46,496,145: Food Stamp Recipients Can Fill Yankee Stadium 925 Times

Ali Meyer, CNS News, September 12, 2014

In June 2014, there were 46,496,145 recipients of the food stamp program, which is enough to fill the Yankee Stadium 925 times, according to data from the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Yankee Stadium is equipped to hold 50,291 persons, meaning that the 46,496,145 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients in June 2014 could fill the stadium 925 times.  The number of recipients was up 270,999 since the previous month in May 2014 when there were 46,225,146 individuals participating in the program.

Similarly, the number of households participating in the SNAP program has increased as well from the 22,590,393 participating in May 2014 to the 22,713,934 participating in June 2014, an increase of 123,541 households.

Participation in the SNAP program peaked for individuals in December of 2012, when there were 47,792,056 persons participating. Since this peak, participation for individuals has declined by 1,295,911 individuals.



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  • MekongDelta69

    I’ve got a ‘Food Stamp’ too. It’s called a Dollar Bill – and I worked for it

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      But how much are food stamps actually needed and how much are they a tool from the federal government to expand their power and influence?

      In Sweden, EVERYONE gets some sort of welfare and/or benefits. EVERYONE also pays taxes, including on those benefits they get from the state.

      This has become such a big part of peoples economy that it’s seen as natural and as something they need in their personal economy.
      This means the state has control over them, they are taking money from them and then giving it back, and at the same time saying that they should be happy that the state supports them.

      So how many of these millions of people are really in need of these benefits and how many could actually live without them, if they reduced the taxes that pay for them instead?

      In Sweden, various parties can essentially “threaten” the people with reducing their benefits and crashing their household economies. Or rather, they accuse their opponents of doing that, while they are saying that they will instead reduce the taxes proportionally.

      Because with high taxes paid to the state and then given back to the people through benefits, they get control over peoples economy, they can change it for various classes by adjusting these benefits and use various tax exemptions for certain things and so on.
      And this requires a lot of bureaucracy to maintain and control, which means plenty of state employees and important jobs for retired politicians. As well as an easy way to skim cash to other projects.

      A good american example would be federal contributions to state schools.
      The federal government started giving out money to state schools, supporting them with various programs and so on. And soon, the schools started becoming dependant on this money, it came year after year and was a part of their operating budget.
      And the state reduced their funding of the schools since the federal grants made it possible to use that money elsewhere.
      But now the federal government has a solid chokehold on these schools, forcing them to do various political programs and actions, or else they will revoke their federal grants to that school, which will completely wreck their budget.

      So it’s really no wonder that more people are on welfare in USA than ever before. Not with a president that wants ot expand the influence of the federal departments.
      Eventually, they will want everyone to be dependant on welfare benefits, which is paid for by the taxes by these very people who get benefits.
      Because they can revoke benefits and wreck your household economy. And you can’t refuse to pay taxes, because that is a crime.

      • Max

        A huge part of the problem with the food-stamp and such programs is companies like J.P. Morgan stand to lose huge money if they were curtailed. The segment of Morgan that provides the food-stamp debits made $5.47 BILLION in profit.

        They are going to lobby to maintain and expand any program that makes that kind of money and they have the resources to buy all of the politics they require.

      • Mary

        You’re right about the federal government having a chokehold on school funding, and the forcing of school districts to follow certain dictates, or have funding revoked. This is how the federal government forced school integration in the South in certain areas, for example. Many schools were forced to have black students bussed into their district, or the federal government would withhold funding. This proved calamitous to many schools.

      • Garrett Brown

        Muslims in Sweden pay taxes?

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Of course. Wellfare benefits are taxed as well in Sweden, it’s a “legitimate” source of income……

          Everyone gets benefits and everyone pays taxes, that way the government knows what everyone is doing.

          • Garrett Brown

            I read somewhere that over 40% of Muslims in Stockholm don’t pay taxes.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            They do, on their benefits.
            What they probably meant was that over 40% of muslims don’t have employment.

          • Garrett Brown

            Then that Means they don’t pay taxes yes?

  • and most of them are white.

    I thought this was a white nationalist site, not a site for rich folks.

    • LHathaway

      Who knows what this site is for, imbuing my wisdom?

    • AmericanCitizen

      A higher percent of blacks relative to population are on SNAP, come on, do we need to rehash this old argument of total numbers VS percent amount on the program?

      Usually your liberal debate tactic is to change the subject and blame George Bush for something. I guess you’re realizing that strategy isn’t working anymore.

      • And I don’t care if the percentage of whites who get food stamps are .0009 percent or 99%.

        I think food stamps are good because many of my fellow whites need them. I support my fellow white citizens.

        I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative.

        I am a white nationalist.

        • John Smith

          I have a hunch you are something else. (It begins with a “t”.)

        • AmericanCitizen

          I respect your view and I think we would agree on many things. It’s just that the libs usually like to point out that more whites by amount use social programs as an excuse for the black being dependent on the same programs.

    • John Smith

      On a per-capita basis, these parasites are mostly non-white.

    • texasoysterman

      I’m sure as heck not rich. And I’m not on food stamps.
      As for your “and most of them are white”, no shirt sh*tlock. But that’s when you look at overall numbers. A much higher percentage of the black population of this country is on food stamps than than whites.

    • Daniel Schmuhl

      A lot of white people are bums too, so i don’t get your point. An increasing proportion of whites are degenerates.

      Even though i am basically a white nationalist, I don’t want to subsidize degeneracy, About 99% of the people that i have seen abuse the program. Just the other day i spotted a single mother buying expensive $8 wedges of Gouda. If they need food, just suppy them with the basics to survive.

      • Shadow

        “…An increasing proportion of whites are degenerates”….

        And I’d bet that most,if not all,of them are fans of Hip hop “music”.

        • LHathaway

          You’d certainly be wrong there.

      • kikz2

        you never know daniel… she may have scripmed in another area, for the prior month or months to be able to afford that good cheese for a special birthday dinner…. or she have done w/o meat or milk or some other staple to splurge like that.

      • why attack food stamps? Lots of whites need food stamps.

        Why not instead attack the federal govt that enables multiculturalism, discrimination against whites, mass immigration,etc?

        Worrying about food stamps is for rich people. The vast vast majority of whites are not rich people. There is a decent chance that any white person might need food stamps at some point in the future.

        What I see is that Conservatism Inc has a certain technique of claiming to support white people, claiming to be against mass immigration, and then once Conservatism Inc draws in and attracts white readers with these ideas, then it is time for the old Bait and Switch. Then Conservatism Inc starts talking about how we need to end food stamps and welfare etc.

        Being for whites has little to do with food stamps and welfare benefits. Lots of white people need those.

        But why is it that Conservatism Inc pulls this bait and switch?

