Official Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Had Close-Range Wound to His Hand, Marijuana in System

Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 22, 2014

The official autopsy on Michael Brown shows that he was shot in the hand at close range, according to an analysis of the findings by two experts not involved directly in the case.

The accompanying toxicology report shows he had been using marijuana.

Those documents, prepared by the St. Louis County medical examiner and obtained by the Post-Dispatch, provide the most detailed description to date of the wounds Brown sustained in a confrontation Aug. 9 with Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.


The St. Louis medical examiner, Dr. Michael Graham, who is not part of the official investigation, reviewed the autopsy report for the newspaper. He said Tuesday that it “does support that there was a significant altercation at the car.”

Graham said the examination indicated a shot traveled from the tip of Brown’s right thumb toward his wrist. The official report notes an absence of stippling, powder burns around a wound that indicate a shot fired at relatively short range.

But Graham said, “Sometimes when it’s really close, such as within an inch or so, there is no stipple, just smoke.”

The report on a supplemental microscopic exam of tissue from the thumb wound showed foreign matter “consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm.”

Dr. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist in San Francisco, said the autopsy “supports the fact that this guy is reaching for the gun, if he has gunpowder particulate material in the wound.” She added, “If he has his hand near the gun when it goes off, he’s going for the officer’s gun.”

Sources told the Post-Dispatch that Brown’s blood had been found on Wilson’s gun.

Melinek also said the autopsy did not support witnesses who have claimed Brown was shot while running away from Wilson, or with his hands up.

She said Brown was facing Wilson when Brown took a shot to the forehead, two shots to the chest and a shot to the upper right arm. The wound to the top of Brown’s head would indicate he was falling forward or in a lunging position toward the shooter; the shot was instantly fatal.

A sixth shot that hit the forearm traveled from the back of the arm to the inner arm, which means Brown’s palms could not have been facing Wilson, as some witnesses have said, Melinek said. That trajectory shows Brown probably was not taking a standard surrender position with arms above the shoulders and palms out when he was hit, she said.


That post mortem, conducted the morning after Brown’s death, comports in most ways with the findings of a private autopsy arranged by Brown’s family and made public Aug. 18.


The toxicology test, performed by a St. Louis University laboratory, revealed tetrahydrocannabinol, THC for short, in Brown’s blood and urine.



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  • AmericanCitizen

    I wonder if the soon-to-be former AG Holder will apologize for stoking the flames and sympathizing with those who claimed Brown was a victim of a racist white police officer.

    • thegodsofeden

      That’s about as likely as Obama apologizing for the things he said at the U.N. about the events in Ferguson. Oh, that’s right, somehow it was Bush’s fault that he misspoke. Never mind.

    • A Freespeechzone

      If the rioters happen to try to try their violence, burning and looting in White areas; guaranteed they will be resisted (and eliminated) by racist White residences invoking self defense.

      The herd will be culled—and few, if any will admit to the resistance—crap happens..

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      This is becoming routine and boring. Every couple months, some black teen is shot by police, which sends the American media into hyperventilating hyperbole. We’re told that it’s police brutality, while some image is attached to the delinquent in an Orwellian manner–ice tea and skittles for Martin, hands up don’t shoot for Brown, et cetera. Demagogues, political opportunists, celebrities, and other sorts of Machiavellian dirt spew emotional nonsense. Finally, the facts arise, and the delinquent is found to be the aggressor. The demagogues are shown wrong. The media moves on, but no one apologizes for the explicit misinformation, of course. Ten weeks later, it starts again.

      • jayvbellis

        Well said. Just keep your own lists of these past stories. Use them to educate dumb $&@ Whites who are readily to believe the latest racist hate crime of the year/century.

        Yeah, well we’ve seen this many, many times in the past.

    • Beloved Comrade

      He will wait until the Grand Jury chooses to not indict Mike-Mike and then appoint a special prosecutor to railroad him.

      This is what happened in the Trayvon case but it didn’t quite work out the way the DOJ wanted it to.

