Don’t Blame My Army for the Lack of Black Officers in Combat Commands

Thomas Ricks, Foreign Policy, September 18, 2014

It is a well-known fact that the Army has struggled for decades trying to get more black officers to reach the highest ranks of the Army and especially the combat arms. This should be a surprise to no one.

But don’t go blaming the Army for the inability to solve this issue. This is a multi-faceted problem and one which must be solved involving all aspects of American society: Army, academia, family, and community leadership.

In trying to resolve this issue the Army has gone through excruciating efforts to recruit more black officers into the combat arms. The Army has not failed, but has not made much progress. Previously, while I was in a position to observe the branch assignments of one of the Army’s largest commissioning sources, it was apparent to me that there was little interest from the majority of minority men in going into the combat arms. In particular, black men were significantly underrepresented in the infantry, armor and field artillery branches. Correspondingly, the ADA, signal and logistics branches were overrepresented. As for explanations, none could be found.

In a previous life I was in a position to observe the intake of initial-entry soldiers into the Army. It became apparent rapidly that minorities of all types and black soldiers, in particular, were underrepresented in combat arms. We instituted an analysis of why and obtained no cogent results. {snip}

The Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC) (circa 2009-2011) was tasked to examine this issue. You would have thought that this commission, made up mostly of active and retired black flag officers, other minorities, and women, would have taken it on. They seemed much more concerned with the issue of how to make more women four-star flag officers. They addressed the issue, scrutinized it, but admitted they had no solution. They also acknowledged that despite a higher attrition rate on black junior officers in the Army, there was no institutional bias that could account for the higher attrition. {snip}

Now, if you think the Army is the only service with this issue, think again. The Marine Corps has a similar issue with its combat arms, and the Air Force and Navy have the same difficulty, but within their own organizational structure.

But the issue of a lack of black senior leaders is probably greatest in the U.S. Special Forces. It is rare to see a black NCO or officer in the U.S. Army’s Ranger Regiment. It is rarer to see them in the U.S. Army Special Forces. I can only remember one black senior officer in U.S. Army Special Forces at colonel or higher. There may have been more, but it is doubtful there have been many. I can’t speak to the SEAL community with any real credibility, but I would be willing to bet they have at least as great a void of black representation as do the Army’s Special Forces, and I would bet this is a similar area of concern for AFSOC and MARSOC.

As for solutions, I doubt there are many, if any, or the Army would have solved this 40 years ago. {snip}

Over the years I have observed that the opportunity for black officers who obtain the rank of colonel in the combat arms to make general officer is significantly higher than that of their peers. So, maybe the approach to be made by the Army should be: If you want to be a field marshal, go into the combat arms. However, it is doubtful that approach will be productive in terms of increased unit effectiveness or combat readiness.

My take on this is that the Army is just going to have to endure with whatever happens. It is highly doubtful anything can be done to produce more black or other minority officers in combat arms. {snip}


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  • MekongDelta69

    This is a multi-faceted problem and one which must be solved involving all aspects of American society

    NO – It must NOT be ‘solved.’

    Decade after decade after decade – the left has destroyed our Military. We don’t need any more (failed) ‘solutions.’

    And once again – I am SO glad I got out when I did…

    • Strider73

      And once again – I am SO glad I got out when I did.

      Same here. The USAF of the 1980s put the “E” in EOT (equal opportunity & treatment), and it started in basic training. No demerit allowances for blacks, no dumbing down of tests or race-norming of the results, no affirmative action or preferences of any kind. Any mention of race on a person’s job performance review form was strictly prohibited. As a result, everyone got along and respected one another, because they had no reason not to. In fact, the person I came to respect and admire the most was a black female captain who helped run my advanced technical training school. So much so that when it came time to re-up just before graduation, I asked her to swear me in — and she did.

      Then there was the nice-looking black NCO at my next duty station who one day, and totally without warning, claimed to be hugely attracted to me. Even 30+ years later I occasionally wonder how our relationship would have turned out had I been single. For the record, I never met a truly unattractive black woman during my 8-year stint. Maybe back then there was a regulation against recruiting them. 🙂

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Makes me want to join now. The solution to racial harmony would be to stop attacking whites, not discriminate against them more as the Marxist keep demanding. That sounds like a utopian fantasy- one where everyone is treated equally and non-whites and women aren’t given special privileges.

        When I tried to join the army it seemed to me that they really didn’t value high test scores. I had an 84 and could have brought it higher. The recruiter acted like I was some sort of genius. I had to do a waiver at the time for GED and a DV but the DV was a non-conviction. Well they waived in all these people who had ASVAB scores of 45 or 50 and similar waivers to mine but didn’t give me the waiver and would not give me a reason. Then they told me to try the Navy and I had similar experiences there. Maybe they have some secret file on me and denying me access because I made a post to a “racist” website, I don’t know. It didn’t make any sense. But when I went through MEPs all the people with high ASVAB scores were going into the Air Force.

