Philip Chism, Accused of Killing Teacher, Faces New Assault Charge

Julia Talanova, CNN, July 10, 2014

A Massachusetts high school student accused of raping and killing his math teacher has been indicted on charges he attacked an employee at a youth services facility, a district attorney’s office announced Wednesday.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, on June 2,Philip Chism followed a 29-year-old female employee into the bathroom at the Metro Youth Services facility in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester and physically assaulted her.

“Co-workers heard her cries for help and interrupted the assault,” the district attorney’s office said.

On Wednesday, Chism, 15, was charged with attempted murder by strangulation, assault with intent to murder, kidnapping and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.


The teenager is accused of killing his algebra teacher, 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer, last October at Danvers High School, about 20 miles north of Boston. Police and prosecutors say he used a box cutter to kill Ritzer in a girls’ bathroom.


Philip Chism

Philip Chism


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  • Oil Can Harry

    So sad that racists forced him onto the school-to-prison pipeline…

    • ElComadreja

      For them prison is college.

  • MekongDelta69

    But, but, but – he’s just like us.

    And if you disagree, you’re a ‘racist.’

    • I disagree, and I am a racist.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        The word “racist” is both meaningless and intellectually vacuous. It’s only deployed for purely ideological and ad hominem purposes. If you want to silence debate or abuse your opponent, you call him a “racist.”

        • What happens when some of us say “yes”?

        • Padrig

          You think?

        • Hallie Eva

          When accused of being a racist,
          I say, “thank you. It took years of experiential education to become this wise.”

        • JSS

          The word racist isn’t meaningless, you actually said the meaning in your post. It is meant to shut down any debate or critique of the modern religon of equality. Being called a racist today is the same as being called a heretic back in the Middle Ages. Everything our kosher overlords introduce has a purpose. The pattern is easily seen when you look through a racial lense and notice everything they do is bad for Whites. Feminism, LGBT empowerment, civil rights, diversity, critical theory, etc. Whites didnt invent racism our kosher overlords did and it wasn’t a problem until equality became the religon of the Western world. This religon has its dogma and a caste of demons and heretics that need be persucited and exercised in the form of “racist” Whites. Racism isn’t a meaningless word, in practice it just means “shut up YT”.

          The real meaningless word is equality. Equality doesn’t exist in nature and thus can never be achieved. The religon is empty and that’s why it’s so fiercely protected. All it does is bring down Whites and everything that’s good in the world. That’s the point of everything our overlords do. The object isn’t equality because equality is fake, the point is to keep us silent and pacified while we go extinct. Lenins quote about religon being the opiate of the masses rings true in this case. Thankfully the opiate seems to be less effective these days as Whites are getting angrier at the world around them.

          • SoulInvictus

            “The word racist isn’t meaningless,”

            It certainly isn’t meaningless in that it can get you fired in a heartbeat…

        • scottthestrategerist

          When someone accuses me of racism, I say, “That’s totally unfair and distorts my position. To be clear, I’m a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe and an antiSemite.” The Leftist is completely flabbergasted and doesn’t know what to say?

        • M&S

          The word “racist” is both meaningless and intellectually vacuous.

          Not if you claim the title proudly.

          Not just yes but you better believe it mister/sister!

          Mention Ali wanting his kids to look like him while you’re at it.

          Tell them about the Knoxville Horror that was never reported and the Wichita Massacre after that.

          Tell them about Islamic shooting sprees on U.S. bases.

          Tell them about 13% of the population forming 36% of the prison population with 7X our violent crime rate, committing 35,00 rapes per year against white women while whites won’t even look at a black if she’s the only option left.

          Tell them (when they inevitably tell you that whites do all that too) that that’s okay. We’re allowed to deal with white psychopaths as the criminal scum they are, three of the four Knoxvillers are going to get off with life or less.

