Councilman Suspects Assault on London Man in Brooklyn Was ‘Knockout’ Attack

CBS New York, March 25, 2014

A tourist from London in town for a wedding was attacked and beaten in Brooklyn early Tuesday, in what a City Councilman said might have been another “knockout” attack.

As 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reported, the 65-year-old man was attacked on McDonald Avenue near 18th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn, as he left the wedding around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The attackers grabbed him by the head and threw him to the ground. No property was taken.

{snip} But New York City Councilman David Greenfield (D-44th) said it “appears” to be one.

“He was attacked from behind by two individuals, brutally attacked,” Greenfield said. “They did not take anything from him, and he was in such bad condition that he had to be hospitalized.”



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  • pcmustgo

    Why didn’t you guys run the story on Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey’s boyfriend, doing white face and making up a white character with a (sexually) insulting name?

    • OhWow

      If black privilege was not obvious enough in 2014, I don’t think it can be made anymore obvious after the Cannon story. I watched the media’s reaction to it. EVERYONE was saying “I thought it was funny!”, “This is not racist!”, and “Oh come on loosen up!”. On one show a black woman even said she wished he had not done it because it’s a double standard that he isn’t getting crucified over it. What happened next? Yup you guessed it…a white liberal woman came rushing to his defense and said “Yeah but there is no history of white face! It’s not racist it’s totally fine!”. Even the slimmest notion that a black might be racist or that white people might be getting treated unfairly, and white liberals will argue with even blacks.

      What I’ve heard almost NO ONE talk about is what I have the problem with the most…the name he gave his character: Conner SMALLNUT. Does anyone else other than us get what that is a reference to? Small genitalia. He just basically said “Hahaha white guys have small genitalia” and got away with it. Everyone says oh it’s funny, he’s just joking. THAT IS AN INSULT. What if I made a character DaMarcus Biglips? What about LaTrell Widenose? What about Trayvon Savage? Would I make it through the media ringer unscathed? HAH! I’d lose my job and my life would be ruined. But since Cannon is black he’s privileged. They keep saying black face is a historical thing blah blah blah. No one even remembers a time when blackface existed. Black face could have happened in 1 AD and they’d still act like it happened yesterday.

      It’s open season on white people. Blacks are beating us, they are killing us, they are making racist jokes right to our faces, and all we do is applaud them and say “thank you sir, may i have another?”. Another thing I’ve realized is that white women abandoned us a long time ago. Once feminism came and the media portrayed white men as short, fat, balding, impotent, and feminized while portraying black men as huge, strong, successful studs, the white woman was gone. As much as I can’t stand the double standards, this is what needs to happen to wake more whites up. Every story like this and another million white people may realize we are a minority in our own homeland.

      • wildfirexx

        Yes, ..and a famous black comedian made a joke many years ago about it not being a good idea to kill all the white guys, because then we’d have no one to create all those young beautiful white women, that us black guys like so much!
        So in his joking way, they should keep us white guys around, just so we can continue to satisfy their sexual appetite down the road!

  • D.B. Cooper

    I love it! The knock out game is just what we need to wake people up, ironically speaking, of course. I really don’t mind as long as the victims are of the democratic persuasion, like this clueless hate crime hoaxer. Remember her?

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    A tourist from London in town for a wedding was attacked and beaten in Brooklyn early Tuesday, in what a City Councilman said might have been another “knockout” attack.
    Pick your future:

    A. Brazilian-style melting pots
    B. Ethnostates for Whites and only for Whites

    • Since we’ll not be given a choice, we’ll not be picking, but instead fighting. Many will die, but otherwise the entire white race will be exterminated. This is not Brazil and our ancestors were not miscegnators, like the Euros who settled Brazil. We know that a new Dark Age is just around the corner, if we miscegenate. We will fight and die, but the war will be won.

      • Joe Sewell

        I agree. Future history lessons (after the true upcoming ‘holocaust’) will focus on the rise and fall (and elimination) of the modern Khazar ‘civilization’. The zionists can’t and won’t save you. The planned destruction of the planet will be brought under control and reversed (fukushima, etc.).

    • JohnEngelman

      Orientals do not attack whites.

      • DNA Explains It All

        Not usually anyway.

      • mobilebay

        John, does Pearl Harbor ring a bell?

        • Max

          He is at this moment amassing data to show that it was justified and have a random quote from some past AmRen author to “prove” that Asian superiority was being righteously asserted.

        • JohnEngelman

          Orientals do not attack whites in the street. I lived with them. I know.