        It seems almost as if the Army and Marines prefer mid level scores. I’m not going to say they want low scores. Like a complete moron would score below the minimal and not be accepted, but at the same time people with top scores don’t seem valuable to them. I found some data that the percentage of people in the army with my score or better (officers included) was actually less than expected. 84 would be the top 16% of scorers, but among those who actually went into the army it would be closer to 10% as those with really high scores seldom join. I would guess in the air force high scorers would be over represented so there would probably be closer to 20% or so with my score or better.

        But the point is the lack of emphasis on merit might be a factor. Maybe they think if a person is too smart they won’t obey orders and not willing to kill themselves so quickly. You almost have to be a perfect balance. Smart enough to do your job but dumb enough not to question it.

    • Paleoconn

      MD69, how many blacks were there in NAM. I mean every movie would have us believe that 3 of 10 grunts was black, ie. disproportionatey represented

      • benvad

        Well according to Oliver Stone they were the heart of the unit.

        • anony

          Have you noticed that whenever Oblabla is talking to a military audience, the producers make sure that those soldiers shown in the backdrop consist of many blacks and browns.

          If one didn’t know better, one would conclude that the majority in our military were blacks and browns.

      • archer

        According to vfw they were killed in about the same proportion as their population about 12%. My 3rd.plt. had blacks but our 2nd was mostly black, i don’t know who to believe.

        • Paleoconn

          Thanks Archer

      • MekongDelta69

        86% of the men who died in Vietnam were Caucasians, 12.5% were black, 1.2% were other races. (CACF and Westmoreland)

        Sociologists Charles C. Moskos and John Sibley Butler, in their recently published book “All That We Can Be,” said they analyzed the claim that blacks were used like cannon fodder during Vietnam “and can report definitely that this charge is untrue. Black fatalities amounted to 12 percent of all Americans killed in Southeast Asia – a figure proportional to the number of blacks in the U.S. population at the time and slightly lower than the proportion of blacks in the Army at the close of the war.” [All That We Can Be]

        Source: http://www[dot]vhfcn[dot]org/stat%5Bdot%5Dhtm
        Which is a left-wing site, no less. [Don’t be fooled by the ‘History’ Channel. All those Channels owned by the ‘Discovery’ Channel, which are a lot of them, are biased to the left.]

        P.S. On our Teams, the percentage of blacks was slightly less than 1%. As a caveat – all of them deserved to be there. There was NO A.A. whatsoever.
        You made it, or you didn’t – period.

        • Paleoconn

          Thanks very much MD for the thorough response. It is as I expected.

  • anony

    If they can’t gang up on their enemy at the rate of 10 to 1, they’re scared of combat.

    • Oil Can Harry

      You’re being too hard on our nonwhite soldiers.

      They’ve often shown daring- that is, when fragging their fellow soldiers while chanting Allahu Akbar.

    • Ronald

      Yes. Of course you are right. But they have no fear of attacking elderly White women and men on a one-on-one basis

      • Cid Campeador

        That’s why “elderly” people should be packing heat.

    • John R

      Exactly! I am sick and tired of this stereotype of blacks being more “manly” and “macho” than Whites. Blacks complain of a lack of jobs. Well, in the past, those groups who had a lack of economic opportunities: White Southerners, Rural people, Catholic ethnics, tended to disproportionately sign up for the military. (Catholics, for example, made up 24% of the American population in the 1960’s, but 30% of the soldiers killed in Vietnam were Catholic.) But blacks are actually underrepresented in our military and way underrepresented among combat soldiers. They only like areas where they can become drill sergeants and yell at young White recruits.

      • Drill Instructors tend to be people who care very, very much. A lot of them committed suicide because so many kids were trying “John Wayne” stunts in Vietnam. Your drill instructor isn’t someone who hates you. He is someone who wants you to live long enough to be useful. I didn’t have a DI because I never had any training – there wasn’t time – but one of the older sergeants helped me out. I still write to him. I’d have been KIA without him. He probably knows it, and I damned sure do. That would have meant me break-dancing in the mud for about 15 minutes and then left behind for the feral pigs to find at dusk. It’s not a romantic way to go.

    • benvad

      They are cowards, aren’t they?

  • I wouldn’t worry at all about diversity, just focus on excellence and quality. But that’s just me.

    In particular, black men were significantly underrepresented in the infantry, armor and field artillery branches. Correspondingly, the ADA, signal and logistics branches were overrepresented. As for explanations, none could be found. In a previous life I was in a position to observe the intake of initial-entry soldiers into the Army. It became apparent rapidly that minorities of all types and black soldiers, in particular, were underrepresented in combat arms. We instituted an analysis of why and obtained no cogent results.

