Victim of St. Roch Attack: ‘They Just Wanted to Stomp Somebody’

Jonathan Bullington, Times-Picayune, July 29, 2014

William Murphy set out Sunday night to pick up a few groceries at the New Orleans Food Co-op in the St. Roch neighborhood. {snip}

But what should have been a routine errand quickly turned into a harrowing encounter with a group of teenagers who left him bloody and battered.

He remembers only flashes, he said, including the teens taking his laptop from his backpack but never attempting–despite ample opportunity–to take the $90 he had in his wallet.

“This was a planned assault,” Murphy said when reached by phone Tuesday (July 29), two days after the attack. “It was not a robbery attempt. They just wanted to stomp somebody.”

Murphy, who serves as vice president of the Faubourg St. Roch Improvement Association, became the second victim of weekend attacks in St. Roch. New Orleans police believe both were carried out by some of the same juveniles.

Around 9:30 p.m., Murphy said he was walking in the 1300 block of Music Street when his assailants “blindsided” him from around the street corner. He doesn’t know how long the beating lasted, only that maybe seven or eight individuals punched and kicked him multiple times in the face and body.

One blow left a clear shoe imprint on his forehead.


“I think they did what they wanted to do,” he said. “I was definitely on the ground. If they had wanted to take my possessions with eight of them stomping my head, I’m sure they could have done more. They could have continued if they wanted to.”


William Murphy

William Murphy

“I’m just kind of achy,” he said. “My head is achy. They kicked me in both temples.”

The day before the attack on Murphy, New Orleans artist Christopher Brumfield said maybe a dozen teens, armed with sticks and bats, beat him as he walked along St. Roch Avenue near North Claiborne Avenue.

Brumfield said he had to crawl into oncoming traffic to escape the assault.

NOPD said they have stepped up patrols in the area following the weekend violence. But with a third attack reportedly occurring on July 21 near the intersection of St. Roch Avenue and North Villere Street, Murphy questioned why police haven’t made their presence felt sooner.

“This gang of teenagers was on the St. Roch neutral ground the night after they attacked somebody else,” he said. “Where was a police cruiser that night? Certainly police should have been on the look out for roving bands of teenagers that night.”

{snip} The unprovoked nature of the recent assaults left residents to speculate about possible motives.

“My speculation is I don’t think that it’s about holding a grudge against anybody in particular,” he said. “I think it’s holding a grudge against society in general.”

[Editor’s Note: The police notice points out that the perps are black.]


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  • There’s one big detail this article leaves out: Just hours before, an anti-violence march and parade had the place of this crime on its parade route.

    • Tarczan

      That explains it, a negro anti-violence rally usually ends with rioting and violence.

      • Erasmus

        Wow. A bunch of negroes left to supervise their own behavior. What could possibly go wrong?

  • MekongDelta69

    Allow me to repeat what I said yesterday about the black thugs dragging the White woman from the elevator (posted on AmRen). I’m just ticking the counter up by one and the dates by one:

    This is only the 3,937,653rd article about the same thing, ad nauseum since 1964.

    I don’t have 3,937,653 ways to say the same thing about the same black thug garbage.

    Does anybody remember the article about the same thing which happened on July 31, 2004, or July 31, 1994, or July 31, 1984, or July 31, 1974, or July 31, 1964?

    Or yesterday?

    You don’t!!

    Me neither

  • JackKrak


    This constant, ubiquitous and deliberate evasion would be funny if it happened in any other context apart from crime.

    • John R

      The job of news media today is not to inform the public. It is to carefully manage the news. Reporters don’t investigate stories. They sit around, decide which stories will be covered, and then, very carefully plan how they will be covered and exactly, what words to use to describe the events.

  • LHathaway

    Youths beat up another white guy and he’s the one having to apologize. I suppose if they stole hit wallet it would have been just OK to this idiot. . . Must have been the blows to the head.

    • John R

      I can’t help but think that Whites today suffer from a group Battered Wife Syndrome. We are set upon by Negroes over and over, and, like an abused spouse, keep thinking it is OUR fault: “Gee, if only I hadn’t provoked them. Maybe I said something I shouldn’t….Some of them are really nice….They probably have a lot of pent up anger in them…we must reach an understanding…” And so on.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Ewe (sic intentional) stupid, white liberal fool! I don’t even live in Louisiana, yet I know all about “Chocolate City”. Murphy, after that beating, you STILL don’t “get it”.

  • I knew that area well, growing up as a boy in New Orleans. It was mixed races back then, but relatively safe. Now, I suspect it’s mostly black, with hipsters like this old dude thinking they can go in and be welcomed by the blacks.
    The local paper has been negro worshipping since the 50s. Everything black, from soul food to soul music is cool with the Times-Picayune. I wonder how many guillible whites are dead, beaten, or raped because of their lies.

