The Day We Lost Atlanta

Rebecca Burns, Politico, January 29, 2014

On Tuesday, snowfall of just over 2 inches shut down metropolitan Atlanta’s roads, schools, churches, government offices and businesses. Thousands of flights were cancelled at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. More than 2,000 school children were separated from their parents, and spent the night in buses, police stations, or classrooms. It seemed that the only places open were Waffle House and Home Depot, the former serving hash browns and coffee and the latter opening up its stores as makeshift shelters. People who didn’t camp out in supermarket aisles and hotel lobbies were trapped in cars for 10, 16, 20 hours as they tried to make commutes that normally take just 30 minutes.

Surely to everyone else in the world, the staggering sight of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States brought to a standstill by a few flurries seemed comical at first. Oh, those Southerners, they don’t know how to drive in the snow! {snip}

But before nightfall, the situation in Atlanta had grown more tragic than comic. A baby was delivered by her father in a car on I-285, the “Perimeter” highway that circles the city. Parents en route to pick up kids dismissed from school early were stranded on highways. The Facebook group #SnowedOutAtlanta contained desperate pleas from moms trapped in frigid minivans with toddlers and adults worried about their elderly parents—stuck without medications.

What happened in Atlanta this week is not a matter of Southerners blindsided by unpredictable weather. More than any event I’ve witnessed in two decades of living in and writing about this city, this snowstorm underscores the horrible history of suburban sprawl in the United States and the bad political decisions that drive it. It tells us something not just about what’s wrong with one city in America today but what can happen when disaster strikes many places across the country. As with famines in foreign lands, it’s important to understand: It’s not an act of nature or God—this fiasco is manmade from start to finish. But to truly get what’s wrong with Atlanta today, you have to look at these four factors, decades in the making.

1. Atlanta, the city, should not be confused with Atlanta, the region.

Distinguishing between the city proper and the metro region is no semantic quibble. The city itself, population just over a half million, represents only a fraction of the metro’s 6 million residents. Kasim Reed, mayor of Atlanta, is the face you see on CNN and the guy called out by Al Roker, but he’s only one of more than 60 mayors of the towns and cities that make up the Atlanta region, which, depending on whose metric you use consists of 10, 15, or 28 counties (each with their own executive officers).


So on Tuesday, as schools, businesses and governments, announced plans to close early, everyone who works in Atlanta headed for the freeways to get home or collect their children. In a press conference Wednesday morning, Mayor Reed reported that one million vehicles were part of the mass exodus from downtown. We’re not morons, Northerners: The problem was not one of Southerners’ inability to drive on icy roads, but of too many cars headed for congested highways. And that brings us to the next history lesson.

2. Since the 1950s, the car—and the highway—has dominated Atlanta’s transportation system.


3. The transit that eventually was built does not serve the whole region.

In the early 1970s, Atlanta finally got some transit. But the system that was created, MARTA (the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), serves only the city of Atlanta and the two counties in which its boundaries fall, DeKalb and Fulton. In 1965 and 1971 votes, residents of the other adjoining counties—Cobb, Clayton, and Gwinnett—rejected MARTA, with votes following racial lines. {snip}


4. Metro voters rejected transit relief in a 2012 referendum.

In a rare showing of regional allegiance, local leaders supported a referendum on a special tax for transportation improvement, known as T-SPLOST, in July 2012. But voters, suspicious of the government’s ability to carry out the plans, rejected T-SPLOST resoundingly.


And that brings us back to Atlanta’s present snowbound state. There was no coordination around school closings, because there are more than two-dozen city and county school systems in “Atlanta.” There was little coordination between highway clearance and service to city streets because “Atlanta” is comprised of dozens of municipalities connected by state and federal highway systems. In one of the most surreal episodes today, Charley English, the head of the Georgia Emergency Management Association, asserted that gridlock wasn’t severe around 3 and 4 p.m. Tuesday, never mind that traffic maps glared red and motorists had already been sitting on freeways for hours at that time. Mayor Reed claimed that the city had done its part getting motorists out of downtown Atlanta, and that getting them the rest of the way home was up to the state. On Tuesday night, Gov. Nathan Deal outrageously called the storm “unexpected,” never mind weather reports warning of the snowfall. {snip}


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  • We had that much snow here in Colorado Springs the other night. Nobody seems bothered.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Atlanta has been a traffic nightmare for years. Truly nasty.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        I dread driving in that Negropolis, the traffic there is impossible to get through.

  • WR_the_realist

    The author complains about suburban sprawl, which forced everybody onto the highways during the snowstorm, and the lack of public transportation to those suburbs. Both of these are consequences of black behavior. Black behavior forced whites out of the city proper, and are the reason why whites vote against public transportation that would make it easy for the black underclass to get to their neighborhoods.

    If our ancestors hadn’t been too lazy to pick their own cotton today Atlanta would be a livable city and far fewer people would be out in the ‘burbs.

    Here in New Hampshire we hardly even notice two inches of snow.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Getting real sick and tired of hearing “if our ancestors hadn’t been too lazy to pick their own cotton” non sense. Our ancestors WERE NOT LAZY and it was not their decision to import the masses of african slaves. That decision was made by Portuguese and Dutch slave traders in conjunction with the American land owning elites. The average rank and file American had nothing to do with the slave trade. My ancestors certainly never owned a cotton plantation and the vast majority of White America’s ancestors never owned cotton plantations. The large plantations in the South were the equivalent of the large corporations today like Target, Walmart, etc. The large plantations thrived on slave labor instead of paying a livable working wage to a White American male. Sound familiar? I’m sure many White people would have been happy to have a job picking cotton or doing any number of agriculture related labors. Saying we were too lazy to pick our own cotton is like saying Californians are too lazy to work on a construction site or in a restaurant washing dishes. We are not too lazy we are just being massively underbid by an imported peasant people.

      • ncpride

        Well stated, my friend. The entire South is always demonized because of slavery, when in fact the majority lived hand to mouth just to survive. White elites selling us out like they always have.

      • Long Live Dixie

        The large plantations thrived on slave labor instead of paying a livable working wage to a White American male.

        Slavery made the South thrive. It turned our land from a wilderness into a thriving agricultural empire in a matter of decades. The slaveholders were nothing like the parasites who run big business today. They were leaders of their communities.

        • ncpride

          Still, I’ve never thought much of slaveholders. They had White slaves before black ones, and they treated their racial kindred no better, and often worse than the black ones. I will always maintain slavery was a huge mistake on our part for a variety of reasons.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Still, I’ve never thought much of slaveholders.

            I’m sorry to hear that. Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Polk, Forrest, and Davis were slaveholders. Nearly every Southerner of prominence and influence who lived before 1865 was a slaveholder.

            Besides building the South, slavery also helped the hierarchical and unequal worldview that we inherited from the South’s first settlers to become firmly entrenched into Southern thinking.

            The main problem with slavery is that it ended suddenly and without repatriation. If we had modelled ourselves after the North and filled those jobs with white immigrants from the four corners of Europe, then we would have a more capitalistic culture and we would have a pan-European melting pot that would have diluted our Southern identity.

            I have heard a few rumours of white slaves, but I don’t think more than a few cases existed.

          • ncpride

            My objection to slavery does not diminish my admiration for those great Southern men who fought the good fight on our part. In the end though, I don’t think what we may have gained from slavery has been worth the price we have paid for it.

            There are many excellent books about White slavery. While they were sold in many parts of the world, they were sent here as well, mainly Virginia I believe. A hellish chapter of Irish history that has been practically forgotten, or rather, swept under the rug.

          • Bartek

            I’d give the slave owners more credit if they didn’t capitulate to the social justice Christians and their Slave Trade Acts. If the plantation owners would have kept working the Blacks to death (or at least castrate them) instead of breeding them the USA would have one less major systemic flaw. Blacks are worse than Kudzu.

          • NM156

            Indentured servitude was de facto slavery.

          • Bartek

            Paying taxes to a government that in no way represents you or your interests is de facto slavery.

          • Lots of highland Scots got that after the Clearances.

          • SoulInvictus

            And again, similar to comments above, as opposed to compromising on a phased discontinuation of slavery and repatriation (eliminating our current problems), the elites preferred to lead legions of our young to their deaths to protect their money and labor monopoly. So preferable to freeing Africans back to their lands and paying southern whites a decent wage….
            The net result, the elite generals and politicians didn’t die, looooads of poor whites did, and the black population was unleashed instead of deported. Though they were charismatic romantic figures, they did us no favors and left us with the situation we are in now.
            A leftist dominated, over powered central government, and swelling numbers of minorities. yay…

          • Long Live Dixie

            . . . as opposed to compromising on a phased discontinuation of slavery and repatriation . . ..

            What compromised repatriation? There was no such compromise possible with the North. The North was interested in dominating the South. The South was an obstacle to Northern domination of the union and of the North American continent. Slavery was an excuse. If the North wanted to repatriate the blacks, why didn’t they start with the blacks in the North?

            . . . paying southern whites a decent wage….

            There were not enough Southerners to provide the work. We would have had to either slow productivity way down or import millions of immigrants from Europe which then would have turned the South into a pan-European melting pot society like the North is.

            The net result, the elite generals and politicians didn’t die . . ..

            The South lost dozens of generals during the war.

            A leftist dominated, over powered central government, and swelling numbers of minorities. yay…

            And it’s the fault of the people who resisted it, right? This is getting tiresome.

          • SoulInvictus

            “What compromised repatriation? There was no such compromise possible with the North.”
            Well, the Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves of 1807 was a start. Not bringing in any new ones.
            Also, I don’t think there was ever anything put on the table by southern representatives to say, give us a decade to phase out slaves as a workforce and begin deportation vs. secession and open warfare.
            I can’t see the abolitionists not taking that as a win and pragmatic northerners not eager for war not embracing it.

