Behavior Problems Boil Over at Normandy Schools

Elisa Crouch, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 12, 2014

The principal of Normandy Middle School temporarily kicked out 20 percent of the student body this week for disruptive behavior and required face-to-face meetings with parents as a condition for them to return.

The Normandy High School principal took a similar step.

It was the kind of move teachers have hoped for since the school year began on Aug. 18. And it had the blessing of state education officials who, over the summer, gave the Normandy system a new name and governing board.

Missouri’s top educators spoke of an historic opportunity when they restarted the failing Normandy School District in July and began overseeing its daily operations. The north St. Louis County district has been the worst performer in Missouri for several years. The new management replaced 45 percent of staff and required teachers to spend 90 minutes twice a week in training.

With the school year into its fourth week, a handful of new teachers have resigned. One middle school teacher sought medical treatment after being hit in the head by a textbook lobbed by a student. Many new teachers are white and previously taught in more affluent suburban schools. Some are struggling to connect with their students, most of whom are black and come from impoverished backgrounds.

The professional development provided by the state hasn’t helped them manage, they say.

Dozens of teachers throughout the Normandy Schools Collaborative have reported feeling stressed out and exhausted from larger class sizes, a longer school day and the additional demands placed on them by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which now oversees the district. On top of those issues are the behavior problems–students throwing books and pencils at teachers in some classrooms, engaging in verbal outbursts and physical fights. The students causing the problems are in the minority, but they’ve made learning impossible at times for many.

So on Tuesday, Principal GeNita Williams called 136 middle-schoolers into the auditorium. She told them that letters had been sent to their parents. First thing the next morning, a crowd of parents filled the school lobby. School administrators asked them to sign behavior and academic contracts outlining what is expected of them, their children and school staff. Students who came back without a parent were sent to the library.

It was a drastic step, Williams said, meant to address a pervasive problem that’s at its worst at the middle school.

Children across the district are processing the chaotic events related to the police shooting of Michael Brown a few miles away in Ferguson. Added to that, many familiar teachers have been replaced, and dozens of transfer students have returned to Normandy schools–some unwillingly.


Eighth-grader Tre’Shon Brown is among the children bringing home stories of teachers who are too nice and classmates who are too disruptive. His mother is worried.

In a year when leaders have promised change in Normandy schools, “I’m not seeing a change as of yet,” Dionja Brown said. “This is the last time I’m giving Normandy a chance. I’ve tried. I’ve really tried not to give up on Normandy.”


[Editor’s Note: Both Normandy Middle School and Normandy High School are 98 percent black.]


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  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Eighth-grader Tre’Shon Brown is among the children bringing home stories of teachers who are too nice and classmates who are too disruptive. His mother is worried.

    The lib-left is clueless as to the fact that by tying the teachers’ hands in disciplinary matters, they are harming the few blacks who arrive at school prepared to learn. These hell-hole schools will continue to pump out future criminals and unemployables until the teachers are given free reign to punish the trouble-makers. Reintroducing mild corporal punishment (birching) nationwide would also go a long way.

    • ElComadreja

      These blacks are so far gone that any attempt at discipline by teachers will be met by massive violent retaliation. Better to just stop wasting our time and money on blacks that just go to school because they’re forced to.

      • TruthBeTold

        If we stopped forcing black kids to go to school, could you imagine the outrage?

        • Lots of them already don’t go to school; they’re busy traveling in packs in the middle of weekdays, beating folks up.

          • bilderbuster

            Imagine many more and much larger packs.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          I could imagine schools going back to the business of educating children instead of what they’ve become: armed military camps losing the battle to suppress blacks natural tendencies.

          Where once there was chaos, violence and anarchy, there would finally be order.

        • Sloppo

          If we just relocated them to their traditional homelands, they could express all the outrage they want to and it would be ok.

      • John R

        The real purpose of public schools these days is to keep most of the black undertow under control most of the time so it doesn’t get into mischief.

        • bilderbuster

          And the Whites out of the labor pool so the Mexicans can take those jobs too.

