Radicalised Muslims in UK More Likely to Be Born in Britain, Rich and Depressed

Emily Dugan, Independent, September 24, 2014

Young British Muslims whose families have lived in the UK for generations are more at risk of radicalisation than recent migrants to Britain, according to new research which reveals the common characteristics of those most vulnerable to recruitment by terrorists.

Suffering from depression, being financially comfortable and being socially isolated were also common factors amongst those sympathising with terrorism, the University of London study found.

More than 600 Muslim men and women living in Britain aged 18 to 45 were asked detailed questions about their lives and views. Their risk of radicalisation was calculated according to a score of sympathy or condemnation they gave towards 16 terrorist actions, such as the use of suicide bombs to fight injustice.

Those showing the strongest condemnation towards violent protest and terrorism appeared to be frequently in touch with more friends and family. Recent migrants to Britain in poor physical health were also amongst the most likely to be critical.

Kamaldeep Bhui, lead author of the study and professor of cultural psychiatry and epidemiology at Queen Mary University of London, said: “Migrant groups are much stronger in condemning terrorism. I think the most compelling argument for this is that recent migrants are dealing with a hard struggle and they’ve invested in coming here.

“They’ve got adversity to deal with and are not in a position where they can indulge some of the ideas of grievance. Whereas people born and brought up here probably take for granted the security and safety where they live and the education and support.”

Those surveyed were of Muslim heritage living in East London and Bradford. Those in the Bangladeshi community were most likely to condemn acts of terrorism strongly.

Being comfortably off was also a factor in sympathy for terrorist acts but not in the way researchers expected. Those who were least happy with their local area, feared their neighbourhood and saw violence in the community were actually more resistant to radicalisation.

Mild depressive symptoms were more common among those showing the most sympathy towards violent protest and terrorism. As well as causing a sense of hopelessness and a more pessimistic outlook on life, depression is also linked to social isolation–which can exacerbate extreme views.

Professor Bhui said: “The relationship between radicalisation and mental health is complex but we now know depression, alongside poor social networks and isolation, does play a role in vulnerability to radicalisation.” Researchers hope their findings will be useful in identifying young people at risk of sympathising with extremist views–and help target policy and public health interventions to prevent more being recruited to terrorist groups.

Professor Bhui said: “We spend a great deal of time, effort and money on counter-terrorism–but virtually no attention is given to preventing radicalisation before it has a chance to take hold. We must change this approach and stop waiting for terrorism to happen before acting. The violence we’re witnessing in Syria and Iraq are devastating examples of this–whereby seemingly ordinary British citizens have become radicalised enough to leave their lives in the UK and commit themselves to a hopeless future, and in some cases, commit atrocities against innocent people.”

But Dr Erin Marie Saltman, senior researcher at the counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam, counselled caution. “What you don’t want to see is policy that specifically targets a minority age-specific group. That becomes very dangerous,” she said. “You don’t want to go up to a 19-year-old second or third-generation British Muslim and say ‘you’re prone to radicalisation’.

“We see females go out and become wives of jihadists and we see white people with no Muslim background who’ve gone to help jihadists. What you need to work on are the roots . . . we need to be teaching young people to have critical digital consumption habits and debunk myths about ideology.”

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  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Young British Muslims whose families have lived in the UK for generations are more at risk of radicalisation than recent migrants to Britain.”

    Well, there goes that Liberal idea that third world immigrants will be “just like us” after a generation or two.

    • JSS

      I was also always led to believe poverty was a leading cause of terrorism. I guess this means we should start profiling affluent people as potential terrorist. Those who live in DC, New York and Hollywood would be a good start.

      • John R

        It means that old idea of libs that “poverty causes crime terrorism..” is just BULL! Liberals loved that idea: Poverty causes crime; discrimination causes poverty; racist Whites cause discrimination. Too bad it was never true.

    • benvad

      They constantly contradict themselves.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Being comfortably off was also a factor in sympathy for terrorist acts.”

    But Liberals have assured us that poverty and poverty alone causes people to be violent or sympathetic to violence.

    • M.

      Most people need a meaning to their lives, or something big to aspire to. In addition to material ease of course.

      Some do charity work, some fight for “social justice”, others for their race. These folks want to bring back the caliphate.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Good point. The lib-lefties really don’t get it because they believe in little beyond self edification and self gratification.

