Dozens Rally for Officer in Ferguson Killing as Funds Are Raised Online

Frances Robles, New York Times, August 24, 2014

An online fund-raising drive for the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot an unarmed African-American teenager to death on Aug. 9 surpassed $300,000 by Saturday afternoon [Editor’s Note: $400,000 as of Monday], as dozens of people gathered at a St. Louis pub to rally on the lawman’s behalf.

One fund-raising web page raised so much money in so few days that it was shut down and a second page was opened, with its donations being directed to a fund managed by the local Fraternal Order of Police lodge. In all, the two pages, which both are on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe, have raised more than $300,000 for the officer, Darren Wilson.

“The individual who started the fund didn’t realize it would get so big,” said a woman who organized Saturday’s rally. When pressed for her name, she said only, “I am Darren Wilson,” a play on the popular mantra that emerged after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, in Florida.

The woman said donations were pouring in from around the nation from people of different races, most of whom were afraid to show their faces or publicly give their names. The site had to remove nasty comments being posted by people angry at Officer Wilson and by people criticizing the 18-year-old he shot, Michael Brown.

A related Facebook page for Officer Wilson had nearly 60,000 “likes.” {snip}


In a statement she read aloud on Saturday, she said: “Our mission is to formally declare that we share the united belief that Officer Wilson’s actions on Aug. 9 were warranted and justified, and he has our unwavering support. We believe that the evidence has and will continue to validate our position.”


Participants in the rally wore T-shirts with a logo in the form of a police shield that said, “Officer Darren Wilson I Stand With You.” They were marked “8.9.14” for the date of the shooting. One attendee paid $200 for the shirt, the organizer said.

Organizers of the rally said the proceeds would help relocate Officer Wilson’s family and support him because he was unlikely to be able to work on the streets of Ferguson again. It would also help him if he were to be indicted or sued, she said.

Another fund-raising drive on the same crowdfunding site, for Michael Brown’s family, reached $200,000 on Saturday. {snip}



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  • MekongDelta69

    This is my AmRen ‘feel-good’ article of the week (even if it does come from the New York Slimes)…

    • Kate M. Johnson


      ✔✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔✔✔ �✔✔✔ ✔✔✔

      • Who in the world upvoted this spam? (On my phone so I cant “hover” to see.)

    • Paleoconn


  • TruthBeTold

    I saw an interview where this was explained away that black people don’t have the resources to contribute to Michael Browns’ family.

    The question is where is the wealthy white liberal support?

    I wonder if we’re going to see money for Browns’ family increase when white liberals realize they can’t let this injustice stand.

    • Glen

      The DOJ and unlimited government resources are in St. Swisher of Sweet’s corner.

    • Someone in Hollywood can just write one ‘courageous’ humongous check.

    • Jack Burton

      They booed Jackson off stage for asking for donations.

    • Jack Burton

      Oprah’s a billionaire, ask her. Ask “Money” Mayweather, he recently posted two checks he received worth 72 million.

  • Luca

    Officer Darren Wilson needs all the help he can get. As we all know, in current-day America, a White cop shooting any black person for any reason is automatically a racist until proven innocent.

    • Mary

      Yes, but even worse than that. More like any White person shooting a black for any reason is declared racist.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Any White person is declared racist. There, fixed that for ya.

      • George Zimmerman isn’t completely white, but the FBI tried ten different ways from Tuesday to assign a racial motive to the Trayvon Martin shooting. He’s lucky he never posted anything here on the AmRen discussion board, because they’d have raked him through the coals on “hate” and civil rights charges.

      • mobilebay

        Yet never a word about the “Knoxville Horror” in 2007. I only learned of it a couple of years ago online. It was the hideous murder of two young white people by five blacks.. I never heard that whites marched, broke into stores or attacked police. Why isn’t black on white crime mentioned? It is much more common than the other way around.

        • I mention it at every reasonable opportunity in Yahoo discussions. That poor, happy-looking couple don’t have voices of their own anymore.

          • mobilebay

            Thank you, Michael. I’m sure their funerals didn’t rate representatives from Washington, nor Hollywood figures. What an insane world we live in today.