  • Luca

    Under the influence of marijuana. check.
    Wanted for a strong arm robbery. check.
    Stolen property in possession. check.
    Jaywalking in traffic. check.
    Disobeying an officer’s request. check.
    Assault and battery on a police officer. check.
    Grabbing the officer’s firearm. check.
    Refusing commands to desist. check.
    Charging at the officer. check.

    Black response to evidence: Dat chile din do nuffins, we wants justice.” check.

    • evilsandmich

      The only surprising thing about this is that it came out before the election.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Oh, this is FAR from over….

      • John R

        PLEASE! Why do you think they hadn’t made the final decision yet? Come on. It doesn’t take MONTHS to decide whether or not to indict someone. Of course they are waiting until after the mid-term elections to make the announcement.

    • You forgot “he bees turnin’ hi’ lyfe arroun!”

      • striket3

        and aspiring rapper.

    • antiquesunlight

      It never ceases to amaze me how impervious to facts blacks and white liberals are. I have two very vocal liberal friends on Facebook (one of whom is black) and they live in a fantasy world. I think they get high from their self-righteousness or something. It’s an addiction. They can’t quit it, no matter how crazy it is.

      • John R

        I agree with most of what you say. But, allow me to make a correction, please. You don’t have “two liberal friends on Facebook, one of whom is black.” No, you have one liberal White friend on Facebook, and one racist black that you talk to. Blacks are not liberals, as I have said on other posts. They stand for their own race, period. And blacks cannot be our friends. There, fixed it. Peace.

  • The only thing new (but not surprising) to me here is the weed. I don’t know if GENTILIVS GIANTIVUS was floating high at the time, but chronic weed use probably supercharged his paranoia, so he, knowing what he just did at the Ferguson Market, was even more on edge and paranoid about this cop all of sudden paying a lot of attention to him. It would also explain, along with his adrenaline, his very bad decision to charge the cop.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Sure QD, throw a little blount smoke into the already noxious brain of an aspiring borderline retarded 280 lb rapper and…

      Bad things happen. I hear he was walking with his hands held palms up to his sides – typical negro taunting gesture.

      Prayers for the officer.

    • thegodsofeden

      The radio news today reported that one pathologist who read the toxicology report said that Brown had so much THC in his system he was likely hallucinating.

      • evilsandmich

        I’m not a weed affeciando, but I’m guessing that at higher concentrations that it works like alcohol in that it makes the person a cartoon paradoy of their true self? (In my case, intellectual womanizer).

        • thegodsofeden

          I’m no longer a weed aficionado myself, but I can say at one point in the distant past I, shall we say, partook of WAY too much of a very good strain of the marijuana.
          The effects:
          Voices echoing (including my own)
          Haloed lights
          Street lamp posts bending at an almost 90 degree angle
          There’s more, but you get the picture. Oh yeah, very strong paranoia. Very different from too much alcohol. Very surreal.

          • propagandaoftruth

            “Lay off that whiskey and let that cocaine be!” Johnny Cash

            I’m thinking Brown was usually high on something. It was a natural part of his waking world.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Driving that train, high on cocaine

            — Jerry Garcia.

            Hey, anyone here want the guy driving the train, flying the plane or operating on you to be high on marijuana/cocaine/alcohol?

    • John R

      You may have a point. But, my interpretation is a little different: Being a violent member of a low IQ subspecies that has evolved for 60,000 years away from more advanced races and is thus unsuited to civilization, is probably what explains his poor decisions in this incident and in life.

  • Tarczan

    This reminds me of the OJ trial. The closing argument of prosecutor Marsha Clark were on the radio, and they were very convincing. One thing I remember she said was that if you believe the defense’s version, blood samples that were locked up had to somehow be stolen from a locked freezer. She had many more problems like this for the defense, but it made no difference.The jurors believed it.