        • bilderbuster

          You’re right about how food stamps/EBT is a drop in the bucket and the food makes it to White people who consume it and money goes to Whites who grow it.
          Compare the fraud in EBT to the pentagon and defense contractors or Medicaid.

      • Jimmy Joseph


        The dysgenic effect of welfare usage on the White population is profound. Single white mothers have become almost as bad as single black moms.

        Breeding patterns among Whites (particularly White women) have become very SIMILAR to the African American community.

        If this continues, the White IQ will drop dramatically.

      • bilderbuster

        People sell their EBT cards for 50 cents on the dollar all the time.
        Many times when you see someone buying $100 worth of Rib Eyes or some such food it’s because they bought the card from someone for $50 bucks so they can afford to splurge.

      • tickyul

        Well, remember the government cheese/commodities that used to be given out to the poor………that program was also fraught with abuse and scamming.

  • Food stamps were created to help American farmers by propping up the price of food and thus increasing their income. When my late grandmother’s tobacco farmer husband had a heart attack in his 60s they went on food stamps because he was no longer able to work. Food stamps, plus their big garden that granny canned, allowed them to eat.

    Today, even college students can collect food stamp benefits. The program is a shambles, broken in so many ways. Thus, I have reluctantly come to agree with blogger Viking Bitch that whites need to do whatever the blacks and Mexicans do and get into food stamps in order to bankrupt the US financial system. She has been screwed over by diversity enough that she may never work again, and so she collects all benefits she can for herself and her three WHITE children, conceived via artificial insemination and an anonymous donor.

    To me, the issue is NOT food stamps, but blacks, Mexicans, and other races with the freeloader mentality. In a white homeland, I would still want a food stamp program to help deserving whites, like my grandmother and others who through no fault of their own are sinking.

    There was an article I read the other day that the economy is tanking, with the government LYING about the data. People are cutting back on food purchases, eating less. At the same time, trying to keep the fantasy going that the economy is going to recover, they are going to restaurants more, probably ordering more booze.

    Less food, more alcoholism. That’s America, 2014, thanks to the collectivists among both Republicans and Democraps in DC.

    • Robert Binion

      As long as we feed it the third world will follow us as amazon tracks me on the net.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      See my post above,.
      They WANT you to be on benefits, even if you don’t need it.
      Because after a while you will take those benefits for granted and your economy collapses without them.
      That means they can raise taxes to pay for these benefits, and when they do so, they get control over you.
      Now you have to pay a lot of taxes and not doing so is a crime.
      You then have to apply for benefits, describing to the state what it is you do, why you need them and so on.
      With different benefits for different things and the need to apply for them separately, the state will get a nice report from you once a year about what you are doing….
      And if you are engaging in an activity they don’t like, they can cut some of your benefits forcing you to conform to their demands.
      Because with the higher taxes to pay for all the benefits, you can’t afford to be without them.

      • The model you describe is traditional thinking. There’s a different model to think about. That model centers on what whites can do to destroy the system. One possibility is to to collect benefits to bankrupt it that much sooner.

        We know that social security is going bankrupt due to demographics. In fact, they tell us that a hundred million young immigrants from Mexico and SE Asia can keep it going. It won’t happen. They’re not going to want to pay the SS taxes to fund old white people on SS.

        So, let’s bankrupt the system as soon as possible by paying as little taxes as possible and collecting as many benefits as possible. Ann Barnhardt refused to pay taxes at all in protest of legal abortion. Now, she’s lost everything but works for cash cleaning toilets as part of a work crew. She’s a hero.

        Viking Bitch is a hero for having white kids that she cannot afford because she’s blacklisted due to her racial views. Both she and I are blacklisted due to our views about society. In my case, it was my anti-feminist views. We’ll never work again. I live off savings. Viking lives off government benefits.

        If you’re not willing to lose EVERYTHING like Ann Barnhardt, then I don’t know what to say. Other than that our cause needs people willing to give it all up–house, car, career, family. Jesus told his disciples the same thing.

        • dmxinc

          America has just not reached the tipping point for you views to hold sway.

          Maybe one day it will.

        • Work as little as possible, or under the table.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Why did “Viking Bitch” have a donor? Why wasn’t she able to have children in a traditional marriage to a White male?

      Why have a name like “Viking bitch”? That doesn’t sound very feminine but angry, like a feminist.

      Sounds like “Viking Bitch” is another one of those Jezebel Stormfront women who complain about “Jews and Blacks” while acting like Betty Friedan.

      White degenerate behavior will lead to dysgenic patterns of breeding.

      Single Moms and Welfare usage ALWAYS leads to lower IQ development. These are the breeding patterns of African Americans.

      The low investment strategy will NEVER work for a civilized White society.

      The only model that works is the traditional men run the household model.

      • The white race is in a war for its very existence. The 50s are dead. They’re not coming back. We must have strong white women on the front lines of that war too. I reluctantly have concluded that white females must have children, husband or no husband. For a traditionalist and cultural Christian like me, that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

        War demands sacrifice. Men must give up their fantasies of dominating women and accept reality. In a future white ethnostate, if we survive and can pull it off, then I would hope that tradition returns.

        BTW, I believe your claim that “the only model that works is the traditional men run the household model” is wrong. There have always been white widows of warriors killed in wartime who have done a fine job of raising children. Many of these women did not want to remarry out of love for their dead husbands.

        No one hates feminists and feminism more than I do, but by definition a National Socialist woman like Viking Bitch cannot be a feminist. She’s homeschooling her children, which is more than most white women do for them. Public schools are poison. I’m happy to pay taxes so that white women can stay home and homeschool, which the power elites hate with all their might.

        You also may have noticed the huge number of articles noting that white women are NOT getting married any more. That’s the cultural Marxist brainwashing at work. I don’t know with certainty but I think that it’s hard for a woman with strong racial beliefs to find a man she can respect and marry. Most men have been feminized. I doubt that Viking Bitch and other strong white nationalist women can easily find a man with similar beliefs that they can respect.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Men are leading to the “marriage strike” because they don’t want to marry entitled feminist women.

          This is a large reason why White men are running from White women.

          So your solution is to have single moms produce children while the men pay for this?

          Men will stop working under those conditions. Men will not work for some esoteric “white cause” where they have no family for themselves.

          If men are removed from the traditional role where they get to produce THEIR OWN OFFSPRING, they will neither fight nor work for that society.

          Do you honestly believe most men will work hard to support the bastard spawn of a single mom? Even if they are white?

          What makes her a “strong white nationalist woman”? She is on the dole dependent on other men for her survival.

          She is no more strong than any welfare single mom.

          Are all African American single moms with bastard spawn considered “strong black women”?

          • I make a strong distinction between black women’s promiscuous ways and white women having children for the sake of the race.