    • Ngati Pakeha

      Just thought I’d pick your brain bigone. Regarding these mixed neighborhoods; do you think there is a magical percentage whereby a neighborhood becomes too infested to become redeemable? At what stage does the “water become undrinkable?” I think the zombies seem to behave relatively well when they are no more than 10% of the population.

      • I can answer that. It is 30%. Once a neighborhood becomes 30% black, it rapidly becomes 70% black.

        • Ngati Pakeha

          Thank you Michael. Maybe you can help me with one more question as I do not trust Google? I have posted on the story about section 8 super vouchers in the Amren story today. Do the local authorities/fed government pay the voucher directly to the landlord? I have put a post in that story as there seems to be some confusion.

          • I have no idea who gets paid. The only assistance I ever applied for was temporary disability after a stroke in 2006, and I was denied.I still can’t run, but I am otherwise in good shape again. I also applied for food stamps, for which I was also denied.

            More of that “white privilege”, I guess.

      • SoCal88

        50 years ago, banks had made a study of how the percentage of black residents in a neighborhood affected the percentage of mortgage defaults. Once a neighborhood reached a certain percentage, they “redlined” it – no more loans for anyone. Realtors who handled home purchases for blacks in previously white neighborhoods were called “block busters”.

        • Ngati Pakeha

          Classic. The numbers don’t lie do they. I’ve always loved that about mathematics. QED. Thanks for sharing that information I assume actuaries must use such reasoning in assessing insurance risk.

  • Tarczan

    “Murphy, who serves as vice president of the Faubourg St. Roch Improvement Association, ”

    I wonder if he is rethinking if improvement is possible,

  • 4321realist

    “My speculation is I don’t think that it’s about holding a grudge against anybody in particular,” he said. “I think it’s holding a grudge against society in general.”


    He’s clueless that he was attacked because he is white. Clueless.

    Thankfully, they got someone who deserves it.

    If they had screamed, “Get the honky,” I seriously wonder if he would then have concluded that his beating was due to slavery and oppression, too stupid to understand that they have suffered neither and that beating an innocent white is NOT a payback?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The unprovoked nature of the recent assaults left residents to speculate about possible motives.

      Good comments from you on the original article!

      Didn’t read very many – were you called a Nazi and bigot for pointing out that the victim was beaten b/c he is White?

      Got this from the original article too:

      Police have said that there is no evidence so far of a racial motivation in the St. Roch beatings.

      It’s also been reported officially as a “simple robbery”:

      During the course of the assault, the victim’s bag,which contained a laptop, was taken by the subjects who then fled on Urquhart in an unknown direction

      Crime map entry: SIMPLE ROBBERY

      G3557414: 1300 BLOCK OF MUSIC ST

      7/27/2014 09:44 PM

      • 4321realist

        “….were you called a Nazi and bigot for pointing out that the victim was beaten b/c he is White?”

        No, I received one comment that was in agreement surprisingly enough.
        But they deleted my comment after it was up for a couple of hours.

  • It appears they didn’t beat any sense into him. That’s a pity, but the really good teachers are at their best with the slower students.

    • Erasmus

      Murphy, who serves as vice president of the Faubourg St. Roch Improvement Association, became the second victim of weekend attacks in St. Roch.

      I’m going to venture a guess that Mr. Murphy has been a democrat for most of his life. With the browning of America he can look forward to more of this.

  • alex

    “I think it’s holding a grudge against society in general.”

    If I had to live in society in which I don’t belong, I would definitely hold a grudge against it.

    • Paleoconn

      But the thing is the are constantly told that they are being held down by the racist hand of Whitey. They are not allowed to think that it’s genetic. But that may be neither here nor there. They kill Whites who try to help them.

    • I am an ex-con on the Terrorist Watch List, but I still like it here.

      • dd121

        I think all of us here are on the NEW terrorist watch list. Not sure, since the criteria are a State Secret.

    • SoCal88

      I wish they had left that paragraph out. Now I’m going to be in a towering rage all day. Bummer!!

  • LACountyRedneck

    All these senseless black on White attacks aren’t worth keeping any of them around, including the good ones. Until then, CCW.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Going out on foot in a mixed-race neighborhood at 9:30 PM is almost asking to be mugged…

    But, then again, when stupid people live in these areas and expect no trouble; they seem surprised when they are attacked…..

    This clown sounds like he didn’t learn……next time he’ll be dead….

