A 30-year-old mother is lucky today after the quick-thinking of a stranger helped save her from a mugging.

The mother of two who was dragged across a Texas shopping center parking lot this week, clinging to her purse while two suspects in a sedan tried to snatch it.

That’s when the stranger, who was armed, stopped the would-be thieves and forced them to lie on the ground while they waited for the police to arrive.


A store’s surveillance camera pointed toward the parking lot caught the scene. Watch it courtesy of KHOU:

The male and female suspects, identified as 34-year-old Shamarion Diana Brooks and 48-year-old Jesse Leroy Grace were arrested by the Houston Police Department. Brooks was charged with felony possession of an unlawful substance and robbery by threat, while Grace saw felony charges of unauthorized use of motor vehicle and robbery by threat.


{snip} The man’s gun was checked out by police and given back to him.



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  • [Guest]

    Fine. But are any of the participants in this incident my kind? It doesn’t look like it. Even the upstanding on-the-spot journalist, Rucks Russell, is of the same criminal demographic as Shamarion and Jesse Leroy.

  • I remember a few months ago something very similar happened at another Ghetto Dollar store, in Mobile, Alabama. Only this time it happened inside the store, and the good samaritan with CCW actually had to shoot the armed robber.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed, the good Samaritan shot and killed him. Dollar General stores seem to draw armed black robbers out of the woodwork. It seems all the police need do is have plain clothes officers stationed nearby to grab them.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Are concealed carry laws racist? I’m sure they cause a disproportionate number of blacks to be caught committing crimes.

    • Nonhumans

      They certainly are. Anything that hinders or ceases the natural behaviors of the nonhumans is considered rraaaycisss, both by them and the mentally retard…er I mean liberals.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      That was the claim of some idiots with Florida’s stand your ground laws.

    • Anon

      According to the CDC, the number 1 cause of death of black males younger than middle age is being shot to death in self defense. The number 2 cause is being shot as a victim of crime.
      For white men, by the way, it’s slipping in the bathtub.
      Three million times. That’s how many times a gun is used to stop an instance of violence in this country. Some of those guys run away. Some of those guys are “caught committing crimes”. And some, no one really knows how many, get the George Zimmerman treatment.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I live in the Houston area. That part of town is as black as Lagos and Kingston.
    It’s been one of Houston’s worst neighborhoods for at least 50 years, probably longer.

    • trouble maker

      A black woman and her accomplice tried to steal my truck while I was in the Post Office in that area in 2004 , the line was so long that I changed my mind and walked back outside to my truck. On the way back out of the Post Office I passed the Black Woman who I heard telling her accomplice on her phone that I was coming back out , and when I got to my truck the door was unlocked and the ignition was already busted open. This happened in less than four minutes and although I stopped two different police officers and also called it in they never came over and did a report, I finally had it towed to the ford place and spent $250.00 to replace the ignition.I also found out that the postal workers in that post office were opening all mail with an insurance company name on it which I reported and never heard back about ,I never had any conversation with a White person during any of these two problems.

      • Anon

        And did you learn your lesson? That lesson being that if you live in a free, American country with the rule of law or a sick, communist dictatorship banana republic is a function of where you live (or are).
        Or do you need something more serious to happen (and it will). To get shot by a black who then takes your wallet and have other blacks either step over you or rifle through your pockets as “police” just drive by without doing a thing.

    • Seek

      Is this the part of Houston that gave us George Foreman and the late congressman, Mickey Leland?

      • Paulie Boy

        No, Foreman grew up in the fifth ward which is adjacent to downtown. This place is out in the boonies.

  • Svigor

    Yet blacks largely support the gun confiscation movement, and throw their political weight behind the gun-grabbing Democrats to the tune of 90%+.

    • evilsandmich

      No irony, it’s not like they’ll be turning in their stolen loot.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Mr. Smith, meet Mr. Wesson.”
    “Mr. Colt, meet Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.”
    “Mr. Ruger, meet Messrs. Colt, Smith and Wesson.”
    “Messrs. Heckler and Koch, please meet Messrs. Ruger, Colt, Smith and Wesson.”

    “Everybody, I’d like you to meet Shamarion and Jesse Leroy – two of our finer upstanding Texas citizens… thugs.”

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      There’s a lot of thugs who really need to meet Messrs. Kalishnikov, Uzi, Colt, Browning, et all.

  • dd121

    I wonder why the guy didn’t test the ammunition to see if it was fresh?

    • IstvanIN

      This was a smart, as well as aware and armed, black gentleman.

  • Tarczan

    Eric Holder and his crew will be looking into this.

  • But you haven’t heard the latest.

    Family Dollar is going to close a lot of stores. Why? Their prices are too high.

    Wonderful economic recovery.

    • IstvanIN

      Probably due to shrinkage. Woolworth Corporation in the late 80s and early 90s had to close hundreds of their urban Woolworth’s because of theft. Unfortunately Woolworth’s didn’t move into malls fast enough in the 1960s and the entire chain had to be shuttered in 1997. Fortunately Woolworth’s did catch one trend that urban-Americans love to spend money and bullets on: sneakers! And thus today Woolworth’s is Footlocker Corporation. I wonder what the Footlocker urban shrinkage rate is?

  • OhWow

    Nice to see a black person do the right thing for a change.

    • LACountyRedneck

      With all due respect, big deal.

    • FeuerSalamander

      the woman was black too

  • Katherine McChesney

    obama’s son and daughter.

  • 4321realist

    An absolute surprise to me. I know there are exceptions to every rule, but this is really unusual.

    I just hope it doesn’t fool people into relying on blacks to do the right thing, because for every one of these guys I’m betting there are 10,000 who would gleefully watch a white robbed without doing anything other than applauding.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    I have never been into a Family Dollar store. They appear to be diversity magnets.