    It’s not that “no explanations could be found” and it’s not that there are “no cogent results.” It’s that the reason is taboo and nobody of any real official capability wants to say it out loud. They want easy relatively risk free jobs, their IQs are too low for the special forces, and they are notorious cowards.

    • Old Soldier

      “I wouldn’t worry at all about diversity, just focus on excellence and quality”

      Oh, we did that too! All the Army’s service schools are no longer “Schools” but “Centers of Excellence”. Always makes me think Bill and Ted are running this Army.

      • LHathaway

        You’ve been out of the loop or have missed a few decades if you did not know diversity = excellence.

        • Alexandra1973


          • Old Soldier

            Best laugh of the day!

    • Cid Campeador

      While our young White guys are in these ME toilets dying for “what” I don’t know, they’re hear raping and murdering our women.

      • benvad

        Jessica Arrendale is a perfect example.

    • adplatt126


    • Raymond Kidwell

      I have to mention this now. In my experience I do think Mexicans are a little tougher than whites. A lot of them have little fear and tough fighters. I wonder how they are represented in regards to combat jobs.

  • Majority of minorities in the military receive ROTC scholarships (free education) and a stipend. Their goal is to finish 4 years of obligated service and leave the military. That’s why they go for logistics, admin, finance, signal….nothing to do with direct combat.

  • LHathaway

    All during this period of ‘recruitment’ and analysis, what have they done to increase he number of white NCO’s?

    Interesting that artillery features very powerful and deadly weapons that are intended to be used from the rear or from longer ranges. A lot of the equipment is big though, so it might potentially look like it needs a lot of work or maintenance.

    • How are they going to do analysis on increasing the numbers of white NCOs?

      Combat arms is mostly whites so there’s a higher number of white NCOs.

      Fuelers and cooks are mostly black so the higher numbers of blacks are NCOs.

      • A good sergeant is your lifesaver because he’s the boss, your father and mother in the platoon. The largest element I ever led was an infantry squad. It was terrifying, but we pounded the Chetniks with RPGs at their machineguns. I later made fragmentation and Willie Pete (white phosphororus) rounds for the RPG-7. The RPG would be great if it had not been a limited anti-tank weapon.

        • anony

          I heard rumors while in Irag a few years ago about a “new” Russian-made RPG that was deadly against all of our armor except the Abrams. Can you shed any light on that rumor?

          • No very good idea. I fought in 1991 with older Cold-War and WW-2 weapons. My rifle was a Czech rework of a WW-2 G-43. We had a lot of Hungarian 1950s vintage stick-grenades.

            I suspect the Russian system you mention involves tandem shaped charges, one behind the other. I’d do that. A shaped charge forms a sort of self-forging fragment. You want this to be dense, as the problem behaves hydrodynamically. Copper works great. This is ductile but also dense. Gold would be better, of course, but that is a tad expensive.

            Against rolled homogeneous armor, things are relatively easy. One just keeps adding more armor until the projectile one wants to defeat doesn’t go through. I think the turret front armor on a M-60 is about 10 inches thick. It is 200mm on the front of a T-55 or T-62 and a modern projectile wastes that a real treat.

            Things get creepy when the armor wonks start putting weird things into the mixture, like depleted uranium armor. Since the problem is basically hydrodynamics, this dense armor is great. One can also put layers of other things in, like Kevlar (tm.) I very much doubt anything is getting through the front of a modern Western MBT like the Abrahms, Challenger II, Leopard II, Ariete, Type-90 or Le Clerk.

            I can work out equivalents for modern rolled homogeneous armor for the armor on old battleships, but these people keep putting weird stuff in it and everything is classified, so I can not keep track anymore.

            Enough RPGs will wreck an Abhrams from behind. Maybe from the side if they are a good model. Not from the front.

  • Ed

    This could be said of any field where objective standards need to be met.

    Blacks simply have a hard time making the cut. Only about 10-15% of them demonstrate average or above average intelligence. These few can command high $$$ in the economy without risking getting killed. Given the choice would you rather be an overpaid government functionary or be sent to Afghanistan?

    • benvad

      How can you blame them? They’re taking as much as the can, with the least amount of risk as possible.

      They’re acting exactly like the creatures that God made them.

  • haroldcrews

    When you close your eyes to blatant and obvious facts even when they violate secular egalitarian sacred cows problems become insolvable and inexplicable.

  • D.B. Cooper

    The Army seemed to do just fine without black leadership going all the way back to 1776.
    I was in the combat arms in the late ’80s, and was in one of the prestigious units. While black officers beyond captain were rare back then, at least you knew they were on their game. Now, you get more minority officers, but look at the quality.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      The US military has done fine without black commanders, but others countries militaries have not done very good when the US didn’t have black commanders.

