Cosmo to Endorse Political Candidates, and No Pro-Lifers Allowed

Susan Berry, Breitbart, September 5, 2014

The editor of Cosmopolitan says that the magazine will begin endorsing political candidates because she wants women to have control over having a child, “not a bunch of old white guys sitting in D.C.”

As Politico reports, Cosmo editor-in-chief Joanna Coles states, “The biggest single decision which will impact your life is when you have a child.”


Cosmo’s new effort is titled #CosmoVotes and will include candidate endorsements and a social media campaign that hopes to motivate its readers to get to the polls to be part of “the party of the year.”

Additionally, senior political writer Jill Filipovic, a former lawyer and Guardian columnist, will interview candidates and publish political stories.

Endorsements of Senate, House and gubernatorial candidates will be made by a board composed of editors. Criteria for endorsement will be support for equal pay, abortion, free contraception, and anti-voter I.D. laws.

In an effort to make the political information not “boring and difficult to understand” forCosmo’s readers, Amy Odell,’s editor and head of the political effort, said the social media campaign will launch with a “Save the Date” for Election Day featuring a photo of Beyoncé with American flag nails.

“We’re using social media in a very big way because our audience is very active on social media and they really engage with us in social in many ways,” Odell said. “We also wanted to have a lot of fun with it and make it feel like a party, obviously there’s a pun to be made with the biggest ‘political party’ of the year.”

The plan is that each week, beginning September 8 and until the November elections, Cosmo editors will endorse from one to three candidates based upon their “established criteria.”

However, multi-faceted candidates who might support equal pay but are also pro-life, for example, would not be eligible for consideration by Cosmo’s editors.

“We’re not going to endorse someone who is pro-life because that’s not in our readers’ best interest,” Odell said. “[P]eople say that’s a liberal thing, but in our minds its not about liberal or conservative, it’s about women having rights, and particularly with health care because that is so important.”

“All young women deserve affordable easy access to health care, and that might include terminating a pregnancy, and that’s OK,” she added.

Coles said political endorsements will primarily feature candidates in swing states and those who strongly support free contraception and gun control.



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  • Adolf Verloc

    Sorry, but I don’t see how this relates to race realism.

    • “Old white guys”

    • IstvanIN

      Not to mention the target audience is White girls and women who might decide to give birth to a White child.

      • SoulInvictus

        Which is funny because far more women than men I’ve known are anti-abortion.
        Men have more incentive to be pro-abortion with the current legal system.
        Women clinging to a shred of their womanhood have a natural instinct to not murder their babies.
        Even women I’ve known that are pro-choice are adamant they’d never do it themselves, they just don’t want the government dictating control of their own uterus.

    • ATBOTL

      These kinds of social/cultural issues are way more important than IQ studies. This is white nationalism 2.0. We need to rebuild Western civiliation. Criticizing black people is only a very, very small part of our task. This obsession with blacks and racial science is a big part of the reason why nationalists in the USA have been total failures while nationalism is sweeping accross Europe.

      • Incorrect. Nationalism is far more advanced in Europe because their political systems are far more conducive to multiple (i.e. more than two) credible political parties.

        When you say “obsession with blacks,” I see the issue that is the biggest vector to bring white people into the nationalist cause in the United States for just about all of the past few generations.

        That said, what is a bit surprising to me is why nationalists in England and France have not used their domestic black undertows as a recruiting tool.

        • ATBOTL

          No, many European countries have had a de facto two party system going back generations Successful nationalists have learned that an anti-globalist platform is what gets votes, not an anti-black platform. The fact that you are still puzzled by this speaks volumes.

  • Mary

    So, the editors of trashy Cosmopolitan support the full social justice pantheon. Shocked, I say!

    • What does photo ID to vote have to do with their precious aborticide, the holy sacrament of the church of gender egalitarianism?

  • MekongDelta69

    No leftist is completely ‘fulfilled,’ unless and until they get in the expression, “a bunch of old white guys.”

    “In an effort to make the political information not ‘boring and difficult to understand’ for Cosmo’s readers…”

    This feminazi doesn’t even realize how stupid she sounds.
    That’s gonna take a lot of ‘effort’!

  • Rhetorical question.

    If everyone, including Cosmo readers, had a vote in the affairs of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, would the quality of brain surgery in this country go up or down?

    • APaige

      “Cosmo editor-in-chief Joanna Coles states, “The biggest single decision which will impact your life is when you have a child.” Her mom made the wrong decision.


