On the Other Side of Ferguson’s Protest Lines, Officers Face New Threats

Dan Barry, New York Times, October 31, 2014

For nearly three years, a Ferguson police dispatcher named Marione Johnson has listened to the everyday conversation of this small city, the routine crackle and chatter about barking dogs and possible break-ins, about trees down and possible shots fired.

Ms. Johnson put in 25 years as a police officer in another town before Chief Thomas Jackson recruited her to dispatch officers here when appropriate. It was a familiar world to her, until that August day when a white Ferguson police officer shot to death an unarmed 18-year-old black man, and callers from across the country began condemning her and her colleagues as “baby killers” and worse.

“I’ve been called everything but a child of God,” Ms. Johnson, who is African-American, said.

She said that the animosity, found on social media and in protests just outside police headquarters, had been so virulent at times that she listened more carefully these days to calls requesting assistance before she sent an officer–for fear of a possible ambush.


Anxiety in Ferguson is escalating again, now that a decision by the grand jury investigating the killing of the teenager, Michael Brown, by Officer Darren Wilson seems imminent. Recent revelations, including an autopsy report and accounts of witness testimony, have only added to the tension, in part because they seem more exculpatory than supportive of calls for murder charges against Officer Wilson.


“We’re under siege,” the beleaguered Chief Jackson said this week, referring specifically to the nightly protests outside headquarters, but perhaps to himself as well. Speculation continues about his possible resignation, about a push to replace him, about St. Louis County taking over policing of the city.

The chief said that he had not been asked to resign and had no plans to leave. But he called these recent weeks “horrible” and added, “It is not uncommon for me to pull up at a light and have someone yell something offensive or put up their hands”–the gesture of surrender that some say Mr. Brown was making when he was shot.


Some of the actions taken by the Ferguson police after Mr. Brown’s death certainly fueled the ensuing outcry: leaving the body in the street for several hours, for example, and using heavy-handed force during the protests, at which hateful things were said from both sides of the so-called skirmish line.

But there is another side to this tragedy’s aftermath. It is not the only side, or the opposite side. Just another side.

“What I can’t understand is the constant hate,” Ms. Johnson said. “And the failure to be patient until there’s a thorough investigation.”

These days, Ferguson police officers say that they live as though someone out there intends to do them harm. They no longer wear their uniforms to or from work. They vary their routes back home. A few have relocated their families.

Even a simple stop for a soda at the Circle K has become unsettling, because of what the police describe as social-media talk about catching Ferguson officers off guard at the convenience store–and shooting them in the head.

“You are constantly wondering,” Sgt. Mike Wood, a Ferguson native, said. “I know I didn’t sign up with Burger King, but . . . .”

One afternoon this month, Sergeant Wood, 57, and Officer Gregg McDanel, 53, sat just down the hall from where Ms. Johnson works dispatch. The two men have a combined 45 years with the Ferguson police, but they say that not once in all those years did they have cause to wear a riot helmet–until now.

Now, they have become accustomed to standing in riot gear outside their workplace, where, they say, a small number of protesters have occasionally tossed bottles, rocks and words intended to goad. One night included the muzzle flash of a gun, they said.

Officer McDanel, who handles the evidence room, said that for the first time in his career, his wife had cried as he walked out the door, headed for work.

Late last month, a Ferguson officer was shot in the arm after coming upon an apparent break-in at the new community center. As dozens of officers, including Sergeant Wood, assembled at a nearby staging area, so did dozens of protesters, guided to the location by social media. Some, he said, shouted sentiments like “How does it feel?”

“It was sickening,” he said.

Into the station came Sgt. Harry Dilworth, 45, a 21-year veteran. As one of the few African-Americans on the force, he said, he has been targeted for particular abuse. “I’ve been called a racist,” he said. “A racist!”

An Army reservist, he has done two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and the habits he acquired overseas serve him well these days in Ferguson. He sits farther back in his car seat, so that his body is blocked by the door post. At stoplights, he leaves space between his car and those around him. He watches his rearview mirror.