          • mobilebay

            I’m glad you’re safe, John. You may be correct about Orientals not attacking on the street; I have no stats on that. However, going back to Dec.7, 1941, there were over 2,000 men killed that day. Over half were on the USS Arizona and included 22 sets of brothers. The sneak attack came on a calm Sunday morning when Japan’s Air Force attacked without warning, causing President Roosevelt to declare Dec.7 as “A day of infamy.” Perhaps you don’t recall that, but I do. I had a father and numerous relatives who went to fight that war against “Imperial” Japan. So, maybe Orientals don’t attack whites in the streets, but they sure do from the air, the sea and in their vicious prison camps whose Commandants ignored the Geneva Conventions as they tortured and killed Americans.

          • Laura Dilworth

            and there were the mongols, huns..

      • convairXF92

        There was a case at MIT, maybe 10 or 12 years ago, where a Korean male undergraduate–a candidate for student government in fact–had attacked a Portuguese female stranger on a bridge in Cambridge MA. She was able to pull a cutting object out of her purse and slash his throat. After he recovered, he got back into campaigning and partying, and at one fraternity event smashed a blond girl’s head into a toilet so hard that the toilet fractured. The young man’s brother said that Korean culture was to blame, that Koreans teach their kids to repress emotion and so there is a risk of it escaping explosively.

        • rebelcelt

          Notice that the Portuguese just happened to have a cutting instrument on her person and it being retrievable. Notice the Blonde did not. The Portuguese was raised in a different culture and understood the brutality that can exist in this world. The Blonde most likely came from an upper or middle white class background. She got her head smashed while Portuguese very nearly killed her attacker. Her mentality was also one of resisting the evil one.She refused to be a victim and made preparations and followed through.

      • IBWHITE

        They’re too busy running guns from their elected office.

      • leftists are delusional

        Thank you!

        I will update the wikipedia pages of Gang Lu, Byran Koji Uyesugi, Jiverly Wong, Chai Vang, and Seung-Hui Cho to note that none of the victims were white.

        • Romulus

          Is he not an insufferable fool! (J.E.)
          I’ll be sure to notify all the whites in Hawaii that have been victims of Haoli hunting that it wasn’t racist.

      • Laura Dilworth

        pearl harbor

    • MBlanc46

      You mean we get a choice?

  • Who Me?

    Sorry the elderly gentleman was attacked, but the only reason we know about it at all is because he is of the Jewish persuasion. If he’d been a regular White guy it wouldn’t have made the news. Now I don’t think his attackers were bright enough to realize he was Jewish, or to care if they did know. To these worthless, ignorant little punks a cracker is a cracker is a cracker, the particular flavor doesn’t matter. Hunt them down, try them and convict them of attempted murder and take them out behind the courthouse and put a .45 slug behind the left ear of each of them. No muss, no fuss, no heinous tortures or speeches promising revenge or any other kind of high drama.

  • Luca

    The original article says the victim was Hasidic.

    We are now in a journalistic quagmire. Was the attack racial, anti-Semitic, Anglo-phobic, a hate crime, a robbery gone wrong, a flash mob or just unusual weather patterns?

    Stop the presses!

    • Manaphy

      Since the victim is a Jew, the media is reporting about it, and finally acknowledge that the knockout game exists and is dangerous. However if the victim were some white dude, then you wouldn’t hear a thing.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        The only time there is in-depth coverage of knockout game is when some member of the tribe is assaulted by a feral negro. This has a lot to do with the fact that the MSM is controlled by Jewish liberals and Zionists.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      Keep that stuff up and you’ll a job offer from the NY Times.

    • Romulus

      Huh! Did I miss out on something friend? Since when are Jews, Anglo’s????

      • PesachPatriot

        This victim was from London, so he had the royal families coat of arms on his passport….My sister in law is from the UK and she has the british accent too…most americans don’t think she is jewish unless she tells them…

        • Romulus

          I was just pointing out the nomenclature of the words origin. Anglo is,of course, a derivative of the Angles/Anglii, that originate in central Europe. Know what I mean, 😉
          They had this name even as Rome was on it’s deathbed. A simple google of the term “blondism” illustrates the spread of the mutations in that particular region. If I recall, however, wiki does not provide the timeline of migrations and thus the resulting amalgamations.

    • Romulus

      Excuse me Luca. In my haste, i neglected to see the comma seperating your descriptions. I assumed you were equating non eskimo aversion to anglophobia.

  • Manaphy

    Why did AmRen cover up the fact that this victim is Jewish?

    • Luca

      I believe they have hired JE as a moderator. I am noticing a stronger moderator presence, especially anything about the poor Jews.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The dark skinned attackers just wanted to make the white London man feel at home. The exact same scenario frequently happens on London’s streets.

  • Laura Dilworth

    That’s probably true HERE. China and North Korea run criminal governments