White Man, Burdened

Economist, October 4, 2014

Zambia rarely makes a stir at the annual UN general assembly in New York. But when Michael Sata, the president, failed to turn up for his speech this year, other African delegations took note.

The 77-year-old had collapsed in his hotel suite on September 25th and was treated by doctors sent by the American government. He had rarely appeared in public in recent months. When he addressed the Zambian parliament earlier in September he joked, “I am not dead,” and then left without delivering his speech.

Under the Zambian constitution, if Mr Sata becomes unfit to work he will be replaced by his vice-president, Guy Scott, pending a new election to be held within 90 days. If so, Mr Scott would be the first white man to head an African state since the end of apartheid in South Africa two decades ago. What is more remarkable is that few Zambians seem concerned–a marked contrast from neighbouring South Africa or Zimbabwe, where politics is still riven by questions of race and colonialism.

The Cambridge-educated economist is the only one of about 40,000 white Zambians to make it to the higher echelons of politics. Born in Livingstone, the 70-year-old is the son of white Anglo-Scots who arrived before independence. He has been a popular MP, like his father, Alec, who campaigned against colonial rule. The younger Mr Scott was lauded as agriculture minister in the 1990s. As vice-president since 2011, he and the man he calls “the boss” have steered a sensible course, keeping the economy growing at about 6% a year. {snip}

Last year a leader of the opposition, Hakainde Hichilema, called Mr Scott the “most stupid white man” he had ever met. But that was mild by the combative standards of Zambian politics. Mr Scott has won friends with his outspokenness. He castigates banks for charging 25% annual interest on small loans and describes going to an all-white boarding school in Zimbabwe as “being in the Hitler Youth”.



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  • M.

    “Mr Scott would be the first white man to head an African state since the end of apartheid in South Africa two decades ago.”

    Former Algerian President Liamine Zeroual could be considered as white by looser standards. Same for the current one, Bouteflika.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I like this swarthy little “fella”, lol

      Love that movie, man. Intimate Enemies. I’ll take one swarthy little Sayeed over ten lily white libtards in a fight any day.

    • MBlanc46

      “Sub-Saharan Africa” is pretty clearly what was meant. In the past they might have said “black Africa”, but I imagine that’s politically incorrect these days.

    • Anonymous

      He’s not White; he is Caucasian. Caucasian is a race, and White is a subgroup within that race.

      • journey


        • propagandaoftruth

          Everyone’s got their own definitions.

        • Augustus3709

          All Whites are Caucasian, but not all Caucasians are White.

          Caucasian is basically a skull type. Not Negroid, not Mongoloid.

          “White” is a colloquial term for peoples descended from Old Europe (about 40,000 years ago to present) and the Aryan infusion into Europe (perhaps 3,000 years ago).

          In most cases “European” does the trick.

        • corvinus

          Caucasoids include white Europeans, Middle Easterners, and South Asians. Caucasians are people like the Kardashians or the Tsarnaev bros.

      • Jack Burton

        LOL, no. You mean Caucasoid.

      • Kit Ingoldby

        ‘Caucasian’ is just a stupid word used by Americans to describe Whites. No one else uses it because is it meaningless.

        • veritas

          I agree. It is meaningless unless you come from the Caucasus.

          • Jack Burton

            It’s not meaningless in anthropology, and has meaning as a root race and common ancestral lineage. However it has no real meaning locally or for preserving modern sub-races which is what we’re really talking about.

        • Jack Burton

          Caucasian and white are both vague, the latter even more so. I’d rather use European/Europid or sub-races, far better descriptors.

          However, with the average IQ being what it is, and about 80% of people being contrary simpletons, there’s not much you can do.

    • corvinus

      No, they’re mulatto and Muslim, most certainly not white European.

      • M.

        They’re whitish. Some of them don’t look any less European than Sicilians. That’s the thing with populations who live on the borders of the white race. They’re ambiguous.

        • corvinus

          And some others, like Zacarias Moussaoui, would pass just fine in da hood. Especially if you consider that there are black American Muslims. As I said: mulatto.

          • M.

            He’s Moroccan, not Algerian. And yes, southern Moroccans look very much black.

            But most North African (especially in the far-north) do not look mulatto. They’re usually olive-skinned, and very similar to Southern Greeks or Italians.

          • corvinus

            A few North Africans may look fairly white, but they’re outliers. Most don’t. In addition, North Africans have typically mulatto levels of criminality and IQ. Sicilians have the Mafia, but you aren’t likely to be mugged or robbed on the streets of Palermo by a local.

          • M.

            First of all, I don’t consider North Africans white, by and large. At least, by the American standards of whiteness. I’m just saying they’re not mulattos. They have their own North African genetic markers, with some European/Middle Eastern/sub-Saharan.

