Black Female Soldiers Say New Grooming Reg Is ‘Racially Biased’

Michelle Tan, Army Times, March 31, 2014

Thousands of soldiers and others have signed a White House petition calling for the president to order the Army to reconsider just-released appearance and grooming regulations they contend are “racially biased” against black women.

The update to Army Regulation 670-1 was published Monday, and among the rules are clarifications for Army-appropriate hairstyles. For example, the Army does not allow twists or multiple braids that are bigger than a quarter of an inch in diameter. The reg also bans dreadlocks of any style, and cornrows must be uniform and no bigger than a quarter of an inch.

Twists and dreadlocks have been prohibited since 2005, but the regulation at the time did not clearly define the specific hairstyles, Army spokesman Paul Prince said.

The new AR 670-1 clearly defines the different hairstyles and gives soldiers specific guidance on what’s allowed, he said. Leadership training released in mid-March, published before the reg was official, includes photos of a number of unauthorized hairstyles, several of which are popular among black women.

“I’ve been in the military six years, I’ve had my hair natural four years, and it’s never been out of regulation. It’s never interfered with my head gear,” said Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs, of the Georgia National Guard, who wears her hair in two twists.

Jacobs, who started the White House petition, said she’s “kind of at a loss now with what to do with my hair.”

The Army defines “twists” as two distinct strands of hair twisted around one another to create a rope-like appearance.

Jacobs said twists are the go-to style for black female soldiers going to the field because it “makes it easy to take care of in the field,” she said.

Her hair is naturally thick and curly, making it impossible to pull into a bun, Jacobs said.

“Most black women, their hair doesn’t grow straight down, it grows out,” she said. “I’m disappointed to see the Army, rather than inform themselves on how black people wear their hair, they’ve white-washed it all.”


Jacobs said that before these clarifications, black female soldiers had more hairstyle options while maintaining a professional appearance.

“We feel let down,” Jacobs said. “I think, at the end of the day, a lot of people don’t understand the complexities of natural hair. A lot of people, instead of educating themselves, they think dreadlocks and they think Bob Marley, or they see women with really big Afros and they think that’s the only thing we can do with our hair.”

Prince said hair grooming standards are “necessary to maintain uniformity within a military population.”




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  • Twists and braids and dreadlocks and cornrows, oh my!

    I don’t think they’ll have to worry long. Obama will save the day. After all, black women were Obama’s most reliable voting block.

    • sbuffalonative

      Watch for more college course on ‘black hair’.

      • Brian

        Dey Hurr 101.

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Cornrow 090

        • gemjunior


      • Grant3131

        There would have to be a lab component.

    • Robert Griffith

      With young single college educated White women not far behind in their devotion and support for Obama.

      • Ryan Blades

        Once you go black, you’re a single mom.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I’m pretty sure the Russians do not have to worry about such nonsense in their army.

    • JSS

      Yeah we are so lucky to have chronically out of shape, loud mouthed undisciplined black females in our military. I’m sure the Russians would be shaking in their boots at the prospect of having to fight them. In all seriousness though I truly hope the sheebas that are writhing to the president are in charge of the nuclear launch codes soon.

      • LHathaway

        You’re saying you want to see our enemies and Russian nuked?

        • JSS

          If we had Nubian princesses in charge of the codes they would be compromised constantly. Amurrikas enemies would actually be safer. As for launching I’m sure Latrina and dooshahna would miss whatever they were supposed to target, so again, Amurrikas enemies would be better off the more responsibility diversity has.

          • Johnny Clay

            They’d blow up their own country to get even for 400 years of “oppression.”

          • RyanP

            They might nuke Deshauns house fo sleepin wit dat ho.

          • r j p

            Ever watch a black woman try to type?
            Those nails (hurr scratchers) really get in the way.

    • Nevsky

      No blacks = no nonsense

  • IstvanIN

    I agree that the military must impose discipline do to the nature of the job, no way around that, but I can see where the “twist” hairdo might actually be a practical hair style for black women.

