Baltimore Cyclist Attacked on Guilford Avenue

Christian Schaffer, ABC 2 (Baltimore), April 14, 2014

A Baltimore City man is recovering after several young people attacked him while he was riding his bike Saturday night. The entire incident was caught on camera.

It happened Saturday night along Guilford Avenue a couple blocks south of North Avenue.

There is a slight uphill grade as the street runs North, so Michael Bowman was tired–not going very fast, when suddenly several young people knocked him off his bike and started beating him.

The attack was captured by the small camera mounted on his bike helmet. {snip}


They knocked him off the bike and punched him repeatedly.  The camera’s battery disconnected so the recording stopped at that point.


Fortunately most of the punches wound up striking Bowman’s helmet.

“I never felt that all the advice to wear your helmet would come into play to protect me from punches,” he said.


As for the kids who attacked him?  “I wish they had something to do maybe they could come out and join us,” Bowman said.  “If they asked any of the cyclists if they want to come out on a bike ride they’d probably say yeah I’ll help you get a bike we’ll do this.”



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  • [Guest]

    >>>“I wish they had something to do maybe they could come out and join us,” Bowman said.

    The weak-kneed groveling just never seems to end.

    • sbuffalonative

      “I never felt that all the advice to wear your helmet would come into play to protect me from punches,” he said.

      Let’s correct this statement:

      “I never felt that all the advice to wear your helmet would come into play to protect me from feral blacks,” he said.

      • Fathercoughlin

        ” I nver felt that all that advice to steer clear of black neighborhoods would come into play…”

    • John R

      Yeah, I caught that one, too. Okay, yes, I can understand about having to watch what you say about the “youths” who do things like this, but then, why not just say “no comment” when asked what your thoughts are?

    • evilsandmich

      Riding through Baltimore in the middle of the night no less, I’m supposing that he learned his lesson while note wearing a helmet as a child.

    • Fathercoughlin

      Stupid dumb brainless moron. Did he not hear the “kids” laughing happily as they had fun? “Oh if ony they had something to DO…” They did,jack-ass,they did. And it was beating you.


    Another White enabler “he hits me because he loves me.”

    • He does sound like an abused spouse.

      • kjh64

        True, he sounds like he had battered women’s syndrome. It’s sad.

        • Whitetrashgang

          He would probably give head to the perps just as a peace offering

          • John R

            More like, just bend over and take it up, you know where, which is already what people like him do, figuratively speaking. And, worst, I am not even saying that the man is gay, either. That is the scary part.

      • John R

        Good point. All these liberals sound the same: “Gee, they beat me up. They must have had a reason. I must have done something wrong…”

  • Ed

    They saw him for what he is a clueless beta male and attacked. Sometimes I really don’t feel sorry for the victims.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Me neither. The most likely two outcomes work in my favor.
      1. He had some sense literally knocked into him.
      2. He will never learn, and these diversities will eventually keep killing off the only white people willing to put up with them.

      • Reverend Bacon

        The answer is probably (2), but Reverend Bacon tried to provide the didactic epilogue for him. He posted on the CofCC site when they ran this bit yesterday. Check it out.

        • ncpride

          I read his comment……for heavens sake, what a clueless, hopeless piece of work. Hard to feel any sympathy for him now. (sigh)

        • Nathanwartooth

          Reposted here for the lazy:

          I am Mike Bowman and I was linked to this article by a friend of mine
          who found this website. Personally I am disgusted by the comments on
          here stating that this was an attack motivated by race and mentioning
          about racial segregation. Regardless of the fact whether or not they
          targeted me due to my skin color, it does not give you the right to
          slander a whole race and assume people are violent and savage due to
          their skin color. I thank the people who wish me the best of luck but I
          would like to voice out my disapproval of any racism relating to this
          incident and any racism in the future. I hope that these attackers are
          caught and are punished. Thank you for you understanding.