    • B.A_2014

      I doubt the jurors believed it. Blacks help blacks out. It is as simple as that. Abstract ideas like justice don’t register with their primitive brains. If it was the other way around and the killer was a white man and I was sitting in the jury box, I would have fought for the death penalty. I think most reasonable people would regardless of race. No one wants to murderer sauntering the streets regardless of his race.

      • evilsandmich

        I’d love to think that too, but I knew more than a few black people at the time who believed the defense fo reelz. The result is the same though I guess.

      • Beloved Comrade

        In New York, the DAs have such trouble getting convictions against black criminals that they do everything to avoid a trial by jury, mainly because blacks refuse to convict other blacks and it’s a waste of time to even try.

        Blacks say “there’s too many black men locked up behind bars,” because they believe each and everyone was railroaded by a racist “White” system.

        This is what Eric Holder says too.

    • Beloved Comrade

      The closing argument of the unstable, highly unqualified Marsha Clark…

      Fixed it for ya.

      • Luca

        She was worse than that, which is why they appointed her. That whole “OJ Trial Show” was engineered by liberal politicians to get OJ off the hook. They didn’t want another Rodney King type looting-fest like they had a few years earlier in the City of Angels.

        Read “Outrage” by Vincent Bugliosi.

        • gsrider

          Outrage was Excellent by a man who never lost acase. Murder in Brentwood by M. Furhman was also good and meticulously detailed. His hypothesis of a murder was bone chilling.

          • Alexandra1973

            Hear of William Dear? He puts out the theory that OJ’s son Jason did it.

            OJ likely knew about it and covered it up, so that still makes him guilty in my book.

            And it’s still a good reason why you don’t take up with blacks.

      • gsrider

        Don’t forget Chris Darden. He was obviously in conflict with prosecuting OJ and I expected him to simply get up and join the defense at any moment. I seriously doubt most people are actually aware that M. Furhman had a partner and witnessed the crime scene and the evidence it presented. To bad a perfect bloody thumb print left by OJ on the gate to the alley was never introduced. But, Judge became famous and M. Clark ended up with a snappy little hair do. And no riots. Some would call that “justice”.

  • cuxhaven

    The federal government probably knew the truth from day one but for weeks they kept it all secret while so many businesses and people suffered from the violence.Really sad.

    • Beloved Comrade

      This is true. The DOJ tried to prevent the release of the tape from the quickie mart which shows Brown for what he really was: a violent criminal who had just committed an armed robbery.

      No, he didn’t have a gun because he didn’t need one. His fists were his weapons, Officer Wilson said he was shocked by how strong Brown was.

  • MekongDelta69

    Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan and all the rest of the black race hustlers have their fingers stuck in their ears going, “lalalalalalalala. I can’t hear you.”

    • thegodsofeden

      Wait a minute,… what did you just say? :-]

    • Beloved Comrade

      They have a set agenda that they’re following: All Whites are racists, all blacks are innocent no matter the circumstances.

      They’re sticking to it and nothing will deter them.

    • Luca

      Even if they could hear, they would not be able to comprehend. Processing information, evidence and likely outcomes is not really encoded in their DNA. This is one reason there are so many in prison, they get caught for their crimes because they have not figured out that things like videos, eyewitness accounts, fingerprints and DNA can be used against them at a later date. They only think in the “here and now” world of instant gratification.

  • Kenner

    A group of activists marched into the St Louis Police Station today, and demanded that they ALL speak with the police chief. He said he’d speak to one, and they said no.
    As they left, one yelled they were going to ‘take it to the streets’.

  • This isn’t the type of evidence the ‘Hands Up’ crowd wants to hear.

    • Since when did any of them say they wanted anything remotely resembling “evidence”?

    • thegodsofeden

      No, but it’s definitely what the ‘Pants Up, Don’t Loot’ crowd wants to hear.

    • Luca

      Forensic evidence is a “White thing” invented by White devils solely to victimize innocent blacks. (Don’t be surprised if you hear this from a black lawyer.)

