Greek Parliament Freezes Funding for Far Rightists

Washington Post, December 18, 2013

Greece has cut off state funding for the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party in keeping with a law that requires that punishment for parties accused of criminal activities.

Parliament voted 241-26 on Wednesday to suspend the funding. Five lawmakers abstained and 28 were absent.


Golden Dawn’s leader and two other of its 18 lawmakers were jailed in September, charged with membership in a criminal organization. {snip}

The party’s leadership has expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler, and it was once marginal. But recent polls have made it Greece’s third most popular party, thanks in part to the country’s economic crisis.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    How many times do you let a bully punch you until you finally decide to hit back?
    If the Golden Dawn is as good as we hope, then they can use this latest stunt to their advantage. They should remind the world why they are so feared by the establishment, that the far left must resort to any means to shut down Golden Dawn.

  • Manaphy

    This is ridiculous. The Communist Party of Greece still exists, as does the Panhellenic Socialist Movement. Karolos Papoulias, the current president of Greece, supported anti-white terrorist Nelson Mandela, and has admitted to admiring the Soviet Union. None of these people and parties are censured. However, Golden Dawn bravely represents pro-White and pro-Greek political views. I guess that makes them evil naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews. Greeks, please take back your country!

    BTW, I am willing to bet my entire bank account that John Engelman supports this metaphorical war against Golden Dawn.

  • Ella

    It sounds quite undemocratic for being Greece. I thought we bailed out Greece from a communist uprising/Civil War around late 1940’s. How I’m not surprised with the economic draining of Golden Dawn.

    • Sick of it

      The Communists seem to have been in charge since that time (regardless of what they called themselves).

  • Mike Conrad

    Democracy? Sure, up until it offends the Ruling Class.

  • bigone4u

    The white nationalist woman who calls herself Viking Bitch writes extensively about GD. I’ve learned a lot from her website. Most recently, she criticized the WN movement in the US:

    “GD is reaching voters because they are genuine and populist in their approach. They are real. This is about preserving cultural identity, so middle of the road appeasement will not work. America has no one like GD. Our so called Nationalists focus on distractions such as IQ, black violence, feminism, and other flim flam topics.”

    I can’t post the rest of her comment because it includes a word starting with the letter J, a group that GD is not fond of.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Another HUGE difference is population size. The entire population of Greece is around 11 million and around 93% are ethnic Greeks. The United States has around 316 million people (third most populous country in the world) and it’s anyone’s guess as to how many are “ethnic Americans” i.e. White European (probably around 60% with a significant portion over 50).

      • Paleoconn

        Actually, I’ve read recently that at least 1 million and up to 2 million of the 11 in Greece, are foreigners, mostly Albanians, mostly illegal not that that last bit makes any difference.

    • RisingReich

      Yeah that J word’s a real pain, isn’t it? What really irritates me lately is this insinuation that NS Germany was unique in history b/c it attempted to rid itself of their influence.

  • IstvanIN

    If you can not win honestly, try name calling. If name calling doesn’t work, change the rules.

  • RisingReich

    I hope the people of Greece are paying attention. The establishment is so scared of the message they are trying now in the third hour to discredit and defund GD.

    Democracy’s a real b!tch when it doesn’t go your way, eh commies?

  • Not quite the same thing, but I seem to remember in the European Union when they were being threatened by ‘the far right’ they chose to – after the rules had been devised – alter the rules for what may constitute a grouping in the parliament, raising the conditions to something that the ‘far right’ could not meet.

    I also seem to remember – also with the EU – when the oldest MEP should have taken up an important role (I think it was presiding over the European Parliament during an interim ) and when it came to be Jean Marie LePen they changed the rules.

    They might also have altered the rules – or had pressure to alter the rules – when the BNP won seats and were due their share of the EU spoils for their campaigns etc. The folks at Westminster changed the rules to keep the BNP MEPs out at the time too.

    This is how the opposition works……starve from publicity, starve from funds, try and bankrupt parties, try and take things to court to wreck them constitutionally or internally through dissent, make false flag events, always publish one side of the story, violently intimidate members and supporters (under the name of freedom and tolerance).

    Maybe Golden Dawn, after being subjected to this wheeze, will draw in a lot of money from around the world to recoup those losses.

  • Guest

    The usurpers Goldman Sach’s versus Golden Dawn.

  • me

    Greece is another country whose ‘government’, banking system, media, educational system, judicial system, and immigration system has been taken over by the non-goy/elitists in order to destroy it from the inside out. The socialist/globalist Agenda 21 must be achieved, no matter who perishes. This is a war, but not a conventional one. There are no bullets, no blood, and no bodies, but there are millions of casualties. Only when the people are unarmed, starving in the streets, and under complete control will they realize what’s been done to them. The enemy is attacking you with the deadliest weapon of all–your mind with psyops. They tell you what to think, what to buy, who to vote for, who to befriend, who to hate, what to believe, who to listen to, who to look up to, what you can and can’t say, what you can do, what you can’t do, and what they allow and don’t allow. WAKE UP! No one gives you power. No one gives you freedom. If you are waiting for permission to live an authentic life, you will never get it from those who presume to have power over you. You have to realize that you ARE powerful and free. You are a child of the living Creator, and you have every right to be.

  • Spartacus

    But they haven’t even been convicted of anythi… Oh wait, I forgot, they angered people who are not Eskimos… Don’t worry guys, they’ll win in the end. They’d probably do it better through violence than through this so-called democracy, but that’s up to them.

    By the way, in my profile there’s a link where you can help Golden Dawn if you’re from the US .

  • Strider73

    I did not realize that political parties in Greece received government funding, though it is not surprising — it is the perfect way to keep everyone under the state’s heel. GD should have refused that money from the outset; then this cutoff would have had no effect.

    All other “populist” parties should take heed. Refuse Big Brother’s bribe. Obtain all your money from your supporters. Make sure all donations are in cash, to protect those supporters from government reprisals.