    • SentryattheGate

      See my comment on West Point’s policy on helping black cadets get through to graduation.

  • IstvanIN

    Good thing the special forces are White, we will need them soon.

  • Dave West

    I remember when we invaded Iraq in 2003, the main stream media was griping about the disproportionate amounts of minorities “fighting” for America. They somehow forgot to mention that whites were overrepresented in combat units and made up nearly 100% of special forces brigades; i’m sure it was an honest error on their part, not!

    • benvad

      Showing whites as successful are against the rules.

  • Luca

    Being in a combat infantry unit requires, education, team work, bravery, discipline, hard work and sacrifice. Leading such men requires leadership, tenacity, patience, critical thinking and self dependency.

    Look at these skill set requirements and tell me once again why there is a lack of minorities in these positions. And do it with a straight face.

  • italian guy

    I thought all military generals in the U.S.A were black, are you guys saying that Hollywood lied to me?

    • Alexandra1973

      Yeah, especially that one in “Air Force One” that came up with that brilliant idea….

    • phillyguy

      That’s a good one!

    • WR_the_realist

      If the black actor isn’t a general he’s the President. And if he’s not the President either he’s God.

  • Alex Dihes

    A black sergeant and a black soldier.
    — Tomorrow, you go for the first time on reconnaissance.
    — Sarge, I am afraid.
    — You do not have to. I will go with you.
    — Sarge, I am still afraid. What if they start shooting?
    — In case of shooting I will be always behind of you.

    • 4321realist

      “– In case of shooting I will be always behind of you. And if I have to determine the coordinates in order to bring in live artillery fire on the enemy then neither of us will have to worry about anything again.”

    • Me: “Sarge, I am a bit afraid.”
      Sarge: “I’m worried, too, but they’re probably even more scared of you than I am after what you did yesterday.”

  • Adolf Verloc

    Most black college grads or high-testing individuals have all sorts of opportunities that don’t involve combat.

    • 4321realist

      You’re right, but those same black college grads….mostly…. are reading and doing math on a low high school level, and high-scoring blacks are just like Bigfoot.

      Everybody claims they’re real, but nobody has seen one up close.

      • Strider73

        I thought about making the comparison to the Loch Ness Monster, but blacks don’t swim nearly that well. 🙂

        That fact also accounts for their near total absence in the SEALs or any other job where swimming is required.

        • Nessie might actually be real. I did a metabolism study of the biology of Loch Ness and similar areas, and these must be either reptiles or big fish. A warm-blood would take too many calories for a sustainable population, so that must be ruled out.

      • Ed

        You’d be surprised. In elite settings there are a few blacks that can hold their own. Ironically they tend to be African or not so surprisingly mulatto.

        The American full black is very rare though and they are usually confined to the soft subjects like Sociology.

        • Tarczan

          How many darkies are in the world? A billion? There have to be a few smart ones,maybe even a thousand or so.

          • SentryattheGate

            The UN expects there to be 4 billion in Africa in the next few decades; 1 billion in Nigeria alone (~the size of Texas), and expects Nigerians to be among the top 3 sources of immigration to the US (along with China and India)! OMG!

          • benvad

            I honestly wouldn’t take that bet. Like a University degree from India, it’s all an illusion.

        • IstvanIN

          American black college graduates still say things like axt and wiff.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Who says Powell can lead?


  • 4321realist

    “It is a well-known fact that the Army has struggled for decades trying to get more black officers to reach the highest ranks of the Army and especially the combat arms.”

    And those efforts are a disgrace to the military, because it involves giving these unqualified people affirmative action leadership roles that WILL result in the death of many men under their command. It has already affected military readiness badly.

    Homosexuals in the military has also, in addition to the push to get women into combat roles. All of it is causing disunity and disunity is one weakness that no effective military force could ever to tolerate.

    Of course the rabid leftists will say the white male complains of these things, because he’s bigoted, prejudiced or unfair. But what they won’t admit it is the same white male who warned about out-of-control rapes in the military, when women were put in positions that were in close proximity to males, has been proven accurate as we are now seeing with DOD announcements of rapes being committed that have amounted to what could be considered a situation of epidemic proportions.

    This new military is going to suffer defeats on the battlefield never before known until now. But the lefties needn’t worry about anything changing, because these warnings will be ignored also.

    Nothing stops a rabid leftist in pursuit of his rainbow agenda. Not even stark, irrefutable facts.

    • superlloyd

      Diversity is disunity. Diversity is no disparate impact for the unmerited and inadequate. Diversity mixes mediocrity with excellence. Diversity has no value as all competing vaues are equal and thus meaningless. Diversity is destruction.

