Anti-Gun Violence State Rep. Jailed for Punching Woman Who Refused Sex

Awr Hawkins, Breitbart, February 5, 2014

On January 15th, Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence supporter and Massachusetts state representative Carlos Henriquez (D-5th Suffolk Dist.) was sentenced to six months in jail for punching a woman who refused to have sex with him.

Because Henriquez refused to resign his seat, choosing instead to continue working from behind bars, a state Ethics Committee has recommended Henriquez be expelled from the Massachusetts legislature February 6th.

According to theĀ Boston Herald, 37-year-old Henriquez’s conviction and jail sentence stem from a July 2012 assault in which he held down a woman and punched her for refusing to have sex with him.


Carlos Henriquez

Carlos Henriquez

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  • Funruffian

    Why am I not surprised. They are hyper-sensitive when a woman rejects their advances. Could he at least given her a warning; “give me some sugar, or I’ll beat you.”

    • Whitetrashgang

      Its called foreplay in the black community, kind of touching in a way.

      • Brian Cooper

        You beat me to it. This was exactly what I was thinking. The silly woman obviously didn’t appreciate his style of foreplay.

        • Whitetrashgang

          I think it because different tribes in Africa beat and rape their wife and children according to different traditions.

          • Brian Cooper

            yes, you are right. This fine upstanding member of the community and an elected law-maker, was simply misunderstood. And what woman in her right mind would ever turn down this mans advances? I am starting to think that he was set-up just because he is black and an important member of the community. It’s a disgrace.

          • Whitetrashgang

            I am shocked Al and Jessie haven’t chimed in,perhaps it brings back painful memories for them?

          • Henriquez was “confused” and “despondent”. This “misunderstanding” and its “tragic aftermath” comprise “teachable moments” that should “raise awareness”.

            (Goodness, gracious! Did I just write that?)

            The NAACP is doubtless organizing a candlelight vigil even now.

        • Joe blow

          He’s merely following in Dr. King’s footsteps.

          • This 37 year-old is a “yoof”: a baby, really! He was just about to turn his life around, but fell in with the wrong crowd.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Yes he should have started Rapping last year, instead he is now in the politician to prison pipeline. Another thing WT invented to keep blacks down.

      • Luca

        The woman must have been an insensitive racist unfamiliar with African courtship rituals.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Yes this woman needs diversity traning and some boxing lessons to maximize her dates.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      R-style courtship at it’s finest. You are being culturally insensitive if you don’t let the black man rape you, you know?

  • Latest news is that NAACP is begging the state legislature not to expel him. However, they did today by a 146-5 vote:

    • Tarczan

      Why? He didn’t use a gun.

      • There’s another thing.

        Pay attention to how many anti-gun hacks have either pre-existing criminal records or eventually acquire them. Why are so many criminals anti-gun? Or why are so many anti-gun activists criminals?

        Because they presume everyone is as low down and dirty and criminal as they are, ergo since they know they can’t trust themselves with guns, and nobody should, they think that nobody else should be so trusted, either.

        • Anon

          No one, especially criminals thinks that way. Not even liberals think gun owners aren’t trustworthy.
          Criminals don’t want people to have guns because they know there is a good chance they will be killed while committing a criminal act. They want safe victims. The ONLY reason Carlos the rapist here was involved in this is because he intended to rape women and feared being killed for it.
          Liberals have a far more sinister agenda. Every genocide begins with a gun grab. If it doesn’t, it ends as a whole bunch of liberals being hanged. Which is an excellent reason to spend some more time at the range and take another combatives class.

    • 48224

      “Those who voted against expulsion include Russell Holmes, Gloria Fox, Benjamin Swan, Carl Sciortino and Denise Provost.”
      The first 3 names are black folks. the last 2 are white Democrats.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Maybe the two women are attracted to abusive black men.

    • Luca

      Clearly the State House in Massachusetts has 5 black/delusional representatives.

  • Jesse James

    Just another negro playing out Reconstruction 2. Watch “Birth of the Nation”, one of the few things that President Woodrow Wilson ever got right was his comments after viewing this film,

    “It is like writing history with lightning, and my only regret is that it is all so terribly true.”

    Every action eventually creates a response, justice for countless white Americans is too important to leave to the politicians.

    • ncpride

      Birth of a Nation Should be required viewing for every White kid. It’s frustrating when they are told over and over how evil the KKK was, when in reality it was Southerners only recourse to protect their women and children, and to take back some control from a very hostile government determined to humiliate them.

      • BonV.Vant

        YEs, when I was young I was brainwashed and had knee-jerk reactions. Now I see the truth and how the KK K was nothing more than self protection. Let it be known too that there were never any “cross burnings” until some lib writer invented them and put them in a story. The KKK was not about instilling RANDOM terror because that was not effective for their purposes.