    • JSS

      The most practical thing for an effective military would be no blacks at all.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        There shouldn’t be any non-whites in the US army.

    • Nevsky

      I think their hairstyles can be kept to intimidate the enemy in a direct combat

  • Truthseeker

    Since we officially have the most PC military in U.S. history, I can guarantee the rules will be changed. Heaven forbid any minority group gets offended by anything.

    • Max

      They will begin serving only hallal food. This will really put a bind on the huge Mexican contingent. At some point, there will be demands for separate barracks. Look for a litigation tidalwave to come in our vibrant military as the fraud of diversity becomes apparent.

    • SFLBIB

      You are right. When I was in, Afros were all the rage. Next will be a bone in the nose.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    You know what more should be banned from our nations? Non-White minorities!

  • Simonetta

    Every time the Americans lose a big war the Army goes nuts looking for a scapegoat. After Vietnam they went crazy over tiny amounts of marijuana use. The thinking of the brass being: ” it couldn’t have been the wrong war in the wrong place with the wrong soldiers and the wrong strategies, so it had to have been something truly evil that was done to us that made us lose in such a big way to a bunch of 3rd world pissants like the VietCong. No, It must have been something else, like all those draftees smokin’ reefer”.

    So they started a policy of constantly testing every soldier for THC and dishonorably discharging anyone and everyone that they found with trace amounts of THC in the body. That lasted until the late 1980s when it occurred to them that the secret stoners in the ranks were putting tiny amounts of hash oil (far too little to induce intoxication, but enough to trigger a positive drug test result) into the coffee of the most hard-core gung-ho hawks. Gung-ho’s were getting tossed out of the services by the hundreds and every one of them positively insisting to high heaven that they hated marijuana and never had nor never would do it. But to the Army a positive result was the only thing that mattered, so poop-canned they were.

    But this obsessive hair thing is a stretch even for them.

    What difference does it make in a war zone if your sideburns is 1/8 of a inch beyond regulation if you’re good at what you’re supposed to be doing. Which is (as the Army occasionally forgets when they get so far away from home), killing the people who are trying to kill American soldiers.

    • sbuffalonative

      Someone pointed out on the Political Cesspool that after the US army was integrated, decisive military victories have been few.

    • r j p

      What difference does it make in a war zone if your sideburns is 1/8 of a inch beyond regulation if you’re good at what you’re supposed to be doing.

      It has to do with your gas mask fitting and sealing.

      • dcc2379

        It also has to do with control and respect of hierarchy. The military needs conformity. One can’t question orders on the battlefield or file grievances.

        • Technically, the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War could do that. They also got to elect their own officers. It is fair to point out that they lost.

        • SFLBIB

          When I was in, they prohibited petitions also.

      • 1stworlder

        I have seen a black military nurse with purple highlights in her hair. Would you want to be treated by her?

        • Luca

          Not even if she were the head nurse.

      • bilderbuster


        • r j p

          They also can’t wash (worsh) it regularly.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Did you know that after they ‘worsh’ it they ‘rinch’ it?

          • Worsh? What are you two, St. Lousians?

          • Katherine McChesney

            I’ve heard country folks in the South pronounce them this way.

            In East Tennessee they also “arn’ their clothing to get the wrinkles out.

          • The thing in the kitchen or bathroom which collects water from a faucet above it and has plumbing underneath it.

            Ever hear any of them call it a zinc?

          • Katherine McChesney

            That’s a new one on me.

    • The big anti-drug push in the US military was partly also the result of a disastrous flight deck crash on USS Nimitz in 1981. Lots of the bodies of the dead flight deck crewmen tested positive for marijuana. President Reagan ordered a zero-tolerance policy immediately afterward.

    • SFLBIB

      “What difference does it make…”

      Yes, Mr. Hillary. They are called the uniformed services for a reason.

  • sbuffalonative

    Nope, can’t have ‘uniform’ standards. Standards are racist.