    • SentryattheGate

      Nothing stops a rabid leftist in pursuit of his rainbow agenda. Not even stark, irrefutable facts. Ain’t that the truth! Re. rape in the military; I heard that 66% of those rapes are men on men. So much for gays in the military!

  • Old Soldier

    REMF = Rear Echelon uh, Minor Functionary

  • 4321realist

    I’m not really sure Powell is anything exceptional.

  • Deiter Botha

    Blacks have zero patriotism, I’m Infantry and there is no group with less love of this country. Blacks just want to be taken care of and play grab ass all day. I always wondered why blacks were made slaves since they are the laziest creatures on earth, but now I’ve come to realize they are also the most easily controlled. Freedom is not important for negroes.

    • Ella

      They have people like you that serves the country and guarantees freedoms. Looking at the obesity rate alone for Blacks, can you just imagine them passing PT tests?

    • Ed

      The Indians do well under forced labor and the Pope sought to protect them.

    • SentryattheGate

      Albert Schweitzer’s opinion of Africans

      “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

      Dr Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Prize recipient

  • Bantu_Education

    “It is rare to see a black NCO or officer in the U.S. Army’s Ranger Regiment. It is rarer to see them in the U.S. Army Special Forces. I can only remember one black senior officer in U.S. Army Special Forces at colonel or higher.”

    No its not..! Hasn’t he watched any Hollywood movies?

    • B Baker

      Yeah there’s always one, along with the street smart sassy latino.

  • rockman

    Lets examine history. My father in WWII was on an island fighting the Japanese when a black AA unit mutinied and killed their officers and fired on the white folk with their guns The marines solved that issue. In Europe the red ball express had a large number of blacks in it which was far from combat Black line units were place in a quiet area the Ardennes where nothing was expected to happen. The fifth and sixth SS panzer armies attacked there and after resisting for hours the black divisions surrendered in mass. It took that long for the SS troopers to round them up. Mean while the red ball express expressed its self all the way back to Paris where many truck drivers hid out for the rest of the war. During the battle of the Bulge American paratroopers held Bastonge against all odd in mark contrast to earlier actions by the above mentioned above. After the war black units were put in charge of german POW camps and accidents that killed hundreds of POWs at a time were common Its all history not made up

  • B Baker

    I consider myself very lucky.. When I joined in 96 I scored really high on the ASVAB so of course my Navy recruiter pushed me into a Rate/MOS that you needed a high ASVAB to even get into the school. I took one of the rates I was offered and I had to go to A and C schools for 24 months before I even got to the fleet. Failure always meant just being shipped out to the fleet without a rate “nonrate striker” so I worked my butt of like never in my life.

    I did fine in boot camp and there were about %10 blacks and I remember about %30 washed out of our division. When I got to A school there were ZERO blacks. I do not even remember a black instructor. Same thing with the various C schools I attended.

    In the fleet I sometimes had to interact with blacks who I remember to be rude and lazy for the most part. The MS cooking rate with filled with blacks. Supply had a lot of blacks too but supply was ran by the Filipino mafia who kept the blacks in line. My specific job was %90 White and %10 Asian. I did do a combat assignment in 2004 for a special assignment but %80 of my career was not in combat. I learned in the Navy to stay away from blacks due to their ghetto adittudes and lack of any professionalism. In 2005 I was seriously injured on Ship in the Persian Gulf and I later was awarded %100 VA disability which is a different story.

    My experience was that blacks were mainly for the low brainpower jobs in the Navy. Sure I met some lifers who were black but most just did their 4 years and got out to go back to the hood. One of the black supply guys was from Detroit and I am from Metro Detroit and he used to talk to me telling me horror stories about him growing up in his hood and he said many times he joined to escape the ghetto. Sure enough he got out for smoking weed after 3 years in so he got kicked out and went back to the hood I imagine. Dumb guy, but most of them are.

    • MBlanc46

      “My experience was that blacks were mainly for the low brainpower jobs in the Navy”.

      With an average IQ of 85, they’re mainly for the low brainpower jobs everywhere. One significant problem in our society is that we’ve exported most of the low brainpower jobs and put the blacks on welfare. We need to insist that blacks work for their keep, even if it’s just digging holes and filling them back in.

      • SentryattheGate

        Reminds me of so-called “welfare reform” under Clinton; some states started requiring 15 hours public service work from able-bodied welfare recipients, which didn’t go over too well w/them, but served the taxpayer.. For example, California’s welfare rolls dropped by 1/3rd—they refused to work even 15 hours/week!

        • MBlanc46

          The blacks sure would squeal if we ever implemented what Lenin called the principle of socialism: “He who does not work, neither shall he eat”.