            Men are already being taxed to pay for the sex parties held by black females and Mexican teens. We have no choice. If you have a job, you’re taxed.

            If white men are too blinded to support their race via supporting white racially motivated women desiring to perpetuate the race, then white men are being foolishly short-sighted.

            I disagree with your contention that men will stop working. Men will work to have things. So long as the tax rate is less than 100 percent men will work. Right now, most of their tax dollars that to to welfare goes to blacks and Mexicans. Let’s get some of those tax dollars flowing to racially aware white women.

            Your argument boils down to men’s selfishness toward women. You may be right, but if you are, we need a great inspiring leader to cause us to set aside our selfishness. Dare I say Adolf Hitler was such a leader for his people?

            As to the word “strong” used to describe WN single moms, I’ll stand by it. Strength of character is standing up for your race’s survival. It has nothing to do with where the money comes from. Married, stay-at-home white moms, which are my ideal, are supported by one man–the husband. Are they any less strong because they’re not dumping the kids in day care and out working a job.

            Weak women, as opposed to strong one, accept the multicult narrative, marry a mexican or black or asian and produce mixed race children. Any woman today who resists that message is strong in my book.

            The sooner we bankrupt the current system by draining it of money, the sooner American Revolution 2 starts.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Yea I’m sure “Adolf Hitler” would be a big fan of single White moms who are called “Viking bitch” AKA Jezebel Stormfronter.

            Adolf Hitler was a very big fan of single moms who are strong “feminists”. That was his big platform lol. Didn’t the Nazi party slogan speak about the need for single mom White women who were strong and “independent”. He was a big fan of women who “need no man” but take welfare?

            Stop the with mangina attitude of blaming men for women’s bad behavior. She didn’t get married because she is probably very difficult for a man to live with. Im sure there were Stormfronter White males that could’ve married her if given the opportunity.

            Also your assertion that men can’t stop working is false. Men can work at subsistence levels, where the government doesn’t take them. Or they can get on disability, etc.

            They have no need to work at high levels to support the society with a tax base.

            Men with no family= men who work very little to support themselves

            Married men= produce excess tax for the society.

          • Alexandra1973

            Seems to me TPTB have done a good job of pitting White men against White women.

            Have White women become shrews and declare they don’t need men. White men, afraid of having their clocks cleaned out (and rightfully so), stay away from women. Now White women can’t find any White men, so where do they go next? Blacks (and maybe Orientals). It’s a cycle that needs to be broken.

            I have no real complaint against White guys who get some chick from Russia to marry them in this case. At least they’re White.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            But remember, Russian women have no loyalty to this country, and then they’ll want their damn families over here under ‘family reunification’, which we all pay for with our tax dollar. Granted, she’s better than a Mexican, but still.

          • Alexandra1973

            If they don’t go on the dole, that’s not much of an issue, but I see your point.

          • Jimmy, you have a one size fits all solution to our current difficulties. White women must be married and dependent on their husbands, taking care of the home and children. That’s it. Your way or the highway. But not all women can get a good man for a husband.

            One size fits all is a nonstarter when it comes to the complexities of human behavior. For one thing because of the marginalization of white men, many young white males will only be able to earn a subsistence level income throughout their lives. They can’t support a wife and children. The New World Order doesn’t want white men and women to have children, so that we ultimately die out. Get it. Without white children, the white race dies out.

            Thus, let the state support white children as much as the state supports black and Mexican sprogs since the state has destroyed the white man’s capacity to earn a living. As I said, I’m happy that my tax dollars go to at least a few white single moms. I’m tired of supporting the brown and black ones.

            Why are you afraid of the possibility that white women, some or even many of them, might not need a white man for financial support? In a coming race war, many white men will end up dead. Not enough husbands then.

            You’re also misrepresenting how I brought in the reference to Adolf Hitler. I said we today need a leader who can persuade us to put aside our selfishness and sacrifice for our cause. That’s all.
            We have no leaders now and our cause such as it is betrays that lack of leadership and sacrifice. Besides Hitler supported Leni Riefenstahl and aviator Hanna Reitsch. He also didn’t marry, you may have noticed. Yet according to you he would be working a subsistence level job since he had no wife and children.

            As to your claim that a woman you don’t know, but obviously disapprove of, is difficult to get along with, I’ll quote one of my white male colleagues at the university; “All women are b*tches.” I think most men recognize that women are hard to get along with. A woman maybe dates 10 or 15 men in her youth and if none of them proposes marriage then she’s a spinster. Nothing wrong with that so long as she’s accepting of it.

            Furthermore, in your claims that white men will work at subsistence levels unless they’re married, well, I’ve never been married and I often worked 80 hours a week. Professionalism motivated me. Pride in my work. A desire to improve myself. The idea that a man will only work if he has a wife and children is rubbish.

            The bottom line is that ALL white women must have children to bring our birth rate up, even the 15 year olds. I see every little Mexican chiquita in middle school around here pushing a baby carriage when school lets out. We are being outbred and thus exterminated. But I’m sure what I just said offends your sensibilities.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            You need to open your eyes and look at reality and not your Boy’s Club playbook of what to say over and over.
            Amren ‘men’ (boys) don’t have jobs, do they? So they can’t support a woman, can they?
            If not, then be glad that white women like Viking Bitch are picking up the slack. Because of her children that are infant and toddler age now, in 20 years, they can mate with other whites and produce yet more white children.
            You have to have WHITE CHILDREN in the first place to achieve that.
            Whites should man up and have children- EVEN IN POVERTY. Why? Because of the coming economy, EVERYONE will be poor, but we still have to reproduce. If we don’t, we will be surrounded by the Turd Undertow and killed.
            Goodbye whitey.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Viking “bitch” is not picking up anything but my Tax money. She is dependent on ME.

            She is not independent. Since she is dependent on me, she should defer to MEN LIKE ME.

            Using comment’s like “boy” is shaming language used by feminists.

            Is that you BettY?

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            I see this is all too much for you. Do you live at home in your Mommy’s basement? It is evident, given your hysteria about having a woman kiss your butt.
            ‘Defer to men like you? With you living in Mommy’s basement? You have to be a MAN first, and I think you are a boy, given the blinders you have on.
            And you can thank Viking Bitch for giving the white race 3 well-educated, 100% white children.
            Um, you didn’t answer my question: WHERE ARE YOUR WHITE CHILDREN?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL more feminist rhetoric using “shaming” language.

            You sound identical to Betty Friedan.

            Wow all these Stormfronter women must be brainwashed by Jewish feminists lol.

            They SOUND IDENTICAL to them lol

          • Adolf Hitler also created a very large number of white single moms, a.k.a. war widows as a result of his stupid war.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            War Widows are different than single moms by choice.