    “All young women deserve affordable easy access to health care, and that might include murdering the unborn child in their womb, and that’s OK” – Sincerely, Cosmo!

  • Brady

    This is a magazine that considers adultery to be a benign vice, what do you expect?

    • Katherine McChesney

      It’s always been a publication teaching women to behave like whores.

  • Conrad

    For those of you that have seen the covers of Cosmopolitan know by now that it is a magazine for sluts. Or should I say, leftist females?

    • Alexandra1973

      Sissified males (or black males)–What the Cosmo Girl is looking for!

  • Simonetta

    Is abortion murder? Yeah sure it is. So what.

    Women have always decided which babies are going to be killed before they are allowed to be born, and men have always decided which people are going to be killed after they are born. That the way that the world works, and has always worked.

    If you’re serious about being against murder (and most of us are), then go try to do something about the fact that humans still have 10,000 hydrogen bombs pointed at each other with hair-trigger fuses. And not a single one is controlled by a woman.

    All the various gods may or may not be real, and abortion may or may be against what they would prefer for us to do. But, here in the world, where all those various gods rarely show their faces, having an unwanted child is about as real as it’s going to get.

    And for the greater half of humanity, that half that doesn’t bear and care for the children, and will as often as not just run off to some other woman when the baby starts screaming and there’s no money to feed it, and wants to tell that it’s morally wrong to have removed the unwanted appendage growing in me when it’s the size of grain of rice, well you’all can just go suck eggs.

    Women will stop aborting ‘your’ children when you convince them that you’re going to be around, always, through thick and thin, to raise and feed them.

    Until then, STFU, and stop telling us that God gives you permission to shoot doctors.

    • Larry Klein

      Ever heard of adoption? Or is it too much to ask for you to spend a whole 9 months rearing baby? Or are you just giddy about carrying out the orders of the cultural marxists who want to exterminate the mixed up goyem like yourself?

    • 1. Non sequitur.

      2. Only twice in world history has nuclear ordnance been deployed for the sake of warfare, within four days of each other in August 1945.

      3. Otherwise, in many cases, the spread of nuclear weapons is a mutually assured destruction deterrent to assure that nobody will use them against anyone else. People made a lot of the USA versus the USSR, but as our own Michael Scott pointed out awhile back, the two countries were never traditional enemies, in fact were allies twice in two different world wars in the 20th century, and had never had true sovereign territorial disputes, neither one ever occupied territory claimed by the other.

      4. Ever hear of Margaret Thatcher? After January 20, 2017, Hillary Clinton may well be carrying the nuclear football…er, purse. And I hope that Marine Le Pen is carrying the French nuclear purse starting some time in 2017.

      5. Be glad that women don’t totally control the world’s nuclear ordnance. If it’s a nuclear holocaust you want, then you should want women to control the world’s nuclear ordnance, for one will hit the Big Red Button to take revenge on another woman with her hands on the Big Red Button for having stole her man. I’ve said it myself: If every head of state was a woman, World War III would break out as a chain reaction to one of these women saying of another, “b***h stole my man.”

    • Who Me?

      Abortion is in many, if not most, cases the reduction in the number of child abuse cases. An unwanted child is not going to be loved and cared for properly, and guided into being a thriving, productive adult. As for adoption, most people want a healthy newborn white child, not one whose mother smoked, drank, took illegal drugs, slept around throughout the pregnancy at risk for any and all std’s, had no prenatal care and/or testing, and any one of a thousand other risk factors. Almost all adoptions are “open” nowdays, allowing a pair of adoptive parents to bond with the baby, sit up nights, change the diapers, teach it to walk and talk, etc, then when the child is 3 or 4 years old, the “birth parent(s)” can swoop in, say they changed their minds and want “their” baby back. WHO would take a crapshoot chance like that?

  • Larry Klein

    Throw $9 birth control at the average flaky hipster woman and you got a voter for life

  • DaveMed

    On a somewhat more positive note, happy birthday to Antonin Dvorak!

    Just one of those “old White men” whom I greatly admire.

  • OS-Q

    One way to get a rise out of folks like this is to say something like: “It depends on who is being aborted.” – it is uncanny and hilarious how often they know exactly what you mean!

    What business does Cosmo have with gun control?