    • Stan D Mute

      Your experience is the opposite of mine. The Army, in its wisdom, decided to place guys with top ASVAB/MOS in basic with guys at the absolute bottom. So in my basic training barracks there were two white guys with MOS of Intelligence Analyst and Computer Network Analyst. With us were scores of Bantus intended to be cooks and janitors. The other guy went batsh!t about two weeks into the ordeal. I lasted about a week longer before I found an enlistment loophole to get out cleanly. In retrospect, I should have stuck with it for the eight weeks of basic as further training would have been far more favorable demographically. But even knowing what I now know, knowing I’d be retired today with full pension as a warrant officer or commissioned, with a lucrative skill set and clearance, I’m not sure I could stand being the sole white guys stuck in a barracks with a hundred screaming vulgar obnoxious moronic negroes even if only for eight weeks.

      • Tarczan

        Reading the comments from the ex-military people, it is obvious the training can be very demanding. Contrast that with our current C.I.C.

        • B Baker

          I got out of active duty during the Bush admin. I always felt Bush connected better to the troops than Clinton or Obama. Training also very much depends on what career one has chosen in the military. That is more important than anything.

    • SentryattheGate

      your story was interesting to me, as my son “bloomed” in the Navy! He had attended K -12 with many blacks, who teased him because he was so smart. He almost flunked out. He wanted to fit in w/the blacks. Then with a 95 ASVAB score, he was offered nuclear engineering, cryptology or SATCOM—went on to become head-of-class A,B & C schools, where there were few to none blacks. I am so relieved that he now cares about his future, and is away from the harmful black influence!
      I’m sorry to hear about your injuries. I wish you well.

  • BillMillerTime

    I don’t see any “problem” here requiring a “solution.” It really doesn’t keep me up at night.

  • superlloyd

    Lack of Black Officers-See the Bell Curve for the umpteenth time to explain black failure.

  • Cid Campeador

    They’re very brave when gang raping a terrified woman ( age of the victim not a problem), beating senior citizens and other sorts of mayhem but “Combat”? F–k dat s–t! Nowhamsain?

  • Alex Dihes

    Blacks just don’t sign up for combat arms.

    They have a good reason for that. Blacks just don’t want to lessen the pool of the candidates for next presidents of the country.

  • When I was a mercenary, I would never have served under a black commander. I still sometimes have little bone fragments emerge from the skin on my forehead, but that’s my problem. A black lieutenant would have got the whole platoon KIA and then explained that he needed more men and better gear or better men and more gear, or some combination of both. They’re all about image and not substance, which inevitably produces lots of excuses, rather than tangible results.

    • anony

      “They’re all about image and not substance, ”

      That is the un-mitigated truth!

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    The American combat experience in Vietnam is largely responsible for this lack of interest on the part of black soldiers to move up in rank in the combat units, as opposed to say, the KP units or the latrine-duty brigades.
    What black soldiers observed in Vietnam, and what turned them off to combat duty, was that when a platoon was out on patrol in hostile territory, and someone spotted the enemy, he would shout, “Everybody get down!” Hearing this, the black soldiers would all stand up and start to dance, resulting in a lot of them getting shot by the Viet Cong. This experience soured the black soldiers from continuing in combat positions. Way too dangerous.

    • John R

      ROTFLMAO! You got me! At first I thought you were a liberal and were going to give us all a lecture on why the poor black people are so bitter. Good job!

  • MBlanc46

    The inability to get blacks into the higher ranks of organizations does not indicate a problem. Blacks will always be under-represented in any position requiring intellectual skills. What is a problem is the promotion to critical positions of those without the capacity to carry out their responsibilities.

    • Stan D Mute

      IQ is an issue, but the bigger problem here is that Africans hate America and are unwilling to die for her. Africans believe America owes them. The guys going into combat specialties are either Patriots or murderous sociopaths (jk). They must be willing to give their lives for America to crawl into the tank or airplane, strap on the machine gun or sniper rifle, and go off to face guys who are shooting at them. As a rule, Africans are neither patriotic nor courageous. And as for special forces, they just lack the incredible fortitude and stoicism it takes.

      The intelligence can be fudged by a bureaucracy determined to promote negroes at any cost. But as the author notes – there aren’t any negroes to promote in the combat specialties. He just cannot admit the truth about why they’re missing in action.

      • MBlanc46

        Alas, Negroes do get promoted at any cost. I was making a more general case about affirmative action than just in the military sphere. I imagine that it is even more critical in the military than in civilian life, at least in war time. People who work with Negroes generally know that they have to make up for the shortcomings of their black co-workers or even bosses. Who can make up for the shortcomings of a commander in combat? If the author and you are correct that Negroes avoid combat specialties, we can all breath a bit more easily.