            The difference is obvious.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            Since we’re down to only 8% of the population, it is imperative that we put white children on the earth any way we can. Here you are, whining about ‘single mothers’. Well, there won’t be very many single mothers if you young gentlemen step up to the plate, and MARRY SOME WHITE WOMEN If we don’t start having kids NOW, in 30 years, we will be the MINORITY in this country, and you know what that means.
            We’re going over the cliff as a race, and you’re stamping your feet and having a tantrum over ‘feminists’- all these bare-titted young women are, are fodder for the communists.
            Your generation of young men has also been corrupted by porno– you’ve consumed so much of it, that it will be difficult to meet your marital match, all of you wanting beauty queens when you are only average looking yourselves.
            The real men, the GI Generation married the girl next door, was more than happy with her; and those marriages lasted for 60 years. Because they didn’t consume porno.
            Also, Viking Bitch and women like her don’t expect you to support her kids, she wants young white people to MARRY her kids when they get older.
            Viking Bitch, btw, has a Phd in psychology and is a clinician. She is nobody’s welfare queen.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            She is a welfare queen, regardless of “education levels”. Is she not one welfare?

            When is she getting off welfare? Never. Therefore she is no better than any black female single mom on welfare.

            Another mangina weak post.

            You clowns let your women run all over you and then claim to be strong “White nationalists”.

            You sound like the “Jewish feminists” you claim to hate.

            How is your ideas any different than any “Jewish feminist’?

            Maybe it is the WOMEN who are the problem. Why are we blaming the men?

            Women are the ones who have changed DRAMATICALLY. They are angry, bitter, claim to be “independent” and don’t “need a man”. while they live on welfare or work at a government job.

            These women usually vote Obama and support big government. They like to steal the wealth of men through taxation.

            This isn’t the way of any future “White nationalist” society.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            It flew over your head, didn’t it? After contending with snarling Mexican and black bosses, and a completely corrupt educational system that she worked in, she could see the writing on the wall: white teachers, counselors, etc were being systematically pushed out of their jobs.
            She uses the system strategically: instead of spending every welfare dime like the Blacks do, she is actually SAVING money each month out of the checks and benefits. With it, she’s going to buy a house and get completely OFF THE GRID, paying the system nothing.
            Understand now? As the economy weakens, and more and more whites are let go, this is obviously the way to set yourself up. Now they don’t let you keep a lot of money in the bank, so you have to take it out of the system, but that system is crashing anyway.
            Also, you made a grave mistake. You said, ‘This isn’t the way of any future “White nationalist” society.’
            Ummm, Jimmy? Before you can have a ‘white nationalist’ society, you have to have WHITE PEOPLE, which Viking Bitch is giving us.
            Understand now?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Blah blah blah.

            Doesn’t explain why she doesn’t have a WHITE HUSBAND.

            Why is that?

            Also, after the society “collapses” and a White “nation” is made, should we continue to support this type of breeding pattern?

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            Hopefully, we’ll have a white homeland by then. But to answer your (stupid) question which was already answered: the men she dated in college were drug addicts, and very screwed up. The culture had fallen apart by then. She did the respectable thing and DIDN’T marry a deadbeat, or a non-white.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Why did she date “drug addicts” in college? Sounds like she liked the “bad boys” in college and didn’t look for a “nice guy” then. She supposedly got a PHD too and couldn’t find a White man who wasn’t a “drug addict”? This is very hard to believe.

            The more likely scenario is that she was sexually attracted by “bad boys” and “drug addicts” who pumped and dumped her. After getting older ( >30 years of age) these men didn’t show interest in her and she became ready to “settle down” with a “nice guy”. Unfortunately, “nice guys” smartened up and decided they didn’t want to marry some used up feminist.

            Am I wrong?

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            yes, you are wrong. What page of your little MGTOW book did you get that off of?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            How was I wrong?

            There were no white men around who aren’t drug addicts? Weird, I see tons of white men who aren’t drug addicts.

            Why did she go for the drug addict men?

            I can produce White women by being a sperm donor. Same concept as “Viking Bitch”. Not a big deal.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            Then you just blew the basis of your whole argument by saying you can do what Viking B. is doing. If you do it too, you can’t criticize her.
            And where did I say that she ‘went for a drug addict? She obviously didn’t, cuz she didn’t choose them.
            By the way, Viking Bitch is a full-time Mom, where a sperm donor wouldn’t even know the kids– bit of a difference

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Incorrect argument.

            Her “contribution” to the White race is no greater than a White man’s contribution to a sperm bank. Same concept. That was my argument.

            It’s not like she did some “great” accomplishment.

            She is a “full time” mom dependent on the government and White male taxpayers. Yet she doesn’t want to be accountable to White men who pay her way.

            She is NOT married due to her being a “strong independent feminist”. Yet she wants to live off White male taxpayer money without accountability to White males.

            Sounds like a Jezebel feminist to me.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            She not only bore the children, she is an active Mother to them. She homeschools.
            I love your ‘purposeful misunderstanding’ of things. You snarl she’s a feminist (whatever that is) yet the talks she and I have had she says she’s not.
            She doesn’t need to be accountable to white males– she gave us the gift of 3 white children.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            She should be “accountable to White males”, considering they are PAYING FOR HER.

            She does no work and depends on White male’s for both taxes and protection. She is far from “independent”. She has just transferred to daddy from a White male husband, who she wouldn’t listen to, to “Uncle Sam” who is paid for by White men. She is literally just stealing their taxes and demanding no reciprocal obligation tot he men who are paying for her.

            It actually is a good situation for white women. They have the men pay all the bills and fight for them while they offer no obligation in return. They don’t need to “take any orders from a man” or anything else.

            White men need to step up and take their manhood back.

            White women would have no alternative. Where would they go? Middle Eastern culture? African? Asian?

            Traditional White male culture would be far nicer than any of the others. They would have no other options.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            There are actually very few white men left working. So the people supporting her are everybody.
            Don’t forget that. So your silly argument about women needing to be beholden to white men is ridiculous.
            What you are doing is fantasizing. You have no basis in reality up there between your ears.
            Another problem with your understanding is that the system wouldn’t collapse due to ‘lack of taxes’. Why? Our taxes can’t pay for hardly anything anymore; the nation’s expenses far exceed what is collected in taxes.
            We are PRINTING our money, which is debt creation. Which what is going to kill us.
            Everybody will be scrambling then. Just hope that a white homeland gets built with white men in it that have a better understanding of reality than you.
            But then again, you’ll find out soon enough….

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL what you say is ridiculous.

            The vast majority of taxes in the United States are STILL paid by White men.

            Yes we are also printing money and indenting ourselves.

            Why are we in such debt? Single mommies and welfare state.

            Over 22 Trillion and counting.

