight Nationalists are afraid of their women. So they rather just blame some Jew.

            Just like a Jew like George Soros needs to be called out as well. But guys like him are called out constantly on Amren.

          • Anna Tree

            I would say a mix of:

            – Beforehand antisemitism
            .historical background: dislike of bankers in Western Europe or of the Tsar’s tax collectors in Eastern Europe.
            .religious background with the claim that the Jews killed Jesus or kill Christian boys for Passover etc
            – scapegoat natural reflex: “it’s not me, it is you”
            – minority/foreign/outsider blaming is maybe not only a psychological need but a hard wired need, fruit of evolution: protect one kin over the other tribe’s kin. It’s not only against Jews, there have been many wars between other white ethnicity for centuries but Jews were landless and so got it the worse. And they don’t forget so the others don’t either and they do cultivate a victim mentality to stengthen their own/made-up identity and unity.
            – jealousy re. intellectual and financial success.


            – the anti-Israel propaganda (about Palestinians) that is a symptom but became a further reason for anti-jewish sentiments by itself.
            – that Israel demands Israel for Jews while (some/many/most ?) Jews in white countries are pro-diversity.

            – And that indeed too many rich/influential/intellectual Jews and “Jews” are anti-whites.

            Do you see others?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Nope that about covers it. Good analysis.

  • TheCogitator

    These people have beliefs that are not compatible with ours. If that is the way the want to live, I’m not going to interfere, but they need to do it over there, and we should be doing our things here, and not over there. There is nothing wrong with being naked or clothed, but they don’t do well in the same neighborhood.

    • me

      Liberals, gheys, and ‘feminists’ are the dumbest people on the planet for supporting the immigration and ‘protective status’ of Islamists. If we have a large population of Islamists, we’re going to see these three groups get slaughtered under Islam’s ‘religious laws’, not to mention the rampant pedophilia they’re advocating. You can’t fix stupid, but you might sit back and watch stupid fix you.

      • Anna Tree

        Actually every time islam really took over, like in Iran with Khomeiny, the communists, feminists and intellectuals/liberals were indeed the first to be killed. The fools!

  • Muhammad married a 6 year old little girl, and apparently consummated the marriage when she turned 9.

    He was truly a despicable religious leader.

    • TheCogitator

      I guess that answers when they are “fit for intercourse.” By our standards, they are a sick people.

    • B.A_2014

      He waited three years. What a gentleman that Muhammad fella was.

      • Anna Tree

        Only because she was sick! Her hair was falling down, no wonder, he was molesting her since the marriage…

        Aisha never became pregnant.

  • IstvanIN

    The religion of peace.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      The religion of retardation and depravity

    • See The Future

      Where slavery begins

    • connorhus

      The religion of lies.

    • DaveMed


      I mean, not when you say it. When they say it.

  • Luca

    And so you must be asking yourself if the NAACP and all the feminist movements are marching on the UN to protest as we speak.

    No, because in the cult of Liberalism, slavery and pedophilia aare perfectly acceptable because the Muslim are friends who will help defeat the evil, White, male, racist, Christian, heterosexuals.

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    • The enemy of my enemy is almost always also my enemy.

    • connorhus

      The Feminist deserve the Muslims.

      • Reynardine

        I read an article by a feminist that detailed how “liberating” and “safe” she felt in a burka and that she thinks that women have greater freedom in Islam.

        • me

          Liberalism is a mental disorder and a fanatic’s club of stupidity and ignorance.

        • B.A_2014

          It is impossible to reason with such people. They may be our people but I would prefer they were our people whilst holidaying in the dirt.

  • superlloyd

    They’re only following their prophet’s example and the Koran. True believers of the religion of peace. Remember that today all cultures are equally valid. It would be racist to criticise Islam according to PC doctrine.

    • me

      And how, if I may ask, did Islam become a ‘race’, rather than a depraved cult? Liberals and Socialists are insane, illogical, and dangerous to themselves and others.

  • OS-Q

    Islam is sometimes described as a “political system masquerading as a religion” but to me it looks more and more like a gigantic slave raid.

  • Ograf

    Religions are good for what ? More people have lost their lives in the name of these fictional religions. Do people not learn from the past ?

    • See The Future

      Those that believe in the unknown are of weak mind.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      Well if it wasn’t for Christian missionary types in Africa…. OK never mind…

    • Sick of it

      It’s nice to smear some of the greatest scientists, soldiers, and rulers in our history just because you have a chip on your shoulder.

      • Ograf

        sounds like you are awaiting your 70 virgins.

        • B.A_2014

          70 Rosie O’Donnells.

    • Reynardine

      Atheism is no substitute. Society must have a guiding light, else it perishes in the darkness.