          • wildfirexx

            These black thugs probably chose him because they wanted to have a little racist fun, or maybe they were having a bad pubic hair day!
            Who knows!
            But this seems to be becoming more common in every day life in America…on black on white crimes.
            Yes, how fortunate for him he was wearing a helmet… had he not been, he might well be suffering in a coma in the hospital right now, like that other poor white victim in Detroit.
            I wonder if then,… if he would be so willing to offer an olive branch to these predators, that like to target ordinary “White Folks”, just for the hell of it!

          • John R

            Awwww, you hope they are attacked AND PUNISHED? Gee. Don’t you think that is a little harsh? I mean, maybe you can buy them each a bike and let them ride with you?

          • He obviously needs to get hit a few more times. If he hangs out around North Avenue in Baltimore, he won’t have long to wait.

          • Rhialto

            I wonder if any of Bowman’s many Black friends criticized his attackers the way Bowman criticizes the White men who point out the racial hatred of his attackers.

          • Garrett Brown

            Just too mentally ill isn’t he? I personally hope someone puts him out of his brainwashed misery.

          • Fathercoughlin

            Mike Bowman will make someone a wonderful wife someday

    • rasher223

      Yep me either.

      All these stories coming out of the UK of these white women being murdered by their groidite boyfriends is a good example.

      Got what they deserved as far as I’m concerned.

  • D.B. Cooper

    How quickly we forget. Remember this guy beaten and stripped by a flash mob…
    Of course you don’t. You’ve already forgotten.
    I didn’t forget. I’m blaming the Republican Party for both of these incidents, and I’ll still remember come election day as I vote straight ticket democrat.

    • I sure haven’t forgotten, and I share your fury, but I don’t think one party is much worse than the other. They are two heads of the monster which has hijacked my country. I won’t do anything to support either, and while I presume your prescription is to hasten our demise by voting democrat, I think it won’t come fast enough that way (or much faster one way or the other). I could be wrong of course.

  • Geo1metric

    This kind of attack is being encouraged from the very top.

    • 4321realist

      You’re right on.

      Personally, I think it’s more than obvious Obama, Holder and the black leadership feel as if these attacks will make whites accept that they’re the result of their own creation.

      They’re always using the excuse that you (whites) made them that way.

      They’ll call them off and condemn the violence if you give them a minimum wage of $20/hr for general labor, $100,000 in reparations each, more money for schools, a new house, car and a chauffeur, in addition to anything else they can think of in the meantime.

      Otherwise, better just keep dodging and ducking, whitey, until true justice arrives or they take over completely.

    • Tom B

      I thought I was the only one to think that. I call flash mobs obama’s black dobermans. it’s not possible that so many attacks can “randomly” occur across the USA. Has to be orchestrated from the top. At the very least, obama, holder, et al, tacitly endorse it. Somebody is blowing a whistle that only the dogs hear.

      • Geo1metric

        The “tacit” endorsement came, for example, when Holder gave a pass to the NBBP members swinging truncheons at polling places in Killadelphia IIRC.

        There have been many, many more “tacit” endorsements through acts of commission or omission throughout the term of this administration.

        • Hallie Eva

          If there were any doubt, the “if I had a son” comment cinched it.

        • Tom B

          I was unaware of the “Killadelphia” episode.
          Thanks for informing me. The lyer-in-chief will soon declare martial law.

          • texasoysterman

            Martial law will be declared only after whites start fighting back.

  • JSS

    “I wish they had something to do maybe they could come out and join us,” Bowman said. “If they asked any of the cyclists if they want to come out on a bike ride they’d probably say yeah I’ll help you get a bike we’ll do this.”

    They already have something to do. It’s called preying on naive Whites like you. Ill tell you something you should do though, look up some those White “rednecks” you most likely disdain as opposed to the diversity that attacked you and learn how to shoot. You won’t even need a helmet for that and won’t need to be worried about being sucker punched either.

    • The moron cyclist thinks blacks would enjoy cycling for pleasure? When their genetic makeup is one of attacking others. What’s wrong with him? Is he really that stupid or just brainwashed by the Cult of Diversity. If he has a woman, and she’s a real woman, she’ll dump the fool.