    • gemjunior

      Tre’Shon’s (smh) mother would be the first person to shove her face into a news camera and shout about discrimination and racism toward blacks if any white teacher attempted to discipline a black kid in her son’s “disruptive” class. Even if the kid was on WSHH stabbing the white teacher in the chest with a machete, it would somehow end up being Dat Ole Debbil White Man fault. Just look at Gentle Giant Brown – St. Michael now – after robbing and physically menacing the store owner we are supposed to believe that he ran away from the cops with his hands up screaming “Don’t shoot!” Lawd pleeeze don’t shoot diss here humble black man – is such a far cry from the real scenario when he stuck his hand in the window, broke the officer’s orbital bone or whatever it was, and tried to take his gun. These people are a lost cause I think — you simply can’t win with them. There’s no winning.

      • Nancy

        Keep in mind also that by the term “too nice”, he means too nice compared to most black teachers in all-black schools. I was considered “too nice” when I taught in the inner city, yet if I took that same teaching style into the suburban white schools, I’m certain I’d be dragged into the principal’s office and reprimanded for being “too mean, cold, or impersonal”.

        I was told by ALL the black teachers that “if I smile the first day of school, I won’t be smiling the rest of the school year” because the students would take me as a pushover, just for being pleasant. Their motto was: “Don’t smile the first day, set the tone, and you’ll be the one smiling in the end”. Basically, intimidate them and make them afraid (if that’s even possible for a white teacher), and they won’t be as difficult to manage the rest of the year. I saw/heard teachers screaming, slamming yardsticks on tables until they splintered and broke, etc. White teachers have no business in that environment, period.

        I was so stressed out and mentally drained after 3 years of this, I had to be hospitalized for a week after I resigned.

        • gemjunior

          Well thankfully you had the sense or gut feeling to know you needed to get out of there when you did — listen to this sad story — I recently met this elderly nun who had severe anxiety disorder, panic attacks, etc., but very private and had major issues seeing any psychiatric professional. I spoke to her at length and quietly found out from some of her colleagues (they are all in their late 80s and live in a beautiful convent, very serene, all white needless to say) that she never wants to talk about the time she was “assaulted” (ahem) by a filthy depraved negro who lay in wait for her half a century ago when she came in early one morning to open up the school. And that’s 50 years ago – before they had the “whip hand” as Enoch Powell puts it. And if only he had been paid attention to seriously in all white countries. She probably has had untreated PTSD for 50 years, just another small benefit brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Common Brown NYC Pavement Ape.

  • John Smith

    Normandy, Berlin, etc…it’s happening everywhere in our white world.

    In Britain, the government recently announced that there are 84 schools without a single white child left in them.

    If Japan had 84 schools with no Asian children, it would be called genocide.

    If Haiti had 84 schools with no black children, it would be called genocide.

    Why isn’t this called genocide when done in Britain…or Berlin…or Normandy?

    • IstvanIN

      Why isn’t this called genocide when done in Britain…or Berlin…or Normandy?
      Because those cities are advancing as per the plan.

    • MekongDelta69

      You’ve already said it.

      Because they’re… White.

      According to ‘them’ (and we all know who ‘they’ are), we don’t count.

      • paul marchand

        The federal government has made whites being with whites into the most horrible character fault imaginable. They have divided our people. And many of our people, traitors, have willingly been divided and are complicit.
        The truth (most whites simply can’t accept going to school in a majority black school) is also regarded as a horrible character fault.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Because Britain, Normandy, and Berlin are not being run by whites; they being run by Barbara Spectre and her ilk.


    • James Mayer

      It will be. Soon.

  • . . . required teachers to spend 90 minutes twice a week in training. . .

    Training in Karate? Riot control?

    Eighth-grader Tre’Shon Brown . . . & [mom] . . . Dionja Brown . . .

    This is an avalanche point. These schools are circling the drain. White tax dollars wasted.

    • MekongDelta69

      The only shocking thing about that is they both actually have the same last names! What happened to the ‘baby-daddy’?!!

      Oh wait – I know. Let’s ‘axe’ somebody with another ‘authentically’ black name – Principal GeNita Williams. She should know!

      • That name must have been misspelled: no apostrophes anywhere.

      • Alexandra1973


        Just one more letter on the end there…. *facepalm*

        • Nancy

          I actually had a kid in that inner-city grade school back in the ’90’s named Kla’midia. No joke.

          • One of my friends had a young son here in Colorado Springs who went to school with a black girl who’s name was pronounced “Shith Aid”. It was spelled in one word in a way that would get it moderated here. I later met the poor girl while working at Blackjack pizza after my release from prison.