    • me

      Try and separate Protestant Christianity from European heritage–you cannot. The trouble started with ‘post-modern’ “Judeo-Christianity”, ‘progressive’ Roman Catholicism, ‘egalitarian’ socialism, and misplaced altruism. The churches today are nothing but politically-motivated, monetary-based, anti-White, government-funded, tax exempt business refuges for hucksters and materialistic atheists. They promote sin, vice, greed, mass immigration, and politically-correct power grabs. The churches today have nothing to do with spirituality and the soul. Christianity has been torn apart by worldly interests and ‘political correctness’. We need a second Christian Reformation, based on White advocacy. “Give me that old time religion”. As for other ‘religions’….Study theology, and you’ll find that Christianity is the ONLY theology that gives dignity, self-determinism, freedom, and value to the INDIVIDUAL, above the State, above ‘royalty’, and above class systems– because of European values and traditions. Why do you think that Christianity has been vilified so much in our ‘post-modern’ world, along with Christians? Christianity is DANGEROUS to the cultural Marxists, globalists, and totalitarians in their quest for dehumanization, absolute control, and White genocide.

    • Anna Tree

      Although I am an atheist, I understand and acknowledge that many if not most people need religion in their lives. It is an evolutionary construct, favored for group cohesion/hapiness and by more reproduction. Nothing is magical, spirituality has a physical base like everything else in existence.

      Some experiments have proven this need to be psychobiological (read “Ethics Without Gods” by Frank Zindler or “Why We Believe What We Believe” by Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman etc).

      But like cultures, religions are not equals. Some are better (Christianity has reformed, modernized, moderated and follows the Golden Rule and Jesus was a good man and is a good role model), while others, that orders skinning and dismembering living young boys like the aztec religion, or orders genocide, slavery or rape of those who don’t believe in their god like islam, are evil. And so it is a right and a duty to criticize islam. But we are told ad nauseum and threatened to respect islam while at the same time Christianity is vilified, this is insane.

      I do would prefer some kind of white racialist atheism (Europeidism and not
      humanism), but most people need god/spirituality and I respect that. As there is a need for a few religions around, and it does control for morality, I prefer Christianity for the whites, just it needs some reforms with the most important and essential being to become a white religion.

      If Christianity doesn’t become white, a white religion will be created. The soonest the best: we need something to bring whites together and stick together for good, with a sense of community, holidays, customs, historical stories etc A fusion of Ancient European religions, Christianity, science and white history. We just need to write a 200 pages holy book. I will get to it one day lol if Jared Taylor or other wiser men than me don’t do it first.

      • Ograf

        Thank you for your well presented reply and information. I myself have a connection with spiritual things and the basis for spirituality. Religions usually go back to some type of violence, or our way is the only right way. I was wondering if you are familiar with Cosmotheism ? I myself am always amazed at some of the horrors that have been done in the name of god.
        I myself can understand why one is an atheist, but as I said, I don’t deny or question things spiritual as I have seen and it has been proven to me.

        • Anna Tree

          Cosmotheism, pantheism, yes I heard about this. God is all. But it brings the same questions that monotheism brings in my opinion: did God created all? If he did then those two are separate, if he didn’t then who did, or what was before God/all. It’s the Occam Razor again: there is no need to explain the universe/life with a God when one doesn’t know how to explain the universe/life because it just add questions to the list of questions, it doesn’t give an answer.
          Also as a nature observer, you can see that men who do horrors in God’s name or not: there is a lot of horror anyway in the cosmos: read how atheism came to Darwin because of the suffering existing in nature, notably the story of the ichneumon wasp.

          I hope you didn’t mind me talking, I just enjoy talking about things: because again, each his own, I respect yours, the Golden Rule rules!

  • John

    The founder and current president of The Middle East Media Research Institute is one Yigal Carmon, formerly of the Israeli Defense Forces intelligence division and counter terrorism adviser to prime ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin 1988-93 among other things. The article specifically states that “USA TODAY could not independently verify that the document was written by the Islamic State or its members…”. Small wonder. I wouldn’t trust anything this guy or his obviously Israel first organization says any further than my wife could throw them. Why USA Today gave this story any mention at all and why Amren decided to republish it here raises serious questions about the credibility and journalistic integrity of both organizations.

