Video Purports to Show Abducted Nigerian Girls

Aminu Abubakar et al., CNN, May 12, 2014

The girls sit quietly on the ground, dressed in traditional Islamic garb, barely moving, clearly scared.

“Praise be to Allah, the lord of the world,” they chant.

The video, released by French news agency Agence France-Presse, purports to show about 100 of the 276 girls kidnapped byBoko Haram fighters nearly a month ago. It’s the first time they’ve been seen since their abduction April 14.

In separate shots included in the 27-minute video, a man says he will release the girls only after imprisoned members of Boko Haram are freed, according to AFP.

The man identifies himself as Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau. Nigerian officials disputed that claim on Monday, arguing that Shekau is dead. Other experts say the notorious terror group leader is still alive.

Whoever the man in the video is, Nigeria’s interior minister said, the country isn’t interested in negotiating a swap anyway, according to AFP.

But at a later briefing, the director of the National Orientation Agency, a government information ministry, said negotiations could be an option when it comes to rescuing the kidnapped girls.

When asked whether all options were on the table, agency Director Mike Omeri said yes.

“The government of Nigeria will continue to explore all options for the release and safe return of our girls back to their respective homes,” Omeri told CNN.


The abductions have resulted in worldwide outrage directed at the terror group and an influx of Western counterterrorism and law enforcement experts to help Nigeria fight it.

Filmed in a nondescript clearing surrounded by scrub and trees, the girls appear dressed in gray or black veils. Many look nervous or under duress. In one shot, a girl almost whispers a line from the Quran.

In separate shots filmed against a green backdrop, the man who claims to be Shekau says the girls–who come from a Christian stronghold–have converted to Islam.

He appears to open a window to the possibility of negotiating a swap: the girls for Boko Haram prisoners held by Nigeria.

“By Allah, these girls will not leave our hands until you release our brothers in your prison,” he said. “You took our brothers four or five years ago, and now they are in your prisons. You do many things, and now you talk of these girls. We will not let them go until you release our brothers.”

But he also says he still plans to sell them into slavery.


While experts analyze the video, the international effort to find the girls is gaining steam.

U.S. and British officials are in the capital of Abuja to help look for the girls, plan rescue missions and advise on ways to quash the terror group.

The United States is providing manned Defense Department aerial surveillance planes over Nigerian territory and sharing commercial satellite images with Nigeria as part of efforts to find the girls, two senior Obama administration officials told CNN’s Elise Labott on Monday.

China and France are also helping in the search. Israel plans to send a team of counterterrorism experts to help, Jonathan’s office said Sunday.

The United States has said it has no plans to send combat troops.

The U.S. team is working to help the Nigerian military plan operations and boost its capacity, providing investigation and intelligence support, advising on hostage negotiations and other issues, a senior State Department official told Labott.


The findings by human rights group Amnesty International mirror accounts by parents and villagers, who described to CNN an ineffective military response in the days and weeks after the abductions.

Nigeria’s information and defense ministries disputed the report.

The moment the Nigerian government heard of the kidnappings, “we went in to action,” Information Minister Labaran Maku said.

“We shouldn’t turn this into a trial of the Nigerian government.”

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  • Here’s something that occurred to me about this BH matter this morning.

    BH has been active in Nigeria for a few years. They have already murdered school boys and school girls. There was no outrage from the world when they did that, not even enough outrage to start a Twitter hash tag.

    But now, that they’ve kidnapped girls and sold them into slavery, now it’s time to be outraged.

    And also, like I’ve said here before, while there is now outrage, it’s only in the generic against the abuse of girls and women, mainly because it’s doubly racist and Islamphobic to notice that BH is black and Muslim.

    • Boko Haram was founded in 2002 as an offshoot of Shabaab, which appeared in about 1995. They attracted followers by speaking out against corruption: easy to do in Nigeria, which is probably the most corrupt nation on earth. They appear to have become violent only after an attempted crackdown on them in 2009.

  • John R

    I am sorry about these kidnapped girls. I am as racialist as anyone on this site, but not as hateful as blacks. I don’t believe in ANY innocent person being harmed. But, that said, why is this story getting so much attention? This is Africa. What you are seeing is just the usual black savagery that is common among that race. Those “terrorists” are just doing to their own race what they have always been doing. One good aspect about the publicity, though: It gives sheltered White Americans a rare view of how bad blacks really are in their natural habitat.