            “There were not enough Southerners to provide the work.”
            Same excuse establishment Republicans use now for illegal immigrants. “Jobs Americans won’t do”, they never finish that sentence with its obvious conclusion, “for slave wages”.

            “We would have had to either slow productivity way down”
            God forbid… as opposed to open war, a generation of dead whites, and elites losing some of their fortunes.

            “or import millions of immigrants from Europe which then would have turned the South into a pan-European melting pot society like the North is.”
            Which is still a preferable alternative to Detroit, Birmingham, Baltimore and Philly now. And precisely what is advocated by most people here, a pan-EUROPEAN nation.

            “The South lost dozens of generals during the war.”
            My heart bleeds for the elite, that lost… dozens.

            “And it’s the fault of the people who resisted it, right?”
            That they resisted it largely in protection of slavery is what killed states’ rights. Had they removed slavery from the equation willingly, states’ rights would have at least been defensible afterwards from a properly constitutional perspective. Weakening the southern defenders of those rights through war and Reconstruction, and forever tying the ideal of states’ rights to slavery, did us no favors in fighting the strengthening of central power later. And so we have the modern Federal behemoth driving us into trillions of debt, foreign wars, and a police state completely antithetical to the founders ideals.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Also, I don’t think there was ever anything put on the table by southern representatives to say, give us a decade to phase out slaves as a workforce and begin deportation vs. secession and open warfare.

            Why should the South negotiate with the North to give up slavery? Slavery was a major source of Southern strength. It was how we competed in terms of power with the North. If we gave up slavery we would have massively weakened our position against the North.

            Same excuse establishment Republicans use now for illegal immigrants.

            It is not the same excuse by a long shot.

            1) There are plenty of Americans to do the jobs Mexicans do whereas the white population in 1860 in the South was eight million and was spread over a land area the size of western Europe.

            2) There was very little interest in bringing in more blacks. The Confederate constitution specifically forbade that from happening.

            3) The Republicans want to bring in Mexicans and allow them to colonise whole areas, mingle freely with whites, and not restrain them by the racial caste system that I mentioned already.

            4) The blacks were doing work that whites were not doing. To use white workers would have meant pulling whites from their existing jobs and putting them on plantations or flooding the South with non-Southern whites from elsewhere. There were not massive numbers of unemployed whites looking for work in the South like there are today in the US.

            God forbid elites lose some of their fortunes and monopoly . . ..

            Slavery profited the entire South. It turned the South into one of the wealthiest places in the Western world. There were hardly any slums to be found in the South like there were in the North and in Europe.

            . . . as opposed to open war, a generation of dead whites, and the legacy it left us with.

            War was inevitable from the moment the South foolishly agreed to a union with the North in the 1780s. The North lusted for control of the South. If not slavery, any excuse would have worked. Since the North ignored the South’s peace delegations and since the North started the war and since the North is the party that took the war to civilians, your anger is clearly misplaced.

            And precisely what is advocated by most people here, a pan-EUROPEAN nation.

            A pan-European nation is no nation at all. It is a melting pot of people thrown together who have no common identity besides at the racial level. It is a recipe for dysfunction. The South, in contrast, is a folkish community of people who trace their ancestry back to the same area of Europe and who have a shared identity and common heritage.

            My heart bleeds for the elite, that lost… dozens.

            Yes, dozens of generals. How many generals do you think there were to start with? Do you think all planters who went to war were generals?

            That they resisted it largely in protection of slavery is what killed states’ rights.

            You don’t get it. Slavery was the excuse used by the North. If the circumstances were different, then another excuse would have been used. If the South surrendered on slavery we would have lost a major source of our strength and would have gained nothing from the North in return. We would have been steamrolled. The Southern situation was bleak: we had a much stronger foe to our north. We could either give in to their demand and naively hope they would go away and leave us alone (which they would not have done) or we could have dug in our heels and resisted. I’m afraid you live in a fantasy world if you think everything would have been fine for the South if we chose the first option. They would have smelled weakness and hit us twice as hard.

            Just because there are white faces in the capitalist/corporatist crowd . . ..

            What are you talking about? I am not defending capitalism. The North was far more capitalistic than the South. If you are trying to equate the planters with modern day capitalists then you are again wrong. I’ve already answered this, but the planters were mostly a patriotic bunch who defended the South’s interest for decades. When the time for war came many of them did their duty or, if too old, sent their sons to fight for the South. Robert E. Lee himself ended the war with two of his sons in Yankee prison camps. The planters were the opposite of today’s big business capitalists.

          • SoulInvictus

            “Why should the South negotiate with the North to give up slavery?”
            lol, other than the transparent fact of it being morally wrong? I don’t have the highest regard for Africans, but I wouldn’t advocate enslavement of neanderthals either. Regardless of whether I’d want them as neighbors or in laws.

            “Slavery was a major source of Southern strength.”
            So was feudalism for medieval Europe. Still not a good reason to keep everyone serfs.

            ” If we gave up slavery we would have massively weakened our position against the North.”
            Because dieing defending it sure didn’t ensure that prospect for us…

            “It is not the same excuse by a long shot.”
            It is exactly the same excuse. Poor white southerners (that massively outnumbered slaves), wouldn’t have picked cotton for free. That eats into the profit margin… like having to pay someone what it’s actually worth to harvest crops today.

            “2) There was very little interest in bringing in more blacks. The
            Confederate constitution specifically forbade that from happening.”

            An easy concession when you already have a plentiful supply to breed more as opposed to paying for imports.

            “4) The blacks were doing work that whites were not doing. To
            use white workers would have meant pulling whites from their existing jobs and putting them on plantations or…”

            Um, my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, were all poor sharecroppers that picked cotton. I live right next to the cotton field they used to do it in. That’s how they built themselves up to owning their own land and growing/picking more cotton and later peanuts, right alongside their black field hands (one of which was later my middle school principle and it speaks volumes about their relations that he was still very kind in his interactions with us).

            So, I’m not talking out of my ass when I point out that not only were they willing to do so then, they continued to do so after, once it was no longer solely the domain of elite wealthy slave owners.

            “A pan-European nation is no nation at all.”

            A pan-European nation is a far, far cry better than one filled with blacks, muslims, hispanics, and asians. Beggars can’t be choosers and as our numbers dwindle, better to rally them all rather than further divide into German, French, American Southern mutt, etc.

            ” Slavery was the excuse used by the North.”
            Partly yes, partly it was the excuse they were allowed to have by selfish elitists who would have no compromise on the issue.

            “A century later the excuse was “civil rights”,”
            Which would have been avoided entirely or without friction had slavery been voluntarily ended and deportation ensued after as a condition of its ending.

            “would have lost a major source of our strength”

            Against what… a northern invasion? We were already part of the same country, this makes no sense. A loss of strength/wealth/influence to the elites, sure. Also not my problem or concern.

            Birmingham could have been an industrial powerhouse with its unique steel production materials, Southern waterways, greatly conducive to trade. Food production, coastal harbors like New Orleans and Mobile. It’s not like there weren’t other ways to make money than cotton and slaves…

            ” We would have been steamrolled.”

            Please explain what the threat was. Not being sarcastic.

            Whatever it was wouldn’t have been worse than what ensued during and after Reconstruction.

            ” They would have smelled weakness and hit us twice as hard.”

            For what…?

            “If you are trying to equate the planters with modern day capitalists then you are again wrong.”
            No, they are far more comparable to feudal lords. Neither of which good for us peasants. Feudal lords went to war too… back in the day, sure, you and your family had to join the fray to protect your empire. If that is your dividing line between them and modern corporatist, then it is a fine distinction.

          • schmenz

            My friend, before you condemn feudalism and the Medievals you may wish to familiarize yourself with the actuality of that time. If I could respectfully suggest, please obtain a copy of Dr James Walsh’s “The Thirteenth, Greatest of Centuries”. It is an eye-opener.

            We cannot live by myths.

          • SoulInvictus

            Having no rights. My betters owning me with the land.
            Prima Nocta and the like. Kneeling in fealty and submission. What’s not to love.
            Not like I would expect a Republic out of those times and I don’t condemn them, but not something I’d want to live under.
            Lots of good book recommendations today though.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            That is what living under non-white rule means.

          • SoulInvictus

            Not particularly in favor of that either or I wouldn’t be here. 😉

          • Long Live Dixie

            lol, other than the transparent fact of it being morally wrong?

            I don’t have a lot of interest in going through your post and replying point by point, especially considering that some of what you say makes me think you didn’t read my earlier posts very carefully. I think we have both made our cases so far and I think this debate has run its course.

            I would like to say one thing in summary: The pre-war South was an orderly, safe, and civilised land whose white people had a strong national bond with each other. The South was not headed towards racial catastrophe on its own even despite the presence of Africans. Society was orgnanised in a hierarchical way. The situation would have been able to maintain itself for a very long time. It was not until outsiders who hate the South came here and forcibly changed things that racial catastrophe occurred. That is the bottom line of what I have been saying in this discussion.

            I’ll let you have the last word on this if you would like.

          • SoulInvictus

            Well, I was somewhat hoping you knew some history I was unfamiliar with that showed pre-Civil War aggression towards the South that wasn’t oriented around slave policy.
            I don’t think I’m breaking new ground by saying that no matter how degenerate, primitive, savage, low IQ’d, unevolved, whatever, a group is, it isn’t right to own them as property.
            Not only morally wrong but more pragmatically, throughout history, it has never proven wise to groom and become dependent upon a large slave underclass.
            No matter what race, no matter how dim, at some point you’re inviting bloody revolution at worst (Spartacus, South America, the
            Caribbean) or at best our current state of affairs where we’re stuck with a discontent chip carrying underclass mired in a perpetual victim-hood mentality.
            At some point it would have reached a critical mass like it did in the southern hemisphere.

