Ferguson Shooting Victim’s Parents to Speak at UN

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, November 4, 2014

The parents of Ferguson police shooting victim Michael Brown are headed to Switzerland next week to speak at a United Nations human rights conference.

Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden are scheduled to address the 53rd Session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva on Nov. 12 and 13. A Saint Louis University law professor is helping to organize the trip and to solicit online donations for the couple’s travel expenses.


Family attorney Anthony Gray told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Brown’s parents plan to leave on Nov. 10.


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  • AmericanCitizen

    Disgusting. When they get there the UN officials should stop them at the door and ask “What makes you think that your son attacking a uniformed police officer gives you the right to lecture the world on torture?”

    • propagandaoftruth

      Man they getting them an expense paid trip to Switzaland to talk wif da UN!

      Dat whitey gonna burn!

      Switzerland is the land of chocolate isn’t it?

    • Juggernaut3000

      The anti-white UN is run by thugs from 3rd world countries. Half the delegates are from thug countries.

      Ever heard of Agenda 21?

      Agenda 21 is pro global warming, anti-private property, land and water use control, wealth redistribution, gun control, cap and trade, smart grids and smart meters. carbon taxes, one-world citizens, health care control and free, unchecked illegal immigration and control of the Internet.

      It is marxism at its worst. That’s what the UN is about.

      They agree with Michael Brown’s parents.

      • bilderbuster

        In other words it’s anti-White.

        • Juggernaut3000

          It is specifically anti-White.

      • Max

        As far as I know, since the inception every Sec’y Gen. of the U.N. has been a communist. It is a communist organization run by globalists intent on looting the civilized (read white) world.

    • bilderbuster

      They should stump them with a trick question.
      Ask them to spell UN.

    • 48224

      Maybe the next speaker will be OJ Simpson. He could on white racist cops framing beloved black men for murdering their white wives.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Meh, UN commitees are bullshit.
      UN is being used as a club by third world nations against Western nations.
      Which is why Israel gets more motions against it than the rest of the muslim world combined.
      Not that Israel is perfect in any way, but they are probably the most democratic state in the middle east, with the biggest respect for human rights.
      Of course, considering their competition, that’s a bit like being the best skier in Saudiarabia….

      The only thing that really matters is the security council, which is not based on any wishy washy democracy but instead gives veto power to the most powerful and influential nations.
      I did some math a while ago, and off the top of my head, USA and EU pays something like 75% of UNs budget. Add in western allied countries like Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea, and that jumps to over 90%.
      One thinks that nations like Russia and China, being permanent members of the security council, should take a bit more responsibility, but they don’t….

      Also, it’s generally advised to take a look at who is sitting on these committees. It’s quite common to find that there are representatives from states that have really rotten records on what the committee is supposed to fight against, which makes it a bit of a mockery.
      Always fun when a UN committee on human rights, consisting of representatives from nations like Sudan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Uganda criticizes Swedens handling of immigrants as being human rights abuses….

  • james AZ

    I am going too …..for to speak about blacks on whites crimes………HATE CRIMES

    • Christorchaos

      There is a UN Committee Against Genocide. I wonder if they have looked at the US FBI crime statistics?

      • Juggernaut3000

        Hell, the UN won’t look at the genocidal black on white crime stats in South Africa.

        • DougDeGrave

          The same elites that own all of our mainstream media networks, also own, run and created the United Nations. Of the twelve senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations, nine are Jεws, and one is married to a Jεwεss.

      • DougDeGrave

        Their solution for the US is to abolish 2nd amendment and bring in militarized Interpol forces to patrol our streets.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Don’t mix interpol, an international cooperation between national police forces, with UN, a supernational entity.

          Interpol doesn’t have any militarized forces. UN have peacekeeping forces though.

          And while most seem to think of UN peacekeepers as white westerners, fact is that only about 5% of UN peacekeepers come from western nations.
          The biggest contributor to UN forces are Pakistan and Bangladesh….
          Something worth to keep in mind when you read about scandals with UN peacekeepers abusing those who they are meant to protect.
          And media is running stock footage of white westerners in blue helmets.

