Darren Wilson’s Friends Demand That ‘Star’ Witness in Michael Brown Case Be Charged with Perjury

Daniel Bates, Daily Mail, November 26, 2014

Close friends of Darren Wilson have called for the star witness in the Michael Brown shooting to be charged for lying about what he saw.

Two of the Ferguson police officer’s best friends told MailOnline that Dorian Johnson–who was next to Brown at the time–should be arrested for his statements in numerous TV interviews he made days afterwards.

They say that he made up the claim that Brown had his hands up which kickstarted the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ protest movement.

For his part Johnson told the grand jury that the whole process has left him feeling ‘victimized’.

He also revealed that the altercation began because he didn’t like how Wilson spoke to him like a father telling off his son.

Johnson was walking with Brown back to his house in Ferguson, Missouri, when he and Wilson got in tussle that ended in tragedy on August 9.


Afterwards, Wilson’s testimony was made public which his supporters say proves Johnson was a liar.

A close friend said: ‘Dorian Johnson is the one who started it all. If it was up to me he should be charged.

‘He got right on CNN, he got right on TV and started blabbering his mouth off. I could tell by his voice that he was lying.

‘Darren Wilson’s story makes sense regardless of whether I knew him or not.’

The friend also criticized Johnson for claiming that he hid behind a car but also claimed to have seen everything that happened.

The friend said: ‘That’s just not possible’.

In his TV interviews after Brown’s death on CNN and MSNBC Johnson said that Wilson told him and Brown to ‘get the f***onto the sidewalk’ as he drove past in his police SUV.

But in his interview at the St Louis County police department on August 10, the day after he killed Brown Wilson said that he asked them both: ‘Hey guys, why don’t you walk on the sidewalk?’

Johnson is said to have replied: ‘F*** what you have to say’.

In his TV interviews Johnson said that Wilson shot Brown in the back at which point he turned round with his hands up saying: ‘I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!’

Wilson however said that Brown charged at him looking like a ‘demon’ who did not stop until he hit him with the last of six bullets, which went into his head.

Johnson vanished soon after making his interviews and has only resurfaced once in a brief interview on CNN.

His credibility was further damaged after it emerged that he had previous convictions for theft and filing a false police report.

The close friend of Wilson’s told MailOnline that they feared for Wilson’s future and that he might not be able to return to a normal life.

Wilson had only celebrated his housewarming with his future wife Barbara Spradling and her five-year-old son a month before he shot Brown.

Prior to joining the police force Wilson worked as a carpenter and this is something he could go back to, or perhaps working in a smaller, more rural force.

The second friend said: ‘He’s a good person. I used to go bowling with him and he’s one of the nicest guys I know’.

The first friend added: ‘I knew from day one that Darren would not be indicted. I knew he did nothing wrong . . .

‘. . . he’s very good at putting on a brave face but I know it’s killing him.

‘I am sure that he sees it all, he sees it all happen in his mind every night before he goes to sleep’.

Should Johnson be arrested the charge he would face would be perjury, but it appears to be very unlikely.

As he announced the jury’s decision not to charge Wilson, St Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough was asked if there were grounds to take action against any of the witnesses.

He said no but in his speech he lambasted some of those who gave evidence, without naming Johnson directly.

He said: ‘Some witnesses maintained their original statement that Mr Brown had his hands in the air and was not moving toward the officer when he was shot.

‘Several witnesses said Mr Brown did not raise his hands at all or that he raised them briefly and then dropped them and then turned toward Officer Wilson, who then fired several rounds.’

Johnson’s testimony before the grand jury is broadly the same as what he said during his TV interviews.

It does however reveal numerous new details about the incident and the alleged robbery Brown carried out minutes before at a convenience store.

Johnson told the panel that after grabbing a handful of cigarillos and pushing the clerk out the way he ‘laughed it off’ as they walked outside without paying.

He and Brown did not get out of the road when Wilson asked him to because he felt the officer was like a ‘father talking to kids’.

Johnson agreed that what they were doing was ‘defiant, a show of strength’ and told the jury his thoughts were: ‘We’re not your kids’.

After the shooting Johnson ran back to his house to change his clothes and admitted it was so that the police did not recognise him and arrest him over the convenience store robbery.

He told the grand jury that he felt ‘victimised’ and that there were so many rumours that people thought he had been killed when a body was found nearby.