          • Tom B.

            I am wondering from what sources you get your information. I don’t know your age or just how deeply you have researched the history of that era, but I will tell you that I am 63 and have researched exhaustive amounts of material over the last 40 years. I admit upfront that my memory is not what it used to be, so it is possible that I could slip up on a few facts, but I gather from what you are saying is that the powers in the North ( Lincoln?) attempted an honest and serious discussion with the so-called elites of the South regarding a phased discontinuation of slavery and repatriation of the Negroes back to Africa? There was certainly a lot of talk among the radical abolitionists of that time, but if you do just a minimal amount of research you will find that they were never very popular in the North and held little sway over Lincoln, in fact he did not like them. I know that Lincoln did wish to send them all back to Africa or elsewhere but as far as I know it was never seriously attempted, before, during, or after the war. Yet you blame the South for this lack of deportation? As I read your letter up here you say they left us with the situation we are now in a leftist dominated, overpowered central government and swelling numbers of minorities. So you blame the South for all that, as if the North had nothing to do with it? Sir: that is the most convoluted rendition of history I have seen in a long time.
            There are many books I could recommend but for lack of time and space let me give you just one, the title is “Blood Money, the Civil War and the Federal Reserve” by John Remington Graham. It is only about 75 pages and lawyer trained Graham does an exemplary job of following the money trail to get to the REAL REASONS for that war. All wars are about money–yes the landed gentry wanted to hold on to what they had, who wouldn’t. But when you see who was really behind all that horror, your view of the South will change. It was a bankers war–carefully thought out and planned years before Sumpter by a handful of Northern financiers. READ THE BOOK, you will enjoy it!

          • SoulInvictus

            “powers in the North ( Lincoln?) attempted an honest and serious discussion…”
            I don’t know that ever happened. It does stand to reason that Southern reps never put it on the table though. As that offer, nor legislation towards that end, were ever written of to my knowledge and quite the opposite tact was taken.

            ” Yet you blame the South for this lack of deportation?”
            Well, you kind of have to blame the guy that owns the problem.
            Would not a voluntary ending of the trade and slave labor, and subsequent execution or deportation have solved the problem?

            “So you blame the South for all that, as if the North had nothing to do with it?”
            No, the North definitely advanced it. The South empowered it by making the states’ rights and secession stand on a morally indefensible position. Then got gutted over said stand and weakened the decentralized government position forever.

            “All wars are about money”
            On that, we concur completely. That’s why I don’t get sucked into the Lost Cause romanticism. It was about the money, and always about the money.
            Not for the peasant dying in the field of course, but love of Georgia, or Alabama, or wherever, isn’t what caused the situation that put him there to begin with.
            I will have to check out the book, but yes it sounds like it would just reinforce my thoughts.

          • Tom B.

            Please read the book and bear in mind that Graham is from Minnesota so he is not burdened with regional prejudice. I consider it one of the most interesting views on the war. Also he wrote a very large tome “Principles of Confederacy” that is out of print but might still be found at Amazon. It is a very deep book, concerning the true interpretation of the Constitution and the war. As I have stated, I have read a very large number of books on the Civil War and to sift through all the propaganda to find one grain of truth is an ordeal in itself. It is very easy to be mislead and to get back on the right track can take a long time and a lot of research. I have experienced many twists and turns along the way, but if you are determined, you can find the truth—but you have to be receptive to it.

          • SoulInvictus

            Can you distill its basic premise for me?
            I think the other fellow misconstrues my sentiments.
            I fully think they had the right to secede. It seems pretty clear the founders intended the Union to be voluntary by their own writings.
            My contention is that, as far as I know, they were just using the Constitution as cover to protect their slave labor monopoly.
            If say, they had sterilized, sold/exported, or deported their slave holdings and Then years later, for reasons of frustration with representation decided to leave the Union, then it would be an entirely different debate.
            From my understanding of history though, remove slavery from the equation and you get no drive towards the Confederacy.
            That kind of says it all about their motivations not being based on noble founders-esque ideals of freedom, but merely greed.

          • Tom B.

            As I have stated, I have researched a ton of material about the causes of the war and if you search hard enough you can find something to back up your personal beliefs. Virtually all of the most repeated causes are wrong. In Graham’s well researched book, he concludes that the war was plotted by Junius Morgan and a few other northern financiers, along with European bankers in the 1850’s. They bankrolled Harriet Beecher Stowe’s little book Uncle Tom’s Cabin and other things to incite anger on both sides. To keep it brief, these bankers very carefully orchestrated events leading up to hostilities for the sole purpose of taking over the economy of the U.S.. These tactics are used today to take over entire countries as we all know. Bottom line: it was the love of money, the root of all evil, that was the cause of the Civil War. It wasn’t slavery or secession or any other oft repeated things, it was GREED. The North wanted what the South had and they took it. That is an extremely brief description, you would have to read the book to get the fullness of his research, but your animosity toward the South is misplaced–they were simply victims of a very powerful, evil group of men who control most of the world economy today. When you see how he lays it out it makes perfect sense, you really have to read the book–everyone I know who has read it are astounded. I might also add that the Federal Reserve was the end result of this economic takeover. Read the book!

          • SoulInvictus

            I always figured there was a Rothschild type influence in the mix. When isn’t there… just never read anything that did in depth research towards that end.
            Only thing that would conflict with that would be the loads they were already making off the actual trade. That, I have researched on.
            With the intercontinental sales ending in the early 1800’s, maybe they switched over to the war finance angle, again.

          • Tom B.

            Yes, Graham goes into all that. The people of America have been duped about so many things that you have to really be careful what you buy into. Truly amazing that the propaganda started 150 years ago can still incite hatred and anger over that war. The moneyed elite have played us for suckers for so long, I’m sure they just sit back and laugh at us. I wish everyone in America would read that little book by Graham, it might very well change a lot of minds and bring some peace between the two factions.

          • SoulInvictus

            Give me your thoughts on the shorts if you have time. You might be one of the few people on here that has read more than me on either and it would be good to get a different perspective on them.

          • Tom B.

            I checked it out briefly. I am not as well read on Hitler as I am Lincoln, but I have read several books including Mein Kampf. I am sure there are truths about the man that we have not been told–the winner always writes the history–so it stands to reason that things have been covered up. I do know that in Mein Kampf he praised Lincoln and supported his centralization of government and was opposed to our founders version of States Rights and limited government. That alone tells me that he was an evil man and for the unmitigated brutality he showed while taking over the government of Germany–I believe it would be a long stretch to say he was a Christian as implied by some of that video. I do believe that he was probably used by Rothschild to advance his evil schemes but Hitler apparently didn’t follow the game plan and was set upon by the rest of the world. I have been convinced for a long time that the bankers are behind every war and every evil . Follow the money and you will find the real culprits. They are experts at muddying the water and creating mass confusion among the people to hide their diabolical plans–just like the Civil War. I have no doubt that all other conflicts are the same.

          • SoulInvictus

            The last half of the vids are the most interesting. I really had no idea about a lot of it. I’m sure it would be old news to a lot here, but Eisenhower’s death camps and the outright heroic fight against the Russians… and that they were welcomed there to a large degree as liberators. Not exactly stuff they teach in school.

          • SoulInvictus

            Would stand to reason if he started out as a pawn and got an inside look at what was in store, then decided he didn’t care for where it was headed. Similarly, Kennedy was making headway against the Fed right before he got offed…

          • My take on CW-1 was that the war was really over who would get to profit from the opening of the American West: the Southeastern planter robber-barons or the Northeastern industrialist robber-barons.

          • Tom B.

            There are reasons to believe that view from some of the history that was written, but I tend to believe that John Remington Graham hit the nail on the head in his book that I mentioned in some other posts. I am firmly convinced that the world bankers manipulate and control practically all major upheavals in the world for one reason only—GREED and power. In his book he explains how Northern financiers colluded with European bankers to agitate the South and force them to secede, giving Lincoln the excuse he needed to invade. Lincoln of course was a puppet and was used to carry out the plan and then assassinated by his own people after it was over, probably because he knew too much or most likely because he wasn’t radical enough to do what the bankers wanted done. Even former Pres. Buchanan believed he was killed by insiders. In light of more recent events I have a hard time believing that we invade other countries to spread democracy and freedom by force, for any kind of altruistic reason. We do it for profit, oil, mining, or any other form of wealth creating revenue. It is easy to see the influence of high finance in these affairs. So I have no trouble believing such policies were in place a long time ago. According to Graham the Civil War was a very carefully planned action that allowed a few rich Northerners and European bankers to eventually control the entire U.S. economy. In 1913 that goal was realized by the establishment of the Federal Reserve, giving the International banks control of our economy, politicians, –the whole ball of wax! This could not have been done without the destruction of the South who would have been opposed to such a takeover. That is the only explanation that really makes sense to me, but I could be wrong.

          • The Founders seceded from the British Empire in 1776. So of course they were for secession.

            As for the WBTS, I buy into “irrepressible conflict.”

          • FransSusan

            Thank you for the book suggestion. I’ve done some research into the Civil War, too, but haven’t read that one. What other books on this subject do you recommend ?

          • Tom B.