    • Jack Burton

      They’ve said it themselves. Watch the video interview of Nelly, a black rapper from St Louis, who said that the “verdict needs to be based on what helps the black community,” and “there needs to be penalties for (whites) shooting black males (regardless of self-defense).”

  • His gofundme page was at $113,000 when I posted the link on my site, which I think was Friday night. So, the money is piling up fast. Someone else can post a link to Gentle Giant Mike Brown’s site because I’m not going to.

  • ncpride

    Good for this White officer. Whether the media admit it or not, this sends a powerful message for White unity. Although they claim people of all races have contributed, my bet is that 99% of this money has come from other White folk sick to death of this nonsense.

  • There are a lot of morons out there wondering how Wilson’s tip jar could be more full than the Brown Family’s tip jar. Duh, it’s because Wilson’s probably going to need to hire a lot of good lawyers soon. Brown’s family, meanwhile, really only needed to pay the cost of the funeral and memorial; sure, they need to give something to Benjamin Crump up-front, but he expects to get a share of the ghetto lottery lawsuit against the City of Ferguson.

    • As I said the other day, both here and on Yahoo, the $50 those cigarillos cost would have been affordable if Brown had put in a six-hour shift flipping burgers. There he was, 18, finished with high school, and instead of finding his lazy self a part-time job, he’s out beating up storekeepers.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        He was too busy prepping for the upcoming college semester to get a job. Those advanced calculus texts weren’t going to read themselves you know.

        • Does that mean he was also going to rob the campus bookstore and beat up the cashiers? College textbooks are godawful expensive. The most recent one I have is six years old, “Welding Principles and Applications” by Larry Jeffus, and I think it was about $90 new. This isn’t a recent development, either. When I was an undergrad 25-30 years ago, chemistry, calculus and physics textbooks were a financial massacre. Anyone who can’t afford cigarillos is going to have a heck of a time springing for college textbooks.

          • Ella

            I believe current college textbooks run around $90-300 per book depending on your major.

          • Pfffft, 90 bucks for a college textbook new? Might just be the field, but I think the cheapest law related text I ever purchased was around 200$ or so.

            (Not belittling the field of welding, mind you, I just imagine textbooks for certain fields have their costs artificially inflated due to perceived value)

          • Dale McNamee

            While my wife was in college to get her BSN, she came across a few curious situations where she had to buy the “latest” edition of her course books instead of used books… We compared them and the only difference is the “localized content” placed in the new books…

            The “localized content” did nothing to improve the books…. In fact, it was totally irrelevant..

            It only makes them more expensive

          • I did that in organic chemistry as an undergrad. The book was 3rd edition of Streitweiser & Heathcock. I got the 2nd edition, complete with the study guide used from an older student, for about 1/4 of what the new 3rd edition ran at the bookstore.

          • Price probably has something to do with the number of books in a print run, as well. I got lucky in another respect, and that was because the Jeffus book was used for every welding class in the whole welding associate’s degree program. I didn’t – and still don’t – want to be professional welder; I just wanted to be able to do it well at home, so I took night classes across town after my wife was home from work in the evenings. As a state resident and unemployed, I got a sweetheart deal on tuition.

            The most crushingly expensive books I ever wanted were the definitive two-volume set on fishing flies, by Schmookler. I found them on Amazon $850 each(!). It turns out they’re rare and collectible. I thought “The hell with that” and ended up with Greenhalgh & Smalley, hardbound, instead for $20. I’m very happy with it.

      • This post is a day late but, how can a rope smoker afford anything
        when what he did have went up in smoke as it was ?..

    • SoCal88

      The local DA’s office will have to announce soon if they intend to file trumped-up charges against Officer Wilson. If not, all hell is going to break loose in Ferguson, and possibly other cities as well. Ratface Holder’s joke of a DOJ will likely do the same thing he did with Zimmerman: Nothing. Any civil suit by Crump-bum will be against the City of Ferguson, not Wilson.

