Bowery Assault Victim Confident He’s a Victim of ‘Knockout Game’

CBS New York March 6, 2014

Kyle Rogers woke up in an ambulance Sunday morning, completely unaware of the random attack that put him there.

The 23-year-old man and his parents then investigated, eventually tracking down surveillance video showing a man running up to Rogers and sucker-punching him before walking off.

Rogers, who broke his jaw and suffered facial lacerations, told CBS 2′s Jessica Schneider he’s positive he was a victim of a “knockout game” attack.

“I’m defenseless,” said Rogers, whose mouth is wired shut. “It’s one thing if he was looking me in the face, like squaring up, but, come on, from behind? It’s like a coward move.”

Police released the surveillance video Thursday and are asking for the public’s help in tracking down the suspect, described as a black man in his 20s.

Rogers had just left his friends at a bar on Spring Street and was walking north on the Bowery when the attack occurred around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. He was knocked unconscious and taken to Bellevue Hospital.


Rogers and his family are making a plea to find the man who attacked him. They also want anyone involved in any of the “knockout game” attacks that flared up around the city late last year to understand that the pain and consequences are real. In the game, participants punch unsuspecting strangers for kicks.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    The comments in the original article seem to be typical of Amren. I made my usual comments, and have already gotten several thumbs up. I’m debating whether or not I should post an Amren link, and introduce some possible new readers.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Go for it. Link away!

      The Bowery used to be known for CBGBs (my old stomping grounds) and decades earlier for “Bowery Bums” who were mostly white alcoholics who crashed in the neighborhood flop houses.

      But that was before the blessings of diversity arrived…

      • Don’t forget Mars Bar. That place finally shut down a few years ago, I heard.

        • gemjunior

          I was a barmaid at Mars Bar, it was in the mid to late 80s. The best years of my life!

          • NotTooSwift

            “…wouldn’t look at a white girl even if she was a knockout.”

            Was that’ve statement a pun?

          • gemjunior

            LOL I didn’t catch that! Is that what’s meant by Freudian slip?

          • Young Werther

            A Freudian slip is always sexual in nature…so maybe.

          • gemjunior


          • saxonsun

            Lucky white women.

          • Young Werther

            Well…there you go!

    • OhWow

      You should. I keep telling people as a born and bred New Yorker that there are TONS in the NYC area who have the same beliefs as AmRen. Don’t think it’s just the south! The media may make it seem like the NYC area is ultra liberal but there are factions like Staten Island, parts of Queens, and Long Island that are still conservative.

      The NY Post comments section had to be shut down a year ago because articles like these had white New Yorkers up in arms over black behavior. They didn’t like that so they stopped letting people comment.

      • jackryanvb

        Also New York City is the best example of Whites taking back a city that had fallen down in to Black criminal anarchy under a Black mayor David Dinkins. Even “liberal” New York policies on abortion and guns target the Black underclass. Liberal New Yorkers don’t want the Black underclass to have lots of children or lots/any guns.

        • Moe Moe

          Wait and see what happens to NYC over the next few years after de Blasio gets thru with it……

      • Roninf9

        Now to me the comments section on a news site is often more informative than the article itself. It is almost always more entertaining. If a site does not allow comments it is worthless. If an upstart news service in NYC wanted to clean up all they would have to do is target the NY Post audience and allow unrestricted commenting.

        • tyree1

          so true

      • ATBOTL

        It’s so true. If we ever get a serious nationalist political party in the US, it will initially draw most if its support from urban, working class whites in places like NYC and California where Republicans have not a chance of winning elections. No lesser of two evils dilemma for them. Conservatives, especially Southerners, will be slow to abandon the GOP. That’s how nationalism has worked in Europe, drawing it’s core votes from formerly socialist voting workers in cities. Middle class and rural voters have clung to GOP-like center right parties, even when they line up with nationalists on the issues. France illustrates this dynamic very well, but it applies across Europe.