          • You espouse defective reasoning, Jimmy. You sloganeer the term “welfare queen.” You really can’t see the difference between a highly educated white woman who doesn’t sleep around but has three fine white aryan children via technology in order to support her race, and an uneducated black promiscuous woman having children due to unprotected sex with many men? VB homeschools her children to protect them from egalitarian schools, while the black cares not a bit about education. No difference between the two women, eh?

            They’re both welfare queens in your terminology even though the black is lazy while the white woman is milking the system to recirculate that money into the white community? No difference.

            The black doesn’t want a job so she can spend her time gossiping, drinking, and drugging. The white Viking wants a work at home job but is blacklisted due to her opposition to race mixing. But they’re both welfare queens to you, eh?

            I guess my late grandmother was a welfare queen too. I can’t remember how many husbands died on her, but she lived a good part of her 90 plus years manless and doing washing by hand. When the plantation that is/was America wore her out so that she had nothing left to give, the power elites were kind enough to give her a subsistence income, barely enough to eat on.

            Are you married? Having children? Women, white women especially, are told they must go to the university, become career women AND have NO children. White women having children are doing more for the race than all the keyboard warriors in America. That’s why it’s called Mother’s Day, not Married Mother’s Day.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Your late grandmother was a WIDOW, she is not a single mom by choice. BIG DIFFERENCE.

            I support welfare for Widows whose husbands honestly died while working for the society.

            However, are you really pretending that single moms who are welfare are good for a future white nation?

            In the future, who will support those single moms in a White nation?

            Who will be the leaders of that “White nation”?

            We don’t need some feminist YENTAS complaining to men that they are “independent”.

            Also why did she need an anonymous donor? She could’ve had a White male partner and be married. She can still remain on welfare.

            Sounds like she is an “independent feminist” type of woman. Something like Betty Friedan lol

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            I told you, she tried to find the right white man and couldn’t find him.
            Hey Jimbo, you don’t want single mothers running around? Then marry a white woman and there won’t be single mothers running around.
            Or are you gay?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            LOL more typical feminist shaming language. Stormfronter women= feminist Yentas.

            Why should men “marry a single mother” who has children by another man? That isn’t a smart genetic strategy for a male to use his resources on another man’s child. That is just idiotic.

            Also, women initiate most divorces in this country. It isn’t just getting “married” that is the problem. It is the divorce culture due to feminist White women.

            Women often divorce a man, throw him out of the house, force him to pay child support, alimony, assets, etc while the MAN lives in a one bedroom apartment.

            Doesn’t sound like a good deal for men.

            Marriage 2.0 is a feminist anti-male construct.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            We’re not asking you to marry a single mother, bonehead. We’re asking you to see the good that she is doing.
            Please get your face out of your MGTOW comic book and grow up.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Im impressed you picked up on MGTOW.

            MGTOW is what occurs when men are marginalized in a feminist society.

            This is why the Western world is collapsing. Men will stop working and go “MGTOW”.

            She is doing no much “good”.

            I can be a sperm donor too. Does that make me do “good”?

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            The western world is collapsing because of debt, & tyranny.
            The white world is collapsing cuz wienie men are having tantrums.
            Women like Viking Bitch are the heroes cuz they are giving white life.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Viking Bitch is just another big mouth feminist who is far from a “hero”.

            She has done nothing “heroic”.

            She is the same ilk as Betty Friedan.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            3 white children. Feeling ashamed?

          • Nevsky

            “Or are you gay?”

            This can be translated into “I now realize that I don’t have any substance to my arguments, so I’m now going to resort to name-calling like a 12-year old.”

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            It’s a valid question. No wife, no girlfriend, no kids, no women interested in him at all, so the obvious question would be, ‘is he gay?

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I have plenty of “women” due to having money. Not that hard to get. Anyone can get a White woman if they have money.

            Hell, tons of Negroes, Indians, Asians, etc get white women all the time.

            Tiger Woods had many White woman.
            Seal had a White woman.
            Athletes, Rappers, etc have White women.

            It’s really not that difficult if you have money.

            I just won’t marry them due to Marriage 2.0 divorce laws.

            What there is a shortage of are TRADITIONAL good White women that won’t divorce you and take your assets.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            Somehow I get the feeling you haven’t looked, and you don’t write very professionally, so I don’t get the feeling you have a lot of $$.
            In order to help the white race, I suggest you start the hunt for a traditional white woman then.

          • Jimmy Joseph


            Typical feminist shaming language.

            Funny how these “white nationalist” women sound very similar to Jezebel feminists or Betty Friedan.

            Guess she has been brainwashed by the “Jews” lol

        • saxonsun

          “Must have!?” And what do you propose to do with those white women who don’t want kids? You have scary ideas–thank God you will never be able to drag women back to the dark ages.

          • I’m quoting Viking Bitch and a wide swath of white nationalist women when I write “must have.” Those are their words, based on the reality of our coming extinction. White women who don’t want kids have been brainwashed into believing that way.

            As to the dark ages, if the white race is extinguished there will be a new dark ages. A dark ages in which Mexican and Muslim drug gangs rule and keep white women, blondes especially, as sex slaves. Women will have NO RIGHTS.

            The WN women I know are telling their sisters that they “must have” children if our race is to survive. It’s demographics. The schools are teaching our young white girls that they MUST NOT HAVE children. We must teach them the opposite or die out.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            White women who don’t have children should be forced to work for the betterment of the society in the labor market. These exceptions should be for barren women.

            But the primary goal of women should be family and children in a traditional marriage.

            Any other concept will not allow for a productive society.

            Its that simple.

          • Nevsky

            I agree with what you’re saying in regards to the importance of the traditional family unit. Our enemies win if our family units fall apart, even if we’re breeding.

            We also need to remember that we whites have a k-selected survival strategy where we limit our reproduction so that we can invest in quality children. Breeding like rabbits and depending on welfare will yield to poorer quality white children, which will have consequences for our race down the road.

            Although our enemy’s primary goal is to exterminate us, they will also win if they can turn us into r-type degenerates, breeding and becoming dependent on a welfare state. Quality white children needs to come before quantity.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Correct analysis.

            Very intelligent analysis discussing K type vs R type breeding patterns.

            White society has NEVER done well breeding like other R type cultures. We will be just as degenerate as them and become weak.

      • LHathaway

        She used sperm from a high IQ donor, or a ‘stormfronter’.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Most stormfronters ar trailer trash with no education. I wouldn’t use them as a litmus for “high IQ”. They usually have a large number of tattoos, scream “Hail Hitler” and shoot guns in the woods.

          Hitler would laugh at them. At least the real Nazis were quite educated and traditional in male-female relationships.

          We need a higher education level White Nationalist population that believes in traditional values. That is the only method of function.