    • 4321realist

      Could there be a Moochelle element that might have started the ball rolling, because she puts her race first in all matters, especially if they are female?

      Remember the photo of her holding up the “Return our children sign?”

      She embarked on the “eat better/exercise” tangent, because some lefty told her black I.Q. could be improved if they ate better, exercised and kept from getting fat.

      • John R

        Yes, quite possible. One more piece of evidence that this administration and the “independent” media are in bed together.

      • Alexandra1973

        Maybe it’s to play on our sympathy and suddenly want to import more Nigerians…?

    • Zimriel

      It deserves attention more for the Islamic angle than for the racial angle. The Nigerians in the south for all their faults aren’t nearly as bad as the Liberians or, heaven help us, Somalis and Congolese. But put a Koran in their hands and they become – well, Somalis.

      • John R

        No. Put blacks in charge of any society, and they become, well, blacks.

  • RealisticGuy

    None of our business. Why is this posted here?

    • John R

      Educational purposes, my friend. Large scale TNB.

      • me

        The highly volatile Negro meets the highly volatile religion of Islam….what could go wrong?

  • anton drexler

    I wish the girls the best as they embark on their faith journey as members of the Religion of Peace. As long as they accept conversion, not to do so would be heresy, I’m sure they’ll have wonderful lives as punching bags in their beekeeper suits. Hopefully they will be fruitful for Allah, and their children will be invited to enrich Europe with their diversity.

    • John R

      Yep. I wish I could say you were wrong, but I can’t.

  • dd121

    This only concerns the African Islamists. All hail allah!

  • borogirl54

    Boko Haram has a history of forcing people to convert to Islam or be killed. I think that these girls “converted” to save their lives. I think Christians should get out of Northern Nigeria and move to the south, which is predominately Christian.

    • John R

      Ya think? NO! I think you are being prejudiced against the religion of peace. You should be ashamed. (And if you people here, don’t know sarcasm…)

      • DonReynolds

        I think borogirl54 is advocating segregation…..or maybe even religious apartheid.

  • 4321realist

    All the many measures taken by the black run US government to find a couple hundred black foreigners, but they couldn’t help out the heroes in Benghazi who led civilians to safety then fought for many hours trying to hold off a well-armed, overwhelming attack.
    And as far as I can determine they haven’t even tried to find the perpetrators although they must have two dozen witnesses as to who they are.
    Shouldn’t they have their spies and equipment in Libya instead of Nigeria?

    • DonReynolds

      The perps are not in hiding. I recall one or more gave an interview with the press at a sidewalk cafe…..bragging about how safe they were from American retaliation.

  • Zimriel

    I’m sure it was all based on the inherent truth of the Qur’an and Hadith, and not for any other reason.

    • Anna Tree

      Yes! Boko Haram ARE EXACTLY following the orders or allowance of allah in the koran for jihad (koran 9:5 etc), child marriage (65:4), rape and slavery (4:24) etc They are exactly following the teachings and behavior of “prophet” mohamed who killed and mass-killed (read about the Banu Qurayza, Asma Bint Marwan, Abu Afiq etc), raped women taken as booty of jihad (Zuwayriah, Raihannah, Mariah the Copt, Safiya etc), was a pedophil (he consumated the marriage with his 3rd wife Aisha when she wasn’t 9 yet), enslaved and stole (Banu Mustalip, Banu Nadir, Khaibar etc… it’s how he attracted followers to his islam, he first preach quite peacefully for 10 years in Mecca but got only a few followers) etc… Muslim terrorists are sadly not giving a bad image of islam, they are good muslims, they are islam.

      As per islam “prophet” mohamed is the uswa hasana (the model of conduct of excellence), the al insan al kamil (the perfect human), that is THE best man ever, THE guide to follow for all mankind, all time and all places (koran 68:4, 33:21, 60:4, 60:6), therefore whatever he did is islamic and halal, he had slaves, he raped women taken as booty of jihad, he killed Non-muslims who didn’t accept the superiority of islam. It is why good muslims who follow islam will never say those things are forbiden. Unless they are deceiving, lying to protect islam, doing
      takiyah… because to say those things archaic or unislamic would mean to say mohamed was unislamic and the koran not eternal.