        Also, in my experience, typical urban northern whites who are racially aware are much closer to WN’s ideologically than most racially aware Southerners are. The latter tend to be really mixed up and confused. Even if they understand that race matters, Southerners tend to think that more Christianity, “free markets” or patriotism will make diversity work. Let’s not even get started on the Christian Zionist thing.

        In contrast, urban, working class northern whites are not very religious and have not drank the conservative kool-aid that “free markets” will solve everything. They have a healthy cynicism and understand better than Southerners the role that moneyed interests and religion have played in America’s destruction. They don’t think Mexican illegals become okay if they get born again or that ending welfare will stop illegals from coming.

        NYC has a lot of Eastern and Southern European immigrants who are white nationalists. Because of the growth of nationalism across Europe and the spreading plague of “diversity,” many recent white immigrants come the USA already self-aware white nationalists.

        • Okay, so why did all these proto-WNs in New York vote Obama? Also, the last time someone close to advocating open racialism mounted a serious campaign for President, that being George Wallace, why didn’t he win New York State? He did win several states in the Deep South.

          I think you’re drawing conclusions about white Southerners based on the fact that they pull levers for Republicans and they’re either nominally or seriously evangelical Christian, so you must think that everything you see on either Republican talking head TV or the 700 Club must represent the thinking of white Southerners who are racially aware. When that’s not the case. Really, the prime reason why, for example, 89% of white voters in Mississippi voted “for” Willard Romney was not because they liked him or because they thought all of his policies were good for them or good in general, but because the other party is the black party. And for some other reasons.

          • What is a WN? White Knight? Western New York? White Nincompoop?

          • Young Werther

            Actually, Wallace did not advocate racialism, he was a Populist…which is why he was so popular all over the country…even blacks voted for him…recalling the history of Huey Long…why do all third party candidates with a *real* following get shot? The answer lies in the identity of Long’s killer. The hostile elite, perhaps?

        • Young Werther

          The thing you might consider about White Southerners is that Federal Troops have occupied their land more than once since Radical Republican Federal Occupation after the War for Southern Independence, and also there are so many YankeAtes from the north east and elsewhere who have moved down here… Atlanta isn’t even a Southern City.

          • Young Werther

            I should go so far as to say that THE SOUTH, as a culture and society no longer exists, thanks to Federal Government.

    • William_JD

      Go for it. Why not?

    • 2eRep

      We need to get the word out.

    • 1stworlder

      Links might get caught up in moderation. It isn’t there now.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I posted it and it was in moderation. But I pretended to edit it and pressed edit saved. It went through without a hitch.

    • JohnEngelman

      I posted a link to American Renaissance.

    • newscomments70

      sometimes links are filtered. i always post ‘amren dot com”.

  • OhWow

    I’m shocked that whenever these attacks happen and they interview the victim’s family that they don’t say “We know this is race related and no one wants to talk about it but it’s true…it’s always the same color attackers and victims are always white”? I’ve been waiting. Maybe some families tried to bring this up on air but had it edited out?

    • The Verdict of History

      This was PURE EVIL.

      Even wild animals don’t do this.

      Even wild animals tend to refrain from attacking from the pure fun of it.

      This is an attack against civilization itself.

      He attacked this man for… WHAT?

      Not even for a scrap of money, or anything….

      For the pure satisfaction of harming someone.


      • Petronius

        How exciting for New Yorkers –– to be eyewitnesses to the collapse of civilization.

        Of course in a country where the government functions as a giant cornucopia, they have no reason to steal.

        So in their boredom they hurt people for fun. And not just any people, but in particular the despised white taxpayers, to whom they owe their daily bread.

        Like savages and Liberals, they take delight in all manner of torments and destruction.

        • The Verdict of History

          You write poetically.

          I’d love to see the NYT editorial board publish an article on its front page quoting you.

    • ATBOTL

      A few have, but yes, they were silenced. Remember, the pi…er…police will threaten families with not making a serious effort to catch or convict the perps if they start saying un-PC things. We have seen how police chiefs and spokesman deny racial motives even when the black perp admits it.

  • ViktorNN

    Y’know, I keep hearing that we white people have got this magical “white privilege” stuff that’s mixed in with our skin pigmentation.