  • Oldcorporal

    Reminds me of a tape that I heard while I was in the Army, of Jonathan Winters, probably at a private party. He was doing a skit as a black radio show host named Theophilus Dillard. And his sponsor? “King Kong Hair Straightener.” “We know some of you cats have the kinky wigs, and you come on like spooks! Well, this stuff puts it down real good, man! Helps you get the White chicks!” Looks like some of the sistuhs in the Army need to look for KKHS in the stores. Or maybe you can only buy it on line …

  • Mason Gull

    Women should not be in the military, no matter what their race.

    • Rhialto

      There are important military functions that women can fulfill. Consider the effective use of female soldiers in the Israeli military. On the other hand, it must be left to military leaders, not Liberals or Feminists, to decide the military the duties to which they are assigned.

    • r j p

      I agree. I used to have lunch with a girl who was in the reserves that was supposed to be sent to Afghanistan in August (she wasn’t). When she told me, my response was “What kind of country sends its women to war?”

    • NoMosqueHere

      There are some tough lesbians out there, man.

  • Brian

    Jacobs, who started the White House petition, said she’s “kind of at a loss now with what to do with my hair.”
    If that’s all it takes to throw her for a loop, she should probably consider another career.

    Simple solution would be to shave it off. You know, like MEN do.

  • Luca

    Can’t we just redesign all the gas masks, headgear and uniforms to appease our poor oppressed black service women? After all, they get special treatment everywhere else and we must not diss’ them or else they’ll get Obama to fix everything for them with a stroke of his pen..

    • dcc2379

      And start serving chitterlings and watermelon in the MREs?

  • dd121

    Blacks don’t like to accept any authority, especially by whites. Their hairdos just reflect a rebellious in-your-face attitude.

  • An army obsessed with women’s hairstyles is not an army. It’s a freaking social club. Putin is having a good laugh and so am I.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Black women would really get mad if the Army banned blond hair dye.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Negresses also enjoy wearing those disgusting greasy weaves they insert into their brillo pad hair. I guess they do it to look more human.

      • blight14

        It isn’t working……………

  • Kathy M

    These women are in the military after all. They should wear their natural afros closely cropped to 1/2 inch max. Of course this would make them indistinguishable from black men. Whatever.

    • Diversity Fatigue

      Look at all the money they could save on opossum fat, lard, goose grease, and other straightners. Its expensive keeping the tightly coiled kinks out. Only Africans have no hair shaft. This is unique to their race.

    • Martel

      Without make up, it would definitely be a challenge to recognize the gender.

  • gemjunior

    This is a huge insult to the many soldiers that have died in service to our country. That these prima donnas, who are given everything, who everyone runs around worrying about their spoiled attitudes and feelings, are even allowed in the armed services is crazy, but to carry on about their ugly, disgusting hair in the army is ridiculous. They make themselves ridiculous wherever they are. What an embarrassment they are.

    • Max

      It has nothing to do with who “died in service to our country”; nobody died to maintain a hairstyle. The issue is the usual whining about inconsequential social or legal matters being “discrimination” aimed at blacks.

  • What are these diversitards going to do if the answer is “no”? Stop re-enlisting and get jobs mopping floors and flipping burgers? It’s not like the aerospace industry is missing them!

  • Kenner

    The comments from most of the blacks under that article were pretty much ‘hate whitey’…I wonder if the white enlistees have located the enemy yet?

  • Cannot Tell

    I don’t understand how black women wearing their hair in a style that is convenient for them is prohibited. Provided that the hair is neat and clean, shouldn’t everyone be fine with it?

    • Katherine McChesney

      “Stylin'” is not the purpose of serving in the military. They should just shut up and cut their hair short as the men do. Blacks are immature. They act like babies. Selfish and self-centered.

    • If they want to be “individualistic” they are free to do so – as civilians. Nobody conscripted these bimbos.

    • 1stworlder

      I would be all for it if they did gas mask tests with real poison gas.

