Le Pen, Wilders Fail to Put Together Far-Right Group in European Parliament

Thomas Seymat, Euro News, June 24, 2014

Far-right parties accross Europe have failed to set up a political group in the European Parliament, it’s been claimed.

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, said in a statement: “The Freedom Party wants to form a parliamentary group but not at any price.”

Wilders added the group’s intended cooperation with Polish right-wing party KNP–which has been accused of anti-Semitism and misogyny–was “a bridge too far” for him.

Contacted by euronews for a comment on the matter, a KNP spokesperson had not answered by the time of publication.

Despite him pledging to continue cooperating with his prospective allies, Wilders’ decision leaves Italy’s Lega Nord, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, Austria’s FPÖ, and France’s Front National hanging, two countries short of the required representation from seven nations.

“All for nothing”

The failure to constitute a group douses Front National leader Marine Le Pen’s ambition to lead an alliance of nationalists against Brussels, one of her stated goals before the European elections. A group in the parliament would have secured at least 20 million euros in funds according to Reuters, as well as staff and speaking time, among other legislative prerogatives.

“This is huge news, as both Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders have invested a lot in this and, in the end, fail,” explained political scientist Cas Mudde, whose research focuses on European, populist, radical-right parties. “Particularly Wilders has faced pushback from within the party, which now was all for nothing.”

Muddle, who is Dutch but works at the University of Georgia in the US, told euronews: “In the end, it leaves the far right even more dispersed and fragmented than in the previous European Parliament as they are now mainly non-attached, weaker in [Nigel Farage’s] Europe of Freedom and Democracy group, but with some presence in the European Conservatives and Reformists group.”

“It will be interesting to see whether some, notably Lega Nord and [Wilders’] PVV, will (re-)join the EFD group,” Mudde added.

A political group “later”

Ludovic de Danne, EU affairs adviser to Marine Le Pen, reacted this morning on Twitter: “No matter the treasons and the media frenzy, we shall build, with our allies, a strong and coherent political group later.”

He added in an other tweet “it would have been preferable to have this group before the [July 1-3] EP constitutive session but nothing prevent us to create it later”.

Contacted by euronews to provide details on the aforementionned “treasons” and the future group, de Danne had not answered by the time of publication.

Last Friday, Front National’s vice-president Florian Philippot, and one of its recently elected MEPs, expressed pessimism regarding the existence of the far-right group. He confessed on French TV I-télé “it is not tragic if the FN does not have a group in the EP,” a declaration Mudde said was “damage control”.

Florian Philippot, told French radio Europe 1 on Monday evening: “It is not a slap in the face. We would rather have had [a group] but we can still do it in the coming five years (…) We will do the maximum to weigh in. (…) We favour quality to the idea of having a group just for the sake of it.”

Setting up a group after the June 24 deadline is still technically possible, according to Reuters, although it would be too late for the FN to vie for influential posts such as a vice-presidency of the parliament and committee chairs.

Compounding Le Pen’s embarrassment, Reuters reports, she was outmanoeuvred by the UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farage, who had refused to enter an alliance with her due to what he called the National Front’s legacy of anti-Semitism. Farage formed a Eurosceptic parliamentary group last week with 48 lawmakers after poaching a National Front defector whom Le Pen had tried to unseat after she advocated giving non-EU foreigners the right to vote in local elections.

“A non-attached MEP is not a real MEP”

“A non-attached MEP is not a real MEP, without means of action,” de Danne told euronews by phone last April. “A political group will allow us the same weight in debates as everybody else.” At the time, according to him, the FN was “very confident” in its chance to have MEPs from 7 different countries in the group.

On May 28, following its electoral success in France, party leader Marine Le Pen said she had “absolutely no worries concerning the future existence of our group.”

Today, the party remains convinced, according to a statement, in the possibility of building an alliance “very soon.”

Until then, Marine Le Pen and her allies will have to seat as non-attached MEPs.


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  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Wilders added the group’s intended cooperation with Polish right-wing party KNP–which has been accused of anti-Semitism and misogyny–was “a bridge too far” for him.


    An “anti-Semite” is someone who acknowledges the realities of Jewish ethnocentrism, especially as a potentially destabilizing influence on western societies.

    A “misogynist” is someone who acknowledges the reality of biological differences between the sexes.

    “Anti-Semite” and “misogynist” are really just stupid, vicious labels for men who rely on common sense as a reliable source of correct belief regarding the empirical structure of reality.

    • Jesse James

      You could also say an anti-Semite is a person who has figured out what the Jews are up to and is not willing to stay silent about it.

      • Sick of it

        I’m sure it offends Mr. Wilders terribly though…and that’s what matters. Not the future of the Dutch people.

        • Mason Gull

          You know that Geert Wilders has to run for re-election every so often, right?

