Michael Rockefeller Was Eaten by Cannibals in New Guinea Confirms New Documentary

David McCormack, Daily Mail, December 24, 2014

A documentary film which confirms that Michael Rockefeller, the youngest son of former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, was eaten by cannibals in New Guinea in 1961 is set to be released by Netflix in the new year.

The Search For Michael Rockefeller, will be released on the streaming service on February 1 and confirms that one of the most compelling unsolved mysteries of the 20th century ended with the 23-year-old heir being devoured, reports the New York Post.

Rockefeller, whose great-grandfather was the co-founder of Standard Oil and established one of America’s wealthiest dynasties, traveled to New Guinea to photograph the Asmat people and collect their art.

He disappeared after a trading canoe that he was traveling in down the cannibal coast of New Guinea capsized.

Several miles off shore, heavy seas swamped his craft. After a night adrift, Rockefeller set out to swim for the distant shore, leaving his companion René Wessing with the fateful words: ‘I think I can make it…’ He was never seen again.

Rockefeller’s death was eventually ruled a drowning, but there have long been questions about the official version of events.

The Search For Michael Rockefeller hit the festival circuit in 2011, but it has yet to enjoy a wide release.

According to its website, the movie is based on original footage and materials obtained when author and adventurer Milt Machlin mounted an expedition in search of Rockefeller in 1969.

Machlin, the editor of Argosy magazine who coined the phrases ‘Bermuda Triangle’ and ‘the Abominable Snowman’, was inspired by an eyewitness report that Rockefeller was alive and being held against his will.

The movie was directed and produced by Fraser Heston, the son of famed actor Charlton Heston.

It includes previously unreleased footage and eyewitness interviews, including some startling revelations, ‘which shed new light on the unsolved mystery of Michael’s disappearance.’

Last year, Carl Hoffman published Savage Harvest, a book that also theorized that Rockefeller was eaten by cannibals.

He carried out extensive research in the Netherlands as well as New Guinea where he meet with the Asmat tribesmen for the full story and cover-up to emerge.

According to Hoffman, Rockefeller was almost at the shore when he came across a group of 50 natives waiting in eight 40′ long canoes nestled in the trees.

The men recognized Rockefeller from having been in the village, but one of the drove his spear into the man’s ribs before they pulled him into a canoe.

Once on shore, the men of the Asmats–a notoriously violent New Guinea tribe–tortured, beheaded and ate Rockefeller in a ritualistic cannibal killing.

The reason for the horrific killing was revenge.

Before Rockefeller had arrived, the Dutch had taken over the archipelago and the man overseeing the colony, Max Lapre, had ordered five elite Asmats to be gunned down.

The author believes the Rockefellers knew the truth after the AP ran a wire story where a priest recounted Michael being cannibalized and eaten by the Asmats.

The Dutch government denied it was true and the newspaper rescinded the story.

No Rockefeller has returned to Asmat nor publicly accepted any other version than Michael drowned.

Michael Rockefeller

Michael Rockefeller

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  • The author believes the Rockefellers knew the truth after the AP ran a wire story where a priest recounted Michael being cannibalized and eaten by the Asmats.

    And yet, this did not dissuade his father, Nelson Rockefeller, from giving up on the whole diversity open borders idea.

    • John Smith

      As true liberals, he and his family refused to believe the facts about their son’s death, even when obvious to rational humans. Why expect him to repudiate diversity either?

    • NoMosqueHere

      As Ronald Reagan noted about african savages: “When those folks have you for dinner, they really have you for dinner.”

    • Raymond Kidwell

      The problem here is that they see all non-elites as equal scum. They can’t really see the difference between a hard working, honest, but maybe simple minded redneck and your completely uncivilized cannibal who doesn’t have the inherent mental capacity to function in a civilized society.

      In a similar way if you work at entry level jobs they pay everyone the same wage- whether it be someone standing around with his thumb up his butt and incapable of adding two plus two or someone making company profits in the range of thousands of dollars an hour worth of work and highly competent. There will be few promotions or job training for these people either. Then its called a meritocracy.