    • Anna Tree

      If the selling and raping of Yazidi women (and Copts, and Swedish, English etc etc) was forbidden in islam, there would be thousands of imams issuing fatwas against it and threatening the muslims doing it while claiming their religiosity through creating a caliphate. Read my post above to see that they cannot say sex slavery is not islamic because allah allows it and “prophet” mohamed himself raped women taken as booty of jihad (Zuwayriah, Raihannah, Mariah the Copt, Safiya etc)

      • John

        Apparently you missed the substance of what I was saying. The founder of and the organization itself has as far as I’m concerned a credibility level of zero. They publish a “story” with no back up. USA Today gives them the benefit of the doubt (?) and publishes it with a small and barely noticeable disclaimer as to the credibility and then Amren republishes it. That’s what I’m concerned about. It’s not news, it’s mud slinging at best and and out and an out lie at worst. If not, then prove it for crying out loud. That’s what news organizations are supposed to do. Verify sources before they publish. Also, if an obviously Jewish organization such as this is going to criticize Islam for pedophile and sexist tendencies,then they’d best get their own house in order first. From the Jewish book of (so called) “Law”, the Talmud, and I quote

        “Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).
        Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.
        Kethuboth 11b. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”
        I guess I should add more than a little psychopathic and pedophilia oriented as well.

        • Anna Tree

          I don’t care about Judaism apart from the push for circumsision, but I have studied islam from islamic sites after 9.11 and I can tell you first hand that I have read/heard imams and Muslims and islamic scriptures saying exactly the same things. I didn’t believe USA Today or Memri or even the ex-muslims, I went to the sources.
          But I don’t think that everything al jazeera says is incorrect or that everything Jerusalem post says is incorrect.

          Like I asked two other posters here, I need a source from a Jewish sites with Jewish scriptures posted. Like you said all kind of things are posted on the internet and we shouldn’t believe everything without checking. I didn’t believe the things from the koran because anti-muslims told them to me but because I read them in the koran. I think it is fair and rational to do the same with Judaism (or Christianity etc.) There are reformed movements in those religions while Muslims who want to reform their religion are branded Non-muslims and threatened or killed, even in our Western countries like Mr. Khalifa.

          Also there is a difference between the koran that muslims say are words of allah and as allah says the koran is complete, perfect and eternel ( koran 5:15, 44:58, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40, 6:114, 5:16, 10:15, 2:2 etc) and the talmud that are words of ancient rabbis that disagree with each others and have evolved with time. “prophet” mohamed is allah says the best man ever and a model to follow for all mankind, all time and all places. Unless you bring me rabbis today who marry grown up Jews with three year old girls because of the talmud like I can bring you many examples of imams who marry grown up Muslims with young girls because of mohamed.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Holy crap, you are the most rational female I have ever seen on Amren.


            Good arguments you’re making.

  • Lewis33

    It kind of sounds like another religious book that said this…

    15. “A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated.” — .9boda Sarah 37a.

    • Reynardine

      Something about living in a desert makes pedophilia completely acceptable.

      • me

        If one doesn’t like either theologies, does that make one an anti-Semite or an anti-pedophile?

      • Anna Tree

        Actually my theory is that polygamy triggers pedophilia: it’s mathematics: there is not enough women to have men marry more than one, so men will marry younger and younger, targeting the newer

        • me

          My theory is that your theory is incorrect. Hehehe! Polygamy is only practiced by a few. There’s plenty of women around in Western European countries, yet there’s still the sickness of pedophilia. How do you explain this–barring the ‘feminist’ women, who are really just a handful of fanatics that can’t think? I blame the media, pornography, gay rights, NAMBLA, ‘multiculturalism’, Mestizo quincineras, Islam, Talmudic writings, Japanese comics, 4chan, Madison Avenue, school ‘indoctrination’, sex education, pervert teachers, and the ‘government’. Especially the ‘government, for destroying the family, waging a war on Christianity, ignoring and defending organizations and religious groups that are threats to children, and making ‘laws’ that destroy a man’s right to defend his family from predators of all kinds. Pedophilia will probably be legalized soon, since the ‘usual suspects’ are pushing this as a ‘lifestyle choice’ through their stranglehold on the field of psychology.

        • Reynardine

          You have a very valid theory. I remember Pashtuns talking about how “since you can’t see the boys, you have to look at the kids.” Implying that since women were off limits (either because of burkas or polygamy), boys would be valid sexual prey. Sick.

          Thank god I can see beautiful women all around me. 😉

    • The Dude

      Sharia is practically a carbon-copy of Talmudic and Old-Testament laws.

    • Anna Tree

      As I said to OyVey00 above, I tried in the past to check those verses. Maybe you can help, give me the verses and the Jewish sites
      that show and endorse them like muslim sites and scriptures endorse sex slavery and pedophily. Or articles reporting that
      it is an accepted practice in Israel; like I read articles reporting it is accepted in Saudia or Pakistan, even seemingly modern and secular Turkey, worse even reporting a imam’s condoning it against Australians.

      Then I will fight on this Jews and Judaism as I
      fight Muslims and islam. Right now I only fight Jewish circumcision pushed on North Americans and all anti-white Jews.

      • me

        Google is your friend. There’s tons of information out there on the subject.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Yeah good point you’re making.

