Miami-Dade Police Urge Residents to Arm Themselves After Possible Budget Cuts

Yehuda Remer, Truth Revolt, July 10, 2014

Rivera, president of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association, has warned Florida residents to arm themselves because the police are not coming.

Speaking to WSVN News, Rivera said, “If the mayor’s not going to provide security, then my recommendation, as an experienced law enforcement officer for nearly 40 years, is either buy yourself an attack dog, put bars on your windows and doors and get yourself some firearms because you’re going to have to protect yourselves.”

The comments were made after Mayor Carlos Gimenez decided to cut $64 million from his 2014-2015 budget  resulting in a possible loss of 600 police jobs to the county.



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  • JohnEngelman

    Tax cuts do not pay for themselves. They force budget cuts.

    • I doubt the city sales taxes and property taxes in Dade County actually went down. A common trick by city governments is to divert tax money from existing services into slush funds or for other, less popular programs and then cry “Oh, boo, hoo, hoo! We don’t have money for this anymore!” to the voters.

      • Dexter Dude

        The other big accounting trick is to (for example) permit gambling with the promise that gambling taxes will go to “improve education”.

        Then they reduce the property tax money they previously spent on education and spend it on other, less popular stuff.

        The net result is that schools get the same amount of money and other, junk programs get a bunch more.

        Few people would legalize gambling if they knew the net result was spending the same amount of money on education and a bunch more on a new Waterfowl Improvement Commission, public skatepark or higher salaries for the mayor and his staff.

    • Haitian residents don’t generate much tax revenue.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Haitians don’t know the Pink Panther films are comedies; they think Inspector Clouseau is in the same league as Sherlock Holmes.

    • Adolf Verloc

      The National Parks Service used to refer to the “Washington Monument Ploy.” Whenever they were threatened with budget cuts, they would plan to close or reduce the hours at the Washington Monument. Worked like a charm. Actually, I have no beef at all with the NPS – seems to me to be one of the few government agencies from which we are getting our money’s worth.

    • WR_the_realist

      Do you have any evidence that Miami cut taxes? More likely the increasing diversity increased the cost of other things, like schools and social services, while not increasing the tax base by anywhere near a proportionate amount. So police spending was crowded out.

  • JackKrak

    I realize that this could be just a bit of melodramatic posturing to get budget requests through or to score cheap political points but isn’t it also a kind of admission that massive amounts of money have to be spent just to keep Miami’s “vibrant” population from killing each other?

    (And btw – if the announcement was made in English no one in Miami would have understood it anyway)

    • Who Me?

      “…massive amounts of money have to be spent just to keep Miami’s “vibrant” population from killing each other?”
      Why bother?

      • bilderbuster

        As in all Latin nations you can expect Miami’s Latino cops to supplement their incomes with increased kidnappings, home invasion robberies and ripping off their drug rivals.

  • When seconds counts, the Miami-Dade PD are hours away.

    Now that this LeBron has left Miami, they can kiss his tax money goodbye. More cop layoffs coming.

  • 4321realist

    “…….my recommendation, as an experienced law enforcement officer for nearly 40 years, is either buy yourself an attack dog, put bars on your windows and doors and get yourself some firearms because you’re going to have to protect yourselves.”
    We’ve had to protect ourselves. This is nothing new. The police do no more than to arrive at the scene of a crime, make out a report and then refuse to identify the perps if they are black.
    I don’t think fewer cops will change that procedure. Nor will more cops change it.

    • You can be sure that none of the police personnel laid off will be black or Hispanic.

    • archer

      I think you should avoid calling the police if at all possible, they can really complicate things. Unless you’ve been a real crime victim don’t call.

      • DNA Explains It All

        Even then be REALLY CAREFUL. They are sent out to make sure they are NOT sent out again.
        Thugs more and more.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Over 50% of the population of Miami-Dade are immigrants from third world countries. 57% of the population is Hispanic and 20% is black. People have to arm themselves because of budget cuts to police services? More third world people means more third world incompetence. This is just more evidence that multiculturalism endangers lives. Multiculturalism kills.

    • archer

      Multiculturalism destroys countries.

      • bilderbuster

        It destroyed Miami 30 years ago.

  • connorhus

    As always fear mongering when it is time to trim the bloated public service sectors. Why there will be blood in the streets and if we make the Liberals believe average Americans will be packing firearms it will make them keep shoving money into our pockets.

    All that and they still won’t get to the scene in time to do more than put police tape up and chalk mark the body.