    And yet it doesn’t seem to be working when it comes to getting punched in the back of the head, knocked unconscious, or even killed in random attacks by racist black people.

    If I’m going to be constantly brow beaten for my magical “white privilege” then dammit, I want to get some actual privileges!

    Like say, being able to walk down the street safely and not be killed for the color of my skin.

    • Young Werther

      You will have to kill for some *rights*…as well it should be.

  • ncpride

    Rogers, who broke his jaw….. That’s rich. Broke his own jaw, huh? That’s akin to calling this unprovoked attack a ‘fight’……Very poor choice of words….or was it?

    • Who Me?

      Exactly what I was going to say! But no, it wasn’t a poor choice of words, it was a deliberate attempt to subtly shade the situation–words DO mean something.

      • Shade, eh?

        • Who Me?

          Pun wasn’t intended, but it DOES seem appropriate, doesn’t it?

  • D.B. Cooper

    It’s still on Drudge Report.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I’m disappointed in you guys and girls. Not one familiar name in the original article, how about getting the word out?

    • Katherine McChesney

      I posted Derbyshire’s “The Talk”, Amren and SBPDL.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    They also want anyone involved in any of the “knockout game” attacks that flared up around the city late last year to understand that the pain and consequences are real.

    Real, too, is the black-on-white racism, but not one word on that, I notice. And why is only the victim apparently “confident” this is a knockout attack? If this were a white-on-black attack, everyone would be calling it “racist.” Because this is a black-on-white attack, the entire burden of proof is on the white.

    “It’s one thing if he was looking me in the face, like squaring up, but, come on, from behind? It’s like a coward move.”

    Of course it is, but the MSM won’t call it that.

    • Oldcorporal

      It’s urban blacks’ favorite M.O.: Hit you from behind, hit you with a sucker punch, then when you’re down, jump on top of you and start pounding on your head. Watch an NBA game when a fight starts, especially if it involves a black and a White. In all the years I watched NCAA and NBA games, only once did I see a White guy throw the first punch.

  • jackryanvb

    It’s hard to see racism, when you’ve just been a victim of the knock out game.

    • soul hunter

      BURRHEADS . . . . . Who NEEDS Them ?

  • Spartacus

    “I’m defenseless,” said Rogers”


    You’re a wimp . If you were a real man, there’d be a dozen unsolved murders all across the city right now .

  • MekongDelta69

    Don’t worry Kyle. Hizzoner DeBlackio is ON THE CASE…

  • dave

    If the races were reversed,holder would already have him charged with a federal hate crime and the media would be calling it racism.

  • Spartacus

    Fight back ! Fight back, or else you deserve it !

    • If you are attacked from behind and rendered “hors de combat” before you can react, it’s kind of hard to “fight back”.

      • Spartacus

        If you live around darkies, you’re supposed to know how to take care of yourself . Even so, there’s nothing stopping him from going after them now, and getting even .

        • The Kennedy family motto was “Don’t get mad, get even.” I had a now deceased cousin who allegedly “killed a n in Birmingham” some 25 years ago, in a random get-even shooting. I know nothing about this alleged act, but if he did it, he got away with it clean.

        • Long Live Dixie

          A regular theme of your posts is encouraging others to break the law. That’s an obvious red flag on a racialist site like this. It’s classic infiltrator behaviour, or maybe you’re just young and prone to loose talk.

          At any rate, you say that nothing is stopping him from going after them now and getting even. Really? How about the fact that he would spend decades in prison for doing that?

          • John R

            Good point. And people should know that nothing is private on the Internet. While, I’ll admit, I wouldn’t want my co-workers to know all the things I said on this site, from a legal perspective, I would be prepared to defend every comment I ever made on American Renaissance.

          • Spartacus

            And what is it that you propose ? We all just sit around and be picked off one by one ? If they don’t fear you, then we’ll never get anywhere .

            Also, you have to understand that this is not gonna end peacefully. You’re not gonna magically wake up one day with most Whites getting, then seceding or separating peacefully from the darkies, this is gonna end in violence, and I suggest you get ready for when the time comes, because otherwise you’ll be dead .

