Baltimore City May Impose New Curfew For Teens

Meghan McCorkell, CBS Baltimore, May 12, 2014

{snip} Baltimore City may soon impose a tough new curfew for teens. City leaders say they want to keep kids off the streets but opponents say the new restrictions may be unconstitutional.


In a preliminary vote, the city council approved a bill that could make Baltimore’s curfew laws among some of the strictest in the country.

Last February, dozens of teens tore through the 7-Eleven in upper Fells Point. Now city leaders are trying to stop behavior like this.

“We have to look for ways to support kids in need, vulnerable children. One way we identify those kids are the ones that are out unsupervised,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

The city council is considering expanding the curfew so children under the age of 14 would need to be home by 9 p.m. year round. Fifteen and 16-year-olds would have a curfew of 10 p.m. on weeknights during the school year and 11 p.m. on weekends. There would also be a daytime curfew during school hours.

But opponents say the curfew expansion bill is equivalent to putting the kids on house arrest, which could create more problems than it solves.

“If adopted, it would make Baltimore’s daytime and evening curfews one of the most extreme curfews in the country,” said Sonia Kumar, ACLU Maryland.


The curfew expansion will be up for a final vote in June.


Under the proposal, if a child is caught violating curfew, the family can attend counseling to have that citation wiped off their record. More than one citation could result in a hefty fine.


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  • A curfew I’m sure the yoots of Baltimore will dutifully obey and the police of Baltimore will universally enforce.

  • Ngati Pakeha

    Sounds like a great idea – until it becomes the focus of the legal maxim of disparate impact. The libtards at the ACLU will eat this up and of course they will have Sharpton et al manning the megaphones. Nice idea but…

    • JohnEngelman

      The “libtards at the ACLU” have never been victims of black crime.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        The old adage of a conservative being a liberal who’s been mugged is not 100% accurate.
        Many liberals are so deluded as to convince themselves society not the African is at fault because of racism, privilege etc.

    • Disparate impact because the one remaining white teenager in Baltimore spends his evenings at home playing Xbox games; his parents won’t let him out after dinner.

      • Alexandra1973

        That’s why I like this town I live in. My son and I can walk to the store or wherever, and since the few blacks in this town are way over on the other side of town, I don’t have to worry.

        When I was a teen living in the Detroit suburbs I rode my bike all over. I just never went all the way to Eight Mile Road, much less south of it. Come to think of it, the areas I rode in were white.

      • Ngati Pakeha

        You got a good one over me my friend. The word disparate impact has become so tied to minority whingeing that I have forgotten that its tenet’s have two positions. I should have paid more attention to Newton’s third rule.

    • TruthBeTold

      Exactly. When dealing with blacks it’s always lose-lose.

      What they demand today tomorrow they’re condemn as a racist conspiracy.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Liberals are always yelling that they are against discrimination and against laws that are unfair. This proposed curfew discriminates against all teens and is unfair to those teens who’ve had nothing to with the black teen attacks and robbery. Liberals aren’t actually against discrimination, though. They’re just against discrimination toward their pet victim groups. If discriminating against white teens means that they don’t have to be honest about black teen criminality then Liberals are all for it.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      The Occidental Quarterly has a special issue on “white pathology” (Vol. 13, No. 2, Summer 2013). Just now getting to it — having been diverted by other matters. Half way into it, what great articles!

      One is by Jared Taylor. Quoting a choice paragraph by Taylor from his review of Pathological Altruism by Barbara Oakley et al (a collection of 48 essays):

      “In past ages, there have been different ways to gorge on blinkered, hateful, joyous, denunciation: Religious fanatics burned heretics, commissars executed kulaks, Muslims beheaded apostates (and still do). Today, liberals hate “racists” — and “homophobes” and “sexists” and “fascists” — with the same Old Testament hatred. They are so drunk on self-righteous denunciation they are impervious to reality. Religion has not declined in the West; it has only taken new forms. Communism was religion for Communists, and liberalism is religion for liberals.”

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The editor and publisher of the Occidental Quarterly is Kevin MacDonald. I’ve subscribed for years. Kevin MacDonald also runs the Occidental Observer. He’s featured several videos of Jared Taylor over the years.

        Maybe it’s time AR returns the favor and publishes a few of Kevin MacDonald’s articles.