            The one written by J.R. Graham, I believe gives the most believable explanation for the true cause of the war. The more I studied Civil War history, the harder it was to believe that either slavery or secession was the reason for Lincolns’ invasion. I think Graham has found the truth. I would also recommend books on Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo–he is hated by the Lincoln worshipers but his books are pretty good—-try THE REAL LINCOLN, by this author. Also WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS, by Charles Adams–he uses a lot of information from European sources of the time and gives their perspective of the war, which makes an interesting read. Also, if you don’t mind your blood pressure rising, try WAR CRIMES AGAINST SOUTHERN CIVILIANS BY ( WALTER?) Cisco. I have a hard time reading it—the real history of that war is ” a black sinking hell” as Walt Whitman described it. Forgive me, I am somewhat of a fanatic about that era. Whether it is history, politics, or religion, I love to know the TRUTH–problem is finding it, you really have to dig for it. I just ordered a book about a relatively unknown Confederate sniper named Jack Hinson—can’t wait to get it! , just like a kid at Christmas!.

          • FransSusan

            Thanks. I read THE REAL LINCOLN but I’ll check out the others. Thanks for the suggestions.

          • FransSusan

            The south could have flourished without negroes. It was so wrong to bring that sub-human species to live among civilized people.

          • Tom B.

            It was the only time in our history that the black race made a significant contribution to the U.S.. Northerners never pass up an opportunity to demean the South, I have experienced this more times than you can believe. They know very well that it is their ancestors who unleashed the devils on all of us, but I have yet to meet one who will admit it. The New Englanders are the worst and if they would just do a little research they will find that their ancestors also made tons of money from the slave trade. Massachusetts and Rhode Island were major traders in human flesh–they even continued in the business for a short time after their victory over the South. I am always saddened by the fact that our people are still constantly reviled and put down by phony hypocrites whose ancestry and history is darker than the pits of hell.

          • ncpride

            Very good points. I’ve read that the Emancipation Proclamation cleverly only banned slavery in the Southern states and in fact, Ulysses Grant actually still owned his slaves even after the Civil War was over, while Lee had set his free years earlier. The height of hypocrisy indeed. I still think it was a terrible mistake bringing them here, North or South. That situation could only end badly, and it has. What I hate the most is how our children are constantly beat over the head about it, and all the ‘others’ involved get a complete pass. Revisionism is sickening.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Ulysses Grant married a Southern woman and owned a small number of slaves but he freed them even before the war started.

            I think it works well for the Southern narrative to point out acts of hypocrisy (e.g., Northerners profiting from slavery while condemning it in the South) but I don’t think it works well to try to paint a picture of Northerners being “racist” because in sum total they have not been – egalitarianism has consistently triumphed in the North. I think once we slip into that habit, we tread dangerously close to the Rainbow mentality which states that the North has always been “racist” and the South has always been happily multi-racial and equal. On that note, it is true that the Emancipation Proclamation claimed to ban slavery in the South only, but except for Washington DC (which is geographically Southern and was far more demographically Southern in the 1800s) there were 64 slaves in the entire North by the 1860 US census.

          • Tom B.

            We also have to put things in the proper context of the time. Slavery existed over most of the world in those days and I have yet to read anything contrary to the fact that they were treated better in the American South than anywhere else. If we insist on judging people of yesteryear by todays standards just imagine how far you could go with that. One example, medicine, back then doctors regularly bled people for various reasons, sincerely believing that it was helping their patient. Even a child of today knows how wrong such a practice would be, but in the old days the most educated of people did it. You could think of hundreds more, but I’m sure you get my meaning. We have to avoid letting our emotions overpower us at times. You also know very well that a certain people have used slavery as a gimmick to forever condemn the South and maintain their phony superiority over us. Look at how many movies Hollyweird turns out and almost always will make a Southerner the bad guy–some even are futuristic garbage, but still portray the evil villain with a Southern accent. I am sick of it and you really need to ask yourself—just who is the real enemy here–how is it that blacks and other brown skin people have risen so far and Southern whites constantly pushed to the bottom. We have been subjected to an endless barrage of mind bending propaganda that we know is intentional and evil. Look at what it has done to our once proud people–it used to be we had the bravest men and the prettiest, finest women on earth. Now look what we have–most of our men are afraid to express an opinion if it isn’t politically correct , he could lose his job or even go to jail, fearful of that, all he can do is cower and rage inside. Our women, God bless our girls, look what they have done to them. Every time I look around I see white girls carrying monkey babies and I want to react but know I can’t. We really need to think about these things—-the assault against our people is not going to stop.

          • Long Live Dixie

            I don’t think Yankees will ever understand that as long as our people were in charge in the South and the South was ruled by our principles, then slavery was not a racial crisis. Blacks were not raping and killing whites, there was no “knockout game”, our cities were livable and clean (by the standards of the day), and blacks knew they had a submissive role in society and they knew the serious consequences of stepping out of their role. Nor did slavery inevitably lead to what we have today. It was not until other people came to the South and violently forced equality on us that slavery (or the lack of it) became a racial crisis. In theory, we could have maintained the institution for hundreds of years and, without outside meddling, would not have ended up as we are today.

            The same is essentially true of the Caribbean slaveholding societies. By themselves, they prospered and they kept the blacks in place. Once liberalism swept Britain and France, though, their mother countries betrayed the colonies and forced equality on them. This led, in the 1790s, to a slaughter of the French in Saint Domingo (Haiti) and to the dismantlement of slavery and loss of white rule and the start of white flight in the British colonies a few decades later.

          • Bartek

            I do understand the many bi-products of economic activity can be harmful if not managed wisely.
            But due to the frailty of human society and political structures obviously it would have been best to avoid the widespread overuse of something as hazardous and volatile as the Black.

          • Tom B.

            You are so right. I grew up in the Jim Crow South and remember well the separate water fountains, restrooms etc. Liberals today scream at the injustice of that era. Well now all that is gone and what replaced it? EQUALITY! And look how wonderful that is–crimes committed by blacks is off the charts, our schools, our cities, all in ruins and yet the liberals want even more. A liberal is a hopelessly insane criminal in my opinion, yet they control the entire government. We have some serious events coming our way—I hope we can survive to rebuild from the ashes.

          • Bartek

            Many (if not the majority) of Whites in the North were not even in the USA when the North attacked the South.
            Personally, I have met very few descendants of the original English, or French where I am from.
            Considering what a cesspool the USA has become since the 1960s I feel my ancestors were ‘sold a bill of goods’ and have come to regret that my branch of the family ever left Central Europe.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Many (if not the majority) of Whites in the North were not even in the USA when the North attacked the South.

            The North’s newcomers assimilated into the original political culture.

          • Tom B.

            Apparently, they too, have taken up and embraced the liberal cause. If it weren’t so then why did BHO carry the election across the North. I don’t post my opinions on this website just to create anger from people north of the Mason-Dixon line. All I seek is the truth and a little respite for my people. The South has been stomped on long enough–victims of lies and propaganda that can’t be paralleled anywhere else that I can think of. For over 150 years we have been, invaded, murdered, raped, looted, brutalized, and eternally condemned, for what? Slavery? Give me a break! Once again, look how we are treated by the media, look at the horrible laws passed and shoved down our throats, ruining our schools, our cities, our states, and our entire society. You need to ask yourself–is this just happenstance or is it the result of an intentional agenda. Who is behind this agenda and to what end? Serious questions that need answers–because you see, it isn’t just the South that is feeling the ill effects of this agenda–like a poisonous snake it is turning back to bite the very people that created this monster. Think about it!

        • Rhialto

          A relevant fact is that Blacks are preadapted to agricultural work in the areas used for cotton cultivation, the heat, humidity and sun. In addition, Black slaves imported from Africa would have IQ’s of 70-80; so they would have the right mental capacity for basic farm work.

          Few White agricultural workers have these qualifications.

          • Bartek

            The reality is the slave trade, cotton cultivation, sugar cane/beet production, tobacco cultivation, etc. are a direct result of the money lender ethnic group scheming a way to profit off their original exploration efforts when an easy spice route to India was not found.
            It is misguided to state that Whites could not farm in the South.
            Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the banker would not make the return on its investment that it desired without plantations and slave labor.

        • nBmnp

          That is true in the short run, yes. If you import workers (which are by definition in working-age), yes, then you can build something really fast.

          But those workers get older and they get children. Then the costs start and these cheap workers are no longer so cheap.

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          And you’ll find that the “parasites who run big business” today are also considered leaders of their communities.
          Money gives power, power is what makes you leader in a community.
          It doesn’t matter if you are a good leader or not, it just makes you leader if you want that power.
          And people who have power (big business leader, big plantation owners etc) tend to have it because they want it, and they want more of it.
          And to get power, these people are usually quite willing to make sacrifices. Especially if they are sacrificing someone other than themselves or their close family.

          Slavery didn’t make the south thrive, it’s good farming climate and good cash crops that was in high demand is what made it thrive.
          Slaves, from a purely economic point of view, were just workers like any others. They weren’t cheap really, since you had to pay to get them, pay guards to watch them, pay their food and housing to have them be able to work etc.

          The big reason slavery was considered good was that it gave a way to force labour to do what you wanted in a time when there was a lack of labour (meaning increasing wages), especially when it was early in US history and the government were essentially giving out free land to every man who wanted to be a farmer, in a way to tame the wilderness that was then most of current day USA.

          Once labour became more plentiful, it was actually cheaper and better to pay wages to normal workers rather than have slaves, since paid workers don’t need watching and use their wages to pay for food and lodgings on their own.
          Which is why the northern states had more power, they had a higher population density, giving access to more labour that could be used in factories etc.

          Note how all over the world, throughout history, slavery is most common when there is a overall shortage of labour.

          • Long Live Dixie

            And you’ll find that the “parasites who run big business” today are also considered leaders of their communities.

