Ferguson-like Attack in Utah Escapes Media Notice; Race Bias Seen

Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, August 25, 2014

On the surface, the cases appear nearly identical: Michael Brown and Dillon Taylor, two young, unarmed men with sketchy criminal pasts shot to death by police officers two days apart.

But while the world knows of the highly publicized situation involving 18-year-old Mr. Brown, whose Aug. 9 death in Ferguson, Missouri touched off violence, protests and an angry national debate, most people outside Utah have never heard of 20-year-old Mr. Taylor.

Critics say there’s a reason for the discrepancy in media coverage: race. Mr. Brown was black and the officer who shot him was white. Mr. Taylor wasn’t black–he’s been described as white and Hispanic–and the officer who shot him Aug. 11 outside a 7-Eleven in South Salt Lake wasn’t white.

The perceived double standard is fueling resentment and talk of double standards on conservative talk radio and social media, where the website Twitchy has compiled a list of Twitter comments asking why Mr. Brown’s death has been front-page news for weeks while Mr. Taylor’s was a footnote at best.

“Black cop kills unarmed white male #DillonTaylor in Utah,” says a Thursday post on Twitter by radio talk-show host Wayne Dupree, who is black. “#LiberalMedia can’t find [their] way to cover the story.”

A sarcastic Sunday tweet from Valerie said, “CNN Please! We need the name and home address of #DillonTaylor’s killer immediately. Why hasn’t he been arrested??!!!!!”

From Mark Andersen: “Black cop kills unarmed white male #DillonTaylor in Utah. Where is @TheRevAl, @msnbc and @CNN? Is @DOJgov there? Did @BarackObama speak?”

And this: “People need to be just as angry over #DillonTaylor murder by a blk officer in Utah. He wasn’t armed!” said NeeNee in a Friday post.

Critics of the disparity in coverage and outrage said that it is actually the Brown case that is the outlier: Statistics indicate that black-on-black crime is far more common than the case of a white-on-black crime. For homicide, for instance, the FBI in 2012 found that of the 2,648 black murder victims, some 2,412 were killed by fellow blacks and only 193 by whites. (Whites also were likely far more likely to be killed by fellow whites than by members of other races, according to the data.)

Talk-show host Rush Limbaugh blamed the discrepancy between the two cases on “the liberal world view” that portrays whites as oppressors and blacks as victims.

“[I]n the current climate in the United States, a black person can never be the oppressor, and a white person can never be a victim,” said Mr. Limbaugh on his national radio show last week.


Another difference between Missouri and Utah was that Mr. Taylor’s death didn’t result in riots. There were peaceful protests a week ago outside the Salt Lake City police headquarters covered by local media, but no outbreaks of violence as happened nightly on the streets of Ferguson.

CNN news host Jake Tapper acknowledged the disparity in coverage of the Brown and Taylor cases in the mainstream media, noting that the press often undercovers such topics as inner-city violence and the high rates of black-on-black crime. But Mr. Tapper said Monday that media “critics fail to see” that the greater context of a story such as the Michael Brown shooting, including the reaction it sparked in the St. Louis, in the black community nationwide, and with local authorities and the Obama administration.


As with the Brown case, what provoked police to shoot Mr. Taylor is under investigation. Officers were responding to a report of a man “waving a gun around” when they confronted Mr. Taylor, his brother and his cousin leaving the 7-Eleven.

“South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Darin Sweeten said three officers gave Taylor verbal commands to reveal his hands, but Taylor failed to comply and was ‘visibly upset,’” said an Aug. 19 report in the Deseret [Utah] News. “Taylor was subsequently shot and died at the scene.”

Family members have said Mr. Taylor was unarmed, although police have not confirmed that. His brother Jerrail Taylor told the Salt Lake Tribune that Dillon was wearing headphones and didn’t hear police until they surrounded him.

Jerrail Taylor also said his brother may have been pulling up his pants before responding to a command to lie down on the ground when he was shot.