            I have been accused before of being an infiltrator, and you’re welcome to believe that if you will, but for God’s sake stop being so scared all the time ! “Oh my God, some dude is inciting violence in the comments section, we’re all f*&^$(# !”

            We need to stop caring about what the enemy thinks, and start doing what must be done .

          • Long Live Dixie

            Did I say I care what the enemy thinks? I said it is an obvious red flag when someone talks so freely about committing crimes. Why is it a red flag? Because most of the time it turns out the one doing that kind of talking is a spy. There are more than enough examples of this. Serious nationalists don’t spend their time on the internet fantasising about doing things that will get them put in prison for years, or encouraging others to do those things.

            Aside from that, I don’t need your lectures about how things are going to turn out.

          • Spartacus

            I’m not asking anybody to do anything I wouldn’t do or haven’t already done myself . I’m saying that we need to start doing something, instead of this inactivity we’ve been swamped in for decades . It’s this passivity that brought us into the situation we are in the first place, where White women and children are raped, killed, butchered on a regular basis, and it doesn’t even make the news, let alone someone actually do something about it…

            We need to go on the offensive, including through violence in the case of those of us who are capable of such things . Otherwise, we’re just gonna get more of this :

          • Long Live Dixie

            There are ways to go on the offensive that are productive. Like it or not, the time now is for activism – the dull, tedious, frustrating work of educating the people. Throwing away one white life for one black is sheer idiocy. The system will massively crush anything that even looks like white vigilantism. No winning army attacks when it is so badly weakened, disunited, and disorganised. If you think that makes me a weakling or a coward, so be it. I can’t think of a single serious nationalist who thinks that casual incitement to violence on the internet will help the cause. More than enough nationalists have done hard time because they didn’t tell paid spies who incited violence to shut up and take a hike. There was a nationalist rally in Georgia last summer. One person in the group talked about committing crimes. Guess what? Turns out he is a spy for the SPLC. That story is so typical of others.

          • Spartacus

            First of all – relax, you’re not going to prison for what I’m posting here. Secondly, I’m guessing that guy was trying to entrap some the nationalists there, while I obviously am doing no such thing. I’m just putting something out there, I have no way of knowing who reads it, or what they do about it , nor any way to harm anyone who might actually go for it .

            It might be the different perspective, as we here have a much weaker state than what you guys have in the US, but I still think you should do something. And you don’t have to go on a rampage, just have a violent reaction when your people are getting attacked .

          • LACountyRedneck

            Nobody here is talking about committing crimes. The talk is about protecting ourselves and teaching others not to mess with us. If it’s too hot for you, get a cool drink and observe. If the South will rise again, they’ll need some toughness. Talk won’t fix it.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Nobody here is talking about committing crimes.

            What do you think “going after them now and getting even, and getting even” means?

          • LACountyRedneck

            “…it’s an obvious red flag when someone talks so freely about committing crimes.” You think getting even is committing a crime? If you’re afraid of Spatacus’ comments, simply ignore him. I respect what he says because he isn’t a wimp.

          • Long Live Dixie

            If you’re afraid of Spartacus’ comments, simply ignore him.

            Being opposed to mindless loose talk about criminal acts =/= being afraid.

            I respect what he says because he isn’t a wimp.

            And yet he obviously doesn’t do what he encourages others to do. If he did, he’d be in prison.

          • Spartacus

            “And yet he obviously doesn’t do what he encourages others to do. If he did, he’d be in prison. ”


            I have, and I still do . I haven’t killed anyone, if that’s what you’re talking about, but that’s just because there wasn’t anyone worth killing . If that disgusting incident from Norway I posted earlier had happened in Romania, that would’ve changed of course, but there have been no such cases here, or at least none that I’ve found out about .

          • Long Live Dixie

            And what is it that you propose ?

            To educate, organise, radicalise, and prepare the people for the coming storm. That is a completely different approach from sitting behind a computer talking casually about committing serious felonies that would only result in people throwing away years of their lives in prison. If you’re a real nationalist and not a spy, then I suggest you get some self control.