Johnson told the jury that ‘deadly force was really not necessary’ and that Brown ‘could be in jail right now’ if things had been different.

He said: ‘All I’m saying is the gun is definitely out of order. Could have been a taser, anything that make someone stop . . .

‘. . . he (Wilson) could have pulled out the billy club to show he was going to use force if we didn’t stop.’


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  • shatwood

    That wormy looking black genital wart’s going to get killed on da streets sooner or later. I just hope it’s a slow death.

    • B.A_2014

      I assume your talking about Obama.

      • shatwood

        No, but that works for me too.

        • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™


    • TruthBeTold

      This guy was a friend of Dorian Johnson (and presumably Michael Brown). He was found shot dead and his body burned on Monday night during the protests:

      “On Monday night 20 year-old DeAndre Joshua was shot dead in Ferguson. His charred body was found in a car on Canfield Drive just yards from where Michael Brown was shot dead.”

  • A Freespeechzone

    You can damned well bet that if a White perjured him or herself in a black vs.White incident, there would be no hesitation to prosecute to the maximum.

    These people want ‘equality’—give it to them…..indict Dorian Johnson for PERJURY!

    THAT is ‘equality’ before the law……

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Lied to insight a riot. I think that is a felony.


  • superlloyd

    Well I never, a negro who lies to the Police. It can’t be, surely.

    • Dad

      They never charged Crystal Mangum in the Durham Rape Case, after the Gov. of NC got personally involved. He indicated he felt pity for her, no harm, no foul. A matter of record, no charges for her world famous lies.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        and no apologies, or compensation, to the white students who she lied about.


        • Speedy Steve

          They should at least have censured the marxist professor for his scathing letter to the local gazette, and then denied his tenure.

    • Speedy Steve

      But but but, we outlawed miscegenation and integrated schools and gave them affirmative action, why do they continue to act like savages?

  • They say that he made up the claim that Brown had his hands up which kickstarted the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ protest movement.

    Proving that a lie can be halfway around the world before the truth can get out of bed and put its boots on. And by “around the world,” I mean that quite literally: The handsupdontshoot brigade is now making noise in London.

    • B.A_2014

      My coalburning aunt was telling the rest of the family today how she and her fellow feministas at the women’s centre were contemplating what to do as a way of showing solidarity with your precise American blacks. As if the mud people care what a horde of hags on the other side of the world think.

      • connorhus

        It’s bad enough dealing with the White hating Femocrats coal burners here in the states. I can’t imagine having to be related to one. I feel for ya.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        She could move here, and get robbed, raped, and murdered.

        Britons believed the liar Winston Churchill. Why not Stupid-American-Black-Thugs also.


  • JackKrak

    They went after Mark Furhman for perjury that was not really perjury.

    But they will never, in a billion years, prosecute any of these “witnesses” for perjury no matter what the evidence is.

    Because this is a nation of laws, right????

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Thanks for the reminder re: Furhman.

  • Groovy

    Why just perjury. Remember Brown handed the loot to him. This and maybe more makes him an accomplice. Brown was killed in their joint crime. Sounds like felony murder to me.

  • Georgia Boy

    Of course he feels victimized, these punks always do. I’m reminded of that South Park “respect my authoritah” bit … only instead of shouting respect my authority as he beats the motorist, have Cartman scream, “I’m the victim! I’m the victim!”

  • B.A_2014

    That was a classic episode.

  • dd121

    Hear that Holder? Go after the bas tard.

  • Luca

    “For his part Johnson told the grand jury that the whole process has left him feeling ‘victimized’.”

    Wow, that is so unlike a black person to say that.

  • laatmijbinnen

    If the races of the parties were reversed there’d outrage about how these racist White witnesses lied in order to unjustly convict an innocent Black cop.

    • MBlanc46

      If the cop had been black, we never would have heard of Ferguson, Missouri.

      • RileyDeWiley

        If the cop had been black, he would not have been attacked.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          If the cop had been black, he would have asked for 30% of the cigars Brown stole.


    • ejXinMI

      I can live with a prohibition against white people policing black communities. Is that not what most Africans want? Our President, and the AG have obliquely stated as much. After African leaders concede that is what they want, might whites then suggest there should be a prohibition against Africans policing white communities? Just a hop, skip, and jump then to segregation. Awesome! Prepare the flotilla to Liberia! Hooray!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Dorian will be a guest presenter at next year’s BET awards.