            How someone could do that to their child is quite beyond me. The kid is already black, the parents are complete biological imbeciles, and then they give the poor thing an insane and insulting name. That’s three strikes against the sprog while it is still in the cradle.

          • anony

            I’ve heard, on pretty good authority, that often at the birth, hospital employees from LPNs to MDs will, if asked, “suggest” names to parents who have not already decided on one. So these names seem exotic to someone who is unable to read.

          • Perhaps, but I wouldn’t do that, because then I’d a severely messed-up African’t growing up in my town.

          • bilderbuster

            I remember in the 90’s seeing Black women who started doing whatever they do to their hair to make it blonde and how bizarre it looked.
            Now it’s common with them.

        • Blackhawk

          I’m sure it means “beloved one” or “queen of all” in some obscure african language.

      • Paleoconn

        There could be two baby daddies withe the same last name. That’s my guess.

    • APaige

      If you thinks its bad now…wait until grades are released.

      • The teachers will be under a lot of pressure to give good grades regardless.

  • MekongDelta69

    “It had the blessing of state education officials who, over the summer, gave the Normandy system a new name and governing board.”

    Oh yeah – that’ll DEFINITELY solve all their problems.
    Give something a ‘new name’ and *poof* – all your problems disappear. It’s magic I tell you. Magic.

    It’s the same as when leftist weenies call everything, “Isssssues” instead of “problems.” They think by ‘softening’ a word, all their problems will dissolve into “isssssues” and simply melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

    It’s magic I tell you. Magic.

    • LHathaway

      You have to admit, the school seems to have taken steps in their effort to make the school a better place to learn.

    • TruthBeTold

      They should try The Martin Luther King Jr. Academy of Learning and High Achievement.

      That should turn things around.

      • This district has an elementary school named for Barack Obama. It’s one of the worst elementary schools in the state in terms of student test scores.

        • Hows the choom, though?

        • There’s a suprise!

        • bilderbuster

          Rename it The Al Sharpton Academy of Excellence and viola!
          Problem solved.

      • The Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary Academy

      • ElGringo

        How about “Treeboon Martin High”?

        • Nancy

          Give it time…I’m sure there’s a movement somewhere right now to change some high school currently named “Washington”, “Kennedy”, or “Johnson” into T.Martin High School.

          • bilderbuster

            The “Washington” schools that were once great and 100% White have been 100% Black and are famous for their crime and have the worst reputation for failure for so long that now Washington is synonymous with Black Failure.
            They can change the names and the principals all they want but they’re stuck with the Blacks and the results will never change.

  • JohnEngelman

    The illegitimate children of unmarried welfare mothers, street walkers, violent street criminals, and drug dealers take after their parents. I doubt most of them can be educated.

    • baldowl

      Remember those crack babies? They grow up.
      They can’t sit still. They can’t be quiet. They can’t be tamed.

      • ElGringo

        Quit spreading falsehoods. They can be made to do all of those things you mention with the proper application of a bullet.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          A 2×4 might also work, but it wouldn’t be as quick.


      • You beat me to that issue. When 14 year-old LaTrine be habens baby N’DeShitavious wif her baby daddy, she still smokes crack, drinks malt liquor, and generally pays no attention to her health. When the “blessed” event finally occurs, a child already destined for low intelligence and miserable impulse control is further damaged. It gets worse than that.

        N’DeShitavious’s unknown sperm-donor goes to prison, and eventually LaTrine does, too. Grandma thus raises N’DeShitavious, she can’t read, and is too frail to discipline the growing orc. The end result is a truly dysfunctional kid who can’t behave, gets into increasingly more serious court trouble and finally when he turns 18, he is old enough to go to a real prison for a long time, or he gets shot by the cops.

        Before then, however, he has 13 year-old Bongoleesha and 12 year-old LaTequila pregnant.

        Lather, rinse, repeat.

        • baldowl

          I ran into plenty of them whilst on my “sabbatical.” It’s truly horrifying how completely unreasonable and ferocious the grown-up crack babies can be.

          • My “sabbaitcal” was mostly at a low-security facility, so they weren’t completely bonkers there.