      • JSS

        Like the poster Ed said above, I think first and foremost this guy is a total beta. He is also most likely utterly brainwashed. If he has a White woman she is also likely utterly brainwashed or a feminazi. My hope would be that as the reality of just what happened to him sinks in that he starts waking up fast. If he starts acting like a White man then either she will naturally follow or he can dump her.

    • John R

      Good point. This same White liberal cyclist probably despises working class conservative Whites and wouldn’t give us the time of day.

    • Fathercoughlin

      “Help you get a bike”,LOL. Shitavious: “Well now YOU bike look pretty goot……”

  • sbuffalonative

    Does anyone else remember the article from the woman in Baltimore who complained about all the crime in her community?

    I was able to get some stills:

    • So CAL Snowman

      Looks like all of those africans are well fed and clothed in the latest american fashions. So much for the “poverty and hunger causes crime” myth.

    • Jim Kental

      Yup! These are “oppressed youths.” But only if the white oppressor-victim had listened to those nice civil rights leaders and the liberals, and maybe didn’t look at those “youths” for that split second longer than he should have, or if he didn’t turn his gaze away too fast, or if he just said the right word…….. then maybe those nice youths would have just gone home and done their homework. We all know that race is just a social construct, and that blacks really want to study and work as hard as Asians.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    Give them all free bicycles that will help…with crime that is.

  • “The negroes showed heroic restraint in not killing me.”

    – pathetic, White liberal cyclist

  • OhWow

    Oh my god just re-instate segregation already. PLEASE.

    Blacks and whites could not be more different. It’s like night and day. We are not the same. Diversity is the death of America.

    RIP the real America when it was almost all white and this crap never happened

  • So CAL Snowman

    “As for the kids who attacked him? “I wish they had something to do
    maybe they could come out and join us,” Bowman said. “If they asked any
    of the cyclists if they want to come out on a bike ride they’d probably
    say yeah I’ll help you get a bike we’ll do this.””

    Sowing the seeds of our own destruction. It’s not the White man’s responsibility to give the feral black kids “something to do.” It’s incredible how many White people possess this naive altruism towards primitive proto-humans. Why don’t the black kids’ parents give them something to do Mr. Bowman? Did you ever think of that? Of course not, now accept your beating and go watch an NBA game on the television while slurping down a 2 liter bottle of Coke with a McDonald’s Big Mac. America, hell yeah!

    • Jesse James

      I say give them something to run from, well aimed bullets fired in self defense.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        They won’t be running from well aimed bullets, they will be breathing their last as they deserve to be.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        If they are well-aimed, there is no running away from bullets fired in self-defense for them, only breathing their last. That would however save someone else from severe injury or death at the hands of savages.

    • It’s beyond altruism. It’s a sort of careless arrogance borne of total contempt, both for themselves and for the blacks they pretend to admire.

      These people are admitting openly that without Whites, blacks will never amount to anything beyond violent savagery. They attribute all black success to their own efforts, while blaming the rest of us for black failure. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that blacks aren’t wayward pets, to be trained and guided into a more White existence.

      There’s nothing altruistic about this. It’s pure narcissism and we need to start pointing this out unapologetically and relentlessly. Turn the tables and watch them fall apart. I’ve had great success with this tactic in real life discussions about race with hopeless liberals. You can see the horror dawn on their faces and while most will shriek and call you names and walk away from the conversation, fence-sitters are moved.

      • Hallie Eva

        Agree. The guy is essentially saying, “WE must find something for these poor, bored boys to do so they will not have to resort to beating us up.” What arrogance.

      • rebellisMMXII

        Very well framed response.

    • Hallie Eva

      Nah, no Big Mac. He is a liberal bike rider.
      I know them well.
      Odds are he will return to his Ikea furnished apartment, settle down with a tofu burger on Whole Foods 1000 seed bread, washed down with organic juice, and watch MSNBC news.