        There appears to be an attempt to make the “Jew” into some mythical and powerful creature that controls everything.

        The “Jew” is the enemy of all White people and has such power that all White people are being “destroyed” by them.

        I think this is a defense mechanism by White nationalists trying to find a scapegoat or boogeyman rather than looking at White internal weakness.

        The biggest enemy of Whites are themselves. We need to go back to the old school methods.

  • Frank Pucillo

    You know that ISIS has brought back the original reason people went to war in the first place.Rape murder and loot including taking slaves.Even muslim slaves as long as they are the wrong kind of muslim.Now if only we could nuke em without killing innocents.

    • B.A_2014

      Is there anyone that kind of slightly admires ISIS. . . oOo. . . OK…me neither.

  • dd121

    And our leftist leaders still rationalize everything muzlims do. That’s the real shame in this.

  • Zimriel

    … which means it’s okay to take booty (in all senses of the word) from girls luckless enough to fall under the clutches of Sunni Muslims in the West, as well.

  • Reynardine

    From the same great people who gave us: “A woman is for reproduction, a goat is for pleasure, a boy is for sheer ecstasy.”

    Oh That Islam!

    • MannyR

      I have to bite…is this an actual quote from the Koran? Please tell me yes.

      • Reynardine

        Alas, no. It’s an Afghan proverb, sometimes with the positions of the boy and goat switched.

        It’s sometimes rendered as: “Women are for children, boys are for pleasure” a reference to the preference of the Pashtuns for little boys. Apparently, it isn’t just a Afghani cultural thing either, I recently read a poem by an Andalusian poet about his love for a little Jewish boy.

      • Anna Tree

        Like Reynardine wrote, it’s not.

        The koran states in verse 56:36 and others that Muslim men will be awarded with virgins in paradise (*). The Koran verse 52:24 states that also “Round about them will serve,(devoted) to them, young male servants (handsome) as Pearls well-guarded.” (also in 52.24, 56:17 and 76:19 etc).
        Those verses are the ones fueling the wishful thinking/speculations of indeed numerous islamic poems and more.

        (*) The koran does not mention the number of virgins but
        describes their physical attributes, for example in verse 56:22, that they will have large
        eyes and in 78:33 big breasts etc. It’s the sahih ahadith that confirms their number is 72.

  • Jared Arrevois

    That whole f’in place should be nuked from orbit.

  • MannyR

    Maybe some members of PussyRiot or some loud mouth American feminists would like to put their money where their mouthes are and protest these ISIS retards on the front lines in Syria?

    • me

      Nah, the ‘feminists’ are completely silent when it comes to Islam, pedophilia, rape, and female genital mutilation–which proves that they’re all insane.

    • B.A_2014

      No they have a real war to fight in demanding quotas in the boardroom and making gamer culture a safer place for women.

  • KenelmDigby

    I’ve said this here many, many times before, but sometime, soon, the rabidly pro-immigration and anti-White western left will have to make the choice of either junking feminism – the second leg on which modern leftism rests on – or junking Muslim immigration, the other leg of modern leftism.
    It really has to be the choice of either one or the other. The two positions are simply incompatible under any circumstances.
    My guess is that the left will junk feminism and keep the Muslims.

  • B.A_2014

    They cited the Koran to back up their claims. But we are told the holy Koran is a book of wisdom, promoting peace and tolerance throughout the globe. Someone is lying.

    • Krister Andersson

      They have a concept called Taqiyya which basically says that it is ok and even encouraged to lie to promote muhammedanism.

  • Anna Tree

    Just want to precise that there are no feminazis in Amren: feminazis hate white men while race realist women love their white men.
    But you are right, they don’t care what non-white men do to women (or children, animals and nature for the record.) They exist only to destroy the white man and its civilizations, even if it destroys everything else at the same time, including women and feminazis. They are criminal and suicidal.

  • Krister Andersson

    Much of this is also written in the bible.

    • Anna Tree

      1) Please bring support to your claim, thank you.

      Yes there is violence and immoral acts in the Old Testament. But I think there are big differences between the OT and the koran. I think the Bible is a anthology of stories and folklore, many invented, mostly to give glory and pride to a little people the Hebrews, among famous and achieving stronger people like the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks who created civilizations. So the book speaks of winning wars and intelligent kings and powerful warriors etc that I think never were but also of certain events and customs that did took place in those days, to give legitimacy to the wishful thinking. It’s like a story book with stories, legends, myths of the past as if told around the camp fire, I presume it’s how it all started. I don’t believe the OT is depicting a lot of true events. There are no support to prove they were real and they were not told by anyone else but the Jews. It may have disappear if some Romans didn’t adopt it and most Romans became Christians. and so believe those stories as history. But Jesus has come to modernize, moderate and reform the archaic rules of the OT unlike Muslims who don’t want and cannot because allah said the koran is his words and is eternal complete and perfect. See support in my other post.

