Infected Ebola Patients Flee After Attack on Liberia Clinic

Zoom Dosso, Yahoo! News, August 17, 2014

Seventeen Ebola patients in Liberia who fled from a quarantine center after it was attacked by club-wielding youths were missing on Sunday, striking a fresh blow to efforts to contain the deadly virus.

The attack on the Monrovia center late Saturday highlighted the challenge faced by health authorities battling the epidemic that has killed 1,145 people since it erupted in west Africa early this year, spreading panic among local populations.

Doctors and nurses are not only fighting the disease, but a deep mistrust in communities often in the thrall of wild rumours that the virus was invented by the West or is a hoax.

“They broke down the door and looted the place. The patients have all gone,” said Rebecca Wesseh, who witnessed the raid in the Liberian capital’s densely populated West Point slum.

The attackers, mostly young men armed with clubs, shouted insults about President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and yelled “there’s no Ebola,” she said, adding that nurses had also fled the center.

A health ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the youths took away medicines, mattresses and bedding from the high school which had been turned into an isolation center to deal with the rapidly spreading virus.

The head of the Health Workers Association of Liberia, George Williams, said the unit housed 29 patients who “had all tested positive for Ebola” and were receiving preliminary treatment before being taken to hospital.

“Of the 29 patients, 17 fled last night (after the assault). Nine died four days ago and three others were yesterday taken by force by their relatives” from the center, he said.


In Monrovia, residents had opposed the creation of the quarantine center, set up by health authorities in a part of the capital seen as an epicenter of the Ebola outbreak.

“We told them not to (build) their camp here. They didn’t listen to us,” said a young resident, who declined to give his name. “This Ebola business, we don’t believe it.”

Neighbouring Sierra Leone has also battled to get patients to comply with quarantine measures as myths spread about the virus.

On Sunday, a 25-year-old patient suspected of having Ebola broke out of his isolation center “for about an hour” before being escorted back, said health ministry spokesman Yahya Tunis.

Last month thousands tried to storm the main Ebola hospital in the eastern city of Kenema, threatening to burn it down and remove patients.

Local police chief Alfred Karrow-Kamara said the panic was caused by a former nurse who reportedly told people in the nearby fish market that Ebola was a pretense for “carrying out cannibalistic rituals”.

Some 1,500 police and soldiers have been deployed in the worst-hit areas of Sierra Leone to prevent raids, but they are powerless in the face of the suspicion and fear of poorly educated traditional communities.

Health workers’ pleas that relatives stop bathing the dead–who are highly contagious–have also increased suspicions, as many in traditional communities see ritual washing as a way of honoring the departed.


Folk cures for the disease have proliferated. In Nigeria two people died and some 20 were hospitalized after they ingested an excessive amount of salt believing it could prevent Ebola.

There have also been reports in Liberia of people drinking chlorine in the hope that it will keep the disease at bay.

The Ebola outbreak, the worst since the virus first appeared in 1976, has claimed 413 lives in Liberia, 380 in Guinea, 348 in Sierra Leone and four in Nigeria, according to the World Health Organization’s latest figures released August 13.

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  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Local police chief Alfred Karrow-Kamara said the panic was caused by a former nurse who reportedly told people in the nearby fish market that Ebola was a pretense for “carrying out cannibalistic rituals”.

    So…the Africans now believe that the doctors trying to help the Ebola patients are…eating them, instead? I can feel my IQ dropping just from reading this. I hope Liberia can set up an effective quarantine on this entire area, otherwise Ebola is going to spread rapidly.

    Also, that bedding and mattresses the looters stole was stained with bodily fluids from Ebola patients, meaning anyone who uses it could catch Ebola (this was mentioned in another Yahoo news article on this same topic).

    If you ever hear anyone wondering why Africa is such a horrible place to live, just show them this article. It’s a prime example of everything wrong with Africa and Africans.

    • TruthBeTold

      To paraphrase the old PSA, ‘a black mind is a terrible thing’.

    • IstvanIN

      They have the internet, TV, radio, schools, missionaries and heaven knows what else, all provided by us, and yet they still live in 10,000 BC.

      • TruthBeTold

        A sign of intelligence is the ability to recognize, adopt, and adapt good ideas.

        Asians are smart and hence good at this. Look how the Japanese take our robots and make them better. Adopt and adapt.

