Obama’s Hawaiian Giveaway: Plots to Grant Natives Sovereignty as ‘Indians’

Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, May 28, 2014

The Obama administration is quietly moving again to bypass Congress on yet another policy issue, this time by enacting the much-disputed bill that would grant tribal sovereignty to Native Hawaiians.

The Interior Department issued a notice of proposed rule-making Friday, before the holiday weekend, to solicit comments on how to “facilitate the re-establishment of a government-to-government relationship with the Native Hawaiian community.”

The Akaka bill, named for its sponsor, former Sen. Daniel Akaka, languished in Congress for over a decade, but Hawaii Democrats have since urged President Obama to use his executive authority to declare that Native Hawaiians are an Indian tribe.

Gail Heriot, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and a professor of law at the University of San Diego, called the administration’s decision “very troubling.”

“The Obama administration appears to be gearing to take an aggressive stance on this issue,” Ms. Heriot said this week. “I believe the Akaka bill itself would have been unconstitutional. It will be at least as unconstitutional if the executive branch attempts to accomplish the same result by itself.”

Four commissioners warned Mr. Obama in a Sept. 16 letter that the move would be “unwise and unconstitutional.” The commission has eight members, although there are currently two vacancies.

“Neither Congress nor the president has to power to create an Indian tribe or any other entity with the attributes of sovereignty. Nor do they have the power to reconstitute a tribe or other sovereign entity that has ceased to exist as a polity in the past,” said the letter. “Tribes are ‘recognized,’ not created or reconstituted.”

Granting tribal status would allow the state’s Office of Hawaiian Affairs to provide race-based benefits for Native Hawaiians, a practice that was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2000.


Supporters of the Akaka bill, including Sen. Brian Schatz, Hawaii Democrat, say the special status is needed in order to ensure Native Hawaiians have “justice.”

“Native Hawaiians are the only federally recognized Native people without a government-to-government relationship with the United States, and they deserve access to the prevailing federal policy of self-determination,” said Mr. Schatz in a June 11 floor speech.

The lawmaker also downplayed the argument that Native Hawaiians are not Indians.

“Opponents have argued that Native Hawaiians are not ‘Indians,’ as if the word applies to Native people of a certain racial or ethnic heritage or is limited to indigenous people from one part of the United States but not another. This is misguided,” he said.

Critics maintain tribal status for Native Hawaiians, who live throughout the state alongside citizens of other ancestries, would create two separate systems of government based on race.


Mr. Obama, who grew up in Hawaii, said during the 2008 presidential campaign that he would sign the Akaka bill if it passed during his presidency.


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  • Jesse James

    White Americans could use a little sovereignty over our own lives and governments.

    • TruthBeTold

      While I don’t like the fact he’s trying to do this outside of legislative means, I do like the fact that some groups are recognized as being distinctly different.

      It’s a precedent whites might need to turn to in the future.

      • Jesse James

        Are you kidding? You know nothing positive the occupation government does is meant to be beneficial to whites. That being said it would not hurt my feelings to cut Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and Samoa loose provided we would not have to continually sink tax payer dollars into their maintenance. These areas are the detritus of empire and only serve to further weaken the percentage of whites in the US population. We no longer require coaling stations to project naval power so their strategic value is questionable.

        • BillMillerTime

          As far as I’m concerned, they can take California, New Yawk, New Jersey, and the People’s Republic of Massachusetts with them.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Hawaii is a majority Asian. The Polynesian natives, combined with a large Oriental population, comprise s majority Asian population. The Negro population is one of the smallest of all of the states. That Hawaii has one of the lowest violent crime rates is not surprising. Considering all of this, Hawaii should be the least of our worries as White Nationalists. Here in the mainland 48, areas where Negroes and AmerIndian/Mestizo Hispanics have formed enclaves are the areas we need to separate from.

          • Jesse James

            Wrong we need to think slightly ahead and work to break up the growing Asian minority in the US. Hawaii is a historical fluke and has few ties of blood or history with the America’s historic white majority. When they vote in our elections they vote overwhelmingly against the interest of whites. The hydra has many heads, all of them are threats.

          • winn sutanto

            You are right. I lived in Hawaii in the entire year of 1998.
            And I lived in new York area from 1999 till 2013.
            The crime rate in Hawaii is the lowest in the entire USA.
            Not only because of the large number of local whites and local Asians.
            But also the large number of Asian and Mainland White Americans and White Canadian tourists.
            That is just a simple fact.
            New York area is quite violent because ,as you put it, have large number of blacks and Hispanics.
            That is also a simple fact.
            The Akaka bill, by the way, is a complete bogus.