  • John R

    “Awwww, geeze, dey sayin we’iz gotta be in’z by ti’en. Dat dere iz BULL’SHEET (I wrote “sheet” moderator! Hee hee)”
    Come on people! The “Yoots” have to be home by 10 PM on weeknights? That ain’t fair! And worse: They have to be IN SCHOOL during the day? Gosh! You are taking all their FUN away!
    Okay, that’s enough. My sarcasm meter is on overload.

  • HJ11

    Whites should move out of Baltimore. It is too Black. It is a city in New Africa.

    A city is its people. A people is its genes.

  • dd121

    I wonder which “teens” they’re trying to control?

    • Well, since this is Baltimore, you get three guesses:

      1. Black.
      2. African.
      3. Negro.

      Your first two guesses don’t count.

      • dd121

        I win the brass ring!

  • Puggg

    So once you turn 17 you never do anything bad at night, right?

  • D.B. Cooper

    It will be unenforceable. Baltimore huh. Isn’t this where the now former democrat got his prissy pants yanked down?

  • baldowl

    Now, will this curfew apply also to “teens” who are in their twenties and thirties?

    • Since this is Baltimore, I’m going to guess that most of those are already in Maryland’s state prisons.

      • Dale McNamee

        Baltimore City has an overwhelming number of ex-inmates living in the city, along with active felons…

        There was a bill proposed to “ban the box” ( the “box” on an employment application that asks if the applicant was ever convicted of a crime or charged with a crime ) thus eliminating ex-cons from employment…

        I think it was passed by the city council…

        I’ll wait and see if that improves things…

  • 4321realist

    “We have to look for ways to support kids in need, vulnerable children.”

    “Vulnerable children?” “Kids in need?”


    About the same size as average adults with mayhem, muggings and murder on their minds and these black fools refer to them as our “children.”

    As if what they do makes them victims rather than perpetrators of the worst sort.

    • Don’t forget, these crimes are really just “cries for help”, according to current leftist weasel-terminology.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        “They’re simply expressing the effects of all the psychological damage institutional racism, white privilege, and the legacy of slavery have left on their precious, still-developing psyches!” –Liberals

        • Apparently, if one is black, slavery is capable of psychologically damaging one’s bloodline forever, but it didn’t do this to Celts, Greeks, Germans in the Roman Empire, or Slavs in the Viking kingdoms or the Ottoman Empire.

          With their claims in this respect, blacks and their leftist allies are accidentally admitting, once again, that blacks are in fact inferior.

  • So America becomes a effing police state because blacks cannot control themselves, because blacks have that chimp out gene that whites don’t. How much more of my G-d freedom am I supposed to give up to accomdate these wretches? I’ve worked half my life to pay the taxes to placate them and it’s done not one damn bit of good. Enough! A thousand times “Enough!”

    • Alexandra1973

      I truly believe this is why blacks were allowed to stay instead of being shipped back to Africa…so that TPTB would have an excuse for all these laws and a police state. The idea that everyone should be treated equally comes into play here.

      We’re all pawns, too. There’s a backlash, and I believe TPTB are making sure there’s a backlash, as an excuse to declare martial law. So while it’s perfectly fine to be a realist, let’s be careful not to play into their hands and be pieces in their global chess game.

      • IstvanIN

        I believe that is a bit much of a stretch. Blacks were allowed to stay because there was no will, or seeming need, to deport them after the CSA was defeated. I doubt anyone in the 19th century foresaw what would become of the US.

        • Alexandra1973

          I don’t…these people, what some refer to as TPTB or “the shadow government,” plan years, even decades, in advance. It may seem far-fetched, but truth is often stranger than fiction.

        • Sloppo

          Why do you think Lincoln wanted to send them back to Africa?

        • Nancy

          ” Blacks were allowed to stay because there was no will, or seeming need, to deport them after the CSA was defeated. I doubt anyone in the 19th century foresaw what would become of the US.”

          Actually, as Neanderthal DNA recommended to me, the book “Negroes in Negroland” was written during Reconstruction (late 1860’s or so) by an individual who not only foresaw the utter havoc and devastation black equality would bring to the future of the country, but compiled evidence gleaned from all the major European writers who’d documented first-hand experience of the Africans in their native habitat, in a futile attempt to “sound the alarm”.