    • MBlanc46

      Because the military is not about self-expression, it’s about group discipline.

      • Cannot Tell

        For many black women, such as myself, the act of twisting or braiding their hair is not motivated by a desire to express themselves. It’s about keeping it neat, professional, and out of their way.

        • MBlanc46

          I’ve little idea what military policies are now, but back in my day, when a guy joined the military, they just shaved his head. That solved all those problems then and it should solve them now.

          • The short hair on male soldiers was for a good reason. It makes for a less hospitable environment for lice in close conditions in the field. Lice spread typhus and spotted fever, and these diseases often kill 1/3 of the patients.

        • r j p

          Neat and professional would be short and easy to care for.
          Not some ‘do that can only be washed one day a week or when at the salon.

        • Luca

          When you make a contract to serve in the military, you must certainly be aware there will be rules, more rules, expectations of discipline and all for very good reasons.

          So when you read a rule you don’t like once you are in, it’s a little late for drama and expectations of special treatment.

          If you don’t like rules, don’t join.

    • Brian

      I have not served in the military, but from what I’ve heard, ‘what is convenient for them [grunts]’ is not high on the list of priorities.

    • bilderbuster

      You’re not too familiar with Black folks are you?

  • LHathaway

    I see the, ‘different standards are not double standards’ ideology is still alive in the US military. For one, which American male soldier would be allowed to grow hair that long?

    Of course, the ‘diversity’ brigades need never defend themselves. They remain unquestioned. And according to official decree, only white heterosexual men are privileged and in need of ‘sensitivity’ education. So they have no need to repeating the embarrassing line ‘different standards are not double standards’.

    • How long has it been since male service members have been allowed to grow beards? The Civil War?

      • Sharps Rifle

        WWI, because of gas masks.

        • That makes sense. The Iranians had big problems during their war with Iraq due do beards and gas masks not fitting well over/around them.

        • Allan477

          Hitler, at the beginning of WWI, had a long, droopy mustache. He, like many other German soldiers, was required to cut it off until it was no wider than his nose. After the war, he kept this little mustache as a sign of pride of having served in the German army.

      • LHathaway

        I think in the Navy it has been only relatively recently they’ve been forbidden to grow beards, but I’m no expert on the subject.

        • One of my high school friends served as an engineering officer on a ballistic missile submarine in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and some of the guys grew beards at sea, but they had to be shaved off at the end of each patrol.

      • MekongDelta69

        Nope. In ’70, when that idiot Zumwalt took over for Adm. Moorer (who was the last non-PC scrambled egg) as CNO, he allowed beards across the board (as opposed to just in V.N.), along with his dopey Z-Grams, and the loosening of Military discipline.

        The Navy – and the entire Military went downhill from that point.

        Look what garbage we have now that passes for ‘Military.’ You might as well scoop up everybody waiting in the Welfare line for their checks.

  • Alexandra1973

    I know of someone who worked with a black woman who was in the reserves or something like that. She was a manager where they worked (AA hire anyone?). And if I recall correctly what I was told, she was on disability from the reserves. I can’t remember…but we agreed it was a bunch of nonsense.

    On top of that, she’d have a heater on at her cubicle even during warm weather, complaining how cold it was…she was from the South.

    She could always go back to Africa.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Discharge them. If you can’t maintain standards, then you don’t need to be in. I never saw a negro who was worth spit when I was in.

    • dd121

      Unfortunately the military has become a test bed for marxist social change. The officer who wrote those regulations will soon see his career come to an end. Obama has already purged dozens of high ranking officers from the military.

      • Brady

        Which means it will be ineffective as a fighting force. In today’s world will that be a bad thing?

        • dd121

          It could be.

  • Here’s something that flew past me the first time I read this story:

    Jacobs said twists are the go-to style for black female soldiers going to the field because it “makes it easy to take care of in the field,” she said.