      Most of the OT and some Christian texts were plagiarized in the Meccan period of the koran. But the Medinan period is relating real battles and events occuring to mohamed and his followers after leaving Mecca and moving to the city of Medina. There are coins, stories from those who fought islam to save their countries, letters from mohamed to the King of Ethiopia for example asking the latter to convert or else etc that support the events of the time and the depiction and sayings of mohamed in the koran, sahih ahadith and by his autobiographers. The Medinan part of the Koran is quite reporting historical events and battles and they were codified becoming tenets and rules for Muslims. For example verse 9:5 “Kill the non-believers WHEREVER they are found AND UNTIL there is no religion but for allah” uses words that don’t have limit in time and geography. And non-believers unlike the Canaens, still exist: it’s us, most non-muslims.

      2) I brought in one of my posts above, koranic support for pedophilia, here is support about that allah in the koran allows sex slavery and “prophet” mohamed had sex slaves:

      koranic verse 4:24 is “Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained for you. All others are lawful, provided you seek them from your property, desiring chastity, not fornication. So with those among them whom you have enjoyed, give them their required due, but if you agree mutually after the requirement (has been determined), there is no sin on you. Surely, Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.”

      This verse rules about which women Muslims are not allowed to wed/have sex with: married women unless they are “right-hand possessions”, i.e. slaves. In Arabia before islam, slaves were usually from neighboring lands, people taken in raids, mostly Africans. But “prophet” mohamed in his early years in Medina began to attack Arabian neighboring villages (polytheists, Sabeans, Jewish and Christians) so sex slaves thus were all non-muslim women taken captives from his jihad or wars.

      Does somebody really thinks that slaves/victims of jihad who just saw their whole family beheaded want to marry or to have sex with their owner/kidnappers? Some Muslims today say so as an excuse for the verse (not all Muslims know their koran or ahadith though, innocents until proven guilty, i.e. until they read their scriptures): they think those women were widows from the enemies and were lucky that mohamed and his men were willing to feed and give them… love. The nerves!
      “prophet” mohamed himself had sex slaves. Read the story of Juwairiya, Rayhannah and Safiya… Read about Mariah the Copt who was offered (as a peace offering to King Kong) and so also a sex slave…

      Here is the background story of the verse given by diverse ancient Muslims in the islamic scriptures:
      (yes it’s old and who care, but Muslims care, even non-religious Muslims could go violent if you said it’s not moral and should be destroyed. This is because without those stories there is no islam as the religious festivals and the rules of the prayers and the explanations about mohamed are in those texts and not in the koran. They need to throw the dirty waters but whoever wants to do this is threatened and/or murdered. On the contrary non-religious Jews don’t seem to care about the talmud or the OT only the orthodox. They just mutilate their baby boys, that’s all what most do from Judaism. Shame on them for this in my opinion but most importantly, shame on them to have help mainstream circumcision in North America.)

      Abu Said al-Khudri said: “The apostle of Allah sent a military expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them. They defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of the apostle of Allah were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Quranic verse, “And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save
      those (captives) whom your right hands possess”. That is to say, they are lawful for them when they complete their waiting period.”

      The Abu Dawud hadith is confirmed by the two Sahih collections, namely Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. A whole chapter of sahih bukhari is devoted to this, here is just the title of the chapter:

      Sahih Muslim. Chapter 29: Title: It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with a captive woman after she is purified of menses or delivery. In case she has a husband, her marriage is abrogated after she becomes captive.

      Also Ibn Kathir reports ” Imam Ahmad recorded that Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri said, “We captured some women from the area of Awtas who were already married, and we disliked having sessual relations with them because they already had husbands. So, we asked the Prophet about this matter, and this Ayah (verse) was revealed, Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess). Accordingly, we had sessual relations with these women.” (Alternate translation can be: as a result of these verses, their (Infidels) wives have become lawful for us) This is the wording collected by At-Tirmidhi An-Nasa’i, Ibn Jarir and Muslim in his Sahih.”

      etc etc

      Check also verses 23:1 to 6 and 70:29-30

      You can check all the above in Muslim sites. The following though has been deleted since the time I read it but it is quite reminiscent of what ISIS and other imams (some you can find on youtube Muslim accounts) say:

      Mufti Ebrahim Desai FATWA DEPT (excerpt:)
      “It may, superficially, appear distasteful to copulate with a woman who is not a man’s legal wife, but once Shariah makes something lawful, we have to accept it as lawful, whether it appeals to our taste, or not; and whether we know its underlying wisdom or not. It is necessary for a Muslim to be acquainted with the laws of Shariah, but it is not necessary for him to delve into each law in order to find the underlying wisdom of these laws because knowledge of the wisdom of some of the laws may be beyond his puny comprehension.”