            Also, I can’t help but notice your total distortion of what I actually said.

          • Few whites are racially aware. They have little instinct for survival as a race because they’ve been conditioned to not think in those terms because they’re told it’s racist. They of course don’t understand that every other race thinks racially and votes as a racial bloc and that whites are dwindling as voting blocs in every white country.

            Ultimately, the fact of their eventual or oncoming minority status is what will wake up most unaware whites. Until then, research and make sure you tell others the truth about who really runs things. When we are few, action is unclear. Once we are many, action may happen almost spontaneously.

          • Spartacus

            I do a lot more than just sit at a computer. But that has nothing to do with it . Inactivity is killing us, it’s killing off our entire race, and the current situation, of not doing anything at all, is far more destructive than anything else we can possibly do .

          • I think two world wars and endless military actions since in such a short time frame has just removed a lot of that warrior gene from Europeans.

          • Spartacus

            I don’t buy that. Norway had few casualties in WWII, and Sweden wasn’t involved at all, and they’re in the poorest shape. Meanwhile, countries like Poland and Russia, which had huge losses, have countless violent men.

            It’s this unnatural life-style that the so-called “modern-world” has imposed on our race that is the true cause of weakness .

          • We are not a free people. We are a managed herd of a particular type of religious association’s endorsed cattle.

          • Ella

            Slavs historically have been more violent than Vikings, at least from research. I think there is lots of hatred among various Slavic groups if you ask them about old conflicts. In the West, French and German tribes also had a long history of brutal conflicts.

          • LACountyRedneck

            Well said. Eastern Europeans would never tolerate this in their lands. They do what ever it takes.

          • LACountyRedneck

            The faster we spread the word, the sooner we get enough soldiers to stir the pot and make some noise. I’m not leaving this world without getting involved in such a way that I eel I’ve done my part for the sake of my kids and grandkids.

          • Germanicus

            I have never owned a TV. I am very well informed. The TV is a powerful neuroprogramming device. Thanks to the internet, we can now pick which video images that we want to access and assess. I believe that in my case it made it easier to break free of earlier misconceptions, new speak, mental inocculations against reality and the outright political lies. It is just one man’s example, but why not try it for six weeks while filling your head with with good information. If you are here at AR, you have already demonstrated a taste for reality. Oh, I am not proposing tbis as an absutely necessary discipline. I am merely saying that it worked for me.

          • LACountyRedneck

            You’re obviously not an infiltrator and if someone believes you are, they can simply avoid responding to your comments. Attacks on Whites are increasing and Whites need to buck up and grow some guts. I like reading comments from Whites with balls. It builds my confidence that I’m not the only one out there that is ready to confront these scum. For the 100th time, Whites need to teach non-Whites to avoid assaulting Whites. It’s really not that difficult and it must be done.

          • r j p

            Like to see another capitalizing the word White.

          • John R

            How do I want this to end, here’s how: CBS NEWS “Democratic politicians are losing all over the country, as a radical pro-white ultra conservative candidates party wins election after election, garnering over 90% of the white vote! We can’t understand why ordinary people would vote for such extremist, hate-filled candidates. Their platform includes an end to affirmative action; immediate expulsion of all illegal immigrants; an laws against interracial marriage, and even dating. They also propose an end to virtually all non-white immigration! This is so sad for this country that such hate filled ideas should have so much popular support…” THAT is how I would like this to end. We don’t need violence; we just need Whites to wake up and start supporting their interests, not those of our enemies.

          • Spartacus

            So tell me, when the US was overwhelmingly White, and the vast majority of those people opposed integration, non-White immigration, race-mixing and so forth – why didn’t you do it then ?