    • JSS

      Agreed. When viewed through a racial lens every issue that is supposedly “complicated” becomes pretty easy to decide on. I am pro abortion for every non White baby that is waiting to be born in formerly White countries. As for White babies we need all of them. There are more important things at stake then women’s whims and what’s convenient for them at the moment. We need White children, we have enough barren and bitter White female professionals .

  • shawnmer

    I’ve not read anywhere that voter ID laws were expected to have some adverse effects on turnout of women. Blacks, illegals, and select few elderly, yes. But not women.

    That’s the thing about the Left, though, their interest groups will carry each other’s water on pet causes, a team approach. The right could learn something here.

  • richard garyson

    I would be dishonest if I claimed to be bothered by black
    abortion. While, I would prefer that black people opted not to reproduce and
    sterilized themselves, instead of creating a life and then destroying it, in
    the end it just doesn’t matter to me. Even leftist and low IQ white women
    probably ought not to reproduce, as their children would just bring down the
    white race. The conservatives should just ignore the abortion issue, as it is a
    distraction to more important issues. Cause whites to have a renewed pride in
    their culture, heritage, and genetics, and they would be far less apt to abort
    their precious white babies. Of course at the same time, if few white women had
    abortions and gave their babies up for adoption, then desperate, infertile
    white couples wouldn’t have to resort to adopting black or brown babies, just
    to have a family. However, if a Cosmo-reading whore wants an abortion, she
    should go for it!

    • Guest

      But you are missing the point, Richard.

      Cosmopolitan remade itself into a very pro-alpha-white-female magazine a few years ago. It is not for “whores,” it is for intelligent, educated white women who want families, but feel pressure to look and act like porn stars (as today’s disgusting/degenerate white men want–even the evangelical Christians) and movie stars to get a solid mate.

      The main barrier to white renewal in this nation is white men who reflexively bash white women everytime someone in the media jerks their thing-ring.


    Cosmo these days is little different than Hustler. It’s gotten really trashy and is going after the daytime TV viewing demographic. All pretense of targeting educated, proffesional women is gone.

  • none of your business

    A Guardian columnist? That is about as left as one can get without joining the good old CPUSA.

  • none of your business

    Now if Essence, the black version of Cosmo started preaching the value of abortion I could really get behind that.

  • none of your business

    Simonetta Vespucci, the most beautiful White woman who ever existed is absolutely right.
    Although Simonetta, now days with the welfare state, all working taxpaying men and women support the children other men have run out on.

  • none of your business

    Abortion has nothing to do with racial issues. It is just one of the numerous conservative issues that race realism or as I call it White nationalism tries to ally itself.
    The anti abortion, anti gay, family values, pro Christianity,anti gun control,pro American, pro patriotism groups have never, never, never supported White nationalism or race realism. The conservatives want nothing to do with us. For instance conservatives want tougher criminal laws and longer prison sentences. But conservatives will never admit that most criminals are black and brown.

    Indeed the anti abortion people are busy saving black and hispanic embryos that will grow up to either rape and rob us or get an affirmative action jobs. The Christians are busy running relocation centers for illegals and lobbying to import more. The patriots and America lovers support the government that wants to exterminate us.

    I don’t work for amren, but I would not have posted the article as it has nothing to do with race. These old fuddy duddy anti abortion family values patriots have never helped the White nationalist cause.

    • Abortion has nothing to do with racial issues

      Then you spent most of the rest of your comment explaining why it is a racial issue, of sorts.

      I don’t work for amren, but I would not have posted the article as it has nothing to do with race

      “Old white guys.” Three simple words, all of them have one syllable apiece. And they’re in the English language, too! No Latin or Greek. Should be pretty easy to understand.

      Similarly, there’s this:

      If “anti gay” has nothing to do with race, then why is LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH allying itself with our racial enemies?

  • LHathaway

    Women’s sacred right to her own body? It takes tools or technology to abort a child. There is no ‘natural’ way it can be done. Maybe one could hold her breath for long enough time, or try and beat herself silly.

  • none of your business

    This article is inappropriate for a race realist White advocacy website because it has nothing to do with race. It is an attempt to appeal to “a broad based conservative coalition.” Unfortunately, the conservative coalition is not race realist and does not advocate for Whites. Has any Christian clergy person of any sect ever said a word against affirmative action? I don’t know of any, maybe somewhere in the south some clergyman said something. The conservative website freerepublic does have articles about affirmative action morons and black on White crime, but it is basically a Republican party government of Israel front hoping to garner Republican votes and Israel support from Whites by throwing us a bone of articles about black on White crime.