    • phillyguy

      Obama invited him to throw the switch at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree at the White House

      • Kenner

        Ah, ‘Throwing the switch’. The good old days. And I’m not talking about Christmas trees.

        • phillyguy

          Oh geez, now everyone knows I’m over 50.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        You mean the National Manura at the white house.


      • See The Future

        Christmas trees are not allowed at the WH. Only the menorah.

  • JInSanD

    Johnson “hid behind a car.”

    Wouldn’t that be another major issue for the officer to worry about?

  • withcaution

    “…‘All I’m saying is the gun is definitely out of order. Could have been a taser, anything that make someone stop …”

    So even Michael Brown’s partner in crime admits a high level of force was needed to get Brown to stop. Too bad more people out there can’t read between the lines, or just READ the lines!

  • Sloppo

    I wonder if Michael enjoyed his “defiant show of strength” against Mr. Wilson’s .40 caliber Sig Sauer as much as he did against the little store owner we saw him assault in the video.

    • Like I recommended before, for sidearm go .40S&W. It’s what everyone else is going to be carrying.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        According to Twitchy:

        The protesters have been asking for supplies from the public – they even set up a wedding registry at Amazon with a wish list for “sanctuary spaces” — USB chargers for iPhones, cold-weather gear, sharpie markers and poster paper.

        One of the thugs said they have 9mms, 40 cals, AK-47s’ (stolen, most likely) and are ready for war.

        I wish they’d get on with it already…so we Whites can finish it.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          Why don’t whites get on with it? The blacks have been fighting a race war since the 1920s, and maybe earlier. 3,000 people supposedly got killed in the World Trade Center attack. I bet 30,000 whites have been killed by blacks in the last 50 years. So who will whites attack? Iran.


          • Sick of it

            The blacks have been fighting a race war against us since at least the medieval period. See the blackness of modern Africa.

        • Kenner

          A ‘wedding registry’. – Married to the mob.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        And how many shots did it take to bring down a 300 lb thug? 10? Go with a 10mm (used for defense against bear) and all you need is one shot.

        • Well, a 10mm and a 40S&W are essentially the same round, just the 40S&W is shorter. They both should leave the same diameter hole but the 10mm is going to penetrate better but it’s going to kick harder too. The 40S&W has more stopping power than a 9mm, doesn’t kick that much harder than a 9mm, and so allows for more rapid followup shots, and more accurate followup shots, than you would get with, say, a .45. Because of the wide use of the very popular 40S&W by various agencies and police it makes sense to go with that because of the presumed ease of finding ammo… in any conceivable situation…

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            A 10mm Glock is very controllable—doesn’t kick any worse than a .45 or .357 Mag. I own two G20s—full size and slim frame. The ammo is versatile (135gr – 230gr) and plentiful on-line; parts are also easy to find. For better concealment, there’s always the G29.

          • Can fire a .40S&W out of a 10mm gun, that G20 in particular, so I read a few places. Makes sense. Almost no issues. May need a barrel for it rifled for a slightly lower load or there’s some reduced accuracy if using the standard barrel for a 10mm, I read. That would be a really good thing then, a 10mm with a spare barrel and top accuracy from both cartridges out of the same gun.

          • You can’t. A straight-sided, rimless pistol round headspaces on the case mouth. Those two cases have a very slight body taper, but not much. Shooting .40″ S&W in a 10mm chamber would result in one headspacing on the extractor, assuming the cartridge didn’t enter the chamber past where the extractor could grab the extractor groove. An additional potential problem would be the lower-powered .40″ S&W round not cycling the action of a 10mm pistol completely, leaving one with repeated stovepipe jams.

            The only omnivorous pistol I have ever owned and fired was a Spanish Astra-400 (originally made for the Chilean navy). It was intended for 9mm X 23 Bergmann/Bayard, but would also reliably handle 9mm X 23 Steyr, 9mm X 19 Luger and .38″ ACP.

          • There are multiple videos on youtube of people taking their Glock 20s and firing .40S&W out of it. I did say “mostly” without issue, I believe. With your level of knowledge regarding this you would presumably see multiple issues with it that less experienced users might believe it was working okay enough. But the videos do show folks doing it and not blowing their heads off.

          • Here’s a pretty good short on-point video comparing the a 357 Mag and a .40S&W.