  • Luca

    The THC was at levels they could actually cause hallucinations. Read the whole story.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Regardless of the facts, regardless of three autopsy results, regardless of what the GJ says, there are going to be riots.

    Because they like rioting and looting.

    Hell, they’ve got nothing else to do – like go to work.

    • They have been conditioned to receive free “gibsmedat” goodies every time they throw a tantrum. That’s what it really boils down to: “I gots ta be haben me dat shiny ting, gnome sayin’? Gimme gimme gimme dat!”

      When wild bears grow to associate humans with food, they also become quite dangerous, but are relocated for this, and the repeat offenders are shot.

      • Luca

        If only we could hit these street apes with a tranquilizer dart and relocate them to Africa.

        • It would be most entertaining when they awoke from the tranquilizer darts and realized where they were.

      • Strider73

        When alligators do the same, they are immediately trapped and killed. Relocating them is futile. That is why it is illegal in Florida to feed a gator.

  • If Brown was so loaded as to not legally be OK to drive, why was he outside his mother’s home at all?

  • OS-Q

    1. Sometimes drugs that usually have calming effects on most people can make others extremely belligerent and pot is no exception.

    2. Pot is also is known to increase paranoia if taken in large amounts.

    3. It would effect how someone reacts to being wounded. The Zulus grew Cannabis sativa, a Cannabis with high levels of THC, and took it before battle – probably to survive the shock of being wounded.

    • Breaker Morant

      Not quite a scientific study at all, but…whites that I have known get “mellow” after smoking dope. Blacks go schizophrenic. All of the white dudes that I have known sit on the couch and play video games after they get high. Blacks start that “heyheyheyhahahahaha” laughing, and then start jumping around, and threatening everyone. Those that worked with me in a grocery store would get high at lunch, then, just start laughing and lunging around. Marijuana affects blacks differently than whites. Blacks get violent when they smoke it. Whites get complacent.

      • jayvbellis

        I’ve noticed the same thing. Different races can and can’t handle many different things.

        Muslim men don’t seem to be able to handle seeing a woman showing her arms, legs, or even face without wanting to rape or stone her.

  • IKUredux

    Fellow Amrenners: The evidence is for naught. Mr. Wilson is guilty by skin color. This is the NEW America. Blacks complained about “driving while black”. Then, there was “walking while black”. Now, there is “Living while White”. This, is of course, the most heinous crime ever, in the history of the world. LWW.

    • Beloved Comrade

      The way I see it, they’d milked the Trayvon case for all it was worth and someone had to come up with something to keep the racial fires burning, so this open and shut case was trotted out, paid race baiters and agitators bused in to rile up the Section 8 crowd, alphabet networks giving loudmouth blacks and the “grieving” family and their lawyers full coverage to scream about racism and injustice, etc.

      This is a distraction from whatever it is the government is up to: like importing diseased Haitians, making plans to import ebola-laden Africans into American hospitals for treatment, rattling sabres in the ME, etc. and the continuation of their White Genocide agenda.

  • The entertaining irony to this case is that Brown got where he is today – in a box – precisely because he had spent 18 years of his life being given exactly what the left wanted him to have: immunity from the consequences of his own behavior. He grew up to be a violent goon because he was conditioned that there would never be any comebacks, the same way Trayvon Martin decided he was some sort of teflon “gangsta”.

    • M&S

      Average age of whites in America: 41.
      Average age of blacks: 29.
      Average age of Hispanics: 24.
      The comeback for whites is the comeback all dominant parties face when someone, right or wrong, is tired of being /junior/.
      We have ten years in which to put things right by our kids so that they don’t have to deal with a rampant nation of new ethny big kid on block thri seekers out for payback _because they can_, not because they were -ever- correct.
      This is the truth of our position, that by the time we are done being geriatrics our 63 percentile dominance will have reversed itself and as a 35% minority group, we will be without the brains (16% of whites have a college educatable IQ) to manage a nation on the fast track to third world status.
      And the people who fall back from being well paid lazy thugs to living something like their ancestral lifestyle of ‘keepin’ it real’ immediacy of survival will not really notice what they have lost because they will not have the cultural memory of who they were (our lackeys) so much as who they have become, (our doms).
      Men as diverse as Alan Greenspan have stated openly that they believe the definition of happiness is not how much you have but how much you have, relative to everyone else.
      This, from the chief money thief, should worry people.