            That’s debatable. But clearly I meant “good” leaders of the community. Do you think the CEOs of Wal-Mart and McDonald’s would lift a finger to help their people the way slaveholders like Leonidas Polk and Nathan Bedford Forrest did? There is simply no comparison between the two classes. If slaveholders were just interested in greed they would not have been political leaders of the day who stood for Southern rights and racial integrity.

            Sure, there were some greedy ones who cared about nothing but making a maximum amount of wealth, as there always are bad apples within any group.

            Slavery didn’t make the south thrive, it’s good farming climate and good cash crops that was in high demand is what made it thrive.

            Sure it did. Much of the South has a sub-tropical climate with long days and conditions that necessitated a very large work force in the fields. It was perfect conditions for sub-Saharans. The South was booming during slavery.

            To use whites would have meant importing large numbers of immigrants from Europe and ultimately the South would have become a pan-European melting pot with no folkish identity – just as the Yankees did.

            I realise a lot of racialists will be stunned that I don’t consider large numbers of blacks to be a problem in and of themselves. They should understand that the South had a racial caste system deeply rooted in our culture and that all serious threats to our racial integrity came not from the blacks but from forces outside the South. That said, our only viable option now is for the blacks to leave our land. Returning to slavery now would be impractical and undesirable. With the mechanisation of farm work the Confederacy (had we won) would have probably already moved the blacks out.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Slavery was also used to oppress and destroy entire peoples too. It is not just about labor, it’s about eliminating defeated peoples so aggressors can take their lands over.

      • WR_the_realist

        By “our ancestors” I was of course referring to the small fraction of our ancestors who were among the elites who were eager to buy slaves from those Dutch and Portuguese traders because they were, in fact, unwilling to work their own lands with their own labor and unwilling to pay for free white labor to do it. I don’t know if I, personally, actually have such ancestors but obviously some white people do.

        Today the same sort of elites advocate for illegal immigration for exactly the same reasons.

      • SoulInvictus

        My ancestors did indeed pick their own cotton. 🙂
        Have heard no end of the tales about how those bolls will tear your fingers up. Made for really comfy homemade mattresses too.

      • FransSusan

        I agree. That phrase is tiresome and most of all not true as you said. The majority of whites had to struggle to survive and had an existence & lifestyle that was far worse than most slaves. Slaves were very expensive & considered valuable property. Consequently, they were well cared-for by their owners. They had free clothing, food, shelter, and health care. Whites had none of that! People who believe otherwise are sadly misinformed, and have been brainwashed by the stupid TV shows and movies that are nothing but Hollywood propaganda. (Furthermore, the civil war was only peripherally about slavery. It was a political war for the sake of the elite and corrupt government just as all others are.)

    • CJ Haze

      Saying that our ancestors were too lazy to pick their cotton is echoing sentiments expressed by black history revisionists. When calculating for inflation, a slave today would cost 3-5 million dollars. Don’t believe A) everyone had that kind of money and B) white people didn’t pick their own cotton and C) there were no white slaves/indentured servants.

    • Long Live Dixie

      Black behavior forced whites out of the city proper . . ..

      That is partially correct. Blacks did force whites out into the Atlanta suburbs. But it’s not fully correct because a huge percentage (I would guess at least 50%) of the whites in suburban Atlanta don’t have roots there dating back more than a generation. In other words, neither they nor their parents ever lived in the city to begin with. They arrived in the suburbs after Atlanta was already black-ruled.

      • WR_the_realist

        Once blacks were brought in as slaves it was inevitable that they would eventually be freed. Unfortunately Lincoln’s idea of sending them back to Africa was never carried out.

        • Long Live Dixie

          Once blacks were brought in as slaves it was inevitable that they would eventually be freed.

          That is hypothetical. It is certainly not inevitable that they would have been freed unconditionally and allowed to mingle without restriction. There is nothing in the Southern character to suggest that that level of equality would have occurred.

          You are ignoring that the South had many blacks and yet through explicit white rule maintained civilised and livable conditions in our cities until equality was imposed on us from outside.
          That doesn’t mean I want to keep the blacks around long-term, but it does mean that it is not the blacks – or slavery – that are to blame for our cities becoming jungles. It is the people who created the conditions whereby blacks could take over the cities who are the cause of that condition.

          Unfortunately Lincoln’s idea of sending them back to Africa was never carried out.

          Right. Too bad he chose to arm them, train them as soldiers, give them positions of dominance over whites, and advocate their voting rights instead.

      • NoMosqueHere

        There are about 45 million american negro blacks in the US, in addition to millions more blacks and browns of other or mixed derivation. Where do you put them? They have to eat and work and live somewhere. It’s impossible not to come into contact with them, whether you live in a city or the suburbs. They ain’t goin’ back to Africa, that’s for sure. Jarod Taylor and his entire family will move to the congo before any american blacks do.

        The implicit or explicit argument here is that blacks cannot rule themselves and will make a mess of any city they rule. I agree. But, the extreme right fringe groups aside, I see no appetite among whites for a return to some sort of jim crow arrangement. There’s enough blame to go around for this horrendous situation.

        • Long Live Dixie

          Nostalgia for segregation is common throughout the South. Practically no one I know is offended by the idea, and I am talking about mainstream people. Once conditions worsen, racialist sympathies will turn into outright support.

          There was a poll a few years ago of Mississippi Republicans that showed support for it above 40%. The Southern people are naturally inclined towards racialism. All we have to do is throw off the US yoke and we will return to our natural ways. Actually, rather than throwing off the US yoke I think it will be that the US just collapses under its own weight. The South will reassert its independence during or after the US collapse and will return to racial common sense.

          I expect millions of blacks to flee to the North at around that time. Any who remain can be gradually separated. The South African homelands can be a model for this.

          • SoulInvictus

            “Actually, rather than throwing off the US yoke I think it will be that the US just collapses under its own weight.”

            You could be justified in wondering, rather than an …Eskimo conspiracy as most people think (al la Cloward–Piven strategy), it would certainly be interesting if it were a long …looong term Confederate strategy. Knowing we can’t prevail in military conflict, give them what they want until it implodes. Doubtful as we’re more the punch you in the mouth rather than elaborate subterfuge types, but you have to wonder.

        • Bartek

          The dependency of Blacks on White charity and civilization world wide brings to mind The Parable of the Snake.
          Whites need to recognize they are their own worst enemies for enabling the Black.

        • While it’s fun to daydream about repatriation or some other drastic solution, you’re right, the real world chances of those kinds of things happening in the near and relevant range future are probably lower than me winning the Powerball.

          So we have to come up with practical ideas, things that actually have a chance to happen, and things that will be effective.

          The reason I sometimes watch the YouTube videos of the Oreo brigade, people like Nadra Enzi, Walter Gildersleeve, David Carroll, Painless Risen, Dr. of Common Sense, and (until recently, when he ran all his white viewers off), Tommy Sotomayor, and others like them, is not because I don’t know they’re as anti-white as a typical black militant, because I do know that and because they are. But even counting that, none of them are much happy with the crime and other depressing antics of their co-racialists.

          I also know that blacks as a whole simply cannot handle democratic republican forms of government nor are responsible enough to be trusted with the full complement of what we think of as civil liberties.

          My idea is for a white ethnonationalist American or sub-America government to use black people in the Oreo brigade, install them as sorts of viceroys and vicars, making them the totalitarian big chiefs of the black communities in which they live.

    • Katherine McChesney

      We have ice storms in the South that can be deadly.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        They are indeed deadly when you combine them with idiots who are careless, or reckless while driving. That describes most blacks, browns and illegals,

        • We had a nasty ice storm in Ft. Worth in early 2002 when I was in federal prison there. It shut the city down because most of the locals didn’t know how to drive on that stuff. The staff had us inmates chipping two-inch-thick ice off the walks. The machine-shop manager rented a small “Bobcat” front-loader and used that to get the job done. We cheered.

          It is normally warm in southern places like Atlanta and the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, but the proximity to the sea makes for a lot of humidity and thus some unpleasantness when it does go below freezing.

          In happier days, when I used to work the gun shows on a regular basis, I would sometimes drive in blizzards from C.S. to Denver at 35 mph the whole way. I saw idiots pass me, and often saw the same idiots off the road later on. With 600 pounds of guns and ammo in my car, I got plenty of traction, but I never stopped for anyone.

  • sbuffalonative

    Like New Orleans Mayor ‘Chocolate City’ Nagin, Mayor Reed didn’t trust the white man’s mumbo-jumbo weather forecasts with predictable results.

    • Oil Can Harry

      “Snow in Hotlanta? Dass bull! Missa Al Gore say we’s be global wawmin’!”

  • Paul Kersey wrote a book about Atlanta recently, Black Mecca Down.

    Turns out all it took to do that, bring the black Mecca down, was two inches’ accumulation of crystallized water.

  • Jesse James

    This Politico piece is just part of the groundwork they are developing to force “regionalism” on the white controlled Atlanta metro municipalities. This is about keeping black hands in white wallets. Regionalism is the process of recapturing white tax slaves who fled black controlled cities. Black administration is always an orgy of stealing, corruption, inefficiency, gross incompetence, hypocrisy, and mind numbing stupidity. Do you seriously believe that the Atlanta mayor who blamed the whole snafu on bad weather reporting – when we knew for at least ten days exactly which day the snow would fall – could administer the entire metropolitan area? Also since they are bringing up car culture vs mass transit there is only one reason why it doesn’t work in the ATL – feral blacks. The real question is why do we force productive people to live way out in the suburbs while abandoning the areas closer to the city center to a permanent black underclass.

    • Non Humans

      Fear for our lives and a formidable obstacle to our collective pursuits of happiness rests squarely on the shoulders of nonhumans. Thats why.
      If the libtards didnt protect, coddle, and enable the wastes of flesh, geo-demographics would certainly have a much different structure.