  • DaveMed

    Perhaps they could start with ending this torturous whining and grievance-mongering about the death of their thuggish child.

    • The Verdict of History

      A clown show.

      I suppose that it comes as no surprise when freaks take center stage at the world’s fair.

      • Juggernaut3000

        The entire UN is a freak show.

  • connorhus

    I wonder if she will ask to see an expensive purse and then claim racism like Oprah while she is there?

  • “Torture”

    Like a man who weighs 120 pounds more than you and is six inches taller than you running at you with the intent of tackling you and smothering and suffocating you?

  • ncpride

    This is just incredible. The parents of a known thug, caught on video strong arm robbing a store, and in the face of overwhelming evidence that he attacked and tried to kill a police officer, are actually going to the UN to talk about….what, for heavens sake? That they give these nutters even one moment of their time shows what a joke the UN has become.

  • 1gravity

    I cannot believe that a major newspaper like the Dispatch would publish this article without at least naming, and giving a brief bio of, the law professor.

    • bilderbuster

      You can’t?
      You seem surprised?

  • MekongDelta69

    This is a totally ‘normal’ thing to happen, when you live in a totally ‘abnormal‘ world.

    Btw, the only comments allowed are if you have FB (which I’ve never had and don’t ever want).

    There are exactly two (2) comments. Read the one by Jeanie Carden. (Maybe someone on AmRen who also has FB should get in touch with Jeanie and let her know about AmRen.)

    • Bill Moore

      Hello MeKongDelta 69,

      In order to comment on Facebook, you must agree to accept third party cookies.

      I’ve been warned by my antivirus application to never accept third party cookies.

      By the way, I have a business Facebook page. I had a personal Facebook page, and tried to eliminate it, but Facebook will not allow me to eliminate it.

      Just My Thoughts,
      Bill Moore

      • meanqueen

        Will not allow you to eliminate what – the cookies? So then we have no choice but to be at risk when we have a FB account? I don’t know anything about this but would like to try to protect my computer – thanks.

        • Bill Moore

          Hello meanqueen,

          The caution notice was from Avast! or Spybot (I forget which one). It was a warning “not to accept third party cookies” because they are threat to my computers.

          And when I tried to comment on Facebook, it required that I accept third party cookies in order to post my comment. I just didn’t post my comment.

          That’s about all I know about it.

          Thank you,
          Bill Moore

          • Bill Moore

            Hello meanqueen,

            Also, I’ve been using computers since they first came out in the early 1980s.

            I have three computers in my office and one in the studio. Only one computer is hooked to the internet. The others are not hooked up to anything (not to the internet, not to each other). I use thumb drives to transfer files between computers.

            I have tried many antivirus and anti sypware applications, such as Norton and Kaspersky, and found them to be lacking and that they try to take over my computer.

            I use the free versions of Avast and Spybot and CCleaner, and have found them to be first class in every way.

            Just My Thoughts,
            Bill Moore

          • meanqueen

            Okay, thanks!

    • Spikeygrrl

      With all due respect, you are mistaken. AmRen is accessible from all the major portals. My thoughts: Cozy up to one of the illenial guys/gals at your workplace (or any other Millennial you happen to know.
      Then, when disaster strikes in earnest, you’re more to them than the usual “entitled” “whingeing from upstairs.” They will clean up your existing mess AND install protections against this happening again. GOOD LUCK!!!

      • I know this isnt going to come as a surprise to anyone but you, but your reading comprehension is, as usual, about nil.

        Also, the majority of your comment, besides being barely decipherable gibberish, seems to be attacking mekong for his age? … based off his (admirable) choice not to partake in the idiocy and drama which is facebook?

        You really are full of yourself aren’t you?

  • superlloyd

    What a travesty. Their son’s death was a lawful, self defence killing and has nothing to do with torture. The UN is a morally corrupt, self serving behemoth that is basically useless and profligate. It has outlived its usefulness.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Setting aside this issue of whether the shooting was warranted, how in the world can being shot to near instantaneous death be considered torture?

