‘Time to Kill a Cop’: Ferguson Protesters Throw Urine, Bottles at Police

CBS St. Louis, August 20, 2014

Police and protesters in Ferguson were finally able to share the streets again at night, putting aside for at least a few hours some of the hostility that had filled those hours with tear gas and smoke.

The St. Louis suburb still had plenty of lively protest Tuesday over the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. And tensions rose briefly when someone hurled a bottle at officers.

Police told KMOV-TV that urine and bottles were thrown at officers by protesters who hid in the media staging area. Some protesters also chanted “Time To Kill A Cop.”

But the overall scene was more subdued than the past five nights, with smaller crowds, fewer confrontations and no tear gas. Police said they still made 47 arrests, mainly of people who defied orders to disperse.


Wilson was recognized during a Ferguson City Council meeting in February, getting special recognition for what Police Chief Thomas Jackson said then was his role in responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle, then struggling with the driver and detaining him until help arrived. Jackson said the suspect was preparing a large quantity of marijuana for sale.



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  • MekongDelta69

    Some protesters also chanted “Time To Kill A Cop.”

    Some normal people wanted to chant “Time To Kill A Thug,” but knew that if they said what they were thinking, they’d immediately be arrested – unlike the ‘protestors,’ who can do whatever they want without fear of recrimination.

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Statistically, black persons kill 11.5 people every day. But one white person kills one black person and the news can’t talk about anything else. This is sheer hypocrisy.

      • Alexandra1973

        No kidding. They kill each other on a regular basis, and lots of times over the stupidest things (you took the last piece of chicken, I’mma bust a cap in yo’ behind!).

        But let a YT cop off one out of self-defense and let the games begin!

        • Unstoppable Nubian

          That racist BS is subterfuge. I hope your family is burned a live. White people are also statistically more likely to be killed by other white people. So save your BS for your uneducated, inbred, Satan-worshiping kin. I hate white people and your EXCESSIVE IGNORANCE illuminates why. I wish I could wash your children being burned a live.

    • John Smith

      You can bet the anti-white media creatures will not give any coverage to this…or the “who do we want…how do we want him…DEAD” chants.

      Nope, these filthy anti-white media creatures will wait until the police respond to the provocations…and THEN the cameras start rolling.

      There is a YouTube video 50 years old, “Anarchy USA”. Alot of it is relevant to tactics used today.

      • Unstoppable Nubian

        Hope your parents were burned alive, then decapitated. #HateReturned

    • Unstoppable Nubian

      They would have executed on the spot. As they should have been; you of course, can join them. I’d love to watch your head sawed of white trailerboy®

  • anony

    “Time to Kill A Cop.”

    Time to shut these criminals down. Time to bring civilization back to America. Time to make our cities safe for civilized people. Time to bring education back to our schools.

    Time to get our country back. Way past time.

    • A Freespeechzone

      I agree; but it will NEVER happen–too few Whites will loudly stand up against the tyranny of a growing anti-White demographics that will overwhelm our posterity.

      • anony

        On the present coarse, I agree with you. Nevertheless, there’s always the opportunity to change coarse given an appropriate crisis. We need to be prepared when that crisis presents itself. Be prepared.

    • Unstoppable Nubian

      The COPS are the CRIMINALS whitebread®. Kill yourself

  • By the standards of the last ten nights, this was tranquil.

    I think we just might be over the hump. Except the funeral and memorial is Monday, which will be a good opportunity for the whole kit n kaboodle to get going again.

    • Sara

      Have Missouri Highway Patrol shut down the roads from Chicago… that will help.

      • Nancy

        Shut off the EBT cards. Don’t turn them back on until these parasites crawl back under whatever rocks they came from.

    • Conrad

      Send a bag of Skittles to the groups leading the protests.

      • Oh goodness, inspiration. I hope someone puts Arizona watermelon tea, a bag if skittles, and a pack of swisher sweet “cigars” on his grave. Might be enough to kick off another round of riots, if any of them are smar enough to realize it’s a mockery to two thugs and not a tribute

  • Sara

    How many of those 47 arrests from last night actually involved a Ferguson resident?

    Blue porch lights of actual residents being displayed in Ferguson in support of “their” policemen. Media silence on this and bans on comments increase.

    Speaking of those who chant “time to kill a cop”
    The CNN reporter that provided the Police Officer’s Name and Address on national TV can be contacted at:
    Ed Lavandera
    6543 Bob O Link Dr
    . Dallas TX. 75214

    • I’ll help spread that by posting it on my website, where it’ll get at least a couple of thousand views and maybe more. Good work!

      • Sara

        Thanks I was copying someone else who is doing the same thing… Somebody did some good work and I am an excellent parrot.

      • Nancy

        Hey BigOne…are you posting the GoFundMe link for the cop as well?


    • Yes, I hear that some of these people came from as far away as Wellston.