          • John R

            Fair question. I like a great many others of my generation, got lazy, and deluded myself into thinking that things would not really get THAT bad. Plus, I was young. When I was young-college age-I was actually fairly liberal on race issues. Then, as I got older, and wiser, I became a “mainstream conservative”, but still tried to make excuses for black people. And, yes, I will admit it: First time around I voted for Barrack Obama! Yes, ME! Why? Part of it was a reaction against our losses in the Iraq War. And, I felt that a black president would help in racial healing. (Yes, fellow Amreners, you can feel free to laught at me!) Well, seeing what has happened since, and with growing age and wisdom, I have FINALLY come to my senses, and realized that this is a RACIAL struggle, plain and simple, and you cannot buy off your race enemies, only control them. It took a long time, but I finally came to my political maturity. There, answer your question?

          • Garrett Brown

            Not only are you delusional, you’re also a coward lol. This is rich.

          • LACountyRedneck

            Doing nothing is worse. That’s the problem with Whites. They are way too passive. Doing nothing only makes things like this happen more often. And it will continue and compound because too many Whites are cowards.

          • Did you fail to read the words “now deceased” and “allegedly.” You also obviously have no concept of any themes of mine because I doubt you’ve read many of my comments. I have suggested changing the laws, but not breaking current laws. Amren will not allow anyone to encourage lawbreaking in the comments.

          • gregCall

            You make a good point about the typical behavior of infiltrators. At the same time he makes a lot of sense in his position even if it isn’t advisable to post it here. As whites we can forget about the system protecting us or even getting justice for us after the fact.
            My eighty seven year old grandmother was murdered by a monkey during a home invasion. He stripped her nude then crushed her head with a teapot, all for an old wedding ring he might have gotten $50 for from a pawnshop and maybe $20 in cash. He would be dead right now if he wasn’t smart enough to take his family and run to the worst ghetto in our area. On the upside he and his kids have a much higher likelihood of being the victims of black on black crimes there, although personally I’d have rather fed him to a certain alligator I knew of. To this day if he ever slips and moves back within reach he will die a fitting death for his actions.
            As with my case, get them but be smart. He went where I couldn’t touch him without being very visible, which protects him. If he ever comes back from boogaland he will definitely meet me and there will not be any witnesses.

          • Yes, watching his posting record for a bit it’s pretty obvious he’s either a troll or a Hal turner style “you guys go commit some violence!” agent provacatur.
            Either way he needs to be shown the door.

          • VikingBl00d

            You must be blind. 99% of laws on the books today are anti-white. USSA is so far gone that only a complete collapse will bring positive change. Be a man!

            “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes necessary. “

          • Long Live Dixie

            Learn how to read. Nothing you said has anything at all to do with what I have posted here.

      • LACountyRedneck

        Whites need a reputation. With that reputation non-Whites won’t be as likely to do these things.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Exactly. Whites are relatively smart and know what needs to be done. Doing nothing will kill us.

  • BonV.Vant

    White people that live amongst blacks will continue to be victims.

  • Eric Ruttencutter

    I doubt he was attacked by Satch and the rest of the Bowery Boys

    • Cid Campeador

      Maybe Mugsie (Leo Gorsey) would have done it.

  • Oldcorporal

    How naive some of these White victims can be. “We just want these people to understand this isn’t a game,” or words to that effect. Hey, listen to this, poor helpless victims, and see if you can understand it: If you’re walking down the street, in a big American city, at night, without some protection on you, YOU’RE STUPID! Buy a gun; learn to use it properly. Carry it if you’re going to be out on the street by yourself at night. Don’t rely on the police, because they won’t be there! The thing that will bring these “knock-out game” attacks to a screeching halt, will be a bunch of street punks, blown to smithereens, their empty heads ventilated by gunshots, and a thorough publicizing of how these White citizens decided to stop “being helpless.”

    • Who Me?

      That would be nice, and I DO carry, but even so I fail to see how being hit upside the head from behind gives you any chance at self-defense at all, gun or not. In these situations we Whites have to watch out for each other and start ventilating a few of these thugs that are attacking others. It’s no longer a case of personal safety, it’s a case of EVERYBODY’S safety.

      • soul hunter

        It’s a WAR !