      • EuroHero

        “Wastes of flesh”, yeah that about sums it up. I don’t know about you but I spent the first 25 years of my life surrounded by the nonhumans and let me tell you I have seen some hilarious and alarming behaviors. I have witnessed the nonhumans fail at even the most simplest of tasks; ranging from not being able to fill out a job application, to getting stumped when trying to turn on a treadmill at the gym. Yep, I believe I have seen it all. The best was when one of them complained about not being able to calculate his weekly gross pay because multiplying his hourly rate by his number of hours was too difficult. I’m not joking either. Can you cite a situation that would top that?

        • SoulInvictus

          Pulling a tech 9 and a snub nose on me in mid day traffic and then pulling over to taunt allowing me to write down their tag…

  • Spartacus

    We had nearly half a meter of snow here in Bucuresti in the last 2 days or so. The authorities reacted pathetically, as always, but nothing like this …

  • bigone4u

    60 cities? That’s a big Chocolate city surrounded by 59 other cities that exist because whites MUST get away from blacks in order to enjoy some semblence of the good life. Try coordinating with any black-run entity and see how far you get. And the author’s failure to mention the incompetent race-based politics of Atlanta gives her zero credibility. Nice try, liberal lady, but only the brain dead would buy what you’re selling.

    • Non Humans

      Its actually a fair majority of nonhuman cities with white-flight enclaves sprinkled here and there. The nonhumans are the vaaaast majority in A T Hell. I was the AA hire in my dept at the hospital I worked at down there. And the deplorable behaviors I witnessed, both on and off the job, was enough to turn me forever against the nonhumans.
      Its actually where I coined the term and stopped dignifying any of them with classification as human. They simply fall very short of the criteria.

  • sbuffalonative

    I’m watching NBC Nightly right now. No mention of the Mayor. The White governor is taking the full blame.

    • sbuffalonative


      I just found the comment below on freerepublic. I’m not registered on that site and I don’t know this guy. INTERESTING SIMILARITIES, Coincidences or media collusion :

      I watched cBS news and I heard alot about the GOP governor and the head of the state emergency system (GEMA) apologizing.

      But not a single word about or from the DEM mayor. Hmmm, I wonder why ….

    • Long Live Dixie

      No surprise about the white governor. He is a weak-kneed sellout who recently ordered the removal of a statue to one of Georgia’s most famous political leaders (Thomas Watson) because the blacks called him a “white supremacist”.

  • Larry Klein

    This merely is the consequence of white people trying to get away from black people. Article over

  • Andy

    The Storm of the Century, also known as the ’93 Superstorm, or the (Great) Blizzard of 1993, was a large cyclonic storm that formed over the Gulf of Mexico
    on March 12, 1993, and dissipated in the North Atlantic Ocean on March
    15. It is unique for its intensity, massive size and wide-reaching
    effect. At its height, the storm stretched from Canada towards Central
    America, but its main impact was on the Eastern United States and Cuba.
    The cyclone
    moved through the Gulf of Mexico, and then through the Eastern United
    States before moving into Canada. Areas as far south as central Alabama
    and Georgia received 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) of snow and areas such
    as Birmingham, Alabama, received up to 12 inches (30 cm) with isolated reports of 16 inches (41 cm). Even the Florida Panhandle reported up to 4 inches (10 cm),[2] with hurricane-force wind gusts and record low barometric pressures. Between Louisiana and Cuba, hurricane-force winds produced high storm surges across northwestern Florida, which along with scattered tornadoes
    killed dozens of people. Record cold temperatures were seen across
    portions of the South and East in the wake of this storm. In the United
    States, the storm was responsible for the loss of electric power
    to over 10 million customers. It is purported to have been directly
    experienced by nearly 40 percent of the country’s population at that
    time.] A total of 318 people died during this storm.

    • ncpride

      I remember the Blizzard of 2000 in NC. Portions of the state were disaster areas, and believe it or not, we were totally blindsided by that huge storm. There was NO forecast for snow and no warning. I remember afterwards all the excuses , explanations (Y2K) and finger pointing that went on. Now that’s what you call ‘unexpected’ because we were utterly unprepared. It came so fast and so hard, we were helpless. It shut down our tiny town for nearly two weeks. I’ve never been so sick of snow in my life.

  • Atlanta had a foot of snow on one day in March 1992.

    How do I remember that?

    Nine months later, round about Christmas of that year, I saw in the news that Atlanta was experiencing a boom in births.

    • shawnmer

      You sure you’re not confusing that with ’93?

      • It might have been ’93. Easy to find out which, because it doesn’t often snow a foot in Atlanta in one storm in the month of March. I just remember the nine months later story from late that year, whatever year it was. I thought to myself — Okay, so that’s what people do while caught in snow storms.

        • Strider73

          Definitely 1993. I was living in Orlando. We got thunderstorms with some small hail. A few F0 to F2 tornadoes farther north. Next day was clear with a 30-35 mph west wind. The gale was so strong and persistent that it actually pushed the ocean away from the Atlantic coast. The scene was like a severe low tide.

  • CJ Haze

    37 years in Atlanta from birth to last year. Raised in the suburbs and from 18-37 in the city. I voted no on T-SPLOST. Why? I’ll attempt to explain with brevity.

    It was, yet another, black power grab. Statesmen argued for it and openly stated it was for an increase in “minority labor” (which in atlanta, means blacks and only blacks).

    See, parts of metro Atlanta that are outside of the perimeter (I-285) have incorporated. That means escaping the corrupt, afrocentric hand of the city of Atlanta municipalities and polititicans and maintaining their own regions — sans handing over millions to greedy city government.

    As for MARTA, Maynard Jackson, Andrew Young, and the rest of our monochromatic mayord wanted transit extended to the suburbs. The people said “no thanks.” Bussing & public housing was the limit of a mayor’s reach and every one has used these tools to burden affluent areas.

    It’s why Atlanta has exurbs; people commuting three hours a day so their kids can attend good schools, their property values don’t drop, the community stays safe, but they can still work. They don’t want transit coming to their areas. It’s a one-way pipeline of sewage.

    • Non Humans

      As an ex-resident of the A T Hell, I can wholly agree.

    • SoulInvictus

      Yep, former Sandy Springs resident here and you couldn’t more correct.
      I knew loads of professionals driving from Marietta or farther just to keep themselves and their kids out of ATL proper.
      I miss the Sandy Springs area though, it was nice. Camping and tubing up around Helen and the Coleman river is great too…

  • willbest

    Okay this is stupid. Chicago and surrounding area has plenty of sprawl lots of different towns/cities/counties/etc, poor public transit, lots of cars, and manages just fine. We spend the money for it. Chicago proper buys around 300,000 tons of salt. It has 300 snow trucks linked up with GPS syncronized with 1500 cameras and street sensors being run from “Snow Command”. In an emergency 400 garbage trucks can be outfitted with snow plows. You can even track the snow trucks on the internet and watch them move throughout the city in real time.

    Atlanta region made a decision (the correct one) not to waste money on snow removal infrastructure that will only get used once a decade. The problem is when you make that decision it means you have to take your medicine once every decade. The Mayor needed to “close” the city with a heavy expectation that businesses would do the same except for essential services and emergencies. Individuals are supposed to be personally responsible (an apparently unnatural concept in this day and age) and stock up on what they need for 4-7 days and stay home.

    No doubt this “crisis” will be used by the Mayor as a means of extracting more tax money from the population and furthering his quest to bring the suburban tax base back into the fold.

    • Jesse James

      Good point, there are good economic reasons not to invest heavily in equipment and supplies for something that is a rare and very short term event.

      • That brings us back to my suggestion about detachable snowplows for Atlanta’s existing fleet of city-owned trucks. I have surplus Austrian army “Pinzgauer” truck at home here, and it can take a snowplow. Since I own a truck that can be used for that job, surely a major city could do the same.

        • Jesse James

          They probably should have just shut the city down for the day. Just shutting down the schools would have helped decrease the traffic load. It was not just the frozen roads that created the massive gridlock, but more that so many people decided to go home at almost the same time. That morning was nice and clear, the snow started around 1200. Unfortunately it wasn’t that cold, only around 30 degrees Fahrenheit so the first snow melted as it hit the roads and then refroze. Most people seemed to head home at about 2:00 which created a surge overload for the roads. It only took a few fender benders to cause the traffic lock up which was monumental. Cars that hadn’t been kept above half full started to run out of gas and the traffic jam kept drivers from moving their cars to the shoulder – which meant they then ran out of gas causing even more road blockage. Once the cars ran out of gas and as the temperature continued to drop people just walked away to seek shelter in nearby stores. It doesn’t matter if you know how to drive in snow and ice if the whole road is locked up, bumper to bumper. The unprepared who hadn’t bothered to fill their tanks up were mobbing the gas stations near the major roads, some cars ran out of gas waiting to fill up.

          The individual lessons are simple but not well understood by people down here where snow is such a rarity. Keep your tank above 1/2 full, top it off before expected bad weather. Keep a blanket, some water and emergency food, seasonal clothing and a good pair of socks and walking shoes or boots in your car. You would be surprised at how many people dress in office clothes never imagining that they might need to hike 5-6 miles in inclement weather. Expensive men’s dress shoes and women’s high heels just don’t cut it if you need to leave your car and walk home or to shelter. These things are more second nature out west where there are extended distances between built up areas and where nature is so extreme.

          • It doesn’t cost any more to keep the tank mostly full than it does to keep it half-empty; it is the same amount of fuel.

  • Alexandra1973

    Two inches of snow, and meanwhile the schools in my Ohio county were all closed for four days due to extreme cold. And we got more than two inches of snow.

