Posted on September 2, 2014

Cibolo Man Charged in Fatal Beating at Amtrak Station

Katrina Webber, KSAT (San Antonio), July 8, 2014

Cibolo resident Michael Joseph Fobbs, 21, remains in jail after allegedly beating another man to death at the Amtrak station in downtown San Antonio.

Michael Joseph Fobbs

Michael Joseph Fobbs


The victim is identified as Joseph Keith Richard [Ed: he’s white, according to Breitbart] of Marble Falls. Richard was three days shy of his 57th birthday when he was killed late last Thursday night.

A report from San Antonio police stated that witnesses noticed Fobbs pacing angrily, and going in and out of the building in the 300 block of Hoefgen Street.

They told police that Fobbs suddenly launched an unprovoked attack on Richard, who was sitting on a bench outside the station’s waiting room, the report stated.

Witnesses said Fobbs repeatedly hit Richard with his fists, leaving him bloodied.


Witnesses told police after the attack,  Fobbs calmly walked into a restroom and changed his bloody shirt.

Officers arrived later and arrested him.

Meanwhile, Richard died of his injuries at the scene.

In the report, an officer said Fobbs “did not appear to be in a normal state of mind.”


Fobbs is facing a murder charge. {snip}

[Editor’s Note: According to CBS, Fobbs paused during the beating to say “I feel like killing someone.”]