      It’s a psychological phenemonon known as “Just World Bias”. I encounter it in nearly everyone I meet, even though its highly irrational. If someone gets raped, they must have deserved it. If someone is poor, they must be dumb. If rich, they must be smart. It’s a very simplistic way to view the world, rather than looking at sublte and varied nuances of a situation.

      Besides that they don’t really care much about us. They think they can increase company profits through cheap labor. Once again they don’t realize the associated costs to this labor outweigh the benefits. They see these cannibals as people who can work at their factories for a dollar an hour and buy coca colas, thus increasing global sales.

      I for one propose we create our own white nationalist TV Show. “Naked and Even More Afraid”. Instead of being dropped off in the jungle, we take elites born into wealth and force them to live in the ghettos and work at wal-mart and mcdonalds like other people. No access to friends or their bank account, nobody allowed to know who they are. It has to go on for at least two years so the hopelessness of the situation can really set in on them.

      And when they realize “f*** I have a PhD and I have not gotten any significant promotions at McDonalds in a year” maybe they’ll realize what a “meritocracy” we are really living in.

      • Bunky

        Maybe …just maybe … you have the piled higher and deeper degree in something they don’t care about?

        • Raymond Kidwell

          I don’t understand that comment. In the elites eyes poor people are inferior and their primary service is to serve the elite. If you get a job at a factory and paid $12 an hour you are probably generating $300 of profits an hour for the business. They like to tell themselves that this is because they are superior. In reality it is mostly about one person exploiting another simply because he has the tools to do so. In order to justify their lifestyle and exploitation they must manufacture a set of lies and force themselves to believe it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and would puke on themselves. So once they sold themselves on a total load of BS that justifies their exploitation of others- they then pursue irrational social policies based on that belief. In this field I think the liberals are the most in reality in regards to saying “I’m lucky to be here” and “the poor are exploited”.

          Let’s take Israel. Israel wants the land and wants the natives off of it. If they say this out loud it is to admit to the kind of selfish and immoral people they are. So they invent all kinds of stories about how Palestinians are unreasonable and violent people that just “force” them to kill them and so forth. This is a simplified version of what goes on but basically what it is.

          Walmart and the Waltons, case in point. They say that a minimal wage job is really an “opportunity” and that they promote a lot of people from the bottom. They might promote 1% or something. They also justify it that these people are just too lazy to get a college education (even though in reality most of them can’t afford it). These people must be stupid and lazy etc. and really deserve the wage they get. Maybe a lot of them are stupid or some such thing, but overall they just avoid the reality that they are exploiting workers. So to keep the lie going they might lobby congress. “Let’s bring in some stone age tribe of people. They can’t be any lazier and dumber than our other minimal wage workers. It’s a source of cheap labor”.

          And when people complain that they have no bread, the typical reply is “let them eat cake”. It’s like when you go through a trauma and you block out the memory of it. These people are the source of the trauma so they block out the reality of what they are doing through this made up “Just World”. In order to swallow the idea that what they are doing is right, that means the average working class person must “deserve” the abuse and just lazy and unmotivated and therefore not any better than a criminal or mentally retarded immigrant. You must dehumanize your victims in other words, or in contrast paint yourself as vastly superior.

          • Bunky

            Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

          • Not sure what this commentary has to do with Rockefeller being eaten by cannibals, but the tone is social justice over natural rights…an ideology that subordinates the individual to the collective insistence on equality, an equality without responsibilities…a communal equality that justifies being eaten by the collective…
            Take your progressive BS and peddle it somewhere else… We ain’t buyin’…

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I had some negative replies to this comment in my inbox then when I got here they were gone. I guess they weren’t approved or something. Some people may have a different ideology than myself, but the point I’m trying to make here is not really asking people to support socialism. The point is in the eyes of a Rockefeller, Rothschild, a Ford, a Bush- you average white people are no different than N—-s.

            it is kind of a weird thing. If a Jew gets rich, he’s still a Jew. He’s still loyal to his Jewish people, be they poor or not. If a black person gets rich, he’s still black etc. but rich white people for some reason could care less about poor white people. They feel no brotherhood whatsoever. There may be exceptions to any rule, but I mean generally speaking.