      Again, check my support please, islamic websites, videos on youtube, I did it some 9 years ago when I wanted to know the truth. I had many conversations with Muslims who confirmed (also they were Muslims who say it wasn’t true but couldn’t prove it to me and were silent when I show them their scriptures. Then they said it was in the past etc but the problem is that their prophet is still an example for them today so it is not only the past but the present and future too). It is sad but I am telling the truth.

      • Krister Andersson

        I do not really have to you did it for me. I can add some though, slavery is condoned, so is genocide, stoning people for imaginary crimes like working on sundays and so on. If you are a christian you have to follow this you cannot just cherrypick, it is all or nothing, I prefer nothing. Furthermore there is no real evidence for the existence of jebus either, just myths and legends.

        Besides he said that the old laws should be followed to the letter. You are of course right that much of the kouran is copied from the bible.

        • Anna Tree

          Hi Krister! I do know that Jesus came and freed his followers from the OT laws: that’s why Christians don’t circumcise or can eat pork and so on. Yes I couldn’t find any evidence when I started to question, but I don’t mind Jesus at all, he was quite a good guy and real or not, I like him: I prefer him as a model than any models pushed on our kids today, although since I became a white racialist, I wary about the pathological altruism he triggers in Europeans. I think we need a white religion for white people like I wrote to Ograf above:
          amren com/news/2014/12/pamphlet-provides-islamic-state-guidelines-for-sex-slaves/#comment-1745425153

          • Krister Andersson

            No he did not he said that the old laws is still in effect until he returns. I have been an atheist since I was nine and I know a lot ot theology since I use it against the christians, you probably Think that I am an apologist for islam,. I am not, they murdered the woman whom I was planning to marry so Think again,

          • Anna Tree

            Well I hope you fight islam as much as you fight Christianity, hopefully much more: I personally don’t and won’t fight the scratch of a kitten when a lion opens his jaws on me.
            I certainly don’t and won’t do moral relativism too. And also, real or not, Jesus never raped, killed or enslaved or had sex with a child while mohamed did all of these and more.

            By the way I didn’t understand a few sentences of yours like “I do not really have to you did it for me.” and “No he did not he said that the old laws is still in effect until he returns.”

            This is what I have about eating pork and circumcision. It seems Jesus allowed the pork and forbade circumcision:

            Mark 7:18 And
            [Jesus] said to them, “Then are you also without understanding? Do you not see that whatever goes into a person from outside cannot defile him, 7:19 since it enters not his heart but his stomach, and is expelled?” Thus he declared all foods clean.

            Eph.2:11 Therefore remember that at one time you Gentiles in the flesh, called “the uncircumcision” by what is called the circumcision, which is made in the flesh by hands— 2:12 remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. 2:13 But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. 2:14 For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility 2:15 by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances, that he might create in himself one new man in place of the two, so making peace, 2:16 and might reconcile us both to God in one body through the cross, thereby killing the hostility.

            Col.2:13 And you, who were dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made alive together with him, having forgiven us all our trespasses, 2:14 by canceling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands. This he set aside, nailing it to the cross. 2:15 He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame, by triumphing over them in him. 2:16 Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath.

          • Krister Andersson

            What do you Think? They murdered the woman whom I was planning to marry, she was an American byt the way, I meet her in 2 000 in S.F. One more thing in my country about 85% or so are nonreligious but I have a friend whom belong to a christian cult of some sort and we talked about this since his cult is also antislamist, I told him that choosing between them was like choosing between pestilence and a cold, (In my country we have a saying that sometimes you have to choose between cholera and pestilence). The Point is that his beliefs are not that threating…. for now. i have actually been fined for blasphemy, this was in Ireland a few years ago and it was quite hefty 20 000 euro, I did not pay and I had a fieldday in their Court,.i work a s a judge and that helps. Finally do not ever quote your book, it makes you look like an idiot with no independent thoughts of your own.

          • Anna Tree

            I apologize, I forgot to say in my previous post that I am sorry about what happened to the woman you loved. I meant to.

            Yes I said the scratches of a cat compared to the jaws of a lion but pestilence and cold would work too. By the way, I am an atheist too. I am just not naive, like you it seems, to think all religion or cultures are equal. So it’s not my book, it’s only one book on the many shelves. I quoted the NT to show you that Jesus did reform the OT and moderated many old laws. Again, I don’t think that Jesus ever existed but real or not, it doesn’t matter, he is seen as real by many and I don’t object this as he is portrayed as quite a good man and I don’t mind him being a role model even in schools; compared to the role models of nowadays, he is way better.

