Students: Transgender Woman Can’t Be Diversity Officer Because She’s a White Man Now

Katherine Timpf, National Review, October 15, 2014

A student who was born female felt perfectly comfortable identifying as a man at Wellesley College–until people said he shouldn’t be class diversity officer because he is now a white male.

Timothy Boatwright was born a girl, and checked off the “female” box when applying to the Massachusetts all-women’s school, according to an article in the New York Times. But when he got there, he introduced himself as a “masculine-of-center genderqueer” person named “Timothy” (the name he picked for himself) and asked them to use male pronouns when referring to him.

And, by all accounts, Boatwright felt welcome on campus–until the day he announced that he wanted to run for the school’s office of multicultural affairs coordinator, whose job is to promote a “culture of diversity” on campus.

But some students thought that allowing Boatwright to have the position would just perpetuate patriarchy. They were so opposed, in fact, that when the other three candidates (all women of color) dropped out, they started an anonymous Facebook campaign encouraging people not to vote at all to keep him from winning the position.



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  • MekongDelta69

    “masculine-of-center genderqueer”

    THIS gets my nomination for AmRen‘s ‘feel-good’… wait… that doesn’t sound too good under this loony-tunes article… how about… ‘laugh a minute’ article of the week.

    • Lagerstrom

      “masculine-of-center genderqueer”

      Brilliant! ‘He’ fell on his arse! Thank you again AmRen for making my day!

  • pcmustgo

    They would have opposed a white female too. They need a “person of color” in charge.

    • Exactly: these positions are reserved as sinecures for black and brown Incompetards, who would never tolerate YT in such a role, even a psychologically messed-up individual like this unfortunate gal.

    • Anna Tree

      She didn’t have the operation yet, but by just claiming she is a man, she metamorphosed from a minority (lesbian) to the hated majority (white man): in that second, she-now-he became instantly a racist, a hom0phobe, a bigot, a mysogyn AND a white privilege recipient!

      I fear she won’t feel sorry for the white men though, she will just blame them for the injustice of not becoming a diversity officer somehow.

      I think she will decide to become a lesbian again. And maybe use the money she saved for her trans operation to become black and/or convert to islam and donate her womb to ISIS.

  • Magician

    well…. I would not have to tell you which one this mentioned transgender individual is, among the ones in the photo

    • Garrett Brown

      Even she doesn’t believe she’s a man by the look on her face.

      • none of your business

        Wide shoulders but very, very smooth feminine arms. Also very feminine between the waist and the knees and it looks like child bearing hips. She’s got the kind of figure that looks best in a dress with a belt and full skirt or a pantsuit with one of those below the hip jackets, not pants and a shirt.

        • Anna Tree

          Yes, I find her also feminine, just longer hair and another brain and she could be a great bearer of white children. Such a pity!

    • me

      Oh. My. Gawd. Hahahahahaha! Only in Amerika. Keep your daughters out of all-female ‘colleges’. They’re a socialist/lesbian quagmire of stupid.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Look at Hillary Clinton.. she attended Wellesley. And look how she turned out. The only thing good to come out of Wellesley was Mary Lefkowitz book, “Not Out of Africa”… how Afrocentrism became an exuse to teach myth as history.

        • me

          That is a good read!

      • The advantage of all-female universities is that these institutions do not have black football and basketball team members raping the co-eds.

        • me

          They have the bluestocking spinster professors for that….

        • Earl P. Holt III

          You beat me to it…

      • Earl P. Holt III

        I’m not so sure: At least they would be safe from the black bucks, almost all of whom cannot be trusted among white women…

      • McFeely Bhoob

        I’m waiting for femi-nazis to declare testicles “anti-woman tumors” and force Obamacare to provide removal of them.

      • Anna Tree

        I don’t understand:
        Transsexuals who claim to be women wants to go to women toilets and we are forced to accept this travesty of biology and decency.
        So why transsexuals who claim to be men are able to attend all-female colleges?!

        They need to stick to one… option, it’s getting very confusing and crazy!
        This… person should have been dismissed from the all-female college.

        Ethnic plastic surgery, sexual mutilation are all just another religious-like characteristic of the new albeit secular religion of liberal leftism: they are the new albeit secular religious circumcision.

        The gender theory is only the beginning, soon the goal is us being one brown human with no gender and eventually not human either. Please read:
        radixjournal com/journal/2014/9/26/thats-ms-potato-head-to-you

    • propagandaoftruth

      Hey! That’s Pat!

