Jeremiah Wright’s Daughter Convicted of Fraud

Wynton Hall, Breitbart, March 8, 2014

On Friday, a federal jury took less than two hours to convict the daughter of President Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, of fraud.

Jeri Wright was found guilty of a fraud scheme that siphoned thousands of taxpayer dollars intended for a not-for-profit work and education program known as We Are Our Brother’s Keeper.

Prosecutor Timothy Bass said Jeri Wright lied “over and over” and went on a “spending spree” that included traveling to Las Vegas, buying vehicles, and remodeling her basement with cash from the money laundering scheme.

She was found guilty on all counts.


We Are Our Brother’s Keeper, owned by former Country Club Hills Police Chief Regina Evans and her husband, scored a $1.25 million state grant that was intended to offer bricklaying and electrical training, as well as GED preparation. Wright took up to $11,000 from checks worth more than $30,0000, and $20,000 deposited back into the Evans’ accounts. Both Regina and Ronald Evans, Jr. have pleaded guilty to fraud.


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  • Puggg

    Somebody’s chickens came home to roost.

  • JackKrak

    Is there something about becoming a prominent person (mayor, reverend, congressman, etc.) that makes blacks more prone to steal?

    Or is it just being black?

    • IstvanIN

      Just access to bigger amounts, that is the only difference.

    • JohnEngelman

      They tend to steal when they are poor too. White racists make them do it.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Obama: “Oh, no, My Brother’s Keeper got taken down before I could funnel more money into it!”

    • Puggg

      I can’t wait for the Federal indictments that will happen when it comes to that other brother’s keeper program.

  • Does this mean she’s on the church to prison pipeline?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Blacks are caught up in the “womb to prison” pipeline.

  • dd121

    She’s black isn’t she? Her mentor is a master race baiter, isn’t he?

    • Oil Can Harry

      And if Rev. Wright’s wife dumps him he’ll just be a master baiter.

  • Spartacus

    “…scored a $1.25 million state grant that was intended to offer bricklaying and electrical training, as well as GED preparation. ”


    You’d have a better chance teaching dolphins how to juggle .

  • Government grants to black “community organizations” should be outlawed due to the temptation the money presents to blacks. They always get caught anyway, but blacks are widely known to have sticky fingers and not enough sense to understand they’re going to get caught.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      This is why blacks have no place in a civilized society. They should all be shipped back to Africa where they all belong. Black social behavior is more adapted to a tropical climate where one needs to steal and use extreme violence to get what you want. Allowing blacks to run wild in western countries is the equivalent of unleashing the anthrax virus on an unsuspecting public.

      • Max

        Death by plague is more merciful than death by blacks.

  • r j p

    Jeri Wright won’t be sentenced until July 2014.
    I really don’t understand the Illinois justice system.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    If you take and misuse government money, and then lie about it, you will be held accountable in a court of law, said U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois, Jim Lewis.

    Elected government officials exempted.

    ‘I didn’t do anything!’ Wright, 48, of Hazel Crest, said as she left the Springfield courtroom.

    Don’t worry Ms. Wright, if you stall long enough, appeal and spend some time in a mental hospital or rehab facility you won’t have to do much time before the pardon is issued.

    Her attorney described Wright as a victim of a web spun by longtime friend Regina Evans, the former Country Club Hills police chief who has pleaded guilty to corruption in the case.


    Evans came under fire from city officials for overseeing a part-time police program where 10 part-time police officers were hired last year. A Southtown Star report about the officers revealed that many of the part-time officers had questionable backgrounds, and a city report on the program showed the officers weren’t qualified to do police work. They since have been ordered to turn in their guns and badges.

    …it was earlier reported is that Illinois Attorney General’s office is suing a nonprofit group run by Evans over how its handling of state job training grant worth more than $500,000.

    As the Old Reverend himself would say: “She was ridin dirty!!”

    • This is terrible, isn’t it? It probably hurts you as much as it does me, but I love you. I remarked on you to Mr. dd21; you are one of the regulars I want to meet. I’d also like to have Mr. Spartacus over. We could cook the fish and drink homebrew on the patio.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        That would be a great great party. dd121 is one of the finest posters on this entire forum, Spartacus too.

        I could bring my latest batch of Lemoncello and artichokes from California.

        We’d either get along wonderfully — or kill each other!!

        — I think we’d get along great, except if we throw margaret in there with her bad attitude (which is NOT a bad thing), well, then all bets are off…

        • I miss Margaret.

        • r j p

          How do you make Lemoncello?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Like this:


            6 1/3 cups 75-percent volume alcohol(recommended: 2 bottles Everclear Grain Alcohol)
            14 lemons
            6 1/3 cups water
            2 1/3 pounds sugar

            Peel the lemons, making sure to only separate the yellow part of the peel from the fruit, and not go too deep (the white part is bitter).

            Place the peels and alcohol in a glass jar, seal tight and let rest for two weeks. Find a dark corner in your house,

            Heat the water in the pan and mix the sugar, then let cool for about 1 hour, stirring every now and then to make sure that the sugar collected on the bottom of the pan “stays in the game”.

            Drain the lemon peels from the jars and mix in the sugar water.

            Close your jars tight and let rest for a whole month. You can shake the liquid gently when you start noticing some sugar deposited on the bottom of the jars. Remember, no sunlight!

            After a month, it is time to bottle.

            It’s important to be patient and wait the time recommended in the recipe.