      • Nancy

        Crack babies are the worst…I had two that I KNOW OF (probably more that I suspected). But those two had zero empathy for others, and would do the most violent things to their classmates, unprovoked, and have no remorse whatsoever. They’d only start wailing when they got into trouble for their actions.

        One kid named Andre would pick up a chair, hit his neighbor over the head, and sit back down like nothing happened. He was like an evil pod person from Body Snatchers.

      • ATBOTL

        These kids are the children of the the 80’s crack babies.

        • bilderbuster

          The grandbabies are already in diapers and on their way to academic glory.

  • Easyrhino

    Why not have cameras in the classrooms as they do on buses, then when the school is accused of racism because 98% of the kids expelled are black, the teacher/school can cite the video evidence.

    • LHathaway

      Cameras and evidence are racism. . . ?

      • Easyrhino

        Don’t know how you concluded that.

      • Nancy

        Some of Brown’s “supporters”, mental giants that they are, have deduced that the video from Brown’s robbery was “hacked”. (?)

        • Except the original recording was probably all on VHS tape, which is analog.

          • Nancy

            Try explaining that to THEM..

            “Whatchoo mean? I sayd, it be HACKED!”

        • LHathaway

          That would make sense, except that everything is a lie. The whole thing was likely staged. I was tempted to say, maybe the guy really died in an auto accident ,or the guy is living in SAmerica now, but of course, the entire thing is likely phony “Nothing on TV is real, including the news”.

          Not that the news media can’t cut and past, choosing which stories to cover and which not to (and then framing the narrative around the story they cover) but in this case, I’m guessing the entire thing is phony, staged, acted, made up. Staged like a moon landing that never happened, except there’s a fair chance humans actually walked on the moon in 1969.

          He’s living with the King, in SA.

    • TruthBeTold

      If I was a teacher, I would set up my own hidden camera.

      • IstvanIN

        Illegal in most states.

        • 1stworlder

          Especially if it catches sex acts like Detriots top Educator Otis Mathis.

        • TruthBeTold

          I’m sure it’s illegal but I’d still do it anyway.

          I’d be extremely careful about how I did it and I would tell no one.

          But I would see it as insurance.

          Maybe I would get in trouble but if any punk tried to get me fired for saying or doing something I didn’t, I’d let the allegations build and then produce the video and watch them get caught in their own lies.

          • bilderbuster

            I’d rather earn a living digging ditches than “educating” Black kids.
            A ditch digger earns his pay and produces something useful with his labor.

      • dd121

        They’d probably fire YOU for violating the little angel’s privacy.

      • model1911

        And a hidden shotgun.

  • AmericanCitizen

    I have an idea: Lets spend a lot of tax dollars per student along with free meals so that hungry students can eat and then be able to learn. We can also form some government programs to combat illiteracy and also we can spend more on . . . oh wait, we’ve been doing that for 45 years now and the inner city schools are progressively worse off. The quality of graduate is laughable; there is a reason the McDonalds cash registers have pictures on the touchscreen.

    • Ooops.

    • dd121

      They can’t be educated and they can’t be civilized.

    • TruthBeTold

      School spending graph:

      • TruthBeTold

        I posted a graph the same as I always do but it came up as thumbnail link.

        Click on the Thumbnail to see the graph.

        • thomasdosborneii

          The graph shows perfectly on my computer.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Shows fine on my not-so-smartphone, too.

          • TruthBeTold

            Yes, I see it now.

            As I said, when I posted it (and freshed) it only said thumbnail.

      • Spikeygrrl

        That’s just nauseating.

  • Dave4088

    It’s a good thing principal GeNita Williams is black (a guess based on her first name) or the media would be wailing loudly about the “school to prison pipeline” and “racist” school administrators. It should be obvious by now that a preponderance of black African DNA will ruin just about any environment whether it be a school, a neighborhood or a sporting event.

    • LHathaway

      They certainly mean to ruin it for whites. . .

    • bilderbuster

      Some of their funerals can be entertaining when rival gangs show up.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    White teachers deserve an annual bonus for each student with an apostrophe in their name.

    • MekongDelta69

      Ok B’iff M’aliboo.

      Weaz mah munee at?!

      • Biff_Maliboo

        In my day, apostrophes were decent enough to stay at the back of words.

    • dd121

      Even for O’Brian?