“We have to adapt to the inherent threats,” he said. “Back in July, I didn’t have a gun at my front door.”

Sergeant Dilworth said that these precautions were necessary because, several weeks ago, activist hackers made public the names and addresses of Ferguson officers, with the promise “to wreak hell on our lives.”

“I’ve canceled everything electronic,” he said. “I almost went to a rotary phone.”

Now, Sergeant Dilworth sometimes directs officers to set up perimeters of safety on what would have been routine calls. He also reminds them not to react to words, recalling one encounter in which a protester confronted an officer and screamed “about what he was going to do to his wife and daughter.”

“I told him not to listen to that garbage,” he said.



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  • anony

    Proof positive that these protesters are completely irrational. The people pushing these Ferguson protests are absolutely insane.

    Stop the world, I want to get off!

    • John R

      Irrational? No. They know that this government and attorney general supports them, and that acting violent gets them more attention. No. It is we White people who are being more irrational.

      • anony

        I get your point. I still think they are Irrational in that they completely ignore the evidence of the case. They don’t care about the facts of the case; in that regard they are irrational.

        • Ghost

          You need to read “The Negros in Negroland”. While the title may sound racist it was written when that was politically correct. This book can be found online and will give you a complete understanding of what is happening in Ferguson.

          • anony

            I’ve read it.

          • Mybad

            Where can I get a copy?

            –wait. I see the link. Thanks

          • anony

            It’s available on Amazon, kindle or paper back.

      • Periapsis

        They are domestic terrorists and insurgents who wish to kill both police officers and whites. What else is there to understand?

      • Tucker

        Why would any White human want to (a) take a position as a cop in a town that was majority black, or (b) want to live in a city, community, or even a small town that was majority black? If these White humans have kids, and if they are enrolled in a public school in such a place – they are in a majority black school, which means their lives are in danger every single day. If these White humans have daughters, then every black buck is horn dogging after her every single day she goes to school or whenever she is out in public.

        Can anyone explain to me how White humans who make these kinds of decisions are acting rational?

    • John Smith

      “The people pushing these Ferguson protests are absolutely insane.”


      Who is the biggest culprit behind all this insanity…with more to come?

      I’m a broken record but I’ll say it again – The filthy creatures who run the anti-white media cabal.

      Please fellow Amren’ers, when posting (here and especially elsewhere) and mentioning the media, please always preface it with “anti-white”. You’ll get people who might object, but just embarrass them with facts.

      The more people who wake up to the reality of the anti-white media cabal, the better for us. They are the #1 destructive force we face today.

      • John

        I take it that you’re referring to the chicken twirlers? If so, then your observations are spot on.

        • Stan D Mute

          “Chicken twirlers” – heh. Had to google that. Yeah, the observant ones are a pretty superstitious lot. More superstitious perhaps than any but the Roma. And like all such superstitions they seem comically absurd in 2014. Twirling a chicken to pass your sins onto it and then killing it as a sacrifice to satan so he will leave you alone sounds like a comedy sketch. Or something you might find in Central Africa.

          It would be wrong however to think that this is representative of that group as a whole any more than the Amish are representative of Germans as a whole insofar as cultural behavior.

          • John

            As a % of the whole, there might not be that many, true. However, there is a video about this practice (“kapparot”) on YouTube that points out first that PETA has come out against the barbarity of the practice and secondly, every year, 50,000 chickens are trucked into Brooklyn, NY alone for these “festivities”. That works out to roughly 1 chicken for every 40 people within that small geographic area. Now, for your next homework assignment, you need to familiarize yourself with the “mohel” and his role as a contemporary pedophile cultural icon.

          • Stan D Mute

            Yeah, I’ve known of their circumcision ritual since high school, but others may not. But is that any more bizarre than the pseudo-cannibalistic practice “eat of His flesh. Drink of His blood?” More bizarre only because it’s a real live infant and some Orthodox literally suck out the blood (causing more than a few cases of infant herpes in NYC). But the Book is chock full of bizarro rituals that the vast majority of both Jews and Christians would scorn today.

