3 Accused of Running Irvine Brothel; Charges Include Human Trafficking

Lauren Raab, Los Angeles Times, August 25, 2014

Three people accused of running a high-end brothel in Irvine are being arraigned Monday, the Orange County district attorney’s office announced.

Two men–Gin Woo Park, 41, and Heung Soon Kim, 56, both of Los Angeles–leased an apartment in Irvine, and they, along with a woman–Miyoun Kim, 56, of Newport Beach–are accused of turning it into a brothel and “inducing several female victims” to have sex for money, the prosecutor’s office said.

Gin Woo Park, Heung Soon Kim, and Miyoun Kim

Gin Woo Park, Heung Soon Kim, and Miyoun Kim


Park faces two felony counts of human trafficking and 13 felony counts each of pimping and pandering. Heung Kim faces the same. Miyoun Kim faces six felony counts each of pimping and pandering.

They are accused of conspiring to commit the crimes between June 1, 2012, and Aug. 21 of this year.

If convicted, the district attorney’s office said, Park and Heung Kim would face 40 years and eight months in state prison, and Miyoun Kim would face 12 years and eight months.



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  • David Ashton

    Making a korea of it.

    • LovelyNordicHeidi

      So much for Asian superiority.

      • phillyguy

        like I said before the Asians are here to destroy us

    • Paleoconn

      These people have no Seoul

      • Hahaha, nice.

      • Holden

        I like your screen name.

        • Paleoconn

          Thanks, Holden.

  • I hope Engelman gets away scot-free!

    • David Ashton

      He might think the one on the right is prettier than any white woman. You never know with all those Nordic Episcopalian Zionist Obama voters, who oppose any increase in the white birth-rate, and hope the Chinese and the Jews don’t come to blows in rivalry for future world domination at the expense of us morally and intellectually inferior “white Gentiles” in North America, Europe and Australia.

      • IKUredux

        He would think the one on the left was prettier than any White woman.

        • Magician

          Haha! Or maybe all three of them in the photos are better looking than any white women he has ever seen?

      • Wait, one of them is a woman?

      • Oil Can Harry

        I don’t think the one on the right is pretty but I have to give her credit; she looks rather youthful for a 56 year old.

        • Shadow

          “…she looks rather youthful for a 56 year old.”

          Compared to what?A black woman?

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            An alcoholic meth addict.


      • phillyguy

        best reply I heard in over a month , thank you

    • APaige

      No doubt. Please change the headline, if John E. reads the words ‘brothel’ and ‘Asian’ in the same sentence he will not be able to control himself.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        I’ve always been impressed with Engelman’s self control.

    • Korean guy

      He is mostly into Chinese women and Jewish women. I don’t remember him saying he likes Korean women.

      • He does specifically name the Chinese as one of his fetishes (ironically the least attractive in my mind out of China/Japan/Korea) but I’m pretty sure he’s not smart enough to recognise the race from the surname, or astute enough to tell the difference visually. I often get the impression that in his mind “Chinese = all Asians”

        • John

          Pretty sure he mentioned his main squeeze these days is named “She So Coot”.

      • bilderbuster

        Presumably he likes all Asian women including Cambodian tribals and the prehistoric filipino jungle women.

    • 1stworlder

      Has he posted today?

      • Likely not on this article, Lol.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        NO, the police nabbed him yesterday at the brothel and he is still being questioned.


  • Korean guy

    Let me be the first to acknowledge that they are Korean.

    • Yes, with those names, they can not be anything other than Korean. I would prefer to correct you, however. Their young victims were not forced to “sell” sex, as I doubt those unfortunates got to keep any of the money. They were raped and their exploiters got the money.

      The Mexicans are even better at this, as Mexico is closer, and their gangs are less reluctant to torture, kill and dismember the young women they entrap. Their “inventory” is more easily replaced, you see.

    • John

      Maybe you should entertain changing your screen name to one of the “catchy” ones we’ve posted above. Sum Ting Wong and Hu Yu Hai Ding are worthy contenders.:)

  • John

    Sum Ting Wong, We To Lo, Bang Ding Ow and Ho Lee Fuk are 4 additional suspects not mentioned in the article. 🙂

    • Magician

      Chi Ken Wing

    • IKUredux

      Ha Ha! You remembered the fake names! I loved that.

    • OS-Q

      Captain Hau Yu Fly Dis Tang couldn’t be reached for comment.

      • John

        If this keeps rolling at its current rate, and you and Magician have been a big help, we’ll have enough “names” to start a “First Baby’s Name” book for Korean immigrants. With that thought in mind, add Yu Go Bak to the list.

        • David Ashton

          There are 8 professionals called Bum Suk on Linked-in. Now I’m getting childish.

    • ZB01

      Don’t forget Phat Ho….her presence is indispensably necessary for the success of any such operations.

  • Magician

    “If convicted, the district attorney’s office said, Park and Heung Kim would face 40 years and eight months in state prison, and Miyoun Kim would face 12 years and eight months.”

    I just looked up for the sex crime laws in California and found this

    “In general, California state laws punish a conviction of rape with a sentence of imprisonment in state prison for three, six, or eight years. The potential sentence increases to a range of seven to eleven years when the rape victim is a minor who is over fourteen years of age. The potential sentence further increases to a range of nine to thirteen years when the victim is a child under the age of fourteen. Each sentence can also increase if the defendant acted in concert with another person to rape the victim.”

    Even if a sex criminal commits a crime against a minor he gets 11 years in California. I wonder why the sentence is particularly long for this one, including the possible sentence for the woman. Did she also sexually assault the victims? Even if she did and the victims are minors,12 years is surprisingly long

    • Easy enough to explain, I’m sure they’re being charged with separate crimes for each of the victims involved. It’s unlikely they were pimping out just a single girl.