      • Biff_Maliboo


        Surnames will be waived.

  • anony

    I’ve said it many times before;

    separation is the only answer. Enough of this insanity!

    • TruthBeTold

      That’s the ONLY solution they won’t try.

      • dd121

        They did try it up until the 50s. Education and race relations have gone down hill since.

  • TruthBeTold

    They demand to go to white schools because white schools are better.
    They complain they can’t learn because they’re a minority.
    They demand ‘critical mass’.
    When they reach critical mass, the system falls apart.

  • dd121

    Why wouldn’t it boil over? They’ve been told that their standard of behavior has been lowered again. They’re just trying to live down to it.

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    Just separate.

  • Michael Brown was a graduate of this district’s only high school.

    And they wonder why people in the Francis Howell district didn’t and still don’t want any transfer students from Normandy. Yes, that issue is still festering; in spite of the new “collaborative” replacing the existing previously unaccredited district being accredited itself, meaning that legally the transfers have to stop, it’s still in the courts.

    In the 1950s, Normandy was the best school district in north St. Louis County. It’s where white people who lived in the northern half of the St. Louis metro area moved to when they got a good promotion at work, just because the school district was that good, and it was that good precisely because it consisted of upper middle class white students.

    Gee, what happened?

    • Douglas Quaid

      You mean St. Michael the Brown graduated from one of these schools? I wonder if they could erect a statue of him slapping a white teacher across the face for giving him an F on a test in his honor.

      • bilderbuster

        They could at least name a school after him with the football team called the Gentle Giants and the mascot would be a big, fat, surly looking Black Boy with baggy clothes and a crooked baseball cap.

  • In my beloved Southland the schools were segregated as were the teaching staffs. Black schools for blacks, white schools for whites. It worked.

    But the blacks thugs were not coddled. We white southerners tried to give blacks the type of education to which they were suited. And believe me, they weren’t suited to study calculus!!

    Black schools are a contradiction in terms. You can only school most of these creatures up to about a fifth or sixth grade level. These schools must of necessity become little mini reform school/prison type operations.

    We knew that in the South but the Yankee establishment demonized us for acting according to truth.

    That’s one reason why truth is my highest value. Which is also why I hate lying liberals.

  • revilo evola

    If the men who stormed Normandy Beach could have known how it turned out at places like Normandy school, they would have stayed home on the farm.

    • anony

      We are never told the real reasons for the wars we fight.

    • ElGringo

      Indeed. I’m sure they’d rather be speaking German as opposed to speaking Spanish anyways.

      • John R

        Touché! If Hitler had won, seriously, could the world have turned out any worse?

        • bilderbuster

          Where would you rather live?
          1938 Berlin or 2014 Washington DC?

      • bilderbuster

        Germany never tried to make ANYONE speak German.
        Ask the French or anyone else who hosted them during the war.

        • ElGringo

          I never intended it that way. I was just turning around an old phrase I’ve heard before.

          • bilderbuster

            I was teasing you.
            Notice I used the word “hosted”.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The principal of Normandy Middle School temporarily kicked out 20 percent of the student body this week for disruptive behavior…

    The Normandy schools are behind the times. They need to catch up to the schools in California.

    WE know how to deal with unruly students in our state:

    The Los Angeles Unified School District has taken possession of Pentagon military surplus that included 61 M16 assault rifles, three grenade launchers and a mine-resistant protective vehicle.

    Police at Compton schools this year will be allowed to buy AR-15 rifles and carry them in their patrol car trunks while on duty. ‘Handguns you’d be lucky to hit accurately at 25 yards … With a rifle in the hands of a trained person, you can be go 50, 100 yards accurately,’ explains the Chief of the Compton Unified Police.

    Baldwin Park School Police Department: 3 M16 assault rifles

    Kern High School District Police: 30 magazine pouches for M4 assault rifle ammunition

    The M16s were valued at $499 each, the grenade launchers at $720, and the mine-resistant vehicles, or MRAPs, at $733,000.

    And, yes, it HAS gotten to that point.

    • ElGringo

      That stuff is only for use on us White slaves. I thought Ferguson settled that.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Not a one of those school districts is majority White, I’m not sure there IS a majority White school district left in California.

