Posted on July 1, 2014

‘Knockout Game’ Victim Speaks Out After Attack

Lowell Melser, WBAL (Baltimore), June 25, 2014

A Mount Vernon man claims he and his brother were victims of the so-called knockout game last week. Police said they’ve made an arrest, and it turns out the suspect was wanted for more than one of these types of incidents.

Police said officers arrested a 16-year-old boy out of a group of 20-25 teens who may have somehow been involved in the attack.

The victim, who asked to be identified only as Eric, told 11 News that he knew exactly what was happening and that he wasn’t going to let himself become another victim of the knockout game.

“The moment I got hit, that split second, I knew what was going on. I’ve heard the stories, and I wasn’t going to let these kids get away,” Eric said.

Eric said he and his brother were walking on West Oliver Street on Friday night when a group of teens riding on bikes came by, slapped his brother in the head and punched him in the ear.

“When they realized I didn’t go down–I just chased after them–they weren’t really smart because they hit us on the bottom of the hill and tried to escape on BMX bikes up a hill,” Eric said.

Eric and his brother were able to stop two of the kids who ditched their bikes and ran. He said they then saw the kid who hit them, chased him into a parking garage on West Mount Royal Avenue and called police. The 16-year-old was arrested.

“People who play the knockout game are cowards. There was 20 of them and two of us. The moment we chased them, they all went away,” Eric said.