            Then the other point made was the reason for irrational social policies. They feel some need to convince themselves that whites or equal to or even worse than the lowest non-white scum. A lot of this has to do with capitalism and the nature of their culture. In order to “win” they need to be anti-white and also convince themselves of certain “truths”. If you believed white nations were superior to non-white nations then you wouldn’t want to relocate your factories in indonesia, wouldn’t be able to pay people $1 an hour and would not be competitive in the market place. It’s a race to the bottom in regards to exploiting others, because in order to maximize profits you need to do these things. Not until you start to see something as more important than profits can you ever truly get away from this reality. Most rich Aryans don’t see that. For how much Jews are attacked as being greedy, a great deal of them put their tribe in front of profits, knowing ultimately that their success depends on the success of their people.

            To some degree unfettered capitalism and racialism are mutually exclusive. This is where modern “conservatism” is incompatible with any racial view of the world, with its emphasis on business profits and low taxes for the rich.

          • Greg West

            Raymond, there is no reason to hire people if there is no profit in doing so. Many people may not have the faculties or grit to start a business enterprise and are glad that they can find a place working for someone else.

            “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”
            ~Adam Smith

            If you will study all of the examples in history where communism has been employed, you will find that everyone is much poorer than where capitalism is in effect. Just look at China today, About 30 years ago, they started to allow capitalism to thrive in certain zones and now there are many millionaires and billionaires. Even the areas that are still totally communist have been able to raise themselves out of the most horrid and abject poverty because of the spill over.

            Mankind has always lived in hierarchical class driven societies. There are people that have high IQ and those w/ low IQ and we know that IQ is heritable. Some people regardless of intelligence are more industrious than other, but never in the history of man has wealth been distributed with more righteous equity than after the United States was formed. That historic event foretold the creation of the heretofore unknown middle class.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            You can’t legislate intelligence, altruism etc. This is why a communist white country still has a higher standard of living than a capitalist black country. The problem is that whites themselves are becoming so stupid, corrupt, exploitative etc. that basic social functions begin to break down.
            Everywhere I go rather than a normal working relationship I have a boss that is lazy to the core, usually stealing money from the company, usually a cocaine user, will do everything possible to pay his workers the lowest wage possible and under staff. This loses the business money when they are constantly short staffed. People work there for a week a quit. High turn over is costly. It’s completely mismanaged. When you get into a position of power you don’t just pay yourself as much money as possible and to hell with everyone else. Despite being so poorly run these businesses still turn big profits. On top of this passive income is generally taxed at a lower rate.
            Some “socialist” policies would mitigate against this similar to Scandanavian work policies, but in the end its just plugging the hole with your finger. The underlying issue is the poor education, low I.Q.s, warped ideologies etc. of these people. They get their economic outlook from fox news. They don’t even know who Adam Smith is.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I am constantly told this myth that being smarter gets you ahead. What I have seen is a business owner who laregely inherited his wealth, can partner with a few people and buy a restaurant and earn $300k a year on it. Within a year can buy a second one etc. This person is a drug addict, a moron, couldn’t pass a ninth grade spelling test. Just makes money by benefit of his position. If you are albert Einstein you can work on a factory floor or flipping burgers, you won’t be paid a penny more. You also won’t be given any promotions unless you really get aggressive about demanding it, and I mean aggressive beyond what is normal. This is not a merit based system. Not at all. It is mainly a system where most of the profits of industry are given to those who own capital. Rather than complain I would just to ways to own capital myself, but it seems like work doesn’t really pay unless you have an advanced degree.
            As well I would always score in the top 15% on standardized state wide tests. I would be put in the stupid classes. So that’s the “meritocracy” found in the public school systems.

