About 200 Protesters March to Providence Police Headquarters

Providence Journal, August 20, 2014

About 200 people filled the street in front of the Providence Place mall Wednesday behind a big banner that said: “Justice for Mike Brown.”

Chanting “No justice, no peace; No racist police” and “Hands up, don’t shoot,” the crowd marched from the mall to the Providence Public Safety Complex.

The glass lobby of the public safety building rang with chants at about 8:20 p.m., as the group faced about 10 police officers, who stood quietly for the nearly half-hour protest.

Most of the participants carried signs that said “The American INjustice system,” “All black lives matter,” “End the killing; End mass incarceration.” {snip}


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  • This crowd looks to be about half hipster. And it does not look like the kind of crowd to whom facts will matter.

    I joked on Twitter a few nights ago that this country is begging for a right wing populist nationalist dictator though nobody is listening. Maybe I shouldn’t have framed it as a joke.

    • Alexandra1973

      You know, I think that’s actually the intent. Whip up enough outrage over illegals, riots, and the like.

      And there’s the old warning, be careful what you wish for…you may get it.

      Me, I want a president that abides by the Constitution.

      • I want a leader that shreds the Constitution, shreds the DoI (even though those five words are misinterpreted) and implodes the Statue of Liberty Immigration on his first day in office (among many other things) and publicly pronounces that he’s doing these things in order to save the white race.

        The only good voting can do us is buying us time.

        • bilderbuster

          While you’re at it please don’t forget to take a wrecking ball to the Lincoln Memorial

    • Usually Much Calmer

      John Engelman makes your second point in his own way below.

  • MekongDelta69

    It must be so cool and hip to be a White Leftist idiot.

    • JSS

      Indeed. There is nothing more lame then pretending to be rebellious with the full backing of the federal government/media complex in your corner. For some of us it would be career suicide if our employers found out that we posted on pro White websites. These hipsters on the other hand risk nothing and are congratulated for these stupid displays by the same powers they are supposedly protesting against.

      • World_War_Me

        What a brilliant summation of the DWL conformist mindset! May I borrow from it next time I am arguing with an oh-so-edgy hipster?

        There’s nothing I hate more than a DWL hipster. If/when Civil War 2 breaks out, and the gun-less pajama boys start banging on our doors to save them, there should be No Mercy, No Quarter from us “evil white racists”.

        White people who hold No Justice, No Peace signs shall receive No Mercy, No Quarter from us.

  • Oil Can Harry

    At 0:18 you see a brain dead white (or Jewish) woman with a sign calling hero cop Wilson “the Murderer”.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Yeah, she’s not judgmental.

    • R L Buds

      If you defend yourself against savages then you are racis’ and a murderer. We must all lay our heads on altar of diversity.

  • Luca

    Who promised these White losers some weed for holding up signs and chanting?

    • Whitetrashgang

      Someone should have promised them a good beating, and gave it to them for free.

    • Dave West

      Weed only helps make white libtards more delusional than they already are.

  • Alexandra1973

    Mostly Whites, eh?

    I just wonder how long before this little mania catches on in other black-run cities…monkey see, monkey do.

    Makes me even more glad I live in a rural, 97% White town.

    • Can you at least name the state? I’m sure you’d rather keep your little piece of paradise private by not naming the town, but a state would be of interest. If not, I understand.

      • Alexandra1973

        It’s in Ohio–near the Amish. And supposedly there’s a haunted railroad trestle around here.

        • bilderbuster

          Haunted by the ghost of diversity perhaps?

      • Honestly, with the word “rural” added into the equation, there are a ton of towns that are 95-99% white in America still. I monitor several year to year, places I’m thinking of running away to, and I watch the percentage of white slowly drop, as the murders go from 0 in the past 15+ years to 1 … then 2 the following year, climbing right along with the counts of theft and number of blacks and or brown’s who move there…

        They’re out there… but I still haven’t found one where that 98 or 99% holds steady for a year or two.

  • JohnEngelman

    If liberals think this is a winning issue for them they forget what happened during the 1960’s. The five years of black ghetto riots that happened from 1964 to 1968 caused Richard Nixon to be elected, and reelected by a landslide. They led to the Republican ascendancy.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Different demographics, thanks to leftist demographic curve bending. Not so sure, but I can hope so.

    • LHathaway

      There’s definitely been some kind of reactionary move to the right for most working and many middle class people, where they’ve joined many of the old rich. As liberals always say, ‘these uninformed masses are voting against their own interests’. I love you John, but It may be more complicated that what you’ve written above.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      A nice surprise to see you and Question Diversity (above) make the same point in the same space.

      • I don’t think it’s the same point. I’m saying that the events of the last two weeks along with a lot of other things are proving why we’re not going to be able to vote our way out of these problems in our current system, and why we’re going to need a Putin-style figure if not an outright autocratic and militant version of Jared Taylor.

        All Engelman is saying is that in the current system, a lot of white people are going to react by voting for a bunch of Republicans that don’t deserve to win and will do nothing but pander and grovel to the black undertow once they win, but they’ll win anyway simply because they’re wearing the red trunks and not the blue trunks in the boxing ring called 2014.