Salt Lake Police Chief Chris Burbank said at an Aug. 19 press conference that the officer, whom he described as “not a white officer,” was wearing a body camera. He said the video would be released after the investigation into the shooting had been completed.



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  • MekongDelta69

    Leftists and race-hustlers:
    Blacks = Good and noble
    Whites = Bad and evil

    (So-called) ‘conservatives’:
    Blacks = “We can’t say anything bad about them, because we’ll be called “racist,” and we’d rather DIE than be called “racists.”
    Whites = “Please be quiet. We know there’s a double-standard and a race war and we’re living under a black muslim Marxist dictatorship, but we want to keep our positions of power, so we can’t say anything on your behalf. So just shut up, deal with it, and go away – except for Election Day.”

    • Jefferson

      And where are the Libertarians like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson to point out the blatant double standards in how the media reports on the Utah incident compared to the Missouri incident ?

      At least Rush Limbaugh pointed out the hypocrisy. But Ronnie boy and Gary boy are completely silent on this issue.

      • Long Live Dixie

        Ron Paul is a self-described ‘anti-racist’, thus an ‘anti-white’.

  • Magician

    I just did a quick google and found those photos

    And now, anything that defends the black officer is automatically true with no evidences

    and anything that defends the dead victim will require

    50 physical evidences
    100 witnesses
    30 video clips all from different angles

    and the liberals and mainstream media might still argue that those are all fake, and their #1 defence would be, “This man is not a teen!” while only 2 years older than M Brown and the victim neither attempted to steal the gun from the officer nor punched the officer

    • me

      Our propagandists at the ‘mainstream media’ are officially anti-White.

      • MBlanc46

        Not officially, no. But corporate America, along with all the other elite institutions of the country, has been pushing the integrationist narrative for sixty years. As often as not, they’re the cheerleaders for activity that is detrimental to whites (even though, a few tokens aside, they are largely staffed by whites.

        • me

          Yeah, they’re the worst kind of devil–the anti-White Whites.

          • Magician


        • Bill Moore

          Hello MBlanc46,

          They’re all Jewish.

          I worked in the television business for over forty years.

          And the decision makers are all Jewish.

          Bill Moore

        • Long Live Dixie

          Have you read what got CNN anchor Rick Sanchez fired? Speaking about comedian John Stewart (Leibowitz), Sanchez said –

          Very powerless people… [snickers] He’s such a minority, I mean, you know [sarcastically]… Please, what are you kidding? … I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah. [sarcastically]

    • Spikeygrrl

      See? Look at him: dressed and groomed like a thug.

  • D.B. Cooper

    First of all, one way how us white avoid the reputation that follows the blacks is that we don’t excuse young punk behavior among our people. If you are a white punk, who commits crimes, then you make all of us look bad, and you would rather deal with a diversity for punishment, because WE will throw you to the wolves. Remember Michael Fay in Singapore?

    • kjh64

      He wasn’t committing a crime, he was walking out of a 7-11.

    • R L Buds

      I have been saying since MB got himself killed that if a black cop shot a white kid we would say “that sucks, but if he was attacking the cop or acting in a threatening way he probably had it coming. We’ll just wait for the facts to come out.” So when the cop’s camera footage is made public (then suppressed) we will see but still do nothing.

  • Samuel_Morton

    This sort of tragic irony will be completely lost on those with IQs 1 SD below the mean. Which is to say those who are rioting and protesting in Ferguson.

    It’s the smarter crowd we should be outraged with for their knowing double standard and subterfuge. That includes the self righteous crowd at the Emmys during their moment of silence for Brown.

  • What the hell does “not a white officer” mean? Mexican, Asian, Hindu, black, mulatto? Why the vague description from the Chief? What is being covered up here?

    Setting that aside, the dead man appears to be mixed race, not a pure specimen of Aryan whiteness. Not that this matters. We whites prefer justice to be colorblind, unlike blacks who want to protect their own no matter how vile their behavior. Witness OJ.