  • JackKrak

    More proof that we need to fund research into exposing the roots of institutional racism in New Guinea…..

  • John Smith

    Darkies like their white meat.

    • John R

      Michael Rockefeller….the other white meat! (There, got you one better!)

      • John Smith

        No coincidence these creatures call humans “long pigs” when thinking about dinner.

      • Rurik

        Rockefeller’s Oysters on the menu?

  • See The Future

    One elite that served a useful purpose.

    • John R

      Well, liberals always do believe in feeding the hungry…
      (Okay, people, I promise, I’ll stop now.)

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Don’t stop! You’re on a roll, lightly toasted, thousand island on the side. . . .

        • Sick of it

          “Would you like some grubs with that Rockefeller?”

        • John R

          I am on a roll? More like Mr. Rockefeller was! (See, one more!)
          “Some leg meat, a little hot sauce, spread it on….”

          • Nancy

            I’m sure they enjoyed him…with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

      • Classic! I’ll have to use that one!

    • gemjunior

      The only one so far.

  • Proletarian Contemplations

    Truly the most accurate metaphor for the current state of America and Europe if I’ve ever seen one. If we ever take back our states, New Guinea sounds like an excellent place for our elites.

  • Bossman

    What was he doing there? What was so attractive about photographing naked savages who were into such stuff as homosexuality? Was he a bit off himself?

    • Alucard_the_last

      And public homosexuality to boot.

    • KyraNelson

      Just look at that weird Muzzie-style beard………..

      • Unperson

        Yes, and all the way back in 1961 — before The Beatles, before long hair on men, before all the student unrest, and well before the word “hippie” had even been coined.
        Clearly, in his appearance, his worldview, and most of all in his manner of death (white liberal slaughtered by his own beloved Third World pets), Michael Rockefeller can truly be said to have been “a man ahead of his time.”

    • Dr. X

      I believe he was sent to collect “primitive art” for the Rockefeller family’s art collection when he got eaten… typical liberal disconnect from reality.

    • RationaliseThis

      I wouldn’t have a problem with studying primitive people’s. The problem is the lefty liberal anthropolgist distorting their “science” to prove liberal ideas about human nature. A case in point is Margaret Meads “Comming of Age in Samoa”, a field study and doctoral thesis conducted under the supervision of the mendacious Franz Boaz. Meads study “proved” that teenagers in their natural state enjoy a period of sexual promiscuity, are better adjusted for this, and that the bastard children are superbly cared for and loved in the community, that they had no adolescent crisis, that virginity was not prized.

      Naturally liberals latched on to this and used it to drive through legal changes in the USA with mead frequently appearing on television Charismatically espousing liberal points of view as science.

      When one looks at the disaster that has become black urban culture and social policy one can thank Mead and Boaz to a degree.

      Mead was both incompetent, biased and corrupt. The New Zealand evolutionary psychologist Derek Freeman thoroughly debunked her. “Margaret Mead in Samoa: the Making and Unmaking of an Anthropological Myth “. Worth reading his Wikipedia page.

  • John R

    Actually, people, understand that what happened was just a cultural misunderstanding. The natives were just beginning to understand English, but had not yet assimilated cultural nuances. So, when young Michael Rockefeller got into an argument with the village chief, and said to the chief, “EAT ME!” Well, you can understand what happened….

    • Rhialto


      Rocky: Would you Asmat guys, please kinda feel obligated to give me, a Rockefeller, a ride too shore? If it’s not too terribly inconvenient.

      Asmat: We’re busy trying to hunt up something to eat, so just keep swimming, the shore’s that way (pointing with spear).

      Rocky: Eat me, A%*wipes!

      Asmat: Good idea! (throws spear into Rocky’s carcass).

  • Ed

    I mean if this isn’t the perfect example of white naïveté about different peoples of the world I don’t know of such a story exists.