        Ask yourself: The “best” that can happen after November 4 in terms of quantitative power shifts is that Mitch McConnell runs the Senate instead of Harry Reid, Mike Crapo runs the Housing and Urban Affairs Committee instead of Tim Johnson, and Chuck Grassley runs the Judiciary Committee instead of Patrick Leahy. Now I’ll admit that Grassley over Leahy is a substantial improvement, but does anyone think that swapping out blue faces for red faces in Senate chamber and committee leadership is going to make anything like Ferguson and the hundreds of other festering Fergusons out there any better?

        • Usually Much Calmer

          I misunderstood you, then. Apologies to you both.

          Thank you for clarifying. You agree with JE (roughly) about what is likely but not about what is needed, do I have that right?

        • JohnEngelman

          All Engelman is saying is that in the current system, a lot of white people are going to react by voting for a bunch of Republicans that don’t deserve to win and will do nothing but pander and grovel to the black undertow once they win.

          – Question Diversity

          Not quite. I expect Republicans to sweep the next election, and cut taxes for the rich. Tax cuts for the rich are the Republican panacea. Unfortunately, the only people who benefit from that nostrum are rich people.

          Tax cuts for the rich mean spending cuts in programs that benefit the rest of us, tax increases for the rest of us, and/or more national debt.

          The U.S. economy is stagnant for reasons that are probably beyond political remedy. More money for the rich means less for everyone else.

  • Dave West

    being a policeman is more so becoming a job where you have to babysit protestors.

    • Believe me, as a former cop and now retired, a police officer’s job involves a lot of babysitting! Babysitting is ALWAYS directed at two kinds of groups and no other: Liberals and Blacks.

      Whether they are protesting some social-political incident (Liberals) or marching and rioting over a black man that was justifiably shot committing a crime (Blacks), it’s always the same two groups.

      I NEVER remember babysitting hard-working, run-of-the-mill whites who were just trying to maintain a living, but I DO remember babysitting spoiled, rebellious, anti-establishment white liberals and race-baiting blacks whom no amount of reasoning could change.

  • Bandmoo

    I just wonder how many of those blithering fools live in a 89% black area.

  • Conrad

    The people in this part of the country have been stupid for a very long time. I think it’s in their genes. Maybe they have been marrying their sisters for too long.
    IF they don’t like mass incarceration, take half of the black criminals out of the prisons & put them in their neighborhoods.

  • A lot of mystery meat in that crowd. Puerto Ricans? I wonder who organized the silly little protest? Knowing my former colleagues at the university, probably some pony-tailed, skirt-wearing, hipster male professor who teaches classes in “racial injustice.”

    • IstvanIN

      I couldn’t go to college nowadays. Gosh knows what hideous general requirements there are.

  • Adolf Verloc

    What a shame that this circus occurred on the birthday of H.P. Lovecraft, arguably Providence’s greatest writer. He was a race realist, too.

  • Paleoconn

    Nothing but indoctrinated university zombies. How much do you think our country would improve if all our universities would spontaneously combust overnight? My over under is 37%.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Like periodic wildfires are healthy for the forest?

      • Paleoconn

        Kinda. I think outside of med school and STEM, there is little of worth being taught in these diploma mills nowadays, in fact almost all of the humanities and economics curricula are downright harmful and treasonous to our civilization. CultMarx

  • IstvanIN

    Scott Simerson suffered multiple head injuries when he was beaten May 23.
    If the Kent County medical examiner can determine that injuries suffered in the attack caused Simerson’s death, a report will be forwarded on to the Kent County prosecutor for review and a change in charges to reflect homicide.
    Of course this means the perps may very well walk.

    Would these idiots demand justice for the father of this baby who was beaten to death?

    • R L Buds

      No because he deserved it, he’s white, right. I learned long ago two or more (of their males) in an area like that is reason to leave ASAP. They can’t contain their impulses, you learn that quickly living among them.
      Would it be considered suicide (or entrapment) for a normal white man (not the pigs & pathetic weaklings that they love to “include” to feel superior to whites) to go into a black area and just stand there until the inevitable happens?

  • Bobbala

    Know negros! No negros!

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    Disghusting. These are the people who should be worried about being shunned by their neighbors in a sane world.

  • Pat Washington

    Clueless confused whites. So sad.

    • phillyguy

      the clueless whites are right up there with the blacks and the trash Asians/mexicans as our biggest enemy

  • The only thing though is that I take the lack of population growth as far more of a feature than a bug these days. That’s because the white population has just about flat-lined, so if a place is growing, it is almost always due to non-white immigration. If a place has a growing white population, it’s a zero-sum game meaning that some other place is losing white population.

    Combine that with what this article states is RI’s insane regulatory regime, and it all adds up to rich elitist usually but not necessarily leftist whites wanting to protect their own gold dust playpen from the hoards they want to inflict on the rest of us.

  • Human-Stupidity.com

    These demonstrators don’t loot convenience stores and don’t throw Molotov Cocktails onto police.

    But they support those who do.

    These kids must have been brainwashed their entire life, so they can not think logically any more. And they believe all the BS the main stream media (MSM) tell them.

  • bilderbuster

    That’s an interesting true story (the train wreck I mean).
    Blacks are extremely superstitious so if any come poking around like they might be interested in buying or renting nearby, you and your neighbors will certainly want to make sure the Blacks are aware of the ghost train and the haunted bridge.
    Show them a photo of the ghost train’s engineer Mr. A.W. Logan.
    He looks like a man who would severely disapprove of any type of diversity on or around “his” railroad.