            (Okay, reading the comments and looking at the ratings maybe he set the test up wrong by using substantially different ammo)

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            One cool 10mm round is the Equalizer by DoubleTap. Two rounds in one: 135gr JHP over a 95gr ball. But of course the cops will never use it—they’re pretty much stuck with what they’re told to carry whether it be 9mm or .40 and NO EXOTIC AMMO. However, civilians don’t have the same constraints. If the bad guys are carrying 9mms and .40s, I want a 10mm or .357 Mag. And I’m sure a lot of people out there are ready to counter gang-banger AK-47s with .308s.

          • The FBI downloaded the 10mm round to approximately .40″ S&W ballistics, and industry quickly stepped in to provide the now-common short version with the reduced ballistics.

    • See The Future

      It is a fact that Browns bad attitude cost him his life.

      It is stupid to walk in the middle of the street forcing cars to stop and go around.

      It is stupid to defy an officer requesting him to move to the sidewalk.

      It is stupid to attack a police officer.

      Can’t fix stupid.

      • “Can’t fix stupid.”
        Darren Wilson appears to have discovered a way to accomplish just that.

  • ghettovalley

    He was also an accomplice to the robbery of a convenience store, setting off a chain of events which led to the death of Mr. Brown. Some would argue that under our current legislation, this would make him guilty of manslaughter, or possibly even murder.

    • laatmijbinnen

      It also ain’t necessary to be exceedingly harsh. Many of these sentences on the basis of being complicit of a crime are completely unreasonable.

      Just perjury is fine. Let us not turn into a lynch mob like our opponents.

      • ghettovalley

        I agree that it is harsh. A woman from Colorado named Lisl Auman received a life sentence due to similar circumstances. She paid a man to steal some stuff from her ex-boyfriend’s home, and they were stopped by the police afterwards. She was taken into custody while the men fled on foot, resulting in a scuffle. The officer was shot by the man who then turned the gun on himself. Despite the fact that she was handcuffed and sitting in the back of a police cruiser, she was found guilty of murder. If that woman deserved a life sentence this guy certainly does as well.

        • laatmijbinnen

          I obviously agree with you that there’s a racial double standard at work here, and I believe it likely that if the concerned witness was White they’d try to get him with all possible legal means, no matter how far fetched.

          But still, one can’t unreasonably convict a person with the goal of achieving some perverse sort of equality in light of previous unreasonable convictions.

          • MBlanc46

            Prosecuting him wouldn’t be for some perverse sort of equality, but for crimes that there’s no doubt that he committed. It would drive the lefties and the media insane, but that’s not a serious reason for not doing it.

          • ghettovalley

            I don’t entirely disagree with you. Basically, I know what would happen to me in that situation. It’s not fair that this guy isn’t held accountable for his actions, and why? Because he is black? They only want equality when it benefits them. They don’t want equality when it comes time to be held personally responsible for their actions. At that point that aren’t equal anymore, they are helpless victims. We need to stop coddling them like children, and start making an example out of the ones who engage in unacceptable activities and behavior. I want black criminals held to the same standards as white criminals, nothing more for them but certainly nothing less.

        • That’s the “felony murder” law in Colorado. It specifies that if you are committing a felony, no death that results from the crime is “unintentional”; it is instantly first-degree murder.

          Auman, by the way was released in 2006 and gets off parole this next spring.

  • dewdly

    Johnson said, “‘All I’m saying is the gun is definitely out of order. Could have been a taser, anything that make someone stop . . .”Stop what? In that statement isn’t he admitting that Brown was aggressively charging Wilson?

    • Charles Martel

      No, just pummeling him while the officer sat in the car.

    • Ferguson cops had apparently not been issued Tasers at the time of the August incident.

  • [Guest]

    Dorian Johnson, typical 21st-century American black.

    • See The Future

      If he was a good friend to Michael Brown he would have yelled at him to listen to the cop and lets get to the sidewalk like he asked. Dorian should have been very aggressive to pull his friend away and try to salvage a very bad situation.

      Has any media person asked Dorian that question?

      • Charles Martel

        According to his testimony, Dorian had only known Big Mike for three months.

      • [Guest]

        That’s how I look at it too. Maybe it’s the white way of friendship.

        As to the media, they lie, tell half-truths, and propagandize constantly. They knowingly distorted this entire incident. I look upon them as the enemy.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Close friends of Darren Wilson have called for the star witness in the Michael Brown shooting to be charged for lying about what he saw.