    I once read an article wherein someone followed those anti abortion “save the babies” crews around. They had lectures I guess they would be called. The girls and the “saved babies” were presented. The girls and babies were all black. Do we want more and more black savages terrorizing our children in public schools?

    FYI all you senior men my age who pontificate that the reason Whites don’t have families of 4 or 5 any more is because White women have abortions. WHITE WOMEN DON’T. Anti abortion White men need to take a good look at racial abortion statistics before you fudddy duddy about White women having abortions causing the low White birth rate. It is black and hispanic women who have the abortions, not White women. Because so many don’t want the financial and other burdens of raising children, many young White men are even more careful about contraception than White women.

    Is the Christian Coalition still around? i know one couple who belonged to that and still attend a fundamentalist Protestant Church. Like me, they are adamantly against affirmative action and black on White crime, but most of the conservative coalition is no friend to Whites, says nothing about affirmative action and black and White crime and is
    useless to the White cause.

    Even worse are the America lovers and patriots. The people who call themselves constitutionalists are so ignorant they think Judges are supposed to follow the constitution as written instead of creating whatever bizarre new laws they want such as gay marriage and bussing kids 60 miles each way to school. Yes 60 miles each way. During the height of busing black kids from the far south east part of Los Angeles were bussed a 120 round trip every day to the farthest northwest section of Los Angeles because the Judges decided that the constitution required it. The supreme court tore up the constitution 210 years ago 1804 madison vs Marbury. It is whatever some Judge says it is.

    The conservative coalition wants nothing to do with race realism and especially White advocacy, Publishing anti abortion articles will not bring conservatives in. What’s next?
    War mongering to send White men to the middle east to fight Israel’s wars?

    Another thing about the anti abortion movement. They lost 45 years ago. They have succeeded in closing a few clinics in places like Mississippi where they are most needed to keep the homo erectus population in check.

    From what I can gather from Fox news, one of Fox’s favorite candidates for the Republican nomination is affirmative action Dr. Ben Carson whose sole campaign platform is to make abortion illegal again and explode the black and brown population.

  • none of your business

    ANTI ABORTION is pro more and more black and browns to rob, rape and murder us and steal the few jobs affirmative action has left us.

    PRO ABORTION is pro limiting at least some of the blacks and browns who rob, rape and murder us and steal the few jobs affirmative action has left to us.

    • Not to mention the fact that on the whole conservatives have more babies than liberals.

  • none of your business

    Any woman who follows Cosmo’s advice about men is doomed to a lifetime of one night stands and a new STD every week. This probably is not the idea of the Cosmo editors. It is probably orders from whoever bankrolls Cosmo. It sounds very much which like Hilary Clinton’s Presidential platform, the non existent War on Women.

    This is only my opinion, but I believe that the gay marriage and transgender soldiers and the rest of the anti Christian anti civilization positions of the liberals are just distractions to keep Whites from forming an effective movement against affirmative action, black on White crime and immigrant job thieves whether they are indio dishwashers or asian/indian Drs and engineers.

    I am so anti feminazi that I believe women should not be allowed to vote to punish women for their joining the anti White coalition I have often been tempted to voice anti abortion views because my enemies the feminazis are so pro abortion. But the reality is, for every black or brown embryo aborted, there is one less to rob, murder rape us and steal a job from a White.

  • Larry Klein

    It’s good you bought into the medias narrative that men are “dropping the ball.” In your case you added the qualifier, “white” men, which is even more laughable. Rather than your anecdotes, let’s consider the mega trends: women joining the work force, free trade, and mass immigration. All three have driven down wages, in particular those of men. So instead of your dopey theories about white men acting like “adolescents”, the primary causes of single parent households and broken homes are economic. Despite all that white babies are still in demand. Why the heck do you think sterile couples go to Russia for petes sake to adopt children?

  • Larry Klein

    Or how to have the “perfect orgasm”, that type of high brow material?

  • Larry Klein

    What stupid nonsense. Ever heard of Sandra Fluke? Pullease, white females get lumped in with the other victim groups when it comes to political pandering. With all your crying and self pity you’d fit perfectly within the Democratic coalition of whiners.

  • Larry Klein

    Clearly a troll. No conservative in the right mind would go to bat for a propagandist rag run by cultural marxists.