LAPD Fires Detective over Comments with ‘Racial Tone’

Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times, October 22, 2014

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck fired a veteran police detective Wednesday after a disciplinary panel found he made racially charged comments about a black civil rights attorney and a 1997 shooting in which the detective killed a black officer.

The decision to fire Det. Frank Lyga was seen as a major test for Beck, who has been accused of being inconsistent in handling officer discipline and previously came under fire for his decision not to terminate a well-connected officer caught on tape uttering a racial slur.


A three-person department board of rights panel recommended that the 28-year veteran be fired for his controversial remarks made last November at a training session. The panel said his comments “caused irreparable damage to the department’s image and gave fodder to our detractors who believe that the LAPD harbors racist officers.”


In his comments, Lyga called prominent black civil rights attorney Carl Douglas an “ewok”–a short, furry creature from “Star Wars” movies–said a female LAPD captain had been “swapped around a bunch of times” and described a lieutenant as a “moron.”

He also discussed shooting fellow officer Kevin Gaines, an incident that sparked racial tensions within the LAPD because Lyga is white and the slain officer was black. Lyga was working an undercover narcotics operation when he became involved in a traffic dispute with Gaines, according to police accounts. Neither man apparently knew the other was a police officer.

At the end of the lecture, Lyga recalled a confrontation with Douglas, the attorney representing Gaines’ family, who asked if Lyga had any regrets about the shooting.

“I said, ‘No, I regret he was alone in the truck at the time,'” Lyga said. “I could have killed a whole truckload of them and I would have been happy doing it.”

Lyga admitted some of his remarks were inappropriate, and he apologized. His attorney said Lyga explained that he should have said he would have shot anybody who was trying to kill him. The detective denied his remarks were racist.

But the panel disagreed, finding that many of his comments had a “racial tone.”

“You stated in your testimony that you have been fighting the negative image of being a racist cop killer, but then you, intentionally or not, confirmed this image during this speech,” the panel concluded, according to a copy of the transcript from last week’s board of rights meeting.



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  • Alexandra1973

    Racial tone, racial thoughts…time to get the Thought Police on the case!

    • Anna Tree

      I didn’t know that controversial/bad/evil/politically incorrect etc thoughts were illegal.
      Actually I didn’t know that thoughts were illegal.
      I thought that only criminal acting on these or any thoughts was illegal.

  • Kevin Gaines was a black gang banger for all intents and purposes.

    All this is is a proposition nation enforcing its borders, which are ideological and not geographical.

    • propagandaoftruth

      “A three-person department board of rights panel recommended that the 28-year veteran ”

      Oh God – why not just shoot him? Another White man slow executed by treachery.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Gaines and his pal David Mack were part of a crew of crooked affirmative action black cops linked to Death Row Records head Suge Knight.

      Lyga’s shooting of him was totally justified. BTW Johnny Cochran filed a Ghetto Lottery suit against the LAPD on behalf of Gaines’ family for $25 million.

      They settled for 1% of that: $250,000.

      • Remember the Rampart Crash scandal?

        That was actually a side show. The original scandal broke out when Gaines pointed a gun at Lyga at that stoplight, and Lyga responded the only way he could. It didn’t take long to find out that Gaines was also LAPD but he was also a ‘banger and had links to Suge Knight. The original scandal was all the black gang bangers on the LAPD because the Federal courts ordered affirmative action and lowering of the standards. Unfortunately, in the process, that got diverted into the Rampart Crash scandal, and the affirmative action gang banger question got lost in the distraction. To me, AA/thugs/gang bangers on the LAPD was a way bigger and more important deal than Rampart Crash.

        • Right on QD! You nailed it on the head! I remember the day it happened on the Cahuenga Pass just north of the Hollywood Bowl.

          From that incident came the entire Rampart scandal in which it was discovered that Rampart Division and others had a bunch of Bloods gangsters whom the department had hired as cops.

  • B.E.L.

