UNC Students Rally to Rename Building Honoring KKK Leader

Julissa Catalan, Diversity Inc, May 13, 2014

Students at one of the oldest public education institutions in the country think it’s time for their school to get on the right side of history.

The Real Silent Sam Coalition–a student- and alumni-created organization that hopes “to create honest and public dialogue and provoke critical thought surrounding the monuments and buildings in Chapel Hill”–is behind Rename Saunders, a campaign initiative aiming to change the name of a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill building that honors Ku Klux Klan leader William L. Saunders.

Saunders, a UNC alum and university trustee, was also a Colonel in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

He graduated from the university in 1854 and was a Grand Dragon for the North Carolina Ku Klux Klan by the late 1860s. He went on to serve as North Carolina’s Secretary of State from 1874 to 1891.

UNC-Chapel Hill was established in 1795, and is known as the nation’s oldest public university. University historian Cecelia Moore says the campus reflects the nation’s history, including the racial tensions of that time.


“The Real Silent Sam strives to denounce the invisiblized white-supremacist narratives that undergird UNC,” campaign organizer Omololu Babatunde said in a statement. “By instigating further conversation on alternative histories, we are attempting to address the collective historical amnesia we suffer from as a community.”

Launched April 9, Rename Saunders already has more than 780 signatures on an online petition. Using the hashtag #kickoutthekkk, Rename Saunders is also using social media as a major broadcaster for its initiative.


The Real Silent Sam Coalition is scheduled to meet with the board of trustees later in May.

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  • Mike Smith

    Whites are the least racist and most generous ethnic group in all of human history. Consider the following:

    Slavery: Only white countries abolished slavery for moral reasons (in some cases, anyway).

    Colonialism: Only white countries surrendered the lands they conquered for moral reasons (in some cases, anyway).

    White guilt: Only white people reject their own heritage as irredeemably racist and oppressive.

    Immigration: Only white people are surrendering their majority status to unassimilable foreigners who bear historical grudges against them.

    Welfare: Only white countries offer generous public benefits to minority groups who pay little or no taxes, makes lots of babies they can’t afford, and commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime (often against whites).

    Crime: Only white people think it’s racist to complain about being victimized by hostile ethnic groups.

    Culture: Only white people downplay their ancestors’ accomplishments (Western civilization) while glorifying the accomplishments of other races (rap music).

    Charity: Only white people pair unceasing concern for poor minorities (“at-risk youth”) with contempt or hatred for poor members of their own race (“white trash”).

    Internationalism: Only white people agonize over the problems of complete strangers on the other side of the world, spend hundreds of billions of dollars to alleviate their suffering, and welcome them into their homelands as “refugees” and “migrants.”

    Legislation: White countries were the first to outlaw racial discrimination. Only white countries have special laws and penalties for “hate crimes” and “Holocaust denial.”

    Affirmative action: Only white countries have laws and policies that put the majority ethnic group at a competitive disadvantage to minority ethnic groups.

    Culture: Only white people feel guilty about their success and complain about their cultural dominance (“white privilege”).

    Ideology: Only white people define their nations in terms of abstract ideals rather than culture, ethnicity, and religion.

    Manners: Most whites are nice to non-whites.

    Political correctness: Only white people have a pathological fear of offending people.

    Anti-racism: Only white countries engage in cathargic orgies of moral outrage over any expression of racial prejudice—no matter how small, isolated, imagined, or harmless.

    Individualism/Universalism: Only white people reject the concepts of racial identity and racial solidarity.

    Multiculturalism: Only white countries welcome the arrival and persistence of alien cultures, religions, and languages.

    Diversity: Only white people feel guilty about a lack of diversity in their neighborhoods, schools, businesses, social circles, and entertainment choices.

    Extinction: Only whites have allowed their birthrate to fall below replacement level; only whites glorify miscegenation; and only whites see their demographic decline as a sign of social progress.

    Yep—whites are the best!

    • LovelyNordicHeidi

      Excellent post. Summarises the problems accurately. You might consider replicating your post in the thread “Nordic Tolerance Under Strain as Anti-Immigration Parties Grow.”

    • Ahnenerbe

      Yeah it sounds like the cult of jesus has reached its apex. Just carry the cross to your doom

    • RealisticGuy

      Some of those things don’t fit the labels. Consider replacing some of them, for eg. “Charity” with “Suicidal”, “crazy” would work too.