          Tell them that If liberals won’t allow other races to be treated ‘equally’ in the reporting of their crimes and social failings that they may be _judged_ equally for their predilections, then they are just like you.

          Wanting ‘special treatment’ for one group over all others.

          Finally let them know that because racism is no different from wanting ‘your team’ to win in a lethal sport which every white is facing extinction if we lose, they are more than welcome to find some other soap box to stand on because their Pep Rally belongs to another audience.

          Damn racists.

      • M.Magog

        I too am a racist! I consider it being wise!

        • ElComadreja

          Today’s “racism” was yesterday’s common sense.

    • Lewis33

      Don’t forget that on his police report he was listed as “white”, so he’s one of us, right?

      • dd121

        Seriously? They lie that openly. If he’s white, I’m a Yanamami.

      • Shawn_thefemale

        He is clearly part white – but as usual the black half overrules the white half.

    • scottthestrategerist

      I’m a racist. I didn’t exist in this plane of existence in 1969. I was raised in the post-MLK era, and he, along with Gandhi, Frederick Douglass, Trotsky (the nice, Jewish Communist) were my heroes. I hated racism and said that it was no more important than eye or hair color. My point? FACTS turned me around, so keep fighting and you will reach more of us!

  • All blacks are just a smidgen away from the monstrous acts that he has done. It doesn’t take much to set them off, either. Maybe he didn’t get his chocolate milk or orange juice that day, which would make it whitey’s fault.

    Ten, twenty years from now the white liberals and rocks stars will be demanding his release from whatever nut house he’s assigned to by the liberal Mass courts. “He was just 14,” they’ll say as they sing songs in his honor while lobbying his cause.

    That’s the pile of a country we live in today. That’s why we have to keep fighting.

    • baldowl

      Most of them are merely one perceived slight away from a C5.

    • propagandaoftruth

      One thing I’ve learned from watching Wild Kingdom, then Animal Planet…

      In a perfect world, not all young reach adulthood.

  • baldowl

    The little monster looks like a young Obama in that photo.

    • Ograf

      Maybe his son ?

    • Pro_Whitey

      Yes, the skin is a little too light, but the facial features really do resemble BO’s.

      • John R

        I’m sure the news lightened up his photo a little. Don’t put it past them. If a black/mulatto does something good, show true color; if something bad, either don’t show the face, or, try and make it as white as possible.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Nope. Remember that they DARKENED OJ’s cover photo. The darker they appear, the more knee-grows and lickspittle limousine liberals climb aboard the Outrage Train.

          • John R

            But OJ was NOT CONVICTED. So, the story line was “Black man unjustly attacked by the system.” So, of course his face was darkened. No, if he was found GUILTY of murder, then they would lighten his face. But, poor analogy anyway, because everybody knows who OJ is. In the case of this murder described above, the race is ambiguous, hence the obscuring of the color.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Not everyone mindlessly follows pro sports. I had no idea who Simpson was until he committed two murders.

  • Ograf

    He was always such a good boy, I think he dinnnn do nutting.

  • Deep North

    How was he allowed to follow the female into the bathroom, why was he not restrained? Is it because he is a yoof, not 18 where he would be under more security?

    • Pro_Whitey

      The answer is . . . . it’s Massachusetts, baby!

  • Luca

    Well, not his fault, if she hadn’t gone to the bathroom this would never have happened.

    • John R

      He smiled at her. She walked away. He couldn’t tolerate that. He saw that as a snub. Obviously her attitude of White Supremacy provoked him. He saw all the hate and oppression that he had to endure all of his life at the hands of evil Whites and just lost control. It was not really his fault.

      • MBlanc46

        And worse, this time he couldn’t even go to a Woody Allen movie afterwards.

  • Sick of it

    So will they at least put him in prison now if they won’t execute him? He’s obviously a danger to society.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Darwinism, violence and stupidity will insure he won’t have a long life.

    Racism will have nothing to do with it.

    • John R

      Yeah, but he is not worth any more innocent lives to wait for that to happen.