          How do you think the Dutch people would feel about an openly anti-Jewish candidate?

          • Sick of it

            You believe in politics? Politics is a vehicle for our enemies to destroy us. The political man believes in nothing but temporary self interest (not extending to family and tribe).

          • Mason Gull

            I believe that elections are, at least in Europe, still the best way to deal with the immigration problem.

            It’s easy to criticize foreign politicians for not doing exactly what you want, but you must remember that they have to pay attention to their constituents. Geert Wilders is doing the best he can with a very liberal electorate, and he should be be congratulated for hanging on this long.

          • Bartek

            Actually personal violence would deal with the invasion quite well.
            If the colonists felt threatened and unwelcome they would stop coming.

          • 1stworlder

            Cutting off benefits would work even better.

          • Martel

            Wilders would die for his country, if he cared about his self-interest he would adopt a safer and more rewarding political position instead of requiring 24/7 protection.

          • jeffaral

            Yes, Wilders would die for his country. Of course we all know what country he would die for.

          • Bartek

            Who taught the Dutch to hold such self destructive beliefs?

          • Katherine McChesney

            My brother in law is Dutch, lives in Houston and has a second home in Broek op Langedoc, Holland. He is an unrepentant leftist, loves blacks, Mexican and voted for obama. He is also a rabid atheist.

            He loves socialism.

        • Martel

          As Mason Gull correctly pointed out, Wilders cares about the next elections. He is already under some pressure currently. The Dutch media has been linking his partnership with Le Pen with the recent “anti-Semitic” comments of her father. But every storm he weathers provides him with greater opportunities in the long term.

          Anyone who says that Wilders is not putting everything on the line for his people is speaking foolishly. The ordeals he faces are not worth the few personal benefits his status provides him with.

      • Ella

        I’m not surprised with the New Right who do not have their ducks in order. This was predicted by some Right academicians that they conform under EU pressure.

        We also have a right to organize in our own ethnic and religious interests if the Jews approve or not. They sure have their own aggressive lobbying groups both in US Congress and Europe. We’re allowed to disagree.

        • Jesse James

          I agree Ella for every special consideration given to other races, ethnicities, religions etc we should insist on equal consideration for our own race. We are not and have never been a global majority, it is time that we start demanding the same rights we have extended to everyone else to work for the good of our own people.

    • NoMosqueHere

      In virtually every country where jews reside in significant numbers, Israel aside, jews intermarry and assimilate. In the US, for example, more than 70% of liberal or secular jews intermarry with white gentiles. That doesn’t sound particularly ethnocentric to me.

      • anew

        Intermarry? yes; assimilate? kinda.

        They’re a tribe from antiquity, the fact that they even still exist, to me, suggests exceptional ethnocentrism. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s because of their religion, but that religion also happens to be pretty ethnocentric.

      • IstvanIN

        The kids end up Jewish ethnically, if not observant religiously. Mixed race is mixed race and most will side with the “ethnic” side.

        • Trevor Pilsbury

          Mixed race? Really.

          • Kathy M

            I have posted the latest genetic research showing conclusively that white Jews are…. uh…. white. Shocker! I see no reason to post the link again.

          • Bartek

            Political beliefs/philosophies may very well have a genetic component.
            It follows that subversion, and anti-White politics could also stem from genetic predispositions.

          • benvad

            Yeah, really. Jews aren’t white.

          • Robert Haschberg

            Yes. Jews are west asians and not europeans. You americans are so degenerate that you think turks, arabs, gypsies and jews are white. You are truly the lost and the damned.

      • Kathy M

        As everyone here knows, I am not anti-Jewish per se (I never use the term anti-Semetic because white Jews aren’t Semitic. They haven’t been for a thousand years.), however, I do wish more Jews would embrace their own white race as every other race does. You can be pro-white and pro-Jewish.

        • benvad

          They aren’t white, they’re of the same bloodlines as Palestinians. Genetically the people most closely related to Palestinians are Ashkenazi Jews, not Mizrahi jews as would be expected.

        • Cid Campeador

          To an afro mugger or rapist, A young Jewish woman is just another cracker to be mugged and /or raped. Keep your eyes on the REAL target.
          Jews didn’t kill Channon and Christopher, Brad Heyka, Jason Befort, Heather Muller, Aaron Sanders, Anne Pressley , Amy Biehl., Amy Willard, Autumn Pasquale, Antonio Santiago, Lauren Burk, Eve Carson, Rachella Steinberg, Johnny Campiglia, and thousand of others.

          • Sick of it

            No, they only sided with the muslims against Christian Europe.