            And how do you know the streets of Algiers are more dangerous than those of Palermo? Are you basing that on stats?

            The reason I’m speaking lengthily about North Africa is that I’ve spent a few years there – in Algeria, more specifically. I haven’t found the streets to be that dangerous. At least not in those I visited or stayed in.

    • Jack Burton


      Algerians are on average:

      39% Maghreb (Native North African)

      27% European (White)

      16% Near Eastern (Arab)

      18% Sub-Saharan (Black)

      Your standard of white is an octoroon? GTFO.

      • propagandaoftruth

        18% eh? Still, that’s the average, not to say that every Algerian you run a DNA test on will be this.

        I wonder how homogeneous the population is.

        • M.

          The Algerian population is pretty much divided into Northerners and Southerners, racially.

          The Northerners tend to look like these politicians. The Southerners (aka the Saharans, aka the Tuaregs) are mostly nomads who live in small towns of the Sahara desert, and very poorly represented in politics. They look very swarthy to black, and have the most negroid admixture.

        • Jack Burton

          Wrong, it’s typical.

          It’s pathetic how many willful idiots post here. Even when you’re presented with evidence you refuse to believe it or value it. You’re no better than blacks.

          • M.

            What’s typical? To examine possibilities before jumping to conclusions? Yes, that’s typical of rational people.

            Ancestries tend to differ from one region to another even in one country. You may find North African markers higher the country of Italy, but you’ll find them the highest among Southern Italians.

            “You’re no better than blacks.”

            I’ll respect a decent black person over a garbage like you any day.

          • Jack Burton

            You haven’t said one thing that has made an iota of sense yet.

            You describe North African octoroons as “whitish” and looking Italian when you had no idea they were part black because you’re an ignoramus.

            Then when I correct your stupidity, you become willful and indignant, just like primitive blacks.

            So let’s recap, you’re willfully stupid, you want to include Asiatic octoroons as white people, and then declare you’d rather associate with primitive blacks than with intelligent white people who correct your nonsense. You’re a real credit to the cause, you waste of oxygen. Your only value is cannon fodder.

          • M.

            1. Most North Africans do look whitish (see the three politicians I suggested in my first comment, you can even add to that their current PM Sellal);

            2. I said “Southern Italians”, not “Italians”;

            3. You made the link yourself between Southern Italians and North Africans in this comment a couple of months ago: http://www(dot)amren(dot)com/news/2014/08/brainwash-race/#comment-1534489788

            And I backed it up with this comment: http://www(dot)amren(dot)com/news/2014/08/brainwash-race/#comment-1541954804

            So yes, Southern Greeks and Italians are whitish, just like those who
            live in the coastal regions of North Africa. Maybe to a slightly lesser
            extent. Same for all the peoples who live on the frontiers of the white race (Turks, Kazakhs, etc.).

            And… ignoramus, stupid, indignant, bla-bla-bla, back to you.

            By the way, I didn’t object to the points you raised that were relevant to the topic, but to you making this discussion personal. As you seem to do with every second commenter you respond to here. That’s immature.

          • TwanC


            The problem is that “white” (in the sense that Jack Burton is using it) is more of a recent concept, as a result of demic colonizations/migrations. “White” did not really exist within intra-population relations. E.g., the flemish are merely differentiated from northerly french speakers in southern Belgium and northern France, by culture.

            Now contrast between some southerly maghrebi populations (e.g., the sahrawi) who have encroached the west african sahara and west african sahel. They are by comparison to europeans, not nearly as “white,” but in a region of the continent where there are no europeans to compare to, relative to indigenous populations, they see themselves as “white” (or “bidan”).

            Both “black” and “white” are concepts that are only expressed as a result of inter-population relations (NOT intra-population). The delineation between two sets of homogeneously “like” groups, is more ethnic than anything else (e.g., dutch and french.) Notice how in RSA though, the distinction between dutch, (huguenot) french, and german, ostensibly shrunk as they came to form the “burgher” or “boer” communites of the (former) Cape province
            and Transvaal.

      • M.

        That’s why I said “by looser standards”.

        Much of the sub-Saharan genes are situated in the Sahara desert.

        The northerners (of whom hail all their politicians) have far less negroid admixture, and have mainly indigenous (Berber/Maghrebi) genetic markers.

        The politicians I mentioned don’t look any more European than Southern Greeks or Italians, and those are usually considered white.

        And GTFO yourself, you impolite POC!

        • Jack Burton

          You’re a loose standard for a human being, barely sentient.

          You’re a complete waste of oxygen. Do everyone a favor and kill yourself.

          • M.

            Lulz, you and your thesaurus-inspired adjectives.

            The feeling is mutual, obviously.

            You have those in reserve each time you get your insolent little brat’s butt kicked in some argument?