      • OK, so the Mike Browns of the country may well be tired of being junior, and employment opportunities for sub-literate blacks are limited. What about enlisting in the armed forces? Brown was 18. Enlistment bonuses are pretty sizeable. Let’s assume his MOS would have been as a truck driver. That would have set him up perfectly for a CDL (commercial driver’s license), and civilian long-haul truckers make decent money. Heavy equipment operators make outstanding money on the North Dakota oil fields.

        Alternately, Brown could have worked as a nightclub bouncer. Money’s not so great, but his size and strength would have gotten him a considerable degree of job security until he was well into middle age. A private security firm like Wackenhut or Pinkerton might have eventually picked him up if he’d avoided an adult felony record; they like big, intimidating-looking guys.

        One of my neighbors has a high school diploma, but no college. He cuts meat at an Albertson’s supermarket. This is a unionized job, so he makes quite reasonable money.

        St. Louis is a rail and shipping hub, with Union Pacific headquarted there. Stevedores and railroad workers also make good salaries. I imagine railroad traffic through St. Louis has actually increased in recent years, due to the N. Dakota oil boom and the lack of a pipeline.

        In other words, there are plenty of things this oaf – and guys like him – could have done to make a quite reasonable living. Robbing quickie marts and beating up cops are not on the list.

        • M&S

          The Slave does not seek to become free, he seeks to become the Master. Those being the only two conditions he has ever known.
          Which is why Nietzsche said that the only peope fit to define morality were those that used it to further their own existence.
          He did _not_ attach and IQ limit to that statement, he merely said that slaves, women and various hangers on could only reflect morality while living in the shadow of it’s benefit.
          From Michael Brown’s position, living in Gramma’s house at 18, getting high and pulling the odd strong arm robbery to make a buck was enough to get by on, it was morality in action that served his needs.
          What you have to realize Michael is that that kind of mentality, genetic as it is, is unfixable. And incompatible with the work program you have outlined as a way up and out of his sorry position.
          You see the exact same behavior in the South Side of Chicago, in Detroit as a city and in NO, St. Louis and a dozen other Blacks Are Where Whites Have Fled From conditions.
          Maybe it was evolving into an environment where the extreme heat of Africa cooked your brain if you were too active. Maybe it was or is an extreme psychosis of reactionary response adapting to the Massuh’s whip by do-little disobedience.
          Maybe they just realize that they are so unwelcome here that they do not feel like contributing.
          Or maybe it’s that they know that getting a woman pregnant will let them move in, for awhile.
          Whatever the cultural or biological pretext, we should not create a means to further it’s infiltration of our society at the cost of a young white man who might also take that bootstrap route, if only he realizes _we care_, about him.
          It is honesty that this world needs, more than compensation for ‘privilege’. Whites are already only a 15% minority in the world. We need to protect ourselves as our social trust factor with the youth who will take over from us. If we give them cause to believe that the long-slow-path to doing so is a righteous one.
          We do this for whites because we choose to. We don’t need another excuse for why we don’t do it for other peoples.

        • Strider73

          What about enlisting in the armed forces? Brown was 18. Enlistment bonuses are pretty sizable.

          No longer. During the Cheney-Bush regime the Army needed all the bullet-stoppers it could get, so standards were slashed to the bone. Gangbangers and other assorted felons were allowed in. Recruiters falsified documents and coached kids on how to beat drug tests. Now the military is downsizing, and standards have been ratcheted up. Even a tattoo that is too large, or in the wrong place, will disqualify a person. Bonuses are reserved for the most shorthanded jobs. Brown would have been rejected based on his weight alone.