            20’000 Euros?! They are completely insane! I know that in England, Holland or France, you can even be jailed for voicing peacefully truthful thoughts of your mind. I am happy you fought back.

            I enjoyed the exchange of ideas, thanks, but I deplore your last sentence for two reasons: first you could have check and see that I have some/many independent thoughts throughout my postings and second because quoting from a book doesn’t necessarily make you look like an idiot.

          • Krister Andersson

            I am not a cultural relativist far from it, I Think the Western Culture is way superior but with that said I do not condone the pedophiles in the catholic Church or the crazies you have like the Westboro baptist Church, I have also Heard that you have a day of prayer, it is volontary for now but how long do you Think it will take to become mandatory? Superstition does not have any place in politics ever. Would an athiest be elected as president in your country? When we have elections religion is not even an issue here.

          • Krister Andersson

            Well as a judge I can defy this, it is not even a challenge. They can fine me 20 000 euros but since it is not a crime in my country it is irrelevant.

  • Dick Hatewell

    …then maybe its time for Strong White Men to start breeding the mohammed out of mohammedans.

  • benvad

    Their silence is deafening and that shows that it’s a fraud and a lesbian/socialist engine to just cause social unrest.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Islam doesn’t believe in “gender equality”.

    The Western world believes in “gender equality”.

    Who is going to win the demographic future?

    We can laugh all we want at the Muslims for their “backward” ways towards women, however, they are proving to be right.

    The White world better wake up or it will perish.

    • Anna Tree

      The Western world didn’t believe in gender equality until lately. Please, don’t throw the baby with the dirty water 🙂 what is happening today is not western but anti-white and marxist.

      Also I think there is a big difference between gender equality in front of the law (I am all for meritocracy) and the insane and suicidal indeed belief of today that women are equal to men or worse: that sex is a social construct.
      Of course we are not. Men are stronger, less emotional and have bigger brains than women for examples. There are differences between the sexes like there are differences between the races. Evolution 101.

      Muslims are not right, unless you think women are possessions and should be treated as cattle.
      Yes we will perish if we don’t stop the crazy politically correctness, feminism, white guilt, the affirmative action and other liberal leftist criminal and suicidal dogmas, but we will perish if we adopt more wrong tenets, islamic or otherwise.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Ok well at least you are someone that is intelligent and not too emotional.

        A lot of the modern women become very hostile with the notion that there are sex differences.

        I agree that Islam is far from the ideal model. However, unless we can turn things around in the West, it will be the dominant model in the future.

        Islamic or Chinese model.

        • Anna Tree

          Obviously women evolved differently than men: their activities were different so it seems to me logic (now lol: after I freed myself from the dogmas I was feed and feed myself, and became willing to check, research, read arguments of all opinions, becoming more rational/objective, critical and open-minded) that their bodies through natural selection evolved differently! It was naive of me to think that women are different in the outside but the same than men in the inside.

          Not only because of the difference in body size but also in the
          difference of use. A man’s heart is 25% bigger, because it pumps blood in general in longer distance than a woman’s heart and thus, for any given work rate, the faster heart rate means that most women will become fatigued sooner than men. Women have less bone mass than men, but their pelvic structure is wider. This difference gives men an advantage in running efficiency. Men have 50% greater total muscle mass, based on weight, than do women and a woman who is the same size as her male counterpart is generally only 80% as strong.

          So men usually have an advantage in strength, speed, and power over women. No surprise, men hunted and were hunted while the women stayed in the cave or camp whatever and gathered berries and roots or tend to the children and therefore not only the body developed differently but brains did too, Edward O. Wilson, of Harvard University, said that human females tend to be higher than males in empathy, verbal skills, social skills and security-seeking, among other things, while men tend to be higher in independence, dominance, spatial and mathematical skills, rank-related aggression, and other characteristics. Read, if you didn’t already, Renato Sabbatini “Are There Differences between the Brains of Males and Females?” and articles on Richard Lynn’s studies in BBC and dailymail websites.

          And it’s the same rationale with races: We are different in the outside, why wouldn’t be differences in the inside too?! Races too have evolved differently, I would say even more because of thousands of years of separation, different climate and environment conditions, different adaptations and mutations and most importantly different hominin mates. And also different population pressures.

          But indeed, nowadays, people are brainwashed and have brainwashed themselves. Some indeed fabulate there are no differences between sexes. Worse some say sex is a social construct. And the worst is the gender theory… Yes I worry for the future: if nothing drastic happen soon, like a race war, indeed we will dwindle even more and become weaker and weaker and I fear islam or China will take over.