          • winn sutanto

            The Akaka bill, by the way, is a complete bogus.
            The number of pure-blooded Hawaiian Natives is no more than 1% of total local population of 1.3 millions
            So their number is no more than thirteen thousands.

          • winn sutanto

            The rest of native Hawaiians are mix. With no clear of percentage of how many percents of Hawaiian blood they have in their veins
            You can have as little as one thirty second of Hawaiian blood and still classified as “Hawaiians”
            Another fraud is so many non-Hawaiians Polynesians pass themselves as Hawaiians in order to collect the government assistance. There is no physical characteristic differences between Hawaiian, Samoans, Tongans, Tahitians.

          • winn sutanto

            Political correctness is running wild in Hawaii.
            Whites are blamed for almost everything.
            But the ones that blame Whites the most are white people themselves. Self-blaming is considered a virtue for whites in Hawaii.

          • winn sutanto

            Non-whites in Hawaii seem to forget that the charming life and the modernity and the prosperity and the freedoms they immensely enjoy are the result of the infrastructures that white-americans built since 150 years ago.

          • winn sutanto

            Japanese-American women who were born and grew up in Hawaii enjoy the freedoms and the rights that their Japanese sisters in japan can only dream of.
            And this is an objective observation on my part, because I am an East Asian(a naturalized American citizen), so I am an outsider of the white race.

          • winn sutanto

            Even though I am an East Asian, I am a very loyal American citizen.
            I am strongly pro-white because of the freedoms that western civilization has given a non-white like me.
            Next year, I shall return to Hawaii and I am going to retire in Hawaii.
            Because it is charming and enchanting over there in the paradise island.
            But Hawaii will only be eternally enchanting if Hawaii belongs forever to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        We will not ever be recognized as a “distinct tribe” when we are a numerical minority in the U.S. and lorded over by non-Whites. That’s hated “White Man’s Law,” and evil “Western Civilization.”

        It is Whites and only Whites who grant privileges to others not of their tribe.

        We will be given the same legislative respect as Whites in South Africa – targets of brutal attacks and NO ONE in the non-White government or UN councils will put a stop to it.

        The white man has many Achilles’ heels, the most significant of which are his compassion, his belief in the equality of man, and his love your neighbor philosophy – none of which are part of the Third World’s history.

        What will happen when your future majority refuses to abide by court rulings — as in Zimbabwe. What will happen when the new majority says the judges are racists, and that they refuse to acknowledge “white man’s justice”? What will happen when the courts are filled with their people, or their sympathizers?

        —excerpt from A Warning For America From South Africa

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Illana Mercer wrote of the South African nightmare repeating in America in her book: Into the Cannibals Pot.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Illiana and her father were a BIG part of the anti-apartheid movement, agitating against the Whites that had created South Africa for a handover to the communist ANC.

            They were in the streets ecstatic and cheering when Nelson Mandela rode by after the election and were invited to tea with him for all the hard work they put in to end apartheid and bring about the “rainbow nation.”

            Soon after, they departed from the hell hole THEY helped to create! It was easy for them to get out, unlike a lot of Whites who are stuck there b/c they are destitute, cannot find work due to BEE policies and are forced to live in squatters’ camps. The murderous ANC has blocked humanitarian food efforts to these Whites claiming “they don’t deserve it.”

            IMO, Illana and her entire DNA line should be FORCED to live in the country THEY helped bring about – the one that thinks hacking to death, torturing, pouring boiling water down the throats of little children, anal rape of elderly with broken bottles and worse is A-OK if it happens to Whites.

            The Western press and the UN look the other way because it’s happening to Whites. Yet we’re asked to care about Tibet, Darfur and Rwanda?

            I know Illana reports about what is happening in SA but I have a lot of trouble getting past the hypocrisy of the situation.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            ThomasER916 made similar comments. Illana’s father was a Saul Alinksy-style collaborator, in retrospect. I think they were trying to create a tribal run slave nation (sound familiar?), but it got away from them. Blacks only see white. They don’t inquire about religion. That was the lesson South African–now American tribal members learned. They better have!

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            I think they set out to destroy a White country and White culture, history and heritage, just as they are in Europe and the U.S. THAT was the primary goal in SA and is the primary goal in the U.S. and Europe. Blacks and Muslims are used as weapons of war against Whites.

            From Into The Cannibal’s Pot

            “I’d been on the Grand Parade in Cape Town, among a crowd of thousands, to witness Nelson Mandela’s release after twenty-seven years in prison (it was a riot, literally). In previous decades my father, Rabbi Ben Isaacson, had been a well-known anti-apartheid activist.

            This writer and her immediate family, presciently, left South Africa in 1995, shortly after the white minority ceded power to a black majority. A year prior, we had voted in South Africa’s first democratic election.”

            Do you think she voted for Mandela of the evil, racist, apartheid, Nazi Whites?