          I doubt having a society of women having children through sperm donors is the best method of making a White society.

          A feminist White Knight nationalist society where men work to support single moms won’t last very long.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            So where are your white children then? You don’t have any, do you?
            Like I said above, you can’t have fancy white nationalist societies WITHOUT WHITE PEOPLE

          • Nevsky

            Jimmy’s number of children has nothing to do with the merits of his arguments. Your question isn’t a rebuttal at all. Also capslock really gets your point across…

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            Having children is the ultimate answer to the white problem. I’ve noticed little Amrener ‘men’ are scared of having them. You don’t want families you want a boys’ club.

          • I have read some very good articles on SF. The fellow who posts as Yggdrasil there is excellent.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            There are some posters that are intelligent.

            But I am speaking about the larger audience there.

            We don’t need “White Nationalists” who look like trailer trash and yelling “Hail Hitler” every two minutes.

            Makes them look like clowns.

      • Shadow

        Well said, sir.

      • saxonsun

        Not all women want this “traditional” marriage is why. And guess what? It is so cool that women can decide what they want.

        • Women can have what they want? Yes, but for how long? When the earth returns to a brutal feudal state, women will have no rights. And without the white race, North America will certainly revert to savagery.

          And by the way, do women really know what they want? Do men? We have the New World Order media telling us “consume,” “race mix,” “integrate,” “obey,” etc. Women naturally want children. It’s in their genes.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          She is “deciding” on what she wants with MY MONEY.

          She isn’t an” independent” woman. She is a single mom on WELFARE which is supplied by my TAXES.

          Why should I work for this garbage?

          If it isn’t my kid in a traditional marriage, I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

          Even if the kid is “White”.

          Societies work through incentives. Taking the incentive away from men to work will cause the society to collapse. That simple.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            She’s spreading the human race, are you? And those aren’t YOUR taxes; they’re mine as well.

  • dd121

    This is why conservatives can’t win. Too many people are making a living voting and aren’t going to turn that over to some limited government guys.

  • John Smith

    Q: What happens when you feed/cloth/house people who are unable to feed/cloth/house themselves?

    A: You get MORE people (and their children) who cannot feed/cloth/house themselves.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Looks like Peggy the Moocher wasn’t wrong after all in 2008:

    Obama IS forcing other people to pay for her…and 46,496,145 others’ personal expenses.

  • Simonetta

    I had food stamps once long ago, in college, (1977 in New Orleans). All my friends told me that I ‘qualified’ and to go get ’em.

    I spent 4-5 hours in ugliest welfare office this side of Uganda, filled out a six page form, and was ‘granted’ the opportunity to buy $30 of food stamps for $18. I go up to the check-out counter with my mac’n’cheeze boxes only to have some vile black girl call me ‘a white m***F***r with food stamps’ over the store’s loudspeaker intercom. Some 300 pound black ‘security guard’ demanded that I open my textbook bag. I told him that he needed a search warrant. He took out a service revolver, stuck it in my stomach, and told me that “I told you to open the pack!” Geez. I opened it. The manager came running up, got the ‘security guard’ to holster his weapon, told me to leave, and never come back. Which I did, happy to still be alive.

    I hope that they all drowned in hurricane Katrina. New Orleans, such a vile, creepy, and dangerous place. It combines all the worst elements of New Jersey and Haiti into one little swampy piece of hell. Mah-tee-koo-te-fai-oo, gris-gris and all that other nonsense, who needs it. You want to be a tourist, go to Yellowstone!

    • Max

      N.O. Would collapse back into hell if it weren’t for white people dumping money into the place as tourists. It is another monster created and fed by whites.

      • bilderbuster

        It was fun the first time I went as an underage teen drinker. The second time in my early twenties it was been there/done that.
        I never left the French Quarter and I’ll never go back.

    • I don’t like the black culture either. But that has nothing to do with the idea of providing food stamps for people who need them, and most of the people on food stamps in america are white. I support my white brothers and sisters in their time of need.

      Yes, a white nation for white people. I support it.

      But the best nations on earth are very white (northwestern europe), and those nations have a great welfare system. Yes, mass immigration is going to ruin that too, But the idea of food stamps is a good idea. Why attack food stamps? Attack the idea of racial integration. That is a big problem for whites.

      Attack the idea of having a federal govt at all. The fed govt is the force behind racial integration. I say, food stamps for a white nation. But attacking food stamps in general is a bad thing.

      • Sloppo

        The reason we generally don’t like food stamps is that it is a program which takes tax money from white people and disproportionately distributes it to people who are actively colonizing what used to be white homelands. We’re paying for our own ethnic replacement.

        • but you are punishing lots of white people who need food stamps.

          Why not focus instead on disempowering the federal govt which is behind the whole idea of racial integration, discrimination against whites and mass immigration?

          I think food stamps are good. I might need them someday. Any of us might. Yes, blacks are parasites. But why hurt ourselves?

          • Sloppo

            I’d rather help members of my racial family directly.

          • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

            You hit the nail on the head.

      • Jimmy Joseph

        Temporary Food Stamps are acceptable.

        Long term welfare patterns are NOT.

        Even White nations that adopt welfare models are COLLAPSING.

        Those White welfare utopias (ex Sweden) are collapsing demographically and being taken over by Muslims.

        Traditional Male dominated societies are the ONLY type of societies that survive long term.

        • so if one wants to be against mass immigration and multiculturalism, one must also be against the welfare state, correct? Must one also adopt other stances, such as being against the minimum wage? Against progressive taxation? Against universal healthcare?

          I ask because this is what I see. Not just here. But everywhere else. Why is that? I can tell you that there are large chunks of conservatives (not necessarily a majority, but a large percentage of conservatives) who are against mass immigration and multiculturalism, but who are FOR the welfare state.

          I am just talking about poll results.

          But when it comes to well funded sites, and prominent conservatives, they are always, always, the other way. A statistical anomaly, that.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            The welfare state always leads to the collapse of a civilization.

            Long term welfare for single mothers= poor breeding patterns and chronic unemployment due to lack of skills.

            If a single mom can be live off the government, she has no incentive to marry a productive man. She will often have children with “bad boys”, “players”, “thugs”, “party guys”, etc because there are no consequences for her bad behavior. Productive men will be increasingly shunned for more “fun” options.

            Productive men who are increasingly taxed to pay for the bastard spawn of single moms will decide that working is for suckers. They receive little benefit in being a hard working productive male in this environment.

            Ergo, the economy collapses.

            Also, the breeding patterns of the single moms usually leads to lower birth rates, lower IQ progeny and large segments of uneducated offspring who become criminals.

            This is the breeding pattern of the African American community and increasingly in the White community as well.

            This stuff is as simple as science.