            Altogether, more proof I say that anybody still supporting these millennia old myths should seriously reconsider. It’s hard to condemn Africans for cannibalism then “eat of His flesh and drink of his blood” on Sundays isn’t it?

    • Ghost

      You have to read http://archive.org/details/negroesinnegrola00help

      This book will give you a complete understanding of what is happening in Ferguson.

      • anony

        I’ve read the book. I have a copy which I purchased from Amazon around three years ago.

        The descriptions in the book, I think reinforce my contention that these people are irrational in much of their behavior. Yes, I understand that they are being used for political purposes by others, but the fact remains that they are easy to use that way primarily because they are so easily manipulated because they are low IQ people.

    • none of your business

      many protestors are not black Ferguson residents or even Missouri Illinois residents. They are federal employees who work for the Community Relations Unit of the civil rights for all but Whites division of the DOJ. Their reason for being is to travel to towns that have black White confrontations and start riots.

  • An Army reservist, he has done two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and the habits he acquired overseas serve him well these days in Ferguson.

    I was right to call it the Fergaza Strip.

    “We’re under siege,” the beleaguered Chief Jackson said this week, referring specifically to the nightly protests outside headquarters, but perhaps to himself as well. Speculation continues about his possible resignation, about a push to replace him, about St. Louis County taking over policing of the city.

    Ordinarily I would be opposed, but if the solution is to swap out the Ferguson P.D. for the Marines, I could be talked into it.

    • propagandaoftruth

      It’s like “Assault on Precinct 13” meets “Mad Max” meets “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

  • MekongDelta69

    The inmates are running the asylum.

    What else is new?

  • dd121

    Arrest all the black hooligans.

    • dawn

      I say publicly execute these hooligans with harsh, old fashioned forms of executions: hangings, firing squad, beheadings, etc. Do it public and leave their bodies hang for a few days. In China they publicly execute their hooligans and Islamic terrorists. If you brought in the Russian military or Chinese military to police Ferguson, these blacks would shape up real quick. I love how Russians, Greeks, Italians and other Eastern Europeans are the last vestiges of white men who do NOT put up with blacks and nonwhite behavior.

      • Stan D Mute

        Give them time. After they have negroes in their society for a few years they too will be made to feel guilty for being much much smarter and less violently chaotic. Since negroes will never achieve white levels of intelligence, whites must always be made to feel guilty for the difference.

  • AmericanCitizen

    You have to give the Libs credit where it’s due. They’ve managed to turn a case in which a thug assaulted a uniformed officer and got killed for his actions into the twenty-first century version of Rosa Parks. As Jared has commented, facts don’t matter at this point to the Ferguson natives and protestors. As far as they’re concerned, a racist white cop shot an innocent black teen out of sheer hatred and racism.

    If Mike Brown’s ghost came down and confessed to assault it wouldn’t matter in the least. His momma would say “He’s always been a bit dumb” and go back to selling T-shirts and assaulting her relatives.

    • kikz2

      casus belli……

    • Luis

      Whatever happened to that case in Utah, earlier this year, where a Bantu police officer shot and killed an unarmed white guy, in a Salt lake City suburb? Why didn’t white people riot and burn down the basketball arena of the Utah Jazz?

  • Mark Hillyard

    If there is no indictment the riots will begin and the way I see it, guessing, is the place will be a wreck, the business’ will close and the whites will have to move or die. The agitators will blame the whites and who knows what will follow.
    I’m thinking this way because I think Holder, et al, want to see a huge riot in order to send us a message of fear. Anyone with a thought going on in their head should be aware of the ‘fact’ that this has to end somewhere and the only possible solution is war. I’m not interested in war nor do I care for violence but I’m also not thinking “pie in the sky, can’t we all just get along.” They, and this includes other nations, hate us for what we’ve inherited…they call it stealing, but the founders were convinced that this nation was blessed and given to us for a Divine purpose which I believe is ultimately “Peace on Earth”. The question is, which nation and which god will lead this world?