            Nice to have an escape route. These Whites didn’t and don’t to this day — the ones that are still alive, that is.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yes, at least 25% of the white population has fled South Africa. The ones with the means to do so. Mercer fled to Canada.

            Other tribal members like Joel Pollock bolted. Now he’s busy ruining Andrew Breitbart’s legacy (to put it mildly).

      • wildfirexx

        I agree that Hawaiian’s that are a least 50% native to the Island should be recognized as such, with distinct tribal status, provided the same privilege and status is given the indigenous peoples in Europe through legislation. This is the only way left in todays world, that we can protect and preserve our people from being smothered by third world immigration. The Zionists made sure they established a homeland in Israel for jewish people, but have not supported the same for native europeans.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        I like that as well, but I doubt that Whites will ever be treated with this kind of munificence. The key element, for Obongo, is that the Polynesians are non-White. That he compares them to AmerIndians, though, showcases his ignorance, and will hopefully offend the pride of more than a few Polynesians.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      We’ll make it happen.

  • As an aside, I found out that the YTer who calls himself Painless Risen, whose videos have received links from both here on AR and from CofCC in recent months, has become a regular reader of AR, and in fact he might be reading this thread with special interenst because it involves Hawaii, where he lives.

  • Adolf Verloc

    I don’t see why this is objectionable. Recognized tribes live “side by side” with other people in many areas of the countries. The native Hawaiians were royally screwed by the U.S. government and sleazy missionaries.

    • TruthBeTold

      I like the idea of recognizing people as distinct but the means is questionable and troubling.

    • Sick of it

      Sleazy missionaries from the United Fruit Company?

    • Stan D Mute

      How exactly do you feel that native Hawaiians were “royally screwed”? What, exactly, did they have going on when the US made their little island chain a State? I would point out that Statehood and the hundreds of billions of federal dollars dumped into that island chain since it was admitted, has been an enormous net positive for the islanders in every way measurable. Their life expectancy has climbed, infant mortality plummeted, and standard of living increased exponentially. Other than the US government depositing Africans on their islands, I’d be hard pressed to think of a negative for them in the arrangement.

      • Adolf Verloc

        Hawaii did not become a state until 1959, about 60 years after it was annexed. The “hundreds of billions of Federal dollars” were mostly for military installations, not welfare. US planters overthrew the government with the connivance of American officials, but President Grover Cleveland found that the ouster of the queen was illegal and annexation had to wait until the McKinley administration. McKinley also got us Puerto Rico, that gift that keeps on giving.

        • LesBaer1911

          You are most correct. Technically, Hawaii is not really a US state.
          The native Hawaii’s voted unanimously not to become a US state.
          The US, militarily, took it by force. The native Hawaii’s were treated
          like dirt. Democracy at work.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Well said. The Native Hawaiians are closely related to Filipinos racially. I’ve known a number of Filipinos over the years. They are hard workers and good, decent people. Very intelligent as well. Hawaii’s crime stats reflect well on the Hawaiian Natives, and well on majority Asian locales. Hawaii is up there with West Virginia and North Dakota as one of our safest states. Puerto Rico is one of our higher crime locales, at the other end of the crime spectrum.

          • LesBaer1911

            Oops. I meant Hawaiian’s in a couple of places of my post
            instead of Hawaii. I dated a Filipino long ago. Normal.

          • Debbie Johnson

            Filipinos are just as bad. They are money grubbing welfare grabbing parasites. They bring the entire family to Hawaii and get all the free crap they can. They’re also sanctimonious anti-whites as well. I had plenty of them give me attitude because I was a blond haole from the mainland. They acted as if they were the Hawaiian stock. Many of them are there illegally and hate whitey worse than Hawaiians.

            Ask any white man who’s married one. One he marries the little princess, she brings the entire clan in. Once Lumpia eating Grandpa and Grandma have been five years, they apply for SSI.

            The local (moke) rape against white women is staggering. It’s been hidden from the crime stats for years. I was warned against going into the areas of Waipahu and Waianae because of the rape issue.