      • Sara

        I think the looter arrest count is almost 200 and most of them are from oakland ca, chicago il, acorn groups and almost 10 of them are actual local blacks. Meanwhile thousands of innocent children are traumatized as their community screams about “the debbils killing baby mikey for no reason” instead of going to school safely, like chicago yoots get to experience,except in Missouri.

    • Paleoconn

      Actually, somebody should broadcast to the black community that this is where officer Wilson lives with his roommate George Zimmerman.

    • FallenAngelofDoom

      Give him a call:


  • Time to kill a cop? But only a white cop, I presume. With Darren Wilson at the top of the list. It’s not cops they really want to kill, but whites, including women and children. There’s going to be a need for a lot of policing in Ferguson for a long time to come.

  • dd121

    That’s ok, liberals don’t get upset about killing white cops.

  • Magician

    I wonder if any of the rioters know the following people

    – DeMarquis Elkins ( The man who shot a baby right in front of the baby’s mother and ended the baby’s life )
    – DeMario Atwater ( The man who murdered Eve Carson )

    Anything that defends Officer Wilson either needs five or more physical evidences or flat out denied, and anything that defends Michael Brown is automatically factual. No evidences required.

    Recorded voice of a witness – never ever says “hands up”


  • james AZ

    HOW many BLACKS kill COPS ? how MANY whites KILL COPS ?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Amateurs protest during the day.

    The professionals come out at night.

  • Blither box

    If a mob is chanting some garbage like that then they are asking to be shot. The cops would be acting in self defense or are they too blind and stupid to realize it?

  • There was a White lady holding up a sign in support of Officer Wilson and the police in general. Of course she was led away by police to prevent her from being on the receiving end of inevitable violence. In a sane world, the police should have gone to war for her in defense of her counter-protest.

  • LHathaway

    Police and protestors share the streets. Community leaders in talks with mayor or chief of police. City leaders assure the community concerns are being heard. Community heads talk with city elders.

    These headlines could come out of any city in the Western world, not just Ferguson or one that has had a riot. The headlines and the phrases are the same, but you can be sure, if city leaders are meeting with leaders of the community, they aren’t meeting with whites. This may be true for every city on Earth.

  • Roninf9

    In a sane world, looters and roiters throwing rocks, bottles, or Molotov cocktails would be shot on sight. Instead, the police are PROTECTING the rioters and looters. Protecting them from a repeat of a real race riot that happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 when organized, armed whites had enough.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Blacks don’t want to be policed by white cops, and white cops don’t want to police blacks. I sure as hell don’t want to be policed by black cops. Why was segregation deemed to be so evil? It seems natural to me, and it is perhaps the only solution moving forward to america’s race problem.

  • none of your business

    Here is some good (maybe if the feds don’t intervene) news from a ST Louis radio station.

    Bear with us – and proceed with caution – as we deliver some breaking news and source out the information:

    A local Saint Louis radio station is reporting that Dorian Johnson has recanted his prior media espousals and now asserts that he and Mike Brown did indeed engage in a physical confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson. As a consequence the same Radio Station is asserting the local prosecutor essentially advises it’s doubtful charges would be filed. The Radio Station report is screen capped below:

    SOURCE – Radio Station via FaceBook Post

    While this report is difficult to vet it does align with recently leaked information about Officer Wilson sustaining significant injury as a result of a felonious assault by Mike Brown during the initial encounter. Additionally we know the Grand Jury is scheduled for tomorrow. We also just found out the Missouri AG is on site tonight and tomorrow.

  • Sara

    Another clue to the lifestyle and “associates” of the star witness for the dead Mr M Brown youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=pnDTtRgqTP4 at 1:27 Stop the tape and look WHO is standing next to Mr D Johnson!!!

    Now go look at the home depot “hot dog vendor – race unknown” who was beaten with a hammer video kmov chan4 stl Aug 2013 … Can you recognize the vicious scum gangbangers whining about “da po-po” now? Acorn scum criminal filth protected by the AG holder / sharpieton /shabaddz genocide sponsoring traitors….again!

  • Guest

    Please realize that this urine thing or bottles never happened. It was a story created to try and justify the actions of a St. Louis County Lt sticking a shotgun in the chest of a reporter and yelling at him to get back into the media area or he was going to shoot him. He screamed this several times until a sergeant led the Lt away. The Lt has been retired from duty. You probably have seen the video clip if you’re from St. Louis as I am.

    I’m white, educated and on the bottom side of the county… but I assure you our police in St. Louis County are not only a fascist cult, but complete criminals as well. They participate in the heroin drug trade, and will obey any unlawful order by our criminal politicians, up to and including murder. You may choose not to believe it, but that doesn’t change the facts. The federal government dictates what our police do, and they have stated (in front of me personally) they will not protect the public from federal government criminal assaults and terrorism……in fact, they will assist in criminal assaults. I asked a few years back why the cars no longer have “to protect and serve” on them. The young cop smiled at me and stated: “We don’t do that anymore Sir”. I replied: “I know, just confirming”. Nice way to spend our tax money…huh.