    1. Black women, in the field? From what I understand, they’re mainly in service and support. Which means their hair really doesn’t matter much, if their “service” is EEOC/HR, or the military equivalent.

    2. At least among black men, rows and dreads are anything but easy to take care of, to maintain and wash. I had it explained to me what they have to go through to wash hair so “styled,” and it’s a time consuming process that involves intricate washing with several kinds of brushes.

    • When I was locked up, some of the black inmates did hair work in the rec room for other black inmates. I didn’t pay too much attention, but it was obviously time-consuming.

      • dd121

        Were they picking each other’s nits?

  • Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs, of the Georgia National Guard – She’s not even on active duty, unless she’s recruiting for Guard, and she’s complaining about racism due to enforcement of hairstyles in the Army. The Marine Corps has the same rules.

  • MekongDelta69

    You know what an example of a type of thing we obsessed about, over in the land of the Great Rice Paddy?

    Making sure our Stoners were lean, clean and locked and loaded.
    I’d give you more – but you get the point.

    Those were the kind of things straight white males in war time thought about.
    Not black women screaming ‘racism’ b/c they can’t have a farm on their heads. (The very few that even existed were (thankfully) 10,000 miles away from us.)

    • In Croatia, we worried about Chetnik artillery. The rockets were the worst: no ranging shots. They’d just clobber a whole area. In retrospect, it is easy for me to understand why the DoD got rid of the old 8-inch M-110 howitzers. With MLRS available, who needs them?

      • Brian

        Sounds good, except for Guam…wouldn’t want the island to capsize from the extra weight! (Hank Johnson represents a district near mine.)

  • MBlanc46

    How long before it will be “hip hop” uniforms?

    • Luca

      When I was in the service, about 6 lifetimes ago, the blacks always tried to do something different with their hats (covers). If we slightly folded the bills (like a baseball cap) they kept theirs straight or wore them slightly cocked or crooked to look cool. They don’t want to conform, they don’t want to “act White’, they don’t want to take orders from “the man”, they malinger, go on sick call, etc.

      And you wonder why the services were segregated. They, like gays, are bad for morale and teamwork.

  • OhWow

    It’s no different than saying you can’t have your hair 1 foot long or a boss saying no facial hair is allowed.

    Blacks would find a way to complain about getting a Lamborghini.

    • Cannot Tell

      Could you explain to me why you think there’s no difference? Because the regulations you gave as examples seem practical to me.

      • Hair should probably be easy to maintain in the field. Military service is not “style”, and not even really just a job that can get a person dead. It is service. You do it to the best of your ability or you could not only get yourself and your friends KIA, you could cause a foreign policy failure that would have disastrous consequences for your friends and family at home. Do it or don’t do it; there’s no conscription in the US. It has to be 100%, every time, or you don’t belong there.

    • r j p

      “It just weck isself after I left da club and poosh on the gas petal”.

    • Dale McNamee

      My wife is a retired EMT/Firefighter and her hair had to be a certain length and style so that her Nomex hood & helmet would fit properly and protect her from getting burned and other head injury… There was also a ban on post style earrings (at least on duty), because of the possibilty of the metal posts heating up via the radiant heat from the fire burning the ears… For the guys, hair length wasn’t an issue since most wore brush cuts ( many were either in the military or worked as civilians for the military/gov’t./business where there were dress codes)… Also, most were either clean shaven or wore mustaches for the same reason as well as the breather mask being airtight…

  • rasher223

    Then shave your heads.

    Your nappy hair looks like crap regardless what you do with it.

  • Ella

    Well, Whites can’t dye their hair a flaming pink or cherry red. I imagine that tongue and nose earrings must be removed for not disgracing the uniform. Blacks just cannot discriminate between a real paying govt. job with a dress-code and welfare.


    How dare the military be so naive to think that they can run the military with any rules or honor codes knowing damn well that black people are within it’s ranks? Apparently they haven’t received the memo which clearly explained that black people are above any form of military code. Which also states that new recruits, as long as they have black skin, of course. Will be the ones giving the orders to the top command structure as to what rules or regulations they will be permitted to be given to them.