  • Oh look, “a multiracial individual” being intelligent enough to finally realize that he could no longer chant “hands up dont shoot” decides to switch track to “i smoke marijuana and i’ve never attacked a cop, so clearly, its irrelevant.”

    The wound is only profound to you, who, being black, NEED absolutely irrefutable proof of what was clear to everyone else from the start, to wit, “black thug robber assaults cop and was justly dispatched”.

    And marijuana is a drug, yes? One which is known to muddle ones thought process as well as lower inhibitions. Does it “make” people violent? Probably not. But in a borderline feral animal like brown, who’s inhibitions are nearly nonextant to begin with, what happens when those last few wisps of restraint are removed by the thc?

    Oh, thats right, he steals something he wants, then attacks a police officer who “be diss’aspectin’ me!” So no, not irrelevant at all. In fact it explains, perhaps, how brown managed to NOT get shot dead before now. (He simply hadn’t gotten quite high enough to lose restraint before this particular day.)

    I told you to sit this one out in one of the first few threads after it happened, predicting your “black” would cause you to make a fool of yourself. Instead of heeding the thoughtful advice, you’ve done your very best to prove my point, and meet every low expectation I, as an evil rayciss whitey, have for you. I just hope people are paying attention, because youre a beautiful case in point example of “the good ones” people love to cheer and pontificate about. You’re “multiracial” right up until your spidey sense tingles at the far off cries of jackson and sharpton.

  • Tarczan

    The FBI autopsy hasn’t been released yet, in the same vein, what are they waiting for? I’m sure Obama and holder are trying to “fix” it, but the medical people are telling him it’s not as easy as rigging some employment or inflation numbers. I wonder what they will come up with.

    I also wonder if Obama and Holder will think it beneficial to them to have riots. If they do, you’ll see Rev. Al and cos. stirring the pot.

    • I think the Obama/Holder crew have overplayed their hands. An exit wound from a gunshot looks nothing like an entry wound, and this can not be “spun”. This level of medical science is obvious to any deer hunter. The neat little round hole is the entry point, and the big tear on the other side, frequently where bone fragments have made their own exits nearby as secondary projectiles is the exit. I once knocked down a bull elk from about 170 yards with my old Siamese Mauser in .45-70 caliber. It was a quartering shot with a 405-grain bullet at about 1950 feet per second. He went down right away, and when we were field-dressing him, we could see why. A fair bit of the exit area had to be made into hamburger, but pelvis and rib fragments had basically destroyed the intestines and lungs. Anyone would have known how that shot passed through.

      The problem with politicians demanding that medical examiners falsify their reports is that science is not subject to political meddling, or else it is something other than science.

  • Beloved Comrade

    Oh goody.

    According to you, that means you can smoke pot all day, leave your mother’s basement to head out to the local 7/11 and tell the cop that stops you “the presence of THC in my bloodstream is profoundly irrelevant.”

    Yeah, I’m sure that will work.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    This is a bit off topic, but there is nowhere else to mention this. Jared recently asked for money. I’m not sure what for. Seems like he travels to Europe and has meetings where they talk about the same things online and essentially get nothing done. The purpose I guess is to spread the ideology, but it mostly just involves people who already believe the same things shaking each other’s hand. It also costs a lot of money to fly all over the world in what essentially seems like vacations.

    I’m wondering if it would be possibly to lay out some clear objectives and strategies to achieve those objectives, then break down where the money is being spent, lay down some rules about not wasting money, then ask for donations. I can’t really afford to support myself but I’d be happy to work together for common interests, but it seems like all of these wn websites are really mostly about collecting money and spending it on frivolous things or else just to keep the site up.

    I think it would also attract more people. Honestly I would recommend finding a good Jew sympathetic to the cause and have him handle most of the public relations and financial aspects, as typically (not always) Jews seem more competent in these realms.