          Apparently, even back then, the idea was being pushed by duplicitous political types, the newspapers who supported them, and misguided do-gooders that “race is only skin-deep”. This writer goes on to BEG the American people to look at the EVIDENCE (direct quotes by well-known and respected European writers with first-hand knowledge) that these are a lazy, dishonest, violent, unintelligent, immoral race AT ITS VERY CORE, and would destroy our very foundations.

          And no one listened.

  • bubo

    Anything short of bringing back Jim Crow is a waste of time.

    • Who Me?

      We need Jim Crow on STEROIDS.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Last February, dozens of teens tore through the 7-Eleven in upper Fells Point. Now city leaders are trying to stop behavior like this.

    Well then maybe it’s the 7-elevens that need the curfew so no vulnerable children’s feelings get hurt. The city could force a curfew of between 2:00 pm until 8 am for 7-11s so children aren’t tempted to flash mob, tear up and shop lift. One problem solved.

    Then Baltimore’s children would be forced to do other things, like sell drugs, rob check cashing stores, pull off a few rapes and still be home before their curfew.

    • Dale McNamee

      I believe that there was another “flash mob” 7-11 robbery ( I believe it was a free Slurpee promotion ) and all of the kids were dressed in yellow & khaki ( school colors ? )..

      The store employee tried to capture a few of the kids and was unsuccessful…

      And he was castigated over the Slurpee promo ( corporate promo, not individual store ) and not controlling the store by the police ! He had tried to only let 5 kids in at a time…

      The kids and the school who let them out early could have been identified and prosecuted, but weren’t…

      Baltimore is lawless 24/7… The curfew won’t be obeyed by adults or kids…

      This is just for show…

  • Alexandra1973

    Next up–the usual race-hustlers coming out of the woodwork and screaming for blood because racism, disparate impact, or whatever.

  • Strider73

    CBS Baltimore knows this curfew is targeted at blacks. Obvious proof: comments for the article are not allowed!

  • So CAL Snowman

    The only way you can stop black youths from terrorizing the city is to confine them to domiciles. That’s a pretty scathing indictment of africans in america right there. Of course, it’s not like the youth terrorists are going to obey this lockdown, i mean curfew.

  • none of your business

    How about a curfew for adults, both victims and predators. Maybe an armoured bus service for people who work after 6pm and before 6 am. Or just close down the entire town after dark.

    • In the immortal words of starship navigator Ellen Ripley, “Why not just nuke the place from orbit?”

      • me

        By Goshen, I think that you’ve discovered the PERFECT description of the Negro….The Negro is just the same as the parasitic, predatory, acid-spewing alien that lives off and kills its host. By gum, it’s a good thing they don’t have an exoskeleton. I guess the devil was asleep at the switch to overlook the Negro exoskeleton, thank goodness…

  • none of your business

    Most of the young OFEs are on welfare anyway, so the parental fine will be a mer $5.00 uncollected of course.

    • When I got allergy shots – 20 years ago – my co-pay was $5.00 a visit.

      • IstvanIN

        Gosh, to live in America once again…….

  • MBlanc46

    House arrest. Hmmmm. That might be the answer. At least until they get the standard jail arrest.

  • Epiminondas

    Typical of the liberal mind. Punish white and Asian kids along with the troublemakers. But isn’t this just like the Bush Administration’s TSA policies? They simply ignored the fact that we were attacked by Muslims and made everyone a suspect. Liberal pursuit of multiculturalism will end up enforcing tyranny.

    • The county of Baltimore is 65% white, while the city itself is only 30% white (and they are completely separate entities – the city is not part of the county, according to Wikipedia). This means most of the white kids in the greater metropolitan area will not be affected by this proposed curfew law, as their families live outside city limits.

  • Ograf

    I think to make it interesting they should calculate the rate of juvenile crimes by race, and only impose the curfew on the highest crime people. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

    • The left is a big proponent of “group rights”, but the last thing they want is group responsibility, except when it comes to whites being forced to pay extortionate taxes. The “disparate impact” involved in your scheme would have the left wetting their beds that very evening. It’s not obvious that they aren’t already over this proposed curfew change.

  • Michigan Patriot

    Those Icelandic gangs must be at it again ! Keep all mostly black urban areas free of these trouble makers; how about segregation again, its time .