  • propagandaoftruth

    This is good advice for anyone anywhere.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    All whites better get a gun such as an AR-15 in the M-4 carbine configuration, equip it with a holographic site or low-power scope suited to urban combat and lots of ammunition and magazines. They’ll need them.

    • Back in the days I could have that stuff, I always spent as much on magazines as I did on any given gun. Having lots of magazines is a good thing.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Indeed, given they get worn out or damaged from hard use,

      • connorhus

        Buy ya a brace of Black Powder firearms and keep em all loaded. Seriously though if I were in your position I would acquire everything else mentioned and make sure someone close to me had a couple of extra firearms. My bet is the hidden gun grab known as “everything is a felony these days” will not be enforced soon.

        • I have a basement machine shop. Making something is always an option.

          • DNA Explains It All

            Just finished my retrofit of my EmcoTurn140 to run on Mach3 🙂
            So now I have both CNC mill and lathe in my garage too. And that Emcoturn140 has an 8 pos turret 🙂

          • bilderbuster

            I’ve always wanted a grape shot cannon for my driveway if you’re up for it.

  • Luca

    Gee, I wonder if labor union demands, executive salaries, gold-plated pensions, generous benefits, waste, fraud corruption, pet projects, laws suits, low productivity, contract kick backs and over-spending might have contributed to this budget problem.

    Nah, it must be that the 1% are not paying their fair share. Yes, of course that must be it. That’s the only logical answer.

    Let’s just raise the taxes, again, and again, and again…..

    • tlk244182

      Come on now. Didnt you read JE’s post? Too many tax cuts that dont pay for themselves. Now let’s get with the program.

  • Who Me?

    For all intents and purposes Florida is a full-fledged third-world country. Do what you can to protect yourself and your family (including pets.). Don’t bother calling the police unless there is a dead body, either one on your side or one of the “others” to be disposed of.

    • Nonhumans

      Why put yourself through the stuff Zimmerman went through? Alligators are abundant in FL, and will eat nearly anything. (Wink Wink)

      • Who Me?

        That would work fine for the “others” but I doubt very much you’d want to feed Granny to the ‘gators after she’s killed by some vicious home invader. In which case, you’d have to call the cops. And of course by that time it doesn’t matter how many hours it takes them to get there….

  • ProfessionalWelfareVoter

    That security scenario is what its like in Central America. Guard dogs, bars on the windows, no real cops, guns, barb wire on top of iron spiked fences.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Central America is what the US will become if we don’t stop and then reverse the effects of third world immigration.

      • Nonhumans

        Exactly, and we’re probably going to have to do it shortly after, or more likely, during the overthrow of this treasonous regime and its’ government.

    • LHathaway

      Skip the barbed wire and it sounds like Cleveland, OH. anytime after the 1960’s.

  • Giovanni704

    If immigrants don’t need IDs to vote or travel by planes (see other article), do they need IDs to buy guns?

    • Nonhumans

      No. That’s an American, or more precisely a “White-Skin Privelege” thing.

  • Erasmus

    I hope Michael Bloomberg reads this. He might begin to understand why Americans want their firearms.

    • bilderbuster

      The Bloombergs, Feinsteins and Schumers know why we need them and that’s why they don’t want us to have them.
      This should have been clear to you Erasmus long ago.

  • IKUredux

    Golly, I am already tuning out because the people quoted are named Rivera and Gimenez. Sounds like Florida is just another state that we have seceded to Hispanics.Of course, in another forty years, all the names of the people in power, will be Hispanic. President Gomez. Vice President Alvarez. Secretary of State Lopez. Maybe if you are lucky, and put a “Z” on the end of your name, you’ll get somewhere. Senorita Malia Obamaz

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Those sound like areas deserving of hail of air-bursting 155mm shells, including the infamous “beehive” shells.

    • bilderbuster

      As someone who has been ethnically cleansed from Miami I can tell you that those Black enclaves are seriously in need of nuclear landscaping. In fact everything west of I-95 needs to be returned to the Everglades.

      • Let the levees go unmaintained and let the canals silt up, and that will happen all by itself.

        • bilderbuster

          The Cubans can most likely keep those maintained.
          Now if Miami were Black run…

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        I’d settle for hails of Russian GRAD or Frog rockets, if not the rockets fired by the American MLRS. These are areas that could use re-landscaping by sub-munitions exploding overhead and peppering everything with storms of steel splinters. A few of the Russian MOAB’s would do the nuclear re-landscaping.