    • Fathercoughlin

      “Something to do”:Like break big rocks into little rocks?

  • read this on the Cofcc. He (Bowman) even commented and you guess it, we are the evil, bad guys because we don’t want to live with “Diversity’. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    • TXCriollo

      I saw that what a winner, they did that because of his skin color

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    A helmet cam!

    Recordings of attacks such as this are going to become more and more common. Not that the attacks will step up–they’re all too common as it is–but because in this age of “Google Glass,” cameras like this are going to keep getting smaller and smaller and more ubiquitous. Soon, they’ll be the size of buttons you can wear on your shirt. I wonder if the resulting avalanche of videos will ever wake whites up?

    This attack was particularly heinous in the sheer levity of it all — all the laughing and hilarity going on by these cretins while they were beating on somebody they didn’t even know, someone who did absolutely nothing to them and who didn’t even look at them the wrong way.

    Too bad they didn’t throw out a few racial epithets while doing so as that seems to be the only thing that identifies these attacks to the thick-headed as being what they obviously are — racial and anti-white.

    • John R

      I agree with most of what you are saying, but, sadly, I think that even if they had used racial epithets on their victim, he would still be so delusional that he would quickly defend them saying “I don’t think it was racial…” Come on, haven’t we heard that one before?

  • Cambrian Smith

    If you observe a lot of black group psychology, they sometimes act as a unit, leading into a frenzied state. When one or two gets excited and starts attacking something or doing something violent, they all join in a hysterical kind of mob response. Those who’ve ignored this actively protect a fragile, possibly well-intentioned worldview they know is completely false. There’s a weird primitive psychology going on there I’ve seen where they loot or attack an out group member in a hate crime-racist manner. Anyone who has been around majority black pockets of “civilization” knows better than to spend any amount of time there at night, and even at day you know that you are essentially in the wild. You are not in civilization, and chimpanzee like behavior is going to result in some violent stuff. While people consider it moral to engage in a euphemistic dance around this reality, anyone with a moderate IQ is very well aware of this reality.

    • John R

      Yes, like chimpanzees or baboons, good analogy.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      They act like red-bellied piranhas, who will turn on one of their own just as readily as someone else.

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        Hmm … reminds me of my 8th grade math teacher, Miss Boland.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Sooner or later some other cyclist is going to be riding with a helmet mounted camera, and a gun. The eyes of these thugs widening in terror when they realized they attacked the wrong white man would be priceless, before they eat a bullet.

    • TL2014

      I don’t dare to hope that, but it sure would be nice.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        If you had the sort of experiences I had with them, you will be just as mean, and just as murderous when attacked. I do dare hope to see a video of a few of these thugs getting what they deserve when they attack someone, and that is either getting their a***s getting handed back to them with interest or losing their lives. That would bring a smile to Nemesis’ face.

  • MekongDelta69

    “I wish they had something to do maybe they could come out and join us.”

    How many terminally dumb White people are there in this country?

    Can anyone count that high?

    • I’d suggest a research grant, but the US is broke and I don’t think amren can afford it.



    I can’t BELIEVE that Mr. Bowden is trying to say that there’s something WRONG with the black youths!!! Mr. Bowden does not respect their CULTURE! Just because HE rides a bicycle does not mean that blacks should, too. Just because HE doesn’t want to assault and rob strangers does not mean that blacks should, too.

    So sick of WHITE men and their Cultural Imperialism. Leave blacks alone! Don’t try to force them to be like WHITE men!

    • Cambrian Smith

      Yeah, that’s the real takeaway from this. I can’t believe the gall of Mr. Bowden, but hopefully they prosecute him for hate speech. He’s perpetuating inequality.

  • Simonetta

    This is an excellent demonstration of first-generation personal security electronic monitoring equipment. Well, it’s actually just ‘proof-of-concept’ for the need of advanced personal security monitoring equipment. The next generation of personal security electronic monitoring equipment will go beyond the simple event-recording and criminal perpetrator identification functions.