      • Oldcorporal

        You make some good points. If the police really cared about these ugly racist incidents, they could do something about it. They put out bait cars, don’t they? They send out plainclothes cops as “johns” to catch prostitutes, don’t they? How about if they started sending teams of White plainclothesmen out — one guy strolling along by himself, two others just far enough behind him to not be obvious. When a thug approaches to do the “knock-out game,” the cop in front will be on the alert for him — and armed. And his fellow officers, also armed, will be close behind to race forward and help him. Hopefully we would get some arrests of these thugs. Or, better yet, send some of them to the morgue.

    • soul hunter

      Amen to that . . . .and,
      actually it’s more of a MUST…

  • Luca

    When does the media stop calling these events “Random” and start calling them Racist? We know when Jews get smacked its anti-semetic, so can’t we get a little consideration too?

    Believe me, I’m not holding my breath.

    • Sloppo

      It becomes “racist” precisely at the moment the perpetrator becomes white and not one minute before that time.

  • dd121

    It’s now a cowardly move, it’s racial hatred and an early blow in a low-level race war that we’re losing.

  • Contrary to their heroic Hollywood image, the black male is a complete and total coward. If these sociopaths start being on the receiving end of street justice, they’ll retreat back under the rocks they crawl out from.

    • 1stworlder

      I have never meet a black like ones in ADs and TV, I even worked in inner city hospitals for 5 years before the law of large numbers overcame my brainwashing. I knew a black doctor that malpracticed himself to death.

    • LACountyRedneck

      But our focus should be on our White traitor leaders. They need to be removed.

  • Sloppo

    “Rogers and his family are making a plea to find the man who attacked him. They also want anyone involved in any of the “knockout game” attacks that flared up around the city late last year to understand that the pain and consequences are real.”

    Wow. That message will ENCOURAGE far more blacks than it will shame. Unfortunately, the victim and his family don’t seem to have a realistic understanding of the situation. I wish they would read Gedaliah Braun’s article entitled “Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners”.

    • tlk244182

      Just read the Braun article on your recommendation. Excellent. Thanks. Lots of other interesting stuff on that site as well.

  • John R

    This cannot be true. I was told by the media that there is no such thing as the knockout game. And I believe the media; they are fair and honest. (Okay, people, enough, stop laughing!)

  • Anon

    the pain and consequences are real
    No they are not. Not to black people. The defining attribute of blacks is not their mental deficiency, nor their wickedness, it’s their inability to form a solid internal construct by which they can learn from the past, have any concept of the future OR IMAGINE WHAT OTHERS FEEL OR EXPERIENCE. One is tempted to say there is something wrong with the brains of black people. However, that is an extreme distortion that assumes “they are just like us, only different in skin color”. The truth is they are monsters.
    They couldn’t be anymore monsters if they were “pod people” invading our planet and taking over human bodies. Human looking on the outside and often pretending to be human, inside, what is going on is completely alien…as in not following the pattern we know as human….inhuman…monstrous.
    This has extreme implications for how humans deal with blacks. If they are not human then how we deal with them should parallel how we deal with any species that has turned verminous….and in no way should be limited by or adhere to the standards we reserve for kin, kith or kindred….they are none of these. Certainly, they are not capable of and have zero interest in reciprocating that.

    • curri

      Yes, it’s more than just low IQ.

      • John R

        Thank you. I’ve been saying that on here over and over.

        • Martel

          Our brains have simply developed differently, claiming general intelligence is the only aspect of the human under the influence of natural selection and evolution makes little sense.

  • paul kersey

    Supposedly (I do not really believe it ), these things are 12 percent of the population. Imagine if they were even 30 percent of the population. or 40. Buy guns and ammo,as much as you can afford and more. That is all you can do. Also, there was another black in this video who filmed it. White people should disregard the carry laws and just carry and don’t call the police for help because a black or a brown cop is likely to show up. You are on your own. Carry a handgun, legal or not and defend yourself. Don’t be a coward.

  • Garrett Brown

    CBS covered this? When? At 12AM at night?

    Edit: Ah, good ol’ local news.

  • dd121

    Every year the marxist media rewrites a little more history so the blacks are almost totally winning WWII for us now. Don’t cha know?