            I wasn’t even a racialist when I moved to HI. I was when I left.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            I’ve known a handful of Filipinos here in the Midwest, and had very positive experiences with them. A handful, though, certainly does not give one a true measure of their society. As a teen, 30 years ago, I went to Catholic school with a handful of Filipino kids. Negroes had made the public school a three ring circus of Negro bullying/chaos, as Negroes always do. I was in band with several Filipino kids. They were well behaved, good students and good musicians. My one good buddy, who was Filipino, had a very nice family. Mom was a good cook, and they shared my dislike of Blacks. Mom and Dad would speak at length about their repulsion at Negro behavior. Here on AmRen, also, B Baker posts about being married to a lovely Filipino lady, and loving life in the Philippines, enjoying in-laws who are race realists, and a society that is race realist, having no use for Negroes. B Baker portrays the Philippines as a place where he, as a young White guy, is treated well, a society with little crime. He speaks of escaping metro Detroit, due to the Negro problem, and loving life in the low crime, Negro free, race realist Philippines. I’m not saying that you are wrong, Debbie, not in the least. Filipinos are not White. My personal experiences with Filipinos have been good, though, and fellow AmRen regular B Baker speaks so very highly of his Philippines experience. I never had a negative moment with the Filipinos I knew as a teen, and, in fact, have never had a negative experience, my entire life, with an Asian American. My personal experience corroborates the findings of The Bell Curve as far as Asians. My wife and I regularly eat at our local Asian buffet, where we have eaten for years. Food and service are always nothing less than stellar. Most of the clientele is White, and are regulars. The local Amish even enjoy this place. I’m not saying I don’t believe you about your negative Hawaii experience. It gives me cause for pause and caution. I’m genuinely perplexed, though, as I’ve never experienced this side of Asians.

          • Debbie Johnson

            Live there for four years like I did and you’ll sing a different tune. Hawaii is the most anti-white state I’ve ever lived in. The last day of school is called kill haole (Hawaiian derogatory term for white). Many military parents keep their kids out of school that day.

            I say pull all federal spending and military from that island. If they revert to some nirvana pineapple paradise, well good for them. That island could rot for all I care. I wouldn’t spend a dime in their economy.

          • LesBaer1911

            Have never heard any of this. Guess it’s hidden as to not scare
            off the tourists like they do on the mainland. Thanks.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Neither have I. I don’t want to say Debbie is lying, as I’ve been accused of lying before, by Libtards, when relating truth about Negro behavior. It hurts to be accused of lying when relating a visceral type of experience, so I will not do that to Debbie. I am genuinely perplexed, though, as I haven’t had so much as a single negative experience with Asian Americans my entire life, and crime stats corroborate my experience. With Negroes, I’ve rarely had a positive experience. Both The Bell Curve and crime stats reflect my experiences.

          • LesBaer1911

            Yea, it is bizarre but based on the island’s history, can’t
            really blame them. The few times I have been to Cherokee, NC
            (Native American reservation) I can see and feel the resentment
            of whites esp. when going to non-tourist areas.

          • Hallie Eva

            As a result of this discussion, I asked my eldest sister, who lived on Oahu for a while, about the anti-White attitude and assaults by Hawaiians.
            She would agree with you, Debbie.
            Her son, a blue eyed toe-headed blond was badly bullied by Hawaiian boys, his things stolen, even from his hands.
            They finally placed my nephew in a haole Catholic school.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Shows that Whites and Asians being allies against Negro/Hispanic degeneracy is probably just a naive illusion.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        The entire state of Hawaii is only 1.5 percent Negro, making it one of our most Negro free states. My guess is that the majority Asian population would like to keep it that way.

    • George Clark

      And these poor natives are probably also owed reparations by the descendants of Mark Twain, who thoroughly libeled all of them in the last chapters of “Roughing It.” Twain goes into depth about how the “sleazy missionaries” attempted to get the natives to wear clothing to church. Thoroughly detestable behavior, and reparations are in order.

    • Luca

      Left to their own devices Hawaiians were slaughtering each other in numerous inter-island wars. By the late 1800’s Russia would have gladly acquired the islands by force if not for American intervention and annexation (regardless of intent).

      If a backward, primitive kingdom is to come under a foreign protectorate, they could never do better than to align themselves with the US, even if that means US businessmen will make money in the process. The people of Hawaii are far better off today than if some other world power had taken them over.

      People who like to romanticize over history and think the Hawaiians could have been left alone, lived in the modern age and have flourished and prospered are kidding themselves.

      They needed to export and import goods on a large scale, otherwise they would have been in a constant state of war over limited resources. They may have ended up like the Rapa Nui of Easter Island.

      • Adolf Verloc

        Hawaii was unified under the House of Kamehameha by the early 1800s. Europeans were slaughtering each other in the Napoleonic Wars well after Hawaii had been unified.

        American plantation owners overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy with the help of American officials. President Grover Cleveland refused to OK annexation because of the illegality of the coup. Arch-imperialist William McKinley completed the annexation. The planters and their allies effectively ran the territory with an iron hand until the 1950s.

        It hardly seems too difficult to believe that Hawaiians could have negotiated a bases deal with the United States that would have protected their independence, not ended it. I am always a little puzzled when white nationalists defend the suppression and expropriation of non-whites who were trying to protect their culture. Makes me suspect that they are believers in white supremacy, not white nationalism.