    • Christorchaos

      Or maybe they could wait to see what the Grand Jury says before extending an invitation, hmmmn? Or are the standards of St. Louis County Justice beneath the minimum UN standards??

    • 1G25

      It did by the second week of the Korean War.

    • bilderbuster

      “Outlived it’s usefulness”?
      No sir superlloyd! It’s doing exactly what it was created for only it’s moving a bit slower than planned.
      That’s OK because it’s creators took that into consideration and have all the time in the world.

  • mac Grath

    Just when I thought this little exercise in Marxist street theatre was winding down these bumble brained fools make it more surreal. Next month the little Bangladeshi store owner, that Gentle Ben threatened and robbed, will speak and then that black Missouri State Police captain will profusely thank Saint Michael’s parents for ” giving us and the world Michael.” Cut to heavenly choirs singing and please hand me a knife so I can slit my throat !

  • Some Guy

    I hope no one is selling t-shirts of the Gentle Giant in her presence. She is the very image of grace and intelligent discussion, don’t you agree?

    • propagandaoftruth

      I bet her body aroma and hygiene are impeccable. Fabulous conversationalist too.

      The Swiss are going to love her. Maybe she can emigrate? I bet she can yodel.

    • journey

      It’s like they came straight off the boat from Africa. And these blacks have been here for 250 some years?

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        I was thinking the same: they look like pure bred Africans not American mulattoes

    • Ron Cheaters

      What country is that photo taken?

      • WhiteVeinKratom

        The “Obama-nation”.

    • Juggernaut3000

      Maybe they’ll sell a few t-shirts in Switz. to finance the trip.

      • DougDeGrave

        And Thug Momma can buy one of them purses that Oprah likes.

    • StillModerated

      Good news! Boxes up 30% off. And extra credit for peroxided dykish do, visible undergarments, and jail house tattoos.

    • Itooktheredpill

      There is no way that is a homo sapiens woman…NO WAYYYY

    • meanqueen

      These images are too disturbing to see.

    • HE2

      Is this sow the Gentle Giant™ baby mama?
      She looks like a subspecies, truly.
      The photo looks as if taken in Uganda, not the U.S.

      As for the U.N. address on this matter by one of her low life ilk, I smell a DOJ and Islamo-Marxist White House Rat behind the curtain.

      We are witnessing a deadly serious comedy that is symptomatic of how far we have fallen as a Western power. Or rather, how much we have allowed ourselves to be bullied, led, and cowed by our lessers. If not coloreds, by muslims.
      I am gobsmacked.

    • 1G25

      Take a gander and tell me you don’t believe in evolution.

      • bilderbuster

        Devolution if we mix with them.

    • bilderbuster

      Mike Brown’s sista be ugly as him!

    • DougDeGrave

      He Din Do Nuffin!

  • Christorchaos

    I wonder if the parents of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian who were tortured have been invited to testify before the UN Committee Against Torture?

    Or should it be renamed the “UN Committee Against White People”??

  • JR Kipling

    Heads up Switzerland. Hide the silverware and don’t let them check out of the hotel without seeing if the TV is still there. Meanwhile never run out of Steele Reserve and have the air courier service fly in KFC. If they wont leave ..then you have a problem don’t you? Remember…evict them and its racist. What to do..what to do….

  • kikz2

    hmmm………… i wonder how many translators of eboniK there could be at the UN? i’m sure they’ll have to specially contract some for the event. i’m sure st. michael’s mama will be indignat she can’t carry her pipe ‘all up da UN’.

    • meanqueen

      No need for a translator. They all speak it.

  • John

    So, we have a “mammy” and a baby daddy going to Switzerland? I’d be curious to know who’s footing the bill for this little junket. Perhaps they’ll be able to offer some new insights into the recently released CDC study that found that the leading cause of death for young blacks, male and female, is young black males.

    • meanqueen

      I thought the leading cause of death for young blacks was pregnant black mothers.