        I’ve said it many times. Whites have written the instruction manual for a successful civilization. No one has to reinvent the wheel. All they have to do is adopt and adapt what we have done.

      • Lord Sandwich

        And cell phones. They all love they cell phones.

    • kikz2

      sagan’s demon haunted world writ large as a continent…………………………..

    • propagandaoftruth

      Quarantine the entire subcontinent.

  • MekongDelta69

    “I don’t see Ebola anywhere. Do you see Ebola anywhere?”

    “Nah- there’s no Eb…”
    * drops dead of Ebola

  • Andy

    I’m totally pro-“White Man’s Burden”, but that obviously means armed guards at health clinics.

    And sterilization.

    Not that they’re that foolish for thinking it’s a cover for cannibalism. It’s not unbelievable of Liberians.

  • DaveMed

    What an useless group. What a drag on the rest of humanity.

    • IstvanIN

      And that is why we should step back and let nature take its course. They distrust us when we help them, kill us when we live among them, and are more dependent than house cats and far less useful.

  • Adolf Verloc

    I used to wonder whether the IQ figures for sub-Saharan Africa could really be as low as people like Richard Lynn said. I don’t any longer. Hopefully the “youths” will make good use of that infected bedding.

    • 1stworlder

      Well a white or Asian with an IQ that low would have sever problems, but with blacks its like a child in an adults body.

  • Luca

    They fornicate with goats and monkeys, they then fornicate with humans of both sexes, defecate in public, don’t use refrigeration, have open sewers, no trash collection, an average IQ of 70, believe in voodoo and occasionally eat human flesh, rats and bush meat.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • IstvanIN

      I don’t know, what could go wrong????

    • evilsandmich

      I’m sure that it’s been voiced before in these pages, but it really is remarkable that they haven’t all died from some horrific airborne ebolaids that they seem to be determined to breed into existence over there.

      • Luca

        As I have said elsewhere, Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom is trying to eradicate them and the White Liberals keeping delaying it.

    • SoCal88

      The rest of world stops pouring aid into this bottomless pit. Oh, sorry. This should be filed under “What could possibly go right?”

  • dd121

    They live in an imaginary world of magic and voodoo.

  • glennm

    is there a way we can speed up the ebola?

  • Pro_Whitey

    But, what color were the club-wielding youths?

  • Liberia is populated with the descendants of blacks born in the USA. That admixture of white genes surely drives up the average IQ there relative to other African nations. Yet the incredibly stupid Liberians behave at a level below even thurd world standards. They are hopeless and as such whites should pull out and let them devolve back to the stone age.

    • Bill Moore


      A couple of years ago, I heard that in South Africa and other places in Africa, that they have stopped wearing clothing.

      “Devolve back to the stone age”.

  • Lord Sandwich

    I told the witch doctor
    I was in love with you
    I told the witch doctor
    I was in love with you
    And then the witch doctor
    He told me what to do

    He said that

    Ooo eee,ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla, bing bang
    Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla bing bang…
    Ooo eee ,ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla ,bing bang
    Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla bing bang

    • Kenner

      And I’ve lived by those words. Which kind of explains a lot.

  • Stogumber

    As “Andy” I wouldn’t put that against Liberians. If your government suddenly begins to treat “patients”, often without clear external symptoms, quite differently from the ways you are used (negligence) – if it begins to intern them in closed buildings or camps – what would you think? Why trust a government?

    • evilsandmich

      Point taken. I’ve heard much the same thing about the Feds in the U.S.; how many would trust an Obama led CDC to operate in good faith when implementing quarantines, checkpoints, etc.?


    “not only fighting the disease, but a deep mistrust in communities often in the thrall of wild rumours that the virus was invented by the West or is a hoax” – No they don’t blame “the West” for making Ebola, they blame the White West. You know, just as their equally retarded kin who we’ve been cursed to live near do for everything else. It’s always, always, always White people’s fault, no matter what it is. As Comedian Bill Burr said “You can’t help these F’n people”. No matter what, we ( as in the White West, not “the West” ) are the bad guys. If we help them, “we be raciss tryin to killz dem wit da ebola cauz dey bez black”. If we do nothing, “we be raciss who want dem to die from da ebola cauz dey bez black”.

  • SoCal88

    “Half devil, half child” Rudyard Kipling

  • SoCal88

    A 700 mike acid trip