  • It has bothered me that the thirty percent of Ferguson have not had a voice. Either because the media ignores them or it is too dangerous for them to speak up. I would like to hear what life was like in Ferguson from a White person or police officer’s point of view. This perspective may not be revealed for awhile but I think it will eventually come out. In the meantime it does my soul good that many are letting their wallet talk in a far more practical manner.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The government is going to throw everything it’s got into this case to railroad Officer Wilson. They lost the Trayvon case and they’re not going to lose this one. Already the DOJ, Holder, Sharpton, Obama, the idiot Gov. of Mo. and other political officials have lined up against Officer Wilson.

    They have unlimited funds to persecute an honorable Officer who used legal police procedures to justifiably shoot an out of control criminal thug. There will be many expenses like housing, travel, professional witnesses and experts for what may be more than one trial along with appeals. $400,000 is nothing.

    Officer Wilson needs our supports.

    I donated Saturday and will again if he’s indicted.

  • Probably quite poorly. I imagine quite a lot of Wilson’s donors partly viewed their contributions as a way of thumbing their noses at the left’s racial grievance industry.

  • Robb

    CBS news tonight, after saying for the umpteenth time “unarmed black teenager shot by a white police officer”, noted how “the brown family has been donated a quarter-million dollars” while the officer’s defense fund had “over $400,000” as if that was another sign of racism.

    • Alexandra1973

      Look at it from another angle, too: Quarter-million sounds more impressive than four hundred thousand. It makes it sound like there’s more sympathy for St. Swisher. I think most people won’t stop to think that a quarter-million is only 250,000 and a lot less than 400,000.

  • Alucard_the_last

    I’m really glad this is happening. Fools don’t seem to realize that if the police are afraid to do their jobs, crime goes through the roof. I would have ended all the police in Ferguson and let the negroes defend themselves. We wouldn’t want the ‘racist’ police to protect them.

  • GB101

    I decided to contribute when I learned that the president of the United States was sending three emissaries to represent him at the funeral of the black man in Ferguson, Mo., who robbed a convenience store and probably assaulted a police officer.

    But it was not my money. It was money that I otherwise would have paid in taxes this year. Suddenly I just remembered a big donation I made to the Salvation Army. I figure as long as Uncle Sam can pay for WH officials to show solidarity with people who rob convenience stores he can also pay to defend the policeman.

    • M&S

      Have a care…

      This could be a setup deliberately intended to bring us to racial loggerheads after an equally intentional ‘false start’ with Hispanic-Jew Zimmerman. Solely to humiliate and disconcert whites with a suddenly revealed character flaw or forensic proof of Officer Wilson’s guilt.

      Leaving us all the more vulnerable to things like gun control and the coming minority status change.

      We MUST NOT let this become about personalities because that is exactly the circus these idiots would love to drag us down to and then beat us with experience in.

      We must make sure it is first and foremost about justice as the rule of law.

      There are some questionable elements of Officer’s Wilson’s engagement. Let’s have those be fully described so that we can honestly say: “In the light day, we are not afraid of the truth.”

      THAT is the white way which no other race uniformly follows as ethics of the soul.

      When Mr. Obama is gone and the the costs begin to be counted of his foolish foreign policies and his spendthrift lack of vision and his overwhelming lack of principles, then we can sigh and take humble joy in laughing down our greatest enemies as our white liberal opposites.

      Because blacks number only 13% of this nation’s population but Liberals are perhaps as much as 60%. So it will only be with them thoroughly shamed and cowed that a conservative view -might- find root in time to save us from becoming a persecuted-not-protected minority in our own nation.

      • “Liberals are perhaps as much as 60%”

        Self-identified liberals have never remotely been a majority, much less 60%.

        • SoCal88

          Agreed, but they are MUCH more vocal.

          • Not to mention much more powerful, especially of course in the media.

  • kjh64

    White police officers ought to start refusing to work in Black neighborhoods.

    ie. 911-“Black caller” -My homie got shot. We needs hep, send da poe-lice.

    “Police”-Sorry, we have no Black officers available and as Whites, we’re not going
    because if we have to defend ourselves, we’ll be accused of racism and possibly
    indicted. When a Black officer becomes available, he’ll go. It might take an hour or
    two or whatever until a Black officer becomes available.