        • SentryattheGate

          See my comment re. West Point’s policy of helping black cadets graduate, for diversity’s sake.

          • MBlanc46

            And that sort of idiocy will continue until people wake up to the well-established fact that blacks are just not as smart as whites and Asians.

      • adplatt126

        Africans hate America and are unwilling to die for her? On this issue, I’m afraid blacks have it right.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I am reminding you people what the Navy promoted to four star Admiral recently, Michelle Howard, NAACP party goer.

    • Stan D Mute

      Things like this really make me feel comfortable that our nation’s defenses are among the strongest in the third world. Why with an Admiral such as this I can easily envision a fleet of multi-billion dollar rowboats manned by Africans with spears. I’ll bet old Putin and Jiabao abandoned all thought of engaging America when they saw this commission.

    • 4321realist

      This “thing” is a disgrace to the military and just one more example that makes me ashamed to say I was a part of it at one time.

      Anybody who thinks this oddball wouldn’t side with “her people” every chance she got is an abysmal fool.

  • Earl Turner

    Think it’s bad in the Big Army? Deal with the NG and Reserve blacks! They make the blacks in the Big Army look like squared away poster children for the Army Way. Morbidly obese black female troops who couldn’t pass a fitness test at Golden Corral Buffet making senior NCO rank. Dumbasses who can’t even read tasks and standards much less understand them. Uniforms look like crap. And let’s not forget how the Army had to adapt 670-1 to accomodate black female hairstyles.

    I have watched female black troops show up to pre-deployment training without body armor and defiantly state “I ain’t feel like wearin’ that sh*t!” Can’t even get them the males to shave! They all have a profile for that.

    Ok you’re going into a combat zone, you need to learn these basic skills to deal with it. Oh my god just forget it. OPFOR opens fire, they have no clue. A team took down an OPFOR shooter and one of the black soldiers laid her rifle down then after the shooter was taken down, the moron just walked back to her squad leaving the rifle laying against a tree. I was the OPFOR enemy. I calmly picked up her rifle, flipped the selector to auto, and hosed down the whole squad (we were using blanks).

    The look on her face was priceless. Cadre went beyond R. Lee Ermy apesh*t and her reaction was “I dint do nuffin!” Got her whole squad “killed” and she never did comprehend what she did wrong.

  • Ethan Allen

    Any white person signing up for the U.S. military today needs a serious head check.

  • Allan477

    I am seventy-six years old, and I have found that a “brilliant Negro (Black or whatever)” is about the intellectual equivalent of a slightly below average White man. Is that really what we want as officers in the US ARMY.

  • Alex Dihes

    The brain of blacks is unusually peculiar. It works 24/7 and stops only in case if there is a need to think. So it stops never!

  • Alex Dihes

    A rich Russian maniac sprayed a bunch of chic blankets with a deadly poison and donated them to one of the poorest African nation. Two ministers, eight congressmen, 17 mayors died. No child was harmed.

    • IstvanIN

      When was this?

  • Tarczan

    After Vietnam, the first war fought with an integrated force, the military went to an all volunteer force. After Vietnam the military did some soul searching and came up with the all volunteer force. It was clearly a response to the black behavior in Vietnam.

    Imagine how different thing would be if there were still a draft, and the forces were still segregated.

  • SentryattheGate

    I remember reading an article (maybe 12-15 years ago) by an Army spokesman for West Point Academy, re. blacks cadets. The policy had been to mentor and tutor black cadets throughout their 4 years (to get them through, for diversity quotas), but that was changed when resentment grew more vocal about the unfairness of it, so then the Army decided to put ALL black cadets into remedial classes BEFORE entering West Point. The black cadets were then, supposedly, on their own from that point on(?). The spokesman said ‘Call us racist or whatever, but it’s been working’.

  • SentryattheGate

    And, if that’s not bad enough (being openly gay in the military), now Nerobama is looking at allowing transgenders in too!

  • gah

    Blacks usually sign up for Quartermaster Corps, and Transportation Corps position in high numbers, and sign up for Combat Arms in very low numbers. When I was in the Army most blacks were truck drivers or cooks, and some were supply clerks or clerk typists. Infantry units were overwhelmingly white, as were the armor and artillery units. Some blacks were also in Construction Engineer units, but few were in the Combat Engineer units. The lack of black officers in combat units is there own fault, and unless the Army starts forcing blacks to sign up for combat MOS’s black combat officers will remain low. But, if the Army starts encouraging blacks to sign up for combat units, then the cry will be that they are trying to deliberately place blacks in danger of being killed in combat. It’s a no win situation.

    • Malgus

      I noticed the same thing. A paucity of blacks in combat arms.