      • Garrett Brown

        Damn you’re funny.

    • MBlanc46

      My god! That can’t be the Wellesley student body, can it? Oops. It’s 2014. I suppose it can be. But I’ll bet even Hillary Clinton would be taken aback.

      • me

        Hillary? She’d be swimming in beavers…..

    • She does seem a bit big-boned for a gal. Perhaps that has helped cause these “issues” with her. With those hands however, I’ll bet she’s still not much good at opening stuck jar lids.

    • bilderbuster

      The “In Crowd” at Wellesley.

    • McFeely Bhoob

      She’s more of a man than 90% of the bearded hipster pussies I see all over the place…

  • This is not difficult at all for me.

    She’s a woman, and there should be no such things as diversity officers.

    But I forgot, sanity is bigotry, or something like that.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Diversity should be a 4 letter word. Every time my dog takes a crap instead of saying she doing her business, I will now go with just a little more Diversity for the neighbourhood.

  • Taxed

    Never before in the history of mankind has it been an impediment to be white, male, and middle-aged.

    • SentryattheGate

      And where would be have been without them?? Certainly in a much poorer, less enlightened place!

    • LHathaway

      It wasn’t great to be a white man any time near any of the major wars we had, or when jobs were a lot more dangerous than they are now, coal mining, taxi driver, logger.

      • none of your business

        Why do you think there were so many widows? Even with the dangers of childbirth, men died in wars and industrial accidents.

    • me

      And yet that crazy wanted to change into one…

    • I wouldn’t trade being white, male and middle-aged for anything else. Being young was great, but the knowledge and experience I now have is wonderful.

      • Ultimate187

        You used your native heritage to say that you weren’t white enough to marry a white woman, but now you’re white enough to call yourself white. Right… smh. That is classic hedging. I’m assuming the mods are deleting my comments because you can’t adequately refute them.

        • One of the problems here – which I actually agree with – is that some people believe that

          • Anna Tree

            Hi Michael! I think that most people here see you as white. I think you understand that there are other opinions regarding your wife and child, but in my opinion that great great grandmother doesn’t make you not white. It seems to me you see yourself as white, precisely as a white racialist, am I mistaken? So that’s it 🙂 for me. I don’t think you are an orc.

          • antiquesunlight

            Yes, I think the “seeing yourself as white” part is of critical importance. At this stage in the game, I’m afraid we don’t have the luxury of splitting hairs. I think that at some point we will have to decide exactly what the standard is for “being white.” Personally, I don’t see any sense in excluding someone who looks white, is culturally Western, and who has no non-white or anti-Western allegiances. In purely racial terms, I am even inclined to accept half-Asians. The trouble with people who have a high percentage of non-white ancestry is that they may very likely seek each other out and segregate themselves, which I think is dangerous for us. That is not a simple problem. As Michael said, race is a complicated subject, and I do not have the answers. But we need to start ironing out these complexities. I think the number one question to answer is the “race vs culture” question. That is, which is of primary importance, race or character/culture, and why? Take this hypothetical: what if there were someone of 100% white ancestry, but that person is a complete deadbeat. On the other hand, there is a half-Asian person who is respectable, smart, and culturally Western. Do we reject both? Do we accept one over the other? The answer isn’t clear to me.

  • Nothing is funnier than a freak show coming off the rails.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      TOUCHE` !

  • Doomispixulated

    All the animals are equal but some are more equal than others.
    George Orwell had some foresight, did he not?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I love it when they eat their own!

  • Luca

    ” …multicultural affairs coordinator, whose job is to promote a “culture of diversity” on campus.”

    Oops, I see a typo. That should read “cult of diversity”. There, fixed it.

    • SentryattheGate

      Every type of diversity is encouraged except being a conservative (social or political).

      • LHathaway

        White skin color is not encouraged either.

        • bilderbuster

          Being a White mentally unbalanced lesbian isn’t diverse enough anymore.
          It’s Obama Time Now Baby!

        • none of your business

          But Wellesley and other colleges still hit up their alums to nag their White male husbands into giving donations to educate the blacks and browns and foreigners that have taken the place of Whites in our colleges.