      • Magician

        Yes, I agree. It must have piled up.

    • I suspect long sentences like these are imposed because this is a form of involuntary servitude, i.e. slavery. In most jurisdictions, prostitution itself is only a misdemeanor, but keeping someone against her will and renting her out is a whole different matter.

  • Bossman

    Prostitution should be legal as long as it is a free exchange of services and that no one is coerced into the trade.

    • Magician

      All sex workers must be adults over the age of 20 and safety of both the sex workers and their guests must be properly maintained and assured.

      In the above situation, the “pimps” very likely messed up very badly with the safety of their sex workers.

    • It is legal in Sydney, Australia. The restriction I know of – aside from a minimum age of 18 – is no street-walking.

      • Magician

        In Germany, it is legal, but only in, specifically permitted areas.

        • kjh64

          While it’s illegal here in the States,except in parts of Nevada, hookers have gotten around it. What they do now is charge money for “nude dancing” which is legal but say that whatever sex acts that occur are not for sale because prostitution is illegal. Thus, you pay 100 dollars or whatever for a “nude dance” but the sex is just sex between two consenting adults having a one night stand.

        • “…and the oldest industry in human history is one of them.”


  • none of your business

    There are asian “massage parlors” all over California. Englemann rejoices because the sex workers are 110 IQ asians instead of 65 IQ african americans. Yes indeed folks, that is the average IQ of the average african american sex worker according to San Francisco county records.

  • Zimriel

    I saw this and thought it was Pakis again.

    Well, at least these Asians are using their own kind, and not grooming ours…

  • Rhialto

    This is one more sad example of immigrants doing the work that Americans (in this case Black men) won’t/can’t do. Black men have White sluts; they should be pimping them. Instead too many are into computer games, polar bear hunting and rap music.

  • Chip Carver

    I think we can all imagine a few regulars here who were likely visiting this thriving business operated by a model minority. No doubt they’ll provide us with with twisted logic that they somehow believe will show that this situation is a result of high mongoloid intelligence colliding with vindictive behavior by the barbarian like caucasians.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    Much of Europe and Asia has a positive attitude towards prostitution. It’s simply a normal thing culturally speaking. Not that everyone engages in it, but there’s not the same kind of stigma as in the U.S.

    • kjh64

      While parts of Europe or Asia are more likely to allow prostitution legally, the average European/Asian still very much looks down on prostitution and prostitutes and doesn’t have a positive attitude towards hookers.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Especially in Korea the majority of men regularly use prostitutes. It’s a common part of the culture of France and some other parts of Europe as well. It’s a little bit amazing that STDs aren’t more of an issue in Korea. Israel also has prostitution in its culture but its more underground there. It seems a little shocking to an American. German culture has legal prostitution but it’s not part of the culture. In Germany they denied a woman unemployment insurance because she refused to take a job as a prostitute.

      • Cid Campeador

        I agree. Muslims and Blacks are much more into human trafficking.
        Yes I know about Bangkok and have no desire to visit it.

  • Magician

    And likely this photo will make you happy as well?

    • Marc Zuckurburg

      It doesn’t make me happy. Nobody told me about all of the rules of marriage before I got into one. Worst thing is that I can get everyone to ignore immigration laws for the benefit of me, but I’m not having any luck getting this society to do the same for marriage laws.

      • Magician

        You should have married when you were in late 30s or should have simply had “a rotation of girlfriends” for the rest of your life.

        Many athletes also get married when they are in their very early 20s. And them some people say, “They tend to marry early because being married to a woman is the best way to have sex!”

        HA! HA! like athletes can never have sex if they are not married…. Ask Tiger Woods. (And while you are there also ask him how he felt when the divorce lawyer told him to give Elin Nordegren $750M USD, which is 57% of his lifelong earnings)

        • shmo123

          Who cares how much money Woods would’ve had, or could’ve had. He lost that money because of his own arrogance and stupidity. Naturally, his little Swedish tart was going to take him to the cleaners–and she did. No tears for him though–he’s still living in mansions with yachts and private jets.

      • She clearly wants you to stop touching her.

  • I get it:
    Any red-blooded male would like to ride Hyuna’s rickshaw.

  • Korean guy

    Her name is Hyuna and she certainly is one of the most popular female celebrities in South Korea

    Hyuna recently released a song and it is a bit overly erotic. I am almost surprised the South Korean government decided to let her go ahead and release that music video.


    The most popular girl band in South Korea is 소녀시대 and it means “Girl Generation” and a girl who is almost as popular as Girl Generation is a girl named IU.

    I have included some photos of the captain of the Girl Generation. Her name is Yuna.

    • Shadow

      “…They will always be ‘clean and pure girls’ …”

      Unlike that dirty, pot-smoking slut Miley Cyrus.

    • Magician

      Hmm, the captain you just mentioned looks only a little bit better looking than this one

      • Cid Campeador

        Yuna Kim is also a beauty.

  • none of your business

    I don’t know if the moderators will let this pass;but my son had a middle school classmate named Woo Suk Dong. He was a boy.

  • mike smith

    But they still belong in Asia.

  • Cid Campeador

    I see Black pimps herding young White girls (probably runaway) down Pacific Avenue in AC and I really want to drive my car up onto the pavement and crush them to death as I would cockroaches. They, rapists and drug dealers should be totally exterminated.
    Like most Euro-Americans , I was raised to be a law abiding citizen; therefore I will never realize my Quixotic fantasy.
    The most vile creature in the world is a Woman who will participate in the enslavement, degradation and sexual torture of other young women.
    Vanessa Coleman comes to mind. She may get parole.