    Storm was “unexpected”? Yeah, I guess if you haven’t been paying attention!

    • willbest

      I am in an affluent suburb of Chicago and the extreme cold closings are really starting to p me off. All the kids have the proper clothing for it, and none of the parents would let them spend more than a couple minutes outside.

      • Alexandra1973

        There are also kids who walk to and from school, they take that into account. My son rides the bus, but still, it’s no fun waiting outside and freezing.

      • Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, we had occasional school closings due to heavy snows that effectively shut the city down, but never due to cold alone. My elementary school was close, but junior high and high school were a mile each way. We dress for cold here; I have a rabbit-fur Russian “ushanka” hat I wear during the winters. I also have an old, wool Wehrmacht toque, open at the top as well, so I can wear it as a scarf, or pull it up my neck and over my ears before putting the ushanka back on and letting the ear flaps down. We keep spare coats for the three of us wrapped in plastic bags in the trunks of our cars, along with the usual tow chains and jumper cables, just in case. I also keep a spare pair of dry shoes and socks, wrapped in plastic, behind the seat of my truck. A couple from California went off Powers Boulevard here in a blizzard some years back and froze to death in their car because they didn’t have warm clothes with them.

        As Olorin eloquently explained below, bad weather doesn’t take prisoners.

        • Zaporizhian Sich

          Indeed, I am an amateur astronomer who knows very well that frigid weather is utterly merciless to the unprepared. Few things are worse than your feet getting frostbitten. That results in death or debility. This is why I do not go to remote areas when the temperature is extremely cold alone, it’s easy to die out there.

          • That said, you probably also know that even nights after warm days, you have to take warm clothing and even a jacket along. Your body can lose heat pretty quickly at night wearing light summer clothes only, even if the night is 70 degrees.

          • Tell me about it. We get plenty of 70 F days here in the winter, but when some clouds get in front of the sun, one feels it very quickly!

          • Alexandra1973

            In the summer of 1994 I took a Greyhound out to Reno to visit a stepsister.

            I found out that even in the summer, night time in Wyoming is COLD! And I was wearing shorts….

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Yup, I go to star parties looking like I gained 50 pounds, but while others are shivering I am toasty warm.

          • Did you use to comment here regularly as Periapsis?

      • saxonsun

        My mother walked to school in 15 below zero weather when she was small–what wimps people are today.

  • The Final Solution

    Who would expect the African colony of Atlanta to function in snow and ice? It’s full of sub-Saharan Zulus. Contrast it with Salt Lake City a metro of 2,000,000+ which gets tons of snow every year. The city is almost all white and founded by whites who had the incredible foresight to lay the entire city out in a grid, which makes it one of the least traffic congested cities in America according to a study by New Geography. When it snows here, the snowplows hit the streets immediately and all the major streets are usually clear by the time anyone goes to work.

    • SoulInvictus

      Read the response I posted a few scrolls above.
      The difference is the “gets tons of snow every year” and “the snowplows hit the streets immediately”.
      Keeping a stock of snowplows and salt trucks maintained in most places here (like south Alabama where I am) would make about as much sense as Puerto Rico doing the same. Same for snow tires, chains, etc.
      It also doesn’t take much to shut down Atlanta’s roads. There are more people in the metro area there than in the entire state of Alabama. Small snafu turns into cascading failure of the transportation system quickly when dealing with that many people.

  • The Final Solution

    Blacks just don’t care about maintaining anything. That’s whitey’s responsibility. They couldn’t care less about getting to work since most don’t even have jobs and the ones that do would much rather stay home and light one up and eat frozen watermelon.

  • Bartek

    Atlanta was lost when it become majority Black in the late 1960’s. Name one Black dominated territory that is well managed and competent.

    • Juan Outtamany

      during Colonization, there were many. Now, not so much

  • Biff_Maliboo

    That snow was white.


    I don’t think so.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      That snow was rayciss!

  • So CAL Snowman

    Portuguese and Dutch in name only. We all know who the real culprits were.

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      How many slaves did the portuguese import to what is current day USA?
      If I don’t remember incorrectly, there were something along 10 million africans sent to the americas as slaves.
      But the vast majority of them was sent to the carribean, haiti etc and to south america.
      Only something like a single million was actually sent to USA.

      And the portuguese wasn’t all that active in northern america…..

    • Portuguese Jews had mainly been deported to Brazil by the time the Atlantic slave trade was going strong.

  • NM156

    Liberal whitey in Atlanta is far down on the evolutionary food chain as well. Some numbskull was trapped in his car for 27 hrs. Spare me.

  • nBmnp

    Not really. The white taxpayer has supported Detroit a lot. Civilization will end a lot faster when a black city is really on its own.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Look at the mayor, look at the city council, look at the senior management, see any common thread? Yep, all are incompetent. Their only interest is to loot the city treasury and feather their own bed. They are thugs.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    He fashions himself as the next Barack…that may be eyeopening…modeling oneself after a loser!

  • CJ Haze

    Do you have reading comprehension problems? I explicitly stated there were white slaves and indentured servants.

    Don’t believe there were no white slaves/indentured servants.

    And I read that book last summer.

  • Alexandra1973

    Thanks for that link! I was reading somewhere that in 2010 this scientist (I think Russian) was predicting that an ice age would start in 2014–this year. It was on the World Net Daily site.

  • It seems to me that keeping detachable snowplows for existing city-owned trucks would be a better use for Atlanta taxpayers’ money than paying illiterate blacks to stay home and produce more out-of-wedlock kids.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    The Sun’s magnetic activity overall has been ramping down, drastically. Even though a dangerous solar flare which can literally cook an astronaut to death can and has come at any point in the solar cycle, the number of sunspots and therefore the flares that occur around them have been dropping dramatically during the past few Solar cycles. When magnetic activity shuts down or is dramatically reduces, the climate here on Earth abruptly gets colder, a lot colder. During the Maunder Minimum, brutal winters froze Europe and created a lot of misery in the middle of a 500 year cold snap that triggered plagues, started wars, forced millions to migrate elsewhere, and altered the very course of European civilization and culture. Even America’s preference for beer stems from the fact that grapes couldn’t be grown across much of Europe and America. These magnetic shutdowns on the Sun create weather patterns where it is below freezing across much of Europe year round, in other words, years without summers literally. That is the definition of an ice age, and at any moment due to the variability of the Earth’s orbit, magnetic activity and Solar energy output, we can revert right back to the sort of Ice Age where much if Europe and America will be under up to two or three miles of ice. That will ensure the black and brown breeders will be culled mercilessly by war, famine and plague, not to mention weather they are unable to cope with. I can stand cold wearing a light coat that makes blacks bundle up like I am in Russia during a -40F winter storm. It’s amazing how they shiver like a tree during an earthquake when I am perfectly comfortable.

    • Nice-looking gals, but they’re wearing synthetic “fish fur” ushankas. A pity. My wife’s is sable.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        True, but would you be wearing natural fur in battle? I doubt it. Of course you can find the real deal across Eastern Europe.

        • They aren’t in battle; they’re clearly having fun.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Definitely, loosing whole clips at targets with an AK is fun, LOL. Especially the steel plates.

          • My old WW-2 battle-reenactment group used to do live-fire demos for the grunts at Ft. Carson. I did a Waffen SS impersonation, and so used a Kar-98K, a G-43 and a Mauser pistol with a detachable holster-stock. I even did the haircut right for those events; we all did it in period uniform, and the haircut is part of the uniform. Most of the older guys in the hobby are retired US army, so we had occasional access to the base. When the question of “Nazis” came up, our statement was always that if one is playing “Cowboys and Indians”, someone has to be the Indians.

            The pop-up targets on base were lots of fun. The most enjoyable time I ever had shooting, though was out at Montrose, on Colorado’s west slope. The range there had steel gongs set up out to about 600 yards against a hillside.

            I sure miss shooting old rifles.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I do too, I learned how to be a wickedly good shot with those British Enfields.

          • Pretty good, aren’t they? My favorite military rifle is still the G-43 and after that the M-14. The sights are better than on the FN-FAL, though everything else on the metric-pattern FAL is better.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Once had an M-14, and in no time at all I became a very good shot with it………these days however they are insanely expensive though. I like the FN-FAL better because the recoil is less, there is a gas regulator and the stock was better. Still, an M-14 is a excellent rifle, the Navy and Spec Ops soldiers still use them for good reason. Like AK’s they are very reliable and will work with just about any sort of ammo, they handle hunting bullets just fine. Comparing the two is like comparing a Bugatti to a Lamborghini Countach.

          • For my 30th birthday, I got an M-14 and built an StG-58, the Austrian FN-FAL. Mechanically, I liked the FAL better, but I preferred the M-14 sights.

            Given my choice of the two, I would rather have a G-43.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            I used to blast away at targets with AK’s and other Russian weapons, target shooting with them is indeed fun.

          • For me, it was four AKMs and an under-folder AK-47. In happier days, I had a big rifle collection.

  • MarcB1969

    No shock about this, but it looks like the White governor is going to take the fall for a city run by blacks for decades. Snow is not unheard of in the this region of the South, so any municipality should have contingency plans for weather like this that comes along every five years or so.

  • SoulInvictus

    This is what people don’t get when they laugh at how what would be a minor snowstorm in the north cripples things here (Alabama).
    When you live in an area that sees weather like this very infrequently, there’s not much in place infrastructure wise to deal with it.
    It’s not like there are snowplows, salt trucks, snow tires, etc laying around to deal with the one or two days (maybe) a year that bridges get frozen over and too dangerous to drive on. And this time there were frozen bridges all the way down to the Gulf beaches (not typical).
    Atlanta is always a traffic nightmare though. When I lived there I got stuck in traffic for 6 hours just because a semi lost its load of oil barrels on the interstate. Though they actually have a pretty good rapid response for accidents.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Maybe we should start laughing at people up North every time they experience what they consider a “hurricane”.