    Without knowing more details it’s hard to say, but police officers have strong unions with strong representation, he will more than likely fight this decision and there is a good chance he will get his job back or be allowed to retire.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    It’s ironic that this white man was fired for making “racially charged comments” about a black civil rights attorney. A black civil rights attorney is a person who is paid handsomely and held in high regard in certain circles for making racially charged comments.

  • Truthseeker

    It sounds like this cop has some issues that go beyond the “racial tone” he used, but even so, it’s ridiculous that his political incorrectness is being used as grounds for firing.

    • I bet that Det. Lyga, as he was drawing nearer to his retirement, had gotten sick of all the political-correctness that’s rampant in the department. He probably spoke his mind a little too often, and he may have been secretly watched or monitored.

      Once they realized they had an old timer who was not going along with the new LAPD mission and vision (a soft, politically-correct one to be sure!), they set their sights on him and looked for any reason to fire him.

      • SentryattheGate

        Can you imagine working with all the dregs of society in LA WITHOUT making racial comments=impossible!

  • Mack0

    Comparing a black person to an ewok is considered racist? What am I missing here? Sweet Jesus, its a mental illness.

    • Nancy

      It’s getting to the point where ANYTHING can be skewed as a “racist remark”, “racial slur”, or “dog whistle”. You can call a Negro a “fine, upstanding citizen” and these loons will turn the remark inside-out and upside-down trying to find a racist “tone” in it somewhere.

      • MSNBC exists to expose dog whistles, albeit ones that nobody except MSNBC hears.

      • silviosilver

        They don’t really have to try very hard either. If you’re determined to be anti-white it’s simplicity itself to construe any white’s comments as “racist.”

        “He’s a fine, upstanding citizen.” Oh I see, so this particular African-American is okay by you. But what about the rest of them? What do you think of them? They’re all scum right? RIGHT? The truth is you hate them, don’t you!

        If the audience is of a similar mind the white who made the original comment is a goner.

      • archer

        Remember the teacher fired for using the word “niggardly”, that’s where we are today.

      • Eric Shun

        Heck, even democrat VP Joe Biden was beat up when he said that obama was “clean and articulate.”

  • Detective Frank Lyga was a great cop! There was nothing ‘racist’ in his statements. Frank’s from the old school, and the new LAPD under the command of Beck wants to rid themselves of the old timers who aren’t as politically-correct.

    I hope Frank fights this and sues for his job back. Like America, the old LAPD died a number of years ago when they used to kick butt and take names later. Criminals actually feared them. The officers were sharp and the department was mostly white.

    Today they are mostly affirmative action hires, dumpy in their uniforms, and indoctrinated with multiculturalism and political-ocrrectness.

    • Greg Thomas

      After 28 years, he probably does not want his job back, considering what the LAPD has become. But who could fault him, being surround by affirmative action blacks and mexicans all day. I hope he gets his pension….

      • I don’t think they can take his pension. He can also probably find another L.E. job with a police or sheriff’s department in a rural white area.

        • Ella

          I found Spartacus. He is at Radix Journal using the same pen name.

  • Greg Thomas

    Wow….comments with a “racial tone” are enough now to destroy a 28 year career if you are White.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Racial tone is now defined as any White that doesn’t agree with a negro and/or anything pro-negro.

    • Unfortunately, due to the national obsession with and addiction to litigation, public sector employers have to be rather careful about what they will allow. Truthful discussion of unpleasant facts has become taboo as police departments, fire departments and the like have gone into full-fledged “C.Y.A.” mode.

  • MekongDelta69

    What ‘tone’? C# C¶ Middle C?

    This is so unbelievable that it’s completely believable. Insanity is the new ‘norm.’

  • dd121

    I wonder what will constitute forbidden speech in a couple of generations?

  • LHathaway

    They found the problem with this guy, racism. Everything else about him was just fine.