    • shawnmer

      That was excellent! Copy and pasting for future use.

      Be honest, is this original?

      • Mike Smith

        Thanks. Please spread far and wide. The list is original but the items were taken from various posts and articles on AmRen and other sources.

        • LovelyNordicHeidi

          For those who did not like the “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white” mantra, your post can serve as an alternative mantra.

          • Mike Smith

            If you re-post to a liberal or mainstream website, add the
            following: I now fully expect whites to attack me for standing up for
            whites–which only proves my point. Whites don’t hate other races. We hate ourselves.

          • Dr. Möbias

            Because whites are explicitly taught that to hate their own race is the apex of moral virtue and to promote the preservation of the White race is the height of moral degeneracy and evil.

          • Dr. Möbias

            Despite being a great post, it’s far too long to use as a mantra. The beauty of a mantra is its succinctness, that is what makes it so powerful.

            Those who don’t like “anti-raicist is a codeword for anti-White can use this one,

            “Diversity” = White Genocide.

            Short. To the point. Everyone understand is instantly, especially anti-Whites. No counter argument, which makes it extremely effective.
            That’s the reason more and more people are switching to the “diversity” mantra over the “anti-racist” mantra.

          • Jacobite2

            George Orwell pointed out that, when Country A is at war with Country B, any citizen of Country A who opposes or hinders Country A’s war effort is objectively aiding Country B. Whites, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and anybody else I’ve missed, are in a continuing race war. This is the fact that Leftists are doing their evil-est to hide from US whites. Fooling whites into failing to defend themselves against race-enemies short-circuits any defense and, as Orwell logically noted, objectively aids whites’ enemies. Anti-racism is, therefore, in effect anti-white. No codeword about it.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Aside from a few quibbles here and there, this was brilliant.

    • newscomments70

      Interesting post, and I hope many post it on mainstream media. I disagree with the statement, “We hate ourselves.” Liberals hate whites, present company does not hate whites / ourselves.

  • David Ashton

    Wasn’t Truman in the KKK?

    • Barely, so little that the practical answer is no.

    • Tom Thumb

      Truman was a good man, but shouldn’t have been president.

      • There wasn’t much choice in his first term: Truman was VPotUS when FDR died in the saddle, and there was still a war going. The real suprise is that even with Strom Thurmond splitting the Democrat vote in 1948, Thomas Dewey didn’t win.

        • DonReynolds

          Dewey got his wish. He said he had rather be right than be president.

      • DonReynolds

        He was a corrupt judge….part of the Tom Pendergast political machine in Missouri. All he managed to do as vice president was hang around the White House, drink whiskey and play cards. Oh yeah, and sometimes he played the piano.

        • Tom Thumb

          Truman was a good man in my opinion. Just extremely trusting. Shouldn’t have gone near those jerks like FDR.

    • DonReynolds

      No….he hated the KKK…..said the KKK must have been started by Jews…..because only a Jew would charge 15 bucks for a 2 dollar outfit.

  • MekongDelta69

    “…create honest and public dialogue and provoke critical thought surrounding the monuments and buildings in Chapel Hill…”

    “Do what we demand or we’ll storm your offices, you pigs.”

  • Well, the good news is that they’re resorting to a hash tag.

    Which means that they will accomplish nothing, but they’ll all congratulate themselves for caring and feeling good.

    UNC…I wonder whatever became of the athletic department academic fraud and cheating scandal.

  • dd121

    While they’re at it they can rename some streets: Lenin Way, Stalin Blvd, etc. They are the heroes of our cultural elites.

    • So CAL Snowman

      What about General Butt Naked Ave.? That’s where all the action is going to be.

      • dd121

        I watched a TV documentary on the illustrious career of General Butt Naked. Truth, so often, is stranger than fiction.

  • ncpride

    I know of several White kids, friends of my daughter, who are headed off to UNC in the Fall. It makes me sad knowing what loony liberals they will become after four years at this place.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Not to mention acolytes at the temple of negro worship known as Tar heel basketball. Nothing more pathetic than watching a bunch of 18-23 year old White kids losing their minds and going hysterical over a bunch of african thugs chucking a round ball through a metal hoop.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““The Real Silent Sam strives to denounce the invisiblized
    white-supremacist narratives that undergird UNC,” campaign organizer
    Omololu Babatunde said in a statement.”