          • LOL…kids these days…

          • Jimmy Joseph

            I have crushed you with facts.

            Deal with it.

            You are unable to refute my argument.

          • Magician

            “being a hard working productive male”

            Being a heterosexual wasp hard working productive male

        • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

          As long as they have white babies.

    • Sloppo

      If you ever do go back, please bring a little camera and post the video on youtube. I believe a video version of the experience you described would be very educational for many white people who don’t fully understand the meaning of dieversity enrichment.

    • Who Me?

      I used to want to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras as a tourist. Never made it. Then Katrina happened–I saw all I wanted to of New Orleans on TV. Haven’t thought of going there since then. Kind of sorry I never saw it before, but don’t want to see it now.

      As for Yellowstone, Oh YES! Wonderful place, been there several times, would go again in a flash if offered. (Unfortunately we’ve already had vacation this year, and planning to go to the Silverton-Durango area of Colorado next summer.)

      • We want to go to Yellowstone. My wife has never been there, and the fishing is fantastic. Our main problem is that the car that gets the best gas mileage is only running on three cylinders. Fine for her commute, but it would croak on the highway.

        • Who Me?

          My recommendation would be to take a “hard-sided” camper — that is to say an RV or pull a trailer. (Maybe you could look into renting one.) There are some campgrounds that allow tent camping, but remember even in August the nighttime temps can get to freezing or below. The best campgrounds, the ones that are smaller, further off the beaten trails, and closer to the animals are restricted to “hard-sides” only, simply because of the bears, buffalo and other assorted critters.
          The other thing is to remember to take a camera and one or two extra picture cards, you will want to get LOTS of pictures, and the opportunities will be endless. The scenery is fantastic, and the animals are in no way tame, but they are less afraid of being gawked at, and will sometimes sit for an hour or more on the side of the road while people photograph them.
          Plan for at LEAST a week stay, there is NO WAY you will see everything in two or three days.

  • We were denied when I applied for food stamps for us in early 2010. We ate a lot of pasta and I shot the neighborhood rabbits pretty much extinct with my old Crosman air rifle, afterward. I like a flat quartering shot from 04:00 or 0:800 behind. They never see anything.

    The pellet leaves a little blue hole going in and out, but massive internal bleeding and organ destruction. Those poor rabbits went down right away.

    The “person” who denied us was a fat Greaserita. That was hardly a suprise.

    I also shot the area empty of pigeons with the same air rifle. I used to clean them, stuff them, sew them back up, and pack them with clay before baking. The hardened clay locked in the juices and made it easy to pull the feathers off. No pigeons come here anymore; I have not seen any within miles since then.

    • Magician

      Did you shoot the rabbits for fun or for dinner? or both? Whatever your answer is, it won’t change how much you mean to AmRen. We all have to experience difficult times every now and then.

    • Sloppo

      If you lived near me, I’d let you have all our rabbits, and you could have our canadian geese when they’re in season. Most folks don’t seem to want them, but they’re pretty darn good when they’re cooked right.

      • bilderbuster

        I had a farm raised goose before and farm raised rabbit and enjoyed them both very much.

    • Alexandra1973

      Around here in the welfare office they’re all White, at least that I’ve seen.

      My county is 95% White.

      • Melvin Bonzarelli

        Not to worry, once Barack Obama becomes President, all will be well. Everyone will have a job. And they will get to keep their doctor and their health insurance if they like them.

    • Bill Moore

      Hello Michael Christopher Scott,

      You’re my kind of guy.

      I recommend to people to prepare for the coming bad times by acquiring guns, ammo, food, water, matches and a box trap. The box trap is for catching a rabbit to help feed the family. A good day will be when you catch a rabbit and cook it over an open fire in the driveway.

      I grew up on a tenant farm with no running water, no electricity, no central heat, no car, no shoes, no nothing. Me, nine sisters, mother and father. We carried all of our water from a spring a half-mile away.

      By the way, poverty is not a reason to do poorly in school or to turn to a life of crime (as is inferred for Africans by the Communists/Progressives/Liberals). Me, and all of my sisters did well in life.

      My Best Wishes to You,
      Bill Moore

  • relanorma

    Not quite a “Yankee” stadium is it?

    • Magician

      Yes it isn’t,

      Or no it is,

      A definite maybe 😉

  • Alexandra1973

    I get food stamps right now, but at least I’d paid into the system.

    Not proud of it. Sometimes life throws you lemons. Huge ones.

    • Magician

      Don’t worry about it. I have my share of very sour lemons being thrown at me.

    • Garrett Brown

      When life gives you lemons, order pizza.

      • Alexandra1973

        And some lemonade to go with it, huh?

        If I could find a steady work-at-home job so I can be there for my son that’d be great.

        • Garrett Brown

          Lemonade with pizza? Ew.

          • Alexandra1973

            Well, I prefer it with root beer, but if all I have is lemons….

          • Garrett Brown

            You squeeze it onto the pizza.

          • Bacon & sauerkraut pizza is wonderful.

          • Alexandra1973

            I like pineapple on mine.

          • I make lemonade without sugar: just lemon juice and tapwater. Then I put vodka in it. That goes with almost anything except operating machine tools or motor vehicles.

          • Garrett Brown

            I drink whiskey with everything, because I’m an alcoholic.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    The welfare state always leads to the collapse of a civilization.

    Long term welfare for single mothers= poor breeding patterns and chronic unemployment due to lack of skills.

    If a single mom can be live off the government, she has no incentive to marry a productive man. She will often have children with “bad boys”, “players”, “thugs”, “party guys”, etc because there are no consequences for her bad behavior. Productive men will be increasingly shunned for more “fun” options.

    Productive men who are increasingly taxed to pay for the bastard spawn of single moms will decide that working is for suckers. They receive little benefit in being a hard working productive male in this environment.

    Ergo, the economy collapses.

    Also, the breeding patterns of the single moms usually leads to lower birth rates, lower IQ progeny and large segments of uneducated offspring who become criminals.

    This is the breeding pattern of the African American community and increasingly in the White community as well.

    This stuff is as simple as science.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Growing inequality is due to differences in IQ, education levels and breeding patterns.

    • Shadow

      And mass immigration.

  • Bill Moore


    At a local Walmart, I was told by the people that work there that a food stamp “trick” is to buy a shopping cart full of groceries with their EBT card, then take it to the service desk and return it.

    The service desk does not put the purchases back on their EBT card. The service desk gives them the cash. A cart full of groceries is about $400.

    A side issue is that Walmart cannot return the returned groceries to the shelves. They must be discarded.

    Thank you for letting me rant,
    Bill Moore

    • OS-Q

      Did you hear how they discard it? I hope they give the food to a food shelf or at least a pig-farmer. It would be such a shame otherwise.