    • Bill Moore


      I would welcome widespread African riots. Complete with African forays into Caucasian areas for killing, raping, burning and looting.

      Perhaps crazy liberal Caucasians will finally wake up to the reality of African behavior.

      Thank you for letting me rant,
      Bill Moore

      • Joey Patton

        It will be used to justify further eroding the constitution.

        There is a global financial power that wants to eliminate freedom on earth – which mostly exists in white western countries. Immigration and population shift is their primary method for disempowering whites and empowering themselves.

        The sad irony is once they accomplish this, they will hardly allow the savages to rule.

        • asdf

          They’re already screwing us over and their plans are to wipe us out anyways, whether we go along with them or resist. I say if they want to oppress us and/or kill us, make it hard for them. Make them work hard for our displacement.

          • Periapsis

            More like make them bleed copiously for our displacement.

      • blep

        How many whites are ready and prepared to have a war, whether it’s a race war, a civil war, a holy war, etc? I don’t want any violence, I want to avoid it at all costs, but I’m ready if need be. Wars cost money and lives. It’s like even the best black belt martial arts people say be ready to fight if you have to, but do your best to avoid physical altercations.

        • Periapsis

          Whites are not going to be the ones who start the coming civil and race wars, but they WILL finish them one way or another.

          • DiversityIsDeath

            It’s coming. And one race or the other will be victorious a la Darwin’s primo law of survival of the fittest.

          • Periapsis

            More likely it will be survival of the fiercest too.

          • Sick of it

            When the unfit control the military, the fittest may not survive. Politics and money violate the laws of nature.

  • This is what happens when the Attorney General of the U.S sides with lawlessness and thugs.
    Ferguson has become too unruly. Be for long the only thing left will be either marshal law will need to be in place with the national guard and or military, or barricade and quarantine the whole town no one in no one out. till they are ready to return to a civilized life. I it will take awhile too much self hate their. Fly drones to watch and may be some aid drops. but it has gone way out of control and with the help of the federal lack of government, promoting chaos, the blood of all these people from the hood thugs to the law enforcement is on Holders hands……another reason that man should be held accountable for his words and actions.

    • asdf

      This is what happens when whites don’t control their borders, buy into political correctness and give nonwhites, the ‘Chosen people’ and muslims positions of power. They will always–I repeat–ALWAYS use it against us.

  • Folks, we have a NY Times psy op here. Notice that it’s the one black cop that the Times features as the hero of the story. So, even though the story is about the police force as a whole the only cop we meet besides the white chief is the black cop. The libtards never let up with their propaganda, do they.

    • George Costanza

      The scariest part about the NY Times online publication is the comment section. That is who the opposition is.

    • mikekingjr

      I agree with you about the psy op angle, but I do feel a bit sorry for the black cop. Having my People call me a traitor to Our kind would be difficult to endure.

      • meanqueen

        I don’t know a thing about the black police officer but in general, I feel very sorry for the morally decent black people out there. Can you imagine the hell they have to live in?

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Isn’t that affirmative action negro copper the one who was marching in solidarity with gangbangers AGAINST the white officer Darren Wilson and the all the other “raysiss” white officers of Ferguson? Awww, now this cheap sell out is sandwiched between his white fellow officers and the cop-hating negroes.

  • RacialRay

    With the city of Ferguson, Missouri so much in the news this year, I am rather surprised that I have not heard anything at all relating to another black Ferguson – Colin Ferguson, of Long Island Railroad Massacre fame.

    Just to remind everyone of how very different the world was back in 1993, when this pickaninny pulled out a handgun on a packed train and killed 6 whites, wounding 19 others, the same race-baiting cabal that is stirring the pot all around the country today would not touch this guy with a ten foot pole. Jesse and Al were conveniently engaged elsewhere, it seems, and did not trouble themselves to look after this devil’s civil rights.

    Change the races of THAT story around, and there would be a gleaming monument erected to the tragic black victims of a homicidal, white conspiracy. As it is, I can hardly find a soul in New York who even remembers this happening.