  • Anglo

    I always find these transgender issues confusing. In the complex where I live, the assistant to our property manager is a woman who insists she’s a man (no surgery), but she definitely has the anatomy of a woman. Recently she married another woman. Same-sex marriages are not legal in Alabama nor recognized from other states. Technically, I guess she considers their union heterosexual? Though she considers herself a male, in reality, they’re both females. This has to be a form of insanity.

    • IstvanIN

      What does the second woman think the female who thinks she is a man think she is? I would think a woman who wants to marry a man would marry a man and a gay woman would want a partner who is female and thinks she is female. I am confused.

      • Kenner

        Not as confused as she is.

      • Lagerstrom

        Yes indeed, it’s a bit confusing. I’d recommend not giving it a second thought though Istvan.

      • Anglo

        I can’t get inside her head, but she does dress as a man. She only works outdoors driving tractors, working on sewer lines, etc. She hates the indoors. I did see her girlfriend (now wife?) once; they were holding hands as they walked together. I stopped trying to figure it out. As long as she does her job well, I leave it alone.

    • Anna Tree

      One day I read that article about two gays who got married, one decided to do the operation to become a woman so they were like a straight couple, then the other decided to do also the operation to become a woman and so they were now two married lesbians. Insanity…

  • IA_Adam

    AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahaaaa!!!… Serves it right.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I guess it makes a sort of twisted perverted sense. They expect to be thought of as a man and treated as a man.

  • Rhialto

    As I commented on the newser vs. Black article, I haven’t got a horse in this race: Tranies vs. Feminists vs. Minorities.

  • dd121

    I can only conclude that liberals are really stupid if they can’t see any contradictions in their ideology.

    • Who Me?

      I can only conclude that THESE liberals are really stupid, seeing they still haven’t figured out what sex or gender they are by the time they are college age.
      (I didn’t know it was optional, but then, I’m kind of old-fashioned that way.)

      • They’re not stupid: merely dysfunctional weirdos. I’ve always been satisfied with who I am. I was born with a certain set of equipment that allows me to pee standing up, and the rest of the usual male behavior just sort of fit. I can’t have firearms anymore, but I have a workshop in my basement where I do guy stuff, and that’s fine.

        There is no sight I like more than a pretty white or oriental gal dressed to the nines, but I don’t want to be one. An article here last week involved a British transvestite, and I simply can’t imagine spending that kind of money on clothing that would only make me look silly. I’d rather spend it on books, tools and materials for projects.

        • Lagerstrom

          I’d agree that they’re not stupid. Most likely dissatisfied misfits that can’t or won’t fit in with anybody or anything. As a result they are permanently in a state of discontent whilst running everything down that they don’t like and wanting to change and rearrange everything to suit their silly little agendas. Add to that the fact that some of these clowns can actually ‘make a living by doing virtually nothing’ out of the diversity racket.

          • They don’t really have agendas in the normal sense. They like demanding silly changes in order to reassure themselves that they’re not the irrelevant twits they actually are.

          • A Freespeechzone

            I tend to disagree–they want to force the majority to consider their behavior as normal and if criticized, to have the legal ability to silence and punish any who disagree.

            So far, they ARE winning:


          • Let us all suppose they are “normal”. What happens after that when they don’t feel they have enough attention, yet again, and feel they must become even weirder?

  • antiquesunlight

    Funniest liberal implosion in recent memory.

    Aside from the offensive anti-white racism, I think it’s quite right that white men not be diversity officers. No sane, self-respecting white man would want to be one.

  • baldowl

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (though Dostoyevsky wrote it first): One reptile devours another.
    And boy is it satisfying when our enemies tear at each other.

    • bilderbuster

      To quote the late, great Joseph Sobran “Every time I watch one of those nature shows and there’s a battle between a reptile and a mammal, I always root for the mammal”.

  • This reads like something out of Diversity Chronicle, except it’s not satire… is it?

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Or maybe The Onion.

  • drattastic

    She, he, whatever didn’t realize that a White male(even a pretend White male) is at the bottom of the”diversity”scale ,right above “White Hispanic”which is several notches above straight White Christian male but below Pakistani used car salesman.

    Just tell them you’re gay…er…a lesbian or however that would work in the whole transsexual, transgender… whatever in God’s name all that means world and you’ll rocket right back up the scale.

    • Who Me?

      If little “Timothy” really thinks s/he is male, why is *it* going to an all girl’s college?

      • ElComadreja

        Good point.

      • bilderbuster

        To be the Big Man on Campus.