  • MartelC

    he’s obviously racist for knowing the racist canard ‘knockout game’ exists, so by marxist–thought extension, he deserved what he got. Those poor ‘youths’ were just trying to prevent ’12 years a slave’ from happening again.

  • Roninf9

    ‘They also want anyone involved in any of the “knockout game” attacks that flared up around the city late last year to understand that the pain and consequences are real.’

    These braindead idiots don’t understand that the whole point of these unprovoked attacks is to cause pain and consequences. The worse the pain and more horrible the consequences the better.

  • jackryanvb

    In such situations, I highly recommend putting up “Reward for information leading to the arrest” posters with an artist sketch of the Black suspect.

    Describe the attack as one of the growing instances of “knock out game” attacks now engulfing the city. Finesse racial aspect, so it looks like a simple crime solving poster.

    But, the result is that locals become on guard against any and all Black male teens that look like the suspect, and tough bar doormen, bouncer start telling Black punks not to bother any of the customers not to cause any trouble.

  • jackryanvb

    I highly recommend folks purchase and train with the $12 Target T Ball bat. It’s light enough to be used as a one handed club, carried in a gym bag with a ball and glove as cover. We need to start T Ball playing street bowl outside of New York bars, like New Yorkers used to play stick ball. The sight of strong White men in the streets swing metal baseball bats always has a good effect on Black punks. Some members of the English Defense League took to the streets with metal baseball bats during the Black rioting and looting spree two years ago. The Blacks decided to skip this neighborhood.

    • r j p

      An axe handle like Clint Eastwood used in Palerider would be much better.
      Maybe cut it in half. Baseball bats have a grain that must be aligned with the direction of hitting and negros have thick skulls. An axe handle won’t break.

      • jackryanvb

        The target T Ball bat is metal, it will not break.

  • LACountyRedneck

    “…they can’t arrest tens of thousands of people.” Exactly.

  • NoMosqueHere

    The blacks are united, the whites are divided. White division not only halves our numerical advantage but also generates demoralization and cynicism — I sense lot of this on this forum.

    A demoralized army usually loses.

    • MBlanc46

      You’re perhaps right about your principle, but that’s sure not the way that I remember Vietnam.

      • benvad

        The actually won the war, when they signed the Paris peace accord of 1973. South Vietnam was still in existence, but the democrats wouldn’t support arming the south in an attack from the North.

  • MBlanc46

    “They also want anyone involved in any of the “knockout game” attacks that flared up around the city late last year to understand that the pain and consequences are real.”

    I’d think that would only make them more inclined to make this sort of attack.

    • benvad

      Like Arabs the Bantus only understand extreme brutal force.

    • Germanicus

      Exactly. This is an example of vi tims.whk do not completely grasp the nature of these events. These criminalsmare a early-wave of assaults in a war against Whites that has progressed to another level of violence. There is more to come.

  • NoMosqueHere

    He’s 23, so he’ll recover. But what if he was 53 or 63 or 73? He might be dead or disabled. We’re told our white ancestors were cruel racists and unfair to blacks. But these kinds of atrocities never would have happened to them because their reaction would have been swift and certain had one occurred.

  • benvad

    I just hope he’s anti-racist leftist college student whose majoring in ethnic studies.

    When are these idiots going to come out of their self hatefully ridden haze?


    Let us call a spade a spade! These thugs don’t care. They do
    not care about the pain or consequences they inflict so long as it is not
    happening to them. And yes they are Negroes. Eye witness accounts corroborated
    with surveillance evidence cannot be wrong. Why do they do it? That’s obvious –
    because we let them! The jewdicial system has made life extremely difficult for
    the white man, and so white people do not fight back for fear of being called a
    hater or a racist. And since the rise to power of that Kenyan born shit-stain
    in the White House your Negro has become very uppity. And that is obvious too!

  • MystiKasT

    Whites, we need to rise up and band together.

  • Young Werther

    Some folks would keep it on the down low and search the coward out from under his rock, and then…
    Well, who would know?