    • Luis

      Next to the fatalities, the worst thing that happened in the aftermath of that shooting was Carolyn McCarthy running for Congress. Rather than the gunman, her rage was directed at the GUN. So she up and ran for Congress, won a seat and proceeded to introduce gun-control bill after gun-control bill. She finally retired this year.

      • RacialRay

        She doesn’t like guns, but she sure was a dead aim when it comes to ‘shooting the messenger’.

  • MBlanc46

    “What I can’t understand is the constant hate,” Ms. Johnson said. “And
    the failure to be patient until there’s a thorough investigation.”

    Maybe Ms. Johnson can’t understand it, but I can. It’s as simple as black and white.

    • Most of those blacks do not understand the purpose of an investigation. An investigation is supposed to discover the truth, rather than to produce a palliative intended to satisfy the noisiest and least rational voices in a mob.

      • MBlanc46

        There appears to be a significant failure to grasp the distinction between fact and feeling among American blacks.

    • ghettovalley

      Most of the blacks that I have known probably couldn’t even spell investigation.

      • MBlanc46

        Or properly pronounce it.

  • Earl Turner

    Evacuate the few remaining whites, build a wall around the city, and let them have their little slice of Africa all to themselves.

  • Luca

    “Sergeant Dilworth said that these precautions were necessary because,
    several weeks ago, activist hackers made public the names and addresses
    of Ferguson officers…”

    Common sense alert! Do you think these black thugs hacked the Ferguson PD? Further proof of outside agitators turning this into a political racial circus. The usual Leftist suspects no doubt.

    • Xerxes22

      Most likely, it was the MSM with some help from the justice Dept.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Absolutely. Negroes don’t have the ability to hack into anything except a chicken wing.

      • Amused

        “these precautions were necessary because, several weeks ago, activist hackers made public the names and addresses of Ferguson officers”
        As soon as I read that, I KNEW it was someone(s) other than bantu’s. I have yet to meet one that knew how to anything but surf WSHH or porn.

        • meanqueen

          White libtard college kids who need a cause in order to feel they have a meaningful existence. An intelligent idiot is a terribly dangerous thing.

  • I think that not only should police refuse to show up for work in Ferguson, but that other first-responders like the fire department, ambulances and paramedics should also stay away.

    “911, What is your emergency?”

    “My father be having a heart-attack, gnome sayin, so we needs us a bambalamps.”

    “Sorry, we don’t go to Ferguson.”

    It could be extended to other services as well:

    “Domino’s Pizza, we deliver.”

    “I gots ta be haben a large pizza wif pepperoni and sausage…”

    (Interrupting) “Sorry, but that’s outside our delivery area.”

    • Earl Turner

      When I used to deliver pizzas, there were a few black “neighborhoods” we refused to deliver to. We didn’t say “that’s outside our area” we just flat out said “we don’t deliver there”.

  • Randall Crowley

    What happens after the cop is not indicted, the thugs attack, and 1 or more attacking thugs are sent to the underworld with a large caliber bullet hole through their chest?

    • M&S

      Why do you think Holder resigned?
      His job is done. He has set the nation up for a massive campaign of ‘protest’ violence and _public safety_ crackdowns and who would want to be part of the aftermath to something like that which they started?
      Not only would it look bad for a black nationalist to lose social dominance position in clearing a white, but when that black **had to** enforce the laws on civil rights violations (multiple white-skin victim hate crimes) he would never be able to live down either his disloyalty to his own or his incompetence to whites (whichever side he biased racist inaction or dutiful responsibility towards).
      I myself think this has ZERO potential for escalation because of the video and the evidence of the black witness at the Grand Jury.
      There is no Watts or LA riot here, there just aren’t enough people involved for it to come close to those city-wide runaway crime sprees.
      But the damage that has been done, to white reputations as civil people interested in a fair outcome will be enormous and so it remains to be seen what the -next- ‘moral outrage’ against black egotism will lead to, in a more densely populated area.
      The one thing you can’t argue is that the real tragedy is one of Mr. Brown’s repeated stupidity in putting his life at risk for 50 dollars worth of cigars and then attacking a cop who caught him. As the lawyers all say: “If you are going to do something illegal, don’t do something illegal.”
      And jaywalking is a lousy excuse for assaulting an armed man in his vehicle, just to avoid a petty theft charge.
      Had Mike Brown stuck his head in the car of any other /black/ man to assault him over being told to get out of the middle of the street, we would not be having this debate. Only the fact that Wilson was a white cop in uniform with a legitimate reason to suspect Brown of strong arm robbery makes it a seemingly cogent conversation to be having on race.