        • Ella

          I believe a handful intermarried but that was more common practice starting in the mid 1800’s from research. Before, Catholics and Protestants would rarely marry due to small religious differences much like Jews and Christians. Israel still has a law forbidding exogenous religious marriages (Jew-Muslim; Jew-Catholic). Jews who may practice their heritage still go by “birth mother” dating back to various Jewish tribes as part of their genealogy and Jewish claims. It is “all in the blood” as many ethnic groups still practice today quietly! We just whisper and not be braggarts about our ethnic origins.

      • 1stworlder

        They have genetic diseases from inbreeding

    • AndrewInterrupted

      All transcribed from the Cultural Marxist battle plan. Word for word.

  • Nevsky

    Yes, let Europe burn because you’re too holy to side with evil anti-Dentites.

    • Kenner


  • Whirlwinder

    Their inability to form a government is to the detriment of western civilization. The EU is hellbent on destroying the same. Will have to wait for the next elections after Islam has slaughtered more EU citizens and created more mayhem.

  • Brady

    Might as well let in Golden Dawn and Jobbik now, I guess. If another party decides to bail, well, Germany’s NPD has a seat…

  • Mason Gull

    Oh well, it’s not like the European parliament has much say in European affairs anyway. The fate of Europe will be decided by the national governments, and so it is probably best if Le Pen and Wilders pay more attention to popular opinion at home than to alliances that won’t go anywhere.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I have to accuse Wilders of jackassery. If you buy what the leftists say about the various parties, none of them will want to ally with the others. The left can then break them apart and pick them off one at a time, He should be giving each of these parties every benefit of the doubt. You don’t see leftists being so picky.

    • Sick of it

      He is leftist on many issues, excepting, to a certain extent, immigration. It isn’t much of a surprise.

      • Martel

        You really don’t know what you are talking about. Which would be fine, but it ensures that other readers are unable to appreciate the changes occurring in the Netherlands.

        From a Dutch perspective, Wilders is much further ahead then any party in Western-Europe and obviously, the USA.

        The Flemish Interest are seen as “Neo-Nazis” in sheeps clothing in the Netherlands, the fact that Wilders has build an alliance with him means more then anyone outside of the Netherlands can even imagine.

        “excepting, to a certain extent, immigration”
        Ridiculous. He wants zero(0) immigration from Muslim-countries, and there is not a Dutchmen out there who doesn’t know he prefers shutting down all non-Western immigration. How is that to a “certain extent”. Don’t confuse Wilders the tactician with Wilders the statesman.

    • Nevsky

      “We’re not allying with the Peoples’ Revolutionary Front. They are too extreme for us.” – said no liberal politician ever.


    The problem is that some nationalists in Eurpope want to kiss Jewish ass becuase they are afraid of Jewish power. This is a temporary hold up.

  • IstvanIN

    Form a government and get through what you all agree on. This White in-fighting needs to stop.

  • American_cavalier

    Rather than blaming Wilders for cracking up a real anti centralist right wing group in the EU Parliament, we should be blaming Nigel Farage. He had the numbers, weight, momentum, and influence to form a real third party in the UK and the EU. Instead he has cracked up a perfect opportunity for UK Protestant conservatives to lead a real all European anti centralist EU reform group. Good going Nigel. You will regret this decision.

    • Drago Lord

      But Nigel Farage never was a nationalist

      And the teams the picked up were either centrists (M5S) or people trying to moderate away from Front National (Sweden Democrats)

      • Robert Haschberg

        Sweden democrats are “social conservatives” and not nationalists.

      • American_cavalier

        Never make the enemy of the perfect. The UKIP and Nigel are nationalistic enough to have led a front of nationalists, conservatives, populists, and even labor oriented patriots. All would have been led by a conservative Protestant, Nigel Farage. This kind of broad front is.what is needed to topple the disgusting things now disguised as our ruling class. Although Nigel isnt an out and out nationalist he assuredely is nationalist in tone and objective. However this political move sets back nationalists and will likely cost him support. My interpretation he followed the fear mongering of some Establishment types regarding the Catholic hard right conservatives in the FN bloc.

        • Drago Lord

          You didn’t understand

          It was Farage, not LePen, the one that refused to make a broad block of the Right.

          Farage just picked a bunch of non-affiliated centrists up to make his group

          He is too politically correct to associate openly with the Right

          • American_cavalier

            I never said anything about Le Pen and the FN making a mistake.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    The problem with Wilders is that he’s not a real nationalist. He’s not pro-Dutch. He’s just anti-Islam. He spends all his time ranting about Islam and that’s it. He cares very little about immigration in general. He would have no problem letting millions of African immigrants into the Netherlands, just so long as they weren’t Muslims. He’s basically just a puppet for Israel. He’s not conservative and doesn’t fight to preserve traditional values. He cares very little about the homogeneity of Holland, or the future of Dutch people. In fact, he criticizes Muslims for not being more ‘tolerant’ of homosexuality and for not embracing liberalism. The Dutch need a true nationalist party to represent them.