    Curious that Omololu Babatunde (are they freaking serious with that name, LOL), an african national no doubt, would choose to apply and enroll at a school with a White supremacist narrative. I’m sure he would have been much happier in his native black supremacist african hell hole. These Africans HATE the White man but they LOVE what we created.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Africans always complain that whites are racist, blue-eyed devils and that Europe underdeveloped Africa through slavery and colonialism, yet they’ll do everything in their power to immigrate to the United States and be oppressed by the racist white man.

  • bubo

    They should rename the building after Eve Carson and have a video of what happened to her playing on an endless loop as you walk inside.

    • Magician

      Dayum you beat me to it.

  • Romulus

    The assault on our past will continue until we say enough! As long as we do nothing , the negroes will be ever more emboldened.

    This is where Hunter Wallace, Matt Heinberg, the CofCC, and the LOS should put their heads together and plan counter strategies.
    For example, focus on the heritage of Southern white culture’s positive attributes , all the while pointing out black on white criminal activity. Remind southerners of the consequences of the loss of cultural memory.

    • Dr. Möbias

      Heimbach and Parrott are busy trying to figure out why their churches ex-communicated them and how they can get back in. Stay tuned. The church is demanding that they give up their evil, Nazi ways:

      This is what the church told Heimbach: “Matthew must cease and desist all activities, both online, in print, and in person, promoting racist and seperationist (sic) ideologies, effective immediately. He must formally reject violence, hate speech, and the heresy of Phyletism. Finally, he must submit to period of formal penance in order to be received back into the Orthodox communion.”

      I’d say good riddance and then write about the anti-White church. But here is what he and Parrot say about it,: “We are going to humble ourselves to pastoral guidance, affording them the time they need to fully digest what exactly we are and what exactly we stand for. We are going to humble ourselves to their guidance and wisdom, approaching the dialogue with open hearts and minds.”

      http //www dailystormer com/the-crucifixion-of-matthew-heimbach/

      Give me a break! Mainstream White churches, protestant and Catholic are anti-White to the core. They support African outreach, missionaries sent to Africa, open borders and bringing in refugees from Somalia (Catholic charities). None work to promote White interests as Jewish temples work in the interest of “what is good for the Jews.” The sooner these anti-White institutions go out of business, the better.

      • Romulus

        Then if the church will not support us, then [email protected] them to hell!
        The only thing the leaders of present and past seem to care about is power and control, never what truly matters. The fools of last century had no qualms of sending of our sons and daughters to slaughter each other over some egalitarian myth.

        • Dr. Möbias

          They’re still being sent off to slaughter and it looks like a lot more is in store in Iran, China and Russia.

          I know of no known mainstream “White” churches that support White issues the way black churches support blacks and ONLY black issues.

          And yes, da** them all to h***. Stop supporting them. Stop donating and putting money in the basket, otherwise you are monetarily supporting the demise of the White race. Tell everyone you know. I do.

          • Romulus

            I neither fill the pews or the coffers, I haven’t since I was 14. I’m simply applying my military background and logic to think of possible helpful strategies. I never believed that the many sects would ever all get on the same sheet of music but I think that some kind of spiritual belief system is needed to rouse the souls and promote unity! If certain regions will not give up the cross, then we lose valuable numbers and assets.

            So, what will fill that cultural and spiritual vacuum that can be agreed upon that will unite the largest number of the people? Mjolnir magazine is one publication, as is the prose Edda, but compare that to 2k of the Christian Bible. I’m in full battle mode.

            What is the BEST way to unite the troops? That’s all
            I’m talking about here, nothing more.
            I’m just throwing out ideas! Think of it as a coalition govt, only without the leftist element(gays,darkies,etc.) Anglo protestantism is a direct combination of the cross and paganism. Again, I’d like a little input.

  • Ahnenerbe

    Maybe they should rename it after Gen. Sherman, he treated the white southerners with such benevolence

    • jane johnson

      How about the W.T.Sherman College of Firefighting? It should be in Atlanta, though, and offer free scholarships to minorities who major in “Test-taking”.

  • Petronius

    Yes, let’s talk about “getting on the right side of history” —

    The Republicans’ post-war Reconstruction was a continuation of the war by other means.