    • bubo

      Unless he gets on the wrong side of a drug deal or is seen as a snitch he will be fine in prison. If a worm like Wayne Williams can survive 30+ years in prisons full of blacks then this kid will too. They tend to leave the real crazy ones alone.

  • John R

    Seriously, this mulatto kid looks the spitting image of Barry Obama! “If Obama had a son, or a younger brother…” Damn! Now, this 15 year old “child” (Don’t you love it when libs say that?) should be “rehabilitated” I mean, come on: A little therapy and understanding and he will be a good honorable decent human being, right? (Unfortunately, his teacher, who he murdered, isn’t in much of a position to argue the point.)

  • John R

    “At risk youth”: A young male black who puts everyone near them “at risk.”

    • MBlanc46

      Which is why those of us with any sense avoid them to the greatest extent possible.

  • IstvanIN

    Let me start out that I am queasy about the death penalty and wouldn’t want to see it applied indiscriminately (prosecutors have been known to lie and hide evidence) BUT if there is NO doubt that someone has committed murder in cold blood, regardless of age or mental ability I see no reason to not put them down. They have proven they are not fit to live among us and are not redeemable. Even other prison inmates should not be subject to their inhumanity.

    • meanqueen

      I’m only “liking” your comment because you finally got to the right answer. 🙂

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Maybe someone should successfully strangle Philip Chism?

  • M.Magog

    just can’t keep the black man down

  • cranky_1970

    Chism looks just like Obama. Perhaps there is a genetic link between looking like Obama and having a predisposition for violent psychosis.

    • Spikeygrrl

      “If I had a son, he’d look like Philip Chism.”

  • bubo

    This kid is a psychopath. No reason whatsoever he should be allowed to roam about without shackles, no matter his age. Oh and obviously, a prison/jail full of violent males is no place for a female. Feminism be damned.

  • bubo

    Women foolish enough to work in a brutal environment like a prison will need to watch this one very carefully. This is twice he’s tried to rape and murder a female. He was successful once. He will try again make no mistake.

  • meanqueen

    Maybe he’ll get probation?

    • ElComadreja

      It is Marxachusetts.

  • Matt Turner

    Glenn Beck should bring him a soccer ball and a teddy bear.

    • M.Magog

      who is Glenn Beck?

  • Another attack on a woman, hmmm? This does not seem to my mind to be a good way for Chism to get himself off the hook for the original rape/murder charges. In fact, I suspect his judge is going to rip off this idiot’s head and then poop down his neck.

    • M.Magog

      After he murdered Colleen Ritzer there were news segments where reporters interviewed kids he went to school with and they all said “he seemed like a good kid” , “a little quiet”, “knew him on the such and such team, seemed like a great kid” etc etc etc. Up to that point he was an example people would come up with in their minds about how “they are just like us”………….. None of them are just like us.

  • Lord Sandwich

    His crime was cruel and unusual. Why should his punishment be any different?

  • Bob

    Wasn’t he the one described as an “Honor Student” and that the whole incident is “shocking, unexpected and completely out of his character”? 🙂

  • ElComadreja

    The people of Massachusetts voted for capital punishment in a referendum only to have the legislature completely ignore it just as they did with repeal of homosexual “marriage” and several other issues.

  • ElComadreja

    He also dragged his teacher into the woods, posed her in a sexually humiliating manner and then went to a movie. TNB.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    “He be only 16! He never get to play football! He have a baby on the the way!”
    All you need to know. Amazing, when the facts are uncovered, how these ‘poor, innocent victims” are as bad or worse than the vermin that wastes them,

  • Magician

    This waste of oxygen’s math teacher was a certainly beautiful and and intelligent woman

    I hope he gets 35 years with no chance of parole

  • Certainly they are weak, but I will bet there are limits.

  • scottthestrategerist

    We should start social clubs!

  • debby

    his ass is grass now!