      • I think mere “stupidity” is an understatement. Brown could have gotten himself a job. Minimum wage in Missouri is $7.50 an hour (higher than the federal level). A six-hour shift flipping hamburgers would have earned him $41 and change after FICA taxes. After two shifts, our giant doofus would have had enough for $50 worth of cigarillos and an extra $30 to put toward goofy, oversized “afawete” clothes, all at no personal risk whatever to himself. Suppose he works four shifts a week, totalling 16 a month; that’s a hair over $650. At that point, we’re also talking about a pair of Air Jordans and a reasonable used PC. After four or five more months, Brown has an OK used car, and during these five months, nobody has shot him. Let’s suppose bare-bones car insurance for him is steep, at $100 a month, but that still leaves him at $550 a month net.

        After a year, he’s got himself a car, a bunch of goodies, a serious smoking habit, and the beginnings of an actual work history, and he isn’t dead, but that sort of attitude is called “Thinking While White”.

        • M&S

          After a year, he’s got himself a car, a bunch of goodies, a serious smoking habit, and the beginnings of an actual work history, and he isn’t dead, but that sort of attitude is called “Thinking While White”.

          Then what Michael?

          He’s not like you, where he can envision himself doing a university tour, getting a couple chemistry patents and -having a life- where he is a husband and father.

          He is a big, fat, black, slob with a minimum wage lifestyle that will not get him laid by even a black woman.

          I would also argue that you are making too much of his earnings potential as a **part time** worker whose weekly hours are limited to the amount of time the company wants to give him so they don’t have to put him down for full medical.

          That means he’s working a maximum of thirty hours a week and a minimum of 14 which means he now has to juggle schedules with another company to get full time equivalency which means his work week has no normality and his 2 day contigous weekends come randomly, if ever.

          Add to this any preexisting record (even juvie) and the fact that he’s a big, fat, black, male and he will go to the bottom of the pile for rental and never be eligible for a house.
          He will be unlikely to get rental assistance without kids and he will be unlikely to get out of a neighborhood where his childhood friends laugh at him for ‘acting white’ while they live at home or on their baby mama’s welfare check.