    Under the Conquered Province theory, the Southern States were effectively abolished and divided into military districts. North Carolina became Military District No. 2.

    These districts were ruled by a vindictive military occupation and the whims of carpetbaggers, America’s original redistributionists, by whom the Southern people were systematically robbed and brutalized, including denial of all civil rights and protections of the law.

    And so the concept of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” was replaced by the tyranny of the victors and black minority rule, and the number of slaves, instead of being diminished by the war, was greatly increased. For in the Conquered Province a new set of white political and economic slaves was established, in substitution for the former black chattel slaves.

    Having lost their homes, land, and freedom, having been disenfranchised and subjected to confiscatory taxation and loss of all civil liberties, Southerners such as Col. William L. Saunders faced difficult choices.

    Hundreds of thousands of Southerners left the South rather than submit. Some joined forces with their conquerors and became scalawags. Others in their desperation turned to armed resistance such as the first KKK. When the military occupation ended after 1877, so did the first KKK; until then, it served its purpose.

    • ncpride

      Spot on. The little sheep at UNC advocating for this have no idea of the real history of the KKK and why it was formed. All they have been told is that they hated black people because they were black. Nonsense. I’ve only ever heard of one history teacher who explained to the class what really happened in the South and how our people were treated after the war, and thank goodness for her.

    • Randall Ward

      Excellent post.

    • Thanks. I want to learn more about that time. I grew up in the South hearing all the typical Liberal propaganda in the schools. It never made sense to me. I always felt like I was hearing a one-sided version of history.

      • DonReynolds

        You did.

    • DonReynolds

      Southern Reconstruction was only possible because whites who supported the Confederacy were stripped of their voting rights and white leaders were not permitted to run for public office. How else do you suppose they elected black legislatures and congressional delegations? Only blacks and carpetbaggers were allowed to vote.

  • Tom Thumb

    I despise the Klan. The local Klavern sent my membership application back torn to shreds with a note saying they didn’t want extremists like me involved in their group.

  • jane johnson

    What is an Omololu?

    • model1911

      Here you go.

      • jane johnson

        Thank you. Now, if you can tell me why it is in North Carolina?

        • model1911


  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The KKK has contributed far more to the culture and civilization of the United States than blacks. They should replace every MLK tribute with monuments of Nathan Bedford Forrest and William J. Simmons.

    • dd121

      Forrest liked to avoid the “needless effusion of blood”. Too bad he didn’t have more enthusiasm for it.

  • Uncle Bob

    Black leaders once said they were gonna dig up the old, dead, white men and kill-um again!
    Joe Stalin did the same thing and erased people from history – like what these neo-commies are trying to do right now. These kids should focus on their careers and make proper use of their time in college instead of playing the role of agitated revolutionaries who have nothing better to do than complain about the past. The South has it’s place in history and God willing, will have one in the future.

    • Dr. Möbias

      at least the good citizens of Russia have the wherewithal to tear down statues of Lenin, which they’re doing all over the country right now. I’d like to tear down statues of Lincoln, FDR, Wilson and any other White who lead White boys into pointless internecine wars that killed millions of them.

    • Desecrating memorials would not be a good game to play
      it would be better just to have at each other and settle
      differences once and for all ..

    • DonReynolds

      There will be a South in the future, even if there is no United States.

  • Long Live Dixie

    The campaign to erase our past is a predictable outcome of welcoming droves of Yankees to our land.

    • dd121

      They weren’t exactly welcomed. The carpetbaggers arrived with money in hand and a corrupt Reconstruction government that confiscated Southern property through taxation. In the fifth generation their descendants are still despised by the Southern people.

      • Long Live Dixie

        I am talking about the ones arriving today. Despite the grumbling you often hear about it, the overall reaction by Southerners has been to welcome them. In fact, I’d say we practically bend over backwards to accommodate them.

    • It’s not northerners changing history in the South . . .
      it’s them cultural Marxist and the “mayates” & “chongos” that are stomping out
      our proud White history.. …………..DON’T LET THEM DO IT .!!!

      • Long Live Dixie

        It’s not northerners changing history in the South . . .

        I can’t think of a statement more false. Northerners are changing everything about the South. The have moved here by the millions and have turned every place where they are a majority into a mirror of the North.

        • I’m not going to debate the issue with you, fine with me if that’s what you think . . . be well pilgrim .