    Instead most of these websites look like projects put together by cultural marxists/Jewish supremacists in order to debunk white civil rights. They have a lot of offensive parts that really do nothing to help the cause, but do a lot to make it look illegitimate. Then they always ask for money, but rarely explain clearly where the money is spent, and its usually not spent effectively. So in essence it is also bankrupting people who support the cause just spending their money frivolously. There is probably a much more effective way to start organizing.

    I will give a few suggestions. For one, each meeting should carry an objective and criteria to meet that objective. There should be clear punishment if the objective is not met. For instance: get 3,000 signatures from the local public supporting anti-affirmitive action legislation, then present this to the media and local politicians. -or- raise money for an advertising campaign. The campaign’s general outline should already be laid out at the meeting. Each attendant will pay a fee to attend and most if not all will be charged with a task or role in the outcome. If the outcome is not a success their money is wasted. Leaders should hold themselves personally responsible and if consistently failing, should vow to step down from holding the conferences and put someone else in charge.

    These are not business meetings. A social networking meeting is about meeting people who can provide employment opportunities or business deals. In that case just shaking hands and mingling would be worth it. But in regards to something like WN meetings there should be clear objectives, clear record keeping, public displays of where money is spent, input of donors on how to change that etc.

    There are far too many people operating at a very low level here, and again, I encourage trying to woo some Jews or some highly successful people to play a large role. Try to persuade them through making personal friendships and giving a sales pitch. That should probably be the first priority, along with trying to make the message seem more reasonable to normal people (i.e. cut back on the hate and offensive image as much as possible).

    You guys have something good, which is a decent number of highly dedicated people, nice websites, global organization, you just lack in a number of areas. I would recommend a private online forum that costs an annual fee to join (along with personal approval of the person) that will lay out meetings and discussions of strategies. The forum should clearly state the ideological principles of the group and refuse to debate ideology, or listen to endless complaints. Instead the focus would be on just discussing projects and strategies. I am doing something similar with my Hraftzer Society but I don’t have the people.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      I can also submit a basic sales pitch that I think would appeal to a number of professionals. I think a lot of us have similar interests, including Jews. But one has to get out of the loser mindset of blaming others and hating on other people. i.e. none of this “it’s all the Jews fault my life sucks” kind of whining. As well be willing to accept a number of failures and continue to make the pitch to many people until you have someone that will agree.

      I think there are a number of people who oppose affirmative action on some level. There are a number of people who dislike the spread of low I.Q. populations. There are some who may sympathize with declining white populations. It is about how you frame the argument and present yourself. One key is to not be antagonistic towards others. Be open to showing how all people benefit from your policies- blacks, Jews, and whites alike. Emphasize the personal gain involved to any would be supporter. Solicit things other than money. Ask for people’s moral support, that they contribute an article, that they be willing to discuss strategies. If you opened a private forum you could even offer a free one year membership to those people who you feel could be of value. They may appreciate the gesture.

      Be humble. Be willing to compartmentalize projects and skills. Be willing to bring aboard a good accountant who can handle finances and investments. Be willing to bring in high level consultants. That would be a good thing to ask for donation wise- consultation from successful people. Wear a suit and tie, network, pay for someone’s lunch, invite them to dinner and cocktails, take as much advise as you can from those who may have more intimate knowledge on a given subject, try to learn from everybody. You can really be successful with this. And what I would like to see personally is less discrimination against white people, less white guilt in the media and in schools etc. That would be my personal gain from contributing to it.

      How this is different is you aren’t just trying to appeal to the extremist crowd. You should work on just meeting normal everyday people who have little interest in politics or world affairs but who would be willing to give a small donation of time or money to support a cause that seems reasonable. Your job is to pitch that cause. If you can’t do it, find someone with better sales skills, better schmoozing abilities than yourself, and have that person handle PR.