        • Luca

          The Russians would have done much worse than just make money off of a primitive culture. It had to happen sooner or later and always has, that one civilization overpowers a lesser one. It is a fact of history.

          Any negotiation with Hawaiian natives would later have been deemed to be racist and portrayed as Whites taking advantage of aboriginals, such as buying Manhattan island for $24 in shiny beads.

          Vastly different cultures have different values and concepts of fairness, trade, morality, prosperity, etc and ultimately there is some form of clash.

          Although the Whites colonize, they bring with them technology, medicine, tools, education, roads, etc providing the natives a better quality of life. It’s a double edged sword, there is good and bad. Idealist dreamers like to fantasize that aboriginal people can continue to live their idyllic lives in the wake of the other civilizations moving across the planet.

          What you call the suppression of non-whites is simply viewed as the march of history by others.

          Rather than worry and fantasize about what happened 120-years ago you should focus on what is happening right now, whereby third-world invaders are being coddled and nurtured at the expense of Western culture and tax money. We are financing and assisting our own extinction. Worry about that.

          I am neither a supremacist nor a nationalist, I’m a realist.

        • George Clark

          I suppose that all of this injustice happened after they ate Captain Cook’s heart? No worries, man–Barack Obama is obviously the reincarnation of Lono the Great, and Barry is taking care of his people.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            His people are the Negroes, not the Polynesians. He could care less about Polynesians. His intent is to use Polynesians as pawns. They are non-White, and by advancing non-White interests of any sort, he strengthens Black power. The Hawaiians natives should say no to Obongo, and support secession along with us White Nationalists, so as to keep Hawaii White and Asian. Hawaii has had a considerable Hispanic influx in recent censuses. Hispanics threaten to dispossess Asians, and will make Hawaii unpalatable for White retirees and vacationers. Hawaii is one of our safest states, is presently a safe and clean vacation haven due to demographics. Asian majority with Whites comprising most of the rest of the population.

          • George Clark

            In case you missed it, I was being sarcastic. Although, if you think that the Polynesians are our friends, drink a few beers and then wander out of your luxury honolulu hotel room onto the beach around 2:00 a.m. or so. You’ll see how much the locals love whitey.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Exactly. I believe in White Identity, in the preservation of our race and culture. Asiatics are not our inferiors, like Negroes and AmerIndians.

          • George Clark

            Amerinds fought the Cavalry to a standstill. You do remember a general named Custer, yes?

      • benvad

        Should have left them to destroy themselves then settled the Blacks there. Still under US protection, with the 40 acres & a mule plus at least 3000 miles of space from us.

        Why didn’t we think of this before?? Dammit!

        • ElComadreja

          Great idea. BTW Hawaiians hate whites with a passion. They call us “Haoles” a term roughly (and ironically) equivalent to the dreaded “N” word. The hell with the lot of them.

          • benvad

            I experienced “local” hospitality when I was there. They have a real dismissive attitude to whites there.

            The majority is Asian/South Eadt asian Polynesian mix that deep down are truly jealous and resentful of whites. Better off just setting them adrift on their own.

    • ElComadreja

      Are we supposed to feel guilty about that too?

  • JustJeff

    “‘Opponents have argued that Native Hawaiians are not ‘Indians,’ as if the word applies to Native people of a certain racial or ethnic heritage or is limited to indigenous people from one part of the United States but not another. This is misguided,’ he said.”

    Soooo, um, can’t I just say I’m an Indian and get my white hands on some race-based benefits?

  • r j p

    Puerto Ricans will be next. Then the squat monsters from south of the Rio Grande.
    Let’s just give White America away.

    • TruthBeTold

      The PRs are squatting all over New York.

      I still can’t figure out why the leave their island paradise to endure northeastern winters.

      • r j p

        Welfare pays better in NY than PR.
        Why did the negro move from Chicago to Milwaukee?
        Where are there more negroes in Ohio River towns on the Ohio side than in West Virginia or Kentucky Ohio River towns?
        Same answer for both questions. Ohio welfare pays better.
        Question two. PR is 75% White and 12% black. Why do so many Puerto Ricans in America look like half-breeds? When did they start importing these “Whites”. The 1970s? Juan Epstein of “Welcome Back Kotter” was no White.

        • IstvanIN

          Most Puerto Ricans are mixed. They had a slave population that was largely assimilated, though not very well.

        • benvad

          Actually Robert Hegyes (aka Juan Epstein) was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, to a Hungarian-American father, Stephen, and an Italian-American mother, Marie Dominica Cocozza.

          He’s no PR but he is a cousin of Jon BonJovi through his mothers family. The Arab look is Southern Italian, many French Canadians also have this dark complexion gene where they look like their on a Hamas hit squad.