    –> This is where all the readers reply that advanced personal security monitoring equipment presently exists and is measured in ‘caliber’. But while guns have been the preferred self-defense weapon for the past 150 years, they have serious disadvantages for effective modern self-defense. Especially when they are used in areas that have high concentrations of criminal attackers such as American black urban areas. These disadvantages are widely discussed in other forums. <–

    The camera needs to be much tougher in order to survive falls onto pavement and criminal attacks. It also needs to have much higher pixel (picture-element) resolution so that the individual perpetrators can be identified for later criminal prosecution and victim assault retribution.

    If the individual perpetrators can't provide restitution or present credible evidence that they won't ever be involved in these types of crimes again, then they need to be 100% positively identified and removed from society. Of course this should be done using judicial means if possible. Viewing the recorded video of attacks like this is presently going a long way to convince ordinary people that extra-judicial means are necessary and legitimized if the police and social-service system is unable to prevent these types of crimes from happening. Which is obviously the situation at the present time when the justice system seems unwilling to effectively prosecute these kinds of attacks.

    Effective self defense equipment might include a puncture-proof 'wet-suit' that protects the wearer from stab wounds and a more efficient helmet design that absorbs head blows from attackers using wooden or metal clubs. Perhaps also an electrical insulation layer that would isolate the suit wearer from a high-pulse voltage 'taser'-like charge that would be delivered to any 'sucker-punch' criminal attacking from a flank out of the the victim's view.

    Also helpful would be small shoulder cameras with computers that can alert the citizen when an attacker is approaching from behind.

    I found it horrifying to see the attack that the young criminals made
    on the cyclist. They all just seemed to come out of nowhere and swarm
    around the cyclist like uncontrollable sub-human monsters. Controlling these creatures is becoming a real problem as law-abiding citizens 'gentrify' (move back into the American city cores) due to high transportation and energy costs associated with suburban living. It was often sufficient in the past 50 years to physically live far away from areas where sub-humans feed and breed. But as the constantly changing economic realities are bring citizens into greater repeated contact with sub-humans, these attacks are becoming increasingly common.

    I see a parallel to surfers/swimmers-vs-sharks in these attacks. What makes these sub-humans different from ordinary black people (most of whom are not predators) is that don't appear to have the ability to control their biological compulsion to attack random citizens. And that they are mostly male juveniles of their species.

    • Romulus

      Huh! I know it’s tempting to use our high brow intellect to conjure solutions to an ever growing problem, but……… Wait! Why the H*ll are you talking about? Lol

      Reason only works with people that have an average IQ > 65-85. The jails are already overflowing with blacks and messicans! You must be joking! A camera in conjunction WITH a sidearm is the best solution, so that when you invoke stand your ground or castle doctrine, incontrovertible video evidence will help exonerate you!

  • SaggyGenes

    Sounds like someone dubbed a chimpanzee over the soundtrack at 1:09. Odd.

  • Whitetrashgang

    A lot of great posts the only thing I would add is someone should sell bikes with machine guns mounted on the bars.South Africa here we come, Ya baby.

  • Rhialto

    Black thugs versus a Liberal Bike rider: Enemies fighting one another. But it does show the irrational brutality of Black youts, which is a danger to normal humanity in today’s America.

    • Sloppo

      It doesn’t seem that liberals fight black thugs. It appears that they just take the beatings. This fellow reminds me of that white woman (Amanda Kijera) who went to Haiti to help the poor downtrodden black people who live there. She was kidnapped, beaten, and raped repeatedly. Afterward she expressed gratitude to her attacker and blames “white patriarchy” for making it happen. Many of these liberal folks are still walking around, but they’re apparently brain-dead.

  • 2eRep

    Another urban moron too stupid to understand.

  • Doomispixulated

    How do you even let those … get near you?

  • Who Me?

    As for the kids who attacked him? “I wish they had something to do maybe they could come out and join us,” Bowman said. “If they asked any of the cyclists if they want to come out on a bike ride they’d probably say yeah I’ll help you get a bike we’ll do this.”