    • thegodsofeden

      I like what you’ve written here, and agree that it makes sense to have concrete objectives in mind when looking to make changes. To have everyone going in one general direction and stating the goals to be achieved along the way, would I believe help solidify support, not only with those already on board, but with those who have an interest and are still undecided.
      I suggest you click on the contact button at the top of the page and send your recommendations to Jared. Couldn’t hurt, and who knows, it may help start something big.
      Thanks for the ideas you’ve given, very nice to have something different to add to the mental diet. Am going to read your reply to yourself now. Until later, take care.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        I have contacted him before. I have noticed that nearly all these “racists” online when asked to actually do something back down. It is really weird to me that we have massive discrimination against white people, disapearing white populations, open slander against whites in schools and media, open anti-white hostility, anti-western hostility etc. and out of the millions upon millions of white people finding one or two that will stand up and say “no” to their own self destruction or to policies that discriminate against them- it seems crazy. Then these online sites and people who seem to make a habit of making themselves seen don’t do anything to help whites, which makes me openly wonder how many of them are just covertly trying to discredit the white cause.

        I guess I see things differently than most. I see whites as under dog losers who are mocked in schools, discriminated against in hiring, school selection, welfare, businesses etc. and almost none of them even squeak an objection to being abused.

        By contrast I only hear some narrative about how whites control everything and websites about how supreme whites are. If this is the case why are they openly mocked in public, on TV, in schools and universities, but no other race can ever be talked bad about? Why discriminated against, dwindling populations, etc.

        My goal is not to rule the world or hate others but I’d like to be given a fair shot at life. Not told to hate myself by school and media (white guilt) then denied jobs, denied business opportunities, denied housing, denied education, openly attacked, threatened, humiliated etc. all on the basis of my race and gender. Then after being discriminated against in every sort of way imaginable and even in ways that I would never have imagined possible, I’m told that in reality all the real racism is against non-whites and women. It’s like a form of psychological warfare on top of it.

        I mean who wants to raise a family when they know their kids must go to school and be told that they are terrible people and should hate themselves because of their ancestry (when in reality their ancestors probably contributed more to humanity than anyone else), then to be denied into a gifted program despite being smarter than others because of the need for “diversity” and also favortism towards the rich. Then denied into schools, denied education grants, denied business with the government, denied the business loans any foreigner can get, denied jobs, denied housing, assaulted for being white (possibly killed or raped) then the cops will do nothing because it would be racist to enforce our laws etc. I mean that’s the reality of things. But instead it’s all framed like whites are on top of the world and evil racist that don’t want anybody else to have some. And when they want to justify more hatred against white males, they just point to stormfront or a WN website. I think the arguments should be framed a bit differently- painting us more as the victims we are rather than sounding threatening.

        And for all these white nationalist websites or pro white organizations the only person who I think is on to something is David Duke. Get out of the cow pastures and into classrooms, business rooms etc. Start having better PR, organize in a more modern and high level way etc. I really think he has done more for white civil rights than all the rest of the white race combined. And I think other people should start thinking that way.

        I look at white people as the modern n*gg*&^s. They are at the bottom of society, mistreated and often too stupid to look out for their own interests. They should learn from Jews primarily, and to a lesser extent maybe other successful groups, rather than threatening others and talking about their superiority all day long. Because if whites were superior I don’t think we’d be in this mess.

  • Attacking a cop who tells one to walk on the damned sidewalk, rather than in the middle of a street is not “harmless”, as the nation has recently discovered.

    • a multiracial individual

      I agree. I merely said that it is unlikely that cannabis was part of the problem.

  • OS-Q

    Fair enough

  • drew kuef

    it was actually marijuana that killed Michael Brown

  • Greg Thomas

    Really? Tell that to officer Wilson…..

  • jayvbellis

    Mostly agree.

    But, it looks like Michael Brown strong armed robbed the store to get Cigar blunts to smoke MJ with.

    MJ usually mellows out White college students, not so Black late teen thus like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, MJ seems to make them do extremely stupid, violent things that result in them getting killed.

  • debby

    i don’t thonk pot had anything to do with it. if anything that would have made brown sleepy imo. i think he was born with brain damage and possibly his mother did drugs.