    • There are always Whites who want to encourage other Whites to fight with each other, which makes you wonder if they might have some other agenda.

  • none of your business

    KKK the most effective anti rape organization ever created.

  • Randall Ward

    The KKK was a needed institution when it was first started. The South was in yankee instituted state of ruin and lawlesness and the KKK was very much needed.

    • The Klan is still needed more so today than any other time in our history ..
      White unification and White pride…

    • Dr. Möbias

      The KKK arose to protect whites against criminal blacks.

      • DonReynolds

        There was no police in those days. The sheriff and his deputies was about the only law worth mentioning. The Klan also came down hard on (white) wife beaters and men who were unusually hard on their kids.

  • dd121

    I’d like to hear more about the students of Washington & Lee. It’s hard to believe that the students there would dishonor RE Lee. Say it isn’t so.

    • DonReynolds

      Sorry to say….it is true and the administration is still begging for forgiveness.

      • dd121

        That almost brings tears to my eyes. Lee rescued Washington College from near financial disaster after the war, as you know. I think six generations of Lee’s attended. To hear this is very distressing.

  • I propose that the building be renamed after Nathan Bedford Forrest, another CSA war hero, slave-trader and the first Grand Dragon.

  • The next thing them people will want to do is dig up all the
    Confederate graves and remove all Confederate war memorials ..

    • DonReynolds

      Confederate graves were forbidden to have markers or stones. The ones you see today were added after Reconstruction by historical societies, like the UDC.
      My grandfather’s churchyard has about a dozen unmarked graves that everyone knows were Confederate soldiers who attended the church.

  • Omololu Babatunde said in a statement. “By instigating further conversation on alternative histories, we are attempting to address the collective historical amnesia we suffer from as a community.”


    In 1922, the university named its new history department building for William L. Saunders to recognize his work as a compiler of historical documents. Saunders graduated from UNC in 1854 and then practiced law in Salisbury, North Carolina. During the Civil War, he served as a colonel and was wounded in two battles. In 1869-1870, he became known as the chief organizer of the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina and Chapel Hill. When Democrats regained power in North Carolina, Saunders became Secretary of State and arranged for the publication of North Carolina’s colonial records in a series on which historians still rely. He served as a university trustee from 1874 until 1891.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Perhaps Omolulu should go to an Historically Black College or University, eh? He can live out his fantasies there.

    • jane johnson

      Or go to Nigeria and find the kidnapped “schoolgirls”. Africa needs an alternative history more than N.C. does.

    • that’s right . . .who in hell does he think he is,
      I could bitch slap him so fast.

  • David Ashton

    I gather that Truman gave them $10 and then asked for it back. The Klan reportedly had six million members in 1924 – there’s that number again.

  • Mark Caplan

    The scholars at the University of North CAROLINA don’t seem to know that CAROLINA was named for Charles I of England, who presided over the slave trade. Son Charles II chartered and made a bundle with the Royal African Company, Britain’s main slave-trading enterprise.

    After “Saunders” is extirpated, a Rename Carolina campaign can cleanse the name CAROLINA. Until then, we’ll just call it the University of North X.

  • I don’t think “invisiblize” is a word, dear.

  • Dr. Möbias

    Senate Majority Leader Byrd was known as “Sheets.”

  • Jacobite2

    Why in God’s name should any North Carolinian give a sh*t what Omolou Babatunde thinks about anything? Forget sticking it to the White Man; they’re sticking it in and breaking it off.

    • Frank Morris

      You mean we shouldn’t base all our attitudes and policies on the desires of Mamalookah Boobooday? Heresy!!!

      • Jacobite2

        When am I scheduled for the re-education camp?

        • kikz2

          *shrugz* i guess they’ll let us know……………………………..

  • “The Real Silent Sam strives to denounce the invisiblized white-supremacist narratives that undergird UNC,” campaign organizer Omololu Babatunde said in a statement.

    I assume her nickname is Looney Tunes.

  • kikz2

    if UNC’s past was so offense, why didn’t the Bantu go to school elsewhere?

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Will they demand it be named Abdul Jamal?

  • KonservativeKonfederateKarl

    The 13% will never be satisfied. Their “struggle” forever continues.
    “While there has been much progress, there is still more work to be done.”
    etc., etc., etc.,…ad infinitum…ad nauseam…