  • bubo

    When blacks talk about their “tight game” this is what they mean. Women get shot for rebuffing these arrogant children on a regular basis. Happened in my town to a white girl. She was killed.

  • 48224

    Well, maybe he will knock up some female prison guards! Google “four female prison guards impregnated by same inmate” if haven’t heard about that one.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Is that the story from Bodymore, Murdaland, as Paul Kersey of SBPDL puts it? Talk about an example of “regulatory capture”, as economists put it.

  • sbuffalonative

    Well, he didn’t use a gun to pistol whip her so there’s that.

  • judenjager

    The last time this happened the bantu shot up a mall…

  • borogirl54

    Or do they call that a love tap?

  • 1gravity

    Beating up a woman like that sounds like attempted rape; this guy got off easy. BTW, seeing that it’s the People’s Republic of Mass., how many years did the young lady get?

    • r j p

      Course he got off easy he was a black male.
      Unfortunately he didn’t have a bag of weed in his pocket so he could just cop to a misdemeanor possession charge.

  • Sloppo

    Was she charged with a hate crime for refusing his advances?

  • bigone4u

    A follower of Chateau Blactiste, the black version of “game” and pick ups. The white version, Chateau Heartiste, is about coming across to a woman as an alpha. The black version teaches you rape skills. But hey, as the Cultural Marxist ponytail hippie professors teach, all cutures are equal, right?

    • BonV.Vant

      Blacks are not capable of love. They are only capable of “Cathexis”. Our culture has confusion about the two things but they are very different. What we consider love requires abstract thinking abilities that blacks do not posess.

  • Spartacus

    “Carlos Henriquez”


    Another White hispanic ?

    • foundingstockcracker

      That what the State Police or FBI would put him down as.

    • benvad

      That’s a keeper! I hope she’s jewish.

  • He’s only against guns, not against fists, especially when his fist lands on a woman who refuses his sexual advances.

    • Strider73

      He’s against his victim(s) having guns, not himself or his homies. “Gun control” is liberal-speak for “victim disarmament.”

    • Clearly he’s one of the noble, heroic Africans with which Hollywood producers are so enamored. Now that he is incarcerated, he can’t Charge In And Save The Day. How completely terrible!

  • His father was probably half-black and half-Hispanic, while his mother was likely full black. He retained the Hispanic name, apparently, while his dominant black genes showed in his skin and features.

  • John Frum


  • Kenner

    There are many blacks with hispanic surnames in and around the Caribbean.

  • Who Me?

    Just the way to your lady’s heart, bash her in the face with your fist–works every time down in da ghetto…

    • Maybe he shoulda tried dinner and a movie. When I was single, that worked pretty well for me.

      • Katherine McChesney

        His date would have had to make the diner and buy the tickets for the movie. Black men aren’t very good at paying for anything. They flock to the slums whenever food stamps and welfare are paid to their baby mammas.

  • r j p

    I think black foreplay sounds something like “B–tch dat d–k aint gonna s–k itself”.

  • JackKrak

    Black, punched a woman and refuses to step down despite being convicted – the Democratic trifecta!

  • Romulus

    Another example of TNB!
    In other news,… Last week,…. The UN Arms treaty was defeated by six votes. The bill included language that would’ve given power to the UN FOR GUN CONFISCATION.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    This woman was culturally enriched by ethnic and racial diversity. She just requires a little more cultural enrichment in order to adapt herself to African mating rituals.

  • Who Me?

    You forgot Killadelphia and Detoilet…

  • Rhialto

    This African-Hispanic male gets 6 months for assault and attempted rape. I wonder what sentence a Racist White man would get for the same offense.

    • BonV.Vant

      look at the picture, there is no such thing as “african hispanic”. It is ridiculous to try to qualify “african”. One knows it when one sees it, and the actions are always predictable.

  • Erasmus

    Oh, Lord, who needs satire in today’s America when we have real life?

  • Flossie

    Perhaps your question — “Do they have any shame?” — was rhetorical but, no, they don’t. Much of the time what’s bruited as “black pride” is in fact shamelessness. They don’t embarrass easily.

    • BonV.Vant

      “Shame” requires “self awareness” and that requires abstract thinking abilities which blacks do not have.

  • Elfego

    Looks like racial profiling to me!

  • libertarian1234

    “….he held down a woman and punched her for refusing to have sex with him.”

    Yes, it’s called black foreplay.

  • BonV.Vant

    he dih’in do nuffins, der be no chinchilla ub ebidince!

  • Alec Smart

    This of course is not a national news story.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Another rapist who almost got away with it. Come to think about it; his black privilege limited his punishment to 6 months.

    He won’t change his behavior–black rapists never do