    • Martel

      You could not be more wrong about Geert Wilders.

    • jeffaral

      Wilders was born in indonesia to a Jewish mother. He’s definitely not Dutch!

  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    I was reading the comments about this article: i see how a few posters suggest there should be a far right alliance between French, German, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian etc. parties.

    I don’t pretend to be an expert of European politics, or European life in general (having vacated the Continent 2 years ago) but allow me to say such project would leave me a bit perplexed.

    I mentioned a few times how i believe the concept of white nationalism makes probably more sense in the American context where it essentially translates into a North-Western European identity. In America the other European ethnos (Greek, italian, Polish etc.) have been since decades, if not over a century, molded on the Anglo model and cultural values. In Europe there’s nothing like that: overthere there are dozens of well-defined, millennia old, identities bringing with them a great variety of development and economic interests.

    I’m sorry to insist so much on economic themes but i think they are key to understand the current situation in Europe, so let me outline a little example involving a Greek nationalist party, a Dutch one and an Hungarian equivalent.

    Let’s start with the Dutch ensemble: nowadays they have to win votes in an overall prosperous but severely declining economy, in fact the Netherlands GDP trajectory has been one of the most dismal in Western Europe since 2008.

    The local electorate is scared and fed up with the local muslim thugs but also with the neverending bailouts of profligate Southern European countries whose citizens, in terms of appearance, values and lifestyles, are not perceived as that different from the Moroccans in Almere.

    At the same time the country is also flooded with immigrants from Eastern Europe, while local corporations are trying to move as many operations as possible to the former iron curtain where people are paid 1/4 of the typical Dutch salary, if not 1/5 or less. Again the Bulgarians and the Romanians, despite their skin color, are perceived as primitive, threatening creatures not really much more evolved than the muzzies.

    So in rich prosperous industrialised countries mired in a deep crisis it is much easier to win consensus with some kind of economic nationalism (affluent areas of Europe vs poor) than with an overtly racialist platform. You may like it or not but the majority of a conservative European constituency in Northern Europe would gladly trade a bunch of rich girls from Singapore or Seoul in exchange of all the Bulgarians and the Romanians in the country, not because they suffer from some kind of yellow fever but simply because the Bulgarians are dirt poor and scary, Chinese chicks just giggle like cretins and shop hard, bringing needed money.

    Let’s move now to Greece: overthere, and in Southern Europe in general, there’s a growing anti-Northern Europe sentiment, to the point the local far right party had to cut down on the nazi references as Germany worshipping doesn’t exactly rub well with the local laid-off public sector employees.

    In countries like Greece local nationalists often accuse Northern people of being a bunch of perverts, willing to impose their decadent values on conservative traditional Mediterranean societies and more than willing to exploit other people work with their investment banking schemes…sounds familiar ? So in order to win elections they have to run on a strongly statist and revanchiste platform against the blondes from above the Alps accused of deliberately ruining the local economy.

    A not too dissimilar logic applies in Hungary, where on top of everything people lived fairly badly, basically on subsistence salaries, even during the boom years. In places like that a not insignificant portion of the populaiton is still contaminated with soviet nostalgia , a time when at least the basics were guaranteed.

    Now i believe you understand why i find the project of building a common European nationalistic platform kinda proposterous and let me add that sometimes i find you Hitlerite types curiously prone to multi-culti extravaganzas, albeit with a whitish dressing, as ready as you are to embrace fellows of different nationalities and relatively different appearance as your brothers and sisters as long as they can be somehow classified as white.

    I’m sorry to be so harsh but the truth is the average Farage voter has absolutely no intention to share any kind of kinship with an Ukrainian or an Italian or any other econimically problematic nationality on the basis of some DNA similarities and at the same time the poor areas of Europe detest and envy the more affluent ones

    • Bartek

      As Europe is overrun with non Europeans you will find the politics of economic trivialities matter far less than the survival of your people.

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        I don’t necessarily disagree but the perception of what is white in Europe is shaped a lot by economic circumstances, aka you find very little tolerance for blonde Poles on places like the Telegraph comment section while Israel is often admired for being a developed, hi-tech nation crushing muzzies mercilessly.

        The electorate at large has a very vague idea of the ethno-state concept, all they want is going back to a time of reasonable prosperity and security, public services not yet degraded by third world hordes and taxes jacked up to bail out the Greeks

  • Cid Campeador

    This movement needs to sweep across Western Europe. They and North America are slowly being eaten away by the lowest of the Third World from Central Asia, Mid East and Africa. These animals take to the streets of European Cities with signs declaring the genocide of the indigenous population and there is no backlash.

  • blackjack322


    Keep the fight moving forward. Compared to where we were just 6 years ago we’re making enormous strides right now globally.

    As long as victories keep coming in we’ll get to the top and have what we need to make good and permanent changes.