    • Wholly Unconvinced

      Are you referring to dpicm with the “beehive” shells? Never heard that term before.

  • gregCall

    “warned Florida residents”
    Shouldn’t that be warned Miami/metro-Dade residents? Contrary to popular belief Miami and South Florida in general are not “Florida”.

    Probably not that big a deal anyway in most areas, as was shown after the “Muriel Boatlift” when Cuban criminals were running wild and there were freezer trucks full of bodies outside city morgues, the average citizen was barely affected. Two factors come into play with Miami/Dade, one is that Cubans don’t tolerate black shenanigans so blacks avoid any area controlled by Cubans. The other is that South Florida residents have a high per capita gun ownership anyway so other than black areas like Liberty City, Overtown, and the 79th Street area even with less police there probably won’t be much change seen by the average citizen.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Protect yourselves from…the blonde blue eyed racists? The Tea Party meanies??LOL. Protect yourself from WHO,amigo?


    Well at least the Mayor didn’t cut funding for the “LGBT Inclusion Office” and their 28 employees. Neither were there any cuts to the “Miami Dade Diversity Awareness Office” and it’s 47 in-expendable employees. Nor even it’s “At Risk Youth Basketball Program”, and certainly not it’s 11 different “Stop The Violence Community Outreach Programs”. <- curiously all located in black neighborhoods for some reason ). I'm sure you'll also be pleased to know that the "Undocumented Workers Resettlement Fund" has escaped any cuts. As did it's sister program known as the "Dade County Refugee Resettlement Fund". <- a "service" which was demanded by "Amnesty International", sponsored by "Habitat For Humanity" and paid for by YOU! ).

    Best of all they've decided to increase funding to special groups close to the Mayor's heart. Like "The Mariel Boatlift Historical Museum", "Diversity Now Action Network", "The Latino Heritage Group", "Inter-communal Policing Counsel", <- you know, the ones who call for the officer's head every time a black person gets himself shot for pulling a gun on them ). Thankfully after making certain cuts in area's that were more trivial than others, you know, like policing and what not. The Mayor managed to secure funding for the 30 foot solid silver statue of Latino Icon Cesar Chavez. Which is due to be erected in front of city hall some time next fall.

  • M&S

    Being armed and capable vs. actually -in- a state of revolt are separate issues.
    Unless it is wide spread and simultaneous, whites in one city or region will be disarmed while all road access is blocked at TCP chokes. And then another and another.
    Are you willing to walk out your front door and ‘make it official’ as a nation wide revolt when folks in X find the National Guard at their front door, demanding from a list of registered firearms someone else’ weapons?
    Are you willing to shoot a potentially white cop who is just doing his job and not -yet- trying to take your guns as ‘a statement’ that ALL government officials are at risk to being killed when they try to empty the pond one pint pot at a time?
    This is the danger of being in a pre-revolutionary state. It’s _not_ that nobody thinks it’s possible until they come for them. It’s that people don’t want to initiate an evil act of counterforce to shove the ongoing destabilization into an even greater level of escalation where mass populations can start to help each other out because -nobody- is safe from their masters.
    Starting something up makes them part of the problem which is counter intuitive to whites who want to solve the problem, not aggravate it.
    But if nobody presents to you an easy excuse for isolating people behind sides, then you had better be willing to push the envelope past the tearing point yourself because that partisanization is what makes identify of threat possible.
    You need only look at what happened in Katrina New Orleans and Black Run South Africa to know that those who plan to disarm us have already figured out the group psychologies by which to isolate the rams and dehorn the sheep.
    One at a time.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      To quote Alexander Nevsky, “Come to us with a sword, by a sword you shall perish.” It’s time to face the reality that some of our enemies will be other whites. If they come to other whites threatening them with weapons, that will lead to them being slain, and quite possibly revenge against their families. Lon Horiuchis are going to be especially hunted men.

  • An Amendment can only be abolished by a 2/3 majority of the states. That’s the way Prohibition (the 1920 18th Amendment) was repealed by the 23rd Amendment in 1933.

  • bilderbuster

    A concept like that could only come from the mind of the chosen.

  • bilderbuster

    Now would be the perfect time for Obammy to normalize relations with Cuba.
    The Blacks and Browns swarming Miami from Cuba will literally make what’s happening in TX look like child’s play and the crime spree will have FL under Obammy/Holder style martial law.

  • Epiminondas

    Diversity keeps on enriching Miami. They must be closing in on Detroit in the Joys of Diversity department.