  • Ethan Allen

    “Masculine of center” — as though sex is a continuum. Very interesting. I guess the extremes of the continuum would be John Wayne on the masculine side and Marilyn Monroe at the feminine side. What would someone be who is dead center?

    • Ron Cheaters


      • me


    • antiquesunlight

      Michelle Obama.

      • me

        Nope. Michael Obama is a man. Ask Joan Rivers….never mind.

      • none of your business

        She’s just big. She has 2 children and a long term marriage. She even got married and had the girls at the normal youthful age instead of waiting until she was 45 with tall sorts of procedures.
        If she were Russian, Serbian or other E. European she would be considered normal height for a woman. She’s not androgynous. She has a waist, bosom and hips. Her husband now…….

        • antiquesunlight

          She looks like a transvestite.

    • Lagerstrom

      Oh, I don’t know, maybe Elton John, David Bow-wow, Freddie Mercury, a gaggle of lesbian feminists. Quite a lot, I’d say.

    • bilderbuster

      Boy George.

      • mikekingjr

        But he is SO ugly.

        • bilderbuster

          Who cares? That junkie queer’s almost DEAD center by now.

    • Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen were both gay or at least bisexual, but both were decorated with Military Crosses in the British army during World War One. The two war poets actually met at the Craiglockheart mental hospital for what we today call PTSD and probably had a romantic relationship while together there. John Wayne was a movie actor.

      What goes into a person’s psychological makeup is probably not any sort of continuum, but rather bits and chunks of various things, like in a stew.

  • 4321realist

    Anybody who wants to “promote a culture of diversity” is someone who has a mental disorder.

    And the society they help to create is one of distrust, confusion, constant bickering and sometimes fighting, and is on the brink 24/7/365.

    It’s a shameful display of mental conditioning promoted by people who are mentally and emotionally ill.

  • Magician

    Those pro-diversity organizations are mostly nothing more than “slap-white-men-in-the-face” organizations

  • bigred0721

    Isn’t it funny how the people who clamor the hardest for diversity are the ones least likely to accept it?True diversity that is. Of course, anyone really interested in diversity wouldn’t attend an all female university in the first place.
    These people want surface level diversity. People who don’t look too much like them, but who think, act and believe EXACTLY what they do. Because , Sexism! Or Racism!Or what ever.

  • Caucasoid88

    Just goes to show there is “bigotry” in everyone.

  • LHathaway

    The horrible patriarch at this liberal all women’s college.

  • Garrett Brown

    I still have not seen any actual science that supports this “transgendered” idea, just pseudo social science. Where is the biology? The psychological studies? If anyone has a link, please provide it.

    • TXCriollo

      There is not real science to prove homosexuality but hey them people born that way

      • Garrett Brown

        Well they think they have found a gay gene correct? But that’s debatable. At least throughout history there has always been a very small percentage of homosexuals in any given society. This “transgendered” stuff isn’t even supported in the most extreme of societies through the ages. There’s no documentation of it. When I see the science I’ll believe it. Until then, it’s liberal garbage.

        • TXCriollo

          They thought they did then it was disproved. There have been many theories to why ppl become lgbt, when i started college i was a chemical engineer, the born that way theory was not 100% accepted, one prof i had in a biology class said it was psuedo science and was based more on politics then science. Then again that was 2004 and ohio issue one passed with 70%, the born this was came about after states passed marriage laws. The whole point is the more intolerance you show from both sides, lgbt people win its not science but a propaganda ploy.

        • me

          If they can prove that people that are bisexual are ‘born that way’, then I’ll buy it. It’s like saying you were ‘born’ a sadomasochist.

          • Garrett Brown

            I’d like to know why so many more women are bisexual than men.

          • JohnEngelman

            Bisexuality would benefit a woman on a large harem. Her husband would have little time for her. Her husband would kill her for becoming intimate with another man, although probably not for becoming intimate with a woman.

          • none of your business

            That is why they have the circumcision thing for girls.

          • Magician

            Because women are more beautiful than men.

          • Garrett Brown

            Haha, yes that must be it.

        • LHathaway

          Science is liberal garbage.

        • bilderbuster

          I’ve never heard anyone bring up the reason for the really queer way that homosexual men speak. It’s like some weird kind of female lisp, only real women don’t talk or speak that way but somehow homo’s everywhere speak like that.

          • Garrett Brown

            If I were to pin point my biggest pet peeve with the gay community now a days, it would be what you described. It seems that’s what the corruption of Liberalism and Feminism have done to homosexuality.