    • bilderbuster

      He a babydaddy fo sho but him not Mike Mike’s babydaddy.

      • John

        I didn’t know that but then again, one definition of “mass confusion” is “Father’s Day in the hood”.

        • bilderbuster

          Her name is Leslie McFadden and step-father’s name is Louis Head and babydaddy be Michael Brown Sr.
          Like Father’s day in da hood it’s anyone’s guess which one they invited but my guess is they’re both along for the free ride.

  • Luca

    Who is going to write their speeches, rehearse with them, pay their airfare, hotels and restaurant bills? OH… the usual suspects, no doubt. While they’re over there let’s award them the Nobel Peace Prize too so we can kill two birds with one stone.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Surely she must have something eloquent and insightful to say.


    • phillyguy

      Maybe we can talk Switzerland into taking 20 million of our black thugs to live there permanently , in five years the Swiss will be known as the most racist people on Earth.

      • RedOnTheHead

        I thought we were lucky just to get them to take Tina Turner off our hands

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        Swiss people are some of the most intelligent and business-prone on Earth

  • RacialRay

    Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but so far there have not even been any CHARGES brought in that Ferguson fiasco. Why are these lowlifes being flown to Geneva to address the mighty U.N. and its toothless Committee Against Torture? The only ‘torture’ I see in this whole mess is what law-abiding citizens must endure as the rule of law collapses.

    • meanqueen

      Yes, who orchestrated this and who is funding this?

      • meanqueen

        Oh, never mind, I see it is some unnamed attorney from St. Louis and they are asking for donations. Maybe they won’t get the funds to go.

      • RacialRay

        “They” did, and “we” are.

  • Yves Vannes

    They will fit in nicely at the UN.

  • They have apparently run out of TV cameras to chase in the United States, and now being starved for attention want the UN to hold their little hands and give them each a cookie and a hug.

    • LHathaway

      I could certainly use both.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Are they going to speak out about against black violence, drug abuse, thuggery, welfare use and black attacks on police?


    Is there a translator at the UN that can interpret Ebonics?

    • meanqueen

      LOL at the photo. Is that his kindergarten graduation? I can’t imagine he really passed high school exams.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Parents of Michael Brown should’ve told him never to punch a cop in an eye socket.

    • journey

      Plus among other good advice. But too low of an IQ to have any common sense.

    • It would have been a waste of their breath if they had said that. The usual parental bit about not playing in the street does not appear to have taken root, even by the age of 18, so more complex issues would have been completely lost on Mike Brown.

  • journey

    More evidence on how really stupid blacks are and of the people that are allowing this stupidity.

    Still soliciting online handouts but already scheduled to speak, how manipulative. Maybe Bill Gates can help them out.

    Blacks the eternal children of this planet.

    • bilderbuster

      Whites have to quit being the planet’s eternal wet nurse before it kills us!
      No other peoples give a rat’s rear about Blacks and we should know better by now to even try.

      • journey

        Some of the “help” is due to big money being made from foreign aid and charities and to look and feel good such as Bill Gates. Then there is the other side, of turning this country upside down looking for votes.
        The Old South had no misconceptions. But they are too beaten down now from our own government. For most taxpayers, we would rather either the blacks compete on their own or go back to Africa. As for the Hispanics, they are another huge needy low IQ group.
        This country is in dire need of strong uncorrupted leadership before there is an eruption of some kind. Suppose the results from the last election could be a start in the right direction. But have to wait and see.

  • Everyone here is mocking the trip to the UN. You shouldn’t be. It’s deadly serious.

    Read Dr. Jacques Ellul’s book “Propaganda.” The trip to the UN is a HUGE propaganda win for the anti-white cultural Marxist elites. Yeah, we mock the UN, but throughout the world, it’s looked upon differently, including by our own government.

    Communist and other white and Jewish leftists have been using Negroes for propaganda purposes since the Scottsboro Boys, Emmitt Till, etc. All of these cases ultimately involve a victory for the highly patient left. History gets rewritten and whites suffer the consequences.

