Court Rules Jobbik Cannot Be Called ‘Far-Right’

Eszter Zalan, EU Observer, June 6, 2014

Jobbik, Hungary’s far-right party cannot be deemed “far-right” by newscasters, according to a decision on Monday (3 June) by the country’s highest court.

Hungary’s supreme court said that by referring to Jobbik as a “parliamentary far-right party” in a newscast in 2012, the Hungarian commercial television channel ATV breached the law because it expressed an opinion.

Jobbik said ATV violated the statutory ban on opinionated news commentary.

Hungary’s media regulatory bodies, the Media Authority and the Media Council sided with Jobbik, and ATV went to court, where it won in a lower court.

But the supreme court overturned the earlier ruling.

The court said that since Jobbik does not consider itself an extreme-right party, referring to it as “far-right” expresses an opinion, and leaves a negative impression with the viewer.

This rule only applies to TV and radio broadcasting as they are obliged to provide impartial news for a certain period of airtime.

ATV argued that “parliamentary far-right” is not an opinion, but a well-known fact, and said it is considering filing a constitutional complaint.

This is not the first time Jobbik has attacked adjectives associated with itself.

The party in 2012 sued Laszlo Karsai, a renowned historian, because he said–also on ATV–that Jobbik is a neo-Nazi party.

The court first ruled in favour of Jobbik saying Karsai damaged the party’s reputation. The historian appealed and a higher court overruled the decision, dismissing Jobbik’s complaint, saying the court is not in a position to make such historical judgments.

Jobbik’s recent strategy to move towards the political centre paid off in April’s general election when it got 21 percent of the vote.

The May EU election saw it send three representatives to the European Parliament. It is currently the second strongest party in Hungary behind the ruling centre-right Fidesz party.

While it advocates a stronger relationship with Russia, during the EU election campaign it refrained from previous calls to exit the EU or a referendum on membership.

However despite efforts to clean up its image at home, it still has a no-go reputation abroad.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has ruled out forming a group with Jobbik in the European Parliament, considering it too extreme.

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  • Publius Pompilius Quitus

    Cultural Marxists define what is and is not acceptable to say, like the Church in pre-enlightenment Europe. And because conservatives by nature can’t tread beyond what is orthodoxy, they are cursed to defend the left’s accomplishments. Anything or anyone who would attempt to reverse Cultural Marxism, then, is far-right. As G. K. Chesterton so prophetically said, “Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition.”

  • They can’t say “far right” any more in Hungary?

    Damn, there goes my drinking game, at least in one country.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    There’s nothing wrong with being “far right.” These days, “far right” is just another term for being sane and using common sense.

    • Martel

      There is something wrong with it, it implies extreme views. The majority of the people do not like to vote for an “extreme” political party, they want stability. I’m glad with this victory for Jobbik.

      • Pro_Whitey

        I’m with you. In politics, names do hurt. Most non-political people view themselves as middle of the road, so the label of extremism gives them an immediate bad impression of Jobbik. The leftist politicians and journalists exploit the use of labels to the max, as any reader of stories excerpted on AmRen can tell. It is almost part of the stylebook to be sure to include “far” or “extreme” in the description. It’s too bad it took a court to slap around the leftists, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

        • Martel

          The best you can get is that people no longer take the “far right” or “extreme” terms seriously because they have lost trust in the media and others who use it. But in general, its not a good thing. You want your opponents to be considered beyond the pale, not yourself.

          • Ron Cheaters

            For consideration; here in Nova Scotia Canada. There’s a headline:
            “Suspected Cop Murderers in Los Vegas had Neo-nazi/White Supremacist Ideology”

            Then when you read the article it says that they weren’t racist per se, the reason they put a swastika and a confederate flag on the bodies of the cops was to describe how they felt the cops were trating them as if they were nazis.. not because the perps were nazis.

            The headline tells you a story, the article tells you the opposite. How did they get through journalism school?

          • Nonhumans

            With flying colors. Libtard journalists havent had any objectivity for ages, and the “Educational” institutions that they received their “Education” from couldnt even define the term.

        • Danimalius

          Then you should use terms and phrases other than “white supremacy” and “the whip of power” as you did recently. Don’t help our enemies.

        • JP Rushton

          I can’t even remember the last time the media used the terms “far left” or “extreme left”.

  • IstvanIN

    Good for the Hungarian supreme court. There should be news broadcasts that report the facts, not “opinions” or slanted news. Hopefully one day the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary will be revived as an example for the world.

    • Aussie_Thinker

      Trouble is that opinions can still get through, even when reporting the facts. Who they interview, what they actually report etc etc.

      As much as a totally unbiased news entity would be great to have, it won’t happen. Largely because something like that won’t make money, and also because humans find it hard to not be biased (its human nature, so understandable).

  • freddy_hills

    It’s about time. The MSM has been abusing terminology for a long time. They refer to anyone to the right of Mao as “far right” and extremist”. Of course, they rarely refer to hardcore marxists as “far left” or “extremist.”

    • LHathaway

      What was it the other day, the president of the university’s marxist club had the student body vote to ban the Nietzshe club from campus?

      • dd121

        Uni used to be a place where ideas were freely discussed. No more, if you’re not a hard leftist you’ll either be stoned or burned at the stake. Reminds me a lot of the Catholic church in the middle ages.

        • Zimriel

          Calvin’s Genéve.

    • dd121

      Strike the phrase “rarely refer” to “never refer”. I have never heard one of their ilk refer to themselves or their ideas as “extremist’.

  • Chalk about another small victory for the white race. We’ll win some, we’ll lose plenty, but it seems that things have suddenly started going our way in our ancestral homelands. May it continue until final victory.

  • WR_the_realist

    Will the BBC ever call Labour “far left”? Of course not.

    • LHathaway

      The BBC is certainly far left?

  • LHathaway

    “Jobbik’s recent strategy to move towards the political centre paid off in April’s general election when it got 21 percent of the vote. . . However despite efforts to clean up its image at home, it still has a no-go reputation abroad”

    I sense another lawsuit!

  • Zimriel

    It’s a little tiresome to see the UKIP refuse to break bread with Le Pen and now, Le Pen with Jobbik. “No friends to the Right”.

  • JackKrak

    We have the same thing in the US – there are “conservative” commentators, “conservative” Congressmen, “right-wing” activists, authors and pundits, etc. but no one is ever described as “liberal”.

    I wonder why.