        The LAUSD claims is it 10% White and I believe that ‘s a lie, it’s more like 4% White, and that’s being generous. There are no Whites left in Compton or Baldwin Hills – both were once majority White at one time, and I’m sure Kern is majority Hispanic.

        Don’t worry: The feds have plenty of military ordnance stockpiled to use against us White Americans and our children when the time comes.

        • bilderbuster

          Let’s see.
          100 Black teens = 1 Flash mob.
          5000 Black high school students in Compton = 50 Black Flash Mobs.
          I’m giving the coppers the benefit of the doubt this time.

  • “Many new teachers are white and previously taught in more affluent
    suburban schools. Some are struggling to connect with their students,
    most of whom are black and come from impoverished backgrounds.”

    Haha! Bunch of dumb liberals “getting mugged”!

    Seriously, there’s gotta be some retired drill sergeants looking for something to do.

    • dd121

      They know what the black schools are like. When they retire, they just go fishin’.

  • Luca

    I can just see the principal addressing this kids and telling them they are being kicked out of school and can;t return without a face-to-face meeting with their parents.

    A hand goes up and one student asks the question that is on all of their little minds:
    “Yo, principal, what am parents?”

  • connorhus

    The teachers themselves, their unions and the politicians that benefit from the increased revenue are the ones who say it’s about money. Followed by it being about class sizes.

  • libertarian1234

    “Both Normandy Middle School and Normandy High School are 98 percent black.”

    Putting two per cent of non-blacks in with these primitives amounts to a horrific crime no matter what ethnicity they are.

    I pity those poor kids.


    Lock the doors and burn it to the ground, makes no difference

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    Tre’Shon Brown & Dionja Brown.
    In most minds, these last names being the same would be the result of the mother and father being a married couple. In reality it’s more likely that the boy’s father coincidentally had the same last name as the boy’s mother. Can’t see how that could be a problem.

    • IstvanIN

      Actually it isn’t uncommon for illegitimate blacks to have their mother’s last name.

      • Spikeygrrl

        It’s the rule. Anything else is the exception. What else do you expect from a subculture so debased that even when the mother knows who the the father is (uncommon), it’s like pulling teeth to make him sign the birth certificate?

  • paul marchand

    It aint “the school”.
    It aint the teachers.
    It aint the money.
    It IS the student body make-up.

  • Douglas Quaid

    The only way I could see a school like this being moderately successful is that instead of the teacher getting hit in the head with books by d-bag inner city punks it is these idiot students on the receiving end of book slaps and fists from the administration. Of course every reasonable course of action is unacceptable to the progs.

  • Musashi5000

    Maybe there isn’t a cure for “black”.

    • Spikeygrrl


      • Musashi5000

        You’re right – there is no cure.

      • Musashi5000

        You’re right…there’s no cure for that.

  • Douglas Quaid

    It is demonstrably not about money. That’s a cop out. I taught for two years at a private school getting paid a meager salary. Our school met in crummy trailers had a ragtag group of teachers but we taught a robust curriculum and had strict discipline. Our students could race laps around public school kids on any subject.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Maybe if they hired lazy stupid useless white teachers they could relate to blacks.


  • In Black schools it is not unusual to have mass resignations of Black and White teachers on the first day because they can’t even get these kids to sit down and stop running and jumping around as if they were swinging on vines in the jungle. Obviously we need racial separation.

  • ViktorNN

    Every cent spent on such schools that was generated by a white person either locally or federally, is a cent that could’ve been spent to benefit white kids.

    Blacks aren’t just to be pitied, or to be seen as a nuisance – they are a drag on our white nation. They represent a kind of tax that goes to nothing useful or productive.

  • stringtheoryrob

    The ‘people’ saying that are Marxist, delusional, and pathological.

  • TruthBeTold

    well it does. It’s our fault. We’re just not trying hard enough or spending enough money. (sarc alert)

  • Spikeygrrl

    GeNita, Tre’Shon, Dionja…did the article really have to spell out what race is responsible for this?

  • Spikeygrrl

    Because they’ve been drinking the KoolAid®. “I want to teach where I can really ‘make a difference’!”

    They’ll make a difference all right: one more uptick on the body count.

  • bubo

    The first problem is that any schooling past elementary should be completely voluntary. Let the kids that want to run the streets do so and let the kids that want to learn go their separate ways. Let the police deal with the unruly actions of black teenagers, not a 24 year old white girl in her first teaching job.