    • Alexandra1973

      Not the one in my town. It has a Dollar General and a Family Dollar. I have seldom seen blacks in either one.

      One of the perks of living in a 97% White town. 🙂

      I’ve seen them in inner-city Detroit, though. While in a moving vehicle.

  • Alexandra1973

    I was chuckling at the part where the good Samaritan pulled the thugs out of the car.

    It is refreshing to see an exception to the rule.

  • John R

    No, if he were White he would be arrested, too, for “recklessly” using his firearm, and “taking the law into his own hands.” He definitely wouldn’t be described as a hero.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Exactly. Your comment should get more votes. If he were White, he would be accused of being a danger to society. MSM and the usual race baiters would be blasting white man with a gun could have shot those blacks pointing a gun at them like that. One black guy does this and look at all the “thumbs up” here. Perhaps next weekend there will be only 35 shootings and 3 deaths I Chicago, and someone here will say nice to see there weren’t that many shootings in Chicago. Wow.

      • Alexandra1973

        Look at it this way, we’re tired of seeing/hearing about TNB, so seeing a black person do something right for a change is nifty.

        But as another person pointed out, you do have to be careful not to make the exception into the rule.

        If a White person was the hero, well, that’s to be expected, because that’s what a normal White person would do…it comes more naturally to us.

        Seeing a dog dance on its hind legs (had a Boston terrier that did that) is more of a novelty than seeing people dance.

    • BillMillerTime

      Not in Houston he wouldn’t. Self-defense with a weapon is generally respected in these parts.

  • Borachio

    I’m surprised that the police didn’t arrest the “good Samaritan.” He was probably harboring racist thoughts, which as we know is considered a far worse crime than assault, robbery, and kidnapping.

  • evilsandmich

    It’s like some sort of faux race from Star Trek or something. “The Shamarions are hailing us sir!”

    • Alexandra1973

      “Red alert!”

      • Nonhumans

        And shields to max!!

        Sir, they are energizing their N-Whine torpedos and have opened their weapon bay doors. Liklihood of impact is nil, all of their weapons are mounted sideways. Sir they are attempting to hail us on their obamaphone, but all im picking up is unintelligible gibberish. They are firing their EBT cannons and attempting to jam our communications with a RayCiss wave transmitter, Sir!!

        Fire the Job Application Phazers, set a course for somewhere untainted by nonhuman savagery, and release the Fried Chicken countermeasures to distract them from following us and parasitizing the inhabitants at our destination.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Sir, I’m afraid that will be futile against the Doomsday Die-versity machine.

  • The Final Solution

    Probably transplants from New Orleans. Since when did Texas become part of Africa?

    • Strider73

      Since Katrina. Houston became a magnet for black refugees, who (as usual) brought their social pathologies with them.

      • Alexandra1973

        I remember even “anti-racist” people commenting that the crime rate in Houston was about to go up with the Katrina thugs being shuttled over there.

        I think on a subconscious people most people know the nature of blacks, but don’t want to admit it to themselves.

  • Eugenicist

    Kudos to the hero. Obviously, not all Blacks are bad people (and commenters here shouldn’t alienate the good ones by making offensive and sweeping off-color remarks), and at least in Texas, gun rights are still respected.

    • Alexandra1973

      Not all, but at least 80%. I know of decent blacks.

    • LACountyRedneck

      I don’t want any blacks living near me. One or two “good ones” come in and the rest follow. I would know.

      • Roninf9

        If the good ones lived around the rest instead of moving to white areas they might provide the leadership and discipline the rest of them so desperately need.

        • Alexandra1973

          I have to say “not so much” there. The good ones would be branded “Uncle Toms” or “Oreos,” then you have the crabs in a bucket scenario–they see one try to escape, they pull them back in.

          The good ones wouldn’t be “keepin’ it real.”

          Ideally the decent ones would be leaders and keep their “bruthas” in line, but in real life, it just doesn’t work that way.

          • Roninf9

            Then the good ones should be able to segregate themselves into their own areas.

        • LACountyRedneck

          True. But the good ones are overwhelmed. That’s why they follow us and drag other trash in their wake.

  • Right on !!! one for the good guy’s

  • Paulie Walnuts

    The “Good Samaritan” appeared to be a Black guy as well. He’ll be considered an Uncle Tom. and a sell out. No wonder he took off.

  • Seek

    No need to look at the perps’ mug shots. By their first names, ye shall know them. And to the armed Good Samaritan, I say, “Good work.”

  • Seek

    There is one commercial sign that attracts blacks even more than “dollar.” It’s called “free.”

  • Paulie Boy

    I live in Houston and this incident is not uncommon. Concealed carry has stopped many attempted rapes and saved many lives. Yes, the good Samaritan is black. Instead of criticizing him let’s do some introspection. Most European-American males are beta to the core. They run from conflict. White flight is the epitome of the failure of the European-America male. I admire John Derbyshire but the strategy of running from potential conflict is not only cowardly but self-defeating. Does such advice encourage, motivate, and instill confidence in young European-American males? Besides, there is no where to run anymore. The government, big business, and “charitable” organizations are importing third worlders into rural, all White areas. A couple of years ago, not too far from where this incident took place, while gassing up my car I was jumped by 3 blacks. Luckily some Mexicans pulled up and helped me fight them off. Would white men have intervened? Houston being Houston (the only major city I know of where there was a large pro-Zimmerman demonstration, while the River Oaks crowd hid in their homes lower and middle class whites (and some latinos) defended their neighborhood from the pro-Trayvon crowd) it’s possible but unlikely. So, in summation, instead of criticizing the actions of a black guy that sacked up let’s take a lesson from him.