    Sounds like sarcasm to me. Of course the reporter wouldn’t say so.

    • ‘Sounds like sarcasm to me.’

      Would be pretty to think so, but highly doubtful if you view the interview..

      • Who Me?

        Yeah, I viewed the second video, and saw that it wasn’t, so deleted my comment.

        • Understandable. You were hoping that he might actually be a sane White man. It does make you wonder whether these things change any minds. I wonder this about all the White ER workers who deal with the results closeup of all the black-on-black and black-on-White violence. Are they waking up, or do they just think we need an even greater redistribution of wealth? Or, I know, another Model Cities Program!

        • Who Me?

          This is strange, the moderator has put the comment back up there, and now under “guest”. How did that happen?

          • Nimadan

            I’ve been on Discus for about eight months and this is it’s default action if you delete your post. It doesn’t go away; it just changes to a “guest” post. The mods on any given site can override this if they choose, but usually they don’t, because there’s no reason to.

  • Magician

    The victim, Michael Bowman, intentionally cut off the most violent parts of the video. There is no reason for the video clip to stop recording right there.

    I also notice the young black men are laughing while attacking the victim…. they attack random white people for fun. It is basically a sweet hobby for them. They might also steal money that the victim had with them if it is possible, but the biggest purpose of their random attacks is, “fun”.

    • shmo123

      Their laughter reminded me of a pack of hyenas going after their prey.

  • Luca

    I don’t even think testosterone therapy would help this Liberal enabler.

  • ViktorNN

    “I wish they had something to do maybe they could come out and join us.”

    Poor clueless Mike Bowman doesn’t get it.

    As far as his attackers are concerned, they do have something to do. They’re having fun beating up white dorks riding bicycles.

  • Sneak preview dialogue excerpt from ‘Alien 5 – the Ripley Chronicles,’ starring Susan Sarandon:

    “Frankly we just got off on the wrong foot. After all, what is really wrong with having so-called acid for blood or, for cultural reasons, borrowing a human stomach as a surrogate womb? Anyway, to get back to the beginning, shortly after the landing of the ‘Nostromo,’ we imperialistically invaded their sanctuary. Of course, naturally, as you can imagine, after that things went from bad to worse.

    “After some trouble while dining in the galley, we were doing a security check in the air ducts and lost Captain Dallas in a mishap with the frightened Alien youth. Actually, we should have sat down right then and there and said, ‘I wish they had something to do, maybe they could come out and join us. If they asked any of the space crew if they want to come out and help us with air-duct inspection or even flying the craft, we’ll do this!'”

  • LACountyRedneck

    Now this is an example of what tax paid diversity training programs should be all about.

  • I like bicycling too, but I’m not a liberal. My favorite bicycle – I have four – is my 21-speed Murray with three in front and seven in back. It was originally manufactured as a 15-er, but I replaced the rear wheel. I work on my own bikes. I can haul @$$ on flat ground on the grey Murray. I love to go very fast on that mountain bike. My other bikes are a Huffy, a Fuji and an Ascentex. The Fuji is a racing bike, but has a steel frame like the others. I am too strong for an aluminum or titanium frame, and I can make steel creak and groan going uphill.



  • bubo

    “I wish they had something to do”

    I wish they had something to do as well. How about swinging from a tree branch?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Blacks are ignorant, vicious savages. The typical black doesn’t even have a conscience and will destroy your life when given the chance. This is why every race realist should arm themselves and stay as far away from blacks as is humanly possible. Stay away from whites who associate with blacks.

    • John R

      I looked up “psychopath” on the Internet. An article explained that “psychopaths don’t have emotional empathy; they don’t feel someone else’s pain, but they do have cognitive empathy. They know how to read peoples’ emotions.” Sounds like a perfect description of most blacks. No, they don’t have a conscience, but they do know how to “size people up” and pick the right people for victimization.

  • BonV.Vant

    WE are told that if it wasn’t for white privilege, these creatures would be creating the next technological breakthrough, or going to medical school, or starting a successful business…….BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !

  • John R

    This video, and the victim’s response reminds me of that old song “When will they ever learn; when will they eeever learn…” (Although I am sure that was not what Peter, Paul, and Mary intended the song to mean. HA HA!)

  • scutum

    These idiots will never learn. There is a subset of the European American population that will never wake up to the reality of race. These folks will allow themselves to be beaten, raped and killed rather than give up their delusions about blacks. BLACKS ARE NOT LIKE US. BLACKS ARE NOT LIKE HISPANICS. BLACKS ARE NOT LIKE ASIANS. As a Hispanic buddy of mine in the service commented to me: “I’ve been in the army for 10 years and I been to both Europe and Korea. The one thing I learned is that people are all pretty much the same where ever you go. (pause) Except for those f**k**g n**g**s, they aren’t like other people, they’re just different.” Don’t believe the MSM propaganda about the “rainbow coalition”, hispanics have no use for blacks.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Given that they name their kids with names such as Simeon, I heartily agree with him!



      • Who Me?

        I don’t know why…they certainly aren’t good workers.

        • Hallie Eva

          And for that reason, never used as galley slaves. Euros were the preferred slaves for rowing.

  • Magician

    I just saw the video clip of Usain Bolt’s birthday party on YouTube


    and I am sure many AmRen members would have expected his birthday party to
    be full of very beautiful and liberal young blond women, but I do not see one Caucasian woman among the guests. All female guests are black.

    Most black athletes marry black women. Are there some black athletes who have white girlfriends or wives? Yes, but they are rare and for some reason the mainstream media focuses heavily on black athletes married to, or in a relationship with, white women.

    On another news….

    I went to a restaurant in my area for lunch yesterday and saw possibly the most beautiful blond girl I have seen for the past couple of years. Her brunette friend was also very attractive. She was also dressed in very beautiful, lady-like outfits. I feel disappointed whenever I see young white women wearing hoodies that look like she picked it up from a trash can after it was worn for seven years by the original owner and then thrown out. On the other hand, obese white girls in my area often dress in very beautiful and feminine outfits.

    The two beautiful girls were sharing their table with a boy, and he was white, but he looked rather unintelligent. Not thuggish, but just moderately unintelligent. But I came to the point that I should be satisfied that at least the beautiful attractive young white women were not associating with a thuggish gangster rapper….

    • Usain Bolt dated a white (European) model for some time. He was criticized by the Jamaican press and public for his “white female” preference over black Jamaican females. He was pressured into dating black females and only being seen with blacks.

      • Magician

  • Garrett Brown

    If you think the blacks want to go on bikes rides with you that just tried to kill you, you deserve to be beaten.

  • Truth Teller

    Sick MF if he actually said that. More probably the reporter asked a few leading questions.

    Reporter Don’t you agree that if only the young people had something constructive and enjoyable to do they would not have attacked you? Perhaps they are so poor they have never had a bike? Perhaps they wanted to indulge in some wholesome and healthy exercise?

    Victim Uh huh I don’t know, uh uh I guess.

  • Steely Daniel

    I suspect our bicycle rider will talk the talk about continuing his embrace of “diversity” but won’t walk the walk. I wouldn’t be surprised if he no longer rides the route on which he was attacked and looks to ride in areas where there a many fewer blacks to threaten him. That’s how left wing whites operate.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Yeah,right, if he shot a few of them what would his liofe be like today????

  • Fathercoughlin

    YES! We should call them “young people’ with scorn. “Buncha young people in that area,stay out…young people are too stupid to be educated…young people living on welfare…”

  • Fathercoughlin

    Average black buck: This is my role model.LOL!!

  • I can never get quite enough of video of that nice white guy trying to walk away from trouble and then dishing out sheer hell until his friends told him to cut it out, whereupon he did.

  • John R

    Exactly! The same mentality. That White Guilt Syndrome. As much as I hate to admit it, and no offense, but, sometimes it actually makes me embarrassed to be White.