    • Paleoconn

      Some Whites can’t afford to live anywhere else. He might have been blindsided, and hard for an old guy like this to run away from 7-8 feral blacks.

      btw, I can’t recall seeing the word teenager so much since Annette Funicello movies and Dion and the Belmonts songs. F*** dishonest MSM.

  • NoMosqueHere

    These stories about black on white violent crime are endless.

  • dd121

    Any white who doesn’t understand that the left has given tacit permission to blacks to kill you, is in measurable danger.

  • dd121

    “They just wanted to stomp somebody”. No, “They just wanted to stomp a random white”. There, fixed it.

  • Epiminondas

    Did anyone read the comments section under that story? One Henry Pratt left the following:

    “I was mugged and beaten to near death in the 6th Ward in Treme’. I was left for dead. Literally. On the sidewalk, with a near internal decapitation. I have over 70 screws and plates in my face where doctors had to reconstruct the bones that were shattered. I have 4 screws and 2 rods and other hardware they used to reattach my scull to my neck. I am still disabled from this violent attack. It has been 8 years since I was in New Orleans to help the people get back into their homes. I volunteered at churches and food banks and did work on houses for those that had no money. These little bastards need to be rounded up and stopped from perpetrating on innocent folks. They see white people as targets and have no quams about brutalizing us. Even when we rebuild their G-mas house to give them a home. It is shameful that NOPD continues to operate like a backwood, uncivilized, african congo thug military. My incident was 1 year after Katrina and there was no police report and no report from the ambulance that found me. The only information is from when I was treated in the ambulance. Nothing about where I was found or when exactly. No one called the police. No Police report!”

    • My mother’s neighbor lost his brother to an attack in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. The perps beat him almost to death and then dumped him into the water, where he drowned.

  • kjh64

    When some of these Blacks thugs get shot, they’ll stop doing this. However, any White that shoots them will have just shot the bestest, most wonderful Negro children that ever lived and breathed and weren’t “doin nuffins” but just being profiled and stalked by an evil, raycis White man . LOL

  • “My speculation is I don’t think that it’s about holding a grudge against anybody in particular,” he said. “I think it’s holding a grudge against society in general.”

    In America today, you have to go about holding a grudge and stereotyping like the Jews do in Israel, because, lets face it these gangs in America hate their victims as much as the islamist hate the jews of Israel . . . and just like the Islamist of Palestine they will go to any length to kill . . . . . Now if you really think about it, if the gangs of America were numerically dominate wouldn’t you suppose that for most Americans it would be like living in Israel ?

  • There is only one solution for rabid roving feral degenerate racist gangs like this
    and that is to form a posse and hunt the vermin down . . . and give them a better life . . in the here after ..

  • DetroitMinority


  • John R

    Yep, them damned “teenagers” again! Gosh, the kids these days. Must be all those video games that “teenagers” today are watching. Where are the parents? Yep, those kids these days….(Yes, I am being sarcastic.)

  • The Intraracial Homicidal crime of the black RACE is the Highest homicide crime rate in the US ! additionally The black race commits the most Homicides of any race on any other race …….I am going to need you to take a little trip over to the FBI homicides by race statistics on their web site and grow your brain there a little genius…….

    This is the biggest ignored statistical fact of all !

    You have 15 % of a Nations population committing the most Homicides on themselves and the other races also………….

    It speaks library full volumes about the content of their character and their lack of respect for life in general!

  • none of your business

    Aren’t almost all NOPD officers and civilian employees black? I’ve always though it fortunate that MLK day and black history month are in winter when part of the country is snowbound and the rest cold and rainy. Were MLK day and OFE history month in summer it would be just a 6 week riot.
    OFE pronounced OFEEE obsolete farm equipment.

  • none of your business

    I was removed from the terrorist watch list. I wrote to Holder and told him that although I am a well dressed caucasian woman WHO CARRIES A HANDBAG I will give up wearing high heels so I can be removed from the list. I did point out that women and shoemakers consider heels less than 3 inches high to be medium heels and that I would continue wearing medium and low heels.

  • none of your business

    What’s even worse than the battered wife syndrome is blame myself. I should know not to take the bus, carry a purse, be out after dark (4/45pm in winter) park on a side street, park in a dark garage, not do a 180 degree turn before I open the front door on and on.
    What I always laugh at are the pathetic feminazi and liberal tips on how not to be a victim. “Walk tall and stride along in a self confident manner”. Right, a confident stride will save you from 4 thugs with bats and knives. A confident stride will save a woman from gang rape by 4 thugs who targeted her days ago. I don’t know if the Chinese student at USC who was recently murdered by 4 thugs with baseball knives and bats was striding confidently or schlumping along. Either way I doubt the thugs would have been impressed.