      • We get plenty of tornadoes here in Colorado. These are completely predictable: they accompany the summer thunderstorms. Every afternoon from early July to late August we get a thunderstorm from about 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Often there is a lot of hail.

        In the mountain west here, we’re used to violent weather. We also don’t make fun of southerners. It has been snowing all day long, but since my wife and I are both home, we have no worries.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Colorado is an inland state. I was mainly talking about coastal states up North in regards to their lack of serious tornados. And in regards to joking about Southerners, of course I wasn’t referring to the good people up there like you 🙂 .

      • Tom B.

        Winston Churchill once wrote ” the most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman”. I couldn’t have said it better. I hope ladies like you are doing all you can to redirect our Southern girls away from the Marxist, feminist garbage that has been thrown at us for so long. Reclaim your rightful place in the world Courtney–I believe you are on the right track and I am proud of you. This is coming from an old Southern man who has tried very hard to be what our forefathers were. I can’t say I’ve been totally successful, but I keep trying.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Thank you, Tom! I didn’t realize Churchill said that. How lovely!

        • FransSusan

          I totally agree with Churchill. Being from Alabama and living in Georgia, of course I’d agree! 🙂

          • Tom B.

            I hope I live long enough to see our pretty Southern girls return to the old ways. They have the ability to be the most elegant in the land if they choose to. Our men need some refining too, cause it isn’t just the girls who have been affected by the liberal brainwashing. I just watched a video on another website where a gang of blacks beat up three white boys. The white boys had long scraggly hair and showed no fight at all–disgusting! I fought them growing up and very much as an adult in the profession I was in for a few years. I am an old man now but I guarantee you if they jumped on me they would be nursing some lumps at the very least. As a matter of fact about two years ago I was in the local Walmart when I just happened to be in the right place as loss prevention people were chasing a black thief–when he ran by me I just couldn’t help myself, I took him down and had a good fight with this dude!! I won, and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.
            You girls stay on the right course and help us return to our rightful place in the world—it was taken away from us by brute force many years ago, but we can get it back.

          • FransSusan

            Good work, Tom B.!

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Millions of my ancestors were slaved out to the Muslims, a fact that blacks are totally ignorant of.

  • scutum

    “But the system that was created, MARTA (the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), serves only the city of Atlanta and the two counties in which its boundaries fall, DeKalb and Fulton. In 1965 and 1971 votes, residents of the other adjoining counties—Cobb, Clayton, and Gwinnett—rejected MARTA, with votes following racial lines. In a rare showing of regional allegiance, local leaderssupported a referendum on a special tax for transportation improvement, known as T-SPLOST, in July 2012. But voters, suspicious of the government’s abilityto carry out the plans, rejected T-SPLOST resoundingly.” Golly, its a mystery to me why the voters in adjoining counties rejected MARTA. Could it be that they wouldn’t want the denizens of the city of Atlanta coming into their communities to rob rape and murder the weak and vulnerable in their communities?

    • I suspect that is why they moved out of Atlanta in the first place.

    • Lee_CPA

      I think the voters rejected the referendum because they knew they would get limited service while subsidizing the inner city bus routes. MARTA has a long history of graft and corruption (what did you expect from anything run by blacks?) whose board is appointed by incompetent black politicians. BTW, they once appointed a career welfare queen to MARTAs board.

  • ncpride

    Another good book… White Cargo.

  • We’re white or northeast Asian, northern Injun, or some mixture for a very good reason: we know how to take it. It has been snowing here all day long, but Sayaka drove my Pinzgauer to work. Her favorite movie “Unbreakable” arrived in today’s mail. Sayaka says I remind her of him, and my high school friend, Glenn reminds me of the Bruce Willis character in the movie.

  • Massif1

    Atlanta area had the same problem in December 2010. Roads were icy and people couldn’t get to work and Dekalb police was driving around town picking up officers to get them to work. These “leaders” haven’t learned anything.

    As far as MARTA – Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta – unless there’s an officer present on every bus, you’re on your own if you’re white. Not only do blacks piss all over the place, they are violent and there are videos on the internet of black behavior on MARTA.

    • SoulInvictus

      The few times I rode MARTA, it was without incident. Though I was coming down the line from the apartment suburbs north of 285… probly a little different when coming up the south side. College Park looks like a war zone.

  • Lee_CPA

    The author is correct to a certain extent, the “Ice Jam” (it wasn’t 2″ of snow that caused the gridlock, but rather roads that iced over) was largely due to the terrible commute that most have to endure to “get outside the perimeter” of the war zone called Atlanta. However, she fails to ask the core question: “Why do hundreds of thousands of whites risk life and limb every day during their commute in order to move their families away from the black hordes?”
    If nothing else, this should be a wake up call to white Atlantans. What do you think would happen in the event of a major catastrophe accompanied by civil unrest (i.e., rioting blacks)? You think you’re going to hop on the interstate and escape to the suburbs?

    • SoulInvictus

      Fall back to Stone Mountain for an ironically fitting high ground defensible position? 😉
      Dibs on the skycar or Stonewall’s horse’s mouth.
      (wonder how long before someone insists those carvings be dynamited or retooled into a giant MLK head… you know it’s happening at some point.)

      • They’ve already done that in a way.

        On most nights they have a laser show along the side that’s carved. All sorts of young black kids go and watch it and ooh and aah. I wonder, will there ever be a laser show on the Martin Luther King statue in New Babylon?

  • SoulInvictus

    You hit on something with the SHTF comment. This kind of thing is exactly what we should expect with any mass disturbance. Endless gridlock and people stupid enough to nearly starve or dehydrate in their car.
    How one light brush with a situation like this doesn’t turn someone into a prepper for life, I don’t understand.

  • EuroHero

    “Two inches of snow CRIPPLE black run city.” Right so….you’re going to tell me that city wasn’t crippled before the snow?

  • FransSusan

    Politicizing the recent weather related problems in the Atlanta area is just ridiculous. Blame Mother Nature! Bad weather was predicted but the magnitude of the problem couldn’t have been predicted. Even the local meteorologists said so. The idiot articles that have been written about this are silly. It’s true that the city of Atlanta has a corrupt, black government, and as much as I hate them all even they can’t be blamed for the mess we had here. And Governor Deal is certainly not to blame. I can’t believe I’m defending government pukes, but it’s just silly to blame the government for this. Geez.

  • SoulInvictus

    70 below…where were you, Yakutsk? The first lowest temperature on Earth was recorded there in 1838 and that was only -60. Pretty sure in 70 below your face just falls off, no blinking necessary.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    It has been colder than normal here in Alabama recently, and when I passed by an Indian immigrant when I was going into my apartment a couple of weeks ago, he said “brrrr……it is too cold”. I had so many ironic jokes pop in my head at the moment, but I kept them to myself.

    • Most of those subcontinentals can’t take it. My ancestry is Celtic, northeast Amerind and a little German. Sakaya is northern Japanese. As much as I dislike the snow we are currently receiving, we are very happy we don’t have more Hindus or Mexicans here.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Atlanta was lost years ago. And not because of the weather.

  • It displaced the cloth industry in India and Egypt.

  • Truth Teller

    Thank you SoCAlSnowman for your post about the slave traders and those capitalists who bought them. A black professor of American history and black studies at the university of Virginia once told me that the very first slave ship that arrived at the Jamestown settlement in 1619 the colony to succeed or at least feed itself was Dutch. He also told me that the settlers did not make slaves out of the blacks but gave them land and told them to get to work and start farming. The settlers welcomed the blacks because they were desperate for the colony to succeed or at least feed itself and fend off Indian attacks. The blacks were from Angola and many spoke Portuguese.

  • Truth Teller

    Prima nocte never existed. It was made up by Voltaire around 1760. Voltaire was a propagandist paving the way for the French revolution. As for feudal lords owning the land on which the serfs lived, the serfs had lifelong leases that were passed on to their children.
    The people whose lands were often taken away without compensation were the great lords when they backed the wrong side. In medieval Europe the kings owned all the land and could take away and award land and fiefs at will. They did this and often. One thing about being a serf, unlike slaves they could not be sold like chattels and unlike today’s Americana in “the land of the free and home of the brave”, never became homeless.

  • Truth Teller

    You are absolutely right about the great financiers plotting the civil war. Emerson, Thoreau and all the sanctimonious abolitionists were funded by the financiers. The northern capitalists wanted the harbors, Mississippi/Missouri river waterway, sugar, rice, cotton, tobacco, timber, timber products such as turpentine and resin, iron, copper and coal and the cheap labor of former slaves and newly poor Whites. In the 1830’s,tiny Natchez Miss had more millionaires than any city in the world.
    The northern capitalists got their way and the south was malnourished and poor for 100 years.

  • Truth Teller

    Oliver Cromwell sent about 60,000 Irish to slavery in the islands and S. Carolina. Tens of thousands of Scots were deported into slavery in the south after the rising of 1715. But most indentured servants were so poor and down and out that they sold themselves into slavery just to get out of England. Something for all the naïve anglophiles to think about.
    Historians estimate that about 60 percent of Whites who arrived before 1790 were indentured servants. Ben Franklin wrote that one of the grievances against England was that England used America as a dumping ground for its surplus population of criminals and poor.
    Australian historians freely admit that the English decided to settle Australia immediately after the revolution as a dumping for its criminals and surplus population.
    There are many sources about the White slaves and indentured servants.