      • Pro_Whitey

        I’m guessing better welfare. Same goes for Massachusetts, or so I understand.

        • ElComadreja

          I live in Marxachusetts. They treat non-whites like royalty here.

  • JackKrak

    I might have a bit more respect for what they’re trying to do if they were honest enough to admit that it’s about getting minority preferences in contracts, hiring and admissions and the eventual casinos.

  • borogirl54

    Why can’t Native Hawaiians be given the same tribal rights as Native Americans and Alaska Natives?

    • r j p

      It’s creating new “protected” classes, something there should not be in the USA at all.

    • 1gravity

      There is a common slur for whites in Hawaii, “Haole.” Whites are basically unwelcome in Hawaii, except for our dollars. That Hawaii is a tourist destination for Whites amazes me. All that being said, a fair survey of the history of the Nineteenth Century American takeover of Hawaii suggests that the Hawaiians have a legitimate gripe.

      • Who Me?

        Haole, (howl-ey) is just Hawaiian for cracker.

      • Mrfinoni

        Checked wiki… it seems at 25% pure Whites outnumber pure native Hawaiians by a significant margin. Demographics rule!

        • ElComadreja

          I believe there are more Japanese than native Hawaiians.

          • Hallie Eva

            Yes, ElComadreja. My sister says Oahu is overrun with Japanese, both as tourists and residents.
            She has had Japanese come to the door and offer cash for their home.
            Japanese are not well liked on the islands.
            As tourists, they arrive in large groups, are aggressively loud, the men wearing 3 or 4 cameras slung around their necks. It is a bit of joke, that.

    • Stan D Mute

      Tribal rights are based on the limited sovereignty of the Indian “Nations” and the reservations they negotiated and agreed to in exchange for an end to warfare with the United States. I’m too lazy to google it, but I believe the King of Hawaii was far more welcoming of the white man and his amazing gifts of medicine, technology, and other goodies to the extent that there was no extended warfare that required negotiation of a peace settlement and sovereign nation reservations.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      I don’t like what is motivating Obongo to want to extend these tribal rights to the Hawaiian Natives. His motivation is to build non-White political clout and power at the expense of Whites. He is not doing this because he cares about Hawaiian Natives, but because they are non-Whites he can use as pawns in his game. Obama only cares about Negroes. To him, non-Negro non-Whites are just pawns he can use to gain power for Negroes at the expense of Whites. This is why he prefers so much Hispanic immigration.

  • dd121

    I guess we can all blame whites for the plight of these native people, victimized by Europeans.

    • Stan D Mute

      We truly are horrible people to impose long life spans, low infant mortality rates, cures for tropical diseases, automobiles, airplanes, weatherproof housing, air conditioning, safe food and water, cable tv, and rampant obesity upon these poor victimized natives. I feel just terrible. Maybe we should just take everything back and leave it the way we found it?

      • dd121

        That’s the spirit!

      • Petronius

        “What have the Romans ever given us?”

        “The aqueducts.”


        “The aqueducts. ”

        “O, yeah, yeah, the did give us that. That’s true, yeah.”

        “And the sanitation.”

        “Oh yeah, the sanitation.”

        “And the roads….”

        – Monty Python, “Life of Brian”

  • Tarczan

    From now to 2016 it will be all out to damage and destroy this country, as in “not God Bless America G-D America.” And there is nothing,absolutely nothing this man will do that will bring criticism from the MSM.

    • ElComadreja

      A video of him sodomizing little white boys wouldn’t do it. In fact, I think the MSM would be pleased as punch over it.

  • Rhialto

    Prez. Obama won a second term; his signature program, Obamacare, is established. This means your president can just relax, enjoy himself, and have some fun with White men. The next 2.5 years should be “interesting”

    • MBlanc46

      “[A]nd have some fun with White men. ”

      That’s sure what his second term is shaping up as.

    • Oil Can Harry

      “Obama can have some fun with White men.”

      Rumor has it that back in the 90s Bathhouse Barry used to have lots of fun with white men in certain Chicago bars.

      • ElComadreja

        Google Larry Sinclair.

      • Cid Campeador

        Rumor isn’t enough.

  • Anything to take our eyes off the VA scandal, including swapping six terrorists for a deserter who is not a deserter. Obama, the black magician, making black magic in every realm, sowing tyranny and destruction, while smiling them big pearly whites and talking like a noble black preacher. It’s a mass insantity like tulip mania in Holland back in the day. Only infinitely worse.

  • rowingfool

    Well, the silver lining is that the more they grant special rights and privileges to these splinter groups, the sooner the United States will disintegrate, riven as it shall be by incompatible factions.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Native Hawaiians…deserve access to the prevailing federal policy of self-determination

    Hawaii should have never been made a state.