      Everything “prophet” mohamed did is halal (allowed), therefor islamic, and cannot
      be criticized or outlaw. It is why the sharia allows child brides, jihad and slavery. It is why the muslim countries didn’t sign the Declaration of Human Rights. it is why there are so many “terrorists”/”extremists” in islam: they are just good muslims; and it is why it is not only forbidden but not possible to moderate/modernize/reform islam because islamic “morals” are frozen in the “moral compass” provided by the behavior of a 7th century Bedouin warlord. To denounce or moderate, modernize, reform this moral compass is to destroy islam, that no muslims will do and they will kill those who do that (and they do kill, even in our non-muslim free countries).

      Fortunately, most muslims are not really following islam, they are cherry picking the verses their conscience allows. They are giving a false good image of islam. Consciously or not though, they are Trojan horses and could turn truer muslim any day, so tick tick tick

      That is the magic of the “psychological dissonance” at play.

      “Yes the muslim mind is quite capable of hearing hip hop and having a infidel girlfriend while learning from the koran that he has to kill infidels. The muslim mind is capable of holding “pedophily is wrong” and at the same time revering “prophet” mohamed who had sex with a child. Capable of holding “it is wrong to discriminate on the basis of religion” and revering a verse of the koran like 9:123 “O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let
      them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).” as perfectly valid and be unable to see the contradiction MOST of the time. Deception is truly the farthest thing for most nice muslims. They really do believe the moderation they tell us all the time. They really do believe that “Islam is the most moral, is the middle way, is a religion of peace”.

      However, for some nice muslims for one reason or another reading and becoming close to the quran becomes necessary due to the vissicitudes of life for after all that seems to be the main personal use of religion. For those muslims the psychological dissonance tends to get resolved and one ends up with the nice young iranian american student driving his SUV into a crowd of his fellow students, or an american soldier who had been serving his country with his kaffir citizens lobbing a grenade into their tent, or a siddiqui born and bred in england and working with kaffirs and their children feeling the need to tie a bomb and blowing himself and the kaffirs to bits. It is only recently that for a very few the dissonance is resolved and they choose apostasy and a walk into freedom. So yes, tick tick tick … is how the kaffirs have to view ALL muslims amongst them.”

  • I am going to quote black syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts and say “Cry me a river.”

    • DonReynolds

      I have heard that somewhere before….

      • In Pitts’s case, he was referring to the fact that the victims of the Knoxville Horror were white, so the gruesome gang-rape/torture/murder of the happy-looking young couple didn’t bother him.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    Below is a very GRAPHIC picture of Theresa Eksteen, attacked by a mob of machete wielding black South Africans.

    Where is the outrage for the violence inflicted on Afrikaners?

    • Hallie Eva

      Now, about his I care.

  • DonReynolds

    Lemmie guess……most of them could not be there for the picture, because they are still recovering from having their clitori carved off by the Muslim fanatics, so they would be suitable brides? FGM is a hobby for these monsters.
    Is anyone surprised by the dramatic conversion of these captives to Islam?
    Were the rest murdered for refusing to convert to Islam, when given the chance?

  • MBlanc46

    Islam or the sword, I imagine.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Blacks are savages and Islam is a religion for savages. Why am I not surprised?

  • Hallie Eva

    I do not want our country involved in this mess.
    It has nothing to do with us.


    The birth rate in africa has replaced the 276 by now, What’s the problem?

    • The long term problem is that our tax money will be laundered through evangelical church groups to flood the US with Nigerians as “refugees”.

    • Francis Miville

      The problem is that the more we finance them to kill each other, the faster they breed.

  • The 1991 Gulf War. The elder George Bush wisely did not exceed the mandate he had talked the UN into giving him, but the rout of the Iraqi army and its eviction from Kuwait clearly count as a victory.

  • A tenth grader? I’m suprised Pitts is that good.

  • Anna Tree

    They didn’t do this because of her mistakes, her views, her political stance but because she is a white.

  • Hallie Eva

    Coming soon to a “sustainable” neighborhood near you, me, everyone, except those paying evangelical church groups to import homicidal bipeds with no frontal lobe, no impulse control and a room temperature IQ.
    Their importers/sponsors are safe in their guarded, gated communities.

    • Francis Miville

      Room temperature IQ problems? Let them take up hot yoga.

      • Hallie Eva

        Do what works for you, Francis. A guy has to do what a guy thinks he has to do.