    I knew the black racist who call themselves “activist” and their White liberal enablers would eventually get Detective Lyga fired. They’ve been gunning for his job ever since he had the gall to defend his life against a black cop, who was trying to take it, while White! Back when this happened in 1997. The so-called “black community” did to Frank Lyga exactly what they did and are continuing to do to Officer Darren Wilson most recently. They saw that one officer was black, and one officer was White. That was all they needed to know in order to determine who was right and who was wrong, who was defending themselves and who was attempting to murder who. However, just as 95% of these cases where black racist instantly jump to conclusions, < they even claimed to know the motivation behind "Lyga's murdering of Gaines", bet you can't guess what they said the motive was ) they were wrong. Yet, just like 95% of all these cases, the facts simply did not matter.

    Basically the lunatic ghetto loving thug with a badge tried to murder Detective Lyga over a road rage incident. Chasing him down a on a busy highway in order to pull up on the side of him and point his weapon right at Detective Lyga's face. Lucky Lyga already had his gun on his lap and didn't plan on allowing this idiot to kill him. So, in my humble opinion, he did the world a favor and was able to pull his trigger faster than Thug love with a badge could pull his. Like I said above, ever since then these people have been gunning for Detective Lyga. And now that he referred to a black Sniveling Rights lawyer as an Ewok. They have their idiotic excuse to fire him for daring to defend his life from a black cop seeking to end it, while White!

    BELOW: Is Detective Frank Lyga ( R ) – And – The Thug With A Badge Kevin Gaines ( L )

    • MannyR

      Wasn’t this the incident that led to the LAPD finding out they had a huge number of their black officers doing “security” and other questionable activities for Death Row records and Suge Knight?


        DING! We have a winner – Yes sir it was, but the black Police Chief Bernard Parks didn’t want his Detectives to investigate anything about Gaines other than what he thought was pertinent to the case. He specifically forbade any of his Detectives, especially Homicide Det. Russel Poole from investigating any other crimes or possible wrong doing of Kevin Gaines. He did the same exact thing to Det. Poole when he was investigating the murder of the fat cockeyed ultra black and incredibly ugly rapper Biggie Smalls. All roads from Biggie Smalls’s murder was leading Det. Poole to Death Row records, and from there, all roads led him right back to the L.A.P.D. itself!

        Specifically, it led to a C.R.A.S.H officer named David Mack. Who was hired in the big Affirmative Action push to hire more minorities in the wake of the Rodney King riots. Parks literally told Det. Poole that “You Will Stop Your Investigation Into David Mack For The Biggie Smalls Murder, Period”! At this time David Mack and a few other Affirmative Action officers had been arrested for a bank robbery they pulled off. Chief Parks said to Det. Pool, “Look, David Mack Has Already Gone Down For The Bank Robbery We Don’t Need A Police Officer To Be Responsible For The Murder Of A Famous Celebrity”.

        With all the evidence pointing straight at Mack, you can’t call that anything but a deliberate obstruction of justice. It made Det. Poole so furious he actually quit the L.A.P.D and went public with Chief Parks obstruction, and protection of a cold blooded murderer. Of course Chief Parks denied everything and the media didn’t press hm on it. So the case just languished in the L.A.P.D Cold Case Files where i remains to this day.

  • RacialRay

    The venerable LAPD has become LAPDogs for the race-baiters, clearly.

  • Juggernaut3000

    There’s far more to this story than the LA Times is letting on. Det. Lyga said Gaines was dressed as a hard-core Crips gang member and threatening him.

  • slobotnavich

    Ignored in all this is the simple fact that any cop, exposed for years to the dismal reality of black crime, especially violent crime, drug use and dealing, recidivism, and almost compulsive lying is bound to come away with negative feelings about blacks in general. Without black crime we could reduce American police forces by perhaps 90% without any significant increase in crime in our nation. The irony of this reality is that everybody knows this but is utterly forbidden to speak of it.

  • B.E.L.

    That may be…but, his union rep will not actually represent him in any legal or administrative proceedings. He pays union dues and those dues collectively pay for a legal team that is kept on retainer. He will be represented by lawyers that specialize in defending coppers.

    Assuming he fights the discipline.