  • Truthseeker

    Watch Zambia become the jewel of Africa.

    • M.

      The population is still largely black though. How much can he do, really.

    • Did you read the last paragraph? Unless I’m reading it wrong, it sounds like Scott would rather be black.

  • MekongDelta69

    “If so, Mr Scott would be the first white man to head an African state since the end of apartheid in South Africa two decades ago. What is more remarkable is that few Zambians seem concerned.”

    If so, Zambia will go from worst to first.


      So they are upset about a white man in a position of power in a black country, BUT they insist–not only in flooding our nations with blacks and other nonwhites—BUT they also insist on us giving them power, which they use against us.

    • DelmarJackson

      When I was younger, only loan sharks charged more than 22% as it was illegal to do so and was called usury. Now 29% is common.
      The college students, the youngest and least experienced sophisticated borrowers, are saddled with high student debt and if they can not pay are not allowed to declare bankruptcy, and in addition, when their credit rating is destroyed from the debt, employers using credit worthiness as a hiring factor exclude those in debt so they can neither repay the debt through employment or get rid of it via bankruptcy. the banksters and the open border globalists are making friends fast.

  • OS-Q

    “Last year a leader of the opposition, Hakainde Hichilema, called Mr Scott the ‘most stupid white man’ he had ever met.”

    How does that old saying go? In the land of the blind…

    • Chris Granzow XI

      …he was probably the only white man he ever met, too.

  • journey

    Some foolish whites never give up on a sinking ship = a boatload of blacks.

    “called Mr Scott the “most stupid white man” he had ever met.” Sounds about right.

  • Get ready for Guy Scott to be blamed for all of Zambia’s problems and every bad thing that happens there.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Perhaps the Zambians are listening to reverend Manning.

  • FloridaGal2005

    He might as well be black, he talks like one.

    • Anonymous

      So talking like a Black person changes your genetics and your race? And how are you any different from the liberals who say that it is a social construct?

      • journey

        You missed her point.

      • FloridaGal2005

        I was referring to this: “describes going to an all-white boarding school in Zimbabwe as “being in the Hitler Youth””

  • Obvious Pseudonym

    I presume he’s made a quiet fortune from Zambia’s precious metals and rare earth elements. I wonder, does he have an account in Zurich for when the headhunting starts? Presumably he doesn’t save it in local banks, if they have to charge 25%..

  • IstvanIN

    Why can’t Whites just talk about issues, like excessive interest rates, and not put themselves and the rest of us down. The whole generation of whites born between 1930 and 1960 are nuts, or mostly. Not me, of course.

  • WR_the_realist

    I’m old enough that the suburban public schools I went to before high school were all white. So it appears that I, too, was educated with the Hitler Youth.

    Thank God.

    • But you missed out on the enrichment that the Africans would bring to your life.

      • WR_the_realist

        I am so old that when I was in grade school the liberals worried about things like the environment and the Vietnam War, and didn’t think it was a problem that my classmates were all white.

  • Lagerstrom

    “What a bloody hero!”

  • hastings88

    This is the white liberal’s dream: to fight “racism” and thereby become the adored leader of multitudes of Negroes.

  • Jack Burton

    “He castigates banks for charging 25% annual interest on small loans”

    Interest rates are high because the risk of loaning to blacks is high.

    “and describes going to an all-white boarding school in Zimbabwe as “being in the Hitler Youth”.”

    He does sound really stupid.

  • M.

    But how come so many of them are hardly distinguishible from Southern Europeans (especially Greeks, Southern Italians, and Portuguese)?

    Zidane for example looks like your average Mediterranean European.

    Is it just evolutionary convergence or are they actually genetically close to those Southern European populations?

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    why wood any white human want anythang to do wiff Apefrica?

  • Fr. John+

    “Mr Scott would be the first white man to head an African state since the end of apartheid in South Africa two decades ago.”

    And if a white man were to rule in Africa, just watch how it would rise (like a phoenix) from the ashes of multicultural propaganda, and become a shining beacon… if the Left/Liberal/Latke crowd would let it. Just saying….’

  • Jack Burton

    Your lengthy comment is redundant and offers nothing of value over what I already said. You’re one of those that likes the sound of your own voice and to leave excessive comments.

    “North Africans are predominantly West Eurasian.” No sht.

  • Jack Burton

    Anthropologically speaking, Caucasian is synonymous with white. Caucasoid is distinct from Caucasian/Caucasid/Europid.

    As long as you recognize and don’t promote that such people are white.

    The term “white” is so relative and diluted now, it’s really lost its value and usefulness at this point. Originally white in America was synonymous with Northern Europeans. Now it means anything from Afro-castizos in South America, to West Eurasian octoroons in North Africa. In its current usage it has no value as a means of preserving and maintaining racial purity, founding American stock or any European stock.