            I always think were Spartan warriors walking/talking like girls before they went into battle? The Sacred Bands of Thebes and Carthage? Elite Roman legionaries? Surely not. Men acting like women is a recent behavior.

          • bilderbuster

            The way they speak and their over exaggerated mannerisms is some kind of exclusively homo behavioral disorder because it’s not really an imitation of women.

          • Garrett Brown

            I always tell people I have no problem with gay men, I have a problem with them acting and speaking like complete fools.

          • Anna Tree

            That’s nothing in my opinion, compared to gay adoption. A child need a mom and a dad, better even married. It is a Universal Human Right. What a tragedy for a child to be an orphan but in a gay or single parent adoption, it is society that “kill” his mom or dad away, AND tell the child it is fine and normal! This is turning the knife in the wounds, adding insult to injury. How can the desire of homosexuals to be parents be more important than the need of a child to have a mom and a dad?

            “One of the worst parts of abuse is society’s refusal to see the
            injustice. Emotional abuse is particularly difficult because it is
            invisible and therefore ripe for denial.

            It is worse still to feel “abandoned” by a community that views the
            cruelty inside a child’s home and does nothing. When told by everyone in the vicinity that what’s happening is normal and no cause to be aggrieved (even worse, a reason to be grateful), the natural instinct of the child is to blame herself for revealing the effects of mistreatment, in addition to the primal trauma of the mistreatment itself. The situation is much worse if outsiders who intervene, such as doctors, school officials, cousins, or legal authorities, side with the guardians.

            After having spent the last year involved in the debate about same-sex parenting, I can say the following with great confidence: both sides of the same-sex marriage debate are afraid of naming child abuse by same-sex couples. The issue is so raw and painful that even critics of same-sex parenting are scared to go there.

            Pro-SSM people say gays have been unfairly stereotyped as child abusers, so any discussion of gay child abusers is adding to their oppression. Anti-SSM commentators generally don’t want the added fuss of showing up on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of homophobes. So a general pattern emerges: even when you critique same-sex parenting, you must never do so in terms that sound accusatory or equate homosexuality with child abuse.

            Let’s be clear: I am not saying that same-sex parents are automatically guilty of any kind of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse to the children they raise. Nor am I saying that LGBT people are less likely to take good care of children.

            What I mean is this: Even the most heroic mother in the world can’t father. So to intentionally deprive any child of her mother or father, except in cases like divorce for grave reasons or the death of a parent, is itself a form of abuse. (Though my mother raised me with the help of a lesbian partner, I do not feel I was abused, because I always knew that my mother didn’t intend for my father to divorce her.)

            This holds true not only for same-sex parenting, but for any choice to parent a child in a less-than-ideal setting for a less-than-grave reason. It’s abuse, for example, for a single parent to adopt a child when many other equally good two-parent homes are available. It’s abuse for parents to divorce simply for reasons related to their own emotional happiness. It’s abuse for LGBT couples to create children through IVF and then deprive them of a mother or father.”

            Oscar Robert Lopez

            Please please read “Love Isn’t Enough: 5 Reasons Why Same-Sess Marriage Harms Children” by Trayce Hansen (relevant for single straight parent too.)

          • Garrett Brown

            Agree 100%. If I had a list I suppose that would be number two.

    • TXCriollo

      In a non joking response, transgendered is a mental issue, just like gay is but the more spotlight they get the more people just accept it as reality

    • antiquesunlight

      It’s completely nuts. Did you hear about the “woman” who is competing in mixed martial arts competition? “Her” name is Fallon Fox. They actually let “her” compete against other women. It’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard of.

      • Garrett Brown

        Indeed I have. I loved it when the real female kicked her tail last year.

      • This is why the International Olympics Commission does DNA tests on athletes, just to ensure they really are biologically what they claim to be.

  • WR_the_realist

    It’s fun to watch the crazy left twist itself into little knots.

  • ViktorNN

    College queerdom resembles a psych experiment in varieties of desperate cries for attention.

  • HE2

    Does anyone know the exact job description of a “Diversity Officer?”

    What sort of collegiate preparation or degree is required to quality?

    What is the salary?

    • mikekingjr

      I think their badges are rainbow striped and they simply purchase them online. Training is accomplished by simple ingestion of all pro-diversity content spewed by msm.