    Once again, it’s a display of racial power from those who claim to be so powerless. That it’s not even possible for them to be anything even close to the racist hate mongers that they truly are. ( And don’t you just love that the very same people who claim that it’s impossible for “people of color” to be racist. Are also the very same people who turn right around and say that “Anti-Racist is not just a code word for Anti-White”? < They're apparently incapable of seeing that one completely cancels the other out, )

  • blight14

    General Patton would be SO proud of today’s ‘new and improved’ armed forces…..hopefully they’ll address those darn boots soon, they really clash with the BDUs!

  • LHathaway

    Let me Guess, Michelle Tan who wrote this is a civilian working for The Arrmy Times. Let me guess again. hiring Michelle Tan, a woman likely not even born in this country, helps the ATimes complete a diversity requirement. In fact, the Army Times discriminated against women of color Born in this country by hiring her. That could be the only possibility, since women of color Born in this country are less likely to be journalist than their precent of the population.

    But perhaps it’s simply a matter of ethics? As long as a certainly number of white reporters are displaced, or X-amount of color is added to the mix, it’s A-Ok to discriminate against women of color born in this country. With leftists, it’s all about ethics, no doubt.

  • r j p

    Corn-rows do not look professional. They look ghetto hoochie.

  • r j p

    Hair weaves on a windy day in Chicago become negro tumbleweed.
    So disgusting it makes me want to vomit because you know that stuff has never been washed (worshed).

  • PouponMarks

    Next Black females in the Service will insist on only Buh-lack instructors, taught in Ebonics and Black Engilish. Sho nuff. Nome ahm sane? Wutch yu mean?

  • Herman

    Do blacks ever get tired of playing the race card?
    It would appear not.

  • MystiKasT

    Black americans have no one to blame but themselves. Every other group of oppressed people has bounced back and made it; hell the jews were nearly wiped out in WW2. Whats the excuse for blacks? They have a million, I’m sure.

  • Dale McNamee

    If these women want to wear those hairstyles… The military is not the place to be…

  • John K

    Well, they’re black! Everything is rayciss.

    Not only has the military gone gay, now they’re going ghetto, too.

  • Nevsky

    Army is about discipline and obedience, the qualities blacks never had

  • Give it another decade and your garden variety, second-world, banana republic nation will be able to waltz in and take over da USA whenever they feel like it. ’cause dis da new army right here.

  • TXCriollo

    I have this scary feeling mexico is building its army since they see how much a joke america is. Lets add more nails to the coffin lettin monique have dreds on the battlefield

    • Why steal a cow when you’re getting the milk for free?

      • TXCriollo

        Idk if we keep allowing more bs like this Mexico might notice rhe free ride is running out.

  • ghetto_scum

    Here we go again, dat beez rayciss! , knock it off with that crap!

  • Paleo

    That’s it! I’m off to see the wizard to see if I can get the brass it takes to be this Beavis and Butthead stupid.

  • native american

    if they want to have their hair the way they want it send them in first to find out first hand what happens when they enemy gets hold of the twist or dreds. its like wearing a tie in a street fight what happens when the enemy grabs & holds the tie? a beat down is given due to the fact where the head goes the body follows. if they want to whine about the rules give them a dis honorable discharge for failure to comply with the regulations set by the insitution in which they serve. it it what it is.

  • Funruffian

    Those black females never stop screwing around with their ugly nappy fros. They hate their own hair and try to emulate the appearance of other races. Since they naturally cannot grow hair past their ears, they spend thousands of dollars per year trying to straighten all the tight kinks out so it can fall. Unfortunately, it never looks natural or right, since the result is that it is very stiff and fuzzy. Why can’t they just admit that they hate being black and having to make themselves look attractive. I’m blessed to have naturally gorgeous hair and no one ever complains. So why should I bitch and moan that nobody comments about my hair?