    “Clicking sound as the police hang up phone”

    • MBlanc46


    • hanfeedback

      Nice idea, but I say that the phone should only be answered to begin with if it’s being paid for with black tax dollars!

    • Alexandra1973

      Believe it or not, police are NOT required to respond to 911 calls. While I hate that notion…it could have its advantages.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    He needs to take that money and move his family to a new and more sane country.

    • One that does not have an extradition treaty with the US.

    • Ella

      I thought of Switzerland where he can work as Polizei. He can declare amnesty and enjoy a better life.

  • MBlanc46

    How encouraging to see whites come together to support Officer Wilson, not only online, but publicly.

  • Our Occupation Government seems determined to unite Whites. Well, if you insist.

  • Jack Burton

    While I support him in spirit, I’d like to see the results from the full investigation and eyewitness testimony. They’re taking too long to release this information.

    • kikz2

      guess it’s not massaging like ‘they’ want it…. or as J. Taylor has shared with us, the ‘release’ timeline was jacked by the police’s release of the video in the store…..

  • Well now, here’s a rare occasion. An article that doesn’t make me feel hopeless or angry.

  • Chasmania

    So, he got to shoot a black thug who attacked him AND he’s going to get $400,000 ?

    That’s my definition of getting your cake and eating it too !

  • Eh, I dunno, that would require assigning some kind of value to the rest of his life. It’s not like he was destined to cure cancer or convince all the blacks to leave for Africa.

  • kikz2

    thx >:)

  • As it turned out, the blunts were free, but beating up officer Wilson wasn’t.

  • What none of these whiners cares to stop and think about is that Brown’s funeral cost at most $10 grand, and his parents will proceed to blow the rest of the donated money on bling, while officer Wilson will likely burn through every cent of the money given to him on legal fees and expert witnesses, and then end up bankrupt, anyway.

    • SoCal88

      I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on two points: I don’t think that any criminal charges will be brought against Officer Wilson. From the information I have been able to gather, the officer had been badly injured, was fearing for his life and following department protocol. No reasonable jury would convict him of any crime, and it would be a career-breaker for any prosecutor to continue to prosecute the case. If the Grand Jury finds in his favor, this also removes any basis for a civil suit, although who knows what sort of publicity stunt the family’s attorney would be willing to try. Verdict: Zero legal expenses for Officer Wilson and minimal expenses for the City of Ferguson. The expenses for repairing and cleaning up after the ensuing riots could be enormous.

      • It won’t be repaired. The business owners who got looted and/or burned out will take their insurance settlements and get the heck out of Dodge. Really, would you stay there? Ferguson will be an economic ghost town in three to five years.

        As for officer Wilson – and I hope you are right – if he does not have to spend his donations fighting out a court case, will need to spend the money to relocate. Australia or the South Island of New Zealand would work for him. His worst problem in either of those places would be getting used to driving on the left.

        • SoCal88

          It will be a war zone for years. Someone needs to get in there and film the aftermath. The country has to know where this leads to.

          • Neither the liberal media nor the left’s racial grievance industry will associate cause with effect because they are mentally ill. Blacks won’t either, because they are extremely stupid. If reporters actually produce a television documentary on Ferguson 10 years from now, the economic collapse there will be portrayed as a peculiar tragedy, explainable only by “racism”.

            The unemployed residents will be described as “struggling”, as there are no supermarkets where they can use their EBT cards, and they too will blame “racism” and “corporate greed” instead of their own handiwork.

            The 2014 riots, looting and arson will not be mentioned.

  • fatbaby

    I donated 10.00,guy is going to have to look over his shoulder the rest of his life.

  • Paleoconn

    God bless this officer and God bless the people who stand by him. It’s instances like this that make me hopeful for our civilization.

  • MoMo

    The Very Most Highly Reverend and Exalted Al Sharpton acts more like a Muslim Iman than a Christian minister. Whites support him because they feel they have to not, not because they want to and we are suppose to be impressed by our President’s judgment? More and more I am convinced that President Obama is not running the country – it is William Ayers.