      • HE2

        Thanks for the info, mikek.
        Never would have known. Google was no help at all.

        • mikekingjr

          Happy to help.

    • none of your business

      They are the ones who shred the paper and delete the computer applications of White heterosexuals who apply to be students and or employees.

      • HE2

        Thanks to you too, none.
        mikek informed me of the qualifications, you, the job description.
        I am a better woman for knowing these
        all important thingamijigs.
        You know, in case I decide on a career change.

  • Alexandra1973

    I for one am getting a kick out of the irony.

    • A transgendered young woman as a “patriarch”? Not even the writing staff at The Onion could make that up.

  • If I was going to play this game, I would explain that I was born human, but that I self-identify as an orc. The only surgery I would need is having my ears enlarged and my teeth fixed to include pronounced canines and some nice shearing ridges.

    Sadly, I already hear more than I really want to, and having bitten my tongue with my current set of choppers, I can’t see the point in paying to make the next such incident worse.

    Anyone who is otherwise healthy should just be happy for that.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    All that money for an Addadictomy, and then he/she isn’t allowed to keep his/her job !

    What’s this world coming to…?

    • mikekingjr

      Wonder how much money obammycare allows for an Addadictomy.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        More than for a brain transplant…

  • Tim

    “Fellas, you can`t forge a birth certificate…”-Babe Ruth 1935

  • Malgus

    You cannot make this stuff up…

    It literally writes itself…

  • Ike Eichenberg

    Gender confusion, much like liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • If she’s confused about her gender, maybe she should check out an anatomy book at the university library. That should clear things right up.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        I agree it should.
        But the comorbid liberalism, which prevents unwanted facts from permeating the brain, might be a complicating factor.

  • Raymond Daniels

    They have no idea how good a job a self race loathing white trans gender female would do as “diversity officer”. I am positive that she/he/it would undertake the job with a determination and zealousness that would make the Nazi SS second guess themselves. She would naturally have to prove that she was willing to throw her white brothers and sisters in a fire and then self immolate due to her “inconvenient body” as Kim JongUn would say.

    • bilderbuster

      Except a member of the SS would zealously sacrifice his life, if necessary, protecting his race from these creatures.

  • Chris

    These mermanphrodite stories always confuse me.

  • slobotnavich

    Oh, c’mon – this story simply can’t be for real. Even my febrile brain couldn’t think this one up. In any event, if I had a kid going to Wellesley and this came to my attention, I’d yank that kid out within nano-seconds and demand a full refund of all room-board, tuition and related expenses – and maybe file a class-action suit against the college for fraudulent representation for daring to call itself an “institution of higher learning.”

  • Max

    Oh, the irony. The left hoisted on their own retard if I may take the liberty.

  • bilderbuster

    Even an obviously insane Lezbo can’t get the diversity post because she’s White.

  • gregCall

    Some things the left does are just priceless. They are all inclusive and tolerant except when they’re not, and you never know when one victim group will trump another. In this instance it seems feminists out rank trannies in the lefts pecking order.

    • mikekingjr

      Have pondered the diversity hierarchy occasionally. It’s murky except have realized for years that as a White male I am at the bottom. Have to live my life anyway. That crowd gives me a lot of laughs at least.

  • mikekingjr

    Would getting beaten in arm wrestling by somebody in women’s attire bother you?

  • Jim

    I love it when the Left turns on itself. 🙂

  • slobotnavich

    Thank God I read this in time. I’d planned to be castrated this morning in hopes of winning a position as Dean of Students at a local girls’ college. Your timely piece saved me both pain and embarrassment.

    • mikekingjr

      Glad you had a change of heart instead of an attempted change in gender or whatever change castration results in these days. You would have missed the boys anyway methinks.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    This points out the underlying hatred of white people (white males in particular) and discrimination against them promoted as an ideology through media, education and non-profit institutes.

  • Conrad

    That’s just too funny. It’s a shame that women hate there own men so much.
    “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;…”

  • none of your business

    Wellesley has been lesbian since its founding. My Mother was told that back in 1939 when she was applying to colleges. It had to be explained to her. Bennington was also a lesbian enclave as well as a place where the daughters and future wives of the elite were trained to be communist agents in place. The other seven sister colleges were hetero.

  • none of your business

    She does not look as though she is getting masculine hormone shots. Even Jackie Joiner looked more masculine than this one does because Joiner took testosterone to enhance her athletic abilities.