    Dorian Johnson will be charged the same way Tawana Brawley and Crystal Gail Magum were charged.

    • phillyguy

      Actually he should be charged ,first starting a catastrophe all of the property damage, all of the rioting, he should be charged as a terrorist and thrown into jail for 90 years.

  • MBlanc46

    He ought to be prosecuted for the robbery and for the lies, but he very likely won’t be. It will be a miscarriage of justice if he isn’t, but he probably won’t be.

  • Guest

    That degenerate’s dishonest testimony ignited nationwide riots and cost businesses around the country millions of dollars

    “Well probably the govt will pay the businesses for the damages”

    Ha! Ha! Our little govt is already under trillions of dollars of debt….. It can’t afford to help pay for the damages done to the businesses by the protesters.

    I hope those businesses were insured by third party private insurance firms

    • Charles Martel

      My guess is that the small businesses will have inadequate (or no) insurance. Look for the SBA to provide the cash they need to get back on the feet. In short, taxpayers will once again foot the bill.

    • Lots of insurance policies do not cover riot-related damage.

      • Bobbala

        Imagine the carnage if they did … It’d be a license to steal.

  • Who Me?

    Thug Brown HAD to be head charging at officer Wilson like a damn buffalo, unless Wilson suddenly developed and employed the art of flight to rise overhead and shoot downward into the top of St Swisher’s head. Since I’m sure that such an unusual activity would have provoked much comment among the excitable African witnesses, not to mention the human witnesses, and nobody said anything, we can conclude it didn’t happen, but rather the head-charge is indeed what occurred.

  • Angel Talarico

    I read where numerous ‘witnesses’ obviously perjured themselves during the proceedings – arrest them all and plaster their mugs all over uncontrolled media.

  • David Ashton

    You have to give the African and African-American mind credit for story telling aka fictional narrative. As I think Teddy Roosevelt said, “Presidents come and go, but Uncle Remus stays put for ever.”

  • Rusty Shackelford

    So it sounds like this whole thing sparked off because Darren Wilson had the audacity to politely and reasonably ask them to walk on the sidewalk. Ironically, he was probably concerned for their safety. Another fine example of “keepin’ it real” going wrong.

    • Alexandra1973

      Could be that he was tired of hoodrats walking in the street.

  • Bantu_Education

    Realistically I don’t think that any black anywhere would ever be accused of perjury – indeed has it ever happened? Probably not recently. The authorities know that blacks are compulsive liars and there aren’t enough prisons to hold the entire black population.

  • Paleoconn

    Mayor Giuliani also said that the guys who lied should be prosecuted. They played with Officer Wilson’s life with their lies.

    You know if our White brotherhood was really strong, we could easily raise millions for Officer Wilson to retire in Tahiti. But then, if we were that strong, Officer Wilson wouldn’t have to worry about his future to begin with.

  • It’s going to be next to impossible to get a jury to convict Dorian Johnson of perjury.

    Blacks and the truth tend to have a very strained relationship. And it’s not necessarily because blacks are deliberate liars, it’s because they tend to have such undeveloped frontal lobes that they lack the ability to discern truth from fiction. So they’ll tell whatever cockamamie story they think they need to tell at the moment for their convenience.

    As it was, blacks who testified in front of this GJ were so all-over-the-map in their stories that they ran off the map. They couldn’t all be telling the truth. Which means that even under oath and under the implied threat of felony perjury charges, they can’t tell the truth. Why? Because, again, they can’t discern truth from fiction, too many of them.

    This is why in the Jim Crow South, blacks were generally not allowed to testify against whites in court.

    Of course, if you’re black and you do tell the truth under oath, you get your body doused with gasoline and your torso full of holes. In Bell Curve City, snitches get a whole lot worse than stitches.

  • celeryetverus

    “After the shooting Johnson ran back to his house to change his clothes and admitted it was so that the police did not recognise him and arrest him over the convenience store robbery.”
    Thus negating the “lolz gentle giant” narrative, and proving the mainstream media to be a load of sensationalist liars.

    Wanna arrest someone? Arrest the MSM propagandists responsible for pushing a false narrative to incite discord and rioting.

  • dean53

    Problem is that Johnson would be tried by a jury of his peers….. Fat chance Ferguson blacks would ever indict or convict him.

  • Pat Kittle

    Goyim lives matter!