    Had the world at his feet born into the wealthiest family probably in the world but chooses to explore primitives.

    • rebelcelt

      This super rich spoiled boy probably never was in a fistfight. He never received the immediate negative feedback that most of us have, when dealing with punks of any color. These rich, know it all busybodies, never paid the price for being foolish, hence they embrace foolishness. Now, he goes to a place that does not know nor understand who he is. Well, it did not end well for him.
      What exactly is Primitive Art? Something my 9 year old girl could produce with stone tools?

      • Robert Smith

        I had a primitive art class in college. It was basically a global study of childish penis art produced by natives around the world.

        • RationaliseThis

          In the western tradition “cock ‘n balls” is considered an act of rebellion. Quite effective I might add. The ladies have been known to draw them as well.

        • Nancy

          Ah…you went to Emory, too, eh? 😉

    • nBmnp

      Yeah, he reminds me of that couple that was eaten by the bears.

      • LexiconD1

        That guy, thought the bears were his ‘friends’, needed to be locked away. He was nuts, but that still doesn’t explain why his girlfriend decided to let herself be eaten.

        I remember watching about him on Animal Planet, and felt a smug sort of satisfaction when the program ended in his being eaten…

      • RationaliseThis

        Timothy Treadwell. I can forgive him for taking a risk getting close to Bears. To a degree it is masculine nature to do so. I can’t forgive him for getting his girlfriend Amie Huguengard, who feared Bears, killed. One never places a fertile White female at risk.

        • IBWHITE

          Treadwell was an idiot and it was just a matter of time before something like that happened. If he were alive today he would probably be marching in Ferguson Missouri. I remember in the documentary the film crew interviewing a man, possibly a hunting guide, who said something to the effect “a bear isn’t some child of the universe, he’s a predator, and he’ll eat you.” I always enjoy watching the average working class man, or woman, using common sense to sum up an idiotic act by a lefty.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I would be surprised if he wasn’t eaten. The savage negroes of New Guinea are well known to be as undeveloped and savage as the African or American stock. They are cannibalistic even when other food is available.

    • rommel10

      Just like Detroit, and Chicago

    • LexiconD1

      If memory serves, didn’t most of them die off when they caught that disease (prions) from eating others?

      Off to look it up…

      edited later…Kuru is the name of the disease.

  • TomIron361

    Why is this stupidity being brought up? Maybe they can prosecute someone. I can see the liars/lawyers salivating right now.

  • Alexandra1973

    I can’t help but think that Michael Rockefeller was thrown under the bus post-mortem. There’s got to be a reason why his family buys into the drowning story.

    Yeah, his family has a lot to answer for…just seems to me Michael didn’t live long enough to follow in their footsteps.

    • freddy_hills

      A wealthy, respected family wouldn’t want the indignity of their son being tortured and eaten by cannibals. People would turn it into a joke and laugh about it. They couldn’t prove it anyway. The Dutch government would have denied it to prevent their own scandal concerning Max Lapre. There’s no benefit to saying he was eaten. It’s better to go with drowning.

      • rebelcelt

        Also, if he drowns while swimming to shore selflessly to help another, he dies a hero.

  • dave

    I wonder if the cannibals got food poisoning?

    • Anglokraut

      A bad case of mediocre intellectual-itis?

  • LeonNJ

    I’ll think of him tomorrow while I eat my holiday ham.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Probably was inspired by the teachings of Margaret Mead and Franz Boaz that all cultures are equal and they are a good as western civilization. Well that cost this poor devil his life fro listening to liberal nonsense.

    • Sick of it

      He got what he and every other Rockefeller deserves.

      • Laura Dilworth

        He was collecting primitive art for the family

    • RationaliseThis

      Jared Diamond maintains the nonsense.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Nothing like ‘experiencing’ diversity.

  • Sam

    Those cannibals were good boys who were trying to turn their lives around.