    Send Jared Taylor to the UN to address the issue of white genocide by blacks in the US. But do not mock the propaganda victory that the left has scored in the Mike Brown case. It’s ultimately going to mean that cops will tolerate more and more black on white crimes. More Channon Christians, Heather Grahams, etc.

    • MannyR

      You are correct, If they can legitimize the idea that blacks are under some sort of threat here in the US from the majority white population, they can use as grounds for military action against any white separatist enclave that may be able to establish itself here in the future. The powers that be know that whites around the world are fed up with this multicultural experiment that’s been stuffed down their throats for 70 years. They know what’s building and they know it’s coming to the US fairly soon. It’s already started in Russia and other parts of Europe. The white race is awakening and it frightens them to their core.

      • meanqueen

        It will be interesting to see how it turns out when the shtf. I will have to give up my travels and hunker down on my homestead and hope to watch from a distance, if possible. Things could get really bad for all of us, though.

    • meanqueen

      Unfortunately, Mr. Taylor would simply be dismissed as a white supremacist. While no white person would be “credible” to them, it would be better to have someone whose resume they cannot possibly attack. Though, is there such a person? But I agree, someone needs to go to provide a counterbalance to this lying nonsense. I also agree with you that it’s deadly serious.

  • JohnEngelman

    Will they be able to pronounce the more complex words in the speech someone writes for them?


    Are they bringing any T-shirts to sell ?

  • Bonny Alba

    Yet another excellent example of the need to withdraw and withdraw funding and location for the UN communists.

  • MBlanc46

    If you still needed evidence that the UN is a bad joke….

    • 1G25

      Most UN members hate white America as much as black America does.

  • MartelsGhost

    So the sow who just pummeled her own family with a metal pipe is going to scream “White Debbils evywear! Now gibsmedat!” at the UN? Seems legit………………

  • See The Future

    How about the families of the thousands of innocent white victims of rape, murder, torture, etc at the hands of blacks be given a similar hearing at the UN?

    • Kenner

      Our genocide is perfectly fine with them.

    • meanqueen

      We deserve it!

  • PesachPatriot

    Isn’t the UN supposed to deal with international conflicts like russia invading the ukraine, india vs. pakistan, north vs. south korea, israel vs. palestine, epidemic diseases like ebola and environmental disasters like the 2010 haiti earthquake? The justified shooting death of a single individual doesn’t seem like the sort of thing they usually deal with….I hope the swiss have plenty of KFC and Popeye’s chicken to serve the browns

    • meanqueen

      Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom’s parents need to be there speaking. Their children were ACTUALLY tortured and murdered. This is farcical beyond belief. BEYOND BELIEF.

    • Yes, the UN was created in late 1945 at the San Francisco Conference to prevent something like World War Two from happening again. Except for the Korean War and Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the UN has been completely worthless at addressing – let alone resolving – international and even internal conflicts. This is why they busy themselves with anything and everything else they can think of – the illusion of doing something useful allows them to keep up their budgets.

      • 1G25

        The UN was our enemy in Korea. All US/UN member tactical plans at any level had to be cleared through a UN panel prior to launching an operation, and one member of that panel was a member of the Soviet Union, don’t remember which… that member reported all info to Moscow, which then passed it on to North Korea and China.

        General MacArthur got a bellyfull of that crap, and planned and implemented the Inchon “end-around” invasion in total secrecy. Without going into details, the Inchon invasion was considered impossible, anyway, due to vast tidal extremes and resulting miles of mud flats.

        Truman jumped MacArthur’s ass for not following the rules, setting up the General’s removal later in the war for arguing against the Yalu River sanctuary line.

        • bilderbuster

          Truman was horrible.
          The only reason he became president is because Stalin’s best ally Roosevelt had to dump the known communist Wallace as VP on his last election as President for Life.

      • bilderbuster

        Uh… The Iraq war has been going on for 25 years with no end in sight and with the American military still on the Korean frontier and off the coast 60 years after the Armistice, WWlll is still a possibility any time Kim lll has a bad day.