          If there is a race war, I think whites should only protect themselves and not attack at all: let the others kill each others: we wait until it finishes. And that means also after the Malthusian catastrophes are over.
          My thoughts about this more detailed: amren com/news/2014/12/five-charts-that-show-why-a-post-white-america-is-already-here/#comment-1728016540

          • Jimmy Joseph

            very good argument.

            Fully agree with this assessment.

  • “USA TODAY could not independently verify that the document was written by the Islamic State or its members”

    That’s probably the only meaningful statement in the article.

    • Yep. I’d never heard of MEMRI, but even adding the necessary grain (or shaker-full) of salt to anything on Wiki, check out this in the Wiki article on MEMRI:

      The institute was co-founded in 1998 by Yigal Carmon, a former Israeli military intelligence officer and Meyrav Wurmser, an Israeli-born, American political scientist…Critics charge that [MEMRI] aims to portray the Arab and Muslim world in a negative light, through the production and dissemination of inaccurate translations and by selectively translating views of extremists while deemphasizing or ignoring mainstream opinions.

      • Anna Tree

        Yeah, don’t believe your eyes and ears: it’s not the Muslims who are
        beheading Indonesian Christian school girls or American journalists or
        selling and raping Yazidis and Sudanese or exploding Russian
        Kindergardeners etc Don’t believe Muslims when they say they did or when they show the verses of the koran supporting their evil acts…
        It’s the joooos

        — Memri put the source of the document, it is from a pro-ISIS Twitter account U112842, tweet from December 3, 2014.

        — And Memri is not the only one who translated it, check the video of the
        Human Right lawyer/Senior Muslim editor of Islamic Monthly. He confirms Memri’s report of ISIS statements in a video before the USA article (so their warning was a smoke screen afterall):
        edition.cnn isis-justification-female-slaves
        Or check cnn isis-justification-slavery/index that refers to the fourth edition of the group’s English-language digital magazine called “Dabiq”. Title: “The revival (of) slavery before the Hour (Judgment Day)”: “female
        members of the Yazidi sect […] may legitimately be captured and
        forcibly made concubines or sexual slaves”.

        I can prove easily that Senior Muslim Editor wrong, that the enslaving of non-muslim women IS islamic, check my point # 2 in my post (a bit above here, response to Krister Andersson)
        amren com/news/2014/12/pamphlet-provides-islamic-state-guidelines-for-sex-slaves/#comment-1747778778
        to see that he cannot say sex slavery is not islamic because allah
        allows it and “prophet” mohamed himself raped women taken as booty of
        jihad (Zuwayriah, Raihannah, Mariah the Copt, Safiya etc).

        But you know lol, the islamic scriptures have it all wrong: islam is a religion of peace because Muslims are the majority of Peace Nobel Prizes he said LOL)

        • I’ll admit I don’t care enough to carefully check all your references, but glancing at them for a moment, they give the impression that you’ve done honest and careful work, so assuming that, I commend you.

          Now everyone here quit being so interested in the dang news and google “Urge Pants Up Don’t Loot” and add initials to that message we’re displaying at the White House this month.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    To all the Jewish Conspiracy David Duke people on here:

    I would believe your argument that the “Jew” is at fault for all of these problems if all traditional White groups were fighting against them. However, I see no evidence of this. In fact, many “White” groups or institutions are for open borders and multiculturalism MORE than the Jews.

    1) Which White group is fighting against feminism and the destruction of family? It appears the Protestant Churches never fight it and the Catholic Church is ignoring it.

    2) Which groups are against open borders? Catholic Church, Protestant, White Billionaires (Walmart, Gates, Buffet, etc) are all for open borders

    3) Which groups are against multiculturalism? The Catholic Church hides illegals in their churches. Lutherans bring Somalians into Minnesota. White Billionaires act identically to George Soros open borders groups.

    4) Michael Savage (Jew) was banned from England for “inciting hate” against Muslims when he said that they shouldn’t be letting all the foreigners into England. White Liberals called a Jew “racist”. I see this often actually. You guys ignore this.

    The Rosie Odonnell incident is a White Irish Catholic calling a Black Jew out on “White racism”.

    Please refute my argument. All I see are stupid arguments that “Jews” control all the churches, billionaires, etc by “brainwashing” them. I guess White have a total lack of agency over their own behavior.

    If Whites are that stupid and totally lack agency over their actions, they are an inferior race that deserves to die off

  • me

    People refuse to see that vile creatures like this exist in human form. Perhaps it’s because they can’t comprehend such evil. Angels and demons are walking among us, disguised as humans. Yaweh sees all…

  • Krister Andersson

    Why was my reply to Anna Tree removed?

  • Krister Andersson

    Interesting they erased a comment I did in response to Another person and they erased it, I posted a question why they erased it and it got erased I wonder why? But then again this will also get erased. It is now 19.57 local time, how long?