            Some recipes call for vodka instead of Everclear (not easy to find in California), but vodka has a “taste” all its own. I use my own Washington lemons which are exceptionally sour so I toss in a few oranges to sweeten it up a bit – the big contest winners use special blends of Meyer, Washington and other lemon varieties. I don’t have a Meyer lemon tree but I plan to plant one this week. I’d like to get good enough where I can enter it in a tasting contest at the county fair.

            It’s great stored in the freezer either before or after dinner, made to sip and savor, not gulp.

            Check the original comment.

          • I have a 5-gallon fermenter of apple-lime cider going in the kitchen. It comes out at about 12 percent alcohol, so it’ll get a person messed up in a hurry. My brother-in-law loved it. I got to marry his sister, so I reckoned I owed Mitchio some good booze.

            The next batch will be hard cranberry cider.

            I saved your recipe to a file.

          • r j p

            How do you make cider?

          • For a five-gallon batch, I use six cans of frozen apple juice, six cans of frozen limeade, three pounds of sugar and half a packet of Lalvin V1116 wine yeast.

            This stays in the fermenter for six to eight weeks. When I bottle it, I use empty 40s. This is ready to drink in about another month.

          • dd121

            I don’t drink that much but might make an exception for this.

          • r j p

            Thank you.

        • dd121

          OMG, I’m blushing. Thank you Bon. I like your posts too. Actually, there are so many thoughtful posters on AmRen it’s hard to single any one person out. MC Scott and I had lunch together the other day and got on great. He only lives an hour away.
          There’s no private messaging on Discus so it’s kind of hard to meet without exposing a lot of private info. I’m sure we’d all get along famously if we met for a beer. That’s why I keep posting a bit. You’re all my closest pretend friends. There just don’t seem to be too many people who unabashedly share my views.

          • We lucked out on the weather for our hike after lunch. The weather is guessy here in Colorado this time of year. It is snowing outside here now. I regard this as something like the Committees of Correspondence before the first American Revolution.

            This is our country. It’s actually mine, but I’m willing to share it. I would like the moon and Mars as well.

  • John Ambrose

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

    • My ex-father used to beat women up. I can not lift an arm against one. It is morally wrong. I’ve been growing my hair out to use it for making fishing flies. Sometimes the apple seed falls very far indeed; this is what birds are for.

  • Conrad

    See! Blacks ARE good at math.

  • That is a silly question. Pugg is here, after all.

  • Lord Sandwich

    Black economic liberation theology.

  • LHathaway

    I tend to think everything in the news is phony, so this likely is too. At what point, however, will African Americans read this and think, “Well it was a good thing she engaged in fraud, for she is de-frauding American,or wealth whites who deserved to be stolen from?

    • dd121

      I don’t think most can form thoughts as complicated as you describe.

  • Lord Sandwich

    I became an active Christian in my latter 30’s. At that time I was curious why mainstream denominational churches tended to be so segregated, black and white. After all, isn’t Jesus Christ the one thing we can all agree on? In time I learned that white churches are about Jesus Christ, and black churches are about all things black. Black experience, black politics, hating whitey, etc. etc. Look at their so-called “leaders”. They have to be Reverend this and that. Has there ever been a modern day black “leader” who wasn’t a reverend? Oh, but evil whiteys burned a black church down, how un-Christian. Listen. William Henry Harrison knew that Tippecanoe was a military ruse pretending to be a peaceful religious movement, and he burned it to the ground before the enemies of the Shemanese could rise up against us. That’s what our leaders USED to do. We had to fight to get where we were. Why would now be any different?

    • I would have to really believe in a church before I allowed myself to be baptized. I believe in land mines, unexploded aircraft bombs and machineguns. The whole point of religious salvation is probably wasted on me; I’ve already been to Hell and just considered that childhood. I am an agnostic, but my contract with God says nobody in the whole world will ever beat up my mother a second time. It also says I won’t ever run away, especially when I am afraid. Even I have been afraid before.

      I don’t even know if I ever had something like a soul. Probably I do not. Perhaps I’m just some middle-aged guy who writes amusing military history articles and makes fishing lures.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Black churches are about politics and organizing. That is the center of ‘black power’ in America.

      • Alexandra1973

        I was in a black church for a funeral back in 1989. A friend of my cousin’s had been killed in Detroit, I think for one of those stupid Africa medallions that were the thing then. (She’s a blonde half-Puerto Rican, her sister had two girls by a black. Great, my son has second cousins that are black!)

        Boy did they whoop and holler.

        The church I attend now is a good 99% White. I personally don’t *mind* seeing a black person at church as long as they’re serious about it. I’m not one of those “Christian Identity” people that thinks blacks can’t be saved.

        But that’s a good point, church is probably more a social club, for “community organizing” more than anything for blacks. I’ve mentioned one time I was on a bus route for the church I used to attend (changed due to driving distance), we saw this black dude dressed in really bright clothes outside this one African M.E. church, and someone said, “That’s the pastor.”

        No shocker there.

        I do get a kick out of Pastor Manning, but he’s against gentrification.

  • Ella

    Just another affirmative action contract! This matches the peanut butter sandwich fraud in a minority school district in which the Black owner stole over 1 million dollars out of a non-profit lunch program. Did she have crocodile tears?

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Yet the liberals still think you can change the spots on a leopard.

    • Alexandra1973

      I don’t think dyeing them counts.

  • Probably not for me.

    • Alexandra1973

      He’d probably read your posts here and decide you didn’t do enough time!

      • I always walked point because I cared and because I could do it better than anyone else. The other guys were very young. I was, too. I was 25. I turn 48 in a few weeks.

        The US President sends people out to kill or be killed every day. I wear baggy clothes so I won’t appear very threatening because I don’t want to make their “short list”.

  • I wonder what that would be like using limes.