    To me, the issue isn’t his particular dead almost white kid, but the fact that the media never give coverage to black on white crimes. If it weren’t for Drudge, we’d never be aware of most of them. That’s the bigotry of CNN, NBC, ABC, and to a lesser degree CBS. Except for CBS, none of us should have any use for any of them.

    • IstvanIN

      He’s White and that was enough for him to be murdered in cold blood with no outrage from the tribal media or the occupational government in Washington.

    • Jefferson

      “Setting that aside, the dead man appears to be mixed race, not a pure specimen of Aryan whiteness.”

      He does not look like he came straight out of Sweden, but he still looks Whiter than George Zimmerman.

      If the man was still alive and he told me he was Portuguese for example, I would believe him.

    • Spikeygrrl

      1) Not white.
      2) Dressed like a thug.
      3) Not complying (wearing earbuds on the street=DUMB IDEA, whoever you are).
      4) See #2: Had to pull up his pants to turn around, easily mistaken as reaching for a weapon.
      5) Had a criminal record.

      Just like the Ferguson shooting, my presumption favors the officer unless/until clear evidence to the contrary emerges.

    • R L Buds

      “not a white officer” means that we can assume he’s not a racist, just an idiot with limited self control.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Almost every cop, or at least every cop in any place larger than a small town, are constantly told how every white person is out to get them. They are made super paranoid. White cops are told that blacks are innocent, and that being cautious when confronting blacks is raciss. Notice how the white cop in Furguson let Michael Brown come up to his window? I bet he wouldn’t have let a white person come that close.


  • libertarian1234

    This is truly a murder no matter what the races might be.

    I’ll lay odds that this black miscreant is in a rage and is getting justice for Trayvon and Michael.

    I watched a video excerpt of the preacher who was screaming at the Michael Brown funeral about Trayvon and now he is adding Michael to his list of “murders” by whites.

    That these black dregs hold on to what amounts to paranoid and stupid beliefs tells anybody all they need to know they just don’t operate on the same frequency as the rest of humanity, and they are best suited for mud huts and villages in the wilderness.

    They’re just not suited for civilization. They’re not mentally evolved enough.

    Is it any wonder millions of people in this country are hoping they’ll give them an excuse to drive them completely out?

    • R L Buds

      So they have: TM, MB and…..crickets……at that rate they may have a real list in 100 years.

  • kjh64

    Also, the White college student who was high on drugs and naked in Alabama. He had his hands up if I recall correctly and was shot and killed by a Black cop. We don’t hear a word about this.

    • Periapsis

      I never heard of this, but I am not surprised given whites effectively have NO legal or civil rights anymore. Why would the MSM report the wrongful death of a white at the hands of police, let alone a non-white police officer when the victim could become the focal point of a white uprising or it would contradict their false narrative?

  • A Freespeechzone

    Again, beyond words, Whites in this country are NOT willing to literally ‘put it on the line’ and practice MASS Civil Disobedience as was practiced in the Civil Rights era..

    Our socialist, racist leaders KNOW that Whites, even when completely marginalized and abused, will likely do NOTHING beyond a few angry words—which will continue to embolden those that seek to literally destroy us.

    We own it for not taking non-violent, mass action.

  • Mrfinoni

    Not the 6 corporations who own the media….. its the 666! LOL

  • curri

    Other fairly recent examples of police killings of unarmed whites that involved obvious gross misconduct by the police: Kelly Thomas and Douglas Zerby. Both took place in California.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Neither the media nor the politicians nor law enforcement are going to give a damn if white people themselves don’t give a damn. When Whites start organizing and protesting and making a fuss, THEN something will happen. I would love to participate in a white demonstration– when it happens.

    • Jim Davis

      Well, I for one don’t care to make a hero out of a thug, only blacks do that. From what I hear of this Taylor it’s not exactly a loss to society, now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting cops should be able to shoot people without any oversight, just saying I don’t get bent out of shape over a dead low-life regardless of who kills them.

  • corvinus

    Mr. Taylor wasn’t black–he’s been described as white and Hispanic–

    Would this be another “white Hispanic” like the mestizo George Zimmerman?