      They needed a STUDY to figure out why blacks don’t cowboy up for combat arms?

      You could have asked any one of us grunts and gotten a straight, true answer: They’d prefer to be in the rear with the gear, happily working their REMF jobs, weekends off, etc, than risk their lives. Cooks, gas pumpers, truck drivers, some type of admin or supply duty. The greater the chance of someone shooting at them, the less of them you’ll find. For all their guff and braggadocio, they’re cowards who won’t put their lives at risk squaring off against an enemy. But, since it’s not something anyone wants to hear, the truth will be buried or ignored.

      Everyone in combat arms knows it. None of the higher ups wants to acknowledge it.

      While there is some truth in what you say – they’re afraid of pretty much anything that crawls or slithers (because I’ve seen it firsthand) – I would say that they also view the Army as a giant make work jobs program.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      Old joke: The three things that white people fear most: 1) death, 2) having no money, 3) cheating spouse.
      The three things that black people fear the most: 1) ghosts, 2) dogs, 3) registered letters.

  • anony

    That should also apply to primary and secondary school.

  • Tarczan

    I see the WH had two intruders, one an illegal. It seems the Secret Service is not the well oiled machine of old.

    One of the first things Obama did after being elected was to push through more darkies in the SS. No doubt the SS is enjoying the joys of diversity. There is a darkie affirmative action behind this breakdown, and it’s sweet.

  • Constant Reader

    In the Navy, the percent of black officers runs around 5 percent, despite desperate attempts to get more, including having a dedicated diversity officer and favoring blacks over whites in promotions. Few are line officers.
    This compares with about 17 percent who are women–overwhelmingly white (more than half in the Medical Corps or Medical Service Corps, a quarter in intelligence fields, and the rest in aviation, administration, etc.).
    White men and women want to serve, and do so proudly. Blacks don’t, and without the extraordinary efforts being made to recruit and retain them, there would be very few in uniform. In these war years, fewer and fewer blacks have enlisted, most especially in the branches where they face the greatest prospect of being sent to a combat zone.
    The percent of black enlisted in the Army has dropped from 27 percent in 1985 to 20 percent today (only 22 percent in combat arms). The percent of blacks in the Marine Corps has fallen by half, from 20 percent in 1985 to 10 percent today. The Navy has seen a drop from 21 percent to 17 percent in that same period. The Air Force has seen no decline, holding steady at 17 percent.
    Various surveys have show a steady decline in interest among blacks in serving in the armed forces, down from 26 percent in 1985 to less than 10 percent today. One of the reasons for abolishing the draft was not to force people to serve who didn’t want to, and were likely not to make good service members and cause problems.
    So why do the powers that be want to induce blacks to serve if they don’t want to? Why are they indifferent to the morale problems caused among whites who do want to serve but are slighted in promotion and assignment selection because they are white?
    People tend not to stay where they are not wanted. Qualified whites will leave. Already there is a problem retaining junior white officers. They’ve been taken for granted, dumped on, passed over in favor of less-qualified blacks, and they have had enough. So after devoting six to nine years to their armed forces career, they get out. Why is this not seen as a problem? Why is it not recognized that favoring one race over another will result in the unfavored race leaving? Why is chasing away the more qualified because of their race not seen as wrong?

  • On the positive side, if the government could guarantee that they would be able to outnumber, sneak up, surprise, blindside and rob an unarmed enemy largely made up of women in high-heels and the infirm elderly on a dark street at night …

  • AmericanCitizen

    Don’t forget that the Army promotes based on merit, with a bit of time served thrown in too. The higher the rank, the harder the selection process. As you advance, there are less slots upward. Out of 1000 Captains, 600 might make Major, of those maybe 200 will become Lt Colonel, and so forth. Any bad actions or reviews become more and more hurtful the higher you rise. A LT could make Captain with a DWI on his record, but can forget about becoming a Major. If 4 men are competing for 2 slots, any negative at all takes someone out of the running. A bad review from 15 years ago might be the difference between a promotion or early retirement today.

    Also, the academy graduates (West Point, Annapolis, AFA) are always higher on the senority list than anyone else. The lowest ranking West Point graduate of his class is above the ROTC officer who graduated MIT that same year with a 4.0 average. West Pointers have first choice of specialty, thus if out of all newly commissioned 2LT in 2014, after the West Pointers the ROTC choose. If there are only 20 spots for new Pilots, and 20 West Pointers choose pilot, then no ROTC person that year can take a slot (all gone).

  • rebelcelt

    Blacks join the Armed forces for jobs and benefits (and shiny uniforms). Many Whites join to fight. Blacks do not want to die for a White country (or any country). There is your explanation.

  • ColdSoldier

    The answer is quite simple, they are cowards, nothing more, nothing less.