  • StillModerated

    They should move the UN headquarters to Ouagadougou or N’Djamena.

  • NYB

    Who has less credibility, the parents or the U.N.?

    • meanqueen

      Well, now you’ve stumped me.

  • Ice Queen

    There should be a rebuttal. Someone should go to the UN to present evidence to counter her false claims. Not sure who. Someone in law enforcement perhaps? It’s time Whites (Europeans, as I like to refer to us, even in the States), need to learn how to organize and be ready to come to our defense.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Who gives a care? Screw the United Nations—a socialist, anti-American organization.

    Michael Brown got his ‘justice’ when he charged Darren Wilson—the world is better off without him.

    No Apologies.

  • Bill Moore

    Hello MIchael Brown Parents,

    Don’t come back.

    Thank you,
    Bill Moore

    • Switzerland is a nice enough country. I wouldn’t wish the Browns on the Swiss. Maybe they could pay Robert Mugabe an extended visit in Zimbabwe, because living around whites is just too oppressive.

  • meanqueen

    Oh, GOOD GOD! Is this for real?

  • HE2

    I told you about this insanity a few days ago.
    Ferguson thuggery is taking their act on the road!

  • MathMan

    Rewarded for bringing Michael Brown into the world. What next?

  • RedOnTheHead

    “Family attorney Anthony Gray told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Brown’s parents plan to leave on Nov. 10.”
    Nov. 10th that’s the day Anonymous claims the Grand Jury will announce it’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson. Blowing off your own riot, that’s about as ig’nant as you can get.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Where was the media and government outcry after the Christian-Newsom kidnapping, rape and murders? Even now, most people never heard of it because the victims were white and the criminals were negro. More special rights for them. I’m surprised the UN is even getting involved. When will they get involved over the totalitarian governments around the world esp. in Africa.

  • This definitely goes into the ‘you couldn’t possibly have made it up” category in the filing cabinet. The whole leftwing/liberal world is a true circus act – and this proves they are either comedians or lunatics. I would increasingly suggest the latter.

  • Cid Campeador

    Since when does the UN have anything to do with that?

  • Red

    Twenty bucks says their house will be burglarized while they’re gone, now that the Ferguson natives know the place will be empty.

  • guest

    How did those paragons of virtue, intellect and righteousness come up with such an idea? In other words, who put them up to it. And has the clout to pull it off.

  • WhiteVeinKratom

    I’ll contribute if it’s a one-way ticket.

    • journey

      And revoke their so called citizenship to this country – never to return.

  • Max

    Will the parents of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom be flown to Switzerland to speak before the U.N. about torture also?

    I thought not.

  • What an insane world we live in when these ignorant, thug-parents are given a legitimate forum to spew their lies. They’ll be getting rich off the death of Brown just as Travon Martin’s parents got rich off his death. It would be laughable if it weren’t such a sad testament to the insanity of political correctness and how it’s destroying civilization.

    • Ohmy!

      Yes, we live in an insane, illogical world. It’s very sad, frustrating. Common sense does not prevail.

  • Token Finn

    A few days ago a 60 year old man was stabbed to death in broad daylight on the street of a relatively peaceful finnish town. The media did not mention it much. They completely hid the fact that the killer was a 16 year old gypsy, who had bragged about his plans to kill a random white person online, which he did. We’re appalled by the way this cowardly hate crime has been blacked out by all medias, while ordinary whites are hunted down for expressing disgust over incidents like this through hate speech laws.

  • OyVey00

    They’ll need a Niggeronics -> English interpreter.

  • OyVey00

    Also “couple”, lol. They probably hadn’t seen each other since about 9 months before the Gentle Giant’s birth.

  • MooTieFighter

    given their history, I wonder if they will get into any fights or steal/rob anyone during the trip.

  • Ohmy!

    First time out of the country for the thug’s parents. I’m sure that what they have to say before the U.N. is incredibly insightful and valuable to humanity.