  • fgbrunner3

    IMO, if Michael Rockefeller did not have a life jacket, then he probably drowned. If he had a life jacket, then he was probably eaten by cannibals.

  • Who Me?

    1961. Age what? 23? Well it’s obvious this privileged White youth was off exploring the far reaches of this desolate, primitive earth to “find” himself. Looks like he more or less succeeded. Ho hum, more for each of the other heirs when the old man croaks.

  • haroldcrews

    A perfect illustration of why I refer to SJWs and DWLs as cannibal bait.

  • Realist

    Did they eat him with oysters???

  • Alucard_the_last

    Facts are facts; he sacrificed his life in some bizarre belief that all men and cultures are equal when, in fact, is just the opposite. White liberals amazingly refuse to live near negroes and will use catch phrases like ‘it is too high crime’ or ‘my commute to work will take longer’. They aren’t even honest with themselves. They fear the negro and will pay twice as much in rent for a smaller place then to live with these ‘equals’, I bet Rockefeller regretted his decision just as he knew that he was going to be dinner. Daddy’s money is useless in the jungle.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    They call that phenomenon “cargo cults.”

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    History is full of wealthy people going places that most people would avoid, all in the name of “adventure”. Hiking across Afghanistan is but one example, as is this story (to collect “art” and take some pictures?). I mean, what could possibly go wrong? More money than brains.

  • Cathy Madera

    roasted on his own petard

  • RationaliseThis

    Rich meat

    • Unperson

      Long capitalist pig.

  • RationaliseThis

    These were the “cargo cults”. Aircraft, such as DC3, would be used to drop supplies to early explorers and missions. The natives started to worship the silver birds in the hope they would get cargo too.

  • Alex Dihes

    Jared is going again to remove my opinion from Russia, still…
    1989. The State secretary of the USSR called up the ambassador of Kenya.
    – Sir, your people ate our ambassador in your country. I see you tomorrow with some explanation.
    Tomorrow in the same office.
    Mr Secretary, unfortunately it is true. We are unable to find who of our citizens did that. As a matter of justice we offer you to eat our ambassador in the USSR.

  • Virus, Smiley

    Lemme see… Oysters Rockefeller… No, I’ll have the Rockefeller Rockefeller.

  • Epiminondas

    His last moments must have been horrific. I wonder if it ever crossed his mind that he was a stupid, gullible fool for being there? Nah.

  • I had long guessed on a 50-50 chance for the guy: it was either cannibals or saltwater crocodiles.

  • Can we add Bill Gates to the list?

  • A Freespeechzone

    Who cares?

    Liberal ‘dogooder’ fools who put themselves into hostile situations like that lack commonsense and usually reap what they sow.

    Look at the White ‘protesters’, there have been incidents of them being beat for being White….they will NEVER get it.

    Honestly, we don’t need them…..

  • Raymond Kidwell

    It could have happened to anyone. He looks like a respectable guy given the photograph as well. HIs family certainly exploit people like me them being at top and myself on the the bottom and of course I’m sure the Rockefeller foundation has funded countless anti-white programs into the billions of dollars, much like the Ford foundation. I’m sure if he had to live my life he would be well armed and would only travel in groups in such places but I guess we can forgive people for making mistakes.

    I’m kind of surprised the Rockefeller family didn’t give a zillion dollar grant, in conjunction with the SBA for these natives to start their own business here in America. So I guess we are making progress in at least they haven’t done that yet.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      And of course the business would always be “native cuisine” and an ethnic restaurant. It would put a whole new spin on the term “eat the rich”.

  • Paleoconn

    Better him than me. His dad Nelson should have made such a trip when younger, and Goldwater might have been President instead of the appalling LBJ.

  • Walter Goerlitz

    I wouldn’t feed my dogs a liberal.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Does this mean we’ll have to make cannibalism legal in Europe and the U.S. and if anyone interferes with their “right” to practice their native religion that they’ll be prosecuted for a “hate crime”?