    A side note, these white teachers need to get some backbone. My mom taught public school for 40 years. When she talked the kids darn well listened, no matter what color they were.

  • Neuday

    Eliminate compulsory school attendance, eliminate welfare for the able-bodied, eliminate the minimum wage, and close the border.

  • Ed Troyer

    The original story has already been redacted LOL!!! The jewi$h bolsheviks are moving forward because we are letting them.

  • Man of the West

    Mix mean IQs of 85 with excessive amounts of testosterone and you get a deadly mix- a very stupid and aggressive person. The truth is you cannot educate anyone with an IQ of 85, you can only train them. Expecting them to display higher level of cognitive abilities is unrealistic. Dumb is dumb, regardless of race, but the cluster at the low ends of the extremes means that any school district in which they predominate will look like the zoo described in this article.

    • Nancy

      I like that you pointed out that distinction, Man. It’s true, and the black teachers I worked with all verified that point when they constantly harped on “training”. For instance, every time the kids misbehaved, it was due to “lack of home training”. The term “training” and “home training” were very common among black teachers back then. I never recall them using the term “education” or “educated”, at least not in reference to the duds enrolled in the school.

  • John R

    I don’t know how any White teacher can relate to blacks. I also don’t know why any White person, these days, would WANT to be a teacher. No matter how rude, and disruptive, these “students” are, the teacher must never do anything that might harm their precious “self-esteem.”

  • Earl Turner


    Perhaps his mother could explain the African origin of that name. You know, what region/country, which tribe, which language, what it means…

    Not holding my breath.

    • Kenner

      Or, at the very least, Bloods or Crips.

    • Nancy

      Oh no, no, no…you see, those De’tron’tavious’, Bunshelldas, and Kla’midias all realize the names are made up, and are PROUD of it! They would brag to me on the first day of school, after telling me how to pronounce these unintelligible monikers, “My Mama made it up!”

      Some stretched the truth and claimed, “My Daddy made it up!”, even though I never saw evidence of a father anywhere.

    • Leon NJ

      Tre’Shon, GeNita, and Dionja. Weren’t those some of the names for aliens in the Star Wars movies?

      • anony

        Let’s say yes. No one will dispute it.

  • Ultimate187

    A lot of White teachers want to make a difference, and many don’t feel they are when teaching in affluent schools, or otherwise classes with predominantly White and Asian students. Unfortunately, the shock of teaching at inner city schools, or schools with large Black and Hispanic populations is often overwhelming for teachers, especially those new to the profession. Their once idealistic notions get a reality check.

  • Leon NJ

    I caught the very tail end of The Andy Griffith show sometime ago, and apparently the father was joking with his son that he and his friends didn’t have to listen in class. The next day, the teacher was shocked by the boys behavior. That day she walked to the police station and let loose on the father for being weak on his son and friends. I forget the exact quote, but the teacher was like, “How can there be respect in the classroom if there isn’t any law and order at home!”

    Need I say more? lol

  • saxonsun

    Whites are always put in black schools. My partner is always in black/brown schools. That’s the policy. Teachers can’t choose the schools they want.

  • Adolf Verloc

    I did a presentation once at one of the “alternative learning centers” in Austin, aka schools for lads and lasses who weren’t quite bad enough for juvie. Austin is very liberal, but this place was run like a House of Correction. Students wore uniforms and marched everywhere watched over by teachers who looked like DIs. I was impressed.

  • On top of those issues are the behavior problems–students throwing books and pencils at teachers in some classrooms, engaging in verbal outbursts and physical fights.

    THE next step in this behavioral problem evolution is
    destroying buildings, thievery and burning of private property.

  • Focal Joker

    why are they bussing thousands of blacks out to white schools 30 miles away then?

  • bilderbuster

    Semi-retarded Black kids calling themselves the Vikings is offensive to Scandinavians.

  • “Both Normandy Middle School and Normandy High School are 98% black.”
    Imagine the misery of the 2%.

  • Douglas Quaid

    This is what you have to put up with in those schools, I feel bad for everyone of reasonable intelligence who has to suffer through this black tyranny. That kid would have gotten expelled from any decent school a long time ago, not to mention all of the phones out, buzzing from text messages…it’s a laughingstock.