  • Neue Sachlichkeit

    Well, that must be nice.

    As a single White male with well-documented health problems, who lost his job at the word of a “Dreamer” despite extensive documentation of those problems, I never qualified for anything like food stamps.

    I am still here because of the kindness of OTHER White people.

    And the period of my life that reduced me to that, has also reduced me to owing nearly 1k in taxes. In my still abject poverty.

    I am so glad I get to scrape and suffer and worry even MORE to “give” money to Them so They can give it to third-worlders. Social contract my happy white behind.

    America, the land of opportunity—as long as you’re not, well, AN AMERICAN.

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    Having been at Yankee Stadium recently I can attest that food stamp recipients would not rush to fill that stadium. Hot dogs are five bucks apiece!
    For the average food stamp recipient, that five bucks would be better spent on a six-pack of beer. And the hot dogs they can always get for free at the local food bank.

    • Magician

      At Fenway it isn’t any better

      And losers like A-Rod gets $30M a year to play baseball for roughly half of the year

      That’s where the revenue from outrageously priced hot dog sales are going

    • Alexandra1973

      I can get hot dog buns for $1.25 and in certain places a pack of hot dogs for $1. 🙂

  • Earl Turner

    The current “feel good” fix for welfare/food stamps is to require drug testing for all recipients. I initially fell for that but then thought for a few minutes and said no. The only ones who will benefit from mandatory drug testing will be the companies who own the drug testing facilities.

    Start holding welfare recipients accountable for their actions and the actions of their dependent children. 1st conviction, 6 month ban from all public assistance. 2nd conviction, 1 year ban. 3rd conviction, lifetime ban, no appeals, no exceptions.

    • Max

      -or harboring criminals

  • Ringo Lennon

    Way off topic here but why don’t Jared do a thread on the country becoming feminized? What kind of country puts its men on the defensive? All you here about is Ray Rice and all the nasty men. How many women use psychological threats on men or hit men with objects?

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Good point.

      A feminized society is finished.

      • Ringo Lennon

        How much can a man take for Christ’s sake?

    • model1911

      Like this guy?

      • Magician

        I would be dancing in public and cleaning all public facilities in my area for free everyday during his presidency if being girly was the only problem or his biggest problem lol

    • Bill Moore


      The history of empires is the sound of boots going up a pair of stairs, and soft slippers going back down.

      Someone said that about a century ago.

      Bill Moore

  • MBlanc46

    This is another part of the march of modern capitalism. When cotton culture was mechanized in the 1940s, the blacks who had performed the labor were displaced and put on welfare. When Britain de-industrialized in the 1970s, the redundant workers were put on welfare. When American jobs were outsourced to Asia in the 2000s, those who lost their jobs were put on welfare. Free marketeers may claim that the displaced should have been thrown on their own resources and there would have been a better outcome. Maybe so, but that’s not what happened. As productive work is moved to the former Third World and only finance and low-level service work is done in the Formerly Developed Countries, the welfare state will grow like Topsy.

  • Ella

    It’s all about corporate welfare and votes. We’re forced to tolerate mass immigration and now, pay for their food through our taxes, but we have to pay higher prices due to increased demands and guaranteed profits. When will this ever stop from food to healthcare?

  • Adolf Verloc

    And they could fill 46,496,145 phone booths, which is just as meaningful a statistic. Minorities are overrepresented on SNAP roles, but most beneficiaries are white. All audits of the program have shown very low rates of fraud. If you want to get people off SNAP, pick your pet economic project: reduce immigration and expel illegals, modify our “free trade” policies, raise minimum wage or EITC, make it easier to join or form unions – whichever you prefer. SNAP doesn’t allow anyone to live high off the hog.

    • Magician


      It would be more meaningful to state, 14% of the entire population are food stamp recipients.

      • Adolf Verloc

        Yes, and this is a figure that disturbs me a great deal. It is an indictment of our society, and both left and right should be upset about it.

        I know it’s only anecdotal, but I used to work nights and shop at Wal-Mart after midnight. On the days when the EBT cards recharged, you’d see large numbers of families with small children stocking up. They weren’t buying steak and lobster, and nobody ever offered to sell me their SNAP benefits for 50% on the dollar.

    • Max

      The fact that people who work in the programs have revealed that they are told NOT to insist on positive identification of recipients -particularly Hispanics is evidence of fraud.

      The fact that the people collect *anything* for sitting at home cranking out more dependents is itself fraud based on a collectivist interpretation of a supposed social contract to which all must subscribe.

  • Jimmy Joseph

    Let me ask an honest question on here.

    Explain to me how the feminist Stormfront women are any different than Betty Friedan?

    Besides the “Jew and Black” rhetoric, they have identical ideas about male and female relationships.

    Betty Friedan Stormfront Women support:

    1) Single Mothers by Choice who depend on welfare
    2) “Independent” women who “don’t take garbage from a man” while living off the government or govt job (paid by male taxpayers).
    3) Hatred of the Traditional Stay at home mothers

    Name any points of difference between these Stormfront women and Betty Friedan.

  • Paleoconn

    In another time, family helped when a member was down. Sick, out of work, temporary disability, bankrupt, etc. This lasted until the afflicted got back on his feet by dint of his own effort and initiative. Today, the taxpayer is forced to pay to finance the dole.

    When charity is anonymous, the recipient has no shame. He even resents the people who finance his lifestyle, and he feels entitled. He stays on the dole dragging the country into insolvency.

    Public welfare spending should only be in extreme cases, like the terminally handicapped or aged with no family to support. Funding layabouts with the hard-earned cash of the public is not compassion. It is theft and it worsens the long term prospects of the so-called needy.

    • Jimmy Joseph

      Most of the people who receive welfare are WOMEN. To be specific, singe mothers.

      So you should be using the term “she” rather than he.

      • Paleoconn

        True but even in a group of one man and nine women, I would use ‘he’. The male embraces the female, as Churchill said.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Although technically correct, it still makes it appear that men are the biggest welfare recipients.

          Single mothers are the biggest recipients of welfare in the United States.

          This is a major problem for the White race, since it allows White women to have children out of wedlock in growing numbers without any accountability.

          Marriage rates are at all time lows due to the welfare state and women’s dependence on this apparatus.

          Men will stop working if they see no benefit in paying taxes.

  • AFlaVet

    Ahhhhhh…the “War on Poverty” finally cured and won.

  • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

    I sure don’t want to live near you; neither would Viking Bitch’s children that will be 10 times better educated than you

  • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

    Oh how wrong you are there. Besides, they wouldn’t know where the kids are from anyway.
    So do you have a boys’ club that is going to snoop around in everyone’s business in the future? The economy will be in the toilet and no one is going to know everybody’s background. But they WILL know educations and merit when they see it.