    Hawaii the welfare island state should be released and allowed to become an independent kingdom again, or a territory of the U.S. like Guam.

    They want to be independent? Then let them, without American welfare, benefits, entitlements or social services. Let them build their own army to protect themselves against Chinese hegemony.

    As a bonus two lefty senators and a commie congressional delegation would be cleared out.

    It might even stop “Kill Haole Day”

    Let China “annex” it, which eventually it will.

    • Kenner

      ‘Kill Haole Day’ is why I will never visit Hawaii.

  • r j p

    Any guess on where the Presidential Museum is going?

    • MBlanc46

      Just as long as it’s not Chicago.

      • r j p

        Not even on Clark Street next the Man’s Country bathhouse?

        • MBlanc46

          Well, that does conjure up an image. But no, not even there. Hawaii, okay. New York, okay. Indonesia, okay. Kenya, okay. Anywhere but Chicago.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            The Negroes and Hispanics have dispossessed Whites in Chicago. Downstate Illinois needs to have a secession movement to get free of Chicongo. Once secession is complete, asylum should be offered to Whites looking to escape Chicongo. I’ll take safe, clean, crime free Hawaii any day of the week.

          • MBlanc46

            Be my guest. But this is my home. My ancestors built it. I want to take it back.

        • IstvanIN

          Wasn’t Clark St where Cadillac used to have their headquarters and main factory years ago?

    • Luca

      I’d say Detroit would be most appropriate..

  • none of your business

    It might not be a bad idea. The Hawaiians (only those with native blood are allowed to call themselves Hawaiian) tend to be meth and other drug addicted drunk welfare scroungers. They are already setting up tent cities in parks and beaches. Give them reservations and a lot of money and let them drink and drug themselves out of sight of the tourists.

  • none of your business

    Hawaii is a welfare state. The tourism industry is small compared to military and welfare money. The islands basically live on welfare and military pay checks. Pull the American military out and poverty will reign

  • MBlanc46

    It’s an election year, not that Hawaiians don’t already vote Dem.

  • IstvanIN

    I think we should keep one small island as a naval base. No rental, no statehood, just ours. Then I would evacuate all the people of European descent and let the Hawaiians have at it.

    • benvad

      Just use awake Island and let the Polynesians fend for themselves. They can get back Obama as their tribal chief.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        I doubt that they want Obongo back in their state, let alone as their tribal chief. At 1.5 percent Negro, Hawaii is one of the most Negro free states in America. If the Polynesian Natives think anything like Filipinos, they surely intend to keep it that way.

        • benvad

          Filipinos are the closest thing to Bantus. They gravitate to trying to sing like then, jive talking, wearing tacky outfits and being obsessed with basketball. You tell me then?

        • Hallie Eva

          Too late, OhDeutsche.
          Obongo and Moochelle are selling [or have sold] their Chicago home and heading for a recently purchased 37 million dollar Oahu estate as soon as he finishes doing his bit to destroy the Disunited States of Amerika.
          By the way, the down payment on the Obongo’s property was provided by a multimillionaire-ess. and supporter.

  • freddy_hills

    “Opponents have argued that Native Hawaiians are not ‘Indians,’…

    They’re not.

    …as if the word applies to Native people of a certain racial or ethnic heritage or is limited to indigenous people from one part of the United States but not another.

    It does and it is. Hawaii is thousands of miles from North America.

  • J.T. Thrasher

    The nation is in it’s death throws. As the economy collapses the different groups will be fighting over scraps. This is natural. I believe we will eventually Balkanize and the sooner we realize that the better off we will be. I also personally believe that other groups have a right to be and Hawaiians have desired to secede for some time. Until we stop living in the illusion that our wealth has given us and tribe up ourselves we are behind in the game. We need to create communities that are as close to or outright self sustaining, but who is willing to give up so much in order for that to happen? For a lower working class person like my self it is not a big sacrifice, but for others it is. It is also impossible for me and my family financially to accomplish this on our own. It is , unfortunately, the only chance we have.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      I agree completely. We White racial realists need to focus on secession. This is the only way we can preserve our race and culture. Hawaiian Natives also have a right to preserve our culture. They face the same threat as we White Americans do, and from the same groups. Blacks and Hispanics. I could see Hawaii taking part in secession along with White enclaves as a peaceful ally with a common purpose. I doubt that the Polynesian Hawaiian Natives would like to be dispossessed in their homeland by Hispanics, who are just as alien to them racially and culturally as they are to us.

  • Evette Coutier

    We need one of these deals where we get tribal status and our own government and we can get justice. We can call it the Evette Bill.