          I don’t know what studio rent in Missouri is like but I doubt if it’s less than the 600 dollars a month it is here. This means he may not have been able to leave grandma’s basement because I bet it took a minimum 300 dollars a month to keep him fed.
          And suppose he does all this /anyway/, because he’s an honorable man and he wants an independent life with some variant of the goodies and transportation you talked about.
          What does that ‘work history’ provide him as a way up beyond the basics? He is not trained at anything more than simple service jobs, tasks which any Mexican, 2 weeks across the border, can match. And so his total earnings potential is going to be similarly limited with little chance to rise about minimum wage, menial, positions.
          Society is moving towards a condition where (whites at least) do not need wage slave menials because we have robotics and automation to move things along and no longer use vestigial retail/commercial sales venues to secure what we need, more cheaply, by online order.
          We have already made it exceedingly dangerous for our children to participate in The Great Lie which is fast food as an introductory entrance to ‘the work ethic’ in an openly ethnic-preferred work place where whites are actively sabotaged and persecuted.
          Blacks have a mean IQ of 87 which means half their population are edging towards non-functional retardation that has no place nor chance, even at that level.
          Nor can we ‘Cast our buckets where we stand’ for this group because labor costs in a service industry oriented culture are about the only variable left to control. We have given up mass manufacturing.
          American produces nothing.
          Grows less and less (and is rejected for it’s GMO tendencies).
          And has a HUGE undertow of lesser racial groups willing to undercut each other in ‘doing the jobs whites won’t’ to drive down the efficiencies of our native working populations.
          A process we pay for through a massive welfare (HUD, EBT, SSI) subsidy to foreign immigrants.
          All of which inhibits the rise of a union blue collar protective culture.
          TRYING to balance all this has only succeeded in whites being retarded in our pursuit of a higher form of society purely for ourselves.
          And have no doubt that we could ‘take it to the next level’ inside 10 years, if we were not so burdened.
          Which brings us to some hard choices.
          You can pay a man 720 dollars a month, take away 70 for FICA (and give it right back at the end of the year) and still have him living in a rented bed workhouse called a ‘shelter’ or at home with momma and papa for his entire life.
          As the basic entry condition prerequisite for a school-to-prison pipeline where the costs, per year, are-
          24,000 minimum security
          40,000 maximum security
          100,000 Super Max
          _per inmate_.
          Not including the utterly worthless parole system, afterwards.
          Or you can admit the obvious which is genes drive everything, blacks have a losing hand all around due to their physical rather than mental evolutionary emphasis on brain/body development.
          And create a welfare state _just for them_ in which they get 720 dollars a month or 8,400 dollars a year and housing assistance which only takes 200 of that money to apply towards rent.
          For life.
          The preconditional qualifiers for which are sterilization and segregation.
          I am not defending blacks against your argument Mr. Scott. I don’t have the answer to how to integrate them into our society because I frankly don’t wish to and I know they don’t want to be, for the level of rewards they would get.
          But if you want to start the eugenics process by which we, as whites, begin to breed down to a population base of say 125 IQ normed intelligence, beauty and long lives in a highly automated social infrastructure which no longer tortures young people with ‘work ethic’ wage slavery simply because nobody older will do it.
          Then you have to begin with a system that gradually edges these ethnic outliers, with their huge TFRs, high crime rates and unfortunate moral and cognitive deficits, towards an extinction point within our lands which they accept because it’s easy.
          I am willing to consider an alternative which is paid expatriation.
          But I don’t see us gaining the resolve to take the next step, which we must, as a people, to further our own evolutionary pathways until we no longer have the option to depend on lesser populations for our menial wage slaves.
          And that means taking them out of the labor picture, totally.
          Because it costs more to sustain the absurdly inefficient economy, as-is, than it does to pay off the old way and begin to shift towards something better for ourselves and our children’s future.
          Please don’t go all ‘Wall-E’ on me.

          • I’d pick life as a minimum wage slob over being dead at the age of 18 any day.

          • M&S

            Welcome to the bright-right side of the Bell Curve.
            I bow my head to your intelligence and discipline as will to live.

  • Luis

    I hope that police everywhere, not just those in Ferguson, MO , have a better understanding and grasp of the kinds of things we non-police have to go through day-by-day in dealing with Bantus. The chickens have come home to roost, so to speak.

    Now they hopefully have a better understanding of why firearms sales in America exploded before Obama’s election in 2008, and continued right up through his re-election in 2012.

  • Blacks attacking police officers? Unheard of!

    White people need a country of their own.

    • meanqueen

      I don’t know where in the NW you are talking about – Portland to Seattle is crawling with Muslims and Mexicans.

  • rommel10

    what the police needs is a no response zone, just let them kill each other, and they will police each other, kill and eat their own, a win win zone

  • none of your business

    How dare the NYSLIMES print this piece. For the last 100 years it has been anti White and pro black; also pro communist since 1920 and pro every enemy America has ever had except Germany. What is the NYSLIMES trying to do, get back the White subscribers who finally stopped buying this anti White rag after the Ferguson coverage.
    NYSLIMES ranks in the top 10 anti White propaganda outlets in this country.