      • 1stworlder

        It could be that their parents where not smart enough to be able to read the koran

      • rightrightright

        Moslems are not famous for being employed and so Islam finds mischief for idle hands as it always has done. Although they are preferred into state sector employment, 50% of their males and 75% of their females are not in legal employment and live on welfare handouts.

        There is a hand-out here called “job seeker’s allowance”. Moslems of course claim this (while continuing to avoid any job like the plague) and mock the hand-out as “jihad seeker’s allowance”.

  • John R

    I am not surprised by this study. I am only surprised that it was done. It is not the newly arrived immigrant who is most likely to attack White society. It is the one who is born into that society and feels a sense of entitlement. At the same time, they try to assimilate and fail. It is also interesting that economics plays little role: Those who were financially well off were actually MORE likely to want to attack western society. This seems to be the case with most non-white minorities: The more our societies and people do for them, the angrier they get. One more piece of evidence of why some types of people will never assimilate into White societies.

    • rightrightright

      Moslems do not try to assimilate. They choose to live in islamic ghettos from which the English either fled or were driven out. The nearest the “youths” get to assimilation is their assumption of leather jackets, jeans, sun glasses and spiky hair cuts. Or when they coke up A&E and have to endure the presence of English people as they wait their turn. If they require an interpreter, then they don’t have to wait, but go straight to the head of the list (to keep down the interpreter’s expenses).

  • IstvanIN

    Kamaldeep Bhui, professor of cultural psychiatry and epidemiology at Queen Mary University of London,

    Does any one find the words Kamaldeep and Queen Mary in one sentence disconcerting?

    • propagandaoftruth

      I don’t know, but is Val Kilmer’s head really that fat?

      Sorry, every now and then I see that advertisement with Val Kilmer’s bloated head and wonder how much it weighs.

      He really let himself go.

  • MekongDelta69

    You know, every time I reach in my back pocket and pull out a million dollars, I get SO depressed, I just want to start beheading people. I mean, don’t you?

    Somebody call a Waah-mbulance for these spoiled brat Mooz-lim terrorists, who shouldn’t be in any White Western country in the first place.

    • Paleoconn

      It kinda destroys that old liberal trope that poverty and marginalization drives these poor at-risk youth to crime. By the way, I for one am happy these parasites don’t assimilate. I want them out of western countries, period.

  • Bossman

    We need to be teaching young people to have critical digital consumption habits and debunk myths about ideology. This last sentence in the article sums it up nicely. In all those discussions about radical Islam no mention is ever made about the religion itself. With all the information that is freely available, why do younger people still believe in religious fables?

  • dd121

    I don’t want to psychoanalyze them; i just want to stop them from doing harm to us.

  • The basic assumption is wrong here. That assumption is that they belong in the West. The assumption is they assimilate.

    These assumptions need to be challenged. Only when every white Brit says to himself that they don’t belong will a movement to expel these violent, fanatical, pedophile, murdering tyrannical, misogynists take root.

    Either whites in Britain kowtow to the muzzie or they fight. At this point, there is no in-between.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Islam smells the weakness of the feminized West and is going on the attack. Really that simple.

    They understand the ideology of conquest.

    Islam has tried twice before to conquer Europe. Third time is usually the charm.

    The dying feminized, multicultural West is going to be outbred by the Muslims.

    The Western world better wake up soon or it will be finished.

    • benvad

      They’re not fools, that is evidently clear.

  • De Doc

    Well the answer is patently obvious – once these poor kids start getting their free anti-depressant meds, all should be well. Problem solved!

  • LHathaway

    “we need to be teaching young people to have critical digital consumption habits and debunk myths about ideology”

    We need to debunk ideological myths. Except those favored by the woman who wrote that statement. Her views should be promoted and paid for. Before the 9/11 terror attacks that ‘her views’, the establishment views, were promoted and paid for and they were the same ‘anti-imperialist’ ideas terror bombers espouse.

  • Valmont

    Prolonged exposure to some of the Brits I’ve met could turn anyone into a terrorist.

  • Nancy

    Looks like Britain went off the rails a little sooner than Amercia did. In our country, there wasn’t a movement to expel blacks until the 1800’s. Yet in England, it was none other than Queen Elizabeth (Tudor) who was increasingly concerned about the rising number of blacks in her country back in 1596, ordering all subjects to expel their black workers to Spain or Portugal. Hmmm…why do you suppose she wanted that? Just because they “looked different from us”? I doubt it.

    Yet we never hear about these movements in our history books. Instead, we let them stay…