  • IKUredux

    Could I please, please, please, hear more about how race is a social construct? This crap should start out always as: “once upon a time, there was ….” And then been told:NO! NO! NO! There is no such thing! You know what? How about this: The White race has now been reduced to the Ugly Duckling. Because this is the only fairy tale that makes sense. The libs want everyone to be the little match girl. Fairy tales are meant to be allegorical tales of morality. Classics are immortal. Of course, I am referring to White people culture. We shouldn’t expect people to adopt our far reaching and overwhelming culture, just because they move to our countries. First of all, our culture has NOTHING to do with them. You know, I get irritated when I see some Indian(dot) refer to “our Founding Fathers”. First of all, I don’t want any Indians(dot)in this country.Secondly, if I can’t rid MY country of them, could they at least say: “the Founding Fathers”. There are no thousands of White people pouring into India and claiming Ghandi as one of their “Founding Fathers”. My people are becoming more alienated by the day. We barely trust our own. Whoa, better be careful what I say. Some members of my family, will TELL on me. Seriously? Is the way we want to live?

  • Alucard_the_last

    Make sure to cut off welfare, social security, fuel and electric. This way they can live the their beloved ancestors.

  • shmo123

    Like a drunk in a strip bar with someone elses’ money, Obama can’t say no to anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s unconstitutional, expensive or ridiculous, he’s on board.

  • mobilebay

    Did I miss something? Hawaiians are Indians? Watch out Waikiki, here come the casinos.

  • Cid Campeador

    I’m not be facetious but the POTUS is misusing the word “native”. It may be nit picking but anyone of Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese, Irish or Italian heritage who was born in Hawaii is a “native” Hawaiian.
    The Hawaiians came from Tahiti.

  • Ironic that people of European heritage are the only group who are not allowed to have any group solidarity, much less racial price, especially since the concept of ‘civil rights’ itself is a Western invention, not to mentions planes, trains, automobiles, computers, telescopes, modern medicine, space travel and on and on.

  • Cid Campeador

    Much better. There aren’t any people there.
    Perhaps some recluse Ecuatorianos.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    The Polynesian natives of Hawaii are surely not AmerIndians. The Pacific Islanders, as an Asian sub-race, have much more in common with Orientals than with AmerIndians. I wonder if any of the Hawaiian natives take umbrage at the Negro at the helm comparing them to the AmerIndians, who are clearly their inferiors. As Obongo’s responses to the Zimmerman trial confirmed, everything is about race with Obongo. The Negro race.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Most Hawaiian Natives detest Negroes. I doubt that they are suddenly trusting Obongo, who is comparing them to AmerIndians in an attempt to placate them.

  • melonhead

    There was a show on NPR where a Hawaiian discovered that congress just declared Hawaii to be a state, US territory. No deal was done with the Hawaiian govt. I hope actually that this above doesn’t go through, to keep up the pressure for Hawaii to fully secede, and decide on its own terms whether it wants to be a US state. Overturn injustice, especially if it’s by us! Now of course I’m sure everyone would really, really like to wash their hands of Puerto Rico, but that’s another matter 🙂

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    In other words, most Puerto Ricans are Mulattoes. Kind of explains why they are even worse than Mexicans. Just look at the violent crime stats for Puerto Rico. I’ll take peaceful and pleasant Hawaii over this stink hole of murderous, miscegenated Spanish speaking Negroes any day of the week.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    If Hawaiian natives do indeed go around beating up White tourists on a regular basis, why has Hawaii been an on-going tourist destination for Whites for so many years? We’re talking about one of our safest states. Black violence against Whites is well documented. Where are the stories here on AmRen about this hatred of Whites by Hawaiian Natives? If there is truly an issue here, more needs to be posted on AmRen about this, with specific news stories. We always have a plethora of stories on Black violence, as this is reality. AmRen should be devoted to racial realism, not blind hatred of all non-Whites. Blacks make as$es of themselves on a daily basis. Blacks who behave decently are few and far between. Until I see some proof of the degeneracy of Hawaiian Natives, I will not be convinced to blindly hate the Polynesian Natives of Hawaii.

  • rbblum

    As though the US Declaration of Independence containing the passage that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL never existed. As though our constitutional republic did not exist before a progressive began to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      The meaning intended, back then, was that all White men are created equal. The Founding Fathers knew that Negroes are our inferiors, and spoke at length about this Racial realism was common sense amongst Whites until the youth/young adults of the sixties. Such youth revelled in rebellion against their elders with their refuting of racial realist tenets. These youth were wrong. Dead wrong. Negroes destroy what Whites build.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    If it is like Schvartze, it is implying cognitive inferiority. I doubt that this is the case. Schvartze is a racial realist adjective that accurately describes Negroes. I doubt that Haole implies cognitive inferiority.