Happy New Year

With your help, we will accomplish a lot this year!

Many thanks to our readers and supporters, and best wishes for a very productive 2014.



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  • Puggg

    With your help, we will accomplish a lot this year!

    Will I have to get into pajamas and drink hot chocolate?

    Even though I started writing comments in here in 2012, I would say that 2013 was when I really became a regular around here, that AmRen became a comfortable familiar fire hydrant for me.

    2013 was the year I turned 40. I’d give anything to be 39 again.

    • Alexandra1973

      40, huh? I’ll be 41 this February.

      • Garrett Brown

        Pugg and Alexandra sitting in a tree…

        • Puggg

          Forget about that. I’ve been married once, and it wasn’t anything worth remembering.

          • Garrett Brown

            That’s sad. I hope you meet someone worthwhile one day.

        • Alexandra1973

          Sorry, waiting for my husband to come to his senses here….

          • Garrett Brown


          • Alexandra1973

            Nice thing is, he’s a realist like me (in fact he was instrumental in my “awakening”) and nicer still, his family all consider me still part of the family.

          • Garrett Brown

            I wish more realists could connect and make some genetically superior babies!

          • Anna Tree

            I like the new Amren ‘white renegade of the year’ rubric, now let’s have an Amren dating site for all those race realist whites out there!

            Bonne et Heureuse Année 2014!

          • Garrett Brown

            Haha that’s a good idea.

          • Alexandra1973

            Well…I have a touch of Amerind ancestry…at least it’s not black.

            Our son is pretty smart, though…he’s a little bit autistic, but still smart.

            I wouldn’t say I’m genetically superior, but it could be worse.

          • Garrett Brown

            I wouldn’t think a “touch” would have much effect. I am sure he is a very smart boy.

      • I’ll be 48 in April. I still look younger than 30.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I’ll be 69 in June. And I have accepted the fact that I look my age.

      • I’ll be 41 the end of January.
        I thought that according to the prophets, the world was going to end in 2012?
        I guess that makes all of this a bonus from here out.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Those puggs need to make a few New Year’s resolutions — like going on a diet!!

    • Laura Dilworth

      you’re young

    • 48224

      At 51 I’d give anything to be 40 again.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    Let’s make 2014 the year we finally roll up our sleeves and get to work fixing our broken immigration system. This can be the year for comprehensive immigration reform.

    Comprehensive immigration reform will raise wages and salaries, strengthen national security, prevent terrorism, enhance our domestic crime-fighting ability, ensure that we continue to encourage the best and brightest to partake of the American dream, enhance our competitiveness and our ability to innovate, and make America more prosperous.

    Make my immigration reform comprehensive, please!

    • Puggg

      “Comprehensive immigration reform”

      Forget that, that looks like an invading army, or the start of Armageddon.

    • Garrett Brown

      “Make my immigration reform comprehensive”

      Gets me every time.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Happy New Year to All!!


    *Watch Duck Dynasty

    *Eat Better

    *Smash Cultural Diversity


    Let’s make 2014 the year to reach more lost minds and souls than ever before.

    • blight14

      Resolution #3 is my favorite…….

  • I survived 2013. It was only a good year for me in that I didn’t have a total psychological meltdown after the debacle for me personally that was 2012, especially the latter part. On top of that, if I would have been told at the start of 2013 that my favorite uncle would die during the summer, I would have bet on me losing my marbles.

    Yet, somehow, I was able to stay upright and on both feet. I don’t know how I was able to do that, but now I think, perhaps naively, that no matter how bad things get, that’s all I need to do and things will work out at least okay.

    I think that 2014 could be one of the best years of my life. I do know that the year is going to tell the tale on whether I have a real future in my new line of work, an opportunity which fell out of the sky and into my lap late this past summer.

    Now, as for the country and world as a whole, I’m not as optimistic about the coming year.

    Incidentally, I found this on Instapundit today:

    www bloomberg com/news/2013-12-31/what-if-the-21st-century-begins-in-2014-.html

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Don’t be so pessimistic, QD, you’re stronger than you think.

      You also have friends and support right here.

      Let’s do what our enemies try to prevent us from doing: Form a strong White community that offers support and encouragement to one another.

      They don’t like it?

      We’ll step over their bodies.

    • dd121

      Chin up, old man. You’re one of the shining inspirations on this site. I’m usually trying to find your comments first.

      • Hey, don’t confine me to the nursing home just yet. I might feel like an old 36 at times, but it’s still just 36.

        • dd121

          Ha ha. I meant “old man” in the English sense of “buddy”.

  • JohnEngelman

    Thank you for managing a fascinating website.

    • jackryanvb

      Please stop trolling on Amren

  • Extropico

    I wish the staff of Amren and the readers an outstanding year of 2014. Thanks for an intriguing site that challenges and edifies.

  • Romulus

    Happy new year friends!
    Let this be the year of “AWAKENINGS”
    Strive to bring the flock back to the barn. We have alot of work to do!

  • Spartacus

    La Multi Ani !

    That’s how we say Happy New Year in Romanian .

    • Mergatroyd

      Are you joining the Romanian exodus to England?

      • Spartacus

        Nope. And there’s not gonna be any Romanian exodus tho. There might be a gypsy one, but that’s fine by me.

        • Alexandra1973

          As long as they don’t go to White countries.

          Should have a country or an island set aside just for them.

          • Anna Tree

            Gypsies have a country, it’s India.

          • Alexandra1973

            Good point. They can go back there then.

        • David Ashton

          It isn’t fine by us.

          The “concern” of Romanian and Bulgarian government spokesmen about British “xenophobia” conceivably masks their hypocritical desire to move even more of their Gypsies to England.

          Take [back] Firuta Vasile who won the legal right to £28,000 in benefits who is advising her friends on how to get them here – e.g. Nadia Porojan who travelled to England in 2012 to have her third child in the NHS hospital and making “little Shakira a British citizen”, and after begging here or living with other migrants on state handouts, plans to return to Oldham “with her entire family” where she will live among other migrants (Daily Mail, Jan 1).

          Daniel Teau, President of Romanian Associations of Europe, warns the authorities to “prevent the imminent exodus of Roma people into Northern Europe” and prevent the crimes of Gypsy gangs already there or will travel there. “Hundreds of thousands from outside the EU will be eligible to work in Britain from today because of a passport giveaway by Bulgaria and Romania” (ibid).

          “Fatal flaws in report claiming migrants boost the economy” (Daily Mail, Jan 2).

          The EU’s official website: jobs on offer: Bulgaria 4, Romania 4,781, UK 1,349,756. “Almost one in five new Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants will live on benefits costing taxpayers almost £1.4 billion… Of the 150,000 Romanians already here, 15 per cent don’t have a job.” (Daily Express, Jan 2).

          And so on, and on, and on…..

          • Spartacus

            Hey, if you can’t keep the vermin under control, then it’s not my fault. “Those who are not willing to fight do not deserve to live.”

          • David Ashton

            Who’s blaming you?

      • Lol cheeky.

  • Garrett Brown

    Years go by so quickly I don’t see much of a point in celebrating a new one, but happy new year to all readers of Amren.

  • Anna Tree

    Happy New Year!

    I wish for white racialist leaders and parties in the US and other Western countries.

    • Jotun Hunter


  • jane johnson

    Felice Anno Nuovo to all my paesanos at American Renaissance, and a special grazie mille to Jared and his staff. Stay strong, and never, ever let ’em see you sweat!

  • Mergatroyd

    Take your misplace sense of outrage somewhere else. You completely misread my post. Read it again or have someone read it aloud to you and then maybe you’ll get it.